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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  January 8, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. good morning, brace yourself for the next fight in washington, making chuck hagel
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secretary of defense. even a few top democrats are less than enthusiastic. >> i want him to get an explanation about his position in regards to iran. he has been very reluctant to support tough sanctions against iran. iran is an extremely dangerous country. this is president obama's choice, it's not who i would prefer to see as secretary of defense. >> now even before president obama made the announcement, a handful of republicans came out strongly against hagel. >> he's profoundly wrong on a number of the most important national security issues that face our country today like denying iran nuclear weapons, like direct face to face negotiations with state department designated terrorists organizations like hamas, and calming into question our commitment to our principleal l
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ally in the middle east, israel. trying to not just score board win after a couple of losses, including the fiscal cliff deal. this fight already looks like a campaign, complete with ads. >> president obama, for secretary of defense chuck hagel is not a responsibility option. >> the same group that put out that ad, the emergency committee for israel, bought the domain name chuck and using it to raise questions about the nomination. he's defenders in the meantime have formed their own groups. and the most powerful will not get involved in the fight. let's bring in jonathan capehart and david druker for roll call. >> howard curtz writes, if the republicans can torpedo the nomination, they will look hagel
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look weak. if hagel is confirmed. they'll be forced to spend capital. >> confirmation -- the confirmation process has always been in recent times a knock-down, drag-out bloody battle for the president to get his picks into his cabinet. and coming after losing the presidential election, losing seats in the house and senate, to democrats, the republicans have been looking for a way to ding the president. they were able to ding him by denying him the choice of susan rice, the u.n. ambassador to be the president's next secretary of state. they view going after chuck hagel as being one more notch in this crazy war against the president when a lot of people in the country want congress to focus not so much on chuck hagel as they want them to focus on what's happening with sequester and the budget and debt ceiling
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and other things that have direct impacts on people's lives. from a policy standpoint, does this come down to bush era neocon, that reminds them that he opposed the war. >> he did oppose the surge. for republicans this is about somebody whom they disagree with on policy and never liked that much in the senate because he wasn't the kind of senator that had a lot of friends, that played the relationship game at a high level. and so it's not like he has solid friendships that can help republican members of the senate who serve with him overlook their policy disagreements with him. ultimately, i expect senator hagel to tell members -- to tell the senate and tell republicans that he is there to do what the president asks in addition to providing his own honest counsel which we know will generally always be private.
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he will get roughed up and it will be good theater for us and ultimately he will be confirmed. my only caveat, he's been successful as a bisz man businessman before in the senate and worth a lot of money. if things can be dug up about his business background or financial holdings, that would be problematic. that's the only way they torpedo this nomination at all. >> this morning on "morning joe", ticked off a list of controversial votes that his opponents will point to. on iran he voted one of two who voted against sanctions. he was against voting for sanctions in syria. he wouldn't sign a letter to the eu to designation hezbollah a terrorist organization. if he does have a problem here, jonathan, is it going to be that republicans have made the argument he's beyond the mainstream or something we don't know about yet. >> it could be one or the other.
