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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  April 3, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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again the united states will do what is necessary to defend ourselves, and defend or allies, korea, and japan. >> first a surprise return trip to the middle east this weekend, trying to tie the knot between israel and turkey. hillary clinton and joe biden sharing the same stage and trying to quiet all that talk about their 12016 competition. >> vice president biden and i have worked together on so many important issues. i know what a personal victory it was to see him to see the violence against women act reauthorized last month. >> there's no woman like hillary clinton. hj hj -- and that's a fact. >> with gun legislation stalled, president obama hits the road today, colorado tries to boost public support, as a new poll
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shows, one in six americans want stricter gun laws. from the appalachian trail to the comeback trail. in victory former governor mark sanford thanks the woman he ran off with, now his fiancee. >> i thank you, is guess to my fiancee for her long suffering, as she put up with me being on the road for more than just a few months. it is official, 24 hours after a mutual tease on late night, nbc has just announced jimmy fallon will be replacing jay leno after his 22 years in the chair of that iconic program. in addition, the show will move to new york, and will be executive produced by snl's award-winning e.p. i'm live in washington where two titans shared a stage, stirring up a lot of talk last night about that their political futures, hillary clinton and vice president joe biden playing
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nice at the vital voices event, but ambition could change that, or will it? joining us is chris cillizza. check todd, political director and host of the daily rundown, and kim hallas, from the bbc and author of the new award-winning "secretary" a journey with hillary clinton. great to see you. congratulations on the book. >> thank you for having me. >> it's great to be on set, and not on a tight seat in the back of the plane with secretary kerry or clinton. >> kerry is now heading off to the middle east. kim and chuck and -- chuck -- kim and chris, we're seeing this shuttle diplomacy. this is a reenergized middle east shuttle, so that is point one, kerry, kim, does seem to want to nail down whatever
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advantage he can, and is planning a lot of travel. >> he's been wanting to do this. he's been wanting the job for a long time, and wanting to go all in. he doesn't have probably any more political ambitions beyond his job as secretary of state. he wants to leave a mark. hillary clinton perhaps still harbored political ambitions. she did go all in when she was secretary of state. she doesn't want to stake her reputation on the thankless task of middle east peace-making. john kerry definitely wants to give it his all. >> will he be able to give it his all, though, check? secretaries of state, not only the cap net members in general, but in particular, the secretaries of state, having on a very short leash. the without controls all. you know, hillary clinton had so much celebrity, the aura, that it was somewhat obscured that
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she didn't have a whole lot of running room. >> and don't forget when she came in, she didn't have -- john kerry comes in with many more world leader relationships that this hillary clinton did. he's been to they cunning for decades, so he does have that advantage. the one thing that i think is interesting that the white house is given kerry more running room on the middle east. remember, when the president wanted the middle east on his -- he forced the george mitchell appointment. these weren't hillary clinton ideas -- >> as special envoy. >> middle east policy was being run out of the west wing. now there is more space, you do see a difference. i think part of this is nothing to do between kerry and clinton, more sort of the white house realizing the limits to what it can do inside the nfc, verdict what is a better job for maybe the state department. >> and the president can always swoop in if there's success and claim the victory, but chris
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cillizza, josh rogan on his blog just yesterday was reporting that john kerry has not been able to fill assistant secretary posts there's sort of a lot of vacancies, and part of the speculation is there's tension between the white house and the state department over who gets to fill those jobs. hillary clinton had gored a deal where she could name that team and bring her people in, and john kerry doesn't have that kind of clout. >> right. that's what's fascinating. to kim's point, john kerry sort of politically speaking has the ability and probably the desire to be more aggressive as it relates to putting himself and his credibility on the line to push policy matters in the middle east and beyond, but he doesn't -- and this is no knock on him. it's hard to think of anyone who does, he doesn't have the clout the world recognition, the profile that hillary clinton brought to it. so, you know, they each have
