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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 2, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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we're following the national gun debate. the nra doubling down on its guard to put guns in schools. they called the national school shield program, announced the recommendations. they include training teachers and personnel to carry weapons, which could include sidearms, shotguns and even ar-15s. >> as if the presence of an armed security personnel in a school adds a layer of security and diminishes response time that is beneficial to the overall security. >> appearing with hutchinson today was the father of one of the sandy hook elementary victim who applauded the nra's efforts. >> i'm putting it out and on the
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experts out there to do something with these recommendations. to implement solutions so people don't have to go through what i'm going through. >> and today the "washington post" reports that the nra's lobbying efforts has put every major component of congressional gun legislation in jeopardy. that includes universal back ground checks and the gun trafficking measure that was considered to have the west chance of passing. while gun control efforts stall on the national level, it is a different story for some states. in fact in connecticut, state lawmakers have introduced one of the strictest gun control bills in this country. the bipartisan compromise which is expected to pass this week bans the sale of high capacity magazines. it also creates a new registry for existing magazines that carry ten or more bullets. it expands the state's assault weapons ban and it mandates that they register with the state and calls for universal background checks. joining me now, republican
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strategist, acting politics editor for roll call. the chairman of stop handgun violence, john rosenthal, jonathan capehart, thank you for joining us. let me start with you, chip. what is your reaction? the nra putting i guess what it sees as its best offer on the table which includes allowing staff at schools to carry sidearms, shotguns and even ar-15s. is that something you wanted to hear today? >> it's interesting. when i listen to that press conference earlier, here in tennessee we have something called resource officers. school districts can make those decisions within the school district if they want an armed security guard at the school. if they want a metal detector at the school. if this is something they do, i hope they'll look at the mod nell tennessee and let the school districts decide what best fits their model to protect the kids the best. >> ar-15s, does that fit the model in your opinion. >> if that's what they want to
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do, that's what they should do. >> here we are, we're going to talk about this "washington post" article in a second. the bottom line, they say because of the nra's lobbying and their power that mayor bloomberg doubt asked many others have doubted, legislation including a universal background check has been stalled. what's your reaction in. >> it is discouraging and disgusting that the unregulated gun industry can literally buy congress and intimidate democrats and own republicans so that a background check for criminals is considered a hard vote. and the ammunition clips greater than ten rounds? that's the common denominator in every mass shooting. we give police officers 13 to 17 rounds. duck hunters are limit to three rounds to protect ducks. and congress is saying that it is okay for 30 and 100 round clips to kill people? we don't need to be arming schools. we need common sense requiring accountability on the part of
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everybody to underago back ground check and give police the resources and school districts the resources to do what they want. but there were two armed guards at columbine high school, outgunned by teenagers with assault weapons. >> and you brought that up. we brought that up on the show before. chip, i'll give you an opportunity. i'll bring everyone else in. but there were armed guards at columbine on break. and i'll bring it to the texas d.a. we're still working to get details but we know that d.a. walked his dog with a gun. and today, he and his wife are being remembered because they lost their lives because the gun was not handy at the time. >> there's no system that's perfect. there is no system that will protect everything. i don't know about the rest panel. i've gone through several background checks when i bought a gun. they're pretty easy. i'm okay with background collection when you're buying a gun. criminals don't do background checks them won't say i'll only have a ten-round limit. they'll get whatever they can get their hands on. guns are everywhere.
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you can get clips. >> we do know that criminals use straw purchasers. we do know that there are straw purchasers. they might even go to a private dealer who does not have to go through a universal background check. to your point, they won't walk into a gun shop. i'm from texas. there is one a few miles from my family's home. but they will go through a private home and not have to go through a background check. why not create something that prevents that? >> i would go after those criminals and greater sentencing for those people that are the straw people, that are selling those guns. throws the folks who have to that to. put a deterrent on those folks for using those guns. that's not what we're doing. we're putting the onus on the honest people to go buy a gun legally. longer registration. longer background checks and i'm not sure a back ground check. what are we going to put in that? if you could put it with a magic wand -- >> we know that's not a realistic conversation.