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that's why the confirmation hearings are going to be vitally important. right now as you said at the top of the show, both sides, the pro-hagel people and anti-hagel people are engaged in a bit of a campaign to sort of set of narrative for who this person could be as secretary of defense. before he sits before the confirmation hearings and answer questions, tough questions from democrats and republicans alike, on all of these issues from his support of israel to his criticisms of the iraq war, the afghanistan war, the -- his unwillingness to sign that letter designating hamas as a terrorist organization, these are all questions he's going to have to answer and how he answers them could very well determine whether he's confirmed or not. >> well, he started to answer them a little bit. he did an interview with his hometown paper and said record is being distorted. i didn't sign on to certain resolutions in letters because they were counter productive and
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didn't solve a problem. if he's going to defend himself, david, does he need to maybe worry less about republicans and maybe more about democrats like chuck schumer and ben cardin who have been tepid or may be holding back because they frankly want to see? why would you go out on a limb for somebody who you're not 100% certain is going to get confirmed? >> i don't think he'll have a problem with democrats at the end of the day. i think that they are talking about the need to question him and they are going to withhold judgment, but i think the president in the democratic party has earned the right to get the defense secretary he wants barring extraordinary circumstances. i think senators like schumer and ben cardin and menendez because of the cuba issue, may look initially as though they are hedging. i don't think they are at all. i think that after tough questions, they are going to give senator hagel their full support. i think that for senator hagel,
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the question is can he play nice and be deferential during the confirmation process and during the hearings xgt he's known for being blunt and likes to speak his mind. we saw that in the newspaper interview you just referenced but it's most helpful when you go before a bunch of senators to say, yes, thank you, happy to be here and move on. let's see if he can do that or if they are going to be able to get under his skin, specifically the republicans who i expect will go after him in an extraordinarily extremely tough manner. >> i want to bring in joe hart, good morning. >> good morning. >> i want to see how you sknow the fight shaping up. >> normally you have someone with a national constituency fighting the opposition. and senator hagel doesn't have that. but what we've been talking about this -- been listening for five minutes, the thing that isn't spoken about, this is a
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decorated war veteran, someone who fought for this country. and i think most importantly, has earned the respect of the troops and the brass at the pentagon. >> is the real point here he's somebody because of that who has the credibility so that if he's the one who has to remake defense going forward, if he's to talk about cuts to systems he has that extra credibility? >> i think he does and that matters. we had great secretaries of defense that didn't serve. it's an important part as we enter this period. i think that with the real thing here, we take a step back, just look how far the republican party has moved in the last six years. you talked about a republican saying you're out of the mainstream means one thing, you're in the mainstream. because they've left. in 2006, john mccain was talking about chuck hagel as his secretary of state and now he's someone who he thinks is disqualified. from a big picture, the
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republicans have moved the neocons have such a hold on that party and i don't think that's mainstream thinking in america. >> do you think there is an element of political payback here? >> sure, listen, some of this is situation normal in washington, whether you're a democrat or republican, always trying to take the president down a peg if you're in the opposition. some of this to be expected and some is valuable. as jonathan was saying, these should be -- these are questions that should be requestasked of hague el, he ought to square his personal position with how he served the president and mostly in the hearings it's political theater and my guess at the end of it is chuck hagel welcome the secretary of defense and congress will go from a 6% approval to maybe to about a 4% approval. >> we're looking at both style and substance as we always are in these situations and obviously the next defense secretary is somebody who's looking at having to stand up in front of generals and talk about $500 billion in cuts. on the other hand to david's
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point about style, much like susan rice, he's known as somebody who speaks his mind, who doesn't necessarily always play nice. could that be a problem for him in the confirmation hearings? >> sure, part of the process here is you have to go from being sitting high above the witness as a senator to someone who sits below a senator and has to be deferential. he's a bright guy and been around for a while. he'll know what to do. much more interesting will be how he talks about what he believes versus what the president wants him to do. and you know, again, it's -- if it's john mccain going up against chuck hagel, you know, i think john mccain has the market cornered on bluntness. i hardly think -- i hardly think that he's going to be offendsed other than for theater. >> 100% certain he'll be
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confirmed? >> i don't, i don't think -- when you don't have a natural constituency and republicans look at someone who they've abandoned, there's always an open question, but i think if he goes in and does what people who know him know he can do, democrats will come around and i think he'll even get republican votes. >> joe lockhart, good to see you. >> in 2011 he says he thinks the pentagon is bloated or was in favor of an 80% reduction in u.s. nuclear weapons. other than that, this is not somebody who offered a lot of specifics. is that where the real battle is going to be fought? >> sure. as the paper also reports, the president and congress have ordered $500 billion of cuts from the pentagon over next ten years. where those cuts come from is going to be part -- where they are going to come from is going to be part of the battle between hagel and members of congress to
