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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  April 12, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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it be weeks before any kind of final deal gets through. there were some positive signs yesterday when the senate voted 68-31 to start consideration on the bill. the president called the newtown families personally to deliver the news. >> i was very pleased with how many yeses we did have and happy we were able to get this passed but still completely shocked that there were so many who were still against, who still believe that we don't need to be heard that newtown doesn't deserve a vote and that nothing needs to be done. >> but the bigger fight may not be in the senate, in the house. congressman steve stockman and paul brown sent a letter to speak john boehner expressing their opposition to background checks. on his facebook page congressman jeff duncan compared the background checks bill to genocide in rwanda. he wrote ask yourselves about a national gun registry database
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and how that might be used and why it is so wanted by progressives. read about the rojuan dan genocide, the hutu tribes. this database was used to elect for slaughter at the hands of the hutu. i use this example to warn that national databases can be used with evil consequences. i want to bring in the national journal's and roll call. chris comparing background checks to genocide is that an indication how tough could it be? >> they found a dance partner in pat toomey to help get background checks bill that would get bipartisan support through the senate. they opened up debate. we'll have debate next week. lots of patting on the back. there are a number, half-dozen or so vulnerable senate
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democrats who are unlikely to vote for any final legislation just because they voted to begin debate. doesn't mean they will end it or vote for the final product. then i want still has to go to house. as you point out you have republicans there who are very, very conservative. they are from conservative districts and there's not a lot of reason for them to pass anything on gun laws. it will be a much tougher road for them to hoe on the house side. >> convincing people to get on board this beyond bringing it up for debate. on tuesday we know that gabrielle giffords and mark kelley will be at the capitol and mark kelley has been making robo calls to support toomey and manchin. >> i'm calling to thank your senator, pat toomey, for working across party lines to sponsor critical legislation to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill by expanding background checks. >> it ends with call your senator to say thank you.
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david, what's the lobbying effort going to be like on the pro legislation side? clearly the nra is all in. they are scoring these votes. they have been making some members pretty nervous. >> well, chris, the lob jig effort on both sides including the pro side has been very intense. it will continue to be very intense. in a weird way i really think the lobbying effort from either side is going to have less of an effect than some people think because opinions on guns and gun control are already so ingrained and the political consequences either pro or against is already known. one reason why pat toomey joined with manchin and schumer because he's running for re-election in 2016 and the philly suburbs are very important and there's probably a lot of support for this in that part of pennsylvania. you have a lot of republicans who are very concerned about
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what the government could do with information it come piles. this is one of those issues that tend to define your politics and so i think that regardless of all the attention that lawmakers in both the house and senate will get from the pro and against force, to be honest with you, the way they approach this issue has already in a sense been determined and if there's one last thing i can say about this effort at gun control, i think one of the things that's hurting the people that want to see more regulations passed at the federal level is they haven't yet really been able to make a one to one correlation between laws that are being proposed right now and what happened at newtown, what happened in colorado so that they could say if this law passes we can show you on a one to one basis that it can prevent further newtowns and further auroras. >> let me bring in senator bob menendez.
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democrat from new jersey. good to see you. is that part of the problem? do you agree with that? there needs a one to one correlation. two of your democratic colleagues vote nod. can background checks pass the senate? >> i believe background checks can pass the senate and i think it's a major step forward. senator manchin and senator toomey's agreement, not everything i would like to see. but i do believe that it is a major step forward. i think that the type of vote that we had yesterday went beyond the simple 60 to beat the filibuster, 68. that speaks volumes that there is a greater desire at least to move ahead on this element of common sense gun control. of course many of us like myself have stronger views about, you know, large capacity magazines and assault weapons. those would be much, much tougher. i got to believe this element of common sense gun control can be broadly supported. >> let me switch gears a little
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bit because you're chairman of the foreign relations committee. there's a lot of north korea about what's happening in north korea and fear over those reports and they may have a nuclear device small enough for a missile although the administration has pushed back some on that. how worried are you about the situation there on the korean peninsula? >> north korea has added dramatically to the tensions of the core jean peninsula and the entire region. we have seen these types of actions and statements every time we have our joint military exercises with south korea. so this is not new in that respect. what is new here is that we have a relatively young untested leader for which we have no track record with. and how he will act, will he do the same as his predecessor, which is to create provocation and bluster and seek something out it, and/or domestically try to assert himself with the
