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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  April 3, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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was the same that eric rudolph bombed in the late 1990s, killing a police officer and seriously wounding a nurse. the point of the mississippi trap laws is to shut down clinics, to set the bar for new regulations so high that nobody can reach it on purpose. but we can't call them mississippi style laws. now they're the new normal for republicans. they're mississippi style north dakota style alabama style laws. they kept saying the war on women thing is something that the republican party was going to repent from after the 2012 election. it's just a new front opening all the time. that does it for us tonight. now it is time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." have a great night. the president gave his latest speech on gun and ammunition control in colorado today. near aurora where a madman killed 12 and wounded 58 in a movie theater using high powered machinery of death that the nra made sure he could get.
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>> this time it must be different. this time we must do something to protect our communities. >> president obama heads to denver today. >> president obama hits the road. >> they still want us to do something. >> gun violence tops the agenda. >> to stop the epidemic of gun violence. >> if connecticut and colorado can do it, how come congress can't? >> politics is getting in the way. >> pushing the background check bill. >> background checks for criminals. >> it is a test of political will. >> it shouldn't be such a political test. >> why are we not seeing that support from lawmakers? >> ask the nra. >> you have the nra lining up against background checks. >> they're against background checks. >> it is not safe, it is not smart. >> it is idiotic. >> this is where we are with guns in this country. >> they still want us to do something. >> should be a political no brainer. >> that's just common sense. >> if you think it is too early to talk about 2016. >> to be back again is a privilege. >> hillary clinton's return to public life last night. >> when i became secretary of
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state we put women on the agenda. >> hillary clinton rested and ready. what happened to six months off. >> cue the beginning of borderline absurd coverage. >> there's no woman like hillary clinton. >> she shared the stage with a potential future rival. >> everybody is wondering what she's going to do. >> 2016 is a long time from now. >> three years out, don't know what could happen. today, president obama took his push for gun and ammunition control to denver just a few miles from the aurora, colorado movie theater where a gunman fired 76 rounds of ammunition, murdering 12, injuring 58. using weaponry the president would like to ban. in his speech, president obama pointed out that this has been more than 100 days since the massacre in newtown, connecticut. in that time more than 2,000 americans have been killed by guns. >> if we're going to really tackle this problem seriously,
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we have to get congress to take the next step. and as soon as next week, they will be voting. there's no reason we can't do this unless politics is getting in the way. most of these ideas are not controversial. and yet there are already some senators back in washington floating the idea that they might use obscure procedural stunts to prevent or delay any of these votes on reform. they're saying your opinion doesn't matter. >> public support is consistently on the president's side on massacre control. a new marist poll found 60% of those polled want stricter lawson gun sales. only 5% want less strict. 33% say the laws should be unchanged. 59% say there should be a ban on assault weapons. only 37% oppose such a ban.
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and support for background checks on private gun sales and gun show sales is downright unamerican, by which i mean 87% of americans, never agree on anything, but 87% are now in favor of universal background checks with only 12% opposed. as reported last night, the nra bought and paid for a report on school safety which was delivered to the nra yesterday by former congressman asa hutchinson for an undisclosed amount of money. >> and how much were you and the taskforce members paid for this work? >> well, we're not going to provide you with a line by line. >> why wouldn't you do that, congressman. >> because it's none of your business primarily. >> if you're submitting a report to be evaluated as an independent report, and you're being paid by the people who you are giving the report to, the credibility of the report rests
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on a lot of things, including that payment relationship, so i would like to ask you how much did the national rifle association pay you individually to do this and are they still paying you? >> lawrence, let me tell you that i have compiled this group of experts together to prepare this report. >> if you were watching this program at this hour last night, you know that i never did get an answer to how much money changed hands. on page 69 of that report it says in 2010, a 16-year-old attacker killed six people, hiding in a locked classroom in hayesings middle school in minnesota by stepping through a tempered glass window that ran alongside the classroom door. a fine level of detail there. as mother jones reported today, that never happened. what did happen at the hastings middle school is an eighth grader scared people by
