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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  March 11, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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. let me finish tonight with this. think right now the american soldier on post right now somewhere in the wildness of afghanistan, he faces somewhere
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beyond his binoculars, a hostile force, enemies watch all around them. it's a brutal life far from their own country, then today comes the word from our ally in kabul, president karzai himself that the united states is getting people, our people to be suicide bombers or someone to do it, killing americans in order to justify our staying in afghanistan still longer. imagine fighting for this guy. imagine being an american soldier in harm's way, worrying that the head of the government you're risking your life to defend is head of a truther, in order to justify occupying some place like afghanistan. i know we don't get to pick foreign leaders, but we do get to pick our allies. betting on this character makes an enormous faith in nationalism, even the karzai brand. that's "hardball" for now. "politicsnation" with al
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sharpton starts right now. thanks, chris, and things to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, paul ryan goes back to the future. republicans have been trying to think in some way, any way to rebrand after getting crushed in the election. and now we have their big solution. meet the new ryan budget. it's just like the old one. just worse. more cuts for the poor and the middle class. more v.i.p. treatment for the rich, so much for that big gop change of heart. here's a news flash for congressman ryan. you lost the election. americans rejected your priorities and just to be sure i'm not imagining all of this, we pulled the table of election night. >> i have just called president obama to congratulate him on his victory. his supporters and his campaign also deserve congratulations.
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>> that's your running mate conceding the election and that's you right there. we put an arrow on the tape so you wouldn't miss yourself. there's you giving a nice big hug to the second place winner on your ticket. see, you knew i wasn't making it up and yet that night must not have sunk in because in his latest budget, wrong ray ryan calls for repealing the president's health care law again. >> are you saying that as part of your budget you would repeal, you assume the repeal of obama care? >> yes. >> well, that's not going to happen. >> well, we believe it should. >> you believe it should be repealed but what about the more than 65 million americans who voted for the president? they said at the election they don't want it repealed and neither does your boss, by the way. >> you had said next year that
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you would repeal the health care vote. that's still your mission? >> well, i don't think the election changes that. it's clear that president obama was elected. obama care is the law of the land. >> it's the law of the land. somehow congressman ryan doesn't get that americans also rejected his plan to end medicare as we know it. he's still pushing it. >> i did dozen of town hall meetings in florida explaining how these are the best reforms to shrink the medicare problem. >> see, he knows people are gutting medicare because of the reaction he got, reaction like this. >> i work for that. i paid into all of these programs, medicare. they are not entitlement and why's it okay for oil companies to have entitlements that they are getting. >> well, i didn't find ryan
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sincere at all. >> frankly, a lot of people around me get the feeling that these folks will say anything to just get elected. >> that's the real reaction ryan got when he pushed his medicare plan to seniors at the aarp back in september. in fact, they even walked out on him. see, that's ryan talking. and those are folks voting with their feet. ryan's policies have been rejected again and again. isn't it about time he and the republicans got the message and found the new plan with some fairness in it? joining me now, thank you both for coming on the show. >> thank you, reverend. >> let's start with you. did paul ryan forget the lessons of this election? >> well, i think he saw the election results and he knows what public sentiments are and knows republicans need to
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rebrand their message. the problem for the republicans, they haven't come up with a new brand yet. they haven't come up with a new plan or a new way of looking at financing the government or taking care of health care, providing an alternative for obama care and not just beating up what president obama passed. as a result, they are still speaking the same line. he's still certainly the speaking the same line that he passed. it sounds like he didn't even know that november happened. >> but you know, ryan, part of the problem is, what clarence is alluding to, i don't even know that they think they are wrong. i think that they are in denial and some kind of political and policy denial. when you look at speaker boehner, still saying policy isn't a problem for the gop, in a new interview, let me show you what he says. he says there's no doubt that as