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their own strengths there, but when he goes somewhere, or even within some of the politics of the white house and this administration, he isn't hillary clinton. he isn't the person that got 10 million votes against barack obama in 2008 and a hue power center unto herself. >> but i've got to tell you, having traveled with him and about to travel with him again, he has an ease and familiarate with the issues and the leaders, as chuck was saying, that really gives him a big leap forward. >> i remember it took secretary clinton a year to get up to speed. i'm not saying she wasn't up to speed, but the point is, and i stalk to people around her, it took her about -- she is somebody -- she's a student. she has to study things, and she's going to take her time doing it. you saw the difference, i'm sure you saw it, about a years ago into the job. john kerry comes in with a much different resume, being what he did as chairman of foreign relations, you're sort of theunder study. >> and he has a very different
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background. she came in as a former rival of the president. she spent the first year trying to show loyalty to the president. loyalty is part of why the peace effort in the first term didn't go down well, because she was trying to show loyalty to the president, emphasizing some of the statements he was making on the settle freeze called, for example. that put the administration in a corner that was very difficult to come out of. >> even though it clear she wasn't comfortable. >> she didn't agree with the policy, but she didn't feel as though she could contradict the president. that's part of the baggage she brought with her as secretary of state when he was starting. >> let me ask you about joe biden, you said on the "today" show joe biden will not run if she decide toss run. he's in a holding pattern independents b independents. >> he would be older than ronald reagan if he decides to run in 2016. hillary clinton would be a year younger.
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both of them have to make that personal decision. >> and andrew cuomo and a lot of others are waiting in the lineup. >> you talk to people around joe biden, he's well aware of the northwestibility factor that would follow hillary clinton if she got in, and people you need to run a national campaign, they're going to be looking at the same pool of donors, of people to run this campaign. they really are the same person. one's just going to be a stronger front runner, but by the way, and this is the thing that sort of i think people underestimate with joe biden. if hillary doesn't run, he will be the front-runner. yes, is he vulnerable? yes, but so was george h.w. bush. >> chris, i was in the audience last flight. if you would have told me going in who would have given the most resonant vigorous speech to that crowd of mostly women and all clinton people, because that's the organization she founded, it was not hillary clinton who gave what you would have expected, a
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very affectionial and memorable speech about her good friend. but joe biden gave a passionate stem-winding speech, and it goes back to his support initially in the '90s for the violence against women act. >> you know, hi highs are higher than hillary's. his lows are significantly lower, as it relates to a political campaign. he has capacity to be really, really good, but as he has shown in 2008 and when he ran in 1998, he also makes mistakes. he talks too much, says the wrong things. i agree 100% with chuck. peopleunder estimate joe biden in a democratic primary as the sitting vice president of the united states. this is someone with real -- a real political team, a veteran political team around him, someone who could raise the money, someone who understands campaigning, someone who is good in the early retail states where it's not tv 5ds, it's about meeting people, rope lines.
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he would be quite good. he is a vulnerable front-runner because of the low lows, but chuck is right. he's the front-runner if she does not run. a quick turn to something that's just happening in egypt. the comedian and political activist in egypt known as the jon tostewart of egypt. jon stewart had tweeted out after he was silenced by the morsi regime. now the u.s. embassy in cairo has taken down its twitter feet, as far as we can tell and certainly eliminated a tweet linked to the jon stewart show. >> apparently the feed is back up, but 9 tweet is gone. >> people are going to ask, this is the same embassy sharply criticized in washington for the statement it released on 9/11 in anticipation -- the same day as the benghazi riot. >> chuck, in the not a good