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brandishing a gun but never used it. police said at the time the charges were filed that the student didn't even have the right bullets for that gun. joining me now, mark fullman, senior editor with mother jones, frank smooit, and nia malika-henderson, reporter for "the washington post." mark, the nra report had a pretty rough first day of fact checking. you're the one that discovered the gem about the minnesota incident that was wrong. what else have you found in fact checking of the report? >> well, i found the usual things you would expect from a big report from the nra. there's various points where there's slight of hand talking about incidents involving school shootings. i have to say, lawrence, i wasn't surprised to see this in the report. we covered the nra and mass shootings at mother jones for many months, and this is their
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m.o.they call for more guns, they play to fear and fantasy to sell that agenda. they're willing to twist the facts or use completely unreal facts as we see with them citing that mass shooting that never happened in minnesota. they point to a case at a high school in pearl, mississippi in 1997 where they hold it up as a shining example of an armed citizen, armed educate or and leave out the fact he was an army reservist, appeared to have intervened only after the shooting had ended. so their arguments typically work this way, they twist facts or gloss over facts, they talk about columbine in the report, say the armed deputy that was on the scene there saved -- likely saved many lives. there's no evidence for that. this is the way they operate to try to sell this idea that we
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should put armed personnel in every school in america. >> some of the other things you isolated, mark, are that the nra claims mass shooters deliberately seek out gun free zones. there's no evidence of that. nra claims more armed civilians on scene would stop mass shooters. we don't have any experience of that, any evidence that would indicate that from our experience. nra says assault weapons and high capacity magazines aren't a problem, and frank smythe, this country knows those weapons are a problem, there would be more people alive at the movie theater in aurora, colorado if he didn't have a magazine capable of firing 100 bullets. >> no, that's right, lawrence. also this taskforce report led by asa hutchinson who you had on last night was written by two firms, one based in texas and the other in idaho, one is an international security and intelligence firm, the other a tactical training firm. the essence of this report is
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they want to be able to go beyond arming police officers, which school safety experts agree with, that in certain cases you want armed police officers who are specially trained to be in schools. the nra wants to go beyond that and allow faculty, teachers and administrators who want to be armed to be trained to be armed. you've seen the outsourcing of diplomatic security to companies like blackwater overseas with disastrous results. this would be the outsourcing of school security to private security firms. these same firms that wrote this report would be in position to provide this kind of training and i don't think it is what most americans, including what most republicans, want to see for their children in schools. >> nia, we went over a little bit last night on the program the membership of this commission, the 13. i'm sorry to report to you there was not a single woman on this report commission. there wasn't a single educator
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working in the school as teacher or administrator in a report dedicated exclusively to school safety. it was a very odd press conference that asa hutchinson had yesterday in washington, and i noted on all the reports, people were quite stunned by how much heavy ammunition and weaponry he brought in with him in his entourage. i don't think the washington press corp had seen anything like that in that situation, have they? >> i don't think so. and this is sort of what the nra does. i mean, they're known for these odd ball press conferences. i don't think the nra has come themselves any favor, and i think, you know, we might be at the beginning of a real cultural shift that the nra will help naugt, that's a penned layup swing away from the nra. democrats had sided with them going back to 1994, but the president you see going out there, making the case that gun
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control and gun rights aren't mutually exclusive ideas. he will be in connecticut next week to make the same case, he is activating ofa, there will be meetings around the country with people highlighting this issue. on the congressional side, you have harry reid looking for five republicans that he can get to back some form of background checks. unlikely he's going to get universal background checks passed, but it looks like there's some momentum and talks still going on and some efforts to try to get at least five republicans to block the filibuster threats you have seen from the cruz caucus. >> mark, it seemed like this report just landed with a thud in washington. you don't hear the president's opponents citing it, you don't hear republicans jumping on it, saying oh, yeah, this is the definitive report on where we are. what do you imagine having studied the nra as you have?