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a party we need to do a little better job of communicating and engaging with the american people but our priorities are still firmly aligned with the american people's. no, his priorities are not firmly aligned with the american people. that's what the vote was all about. it wasn't that they had good content and bad messaging. they had bad content and bad messaging. >> no. i think that's exactly right. and the problem for republicans and particularly for paul ryan is that, yes, they believe in the policy but the policy doesn't match the political rhetoric that they want to use around the deficit. let's say paul ryan was a graduate student and he was drawing up what he thought would be the absolute perfect budget. it wouldn't balance -- it wouldn't balance the budget for decades and that's simply because the math doesn't added a up for the way he wants to run the government because he wants to keep taxes extremely,
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extremely low and there are no amount of cuts that you can make and still have a sustainable government unless you do all sorts of gimmicks and so he moved around the ages when you could get medicare and says we're going to have this voucher and makes all these different growth assumptions and then he has to go, because that's not enough, and take revenue from obama, the tax hikes that he voted against, he's going to take that revenue and put it into his budget, obama care. he's going to take the thing that he wants to repeal, he's going to take the medicare savings from obama care and put those in his budget while then pretending to repeal the rest of it. >> he's going to take the savings from obama care, obama care that he opposed, but he's going to take the savings so he doesn't have to deal with the revenue questions. >> and it doesn't added a up. that's the only way he can get it to balance in ten years. >> absolutely. >> because in the real world it doesn't added a up. >> it doesn't added a up and
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we're talking about a long period of time here. but let me go back to you a minute, clarence, because one of the things that kind of got me a little peturbed was his attitude. let me tell you what i'm talking about. he was questioned about the president's outreach to the gop. now, listen carefully to what he says and how he says it. >> from your view, after having lunch with the president, do you think that his so-called charm offensive is sincere or do you think it's more political theater to at least appear to be reaching out? >> i think the answer to that question will be determined based on how he conducts himself in the coming weeks and months. >> now, if you contrast his response so people wouldn't say that i am oversensitive to ryan, look at tom coburn.
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look how he responded. >> i'm welcoming with open arms. the president is tremendously sincere. i don't think this is a political change in tactic. i think he would like to solve the problems of the country. >> so here we have mr. ryan who ran for vice president, clarence, was invited to the white house, had lunch with the president last week, they went through the first substantive conversation they ever had, but we'll see how he conducts himself. let's see how he behaves. >> correct. >> where coburn is saying, i think he's sincere. it's a wonderful thing setting the tone and spirit of, let's see if we can come together even if it doesn't work. this kind of condesention of ryan bothers me. maybe i'm overreacting. >> it's like the boiling cup known as the house versus the cooling soft center of the senate. tom coburn has been at this for
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a long time. even though his conservative credentials are unquestioned, he does want to come to some kind of compromise, some kind of deal that's going to help the american people. i think ryan in his heart wants to, also, but he's new at the game and still sounds like he's running for vice president. and that is the kind of attitude you find around the house right now in the house of representatives. but at the same time they know that their approval ratings are sinking lower than the media right now, for heaven's sake. they need to know that they need to do something, too, but with ryan you don't see that shift in rhetoric towards something positive. >> or maybe ryan is also looking at 2016 and thinks that he's got to do certain things. i don't know. clarence page, ryan grim, thank you for your time this evening. >> thank you. >> pleasure. ahead, they are outraged over canceled white house tours.