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episode for us to be censors ourselves. >> i understand that embassies feel like we're guests in another country. >> it's sovereign u.s. soil. >> every embassy is sovereign u.s. soil. this embassy in particular seems to almost go out of its way sometimes in sending messages that are -- >> if we could put that back up on the screen. the morsi government put up a tweet that it's inappropriate for a -- they tweeted an obje e objection. >> the issue of public diplomacy in the 21st century. >> good point. >> it is sovereign soil, but when you have diplomats engaging one on one with citizens through twitter, they're not always on point with the talking points, and their tweets may diverge from what is the official messaging coming out from washington. though it certainly raises a lot of questions, and very good ones
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about is this censorship or not, are you caving into pressure from within egypt to toe their line? this is this new world of twitter in diplomacy. it's not always easy to navigate. >> but is egypt a democracy? i believe it's advertising itself as one and there are fundamental principles when it comes to free speech. >> thank you chuck todd, kim chattas. >> quite the journey. >> it's a great read. >> thank you. and of course chris cillizza, thank you so much. meanwhile, here at home, new gun laws have lost momentum, but not so much with the public. take a look at this new morning jo/marist poll, showing support at least 59% of respondents are behind the step that faces a bleak future on capitol hill. a lot more supporting background checks. south carolina congressman and
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democratic -- assistant democratic lead erbil jim clyburn joins us now. thank you very much. how are you going to try to lead this debate and get the gun legislation back on track? >> well, andrea, thank you so much for having me. i think what you see here is the congress is lacking behind the public, as it does very often. i do believe there's something going to happen. it probably won't go far beyond background checks. that's where there is almost university acceptance of that. will we have an assault weapons ban or something done about high cal we are steps? i don't think so, but the journey must begin with a single step. i think we'll take a step with
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background checks, but i don't believe we'll go much farther than that this year. >> don't you think people will be disappointed. there are plenty of red-estate democrats that have as big a problem with these changes proposed, as do republicans. >> yes, that's true. i do believe that the public is very, very disappointed. i'm very disappointed, but we have to be realistic here. it is the result of redistricting. no matter how it may look, the fact of the matter is, when you start going congressional district by congressional district, you get something totally different. i do believe that you could get a stronger, even maybe assault weapons ban out of the senate if there's some chance of doing it in the house. the fact that the house is not
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going to go beyond that i think is sort of a disincentive for the senate to go far beyond it. so i think what you will see harry reid putting up is something he knows will pass the senate and feels will pass the house. he would hate for his senators to vote for something that would die in the house. >> let me ask you about politics in south carolina, because i know you're supporting elizabeth colbert bush, but last night the republicans decided on mark sanford. this is mark sanford on "morning joe" today. >> she's not held office. right now the one thing that people know is that she's stephen colbert's sister. well, you know, at the end of the day stephen colbert is very popular, well regarded comedian, but at the end of the day, he's not on the ticket. we're going to have a debate
10:16 am
about ideas. >> so, i think you're going to be one of the hosts of a fund raider for elizabeth colbert bush in washington. tell me why she as a business person is better qualified than the former governor. >> well, let me say this. i congratulate mark sanford on a victory, but just remember, mark, you had never held office before you got elected to congress as well, and there are people in that base who had held office. so the fact that you've held office as opposed to someone who has not, that's not going to do it for you. what i think will do it in this race is that the people will get a contrast. they will get a vision for the future. just to be talking about what i did on deficit reduction, how i feel about the debt, that is not going to do it. i really believe that elizabeth colbert has a tremendous vision for the future. i've talked to her.
10:17 am
i've known the family for a long time down in charleston, and i do believe that the vehicle that she lays out for the people in the first congressional district will in fact carry the day. i think that she's going to be successful on may 7th. >> just very briefly, mr. leader, how much do you think mark sanford's personal transgressions, what happened with his family, his marriage, in terms of disappearing from view as governor, how much should that, if at all, be an issue for the democrats? >> well, the disappearance i don't think will be an issue, but i think when you look at the ethics report, i think that most people have not looked very hard at the ethics report. i suspect that the colbert campaign is probably going to highlight that ethics report, and the things in there, which i do believe that mark sanford needs to answer for.
