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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 2, 2013 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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large cities and he doesn't know how to spell the word ream or affect or our. the national committee and the republican party in michigan have no point of view on that at all. this is a test. this is only a test. but they are not doing well so far on this test. first look is up next. good morning everybody. coming up on first look, guns in america. a new law in a georgia town mandates gun ownership for heads of household. connecticut leaders agree to some of the toughest gun regulations in the nation. released from prison by mistake? the suspect in the colorado prison murder got out four years too early. michael jackson's $40 billion wrongful death lawsuit begins today. plus, the tan mom pushes new jersey governor chris christie to change tanning laws. louisville's kevin ware should be released from the hospital today and jay leno and jimmy fallon's late night duet.
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got to see that. good morning everybody. i'm betty nguyen. imagine waking up and told you are required by law to own a gun and ammunition. if you live in georgia that's what happened. in a 5-0 vote on monday night, city council members approved the controversial new firearm mandate containing a number of exceptions. >> that doesn't mean that they're going to be somebody knocking at their door and say you have to it. if you do not want to have a firearm, you don't have to have it. >> convicted felons and physically or mentally disabled residents are also exempt from the law, which according to the city council agenda is in "opposition of future attempt by the federal government to confiscate personal firearms." now, on the flip side, connecticut lawmakers have a deal on some o of the toughest gun lus in the country. the bill includes a ban on large capacity ammunition magazines like those killed to kill children and educators in
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newtown. it include background checks for private gun sales and april new registry for existing magazines that hold ten or more bullets. the connecticut proposal is expected to be adopted this week. that bipartisan legislation passed despite nra robo calls urging residents in newtown to ask lawmakers to oppose new gun control legislation. later this morning, the nra will unavailable its plan for safer schools. that's going to include legislative proposals for congress and a guide for state and local officials. just days after declaring air state of war with the south and threatening to launch nuclear strikes against the u.s., a new warning from pyongyang. just this morning, north korea is vowing to fire up operations at its main nuclear complex. pa silts that were shut down in 2007 as part of an international peace deal. nbc's jim ma seed a is in seoul, south korea for us today. jim, what's the latest on this? >> good morning, betty. the news of the opening of the
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nuclear plant has got to increase already high levels of tension here. you know, when that plant, which is relatively small, generates about enough plutonium for one nuke year bomb per year, when it was shut down it was seen as a major victory for u.s. diplomacy. it look like kim jong-un very angry about new sanctions as well as the ongoing u.s./south korean war games going on not far from here is undoing any progress made in the past. that said, experts are calling this probably more symbolic than anything else. much of the plant was destroyed and would need to be completely rebuilt. that could take years. meanwhile, we're now three days after kim jong-un effectively declared war on the united states and south korea. we've seen no signs of north korean troop mobilization or imminent attack. most analysts are telling us that a full blown conflict between north and south is
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extremely unlikely. still, taking no chances, the pentagon confirmed that the u.s.-guided missile destroy has been rerouted from the pacific ocean and is heading this way. the mccain has been here before back in december and is most likely meant to monitor activity from off shore, especially any future missile tests which are expected now to be launched by north koreans. betty, back to you. >> effort of taking no chances. jim maceda in south korea. courthouses across texas are on alert as the investigation into who killed a texas district attorney and his wife is now focusing on a white supremacist prison gang. a law enforcement bulletin last december warned gang members might try to attack police or prosecutors. kaufman county, d.a. mike mc mclelland and his wife were found killed. the murder of the county's
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assistant district attorney gunned down near the courthouse two months ago. at that time, mclelland had this promise for the killer. >> we're very confident that we're going to find you, pull you out of whatever hall you're in and bring you back and let the people of kaufman county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. >> so far, no motives or arrests have been reported in either case. there are chilling new details about the alleged killer of colorado corrections chief tom clements. court officials say that evan spencer ebel who allegedly shot clements in monument colorado last month was mistakenly released from prison four years early do you to a paperwork issue. there's a possibility of a link between the colorado and texas slayings. good news today. that is for louisville basketball player kevin ware. yes, the sophomore guard is
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already up on crutches after his tragic accident during sunday night's ncaa game versus duke. louisville coach brought ware the game trophy when he visited monday morning where his mother said, she is so proud of her brave son and he has been so very brave through all of this. >> he's very positive. he's not so much focusing on what happened but he's focusing on the recovery of it all. >> we all want him to recover. ware will join his teammates in atlanta saturday when they face wichita state in the final four. definitely not going to miss that. >> here's a first look at the dish of scrambled politics for you. monday was opening day for major league baseball. but now we know just how much teams are opening up their wallets when it comes to politics. new numbers from the sunlight foundation look at political contributions from club employees and members of ownership groups. the chicago cubs gave nearly $14
