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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 10, 2013 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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if you feel like you can explain it, sir, and make sense while doing so, hit it out of the park. otherwise, on this one, we are all waiting to hear how you explain it. that does it for us. good wednesday morning. north korea completed preparations for a missile test and japan is on alert and china halted all tourist travel to north korea. gun control. a deal could be announced between republicans and democrats. details over a stabbing rampage at a texas college that left 14 wounded. thousands will descend on washington, d.c., demanding reform. and the white house goes memphis soul. very good morning to you. right now south koreans are going about business as usual, this despite a report that north korea is ready for a preliminary
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test any day. navy admiral reassured congress u.s. forces are at the ready. >> i believe we have the credible ability to defend the homeland, to defend hawaii, defend guam, to defend our deployed forces and allies. >> nbc's jim maceda is in seoul. a lot of bluster over the last couple of weeks and now the south is saying they know who is causing all of these threats. who is he? >> reporter: hi, richard. everyone's been speculating about why the level of war like rhetoric spiked in recent weeks, you're right. it may have a lot to do with a little known but very ambitious north korean vice marshal who is trying at least according to the times of london to make a name for himself. this man is behind all the threats behind nuclear war and destruction. few here are really taking seriously.
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meanwhile, all eyes are on north korea's next move. intelligence sources saying it could launch at least two medium range missile at any time. they're now loaded on mobile launchers and fully fueled in theory they could reach u.s. bases on guam in the pacific. but north korea is saying this is just a test launch of previously untested missiles. still, allies in the region are on a state of high alert. gentlem japan deployed batteries around tokyo saying they'll shoot down any missile, any debris even heading for japan even by mistake. so very tense times now for the u.s. and its allies in this region. richard, back to you. >> jim maceda with the very latest live in seoul. thank you so much. a deal on gun reform is on the horizon. threats of a republican fi
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filibuster are fading. now if reached, it could be the first step to the biggest change in u.s. gun law in nearly 20 years. majority leader harry reid scheduled a vote for thursday. >> there are strong feelings and deep disagreements about some of the measures. but every one deserves a vote, yes or no, no hiding. no running from an issue that has captivated america. >> as many as 14 republican senators including minority leader mitch mcconnell vowed to filibuster the legislation. a mounting number of senators within the gop now appear willing to break with leadership and allow debate to move forward. a lone star college student was arrested after his stabbing that left 14 people injured. 20-year-old dylan quick told police he'd been planning at tack for some time and that he fantasized about stabbing people for years.
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one student said he saw police chasing quick and joined in snapping this photo of quick while he was restrained on the ground. officials say quick used a razor like knife to attack victims, some of whom were stabbed in the neck and face. quick is charged with three counts of aggravated assault and is due in court on thursday. the national mall will be center stage today when thousands gather to rally support for immigration reform including a direct path to citizenship for some 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the country. nbc's tracie potts is on the mall for us this morning. traci, tomorrow also could be a key day on this issue. >> reporter: it could. tomorrow we could finally see that legislation that the so-called gang of eight has been promising. these are the four democrats and republicans who have been trying to work on some sort of compromise that both sides can live with. we're out here today because in just a few hours, thousands of organizers and maybe tens of thousands of people are going to flood the national mall.
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these are the groups that are pro immigration reform. they want to see reform happen. they want to see a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million people who have been working and living in this country illegally. some of them for years. now one of the keys to getting that done is farmworkers. they sat down with growers and have an agreement on visas that would allow many of these people to stay in the country. but the opposition, those who oppose, say that people who came into this country illegally should not get a quick path to citizenship. we'll hear more about that today. richard? >> some saying that this legislation can be 1,000 plus pages long. thank you. the white house did a little soul searching last night. first family celebrated in style with a concert commemorating memphis soul music. musicians eddie floyd, justin timberlake who was born in memphis were the big names performing for guests in the
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east room. president obama said soul music helped to bridge divides and desegregation and created harmony with harmony. it is part of a pbs series "in performance at the white house." now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. the gun debate got personal for harry reid on tuesday. he mentioned his father's suicide on the senate floor. >> in nevada, if you purchase a handgun, you have to wait three days to pick it up. can you believe that? it can save the lives of many people. sometimes people in a fit of passion or purchase a handgun to do bad things with it, even as my dad did, killed himself. waiting three days helps. >> meanwhile, newtown families lobby on capitol hill. james inhofe is under fire for insensitive comments.