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military and in the region, and there versus going a step further is the key question and this is why it's so critical that our diplomacy engagement which secretary kerry is doing with china is critical because they have great influence over north korea since they provide most of its food and fuel supplies. >> on that want key question will kim jong-un take it a stipulate too far at least in the estimation of the west and the united states, how concerned are you >> look, i think since it's an untested commodity we have to do everything that the administration has been doing. secretary hagel has done the right things in forwarding missile defense systems to guam and the western part of the country. that's a good action. also send as very clear message to the north koreans. the president's statement yesterday was very assertive let the north koreans know it's time to lower the provocation and
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temperature and we would respond resolutely. so it is a difficult time. and it's one in which we have to look at it seriously because we have an untested leader with nuclear capabilities. >> finally let me ask you about immigration i hear the gang of eight will unveil a bill on tuesday. is that right? >> that's our goal. we're just finalizing all of the agreements and that's the good news, that we have agreements on all the major issues pap pathway to citizenship, border security, agreements between the afl-cio and u.s. chamber of commerce, how we deal with the hi-tech needs, family reunification. pounding out the legislative language to ensure those agreements are fully encompassed is the hard part that's happening right now and our expectation so hopefully to get it done by tuesday. >> how do you sell? we've been talking about how the newtown families in the gun
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debate play into this. marco rubio is doing seven sunday talk shows to talk about this bill having private meetings as well with conservative republicans. his chief of staff was tweeting out the details. how critical is he to the success of this? >> well, look. it's going to take all sides to achieve success, but certainly senator rubio has played a very significant and positive role, and i know that for his own politics as well for the success of the effort he wants to bring the broadest cross section of his party and those that he appeals to the this cause and we welcome that. >> senator menendez, always good to see you. thank you for coming on the program. chris, how does senator rubio sell this to conservative members of his party? >> he has been on the offensive here for several months meeting with conservative talk show hosts, conservative editorial boards, making the case that it's a conservative case,
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conservative bill to strengthen the fabric of business in our country providing needed workers, and a pathway to citizenship that really well as we said in 2007 it was a very, you know, popular catch phrase, going to the back of the line. that's what folks will be doing here, they will grant people who came here illegally some kind of temporary legal status where they would be able to work and travel but not become citizens and then after a decade or so they would then be allowed to apply for a more permanent status and that's important, i think for republicans but, you know, i had lunch with an old republican senate hand this week who said it really is a tougher lift to get immigration through than anybody really is talking about right now. we saw in 2007 you had john mccain and ted kennedy, two lions of the senate, two master deal makers it fell apart on
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them and while things look positive now it's a long way from having piece of legislation put on the senate floor to getting it passed and then of course as we talked about with guns it runs into the same problem in the house. this is certainly a positive step and rubio will get out there ahead of the week. he's going to do seven sunday shows as you point out to ease this legislation into the public discourse. but we're still a long way from finished. >> as an example from long way from finish, senator lamar smith wrote let's not repeat our mistakes. senate proposal gives amnesty to everyone before the border is secure. that's not a smart or successful plan. how do they get this done? >> the best way to get it done is not to rush it. senator rubio would like see a process that's deliberate' methodical with hearings and a healthy committee mark up. in the house that could mean two or three committees. then a very open floor process
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where you have plenty of debate, plenty much amendments offered and nobody feels they don't know what's in the bill and that nobody mid way through or near the finished line gets surprised whether it's a political surprise and all of a sudden they have to act like oh, i didn't realize it's so bad or a legitimate surprise where they thought the bill was one thing and it turns out it's another. the senator is right and while some people and especially people who want this to happen are going to worry that extra time means people can defeat it. if you rush it you'll kill it fun lose rubio over substance you'll lose the bill because i think kit pass in the house and senate but they have to lead the the needle. >> great to talk to both of you. have a great weekend. investigators are focusing on two liberal activists in connection with the secret recordings of senator mitch mcconnell and his campaign team strategizing about a potential ashley judd accommodate decide. democratic official says activist from the group progress
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kentucky bragged to him back in february about getting the recording. but conley tells nbc news he was unaware the men had potentially committed a crime. >> i don't think they were trying to make money off of it, they weren't trying to get famous off of it, i don't think they were planning on using it. >> through an attorney one of the men denied any involvement but did say he's cooperating with investigators. by the way we should tell you legal experts say overhearing a conversation is not a crime but recording it could be. zap technology. departure. hertz gold plus rewards also offers ereturn-- our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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o the stakes couldn't be higher this morning for secretary of state john kerry who is in south korea right now and spoke this morning about the escalating threat from north korea. it's up to kim jong-un what he decides to do.
