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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  April 5, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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literally minutes ago wrapping up her second big speech this week. and ramping up speculation that she could run in 2016. she talked about the fight for women's rights around the world and passionately described a better world where women have a seat at the table in every country. >> when women participate in the economy, everyone benefits. when women participate in peace-making and peace-keeping, we are all safer and more secure and when women participate in the politics of their nations, they can make a difference. >> we've also just learned details of her new book deal. it's with simon and schuster. her memoir will be released in june of 2014 and a promotional tour could be timed to the midterm election season. we don't know what they are paying her but she got $8 million in advance for her 2003
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memoir. let me bring in washington post reporter karen and senior reporter amanda turkle. good to see both of you. good morning. >> hi. good to be here. >> karen, you can tell that this is an issue that she cares passionately about. taking a seat at the table, taking a role in government, you can't help but make the leap. what would it mean for the united states to have a woman at the helm? we are hanging on every word that hillary says at this point, aren't with he? >> yes. and i'm sure the people around her are loving that we are hanging on every word at this point. >> she might not mind it either. >> right. but the fact is, she has a lot of time left to make this decision and everyone i've talked to says she will take that time and enjoy the benefits beforehand. the other thing that she knows and everyone around her knows is that this idea that she is inevitable is her greatest enemy. that's how people felt eight
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years ago as well and it sets her up for someone to come along like barack obama. >> she also talked about women issues, family leave, and she says the fight is not over. >> i look at all these young women that i am privileged to work with or know through chelsea and it's hard to imagine turning the clock back on them. but in places throughout america, large and small, the clock is turning back. so we have work to do. >> she also talked about american greatness. i don't know, did it sound like a campaign speech to you? >> little too early for that. i mean, women's issues have always been very important to hillary clinton while president clinton was in the who us and
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also as her time as secretary of state, she really championed womens issues around the world and made them central to what the state department was doing and if she does run for president, i expect these issues will be important. whether it veers at all political, what issues domestically she decides to get in, people will be watching those as a sign that she's going to be running. >> and you can't go to any major newspaper and not see an article about her. there was a great piece in the daily beast talking about how republicans are trying to drudge up old scandals let me quote from the article. they've only helped make her the most popular woman in america and they are going to help make her president. how many people want to hear about whitewater, the health
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care debacle? >> i really don't -- i think at this point for most people that's pretty well settled and people are going to think what they are going to think but the fact is that every gallup poll after gallup poll has established that hillary clinton is the most admired woman in america. that's a whole different thing. and i don't think, quite frankly, that those old scandals matter as much as the internal dynamics of the internal party. >> i want to bring informer president clinton campaign manager james carville. always good to see you. >> thank you. good morning to you. >> so much to talk about. you have already pledged your support to the ready for hillary super pac. so does that mean you think she's the best candidate that
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the democrats have. >> what about the inevitability that is out there that is potentially her greatest weakness? >> i don't know what she can do about it. we're going to talk about it because she's the most compelling, interesting person and we're going to continue to talk about it and she's not going to make up her mind probably until the midterm. we're going to be siting around here and waiting and there's not much we can do about it and we ought to enjoy it for what it is and it's the best thing i've seen in my lifetime and she's a compelling person. if you look at the speech she gave today about the women's issues, you can see why there is all of this attention being paid to it. >> people went crazy when she walked into the room they --
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there were tumultuous applause. as she was leaving, they gave her a standing ovation. >> right. >> everyone is watching and waiting. how long can she wait to make a decision really? >> if she made a decision now, people would say, that doesn't make any sense. these going to wait, i'm sure, until after the midterms. suppose she came out and said, i'm running for president in 2016. that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard, why would you announce that right now? we're just going to have to wait and wait we will and speculate we will and hope we will and encourage we will and they are going to try to drag up everything that you can see those guys coming back thinking that they've got a second shot at all of the goopy stuff. it's all going to happen. it has to happen this way. it's going to happen this way but in the end she's going to make a decision and if she does run, the amount of enthese yaus