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>> jonathan, let me bring you in. "washington post" has its article. it says gun control american purchases seem december continued to become law after the school shootings in newtown are in jeopardy areplied a fierce lobbying campaign by firearms advocates. key senators have been unable to find a workable plan for near universal background collection. another provision garnered by partisan support, making gun trafficking a federal crime could be gutted if republican lawmakers accept new language being circulated by the national rifle association. the bottom line, this report is saying, the national rifle association is alive, it is well and it is powerful despite what mayor bloomberg and others have said. you have an article where you believe the president has not been backed up, if you will. you ask in your article, where is the president's back-up? >> right. the president has done about as much as he can do without congressional authority. there was the vice president's task force. they came up with a bunch of
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recommendations. the president has given speech after speech after speech. some of the most emotional and personal of his second term, he is going to colorado tomorrow to speak at a police academy. still, pushing this agenda. and yet, we've seen polls that showed that support for anti-gun violence measures is diminishing. >> down 10%. >> yeah. down 10%. where are the people who are flooding the capital with demonstrations in flooding the halls of the congressional office buildings, going to meet with members of congress and urge them -- >> that's what your organization is supposed to be doing. stop handgun violence. ture folks who said you would flood in and overwhelm the nra. answer jonathan's question. where is that groundswell? >> well, there is an awful lot going on right now. last week there were 100 demonstrations in one single day. organized by organizing for action.
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this is one the public needs to go visit them. and to the point, that we just heard, it is insane that we're having a dialogue over background checks. there is no way to know if someone is a criminal unless they have to have a background check. that should be easy for members of congress to do. if they care about safety versus the unregulated contributions. it is not the nra. it is the remmingtons, the bush masters that pour the money into the nra. that's what's buying congress. >> sharon, let me bring you in. a video was put out by harry reid and it shows republicans supporting gun control measures right after newtown. >> all of us, republicans and democrats have recognized that we need more effective and broader background checks.
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>> i think there is discussion or at least chatter about strengthening and improving the background checks. >> i want to take it beyond discussion and charter comfortable we get you on the record saying you think that will likely pass through congress, the idea of universal background check? >> and it is something you could vote for? >> i think it is a reasonable step forward. >> a reasonable step forward. jeff flake who was on "meet the press" just this weekend saying more effective and broader background checks could be something that he would support as well. what happened? >> right, well i think the further we are removed from the newtown tragedy, the further this issue is in the rear view mirror. there is a lot going on in congress. huge economic issues. the senate is trying to work on a massive immigration package. it has fallen down further and further. i would say it is not just the republican who's are becoming weak order this issue. you have several senate democrats up for re-election in conservative states in 2014 and
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they also are hedging a little bit more on gun control issues. >> i guess what is also interesting, you bring up the agenda. we've seen bipartisan effort and compromise oim grags. we've even seen republicans come out in support of same sex marriage. others like jeff flake have said eventually the party will back a candidate who supports same-sex marriage. when you get to gun control, we've not seen that same budging that we've seen on these other significant issues. i tell you, immigration reform, many people did not believe we would be at this point where we are now. same-sex marriage? republicans saying that their candidate one day could be an individual who supports same-sex marriage? then you get to the issue of gun control. and it dissolves in the air. >> right. and i think the reason immigration has become so pressing this congress, it has become politically imperative for republicans to do something about it. they know they have a demographic issue in the next couple cycles if they don't do anything.