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the republican told reporters he believes the families are being made to think gun reform "has something to do with them when, in fact, it doesn't." the group mayors against illegal guns says lawmakers view the current gun fight as ideological and not emotional. the organization's director appeared on all in with chris haze last night. >> congress doesn't think about this issue in the way we do and the reason is we get the call at 2:00 in the morning when a police officer is gunned down, a child is hit by a stray bullet. members of congress don't get those calls. "all in with chris hayes" is here on msnbc. elizabeth colbert-bush is out with her first ad. she says she won't follow any party line to reduce government waste. colbert-bush faces mark sanford next month. the republican committee begins a three-day retreat in hollywood after the november
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loss to president obama, party leaders are trying to find ways to appeal more directly to women and minorities. pro israel activists are launching a campaign to keep a university from presenting former president jimmy cart we are the school's international advocate for peace award. now their law school is coming under fire for the decision because some say mr. carter holds anti-israel views. the navy's blue angels will not be flying at any more shows this year. they're now grounded due to budget cuts. it comes as pentagon leaders say they'll continue to move forward with plans to thin the arms forces to less than 500,000 soldiers in five years. and that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. a big storm that dumped snow across the rockies is expected to bring yet more severe weather tuesday. heavy snow in south dakota led to a shutdown of interstate 90 due to low visibility and icy roads. and colorado, 60 mile an hour wind gusts tore the facade off a motorcycle dealership. in shaug, hours of dense fog caused flights to be canceled or
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delayed. as i've been saying this morning, good thing bill karins is here to join us. you have something for everybody. >> three things. what is most impressive. 90 in d.c., a foot of snow in minneapolis or the fact that abilene, texas, was 93 yesterday, 1 hours a2 hours ago they're 36. >> take your pick. >> it's an extreme day. dallas, texas, your temperatures dropped 20 degrees as this cold front is going through. look at the temperature in st. louis, 70. look at denver, 9 degrees in denver right now. one of the coldest april mornings you ever recorded. we have the crazy extremes out there. it could be 90 degrees in dallas. the cherry blossoms just popped out in a hurry yesterday with temperatures in the 80s. a little bit of showers early this morning in new england. we could get another round later today. bring that umbrella with you to the north. now to the middle of the country. we're going to see the snow.
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it's going to be mostly tonight into areas tomorrow morning. but sioux falls to minneapolis, 6 to 12 inches of snow is possible. we even have freezing rain out there this morning in a few spots, especially oklahoma city. the one good portion of the forecast, we didn't get the tornadoes yesterday. no complaints. i don't expect many tornadoes today. we avoided that threat. >> that is good news. bill karins, thank you so much. is texting while flying to blame for a pilot's deadly crash? and a survey of melanoma survivors. a a piece of art that many of mao have helped to bank roll. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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the fbi wants to know if senator mcconnell's office was bugged. watergate style tactics after a secret reporting was leaked from the louisville office. aides can be heard discussing political attacks in preparation for a run against ashley judd.
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president obama unveils his new budget this morning. cuba has sent back a florida couple who fled to the island after allegedly kidnapping their own children. josh and sharyn hakken arrived in tampa this morning. the parents will be booked into jail while the kids are sent to grandparents. for the first time, texting while flying is the reason for a deadly air crash. the pie lot of a medical emergency chopper in missouri in 2011 was too distracted to realize the aircraft was low on fuel. the daughter of a school principal killed at sandy hook elementary is taking to twitter after several senators refused to take her calls on gun reform. erica laferty tweeted 14 republicans threatening to fill i bust -- filibuster the bill.
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so far, ted cruz is the only one that called her back. a man in china is a hero this morning after saving a little girl from a burning building. he grabbed an ax and rope before climbing three stories and hooking the child up to a rope before firefighters helped lower them to the ground. today's health story is a head krascratcher. one in four survivors of melanoma say even after surviving, they still never use sunscreen. 15% say they rarely or never stay in the shade. 2% had been to a tanning salon within the past year. the study's author called the results mind blowing. for our first look at what is moving your money today, we go to sima moany. the house oversight committee will hold a hearing this month and u.s. government loans to a maker of hybrid sports cars. they laid off most of the workers last week is close to filing for bankruptcy. yahoo and apple want to deepen
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relationships. the companies are discussing ways to expand the amount of content such as sports and finance data that comes preloaded on the iphone and the ipad. and gm will start running ads on facebook. the move come a year after the automaker pulled its ads just three days before facebook's ipo saying they had little impact on consumers. richard, back to you. >> thank you so much. elsewhere on the street today, what will the feds say and will the dow hold on to the record high? you know, the fed's march meeting minutes are out at 2:00 p.m. ben bernanke says stimulus will continue into the economy improves, not all fed members are onboard. sea world is about to make a splash with an ipo worth $540 million. your check could be in the mail, checks between $300 and $125,000 will begin going out this friday to about eight in ten borrowers wrongly foreclosed on during the mortgage crisis.