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it's not going to change our current position, which is very, very clear. we will defend our allies. we will stand with south korea, japan and others against these threats. and we will defend ourselves. a newly disclosed report from the defense intelligence agency says u.s. officials believe with moderate confidence the north can make a nuclear bomb small enough to fit on a ballistic missile all thoits reliability is low. director of national intelligence james clapper is distancing the administration from that report saying quote north korea has not yet demonstrated the full range of capabilities necessary for a nuclear armed missile. here's president obama. >> now is the time for north korea to end the kind of belligerent approach that
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they've been taking and to try to lower temperatures. nobody wants to see a conflict on the korean peninsula. >> joining me now is p.j. crowley and former u.s. ambassador to morocco, ambassador mark ginsberg. good morning, gentlemen. you know there's been this back and forth going on over the legitimacy of this threat of the north's capability of a nuclear armed missile. let me play you another piece of sound from this morning, secretary kerry talking about that dia report. >> let me make it clear, and this is the pentagon's assessment that i'm giving you. it is inaccurate to suggest that the dbrk has fully tested, developed or demonstrated capabilities that are articulated in that report. >> ambassador, bottom line how do you assess the level of threat? >> well i believe the level of threat is significant because he does have the missile technology
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and the fact that we're getting into this zone of concern about whether he can weaponize that missile is deeply concerning. you can almost substitute the words north korea for iran here and think we'll go through the same discussion in a few months about iran. so what do you do, chris? and that raises the question over whether or not on april 15th which is the 100th anniversary of the birth of his grandfather kim il sung north korea will use that anniversary as an opportunity to demonstrate a better capability involving the missile technology that already is proven it already has. >> one of the arguments of people who are very concerned about this, p.j., is if there's little validity to the report, this report that u.s. officials are now down playing would the pentagon have stepped up long range anti-missile abilities in u.s. an canada or rushed another
7:20 am
anti-missile system to guam. how do you assess the threat. >> up have to separate the immediate problem from the long term problem. folks on the long term problem first. no question that as mark said north korea is working hard on its missile technology. and clearly what the report says depending on the level of maturity, it's working hard to miniaturize its nuclear capabilities so it has a defactor nuclear deterrent. that has long term implications. that's separate from the immediate challenge. what fascinated me about kerry's comments this morning he very clearly signaled beijing he's laying the resolution of the immediate crisis squarely on beijing's door step. >> let's talk a little bit about china because that's where he's going next, ambassador. what are those conversations going to be like? >> i was just in china for two weeks, chris, and in my
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conversation with fairly mid-level chinese officials and north korean observers they essentially believe it's time distance themselves from this regime and, in fact, i think the theory very important for us to understand in practice that what happened in the u.n. security council in february when china vote forward the first time to impose sanctions on north korea, that sent shockwaves throughout north korea and part of what i think is going on here is a tantrum on the part of the north koreans to for the chinese to reconsider their distancing from north korea because that vote really harmed them in more ways than we can imagine. >> you know, it's an interesting phrase that tantrum we were talking to senator bob menendez who is the chairman of the foreign relations committee a little bit ago and he was talking about kim jong-un. i'm wondering, p.j., what do you think the end game is. what does he want? what does we want to accomplish with all this? >> i think the north korean
7:22 am
regime whether it's kim jong-un or those around him have looked at the developments in the world in the past several years and seen that those authoritarian regimes that once had nuclear capabilities or moving towards them gave them up. moammar gadhafi and saddam hussein no long are on scene. this has really accelerated their thinking that in order for them to progress text, you know, their ability to continue to lead north korea, to preserve their family business which is the north korean government they are going to have to have this nuclear deterrent. that raises the, as marks was saying, china is recalculating its relationship but will china push hard enough to move korea back to its position where it pledges gone denuclearize. that's a big question. >> i hope we talk again. thanks so much. we have some breaking news out of winston-salem, north
7:23 am
carolina. an alert has been issued on north carolina's at&t university website because a male has been seen carrying a rifle on campus. they have locked down the university. they have sent out this warning and the queen tire school on lockdown. they are telling everyone to stay inside, to close and lock doors and windows. obviously a developing situation. we will keep you posted. >> time for your business entrepreneur of the week. jeanette knows a lot about her building maintenance company because she tracks everything. through her customer relationship management program she knows what her clients want done, how they would like the job completed and what they thought of the work. for more watch your business sunday mornings at 7:30 on nbc. we've all had those moments. when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost. when what you just bought, just broke.