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in their moinds, gun control has not reached that issue. >> clip, let me bring you in on the final note. you have republicans willing to compromise on immigration, compromise on same-sex marriage but no compromise on universal background check. >> i think a lot of it has to do with what they are hearing from the constituents. the members are in their districts and i can tell you from the town halls, they're not for gun control. that's what they're telling their members. don't go to washington and vote for any kind of gun control. and a lot of these representatives are doing what they're supposed, to representing their constituencies on this issue. >> thank you for your time. i'll be to you soon. in the past hour, the white house reiterated the white house is closely watching north korea after its latest nuclear threat. the heard vowed to reopen a long shuttered facility used to make plutonium for nuclear bombs. this announcement comes as the u.s. position, a navy mls destroyer closer to the
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peninsula and direct a second missile destroyer to that region. he said it appears to be on a collision course with the international community. >> the current crisis has already gone too far. nuclear threats are not a game. aggressive rhetoric and military posturing only result in fear and instability. >> joining me now, pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. it was richard engel yesterday who reported that some officials believed that kim jong un is angling for something. that this threat is designed to get something from the u.s. and its allies. what that is, we don't know. what are you hearing from officials as far as the perspective and how they view this latest threat? >> reporter: these latest threats do follow a pattern. first of all, you issue a threat
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and then you come around with accommodations. then there is negotiations. and then eventually, north korea gets increased aid in terms money and food. it is a cycle that has repeated itself over and over and over again for the past 30 years. the problem according to military officials, they feel you have to break this cycle because what it does is allow, it has given the north koreans time to develop their ballistic missile capabilities, develop their nuclear weapons capabilities. so they feel that cycle has to be broken. now, do they believe that the north koreans are any any position to launch a full scale attack? they don't see any movement from the north korean military at all that would give them cause for alarm. but protectively, they have positioned now two ballistic
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missile destroyers. they're in the region just in case. we have to stress, they see no indication that the north koreans are prepared to launch any sort of attack. they are prepared, however, a couple weeks ago. they signed a downer provocation agreement with the south koreans, putting in place a mechanism that the u.s. and south korea would combine forces in any kind of military response to an attack by north korea. but we're nowhere near that. they don't see that happening any time soon and they think it is all an attempt by kim jong un to essentially earn his chops with not only the north korean military but the north korean people. >> thank you very much. coming up, ramped up security at courthouses throughout texas as new information comes out about the murder of a district attorney there. we'll tell you who officials have questioned now in the case. plus, the arkansas attorney general is now investigating the exxon pipeline spill that has
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security since creasing at courthouses across texas as new
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details are being released. today armed officers escorted workers into the courthouse for a second straight day. this all follows the unexplained killings of district attorney mike mclelland and his wife cynthia. a public memorial is planned for thursday. a just released search warrant reveals what detectives found inside the home including that mclelland was slot 20 times, while several task forces are working to find those responsible, officials are downplaying a possible connection to the aryan brotherhood. thank you for joining me. for two days here. investigators are being tight-lipped about where they are looking. what do you know? what are your sources telling but any leads, if any at this point? >> i think they're really hoping to get some key evident to getting the cell phone records. they've requested a tower dump. they've asked for all the records from all the cell phones
11:21 am
that were used near that house within a certain time frame. and they're hoping that maybe the killer or killers would have used their cell phone and they might be able to get a lead as to who those people are. >> this information that just was released regarding what the search warrant revealed, that mclelland was shot 20 times. do we know any more about the crime scene itself? there were some reports that indicated he may have been murdered in his bed. there were others that indicated he was at his front door in his pajamas. what do we know? >> my understanding was he was found toward the rear of the house. that it looked like he was running toward his bedroom. one source did describe to me the can i go as having been overkill. my understanding is the wife was found closer to the front door. they think she answered the door or something like that. maybe she was outside. >> why were officials downplaying a possible connection to the aryan brotherhood? as we reported yesterday, there