10:18 am
yes, god is a forgiving god, but he would not be voting -- or she -- will not be voting in this election. i think the voters will make this determination, and voters are concerned about ethics, and so i think that's going to be an issue that he's going to have to face. >> thank you so much. i think we can agree that he or she, the deity will not be voting in the election. thank you very much, jim clyburn. >> thank you for having me. the rutgers coach controversy, why did it take so long to show mike rice the door? this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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rutgers university is facing a storm over the belated firing
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of coach rice. revealing a pattern of abusive behavior. this video first obtained by espn shows mike rice repeatedly shoving players and throwing basketballs at their heads, even flinging homophobic slurs. >> i am responsible for the decision to attempt a rebel of coach rice. i thought it was in the best interest of everyone, but i was wrong. moving forward, i will work to regain the truth in the rut gering community. joining mess is chris "maddog" russo. thanks very much for coming in. why fire him now? they had all the evidence back in december. >> excellent point and great to be on. pa netti is a good guy, he had the information, should have fired him then and there. he didn't.
10:23 am
now it looks worse. this is the same video he saw four, five months ago, and now he fires him because of public pressure. he does a bad job here. you want to get rid of panettic, go ahead, but now about the president? he says i never saw the video, so i'm going to wipe my hands clean. he's got to go. he's the president of the university. he's got his coach there doing these crazy things you've been showing all over america and now he's going to take a pass and release a statement today saying i didn't get a chance to seed have i jo? where the heck were you? at least panetti made a decision, saw the video and made a call. you can argue the call all you want. the president didn't even bother the video, and he was told what was happening. i'm if you're getting rid of panetti, i want him out, too. >> did you speak to panetti yesterday? >> i did.
10:24 am
i had him on at 6:00. at that time i knew -- obviously this was going to be a big story, i said, mike, are you willing to accept this abuse you're going to take? and he said at 6:20, he is still the rutgers coach, so obviously with everybody on top of this, it looks bad for panetti, because he's backing off his original process in november about rehab, three-game suspension, $50,000 fine, we'll give him a second chance, now it looks worse, because he's succumbing to public pressure. again, if you want to get rid of panetti because of indecisiveness and poor decision, i can live with that. i'm okay with it. i think most sports fans are okay with it, and this coaching has to go, we all agree there, but again, andrea, where is the president? i know christie commented, the folks in new jersey commented, so there's a lot of issues going on, and panetti had to do what he had to do, but i'm down on the president, who then takes a pass.
10:25 am
where were you? panetti told you in november we have a problem with the head coach, look at this video, and the president never bothered to look at it? that's ridiculous. i'm down on him. >> you think? chris christie just tweeted out -- it's the right and necessary act to take. i'm old enough to remember bobby knight and some of the past egregious behaviors by college coaches, and led to their firing. there's a lot of money involved here. we should put that out. the school gets a lot of money for the good record they achieved. >> yeah, he makes $700,000 a year, he had a five-year contract. rutgers had not been very successful. the basketball program has had a lot of problems over the year. rutgers had some problems athletically, now moving to the big ten, so the stakes get increased.
10:26 am
and they've had trouble. they've had trouble luring a big basketball coach into that program. they've had a lot of issues. coaching haven't won. kevin bannon had problems with some abuse, now this situation. rutgers has been a mess athletically. obviously $700,000 for a basketball coach is not as much as you would think. they will get a good coach in there they have a good arena, a good alumnae base, they have financial support, and i'm sure they don't have to pay rice. i'm not sure of the story about the last two, at least years the contract, but it's a big embarrassment. it's a state cool, the governor is involved, now the coach is throwing basketball, saying bad things, this looks awful. it does make a what is pernetti
10:27 am
thinks? and public pressure makes him do it? they at look bad in piscataway today. >> i want to give you a chance to maybe reconsider what you said on monday morning on "morning joe." >> what did i describe. >> you described the nats as a trendy pick. >> yes. >> and they defeated the marlins in 2 hours, 10 minutes, 19 strikeouts by strassberg, 2 home runs by bryce harper. do you have any reconsideration of whether or not the nats can go the distance? >> yeah, they can. >> you notice know, i saw them in spring training about three weeks ago. i did a show in spring training. the thing that surprised me the most, he's got a reputation outside of d.c. as being a bit of a hot dog, and a 19-year-old kid with too much to say, but every national player that you speak to loves this bryce harper, nicest killed in the
10:28 am
world, works his rear end off, knows his place, lifts weights, wants to be good, so i was impressed by that, and then two home runs on opening day. strassberg is tremendous. i thought he should have pitched last year. >> i know you did. i was listening. >> the nationals will be a very good team. you wonder about the trendy picks. blue jays big trendy pick. sometimes the marlins last year, big trendy pick, sometimes the trendy picks don't work out. that was my reasoning. glad you're watching. >> always watching. always watching. big fan, and thank you so much for watching. >> great to be on. thank you so much. and in our series this week on women in the world summit, today we're celebrating the achievement of somalian human rights activist dr. hawa abdi. even during rebel attacks that
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threatened her life. during the 2011 dhow, her health clinic housed and cared for 90,000 people. last night, she was awarded the fern holland award, recognizing women leaders and named for fern holland, a civilian killed in iraq in 2004. >> i am very grateful to be standing here today. i want to let the world know, that we will continue to empower women and children. we've all ha. when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost. when what you just bought, just broke. or when you have a little trouble a long way from home... as an american express cardmember you can expect some help. but what you might not expect, is you can get all this with a prepaid card. spends like cash. feels like membership.