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do you think they have another public move here or are they just playing the inside game legislatively now with lobbyists? >> that's an interesting question. they've shown no indication that they'll change their message. they seem to just keep doubling down, no matter who comes out, steps forward and says hey, this is wrong. we have done extensive work looking at mass shootings, studied 62 of them in the last 30 years, and the data we gathered debunks the major arguments, the idea that they attract mass shooters, not true, no evidence of that in a single case. the same that good guys with guns stop mass shootings, not true, no evidence of it. that doesn't seem to phase them. they keep repeating the same points over and over. you make a good point. the way they exercise power is on capitol hill with their lobbying money and what they plan to do in election cycles. there are a lot of people quake
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in their boots when the nra comes calling. i think they will be doing that, too. >> thank you all very much for joining me tonight. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. last night i quoted a letter insulting america's war dead, which was written by wayne lapierre. former congressman hutchinson said he needed to read the quotes himself. didn't believe lapierre could say anything as insane as what i was reading him. today we e-mailed the congressman a link to the quote so he could read that fund-raising letter by wayne lapierre himself. that's next. and hillary clinton and joe biden shared the stage last night, which of course sparked more speculation about the 2016 presidential campaign. and bill o'reilly continues to insist he is not in a feud with rush limbaugh, even though he admits he never talks to rush. the o'reilly, limbaugh feud and some of the other people bill
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i am going to quote to you now. he said if president obama is reelected, this is a quote, the night of november 6th, 2012, you and i will lose more on the election battlefield than our nation has lost in any battle any time, anywhere. what do you think of what wayne lapierre said about this country's war dead? how does it feel to work for a man like that and take his money? >> quite frankly, lawrence, i don't trust your recitation of his statements, so i'll just have to read that for myself and comment after i read it myself. >> he's now had time to read it himself. today one of our producers e-mailed congressman hutchinson the exact quotes from a fund raising letter sent out by wayne lapierre that i read to him on this program last night. we are still waiting for
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the voices of all those amazing women could not be denied. human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights. >> that was hillary clinton last night at her first public speaking appearance since leaving her post as secretary of state, repeating a line she made famous in beijing almost two
7:19 pm
decade ago. last night's speech revved up 2016 speculation. hillary supporters rallied outside the event, and the ready for hillary super pac officially launched last night. new polling found support for hillary clinton at an all-time high among democratic voters inside kennedy center, hillary clinton and her potential rival for the next presidential nomination. joe biden had only good things to say about each other. >> i am delighted that vice president biden will be able to join us tonight, and vice president biden and i worked together on so many important issues, and one that's particularly close to his heart is the fight against domestic violence, and i know what a personal victory it was for him to see the violence against women act reauthorized last month. >> and women like -- actually that's not an appropriate phrase, there's no woman like
7:20 pm
hillary clinton. [ applause ] hillary clinton, that's a fact. >> krystal ball, fun to watch him live. he got that quick so fast. look at the polling about hillary and joe biden. hillary clinton polling 64%, joe biden at 18% if you matched them as candidates. elizabeth warren 5, andrew cuomo, 3. everyone not named hillary clinton on the poll has a lot to think about here. >> yeah. i mean, if hillary runs, and i think she will run, she's certainly setting herself up. >> she's running, she's already running. >> i'm glad we're there. >> we don't fall for the masquerade. >> i don't think most of those individuals decide to run even if she's in the race, or if they do, it is a way to get their name out there for a future contest. joe biden, i can't imagine biden and hillary, head to head, he
7:21 pm
