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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 15, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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begin to lay the groundwork by pow wowing with their respective parties. look at this. marco rubio appeared on seven separate sunday morning political talk shows to offer his full throttle endorsement. >> why isn't amnesty? >> that's forgiveness of something. there will be consequences for having violated the law. all we're doing is giving people the opportunity to eventually earn access to our new, improved and modernized legal immigration system. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the immigration eight are not going it alone. a day ahead of the bill's big reveal, advocates of reform were on capitol hill today calling for that very change. >> in a place here in washington where we actually are trying to make sure we work together as americans from across the aisle. >> brothers and sisters, we have a time now.
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it's time to move to fix a problem that's been broken for too long. >> even with public sentiment shifting in favor of an immigration overhaul, here are signs of resistance coming out of the senate. >> i'm not convinced. i know senator rubio's heart is right and i respect the work of the gang of eight. >> pathway to citizenship a deal breaker for you? >> the pathway to citizenship right now before other elements are in place are a deal breaker for me. >> joining me from capitol hill, kelly o'donnell. we've set it up there. what are you hearing now this morning from the hill? pathway so citizenship. is that the toughest sell? >> it is one of the hardest because of what senator lee was hinting at there. this concern about giving what is perceived to be an enormous benefit before there is an assurance about border security. that's something they are trying to work out. the process would be very long if you are an immigrant that's undocumented it could be 10, 13 years before you could arrive at
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citizenship. there are many steps along the way and supporters of this plan think that is part of the sort of penalty and part of the care that they believe is being put into this compromise plan. it isn't something that happens right away and it requires a fine learning english, other steps they think are somewhat punitive without going too far. that's sort of the rub there. and it seems like we went from do nothing congress to do everything in one week congress so they are all trying to learn about what's in this immigration bill while it's still being written and deal with guns issue as well. >> as you bring up the guns issue this coming through hot, kay haggan is going to vote yes on the amendment. from a red state right there. red state democrat. explain why we're goiere we're e this shift come. it's as if immigration is leap frogging over gun reform legislation. >> there's two ways to look at it. on the floor, the guns, will be
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involved this week. political rollout for immigration and something of that size that has been decades in the making needs a political rollout on foinforming groups. kay haggan is significant because she's up for re-election from north carolina. she's a democrat. we're tracking those so-called red state democrats carefully to see how will they vote because democrats alone are not enough to get to 60. they need some republicans and because we expect there will be some democrats who will not go along with manchin-toomey, the expanded background checks, they need extra republicans to make it to needed 60. they're not there yet. >> kelly o'donnell, thanks. i want to bring in and say good morning to our monday political power panel.
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all right. a lot to get into. i want to jump straight into immigration because we saw again marco rubio as i pointed out on seven different programs over the weekend and he was hard pressed and -- i don't know if candy crowley believed him on cnn this weekend on his political calculations about immigration. take a listen. >> do you think this would help or hurt marco rubio if he perhaps ran for president in 2016? >> i haven't thought about it in that way. >> seriously, senator? >> i haven't. i really haven't. i have a job. my belief has always been that if i do my job and do it well, i'll have options and opportunities in the future to do things whether it's run for re-election, run for something else or give someone else a chance at public service. that's how i view this issue. >> so also in "the washington post" on rubio's big risk saying how rubio manages the public debate and fends off attacks on the legislation could go a long way in determining how much credit or blame the young
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senator walks away with in the first major policy gambit of his career. what are they saying about how much senator rubio is sweating the political capital, the investment that he's made into this? >> there's no question about it, thomas, this is a really tough and interesting needle here to thread here. the reason why is because at the end of the day marco rubio is the future here whether it's running for re-election in florida or also perhaps running for president. he is thinking about this. his staff is thinking about this. the question becomes is during the 2015 and 2016 presidential primary process as to whether or not he's going to be penalized because there's some conservatives out there particularly tea party wing of the party that say 11 million people. this is a path to amnesty whether you want to call it a path to citizenship, whatever you want, it's amnesty. the question becomes is how does he sell that message to the conservative wing of the party. you saw that all day yesterday. >> and as you point out it's
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that pathway to citizenship and word amnesty that comes up a lot. as we look at deal points for the bill, the bipartisan bill and what we know so far, permanent legal status. pathway to citizenship. increase in high skilled voter visas. the guest worker program. as robert points out, is the biggest concern perception being reality about the pathway to citizenship not being amnesty? >> well, the thing that's going to happen here is that we are finally going to be able to separate between those trying to get to a solution and those who want to keep status quo. among those who want to get to a solution, there's a wide variety of viewpoints but i think that they all understand the overarching economic necessity of getting this right and therefore are negotiating in good faith to get there we're talking about business. about labor. about a number of other sectors that are part of getting to a
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solution. the people who are going to stay on the sidelines of this at the end of the day are those who are more interested in keeping the status quo, which as mr. rubio said is really de facto amnesty because you have a situation where employers are able to game the system by hiring undocumented immigrants and competing unfairly with good employers. i think what he and the gang of eight have managed to do is a compromise that attempts to thread the needle to restaore te rule of law. there are some things i won't necessarily agree with but i think we all have to understand that we are at the verge of an historic moment of an issue that has haunted us in which the american public is in a much more pragmatic place than congress has been. >> as you point out, the status quo has been something of -- politicians have counted on it when it comes to this issue.