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million baltimore, san francisco, boston and milwaukee rounded out the top 5. the new york yankees ended 2012 with a $196 million payroll but only dropped $43,000 in donations, including two to newt gingrich's campaign. president obama is set to name caroline kennedy, the daughter of john f. kennedy to serve as a u.s. ambassador, likely to japan. andrea mitchell confirms the news but an official from the white house is still weeks away. a recent oil spill in arkansas is causing bernie sanders to renew his opposition to the keystone xl pipeline. the two-term independent from vermont was on chris hayes brand new show and said the u.s. should be looking forward when it comes to energy supplies and not backward toward crude oil. >> we now can do it. if there was a political will in the white house and in the
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congress, we can transform the energy system. we can create millions of jobs. we could leave the world and be an exporter around the world of that type of technology. that's the future. not oil. that's why the keystone pipeline should be defeated. >> you can watch his great new show, all in, with chris hayes every night at 8:00 eastern on msnbc. the place for politics. today the republican run-off in south carolina between mark sanford and curtis boss particular, pollsters give sanford the edge. the two men are vying for the republican nomination in a congressional special election. meanwhile, the democrat in that race is getting help from her little brother, comedian stephen colbert will hold two fundrai fundraisers with tickets at $10,000 a pop. wonder what they're serving. president obama might want to keep his day job and golf after a tough day on the basketball
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court. not so good. the president and others shot hoops after monday's easter egg roll. get this, mr. obama had to ask for some help going 2 for 22 on free-throws. yikes. >> the president doesn't goat practice probably as much as he'd like to. he's a -- having done a few shoot around with him, he's pretty good shot. these are busy times. >> they say he's a pretty good shot. >> excuses. >> i don't know. that didn't look like a good shot. i thought he had game. >> i've seen highlights on the campaign trail before. maybe he was throwing it for the kids. >> maybe an april fools joke that he can't play. >> you're so smart. that's why you're here. >> especially if he plays like that. >> you got it. we were teased by this spring weather and winter has now returned. it extends from the northern plains through the northeast and the rainy weather, that's the next top ib. we could have strong storms to
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the area in kbryellow. we're talking areas in southern and western texas. dallas, san antonio, possibly airport delays. otherwise, a cold chilly days from the great lakes through the northeast. not too bad. >> tired of the cold. ready for to warm up. >> it was a tease yesterday. >> a big one. >> straight ahead, the prosecutor in the colorado theater shooting says justice comes down to one thing. death for james holmes. plus, michael jackson's mom is seeking $40 billion in a wrongful death lawsuit. and the trial begins today. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. what's droid-recognition ?
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here are stories making news. prosecutors say james holmes deserves to die for fatally shooting 12 people inside a colorado movie theater last summer. officials monday they will seek the death penalty after rejecting a plea deal offered by his defense team. the 21-year-old starve buck wild has died. shain gandee was found inside a
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ford bronco on a dirt road in kentucky along with the body of his uncle and third man. the reality star was reported missing since sunday. michael jackson will be the subject of yet another lawsuit. a civil suit brought by his mother against aig live. they will examine if the company was criminally negligent in the hiring and supervision of jackson's personal physician. he was found guilty in 2011 of involuntary manslaughter. a bill banning children under 17 from using tanning beds. that move after the now notorious case of the so-called tan mom who allegedly brought her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth. and the white house got in april fools after what was called a special message from the president. it turned out to be a small announcement literally as you see there. 9-year-old robby novak known online as kid president returned to make an appearance in the
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briefing room. very cute. time for a check on what's moving your money today. here's cnbc's bert a coombs. good morning. >> good morning. it would be great if he did become president. in terms of wall street action, it should pick up today after a light volume yesterday. today, you'll watch for data on factory orders, also health care stocks could be in focus. shares of shares such asset that and humana soared after the government decided to hike medicare reimbursement rates instead of cutting them as expected. big automakers report march sales today. it could be the best month for the industry in more than five years thanks to the improving economy and pent up demand. that's it from cnbc, betty? >> thank you, berth a. stocks were down a touch by cyprus remains steady for now. internet company arrow can offer $8 a month live broadcast feeds
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to computers, tablets and smartphones. the average salary for america's most common job which is a retail salesperson is just $25,310. it is the largest city in america to file for bankruptcy. stockton, california now holds that dubious distinction. the question now is who gets paid first, retirement funds or creditors? we shall see. as the weather warms up, drivers are getting a little bit of a break at the pump to the tune of 30 cent cheaper than a year ago. tim cook has apologized to consumers in china. the mea culpa was sparked over the iphone warranty policies and by pressure from state-run media outlets. the u.s. department of homeland security could be facing an onslaught of request for worker visas in the coming days if demand outstrips supply, a lottery system will be implemented to deal with the frenzy for permits. plucked from obscurity
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during a march madness cinderella run. head basketball coach land a very big job and two people are lucky just to be alive after this incredible accident. we're going to have those details. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive? a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it.