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figure out how will the pentagon be reshaped? how will be the pentagon move forward in a world where the united states is no longer fighting a war on two fronts and two countries but is still fighting a war with drones and going after terror cells around the world that would do us harm. even though senator hagel, you know, says that the pentagon is bloated, yes, it's bloated but how do you squeeze out the bloat and make the pentagon more efficient. >> to your point, david brooks writes, chuck hagel has been nominated to supervise the beginning of this generation long process of defense cutbacks. if a democratic president is going to slash defense, he probably wants a republican at the pentagon to give him political cover. and he probably wants a decorated war hero to boot. a lot has been talked about the president's comfort level. there's no doubt he and chuck hagel have a relationship among other things forged by trips to
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afghanistan and iraq. but bottom line is what david brooks just argued the real key here? >> you know, that's a good question and there's so much more to hagel's nomination than just what is going on at the pentagon, he reflects the president's thinking on the middle east and that's one of the reasons why he's such a good fit for the president. and i don't know given the fact normally if you have a republican with a democratic president, bob gates in effect, during the first term, that would give the president a lot of cover to do things but chuck hagel has staked out a position to the leflt of his party on foreign policy and national defense in particular. that's the job he's being hired to do. so i don't know the cover actually exists. so that brings it all back to the president. and that is why i think that what republicans on the hill
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will use these confirmation hearings to do is to get at the president's policy, vis avis iran and israel. if this was all about budget cuts and pentagon, there would be more policy angst within conservative and foreign policy circles here in washington, but it would be less of an issue -- less of the issue that it is in terms of the where most republicans are today on some of these key issues. >> david drucker and jonathan capehart. thank you. >> hillary clinton went back to work on monday to a standing ovation after the stomach virus and blood clot sidelined her. they welcomed her back with a football helmet to protect her from further head injuries. her spokesperson said clinton's hair looked fabulous, just ahead, we'll look at democrats
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it's a record year for women in politics with 20 women in the senate. democratic strategists eager to see a woman on the presidential ticket aren't pinning all hopes on hillary clinton. after recuperating from her concussion and blood clot, she is back at work but her days as secretary of state are winding down. she has said repeatedly she doesn't want to run for president in 2016. let me bring in the president for the center of american progress and stephanie sh rea ok, president of emily's list. good morning. >> good morning. >> you were the policy director for her presidential campaign and obviously she's at the top of the list.
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as she winds down her final days at the state department, do you think she'll take time off and rethink her presidential ambitions. >> she's definitely going to take time off. she deserves a rest. been a successful secretary of state and traveling the globe and representing this country in a way most americans are proud of, democrats and republicans. they will take time to reboot and she deserves that time. she said she intends not to run. i say, i hope she changes her mind. she would be a phenomenal president. >> whether it is hillary or someone else, is it time for a woman? >> it is definitely time and i think this last election in november has been a mandate from the american people in leadership. we've had historic numbers of women serving in congress. we'll keep driving that at emily's list, we have a deep
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bench of woman coming up the pipe line who could be excellent candidates for presidency or vice presidency, we've got great energy around the country to make it happen. >> there's only one democratic governor that's a woman right now, maggie hassan. january brewer, do you think it as or more likely that we'll see a republican on the ticket in the republican side? >> i personally hope you'll see women competing on both sides of the aisle. i hope we'll see women on the republican side and on the democratic side. i would say that the coalition that elected the president, we had a huge gender gap and women were excited with electing the president. women are excited about prospects. democratic party. i think really the challenge for republicans and women is that they have an election cycle in which it seems they were attacking women. a woman candidate on the
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republican side has a lot of work to do to change the face of the republican party. that's not the case on the democratic side. i think actually that there's a strong number of women senators and we have a historic number of women senators. a lot of those women, amy cloe ba char, i hope they will compete. >> how are you watching in terms of potential people for the ticket among the democrats? >> well, to highlight the point, there was an 18-point gender gap in this last election. it's going to be very hard for any republican woman or man to make up the difference because you have the right priority. for candidates who understand their lives -- >> what comes out in that research? what are the right priorities? >> well, they want someone who's really going to move the country forward. it is amazing in the research that we've seen, that they
7:23 am
really voted against candidates who wanted to roll the clock back, whether it was on reproductive rights and women's health care and also on equal pay. and the republican party almost completely walked away from the topic. they are looking for an economic agenda that is going to move the country forward. you're talking about the governors. i think about two great governors on the democratic side who are now cabinet secretaries, kathleen sebelius and janet a napolitano, they served honorably in the administration, i'd watch those folks as well as the list of senators, amy clobachar and we'll have a lot of women running in a lot of states across the country. >> we'll talk again. thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >> a new report finds the obama
7:24 am
administration spent almost $18 billion on immigration enforcement last year. that's more than it's spending on all other federal law enforcement agencies combined. a nonpartisan research group, the migration policy institute says immigration has become the government's highest law enforcement priority. it found spending last year was 15 times greater than in 1986.