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but those budget cuts go way deeper. i'm bringing them on to what's really going on in america. and he sure looks like jeb bush is ready for a run. but one major problem, his last name. wait until you hear what he's saying about that. plus, celebrities and politics is a growing trend. look out, look out mitch mcconnell. here comes hollywood star ashley judd. big show coming tonight. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] start with nothing,
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have you joined the poins conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. today, everyone was buzzing about the rumors that ashley judd will run for senate in kentucky. sarah says, she's got fire in her belly and will take mitch mcconnell to task. brenda wants to see her run. we need more good women in washington to lead. and ernie says, i'd love to see her oust mr. mitch one term president mcconnell from the senate. he's outlived his usefulness from the hill. we have more of that strategy that could help her win. that's coming up. but first we want to hear what you think. please head over to facebook and search ""politicsnation"" and "like" us to yoin the conversation that keeps going long after the show ends. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day,
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for days no, republicans have been attacking president obama after white house tours were canceled due to budget cuts. conveniently they are ignoring the fact that republicans let these cuts happen in the first place. two fox news pundits have even offered to pay for the tours themselves and today they brought in the big gun, donald trump. >> newt gingrich had this tweet. i don't know if you saw this but he wrote, donald trump should offer to pay for the white house tours. he can afford it and it would
3:18 pm
show who cares more for american students. >> well, i didn't hear this. it's reasonable to me. certainly. why not? it's not a lot of money. >> so now the donald is the new point man on budget cuts. yikes. these folks are stuck in a bubble. they are wasting time talking about white house tours while people around the country are starting to feel painful effects of the cuts. just look at the headlines. in alabama, montgomery is losing funds. sequestration is having major impacts. head start is bracing for cuts. sequester could cut free services to more than 200 children in st. louis air. in pennsylvania, furloughed more than 500 civilian employees will lose work due to cuts. the cuts are really. they are hurting people all
3:19 pm
across the country. >> the sequester is going to shut down control towers at smaller airports. >> 173 are slated to close across the country. >> employees are without jobs after being laid off. federal sequestration is to blame and more budget cuts may come. >> sequester cuts will eliminate $400,000 for public health in louisiana and that means that disaster relief could take a hit. >> have republicans in congress stopped watching their local news? have they stopped reading the paper? i think it's time they caught up with current events and tuned in to what the american people actually care about. joining me now is florida congress debbie wasserman schultz, chair of the democratic national committee. thanks for being here tonight, congresswoman. >> you're welcome. great to be with you. >> you know, it bothers me and you keep hearing people say that
3:20 pm
the sequester is not that bad but when you look at what some of the news i've just shown and people actually losing jobs and losing services, it may not be that bad to some of the pundits but it's bad if you're somebody that's losing the job of being furloughed and to add insult to injury, congresswoman, donald trump and two pundits talk about going to pay for a week of the white house tour. well, i looked at it and it cost about $74,000 to run white house tours for a week. so you know what trump could do with that money? he could pay for a week of food stamp benefits for 2,242 people with that same $74,000. so, i mean, it's ridiculous to be talking about tours when you could be talking about real things. but i really question you, are they just trivializing?
3:21 pm
>> it's just a look at the impact of the sequester cuts. take, for example, what's happening in my state. $54 million in cuts to primary and secondary education which means 750 teachers are going to lose their jobs, 381 special ed teachers, 7500 kids won't get vaccinations. and republicans are grousing the loudest about constituents not being able to take white house tours? today i got notice from air traffic controllers in my district, they got letters saying that they will be forced to take 11 furlough days. >> wait a inmany. they got letters today? >> today. >> they are going to have to be
3:22 pm
furloughed, air traffic controllers? >> i believe all air traffic controllers got that notice today. >> these are letters and furloughs and letters that have happening? >> they had to sign for those letters, that they will take 11 furlough days. if folks don't think that -- if these republicans don't think that that is going to affect air traffic and the travel ability of americans, to say nothing of the fact that we've added probably two hours as a result of customs and border patrol, the lines shrinking, at miami international just last week it went from a wait of an hour to a wait of three hours for incoming international flights. >> the reason i'm trying to do this, i'm not trying to be a doomsday person, but when you outline the teachers and the special ed teachers and all in your district -- >> that's right. >> -- and they are talking about