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driver and passenger to be ejected and catapulting the back half of that car into another passing car. the driver of the severed car is in critical condition while his passenger and the other driver are listed in stable condition. next to a powerful louisiana storm, high winds and heavy rains swept through towns in the southwest leaving several downed trees and property damage in its wake. no injuries or deaths reported. up north in upstate new york, a restaurant had the scoop on an unusual april fools tradition. pulled pork ice cream. sound good? it's the latest bizarre flavor created by the eatery. it's salty and bacon-like. past flavors include sauer kraut and grilled cheese. going to pass on that. remember the california easter bunny that highway police pulled over, well, he's become a bit of an internet sensation and overjoyed that he was able to lift spirits during the holiday. >> there's a lot of bad stuff going on. this is the stuff that people can point to and get a good
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laugh at. mission accomplished. >> absolutely. all right. now for a look at two major political stories. the gang of eights look at immigration and south carolina runoff. joining me is david druker to talk about this. good morning, david. >> good morning. >> i want to talk about immigration and the gang of eight. how important is keeping senator marco rubio happy throughout this entire process? >> caller: i think it's pretty happy. because rubio has the unique ability, i think, to carry conservatives with him on this, keep them happy, maintain their trust this process. it's a process that they don't trust to begin with. and so if you're looking for a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration overhaul that could pass, having him on board, i think, makes that reality a lot more possible. >> all right. let's shift now. today in south carolina former hiker and governor mark sanford is in a runoff. the winner of which will take on
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stephen colbert's sister. do you think sanford can win today and again against colbert bush? >> yeah. i think it's possible sanford can win today. look at the fact that he's in the runoff tells you something. it's amazing the voters' capacity to forgive politicians various transgressions. it is a republican district. so in theory, the winner of the runoff -- the republican runoff really should be the favorite and should win the special election against colbert-bush. special elections are strange. turnout is often different from a real election. who knows? anything can happen. thanks david, we appreciate it. the coach of the cinderella team is leaving. andy enfield, the coach of florida gulf coast university got his 15 seed team to the
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sweet 16. the first time that's ever been done. they lost but the coach now has a new job at the university of southern california. he and his super model wife amanda will be heading west with their three kids. usc will pay him $1.5 million. congratulations. in women's college basketball, number 2 seed california rallied in the second half to force o.t. and edged out georgia 65-62. that gives the golden bears their first trip to the final four. number one seed connecticut routed 2 seed kentucky 82 han 53. the huskies advanced on sunday for a record, get this, sixth straight time. in baseball now, dodgers pitcher clayton kershaw hit his first career home run against san francisco and the former cy young winner also pitched a 4-0 shutout. the 2012 rookie of the year, bryce harper of the nationals, he hit home runs in his first two at-bats. the nats beat the marlins 2-0.
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before the nationals game, opening day ceremonies included a giant flag in the outfield and a special sandy hook tribute. moments of silence were held in other major league ball parks for those affected by the shootings in newtown, connecticut. just ahead, tom hanks brings down the house. heidi klum comes out and she's -- a hugely embarrassing moment for the "dancing with the stars" wynona judd. entertainment straight ahead chtd ors? it's post shredded wheat. chtd disease. post shredded wheat is made with only one ingredient: one hundred percent whole grain wheat, with no added sugar or salt. try adding fruit for more health benefits and more taste in your bowl. it's the ideal way to start your heart healthy day. try post shredded wheat. this has been medifacts for post shredded wheat.
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. all right. now is your chance to own pieces of hollywood history from christopher reeves superman costume to the green hornet's super car. over 800 props and costumes are
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hitting the auction block later this week, even marilyn monroe's bra from some like it hot starting at a cool $8,000. "dancing with the stars" had an awkward moment last night when the judge criticized wynona judd's dancing skills. >> well, you're like mount rushmore. you look magnificent but you don't move. it had no rhythm. there was no hip action. you kept going wrong. you know, i don't want to be nasty to anyone. i know how hard this is -- >> no, you don't. >> bruno. >> ouch. well the stars came out for tomorrow hanks broadway debut and nora efron's lucky guy. regis philbin, larry david, barbara walters, martin short and mayor bloomberg approximate. he did not get a soda at the concession stand by the way. heidi klum saved her son and a nanny in a dangerous riptide. jay leno and jimmy fallon
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decided to sing away the tonight show rumors. ♪ tonight, tonight ♪ >> they like each other. i'm betty nguyen. this is first look. way too early starts right now. good tuesday morning to you. i'm peter alexander. this is way too early. obviously not just a clever name. thanks for getting up with us today. we appreciate it. it is tuesday, april 2nd. there's a lot going on. we'll start with connecticut lawmakers upping the ante in the gun control debate. they've reached an agreement over one of the toughest gun laws in the country. we'll tell you about the restrictions. that's actually in a moment. the boys of summer are back even if the temperatures were in the 30s for the first pitch in some places. not in new york. things heating up there already. still, the 2013 season is officially


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