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for her is going to be something to see. >> you're right. the speculation isn't going to stop although your speculation, james, is a little more informed than the rest of us and i'm wondering, as she's making the decision what you think are going to be the key issues that are going to make her either run or not run and i'm thinking of something she mentioned today, that there's more work to be done for women's rights, the glass ceiling, a lot of people have talked about whether she would feel more inclined to run because it's time that a woman became president of the united states what are the factors that you think are going to be key in her decision making? >> well, first of all, if she runs i don't think it's going to be because of the contribution she can make. i think that she, like a lot of us, is the middle class and a lack of wage growth in the last
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30 or 35 years. i think that would sort of motivate her. i think that she looked to see what is happening to education, how people are dealing with the new economy, the technology and things like that. how families are dealing with this, the effect of all of this. i think all of these things are going to weigh heavily on her mind and i think she feels like there's a real contribution for her to make, then i suspect that she'll decide to run. if she thinks otherwise, she may choose to pursue something else. i don't he nknow. i don't know that really that she knows if she is going to run. i tend to take it at word as most people do that she's going to think about this and do a lot of other things. i hope she runs, i really do, because i think she would be a terrific president. we'll have to wait and see. >> we are all going to have to wait and see. before you go, i want to ask you something about what president obama is getting about the
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attorney general. i'm going to read the quote for you. you have to be careful to, first of all, say she is brilliant and she is dedicated and tough and she is exactly what you would want in anybody who is administering the law and making sure serve getting a fair shake. she also happens to be by far the best-looking attorney general in the country. kamala harris is here. it's true. come on. was that sexist? >> i suspect president obama's a little bit about james carville. if i would have said something like that, i would have heard from my wife and two daughters and when he got home they probably told him that he should stay away from saying things like that. >> do you think when it was coming out of his mouth he realized, why did i say that at least? >> maybe it did. look, i'm a 68-year-old guy and i do notice honestly the way that women look sometimes but
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you've got to learn to sort of keep your opinions to yourself. i doubt if he'll do it again. not the worst things that's ever happened. based on the pictures, it's probably true. >> i think you just got yourself in trouble with mary. >> me, too. mary is my oldest daughter. i'm in big trouble now. >> james carville, always good to see you. thank you so much. >> uh-huh. >> seareveryone is writing abou this. mostly men. for those who don't see the problem here, the degree to which women are judged by their appearance remains an important hurdle to gender equality in the workforce. discussing their appearance in the context of evaluating their job performance makes it worse. can good looking women be taken seriously? >> i'm waiting for president obama to say what a beautiful
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man ken c uchuccinelli is. while chris christie may get comments about his wait, it's more important for women to be good looking in public life, they get more comments about their looks, whether they are good mothers, and it's a fact that that happens. president obama should really try to avoid sort of reinforcing those disparities, even when he does it subtly with kamala harris. >> jonathan capehart said, "judging by some of the comments i've seen on twitter, you'd swear the president was guilty of luridally cat-calling a woman he doesn't know. lighten up people. at the very least, is he going to be more careful about
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comments like these in the future? >> of course there were lots of jokes yesterday on twitter about joe biden demanding a recount but it's just -- again, it was a silly comment and i think that had a republican said something like that, there would have been a lot of criticism, probably even louder criticism as well. you know, it's -- i don't think this is a huge scandal or a particularly telling but it is sort of silly and i think, as i agree with james, the president would do well to avoid that in the future. >> karen, it's always great to have you on the program. amanda as well. thank you. >> thank you, chris. just about a month before the movie theater shooting in colorado, a psychiatrist warned james holmes was a danger to the public. these court documents show the doctor who treated holmes told the university colorado police that holmes had homicidal thoughts. they did take his i.d. after the warning but the documents didn't
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there's been a big setback from the job recovery this morning. the labor department reports only 88,000 jobs were added last month. way below estimates of 200,000 more sdwrjobs. the unemployment rate went down a notch to 7.6% but that was due to half a million people leaving the force. stocks are sharply lower on the disappointing jobs report. i want to bring in jared bernstein, former chief economist to vice president biden and economist peter morici from the university of maryland. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning.