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chris christie's approval rating surged but he's getting criticized by the senate leader who say he may have prayed for superstorm sandy to give him cover for failed economic policies. he immediately apologized for the community. today we're remembering richard ben cramer, he wrote one of the greatest political books
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ever, what it takes, the way to the white house, about the '88 km campaign. he died yesterday from lung cancer. leon panetta had a little fun for the luncheon announcement for the successor. >> the time has to for me to return to my wife and three sons and their families and six grandchildren and my walnut farm. dealing with a different set of nuts. >> that's a good line. if you read only one thing this morning, here's a question that got my attention. is someone you work with a genuine bon fid psych path. >> there's research on psychopaths among us and what professions are likely to attract the 1%. wait until you see the top ten. it's on our facebook page. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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the government could take the very unpopular step of delaying those refunds to buy lawmakers more time to raise the debt ceiling. let me bring in democratic strategy ted divine. msnbc contributor and former bush adviser robert tranum. a lot of people may glaze over when they hear about the debt ceiling again and may pay attention when the tax refund gets delayed. i'm sure they don't want phone
7:33 am
calls, where's my check. is this what it's going to take to get lawmakers serious? >> it's events like this that will get them serious. this could affect the lives of millions of people. the government could be put in a position to default on 40% of the expenditures if it doesn't have the ability to borrow under a debt ceiling. this will affect america in so many fundamental ways. they just went through the fiscal cliff debate with the president and all of the polling coming out is saying the president got the upper hand of that in terms of public opinion. >> robert, do you agree with that? do you think it's going to get done or is there a possibility it's going to need some kind of push like tax refunds not going out to get them to get down to business? >> it sounds like day gentleman view all over again. it's about us being able to pay our bills.
7:34 am
regardless of whether or not the irs is able to send out refunds or not this already affects each and every one of us because it's our taxpayer dollars. we have republicans and democrats that wait until the last minute on everything to get something done. what we need is speaker boehner and the president to come to the table and roll up sleeves -- >> speaker boehner said he won't talk to the president on this. >> that's not what he said. he said i'm not going to negotiate one on one with this president. that's a little different. they are -- >> how? >> what needs to happen, it needs to be a transparent process, they need to be up front about the process. it sounds like because they both don't trust each other, it sounds like more than one person needs to be in the room. >> is it going to be the vice president biden again and mitch mcconnell? how do you see the president's role in all of this? >> i think the president set the rules for the fiscal cliff debate. it made it clear that upper income earners, the top 2% of wage earners would pay more.
7:35 am
in terms of who works with out whether it's the vice president or members of the president's staff, i don't think that's important. what's important is whether or not the president's policies, he was just elected again overwhelmingly in the electoral college, the first president with a popular vote re-election victory since franklin roosevelt as a democrat. his policies need to be implements, whoever does the implementing is not as important as the policy he pursues and he pursue them. >> it is interesting they are getting together here in new york next week and john huntsman and west virginia democratic snow joe manchin. it is one thing for groups like that to talk together, robert but another thing to be in the beltway and working ninthings o. the president will not get into a discussion about the debt ceiling and it has to be taken care of and we have to pay our bills. is there anything that suggests to you consensus on any kind?
7:36 am
>> no, it does not. you have speaker boehner saying i'm not going to negotiate one or one. what you just said is unfortunate, he doesn't want to have a discussion about the debt ceiling. this is a two-prong process, constitutionally the president is right, congress racked up these bills if you will, but the president signed them into law, both republican and democrat. both people have gone through this dance, if you will and it's a horrible dance. so what these leaders need to do is figure it out. after all, that's what we paid them to do and just as importantly, that's what they've been elected to do, figure this out. >> good to see you, thank you. also making news this morning, the only suspect in custody for the deadly september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi is free. the lawyer for the tunisian suspect has lack of evidence was the reason for the release. the attack killed ambassador chris stevens and three other
7:37 am
americans. attorneys for casey anthony are expected to be in court to appeal her convictions for lying to detectives during the search for her missing daughter. anthony told detectives that her nanny kidnapped caylee but no such person was found. the court must decide if she was in police custody when she made statements that led to her conviction. casey anthony was acquitted of killing 2-year-old caylee in 2011. an alabama's crimson tide crushed notre dame for the third national championship in four years. mccarrin connected on four touchdown passes but his beauty queen girlfriend got the announcer's attention. >> you see that lovely lady, that is his girlfriend and on the right is d.d. bonner, that's aj -- you quarterbacks, you get all of the good looking woman. what a beautiful woman, wow.