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[ sneezing ] she may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®. powerful allergy relief for adults and kids six years and older. zyrtec®. love the air. one of the most important that lawmakers have to resolved before they can reach a deal on immigration reform. consider the challenge secures a nearly 2,000-mile southwest border with mexico. alan gomez covers immigration for "usa today." first of all, border security, we could put a wall up on the
10:33 am
entire boarder, but that is the predicate before a deal can be reached, that's the concession that both sides have agreed on, that the border has to be secured first. >> right. a lot of the concern about this bill is if you look back to 1986, the last time we had a last large-scale legalization of, they also promised securing the border. that obviously didn't happen. a lot of folks concerned about this bill feel the same thing is going to happen. that's one of the things they're trying to figure out. how many more resources we have to put down at the border. how can we assure the american people who have to buy into this program, that they can do it. >> there's a new "the washington post post"/abc poll, a brought support for a path to citizenship. democrats 73%, independents 58% action and republicans only 35%. that tells you the divide.
10:34 am
exactly. that's -- >> we saw a lot of change in that after the elections. senator mccain, senator rubio, they've been clear part of the reason they're supporting this is they have to reach out to hispanic voters better. it's a fast-growing electorate. mitt romney did terribly with that group. on a grand scale, the party realizes they have to do that, and they're making a lot of efforts. the trouble is going to come in the house, where they have a lot of, you know, a lot of folks have districts that aren't necessarily heavily hispanic, don't really care solve about that issue. they'll have some problem with some senators. senator cruz has come out strongly against the pathway to citizenship. if you look result polling within texas, the numbers aren't so high when you get into -- when you get into those votes, we'll be voting on these things, those are the things that make it tough to get this through. >> according to "new york times" today on the house bill, they're
10:35 am
considering breaking it down into three different paths to citizensh citizenship, that that's part of a compromise, young immigrants in the country who don't have legal papers, so the so called dreamers, the second group a path to permanent residency. how would this work? is that a compromise that could possibly be, you know, the way to a future? >> that's an attempt, definitely an attempt. even though congress is on a break, all eighaides are not. they're working to figure out the ways to do this. one of the critics of the bill, one of their main concerns is that these 11 million illegal immigrants in the country that could become citizens through this bill, that they don't jump in line. they don't like the idea on a gut level of these folks getting ahead of folks who have been applying legally 20 do this. they're trying to craft ways for the exception for young illegal immigrants, but when you look at
10:36 am
the day-to-day adults that came in illegally, or came in on a visa and stayed, they are concerned about them getting ahead of anybody. alan gomez from "usa today" thank you very much. >> thank you. up next, the hillary and joe show, take two. send me your thoughts. this is "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side.