11:22 am
was a warning of concern that there may be some type of plot to go after law enforcement in the state by the aryan brotherhood of texas. why is that being dismissed at this point? >> i don't know that it is being dismissed. they don't want everybody to fix ate on it. you have to consider everything. certainly the aryan brotherhood is something to look at. you have the cartels and who knows? it could be that it is some case that mclelland's office tried where you have some very angry disgruntled individual that has decided to carry out some sort of assassination type plot. and i think they just try to caution people not to get fixated on one angle. >> all right. from the dallas morning news, thank you for joining us today on the latest there. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton invites president joe biden set to share the same stage tonight in front of a key audience. we'll have more on that event. it could be, it could be a
11:23 am
preview of 2016. plus, new york city mayor michael bloomberg is on his way out. now officials have uncovered a scheme to possibly rig the election to pick his successor. it is just one of the things we thought you should know. ♪ ♪ i don't want any trouble. i don't want any trouble either. ♪
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by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. two of the most prominent possible candidates for 2016 are appearing together. they will both speak at an organization hillary helped found. it will be joe biden's first time at the gathering. but he is popular with women's organizations. biden will be presenting an award to men from india for their crusade against rape. this will be her second appearance. vice president biden has made it clear he is interested in
11:27 am
running in 2016. voters have a few hours left in the republican runoff that could bring mark sanford back into politics. sanford is facing former charleston county councilman curtis bostonic for a congressional seat. he appears poised for the nomination despite confessing to an affair four years ago. but he has the support of evangelicals. his old teacher and wife of 25 years. >> he has a great number of followers out there just like me. other little old ladies, retired teach here's are fiscally conservative. >> in 2002, our commitment to life was seriously tested. coming off cancer treatments, doctors were shocked that i had become pregnant. curtis and i trusted god and chose life. as for the child, meet steven. ? but if sanford pulls out a
11:28 am
victory, a possible twist here. the democratic nominee for the may 7th general election who just happens to be comedian stephen colbert's sister has release ad poll showing her leading both sanford and his run-off opponent in this conservative leaning district. you cannot make this up, they say. joining me now, march murray. before we get to the race on the seventh, let's talk about what's happening now. they're not expecting a huge turnout in this district which is an advantage, as i understand it. give the layout here. >> it is a potential advantage for him. he has the higher name i.d. most people know who he is. he was the state's governor so he has the name i.d. he also benefits from the fact that bostick launched his bid. that was just two weeks ago. it has been not a lot of time for curtis bostick to go from the number two finisher in that free for all to running in a run-off to really get his name
11:29 am
high for people to get to know him. that's one of the reasons mark sanford has the advantage. >> and he has the cash advantage. on has not, over $200,000. curtis bostick, about $56,000. but you've got mark sanford, i guess that was his kindergarten teacher in his ad. and how many years he's been married. we know which way both are trying to persuade the voters there to think. >> mark sanford is really trying to lay out that he is a fiscal conservative. conservative on spending. a lot of issues that made him very famous when he was battling the obama administration in 2009. you've seen curtis bostick take social conservative approach. one of the analysis i've heard, that district right now is, it consists of a lot more economic conservatives than social conservatives, so advantage to mark sanford. >> switching to same-sex marriage, he says that same sex
11:30 am
couple should have the right to civil marriage. our time on this earth is limited. i know that better than most. life comes down to who you love and who loves you back. government has no place in the middle. against senator mark kirk. on the flip side, mark, move is now targeting seven democrats who still do not support same-sex marriage. >> i'm going to focus more on all the people who have evolved and come around on this issue which i think has been amazing in american politics. we haven't seen reversals or evolutions like this probably since the iraq war in 2005 and 2007 where democrats were fighting among themselves to change their opinions on a war that many of them had supported. this is a pretty amazing change we've seen from many democrats and at least two republicans. i think that's more notable than the folks who come from very conservative states who haven't jumped on this train just yet. it is the train moving is a lot more important than those who haven't gotten on board yet.