7:17 am
>> jared, somebody you know pretty well, former white house austin goolsbee talks about a pump in the gut. how do you read this? is it stalling? >> no, but it is a weaker report. far weaker than suggested. 88,000 jobs is less than half of what many analysts were expecting and you're absolutely correct, the unemployment rate ticked down but not for a good reason, for a bad reason. more people are leaving the job market and in fact the share of the population, the labor force is at a 34-year low right now. now, part of that is because of an older workforce and there's some retirement in there but a lot of it is the economy as well. now, i will say -- >> let me just show people the labor department says we have strong job gains in health care, construction, more than 24,000 retail jobs were lost. peter, what do these numbers tell you about the economy? >> he will with, the federal reserve's policy of trying to boost the housing market is
7:18 am
having some positive effect but you have to remember that housing isn't a big sector in the economy that people think. new home construction is a very small element. it's positive. it's adding some jobs but it's not going to carry us. i'm particularly worried about retail establishments cutting back on employment because that means that they spent less for traffic in their stores going forward. i think we're starting to see the bite of the higher taxes that were imposed at the beginning of january. you know, folks were saying in january, february, look, you can have higher taxes and job growth. it takes time for these things to have their consequences and now, austerity, it seems as though the republicans think they can have austerity and not slow the economy and both of those ideas may be politically convenient but from an economist point of view it's absolute sofestry. >> people are speaking out about what the president ought to do. he's presenting the budget to lawmakers on wednesday. here's some of the details. first of all, big headline
7:19 am
includ includes cuts to social security and cost of living. $400 billion in medicare reductions. free universal pre-k by raising taxes on tobacco. it seems to me that republicans won't like very much, a couple things democrats won't like. in terms of the overall economy, what do you think about what we're hearing about the budget? >> two things. you have to distinguish between the near term and long term. he's got $1.8 trillion in deficit reduction. in the near term, you didn't mention this, i read some accounts that say there are positive jobs measures to help the economy in the near term, particularly on infrastructure but -- so i think you have to divide that. i want to make one other point
7:20 am
on the job market very quickly. you asked if the job market is in a stall. this is definitely a disappointing -- i very much agree with peter on that. you have to average out over the past few months because the numbers are noisy month to month and over the first quarter of the year we've added $168,0168, jobs. one month does not a new trend make. >> is he right about that, peter? >> absolutely, one month does not a new trend make but i would point out 170,000 jobs is less than half of what we need to get the unemployment down to an acceptable level. the reduction in unemployment, since october 2009 when it piqued in 2010, has been fewer adults looking for work. folks over 65, their participation rate has actually risen. there are more of them in the employment market.
7:21 am
they are having trouble makes ends meet. i'm very upset about the president's proposal which is designed to make people like me happy, not this conservative, of changing the indexing of social security. we don't need to balance the budget on the backs of social security. >> the health care costs largely, the cost of living increases and the way it's calculated now doesn't help seniors keep up with the true cost of living. isn't this going to make it even worse? >> i do think it's tough and i think peter has a good point. i think it's important to recognize, though, that in the budget, not only do they include this chain cpi measure that you guys are talking about. >> chain cpi are the way that the adjustments are made to keep up with inflation and it's going to be less now. >> the inflation rate will grow more slowly so the cost of living adjustment will be less. the thing is, they put a bump up
7:22 am
in your benefits for the lowest income and the oldest elderly but i kind of agree with peter, we'll offset it on this side and complication tends to be the enemy of good policy. >> come back and talk to us more when the budget is out because there's a lot more we want to talk about. jared bernstein, peter morici, thank you. have a good weekend. the democratic senators that have not endorsed same-sex marriage is down to four. senators joe donly and heidi heitkamp joined bill nelson yesterday. nelson said he would sign on to an amius brief. i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home
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morning. the latest from rutgers university, tim pernetti is out as the athletic director. we don't know if he was fired or resigned. this stems from the scandal involving this video that showed coach mike rice shoving players and yelling gay slurs. he was fired earlier this week and his assistant coach resigned yesterday. that is not the end of it. more than 50 faculty members are calling for an investigation into the president of the university. why he didn't fire rice last year when he learned of the video. but the latest is that the athletic director has left. whether it was a decision to resign or whether he was fired, we don't yet know. to politics now, four more cabinet members are following the president's lead and giving back portions of their salary. secretary of state john kerry
7:27 am
will give back 5% and janet napolitano and secretary lew and eric holder. it is worth noting that these cabinet members are all millionaires except janet napolitano. for the first time, americans favor legalizing pot. 582% favor legalizing marijuana. randall casey says he's not running against his mom wendy. he says he's running for the people of dixmoor. >> i feel in my honest opinion that he is not mature mentally to take on a responsibility of running a community. >> ouch. meantime, first mom, michelle obama, slipped up, accidently calling herself a single mom.