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loan payments could rise dramatically for millions of college students come july unless congress takes action. the interest rate on government subsidized stafford loans is set to double july 1st. washington debates new gun control measures, one pro gun group is giving away free guns, sort of. the group is shelling out about $20,000 in a month-long promotion telling members to use the cash to buy a weapon. cosmetic's tycoon leonard lawsuiter is feeling generous to the tune of more than $1 billion. that is the estimated value of the vast art collection which he pramsed a new york metropolitan's museum. and when does a corvette kaust $1 million? when it is the very first 2014 sting ray convertible to roll off the line. it's a beauty. nascar team owner rick hendrick bought the vet for a cool million at a charity auction this weekend. i would love to have that. segregation still exists in america and it's in the form of a high school prom. plus, a car rental on tape causing half million dollars
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e-trade. less for us. more for you. [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. thursday appears to be the magic days. days after returning from a rece recess, two issues can reach key milestones. harry reid says he'll force a vote tomorrow that will head off a filibuster. will reid get the votes he needs? joining me now is david druker, "roll call" senior editor
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covering capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning. >> the hill noted that an aide says reid was always confident he could get 60 votes to head off a filibuster. the question here, can he get the votes? and what will they be voting on? >> well, i think he probably can get the votes although it could be reid looking at this as a test mode to see where people are. it looks like they're going to be -- if there's a vote -- something to do with expanded background checks. we know that senator tumi has been working on a deal to try to put something together that can get to an actual forfeit. >> the vote hinging on that deal. also on thursday, the gang of eight senators working on immigration reform, they could have the more than 1,000 page bill ready, so the reports are saying. but also what will that be on? it's already as i was mentioning quite large. and is the timing really good
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for tomorrow? >> well, i'm not sure that it's going to be ready tomorrow. earlier this week senator graham was signalling it might be a little more time. you know, it's supposed to be a big comprehensive bill that deals with all of the elements of immigration reform that congress has been trying to get to over the past several years. so i think this is more of a wait and see, let's see what they come up with. but the gang is still together. there is a house group putting together a similar bill. so let's see what they get. i think they're going to end up with something comprehensive and then it's about selling it. >> yeah. a lot of moving parts there. david drucker, thank you. an oklahoma car salesman is fuming after a vandal caused over half a million dollars in damage at his dealership. a culprit scratched up 12 vehicles including luxury models like porsche and mazz ratty.
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a a man was ticketed for running backwards. >> a police officer, somebody is jogging backwards. somebody is doing the right thing. okay, that's uncalled for. >> miami police cited the runner for obstructing traffic after he refused to back pedal on his running style. he said the ticket will not stop him from doing that. the georgia chapter of the naacp has joined forces with students fighting to end segregated proms at wilcox county high school. >> shame on you. shame on any parent who can embrace the politics of segregation. >> four students are hoping to break the archaic tradition of by organizing and funding the school's first integrated prom. in sports, the lady huskies win their eighth national championship. u con senior guard kelly farris scored a rash of three pointers. stewart had 23 points. the huskies crushed louisville.
2:24 am
the coach tied the coaching record of eight women's championships. >> it feels great because when you see the reaction on these kids' faces, they've been through a lot. you know, the fact that i tied pat summer's record that, puts new the category of the greatest woman's basketball coach that ever lived. >> wow. the u convictry was the most lopsided score in a game. tiger woods has his mojo back with his number one rating ahead of the masters tournament. he says he's got more time to win championships. >> we have a very expansive careers. i feel like i'm in the middle of mine. so, you know, i have a lot of good years ahead of me. i'm excited about this week. >> play begins at the masters on thursday. remember the song from the wizard of oz "ding dong the witch is dead"? england is taking on a whole new meaning with the death of margaret thatcher. cold feels nice on sore muscles, huh?
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how many times have you within in rehab? >> several. >> and how will this time be different? what are they rehabbing, first of all? what is on their list? what are they going to work on when you walk through the door? >> we didn't discuss this in the preinterview. >> she went on to say she thinks the forced rehab will be a blessing. the congress "ding dong the witch is dead" is shooting up uk sales charts after the death of margaret thatcher. there are groups devoting time and flrg to make that happen. "the new york times" is
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saying that alec baldwin is in line to take up a lineup. they have him at carson daily's time slot. stay tuned, "way too early" starts right now. a former republican congressman in florida is now a talk show host and is on "morning joe." here's what "morning joe" reported as having said. scarborough tears into gop filibuster on gun bill and says, and i quote, "is anybody awake in my party"? >> "morning joe" getting a shoutout on the senate floor from none other than democrat harry reid. joe, of course, will be delving deep near the gun debate both today and tomorrow. good morning, everyone. this is "way too early." we want to thank you for bei


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