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i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. hillary clinton and joe biden were an unlikely pair of headliners last night at an event that hillary clinton founded 14 years ago. they were full of praise for each other, even though they could be rivals in 2016. helen tauscher a former member of congress, and republican strategist phil muser joins us as well. ellen, you know a lot about hillary clinton. sizing it up, we know she hasn't
10:40 am
made a decision yet, but she's keeping all of her organization and money and friends close. so does she prevent joe biden or anyone else from jumping in until she decides? >> no, it's a wide open field for 2016, a long time from now. former secretary clinton is doing what she's done. vital voices is a group she founded many years ago, and this is a group that means a lot to her personally, so, you know former secretary clinton is doing what she's always done, pay attention to the people she's always paid attention to, going to the places she's always done. you know, i think the field is open, and i think apparently vice president biden did a terrific job last night. >> phil, when the republicans take a look at joe biden, hillary clinton, they're most afraid of hillary clinton because? she in politics is the most credible female candidate. we all know the demographics of
10:41 am
voters. >> no question about it. if you look at any polls by any objective measure, hillary clinton would be the front-runner for 2016, if she chooses to do this. last night reminded me of the jimmy kiple, kind of jay leno, who will take over "the tonight show," that's probably the equivalent of political theater in washington. but the ability to raise capital, universal name i.d., favorability, she is in a different league than even joe biden, the sitting vice president. that said, he's clearly active. he's going to south carolina i saw, in a couple weeks, doing the things you traditionally do, but the thing to remember is the expert thesis in 2008 was hillary clinton would run and be the nominee, a little known senator barack obama upset that, and the rest is history. i suspect behind closed doors she's going to take some time off and do exactly what she's
10:42 am
telling everybody, but nobody believes. >> joe biden was asked by "the washington post," has the race already begun, mr. vice president? the answer was, no. if you know anything about me, i've been making that same speech for 30 years. look into it. he has. he has great street cred. the women in the audience knew it, as much as they loved hillary, but that was clearly her home court advantage, but they know that joe biden has the sponsor of the violence against women act and has been a fighter for that. >> and it's been reauthorized. you know, we all know that joe is a mench, and the vice president is somebody, you know, who has a wide base of support, not only in the democratic party, but among a lot of people in the country, that believe that he is hard-working, straight-talking guy, but, you know, i thought the dynamic between former secretary clinton and vice president biden was terrific, and it did remind me of the jimmy kimmel/jay leno
10:43 am
song. >> fallon -- >> jimmy fallon. >> sorry. >> wrong network, guys. i wanted to ask you on a serious subject about north korea. you're just back from moscow, you know these dynamics having in at the state department and congress, now we have a situation where north korea shut down that zone. is he no longer bluffing? the advantage of that economic zone is all to the north's advantage, not to the south. >> i think the disturbing thing is this is a fairly new leader in mr. un, and very unpredict able. when you have the isolation that you have with north korea, that can lead very easily to miscalculation and misunderstanding. we have a new leader in our ally, the republic of korea, and these economic zones were kind of a sinew that kept people talking and moving.
10:44 am
as the new leader in north korea pulls things away, it leads to more and more the sense that there is something behind this, and that perhaps he's more interested in a confrontation than anybody would like. i don't think he's interested in a confrontation with the united states. we have 30,000 troops there, there is strong military control by the united states working with our ally in the republic of korea, but this is one of those places where i think we all have to be very concerned, because mistakes are easy to make, this is a very short physical area, you know, not a lot of time to make decisions. so i'm hoping that, you know, our friends in the rest of the environment, both in japan and china and russia will start to exert some effort to get the north koreans to step back and to back off. it is exactly secretary kerry's mission next week. >> that's right. thank you very much, ellen. phil, you as well. up next, targeting a silent
10:45 am
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it has been ten years since the march on baghdad leading to the death of david bloom. he was embedded with the 3rd i.d. in his fame bloom-mobile, when he suddenly died by a deep vein thrombosis. ever since his widow has dedicated herself to -- melanie bloom is a spokesperson for the coalition to prevent deep vein thrombosis, which is funded by sanofi. thank you for everything you are doing. tell us about the progress and also about the threat. what is dvt, how prevalent is it? >> it's great to be back, andrea. i can't believe it's been ten
10:49 am