would step back when she does run. in terms of her inevitability for the primary, i think she's there. we thought that in 2008 and it didn't work out, but this time i really do think she's inevitable. she's going to be out of politics the next four years, she's going to be speaking in front of adoring crowds like this. she can wade in when she wants to. republicans can't lay a glove on her. she will be in great shape for 2016. >> this is what i can't imagine for democrats, uncontested open democratic primary for president. >> right. that's because it won't happen. >> good, that's why i was trying to imagine it. >> someone will challenge her. if there is an inkling of doubt. >> politely challenge her. >> whoever is doing the challenging is going to believe in themselves and their chance to disrupt this thing. there was a guy called barack obama that managed it, three years is a long time in politics. having said that, when he was
7:22 pm
down against hillary clinton, and i traveled a lot with him when he was down, he was only 20 to 30 points down, not 40 to 50 points down. and he wasn't running as the vice president of the united states of america, he was running as a freshman senator. so these people are not just a long way behind, they're on another universe in terms of behind. i still think there will be some young whipper snapper that says it is time to turn the page. that is not a small challenge to hillary clinton and to bill clinton because that dynamic could still play out on a whole range of issues. it could be that we're into another financial crisis. people say how could you have even ever voted some support for banks to get bailed out. remember, voting for iraq when they all did that back in 2003 was not such a stupid thing to do if you were looking at it politically. we don't know what the environment is. there could, there will be a challenge. judging by this, even a
7:23 pm
challenger as talented as barack obama would face ridiculous odds against them. >> krystal, always this thing of something could happen, i am getting into the race because something can happen to the front runner that's unpredictable. the other option, turns out presidential primaries are good places to run for the vice presidential nomination. >> that's the piece. if you have -- i think someone like biden would probably stay out. but someone younger, one name that comes to mind is rahm emanuel who has national ambitions. somebody like that who wants to get more of a national name for themselves, who thinks maybe i've got a shot at it this time, who knows what could happen. and they want their name in that vp contention. but it would be the longest of long shots i think. >> richard wolf, krystal ball, thank you for joining me. >> thanks, lawrence. a look back at how jay leno became the absolute king of late night political comedy in the
7:24 pm
1990s, before there was a "daily show." and why every presidential candidate thought they had to sit with jay if they were ever going to sit in the white house. we will talk to "the new york times" reporter that talked to him today. it's enough to make you forget that you're flying five hundred miles an hour on a chair that just became a bed. you see, we're doing some changing of our own. ah, we can talk about it later. we're putting the wonder back into air travel, one innovation at a time. the new american is arriving. nehey!r! [squeals] ♪ [ewh!] [baby crying] the great thing about a subaru is you don't have to put up with that new car smell for long.
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the sports world was stunned with this video of the rutgers university basketball coach abusing his players. we will discuss how it happened and how it was exposed later. next, we have some great
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when that chair sits behind the desk that johnny built, that chair is, of course, a throne. that paragraph was in "time" magazine's march 16th, 1992 cover story about jay leno taking over the tonight show from johnny carson. now he has to give up the desk johnny carson built to jimmy fallon. they joked about it monday night. today the rumors were confirmed. jimmy fallon will be the sixth host of the tonight show. the transition at the conclusion of the 2014 winter olympics in february and the show will move back here to new york city to this building. jay leno took over "the tonight show" may 25th, 1992, and he made it clear that night that politics would take center stage. >> live from the nbc studios in
7:33 pm
burbank, california, "the tonight show" with jay leno. >> the less perot says, the more popular he gets. this is a point dan quayle has yet to grasp. >> some politicians actually used the tonight show to announce their candidacies. >> one of the things i wanted to talk to you about. >> all right. >> i'm running for president of the united states. >> all right. >> he needs to be recalled and this is why i am going to run for governor of the state of california. >> jay's burbank studio became a mandatory stop for presidential candidates. >> i'm glad you finally invited me. >> must be hard, you know, to be your own man. >> i recognized when i first ran for governor of texas that i would inherit half his friends and all his enemies.