3:23 pm
tours, people that are just going to walk around the white house, i mean, it is insulting to the american people's intellect that act like this is what we're worried about. >> insensitive, insulting and completely unnecessary. what we need to do is come to the table as president obama has pushed them to do. he's reached out and had dinners with republicans, had lunch with paul ryan at the white house at the end of last week -- >> he's even going to the hill. >> he's coming to all four caucuses and conferences this week in the house and the senate, so the outreach is ongoing from president obama. democrats are willing to sit down and hammer out -- we know it's not going to be all our way. we need to take the sequester and replace it. it takes a meat ax approach to budget cuts and balance it with closing tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy, make that system more fair, and apply that to deficit reduction. >> now, let me show you something else that bothers me,
3:24 pm
congresswoman. the current jobless rate is 7.1%. >> right. >> but "the wall street journal," certainly no liberal paper, has calculated what the rate would be without cuts to the public sector. jobless rates without government cuts would be at 7.1%. and we'd have 950,000 more jobs in the u.s. economy. this is "the wall street journal." if we didn't have these cuts to the public sector where a lot of impoverished communities, that's where they work, 950,000 more jobs and unemployment will be down to 7.1%. i mean, how could they argue for cuts in the agenda when nearly a million jobs is at stake here? >> government jobs have been shrinking. if you notice month to month when the job numbers come out, the private sector jobs we're adding to. the reason you have fewer net
3:25 pm
jobs is because of the month to month losses in government jobs. >> exactly. >> that are shrinking. >> exactly. where do you see this going? >> well, i know that president obama and congressional democrats are going to continue to reach out to republicans. we need to reach pass the paralyzed republican leadership who are really more beholden to holding on to their own power than they are to working with president obama and getting this done. so hopefully we're going to be able to build our relationships and close the trust deficit a little more between republicans and democrats and try to reach a compromise because i think we can reach compromise. it is still possible. we are very polarized but to continue to allow these kinds of cuts to impact real people is irresponsible and over the short term and eventually the long term, this is going to cut and hurt people deeply. >> well, congresswoman, madam chair lady, me you and you all right, right? >> absolutely. >> don't just argue about the
3:26 pm
tours. get some jobs for people and some real services. >> i promise. >> we'll take a tour later. >> we've got our priorities straight. >> congresswoman wasserman schultz, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. no mary how much jeb bush flips and flops and flips and flops, he has a bigger problem. his brother. and scott brown has a new job and it's another reason why it's so great to have elizabeth warren fighting for main street. stay with us. [ birds chirping ]
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"the huffington post" reports that ashley judd is ready to run for senate. mitch mcconnell, get ready for some fun. more on the kentucky derby ahead. all right that's a fifth-floor problem...
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dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. this weekend, former florida governor jeb bush was on networks all weekend, talking about his book, immigration reform, and dodging questions about his intentions for 2016. but while he wouldn't reveal whether he was definitely going to run for president, he did share his opinion on why president obama won in november. >> he won by, in some ways, dividing the country. he ran a campaign of them and us and it was quite effective that somehow the republicans don't care about the large number of people. >> the president is dividing the
3:35 pm
country? is he just playing the opposite game? this is dividing the country. mitt romney's infamous 47% comment. that fit right in with the gop's makers and takers world view. the president has continually extended an olive branch to the other side, only to have it thrown back at him. now, jeb bush is an impressive candidate with a strong background. i know him. and he's a powerhouse in his party. but this is just more of the same from the party that just can't seem to get its act together. joining me now is wayne slater, senior political writer for the morning daily news and co-author of "bush's brain," how karl rove made george w. bush presidential. and victoria, an msnbc contributor. thank you both for being here
3:36 pm
tonight. >> thanks, rev. >> let me go to you first, wayne. jeb bush's media blip shows he's thinking about a run. how can he come outthinking about a run, saying he's different, but he's recycling that old line that president obama is a divider? i mean, that was rejected last year. how's he coming out with the same old nonsense? >> well, i think this is what focus groups and polls indicate americans want. they want finally a politics in washington that is now dysfunctional and a leader who can bring people together. so he's saying what people say that he want. he's also recycling something that his brother, george w. bush said in 2000, when he was a passionate conservative, if you can remember that. so he's talking about what people want. the problem is, every time he does this, then he reminds people that he was part of a continuing division in our