7:28 am
>> believe me, as a busy single mother -- or i should say single -- as a busy mother -- sometimes when you have a husband who is president, you feel single but he's there. >> and candidates with beards. the ultimate wish of this pac is to support a presidential candidate. this is the last bearded president, benjamin harrison in 1889. today my must read is a tribute to egert. his personality so compelling, he became a tv star, too. he championed many movie makers and was a brilliant tweeter, including on political in
7:29 am
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7:33 am
illegally. the centers for disease control is keeping a close eye on a new strain of bird flu that killed six people in china. the chinese cases mark the first time humans have been hit with this new strain which causes severe respiratory illness. watch what happens when a homeless woman attacks a tsa officer at the honolulu airport. as she tries to stop the woman from getting through the security checkpoint, an undercover officer jumped over and helps. he was in a security line with his family when he saw the struggle and took action. and how about pancakes with a side of wedding rings? the las vegas denny's has opened the chain's first wedding chapel. i'm not kidding. for 95 bucks, you get a place for the ceremony, a bottle of champagne and a pancake puppies
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cake. plus, wedding parties get 20% off their food bill. 95 bucks, you get married, the cake, and your reception is 20% off. funny money or the currency of the future? we're talking about something called the bit coin. ka kayla tausche is here. explain what that is. >> it's virtual money. you use it on the internet and wherever it is accepted. it's not tied to an economy or political system and it's nearly impossible to trace where it was spent. critics said it was only being used to fund cyberattacks and wikileaks and even terrorist attacks. but after the cyprus problem last month, people started flocking to the bitcoin. one bitcoin is now worth 135 bucks. >> i'm not sure if you can use
7:35 am
bitcoins to buy it but there's about to be new products and causing controversy over at kfc. >> your newsroom is not alone. kfc is turning its back on its original brand and say americans who want fried chicken don't want to be seem with a big bucket of drumsticks. they are going for the chicken nuggets. yum branch stock is sinking because four out of five are boneless. they spent three years to develop this new boneless chicken. a lot of people think kfc may be late to the party. >> i guess a lot of 20 somethings don't like bones in it. >> it's hard to go. you're carrying around the big bucket. >> generational difference, kayla. cnbc's kayla tausche, great talking to you. have a great weekend. >> you, too. another state has passed
7:36 am
tough new gun control. maryland is going to require people who buy a gun to submit fingerprints to the state police. legislation just waiting for the governor's signature. meantime, over in connecticut, the governor has signed into law sweeping new restrictions on weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines. joining me now is chris kafinis. the nra wayne lapierre is responding to the new law and to newtown parents who say 11 children were able to escape the shooter because he had to pause and reload his gun. listen to this exchange. >> my response is that the criminals aren't going to have less one round in the hand of horror is too many. >> how do you know, wayne? adam lanza, his mother was a legal gun owner. how do you know that his mother wouldn't have obeyed the law and limited the magazine clip and he would have been limited to 10
7:37 am
rounds instead of 30? >> megan, people who know guns, you can change magazine clips in a second. there's no evidence that anything would have changed. >> "the huffington post" headline following that interview was that wayne lapierre can't even convince fox news. lapierre is good at what he does but he didn't answer the question there. there is evidence that it could have made a difference when you talk to a lot of experts. are the republicans who support wayne lapierre and is the nra talking itself into some form of ir relevancy? i mean, what do you make of that? >> well, clearly the nra will continue to be a very powerful gun lobby. but at the same time, republican lawmakers like democrat lawmakers have to consider what is best for their constituents and they have to figure out how do you juggle the right of americans to bear arms and at the same time the safety of our children and clearly the safety
7:38 am
of our children is so incredibly important. we can't ever let happen, happen. >> everyone is going to agree that the safety of our children is important but if all you have to do is look at the polls, the polls show overwhelmingly, for example, that not only do americans support broader controls but gun owners do. >> that's exactly right. from the standpoint of the people who are elected officials who accept money from the national rifle association, they have to consider how -- what their response will be. and what their response may be may differ from what the nra wishes for them to say, based on what their constituents want and need. it's a very tricky issue. if you're a legislator and want to get re-elected and you have to consider where your money is going to come from to get you re-elected, you have to consider very carefully what side of the issue you're going to fall on and falling on the side of the issue that you may believe in may cost you an election.