7:34 pm
so i'm working on the other half of his friends and some of his enemies, but i am proud to be george bush's son and barbara bush's son. the people of the country understand it is me running for president. >> she thought you would be a better president than her dad. >> oh, you know, she's such a smart young woman. >> dick cheney, you and he are eighth cousins. >> how about that. not kissing cousins. >> no. >> no. >> did you know about this? >> i did know, people have been doing the genealogy studies on me. you're hoping for kings and great leaders. >> well -- [ laughter ] >> but not one sitting president appeared with jay until 2009. >> i ran for president because i thought we needed big changes
7:35 pm
and i do think in washington it is a little like "american idol," except everybody is simon cowell. >> president obama decided he should hang with jay one more time when he was once again a presidential candidate, this time running for re-election. >> what is a cure for romnesia? >> well, obama care covers pre-existing conditions. if you have a case. the main cure, make sure you vote. >> joining me by phone, the man that spoke with jay leno about today's news, bill carter, national media reporter for "the new york times." bill, you spoke to jay and the story that you've written on it indicates this sounds like an orderly transition. >> that's what they're going for for sure. they have been through a lot of
7:36 pm
disorderly transitions in their history, and they were leaning the same direction until they got it sort of back on track in the past ten days. basically, jay agreeing to do it, the only way to make a transition work is for the outgoing host to decide yes, it is time for him to leave, same with johnny carson, called his own shot. and jay is stepping up to say this was his decision this time. >> and bill, i was speaking with a comedian the other day who has been on all these shows himself a lot, and we were both saying to each other, and maybe you're the encyclopedia source that can give us the answer, has any show, anyone ever been cancelled while they were number one in the ratings? this is what we would call an anticipatory cancellation, because we believe someday he will go down in ratings even though he hasn't yet. >> that previously happened to
7:37 pm
jay leno. >> he is the only one. is there anyone else that got cancelled in anticipation of going down? >> not that i can remember. he was basically cancelled the other time. this time it is more of the, you know, departure style of retirement because johnny carson was number one when he stepped away. there were feelings at the time interestingly and ironically enough that jay leno, particularly his manager at the time was trying to force johnny out. and johnny took charge of that, decided to call his own shot. >> bill, judging from your conversation with him, how do you think he really feels about this? >> well, you know, jay was i think sincere saying that he believed this was going to be probably his last contract when he signed it. that doesn't mean he wouldn't have agreed to an extension if they had come up with it, but i think he was coming around to the notion that he is 64 years old at the end of the deal, probably that would be the last contract for him. you know, i think in his heart
7:38 pm
he always wants to do the job. this is what he lives for, to tell monologue jokes every night. there's bound to be resistance, always been resistance. but i think he has gotten on the team here and said he is all for this and all for jimmy fallon and supporting the idea. >> he saved his career on "the tonight show," delivered a hobble speech at the democratic convention, before he was a presidential candidate, this guy should quit. he had the brilliant kbrd to go on jay leno. on jay leno he was funny. jay kept the show in the center of politics. do you think jimmy fallon will do that? >> that's an excellent question. leno is middle of the road, the last gasp of vaudeville, a lot of middle of the row people respect jay leno and what he does. does jimmy fallon bring that same thing you're talking about,
7:39 pm
not quite. maybe when he is on the throne a couple years, we will say he can, but to your point, no, i don't think we will see that. also he is bringing the show to new york. he is going to bring a different aesthetic. he is more absurdist, more ironic. is he going to want to traffic in that sort of stuff? we'll see, i'm not sure. i think bill carter would agree, it opens up things a bit for jimmy kimmel. he will be the only one in l.a. versus letterman here, stewart here, fallon here. jimmy kimmel is popping a little champagne as well. >> the reason johnny moved the show to l.a. was to get better access to guests. now he is going to be competing with other new york shows. >> to your other point, why they're making him step down, the show is bigger than the host, you know that. we're not going to wait until leno loses number one, then
7:40 pm
change. we want to change while we're still at the top level. it also reminds me that lorne michaels is perhaps the most powerful man in television. tonight show, talking seth meyers replacing fallon. >> he will run the show after the tonight show. >> he will run every night except for sunday night. >> i think lorne is taking over this show next week. we will find out. bill carter, thank you for joining us. i know you had a hard workday on this. and toure, thank you. his new book, "i would die for you, why prince became an icon." thank you for your time. coming up, bill o'reilly denies there's a feud with rush limbaugh, nothing proves there's a feud better than o'reilly's denia denials. and i am completely on o'reilly's side in this feud and that's coming up in the "rewrite." income tax rate in 60 years... and a billion dollars in tax breaks and incentives.