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white house did not sanction the trip but nothing rhymed with treasury. >> anthony weiner got his first endorsement. a democratic senator from wisconsin said weiner is a good guy who deserves a second chance. but michael bloomberg got cranky when reporters asked him about it telling them to focus on the the problems facing the city. okay. if you read only one thing this morning, ask anyone who knows me i'm a foodie but my must invade about a different kind of food. what adventurous readers are adding to at that corks pizza, even jello. find out what is it and let me know. would you eat it? it's up on our facebook page. don't forget to like us. r! when i'm hungry, i feel like i want to faint. this is my hungry monster. one in six americans struggle with hunger every single day. if i could stop hunger, i would definitely do it.
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abortion rights advocates are in virginia making one last attempt today to derail strict new regulations they say would force most of the state's abortion clinics to shut down. the virginia board of health scheduled to vote on whether to require abortion clinics to meet hospital standards on a permanent basis. if approved virginia would join four other states that have adopted some of the toughest restrictions on abortion in the nation in just the past six weeks. here's gop congressman paul ryan last night. >> we need to articulate a vision. one that can attract a very broad coalition. to advance our pro life cause we need to work with people who consider themselves pro choice because our task is not to purge our ranks it's to grow them. we don't want a country where abortion is simply out lawed. we want a country where it isn't even considered. >> let me bring in former
7:32 am
pennsylvania governor and nbc news political analyst ed rendell and republican strategist chip saltsman. good morning. there's a new nbc/wall street journal poll because 50% of americans say abortion should be illegal either with exceptions or without them. that's an eight-point shift governor since january. why is the right gaining ground on this issue? >> well, it's hard to figure out these polls, chris. they vary from month to month. but i will say the republican party lately has been doing everything it can to commit mass suicide. on the one hand they talk about repackaging and rebranding and you heard paul ryan talking about stuff like that in the report that the chairman put out. on the other hand, they are passing a resolution, they go out of their way to pass a resolution saying they are opposed to gay marriage. their abortion things regardless what the poll shows people don't
7:33 am
want amendments but republicans are willing to pass amendments to drive planned parenthood clinics, to do so much more than abortion out of business. it's crazy. 31 republican senators not even letting a vote be cast on background checks, just seems to me they are headed in, catapulting downward for an alarming rate. >> chip you're the former campaign manager for mike huckabee. is the republican party committing mass suicide as the governor suggests. we saw how much trouble, how much conversation was raised to the negative for republicans over things like tom aikens comments. >> i have great respect for governor rendell but i disagree. why we're gaining ground on life issue we're talking about life beyond nine months. for at that long time it was about pro choice or pro life during the nine months.
7:34 am
the republican party is talk about how life has value. we talk about it as an economic issue. as an education issue. all those issues wrapped up and as you heard paul ryan say we want to broaden the coalition not keep people out of it. paul ryan has got the right message. governor huckabee has the right message. when you talk about life issue talk about the value of life. >> governor there's messaging and money and they are putting money behind this as well. same group that hosted paul ryan the susan b. anthony list plans to target a couple of senators, kay haggen of maryland, senator landru from louisiana. what about the money as opposed to the messaging and to chip's point the way they are trying to make this an overall economic issue. >> well they and they aren't. they are pushing personal
7:35 am
amendments. in mississippi the reddest of red states 72% of voters rejected the amendment. they are doing crazy stuff. and if you change that poll do you believe abortion should be illegal even including cases of rape and incest, do you know 52% would plummet to about 20%. so they are not in step with americans. they are going way out of their way to do things that are absolutely crazy. young voters, there's not going to be a young voter left with their position on gay marriage and with this stand against all abortion, not going to be a young voter left who will support the republican party. >> to that point let me show you the numbers of support for same sex marriage in our new poll. 53% support it, 42% oppose. when you break the numbers down 73% of democrats, 54% of independents support same sex marriage. but 66% of republicans oppose it. although, chip, it was widely
7:36 am
reported at cpac when they were looking for young republicans who opposed gay marriage they couldn't find it. is this opposition just ageing out and is this going to be a problem for republicans? >> you know, i think it's challenging. when governor rendell was talking about the life issue. i would invite him for the march for life in washington. there are thousands of young people committed to the pro life cause. >> there are millions who don't want things crazy like personhood amendments. >> they show up to washington to support pro life. gay marriage issue is different. it does cut more with age and the younger you are the less you tend to be supportive of traditional marriage and the more you don't care about gay marriage. i don't know that they support gay marriage they just don't care. they don't think the government should be part of the discussion. it's a challenge for us as a party in support of traditional marriage. >> chip saltsman and former governor ed rendell. great talking to you.