11:31 am
>> to your point, this evolution we're seeing with republicans and same sex marriages, we're not seeing that same compromise in the gun debate which is the hot topic today. even on the issue of universal background checks. at least not right now. >> right. you look at a lot of polling on guns and particularly on universal backgrounds where they show 80 to 90% support. republicans are pretty much committed to blocking a lot of that legislation. we'll see if there is any type of compromise. there is a lot of the evolution on gay marriage. one of the big reasons why, so many younger republicans seem to support gay marriage than a lot of younger americans who support gun restrictions. >> we'll see you tomorrow. coming up, president obama heads to denver tomorrow to try to break the jam on gun legislation. we'll talk with dnc chair congresswoman debby wasserman schultz. what's next? first there's a lot going on today. here some things we thought you should know. it's interesting today.
11:32 am
president obama unveiled details of a new $100 million initiative to study our brains. the human brain. the goal is to find cures for disorders like alzheimer's, parkinson's's, and autism. >> there is this enormous mystery waiting to be unlocked. the brain initiative will change that by giving scientists the fools they need to get a dynamic picture of the brain in action and better understand how we think and how we learn. >> and the fbi has arrested a half dozen high ranking new york state and city politicians in an alleged scheme. all are charged in an alleged scheme to buy senator malcolm smith a spot in that race. investigators say some of the officials arrested were set to receive at least $40,000 in bribes. those are the things we just thought you should know. it's ju. ♪
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more now on the nra's renewed call to place armed guards in american schools. tomorrow, president obama will travel to colorado where he will speak at a denver police academy about the new gun control measures signed into law there by governor. joining me, florida congresswoman debby wasserman schultz. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. great to be with you. >> jonathan capehart was on earlier discussing where things stand. the "washington post" has an article basically painting this picture of a gun jam that as a result of the lobbying and pressure on some republicans and democrats, universal background checks, for example, not going anywhere. what is the next move for the president? >> i think predictions of the demise of universal background
11:37 am
collection are greatly exaggerated and premature. >> tell us why. is there a republican senator that you can quote or someone in the house, a republican in the house who is saying that he or she will support universal background checks? name names. >> tamron, the folks that i can quote are the over 90% of americans who believe that universal background checks are absolutely essential in reducing gun violence. and the pressure and the grassroots activism that is being generated in part by some organizations like mayors against leave guns and gabby giffords organization, americans spore responsible solutions, are going to continue to put pressure on republican and democratic lawmakers to do the right thing and make sure that if you want to own a gun, and purchase ghana in this country, you must submit yourself to a background check. we have to close those loopholes. that has over 90% support from americans. and i think it is going to be an election issue down the road if there are republican senators who decide that they would rather side with the nra.
11:38 am
>> we had chip salsman on. very plugged in with his party on today. he said yes, those polls are out there. but you have members of the house, for example, in their districts. they are hearing from people who believe their second amendment right is in jeopardy. and they do not believe the solution is universal background check. they believe that the bad guys, if you will, will still get the guns and that universal background checks only hurts those who have a right to legally buy a gun. so basically, what i'm saying here is that you have republican who's say, in their district, they hear folks who say stand your ground where you are and do not make a compromise. even on universal back ground checks. >> in america, there are very few issues that are 90/10 issues. very few. i would be hard pressed to name even two others. making sure that if you want to own a gun and purchase a gun, that you must have a background check in this country has near universal support. and at the end of the day, republican lawmakers shouldn't
11:39 am
be listening to the dollar signs that are coming through their campaign accounts from the nra. and the nra itself in the report that they issued today, demonstrates once again how tone deaf they are from the week after newtown when they rolled out the outline of their proposal to arm schools to the teeth instead of to make sure that we can reduce gun violence with common sense reform like universal back ground checks. limiting high capacity magazines and banning assault weapons. which has more than 70 to 90% support. >> what do you believe will pass? it too early to tell. what president obama will do tomorrow and continue to do with vice president biden as the responsible organizations that support reducing gun violence are doing, make sure that we encourage the american people to reach out to their lawmakers and urge they to support these common sense reforms. speaker john boehner, if you believe him, says that he would put on the floor anything that gets 60 votes in the senate.