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treating their players very badly in practice, but they did not fire him until these videos became public this week. that's coming up. hinker. (laugh) i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. trust your instincts to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied
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as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about the only underarm low t treatment, axiron. in the "rewrite," bill o'reilly has been busy trying to rewrite his feud with rush limbaugh into not a feud. in the process, he is emphasizing how bad the feud is. the feud broke into the open finally last week over o'reilly's use of the phrase
7:45 pm
bible thumping. now where have we heard that before? the bible thumping party doesn't actually read the bible, they just thump it. they don't quote the bible, they just thump it. oh, yeah, that guy, that bible thumping guy who o'reilly pretends doesn't exist by never mentioning his name, even when o'reilly criticizes me for something i've said about him. as we showed you last night, o'reilly talked about me accusing him of having a feud with limbaugh without ever mentioning my name, which is the way o'reilly used to deal with limbaugh, never mentioning his name. that is a classic irish form of feuding, just completely cutting the person off, pretending they don't exist, never acknowledging them in any way. the irish are very good at that. that's why o'reilly's feud with limbaugh was so obvious to me. i've seen my people do that a
7:46 pm
thousand times. if you have an o and apostrophe in your name like bill and i do, you know what it is like to be in a feud with family or friends or someone, you've seen it, you know it when you see it. last night bill o'reilly booked laura ingraham on his show and set about to prove there's no feud. the segment began badly with laura saying first of all there is a feud. >> well, number one, i would say, bill, there is a feud. i mean, i think you and limbaugh, you are both friends of mine, so i'm in this position, i think when you said they have to do more than bible thump, i don't think you really needed to say that. >> okay. now watch bill o'reilly prove there's no feud. >> there's no feud between me and limbaugh. i don't talk to limbaugh. i never said anything about
7:47 pm
limbaugh on this program. >> all right then. that proves it. there's no feud with limbaugh. i don't talk to limbaugh. that sounds like no feud at all, of course. and for the rest of the interview o'reilly argued with laura ingraham about bible thumping. here is where i find myself completely comfortably in full agreement with mr. bill o'reilly. >> why did you use the word thump? why did you use the word thump? >> that's the way you get it across. there are bible thumpers, all they do is say i object to gay marriage because god objects to it. you don't win a policy debate in america with that. >> bill o'reilly is of course completely right, and yes, fox news you can use that clip in your promos. you can base anything you want on something you think is in the bible, but you are very unlikely to win a political argument using the bible in america, o'reilly is right about that. that's all o'reilly was trying
7:48 pm
to say. by saying it, he created a real rift in the republican party, rush limbaugh, laura ingraham and many others think he never should have said that. but charles kraut hammer came on his show and took bill's side. >> i think you were right to say it, and the reason is this, it is a serious argument. i have complete respect for anybody who says i am against abortion or against homosexual marriage because i believe in the bible. that i respect completely and i don't argue. however, if you want to persuade people not of your faith, you have to go beyond that or you will not succeed. >> you think of it, if it were thump, i would have been better off. >> send me your synonyms for thump, i will read some good ones on the show tomorrow. here was rush limbaugh's none feuding reaction to o'reilly and krauthammer.
7:49 pm
>> charles krauthammer was on fox last night, and he said that bill o'reilly was perfectly correct in calling people that object to gay marriage because of their biblical beliefs bible thumpers. so if dr. krauthammer says, he said o'reilly said the right thing, so bible thumpers is now the stamp of approval, it is the way to characterize those people who are opposing gay marriage or any social issue because of their religious beliefs. >> bible thumpers. listen to what o'reilly said as his argument with laura ingraham continued. >> i am not mad at you, i am frustrated. you of all, don't listen, laura. >> all right, stop it here.