7:37 am
thank you. we love having you. thank you so much both of you. we want to remind you about the situation that's going on in greensboro, north carolina. on the campus of north carolina a and t because the university website put out warning there's a male been seen carrying a rifle on campus. the university remains on lockdown. people are advised to stay inside closed and lock doors and windows. as we get information we'll bring it to you. check the news feed this morning, turkeyic police say they busted up an al qaeda plot to bomb the u.s. embassy in ankara. police seized 50 pounds of explosives with detonation systems attached during a raid on two houses. after the raids the u.s. embassy issued a travel warning but says the turkish police did not provide specific information about targets. the driver of that tour bus that crashed in texas yesterday
7:38 am
morning was also involved aunt deadly crash back in 1998. in that accident 65-year-old lloyd reed was driving a tour bus that hate good samaritan. a grand jury declined to indict him for that incident. yesterday's crash killed two and injured 40 senior citizens who were headed to a casino. the ntsb is investigating. the severe spring storm that killed three people in the deep south moving into the carolinas. mississippi residents watched as this tornado touched down in the far eastern part of the state. one of at least three to hit the south. it ripped through kemper county killing one person and injuring five others. the governor declared a state of emergency there. seven counties overall reported severe damage. new york city's annual fleet week may be the latest victim of the sequester. the navy says it's following defense department guidance in cutting back on community events that come with additional cost.
7:39 am
that means the number of ships participating will be limited. the "wall street journal" reports fleet week costs the navy $7 to $10 million. know knew the winklevoss twins, coin barons. so the twins were arch rivals to facebook owner mark zuckerberg have been stocking up on this money called bit coin. >> one of the single largest bit coin portfolios. now you might know the bit coin world is quite anonymous. but these twins have come out, publicly disclosed, they have a big stake before the crash yesterday. they owned nearly $11 worth. it did come to attention in terms of wall street and the public because of that flash crash. at one point yesterday, the price plummeted 60%.
7:40 am
the winklevoss say they are not perturbed. this is just growing pains. it's a new currency, new digital currency. this is the kind of thing hats happens. others worry it may be more akin to the mania like the dutch tulip bulbs. no. this is the beginnings of an actual currency. we see silicon valley investment firms showing interest in this technology. >> i didn't know about the tulip bulb crash. learn sfroeg you every day. let's talk about real money and how much it's costing us to get out money at the atm. i was telling folks, when i was in rome covering the pope, i got $12 charge for using an atm. five from one bank, seven from another. >> you got ripped off. >> not quite so bad here in the united states. in fact the average atm surcharge at banks and also credit unions it has gone up 20% since 2007, not counting
7:41 am
inflation. but still surcharges in 2012 average $2.16 at banks, $1.99 at credit unions. it's still quite a lot if you have to go there. i want adds up. but here's the good news. the silver lining. that is you do still have a lot of ways to get your cash without incurring fees. you can do things like use atms within your own financial institutions network. also some financial institutions that participate in surcharge free networks so there's ways to get around it if you know how to. >> okay. cnbc maddy drury. britain "sunday times" is out with a list of people who don't have to worry about things like $12 surcharge on atms. these are the richest entertainers in the uk. sir paul mccartney and his wife nancy shevell is worth $1 billion. she's a wealthy heiress.
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individual tax returns have been filed so fashion, but that leaves an estimated 51 million procrastinators. we have help for your last minute tax freak out. 45%? >> a lot of people. >> what should those folks be doing >> be very realistic to do it on time. all you got is today and monday. that's it. if you can't then make sure you file the extension. that's a pretty easy form, 4868. here's the thing. you can file an extension for six months so on october 15th when it's due but you can't file an extension to pay. if you owe taxes you got to pay within 90% range of what you owe by april 15th. >> you don't get penalized. >> if you do not pay. >> as long as you pay.