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>> she is the reigning miss alabama. >> electric and hybrid cars are about to get noisier. michelle caruso-cabrera is here. you cannot hear the people crossing the street cannot hear you. >> they are quiet. the government wants them to be louder, especially at low speeds, the national highway traffic safety administration is saying electric cars should make some kind of noise so pedestrians and the blind can hear them coming. they think that would reduce accidents. that's one of the changes they'll be making. it doesn't have the typical engine like the kind we're used to. >> mold free bread? >> there's a company called microzap. they say they've got a technology that they can zap bread with mike crows and that means the bread will be mold through for 60 days. >> 60? >> two months.
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they take it out of the package after two months and it has the same number of microbes compared to fresh baked bread. this could, if companies use it widespread, could eliminate the need for preservatives and good in areas where there's more poverty and don't have as much access to food and preservation of food. let's say if it takes off. >> michelle caruso cabrera, what will they think of next? if you're starting off your goal of dropping unwanted pounds, no carbs, u.s. news and world report is out with their list on the best commercial diets based on effectiveness and ease. flat belly number five. slim fast number 4. three, biggest loser diet and jenny craig is number 2 and the pick for number one, weight watchers. sorry. sore knee.
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ever wonder why the flu is seasonal? research concludes the virus flourishes when humidity levels are below 50% as not as effective when humidity rises. however researchers stress that different strands can still form in high humidity. less than two hours from now, bells will ring in tucson, arizona, to mark the second anniversary of the deadly gun attack that killed six people and wounded 13 others, including former congresswoman gabby gidi fords, today giffords and her husband mark kelly are launching a initiative to stop gun
7:44 am
violence. >> when it can happen to children in a classroom, it's time to say -- >> enough. >> i have a gun, we are both gun owners. we have strong supporters of the second amendment but we've got to do something to keep the guns from getting into the wrong hands. >> today's tucson anniversary comes against the back drop of a raging gun debate fueled by the newton, connecticut, school tragedy. and graphic testimony yesterday expected to last a week at the preliminary hearing for the gunman charged in the aurora colorado movie theater shooting. i'm joined by roxanne that green, her daughter was the youngest of the six people killed by jared loughner. thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> i'm sure this is a tough day although i can't imagine every day isn't tough. how are you doing? >> i'm doing fine. my family and i are doing fine. we just keep her in our hearts
7:45 am
always and we know she's in heaven with my mother and grandmother. that comforts us. >> you recently in fact went to newtown, connecticut. i wonder, what do you even say to families dealing with this type of tragedy? >> well, i've been through their pain. i lived their pain every day. so all i can offer them is my condolences and my love and prayers and you know, let them now that we're here for you and whole country is praying for you, we're accepted sending healing hugs and we will fight for change so this doesn't happen again. >> as part of that, you're futured in a new ad from demand a is a group co-founded by new york city's mayor michael bloomberg. i want to play a little clip of that ad. >> 20 heart broken families, i know how much it hurts. my 9-year-old daughter was murdered in the tucson shooting. i have one question for
7:46 am
political leaders, when will you find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby? whose child has to die next? >> i think a lot of people will be shocked to know there has been 11 mass shootings since tucson and so many of us who were there and covered it well thought, one of their own was shot something will change. do you think newtown will be the impetus for change? >> most definitely. the president was met with vice president biden and they are working on a plan and i'm very very confident that something will be done. >> i know you've been following what mayor bloomberg was doing and he was on "morning joe" to talk about his efforts to ban assault weapons. >> nobody is trying to take away your gun or take away your right to go hunting or target shooting or have protection in your home. simply they are trying to have reasonable things so people aren't killed. >> as a mother of a little girl lost to gun violence, i'm sure
7:47 am
few people have given as much thought to this as you have. what do you think needs to be done? is there a first step, second step that you think should be taken right away? >> first of all, i want to mention my husband and i are gun owners and do believe in the second amendment. we want sensible gun control and want to come up with a plan where everyone is required to have a background check, that military style weapons do not have to be owned by the average person, and that we come up with mental health care plan. there's several things that we can do in the nearby future to make sure that guns, assault weapons especially don't get into the hands of dangerous people. >> what was your reaction to that nra news conference where wayne lapierre called for armed officers in every school? >> i think that's ridiculous. several of my friends are teachers and have enough responsibilities as it is. they are supposed to be