3:37 pm
politics through the 2000s under his brother's administration. >> but victoria, i agree the polls say people want someone to bring us together but the actual polls show they saw president obama not as a divider because all last year mitt romney and ryan tried to make the divider president obama and that was widely rejected. so wouldn't he be wise to not try and miscast the president as a divider when that's been roundly rejected by the american people? >> well, what we're seeing with jeb bush is a lot of wishy-washiness. he wants to have his cake and eat it, too. he wants to shore up the party and make inroads into the general electorate, those people hungry for a more conciliatory type of politics and, in particular, he's angling for
3:38 pm
latinos. now, interestingly enough, latinos were very supportive of his brother, george w. bush. but what i'm thinking, if i'm looking into the crystal ball, is that jeb bush thinks that comprehensive reform is going to pass so when 2015 rolls around and it's primary time, he can take immigration reform off the table and not worry about it and he can flip-flop back and say it was implemented and citizenship reform worked well so i support it now, latinos come support me. he wants to have his cake and eat it, too. >> well, but victoria, i think that he should hope that it is off the table because let's look at him on immigration and the path to citizenship, since you brought it up. on june 12th, 2012, he told cbs he supports the path to citizenship. but then on march 4th of this year he claimed he doesn't support a path to citizenship. a day later, the very next day,
3:39 pm
march 5th, his book is released, which calls the path to citizenship a magnet for illegal immigration. then later the same day, march 5th, he says that he's opened to a path to citizenship. follow me here now, two days later he claimed marco rubio was not a path to citizenship while he was writing the book and yesterday on the sunday shows he again claims he supports a path to citizenship saying, quote, i haven't changed. he hasn't changed. i guess he hasn't changed in the last second. but hold it, i've got more on fox news sunday. he, in fact, flip-flopped on himself within less than a minute. he holds the "politicsnation" record now. in a minute he flipped. watch this. >> people can stay here. 60% of the people that were granted a process of
3:40 pm
legalization and citizenship in 1987 did not apply for citizenship. they stayed as legal residents of the country. i also think that a path to citizenship, so long as the ability of someone to come legally is easier and less costly than coming illegally, that a path to citizenship is appropriate. >> so is appropriate at the end but at the beginning they were just staying here. victoria, if you think the public is not confused, try me. >> it's a lot of temporary amnesia but he's not alone. mccain has flip-flopped more than a dozen times on immigration. marco rubio, he ran against granting citizenship to undocumented folks. that was one of the landmarks of his campaigns and now he's all for it. i just expect it. the gop moves on immigration depending on the political wins
3:41 pm
and jeb bush thinks it's appropriate to stand here. once this gets out of the limelight, we're going to see it again. the bushes are fundamentally liberal. they believe in open borders. they just don't know how to frame it depending on where we are in the campaign season. >> also liberal on changing their positions. >> yes. >> let me go back to you a minute, wayne. he was asked about his family name. and if it caused any problems for him. listen to this. >> i love my brother. i'm proud of his accomplishments. i love my dad and i'm proud to be a bush and if i run for president, it's not because of something in my dna that compels many he to do it. >> is the bush name a problem for him, wayne? >> you betcha it is.
3:42 pm
it is the bush name. how can you run as a fiscal conservative without distancing yourself from your big brothers big spending arriving in office with a surplus and leaving with a deficit? how can you inspire confidence as a foreign policy person when increasingly, not among democrats and progressives and moderates and independents, but increasingly upon conservatives, the war is seen as bad odor, we got into it under false pretenses. how can he run as an anti bush, as other people will on the war on spending and other issues, when you are a bush? i think that's the big problem that jeb bush is going to have. how do you run as a bush and run against the legacy of his brother? >> well, both of you have studied them up close in texas. i just know a wise man from
3:43 pm
texas that told me to stay off the bushes. wayne slater and victoria defrancesco soto, thank you for your time. >> thank you. ahead, movie star ashley judd may be ready for her close-up in washington. she could be running and trying to take down the most powerful republican in the senate. and scott brown was the tea party guy, right? the regular joe driving a pickup truck. just wait until you see the news about him today. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points
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ashley judd is looking for a new gig. she's the tv and movie star who appeared in more than 35 shows and films over the past two decades. she captivated audiences as kate, the young intern kidnapped by a mass murderer in "kiss the girls" and audiences loved her as libby, the young mother seeking revenge after being framed for the murder of her husband in "double jeopardy". >> well, aren't you going to give me a kiss? i think i've earned it.