11:40 am
and we're going to have an opportunity to have votes on those three measures in the united states senate. we'll see if john boehner and the republican leadership is true to their word. if they'll listen to 90% of the american people who believe reducing gun violence is a moral imperative. >> thank you so much for your time. greatly appreciate it. we'll talk with you soon. right now another story we're following. the, a, a attorney general is opening an investigation into a major oil spill in his state. in fact, just weeks before the president will decide on approving a new and much bigger pipeline. on friday, a 65-year-old exxonmobil pipeline ruptured in the small town of mayflower near little rock, arkansas. crews are cleaning up the thousands of barrels of crude that has flooded yards and flowing right down residential streets. people are evacuated from their homes right now. there have been sightings of oil soaked birds in the area. here's the shocking home video from a resident as he drove through his home town. >> so that is a pipeline that is
11:41 am
busted and it is flooded the neighborhood. and it is going all the way to the drain at the end of the street. the smell is unbelievable. i mean, look. incredible. that is oil. >> joining me now, from the "huffington post." these written extensively on the key stone pipeline. what we're seeing is exactly what you've written about. there is the fear that some people have regarding the key stone pipeline. >> absolutely. .days before this horrible accident. i spoke with residents of nebraska who live along the proposed pipeline. they were expressing their fear to me of just such an incident happening. they live within meters, within feet of where the line would be. this pipeline would flow. and what happened in arkansas, this isn't the first example of the disaster that could fall.
11:42 am
>> some of the number have been quoted. there is a pipeline rumt you are, leak, pretty much daily. >> right. in fact there is a professor who did some research and found that over 90 spills are likely to happen with the key stone pipeline over the first 50 years. and many point to a spill of just three years ago in kalamazoo, michigan, that was kind of the go-to for activists against the pipeline. this new spill just brings it, a fresher example of just what could happen. >> our first read team asks the question. will the arkansas pipeline spill affect the key stone decision? the president expected in a few weeks to make the decision regarding the key stone exel pipeline. but you in your piece go to trans canada. that's who owns the pipeline. they insist that they have new operations, new safety measures, state-of-the-art, leak detection systems that would prevent or warn them of any possible
11:43 am
rupture. >> absolutely. for one thing, these newer pipes. the pipes that spilled in kalamazoo are decades old. even with these safety measures, a small leak, anything less than 1.5% of the flow rate won't be detected. even the spills that are detected, it is not immediate shutdown. the spill could still do a lot of damage. >> no one knows what the obama administration will do but people are hedging their bets but say it is assumed he will reluctantly approve the pipeline. >> that's where most people have been thinking. activists are optimistic. they're hoping with this tragedy, perhaps they'll have more cause to help push obama to stop the pipeline from going through. >> all right. mean while, those people in arkansas are trying to clean up. some are still evacuating. there have been reports of even wildlife affected. >> absolutely.
11:44 am
in kalamazoo, three years later they're still cleaning up the mess there. >> thank you so much. today is the deadline for more than 30 atlanta teachers indicted in that massive cheating scandal to surrender. we'll talk with the atlanta report here has been investigating the school cheating charges and allegations go far beyond atlanta. 24 hr for frequent heartburn and coffee is coffee, a quick bite is a quick bite, and play time is play time, because for 24 hours my heartburn is lights out. prevent acid for 24 hours with prevacid 24 hour.
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welcome back. the first of 35 former atlanta public school employees have turned themselves in to face charges. one of the nation's largest test cheating scandals ever. our nbc affiliate in atlanta reports so far, at least nine of those indicted last friday have met today's deadline to surrender. bond for some is set at $1 million. we're still waiting for former atlanta school superintendent about about hall to turn herself in. she and the 34 others are charged with racketeering and false statements. prosecutors accused them of wrong answers on standardized tests often for money.