7:48 am
teaching. they are not supposed to be armed guards. you know, they don't have the training for that. and i think it's ridiculous and will cause fear for the children and teachers if armed guards are brought in. to me it's ridiculous. >> one of the things that really struck me the most when i was in aurora was the number of people who i talked to who had been involved in columbine so many years before, almost a dozen years before and they were system waiting. and many of them still active in these organizations. do you think this is something that will become a cause of yours for life? what is your plan going forward in memory, i'm sure of christina? >> well, i'm going to make sure that christina taylor did not die in vain and the thousands of other young people and children that have died in the past. i'm in this for the long haul. i'm seriously -- and maybe i'm wrong, but i'm very, very
7:49 am
confident that something will happen soon. >> let me ask you finally, because it is two years. what would you like people to remember about your little girl? >> christina was a beautiful little girl. she was very, very smart. she was a giver. and she wanted this country to be as good as she imagined it to be. for as long as it takes i'll fight with my friends and family to make sure the country is as good as she imagined. >> roxanne green, it is so good to be with us today. thank you so much. >> i appreciate it, thank you. >> today's tweet of the day comes from nicholas kristof. i also grew up driving and enjoying cars. why not regulate guns for safety the way we regulate cars. we've . when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost. when what you just bought, just broke. or when you have a little trouble a long way from home... as an american express cardmember
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you can expect some help. but what you might not expect, is you can get all this with a prepaid card. spends like cash. feels like membership.
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the legal guardians of one of the accused in the stubenville ohio rape case are defending him today and will
7:53 am
support him regardless of the outcome of the case. >> completely out of his character. that's not the type of person he is. >> police say richardson and one other person raped a 16-year-old girl in august. the case has gotten national attention and provoked protests amid accusations that because the accused are football players, they've gotten special treatment and because of all of the attention, lawyers for the suspects may ask for the trial to be moved and the proceedings closed to the public. and a mystery in chicago, the medical examiner there is expected to exhume the body of a lottery winner whose death has now been ruled a homicide. officials say he ingested a lethal dose of cyanide one day after the state cut him a check for $425,000. no suspects have been named so far. >> well, his first cabinet was the most diverse in history but with the recent choices, some questions about whether 2013
7:54 am
will be a step back. >> there are obviously other remarkably capable women in positions of high office in this administration and will continue to be. >> it would be nice to see more diversity in the near future and i predict president obama, who is keen on women's leadership will get the point some time soon. >> msnbc's richard liu. how does it look? >> it's early but the next presidential cabinet could be less diverse. here's a roster so far. for defense secretary, it goes from leon panetta to chuck hagel. no change in diversity there. cia director from petraeus to john brennan, no change. tim geithner to jack lou, no change there. john kerry is nominated to replace secretary of state hillary clinton, that's one less woman, the possible replacement with ashton carter, one less
7:55 am
minority. and head of the epa lisa jackson, the first black woman to hold that title, her replacement is unknown. of hundreds of senior appoint ees and nominees, 48% were minority or women according to the national journal. and 13 out of 22 of his first cabinet members were diverse. that's a record. but it's not only about ethnicity and gender, the president could potentially nominate the first openly gay cabinet member. he could choose more with business executive experience. his team head count dropped 25% on that measure. age diversity is an issue too. right now two-thirds of obama's team are baby boomers. history shows cabinet choices have lasting effects, madeleine albright's nomination was followed by 15 years of diverse secretaries of state. farther back, president lincoln's cabinet strategy as
7:56 am
doris concerns goodwin's book describes, the ideal lives on. and how the choices are also about the future face of diversity at the highest levels of american political power. >> we'll continue to watch. >> it's early though, right. >> that's going to wrap up this hour. i'm chris jansing, thomas roberts is up next. our agenda next hour, the republican neocons opposing chuck hagel are not just stopping with him but setting their sights on the nominee for cia director john brennan, why lindsay graham and others are threatening to block the nomination as well. plus i'll speak with chief hagel defender about the president's plan to get hagel through a brutal nomination. this developing news out of ohio, a town at the center of a sensational rape case on lockdown as lawyers for the two accused football players go on the offensive, saying the clients are being judged in the court of public opinion.
7:57 am
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