3:48 pm
>> and now she's reportedly ready to take on a new role. running as a democrat to challenge senator mitch mcconnell for his kentucky senate seat. she's reportedly telling key advisers and political figures that she's planning to announce her candidacy for the u.s. senate this spring. if miss judd does come to washington, she'll follow the footsteps of other actors turned politicians like senator al franken who came from "saturday night live". >> i'm going to do a terrific show and i'm going to help people because i'm good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like me. >> and, of course, ronald reagan, also a former actor, made it all the way to the white house. but will ashley judd's star power be enough to oust mitch
3:49 pm
mcconnell from the seat that he's held for nearly 30 years? call the paparazzi. this one will be fun to watch. joining me now is lauren ashburn and dana milbank from "the washington post." thank you both for being here tonight. >> hi, reverend. >> lauren, let me go to you first. we've seen this hollywood obsession with washington grow. why is there such a strong connection? >> there is such a strong connection because washington wants to be hollywood and hollywood wants to be washington. you see that every year with the big dinner, the white house correspondents' dinner. and while ashley judd may be really good on a movie set, coming to capitol hill and working is a big, different kind of fantasy land. that's for sure. >> dana, we've seen others transition. schwarzenegger, the terminator was elected governor of california from 2003 to 2011,
3:50 pm
sunny bono, he was elected in 1988. fred grandy from "the love boat" served in the house of representatives. and the d.a. on "law & order" served as a senator from tennessee for nine years. so others have made the transition. it has been done. sure, reverend. when we can get someone from hollywood who is actually ugly, they are excited about it. what worked for al franken in minnesota or schwarzenegger in california does not necessarily work for ashley judd in kentucky. she did have a role in "natural born killer" she did understand
3:51 pm
how to campaign against mitch mcconnell. it's not so much celebrity working against her. that works for her. it's the label of hollywood liberal that they will attach to her and in kentucky that's still not something you want to be known as. >> but it could be turned around, lauren, because buzz feed reports that all successful actors-turned politicians, like thompson or reagan and others have faced the same obstacles and they had to campaign out of the same playbook. they all faced the same suggestions that that they were lightweights playing their role but they all won by following the same formula, starting early, staying local, and preventing their celebrity from weighing like a huge tie around the campaign trail and that's buzz feed's almost response to what dana just said. and bill lacy, a campaign manager and adviser to reagan
3:52 pm
and bono says there's one clear advantage that big stars have when they run for office. the advantage that sonny and fred and ronald reagan had and ashley judd had is that they know how to handle the high-stake big stage kind of drama. >> reverend, it is going to be very difficult for her to hide from some of the really liberal things that she has said. she has compared in a cold state, in 2011, it was the third largest producing state, she has said that mountain top mining is equivalent to genocide, and are things -- mitch mcconnell could -- he would be a tough person to beat. 44% of people said that they are
3:53 pm
going to wait and see who the contender is. while she does have wriggle and it's going to be tough going. 44% of people, whether she being ashley judd and does mean that mcconne mcconnell and highly charismatic and he was in a challenge and a name recognition, this celebrity. while hollywood may not be useful to her, the name
3:54 pm
recognition is. that's why your earlier segment about jeb bush, clintons, kennedy, bush, there's a reason that it gets people elected in this country. politics is all about celebrity. so at the very least she should be able to give mitch mcconnell the kind of fight that others in that state could not give them. it will be interesting for those of us following it. >> lauren, i couldn't resist. we're talking about a hollywood star going to washington. politicians have increasingly tried the hollywood thing, too. check this out. >> who is that under there? >> so you dress as yourself. >> hillary, i have nothing to hide. i enjoy being myself. i'm not going to change who i am just because it's halloween. >> well, that's -- that's great. >> you've done such a great job in your town.
3:55 pm
i just want to say congratulations for your service. >> i just want to say thank you. >> well, you're very welcome. you're very welcome. you're very welcome. >> you're very handsome. >> my lovely wife is here who put up with a husband who has smelled like a wet fleece for the last three weeks. >> you've been wearing that a lot. >> it is infused to my skin. >> gingrich, i wonder if we're related. >> i don't think so. >> the president knows his stuff, you all. that's why they call him the potus, which means person on top -- what is it. >> jimmy, potus stands for president of the united states. >> it goes both ways, lauren, even though we won't tell people in washington how dana milbank described them. ugly what? >> too ugly to be in hollywood.
3:56 pm
you're actually smart enough to be in washington. what these politicians do when they go on television is boost their identity and boost their public interest and they have fun and they humanize themselves in a way that they don't have that opportunity to do here in capitol hill. >> yeah. i agree. lauren ashburn, dana milbank, thanks for your time tonight. up next, elizabeth warren was right about scott brown. he's got a new gig that could have them butting heads again. stay with us. aw this is tragic man, investors just like you
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