years. what i've been raising awareness about is what, david was only 39 years old, covering a war. a blood clot formed in his leg, traveled to his lungs. the statistics you mentioned, one of 300,000 americans that year who died from the condition that i had never heard of. so it's deep vein thrombosis or a blood clot, and p.e. is pulmonary embolism when that same clot hits the lungs. >> this can happen to anybody, you can be on a long airline flight, sitting at a desk not getting up enough. a predisposition, what are some of the things that people should know, men and women. >> yes, you're absolutely right. it doesn't have to be a war zone. in fact 300,000 deaths happen each year. it can be brought about by lifestyle, being over 40, overweight, smoking, or certain
10:50 am
medical risk factors. having surgery, cancer patients are at higher risk, certain heart and respiratory diseases, but it's important for people to be aware, for example action if they're going on a long flight, anything that restricts the thew of circulation in the lower limbs can lead to the blood pooling and a clot forming. if you're on a long flight, get up, move around, stay hydrated and talk to your doctor if you think you might be at risk for this condition. >> and when we talk about deep vein thrombosis, are women more predisposed than men or is it basically your medical condition, which is the most important factor? >> statistics show it's fairly even between men and women. but women can find themselves at a higher risk when they are on the birth control pill or on hormone therapy. >> how are you and the girls doing? you look great. you've been active and the girls are growing up. >> they are growing up.
10:51 am
the twins were 9 when their daddy passed away. now they're 19 and they're freshmen in college chl. and our little one who was 3 when david died is in seventh grade. i did remarry. i have two more children, stepchildren, 21 and 19. so together, we're one big bustling happy family and feel very blessed. >> i'm so pleased to hear all of that. we're going to see you in june when you come down for the radio television correspondents dinner and the annual david bloom award. thank you so much. >> thank you, andrea. coming up next, what political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? that's next right here on "andrea mitchell reports" this i. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money?
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which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? chris cillizza is back with us. the president will be speaking in denver and then he goes to do
10:55 am
fund-raising in california. we're seeing a new energy on the gun debate. but has that train left the station? >> andrea, the answer is i don't know. i wonder if -- obviously denver today. this is the scene of several very high-profile shootings -- episodes of mass violence using guns in the last few years. connecticut later, in the next week. i wonder if it changes opinion, andrea. i don't know if it does. i don't know if we're just too far from newtown. >> i guess that remains to be scene. thank you very much. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow on the show, join us as we celebrate our fifth anniversary on the area. among our guests, captain mark kelly and diane von furstenburg.
10:56 am
tamron hall has a look at what's next on "news nation." >> can't wait for tomorrow when we celebrate your fifth year on air with this show. and a new poll shows 94% of americans favor universal background checks for gun purchases including 81% of republicans. so is the story line that support for new gun legislation that it's declined since newtown a myth? and an nfl team has signed a former high school football star. he was wrongly convicted. today, the developing story, he's got a contract. plus highlights from the big event that had hillary clinton and vice president joe biden on the same stage. we'll break all the details down for you coming up next on "news nation." from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewards for his small business. take these bags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjorn's small business earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card.
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we're following developing news right now. this is louisville kentucky basketball player kevin ware, the first public word since that awful incident on the court over the weekend. let's listen in. >> we still have to win the championship. >> when you went into the doctors, did they say anything about maybe any kind of pre-existing injury with your leg that maybe made it easier to break? anything like that? >> from what i remember, i know
10:59 am
they asked me if i had any shin problems. but i've never had any shin problems before this incident. so, no. >> what do you remember from that moment? walk us through right before you went down. >> it's kind of insane because we played duke in the bahamas and the exact same play happened with the exact same player. it was just on the opposite side of the court. when i went to contest a shot, it was like i normally always do. i kind of joked a little bit -- like i should have blocked the shot because i jumped so high. but i guess i landed wrong and i didn't see where i was landing. so that's what caused the injury. but i felt like stuff like this doesn't happen for no reason. there's a reason behind everything. it's just a process that i'm ready for. at the time, coach kind of just gave my leg like a look like