7:47 am
>> exactly. >> so let's talk a little bit about the new quinnipiac poll. they fine nearly this is fun two out of three americans have someone else prepare their tax returns. i just couldn't do it. is it too late like if you're panicking right now? >> and don't have an accountant. find that just for now person. it's like finding the right doctor. i don't know partner. just for now i need to file an extension, i need to get it done. ask for some referrals. get it done. but then what you want to do between now and october 15th, ask around for referrals. be with someone who knows your situation, has a lot of experience how you file your business. then someone you can stick with and make sure please that they are online savvy because if you file online fewer risk of making mistakes. >> are there things you have found that are well-known that are kind of the common
7:48 am
deductions that a lot of people don't take or should know about. >> a lot of deductions don't get taken because we don't know about it but because we're lazy. we don't keep our receipts. charitable deductions. you may have give money but clothes and furniture. make sure you have a receipt for estimated value. if you're looking for a job within the same field and line of work, those expenses whether gas for travel, resume prep, all of those things are also a deduction. if you suddenly found yourself a freelancer, independent contractor, you have a lot more deductions you can take. be very savvy your home office as long as it qualifies you can deduct things like your cell phone, your internet, your cable, sub descriptions. make sure you know what the rules are. >>er to thing that people, and i think this is a fantastic rule, is a 7th is also the deadline to make contributions to our retirement accounts that can count for last year, right? >> exactly.
7:49 am
for 2012. it's 2013 but you still have until monday to put money in to count i want as a deduction for 2012. it's important know. if you are self-employed there may be ways you can extend that to october 15th. talk to your accountant. >> what's the biggest mistake people make when they file their taxes? >> adding. that's actually a fact that the number one mistakes that the irs says people make simple addition. which is why i say if you file on paper still the odds are you're going to make a mistake. file online. double, triple check those numbers and make sure you have the right filing status. >> thank you so much. and by the way we'll have some of carmen's great advice on our blog. today's tweet of the day comes from poou research center. tax day 29% of americans like doing their taxes, but 5% love it. they include a pie chart which also shows 56% of americans
7:50 am
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it is time now for our flashback friday. tlooim as washington is about to enter a major budget debate that will impact the military. we're talking about two years ago when medal of honor recipient jack jacobs returned to vietnam. first time he went back where he fought there and nearly died there. the mekong delta 2011. for the first time since the vietnam war jack jacobs returned. >> it's almost as if time has gone backwards. >> walking the jungles and muddy swamps where he thought the viet cong. >> one time we were on patrol and in water chest deep all day long. >> on the search for the
7:54 am
battlefield where he very nearly died 43 years ago. >> this is the deal. we landed here and moved almost due north. >> armed with gps coordinates and images seered into his memory he found it. >> this is it. this is it. this is all open field back then. >> the rice paddy has been flooded for fishing but in the eyes of a retired colonel it's as if he could see himself all those years ago, a 22-year-old first lieutenant caught in an ambush, seriously wounded in a hail of devastating machine gun and mortar fire. >> wonder as you stand here now if you can hear what you heard, smell what you smelled that day. does it come back to you? >> oh, sure. crack of machine gun and rifle fire. it's so close. feel rush of warm air and get lifted up and so on. i was surprised initially.
7:55 am
i thought it was a mistake. i wasn't supposed to be wounded. it always happens to somebody else. >> you reach up and you have a hole in your head. >> you're convinced it's not happening. then you realize it is. >> bleeding profusely, blinded in one eye, his hearing permanently impaired jacobs went back on to the battlefield again and again and again, saving 14 lives that day until he collapsed and was medevaced unconscious to a military hospital after a harrowing rescue. part of jack jacobs story, great fun of the show and this network and a true american hero. that wraps up this hour of "jansing and company." thomas roberts is up next. o all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts...
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at a hertz expressrent kiosk, you can rent a car without a reservation... and without a line. now that's a fast car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. hi everybody, i'm thomas roberts. topping our agenda one hurdle down many more to go for gun control in congress. first obstacle overcome fwoir of
7:59 am
the people, the newtown families who made emotional pleas on the hill telling lawmakers the time is now. the next step will happen on tuesday when senate votes on expanding background checks and they will decide already the compromise brokered by pat toomey and joe manchin will move forward and that bill formerly named the public safety and second amendment rights protection act. when congress begins that want debate they will have a visitor, gabrielle giffords. her husband mark kelley with a roll out of robo calls praising manchin and toomey for their bipartisan progress. >> i'm mark kelley. combat veteran, astronaut and most importantly husband to my brave wife, gabrielle giffords. i'm calling to thank your senator pat toomey for working across party lines to sponsor critical legislation to keep guns out of the hds


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