7:39 am
>> a new "wall street journal," i recall, say gop senators are being pushed for the filibuster of gun legislation, whatever it ends up being. opponents of new gun restrictions have mobilized during congress' two-week spring recess to pressure lawmakers to block gun legislation. in spite of, again, what the polls say, what do you make of where we stand right now and these debates that are going on? >> i mean, in terms of passing, you know, legislation, i don't think we stand in a great place. i think we lost some of the momentum after the newtown shootings. i mean, the republicans and the nra, the republicans that oppose, it's almost every republican, let's be honest, on the hill that oppose reasonable commonsense gun reforms are now
7:40 am
mo mobilized in a way i can't imagine they would have thought about filibustering this a month and a half ago or two months ago. i think it tells you where the debate it and i think something is going to have to happen where this comes to the floor and you have the american people out there overwhelmingly saying, listen, we need reasonable, commonsense reform in terms of mental and criminal background checks and things along that line and they are mobilized and in particular i would say, if you start seeing the families from the newtown shootings come out and speak passionately about this in the past. >> even more than that, senator blumenthal was here yesterday and he indicated that he's slowly helping to bring some of those newtown families into the offices of some of these senators and i wonder if that would help a bit. >> i hate to pressure the
7:41 am
families because they've already had more than they can deal with. but there's a lot of analogy that happened with the 9/11 families that became mobilized and moved legislation forward. i think the families here, unfortunately, a political reality of it, is going to be whether the republicans move or not. >> joe, you don't agree with that? >> i believe the families can have an impact but the devil is in the details of every item and what it does to the law-abiding gun owners who don't wish any harm. that's the challenge. >> you're right the devil is in the details but how can the nra and republicans oppose something that they've supported in the past? they've supported criminal background checks, strengthening them in the past. they oppose the same thing now. it doesn't make logical sense. so what's the devil in the detail? >> well, you've raised a good point, chris. that was then, this is now,
7:42 am
sadly. >> the problem's gotten worst. >> both sides have been on a whole host of issues depending on the legislative year. this is the legislative year 2013 and sadly we chase this challenge but hopefully we can come -- hopefully the more sane minds will come together and will help us come to resolution on this matter. nobody wants to see the families that suffered in connecticut continue to suffer. we don't want to see a tragedy like what happened in connecticut happen again. at the same time you have to consider very carefully the details of the legislation and democrats, republicans are going to have to work together. >> joe watkins, chris kofinis, thanks so much. >> thank you. and we'll be right back. music ... music...