7:50 pm
this is cool. let me explain something to you. when he turns and says i'm going to say don't listen, don't listen, he's saying that to his producers, to his handlers who have told him not to go there, not to go where he is about to go, okay? now listen to where he goes. >> i'm frustrated because you of all of the radio, and i'm going to say this to laura, don't listen, don't listen, of all of the conservative radio talk show hosts, you have the most common sense of all of them. >> now they're all going to hate me. >> no, they're not going to hate laura ingraham. and they're not going to hate bill o'reilly because they already do. bill o'reilly just said laura ingraham is a better radio talk show host than rush limbaugh. he threw in all of the conservative radio talk show hosts in a line where all he really had to do is tell laura she has common sense, she's very
7:51 pm
smart, that's why this is frustrating for him. instead, bill o'reilly had to compare her to all the rest of right wing radio nuts, and whenever you talk about right wing radio, you are talking about rush limbaugh because he is the number one guy in right wing radio. he has the biggest audience by a mile over anyone else in political talk radio. that sentence was designed to insult rush limbaugh directly, and bill o'reilly's handlers didn't want him to go there, but just as importantly, guess who has the number two rated radio show in right wing radio? that's right, this guy. sean hannity, the guy who is the second highest rated fox news host and whose show comes on right after the number one rated fox news show, the o'reilly factor, and yes, o'reilly hates
7:52 pm
sean hannity, too. laura ingraham who performs the daily miracle of remaining friendly with rush limbaugh and bill o'reilly, which makes her a legitimate candidate for ambassador to united nations in the next republican administration, laura ingraham ended the interview with a display of her diplomatic skills trying to patch things up between bill o'reilly and rush limbaugh. >> you and rush should do a tour called bigger better, you should tour together and tour the country. >> not mentioning anything because i am not feuding. >> no, not feuding at all. zap technology. arrival. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium.
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i made some mistakes but there are mistakes i take full
7:56 pm
responsibility for. i was hired to teach the boys the game of basketball and i did that to the best of my ability. i apologize for nothing. >> that was academy award winning actor gene hackman playing a coach that took over the hoosiers team after being fired and banned for assaulting one of his players. here is rutgers basketball coach mike rice today. >> in some time maybe i'll try to explain it, right now, there's no explanation for what's on the films because there is no excuse for it, i was wrong. >> a former rutgers employee showed those films to rutgers officials in november, prompting the athletic director to fine and suspend coach rice. after that video aired on espn yesterday, public pressure prompted rutgers to fire the coach today. governor chris christie released
7:57 pm
a statement reading rutgers has done the right thing firing mr. rice, that doesn't resolve questions how he was allowed to continue overseeing college students after this behavior first came to the attention of rutgers administration last year. joining me now, executive producer of the rachel maddow show and former ncaa athlete bill wolff, what was your ncaa athletic status in. >> i was a tidly winks star, water polo player, as you know. >> i was an ncaa baseball player, just freshman here. >> i remember reading that. >> really? i played in high school football, baseball, basketball in the 1970s. the stuff i see on that video and stuff that gene hackman did off screen in that movie is stuff that was still around in the coaching world in the 1970s. i never had one of those coaches, but they were around. >> they're still around. >> i'm surprised they're still around. >> they're around, guys are
7:58 pm
maniacs, strict disciplinarian. the difference between all of those and this guy, first of all, he was physically abusive, that's not any more. >> it was fading in my time. >> yes. also he used bigoted slurs. >> right. >> and it is not acceptable. that is unacceptable. you replaced the two sill bell f word gay slur with another ethnic slur, this outcome would not be in doubt. no one would argue about it. >> you were busy during the 9:00 hour, you missed sean hannity on this subject. listen to him now. >> i don't like it. he kicked one player there. but on the other hand, i kind of like old fashioned discipline, on the other hand. i mean, become that politically incorrect, these are adults, don't want to play for the team, leave. maybe we need more discipline in
7:59 pm
society, maybe we don't have to be wimps the rest of our lives. i turned out okay. >> i guess that settles that. >> i take him at his word. he has the right to say that. >> he certainly does. that's a representation of the old school. this was also a drill instructor thinking in basic training, we're going to be deliberately abusive to these guys because we need to break them down as you build them up. >> there's a purpose. it makes you emotionally tougher if your feelings are hurt but you press on, you learned not to be emotional while participating in athletics. that's useful. also if the whole team hates the coach, that can be a useful bonding, too. but the coach is the leader of the organization. leaders of organizations must be exemplary. this is not exemplary behavior. >> what you're watching is a crime. that's called assault and battery, the stuff he is doing. he is not decking them.