11:48 am
the district seemed to be doing well earning her a half million dollars in bonuses. thank you for joining me, kevin. >> good to be with you. >> your paper leading the way, you've been on top of this as well. this is interesting for many reasons. you have the story line being motivated by bonuses but also you have teachers saying this is an example of the pressure they've been under since no child left behind. and even with the president's initiative where they feel the need to put up the numbers. what are you hearing from teachers behind the scenes? certainly there was a lot of pressure in the district for performance. many people are blaming that pressure as a motivator for teachers cheating. it is important to remember two things, i think. the first is this harmed the school children. first and foremost. it is a tragedy in that regard. it is also important to remember that most teachers can't didn't
11:49 am
cheat. in the initial state report about, 200 educators were named. they've indicted about three dozen. in the end, most teachers did the right thing. >> we know that there are scandals being investigated. cincinnati, baltimore, detroit, houston, l.a., new york, philly. according to information out there. what i'm so intrigued by is the fact these so-called miracle schools were able to go undetected for so long. this investigation in atlanta i believe started around 2005 when you have these incredible changes in scores. again, not just in atlanta but other school districts around the country. >> in some of our follow-up reporting, we look at every school district in the country. what we found is that there are similar patterns of changes in test scores that mirror atlanta all over the country. and there really is no system in place to monitor the integrity of tests. no child left behind. the federal government requires
11:50 am
these kinds of tests. the government does not require auditing or any kind of monitoring to make sure the tests are accurate. >> what will change as a result? here you have the mug shots of teachers. these are educators that some of them admired at different points in their careers. what will change nationally now that this has been exposed? >> i think what it will do is empower people who care about education including parents and community leaders where they can start looking into these questionable scores. there are no miracles out. there kids learn at steady rates. experts can tell you they don't take massive leaps in short periods of time. it is real work to educate children. if you have a miracle or if you have something that doesn't seem possible, then it probably isn't. and it is time to look a little closer. >> kevin riley, thank you very much. we'll continue to cover this scandal out of atlanta. and as you said, it is
11:51 am
far-reaching. thank you. coming up, will michael jackson's children testify for the first time about the night their father died? we'll get the latest on a $40 billion wrongful death lawsuit filed by katherine jackson. zap technology. departure. hertz gold plus rewards also offers ereturn-- our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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11:54 am
. katherine jackson is suing tour promoter aeg live for billions. she claim they placed profit above her son's health and well being, resulting in his death. potential witnesses include jackson's children, quincy jones and spike lee. diana has the latest live from burbank. and obviously, people are intrigued to see if michael jackson's children will actually tell in their own words what happened that night. >> prince and paris, his two eldest were in the house at the time that he died. we read in the criminal trial notes that they were talking about how prince had actually
11:55 am
seen them trying to revive his father and paris was crying. and prince was actually mentioned by name as having had emotional distress caused by this whole incident in this civil complaint. it is a very strong possibility that we'll be hearing from the two kids. i know that there has been a lot of emphasis on not pushing them too hard. it could be really tough to see two children talking on the stand about what they witnessed in relation to their father, famous or not. you mentioned a lot of celebrities on this list and we were surprised to see that. it would be interesting to see quincy jones or spike lee or even one of our favorites, the purple prince himself, take the stand and talk about their experiences with aeg. and some other members of the potential witness list include several members of the jackson family. so this could be a very lengthy trial with a lot of explosive testimony. it is really going to be putting the hollywood in this drama. >> thank you very much for the live report. we greatly appreciate it. time for the "news nation" gut check. we told you earlier about that
11:56 am
major oil spill in a town outside little rock, arkansas. this is a neighborhood. people have been forced to evacuate from their homes. it all started last friday. it has created an environmental hazard. the rupture proves president obama should reject building the key stone pipeline. the president is expected to make a decision within weeks. we ask you, what does your gut tell you this day? will that arkansas pipeline spill affect the key stone decision? go to to cast that big vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." thank you for with us. the cycle is up next. m is of a better future, a confident retirement. those dreams have taken a beating lately. but no way we're going to let them die. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help keep your dreams alive like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. and that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach.
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