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7:46 am
south korea. what's the latest there? >> reporter: if kim jong-un does nothing else, the korea government contacted not just the russians but all foreign embassies in pyongyang. later the government warned british diplomats that they could not guarantee their safety in the event of a conflict as early as next week. the britain foreign office issued a statement saying it believes pyongyang had done this for propaganda reasons to support kim's position that the u.s. plans to invade north korea, something that he has said repeatedly. there's still no indication at all here of imminent war between the north and south. even as the tensions begin to ramp up. the tensions with the mid-range missiles, they are seen by air assets to have been placed on
7:47 am
mobile missile launchers and then concealed. so one would say for quick use. but there is a range of 2,000 miles. it's never been tested before by the north which would suggest even if it was fired it would be a test, not an attack. something that has gone unreported, chris, is that the young kim has picked a man for prime minister that you wouldn't believe. h he is the very reformer who was fired by his father for bringing capitalism into the system. that's a signal that this very young son may want to do miss. >> jim, thank you so much. there truly is no deck state for more puzzling, arguably, more unpredictable, and about whom so little is truly known than jim jong-un, let me bring in p.j. crowley. p.j., let me play something for
7:48 am
you that congressman peter king said this morning on morning joe. >> because this is one area of the war that we have very little intelligence because it's such a closed society. it's not even a country. an organized crime family running a territory, it's so ancillary. >> what do you think is going on over there? and if you can, put it in the context of kim jong-un who one day seems to be in appointing this reformer, somebody who seems to be open to making some deals and on the other hand has made all of these bcellicose threats. >> this is a leader whom we know as little as anyone in the world. obviously if you're a leader of the democracy, you've been in office, you've been in government before. if you're a monarchy, you've been crowned prince or you've been a minister of the interior, you've done business with the outside world. even in iran where we don't have
7:49 am
diplomatic relations there either, most of people who lead iran, the iotola not withstanding, they have been negotiators so you've had a chance to do some business. kim jong-un is largely a black box. >> you know, he is, as we have said so many times, shrouded in mystery. let me enumerate a few things that we think we know. he has a first lady. it's been widely reported, although sometimes disputed, that he's been educated in switzerland. the north korean public didn't even know he existed until a few years before his earfather's da and it was decided that he was going to be his successor. why do we know so little? >> he may have gone to boarding school for a while in switzerland. he's not widely known.
7:50 am
he's very, very young. he has family people, members, who are guiding him. i don't think that his position in korean society is necessarily challenged by the same token as a dictatorship, they have seen color revolutions around the world in recent years. they are nervous and dictatorship 101 tells you when you're nervous, manufacture a crisis to strengthen your bonds within your inner circle and within your population. >> a little bit more that we know about him. apparently his mother called him morning star king. we don't know why. south koreans say he underwent plastic surgery to make him look more like his dad. he likes basketball. we saw him with dennis rodman. there are a lot of things that could be say about him in terms of immaturity. we don't even know how old he really is, right?
7:51 am
28, 29, 30? >> something like that. >> the only american that has had face-to-face contact with him is dennis rodman. the most concerning here is the one country that has had influence with the north koreans and the kim family in the past has been cheina. they are exacerbated about his behavior. ultimately to ratchet this down there has to be a straightforward conversation, a stern conversation between china and north korea. the variable here is that china does not have the same kind of influence with kim jong-un as his father. they may give the message to him but whether he heeds it is another question. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, chris. today's tweet, "people are asking me about reporting from north korea. it's fascinating to visit but so
7:52 am
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this friday morning. a school bush crashed and overturned in northern illinois. you can see the bus on its side and two mangled cars nearby. there are no fatalities on the bus but we don't know anything about the injuries. the bus was taking children to newport elementary school. that's about 45 miles north of chicago. it happened around 8:00 this morning about a mile from the school. we will keep you posted as we learn more about exactly what happened here. that's going to wrap up this hour of "jansing & co." i'm chris jansing. thomas roberts is up next on a busy friday morning. >> hi, everybody. on the agenda, the budget blueprint. we're getting an early look at the plan that the president is going to put on the table next
7:56 am
week and take a look at what could go over like a lead balloon and two more senate dems announce their support of marriage equality. who are the holdouts? and he is leaving the ravens. what does that mean for his voice in the marriage of equality debate? the super bowl champ is here live at 30 rock to set the record straight. all of that and much more ahead at 11:00 a.m. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit
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hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. the white house will release its long over due budget in a few days and at first glance it could go over like a lead balloon. confirming a report in "the new york times," president obama's opening budget will make cuts to social security and medicare. it's said to


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