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listen to john mccain on that issue. >> this is a vehicle that requires hearings and requires input and we welcome all of that. i am guardedly optimistic that we will see finally the end of this long, long trek that a lot of us have been on for many years. >> the long, long trek. isn't this something that both sides have gained for political results over the years and are they just backed into a corner now that they have to come up with something for a successful measure out of both parties because democrats have a lot to lose. democrats have a lot of gain. >> yes. that's true. democrats have a lot to lose. republicans a lot, a lot to gain. republicans i would say are more desperate for a deal here. it's more important for them. they are trying to reach out to the hispanic community for instance and they can't just let this thing go. it's interesting that marco rubio is poised in an interesting position in the republican party. he's sort of betwix.
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the republicans in the last election ran on self-deportation. they have had to make a 180 here. this issue is sort of the low hanging fruit for them. this ought to be the easy one but it won't be. as we have seen marco rubio struggle to position himself for 2016 between tea party people that see a path to citizenship as amnesty and more pragmatic people working on this for a long time and know there has to be a path to citizenship. >> i think ron brings up a good point. i slightly disagree. i don't think he's trying to position himself per se. he's trying to position the party for the future. i do think this is a selfless act on his part. there's nobody in the senate arguably the congress that has as much credibility on this issue as marco rubio. he's trying to lead with his heart here and kudos to him for trying to build a bipartisan compromise. >> he may be the only selfless politician in washington.
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>> could you imagine if he found those on a monday in april? wouldn't that be great. our monday political power panel. thank you so much. i appreciate it. this to pass along. president obama is going to sit down to talk guns, immigration, north korea and the rest of his second-year agenda with savannah guthrie. that interview will air tomorrow on "today." >> i have made gun control legislation a pop priority for my administration. the senate voted this week to begin debating the idea of discussing gun control. >> "saturday night live" taking aim at washington spoofing the gun debate. how closely does art imitate life? we'll ask senator richard bloomenthal of connecticut after this and secretary of state john kerry speaks out on north korea as the tensions escalate over that country's threat to launch a mitchell. will north korea fight or come to the table? and bieber's blunder. the pop star's shocking note
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david and i have two sons. our older son, nate, soon to be 10 years old, is a fourth grader at sandy hook elementary school. our younger son, ben, age 6, was murdered in his first grade classroom on december 14th, exactly four months ago this weekend. please help us do something before our tragedy becomes your tragedy. >> on the heels of newtown mom francine wheeler's impassioned
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plea this weekend, gabrielle giffords will launch an attack on the hill. they are racing to secure the 60 votes needed for what could be the most significant gun control legislation in years. the senate could vote as early as tomorrow on the plan which would expand background checks including trying to buy guns online and at gun shows but would exclude private sales and the bill has picked up support from the citizen committee for the right to bear arms which calls itself the second largest gun rights organization in the country. 600,000 members are nowhere close to 5 million members boasted by the nra. joining any now, richard bloomenthal offering gun legislation of his own. we have 53 senators that support
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the plan. 36 oppose it. 11 are unknown. we did have kay hagan saying she would support it. senator susan collins expressing support and senator john mccain giving a tepid support. can you get to 60? >> we can get to 60. i'm more optimistic more than ever after kay hagan's announcement and senator mccain's courageous statement over the weekend that he is inclined or at least leaning in that direction for the reason that the majority of americans, the vast overwhelming majority of americans and even the majority of gun owners and nra members say they are in favor of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals through background checks. last week was a really critical turning point because of david and francine wheeler and the other extraordinarily brave and strong families who visited
8:17 am
washington and met face to face and even were with some of the staunchest opponents finding that they were able to change minds and really bring their grief and their courage to bear in influencing members of congress to lead us to that 68-31 vote that was important to go forward. >> as you talk about staunch opponents here and newtown families there to help remind what the debate and conversation needs to be about, it's not just republicans that are showing their opposition. there are democrats that have. we have the senator from alaska who won't vote in favor of moving on to have a debate in this country and three other democrats are expected to join in his opposition as it moves forward. how difficult does that make it to get to passage? >> my message to fellow democrats this week is going to be read the bill. it actually is imminently sensible. it is a common sense measure.
8:18 am
in fact, my preference would be for it to be even stronger which indicates that it is a compromise and we need to move forward with this kind of background checks that applies to 40% of all gun sales now exempt and says that we'll keep criminals, the mentally seriously ill, domestic abusers away from guns and that is something that the majority of americans and gun owners support as well. that's the message and i think it will resonate this week but again we're going to have some of the families again down here, families of victims not only from newtown but around the country since newtown more than 3,300 have died. >> even if the plan on background checks gets the 60 votes and there's no poison pill amendments that are able to kill the final bill, gun reform advocates have this major obstacle that is the house of representatives. as we pointed out, "saturday night live" had a bit of fun
8:19 am
over the weekend taking a shot. look at this. >> is this bill what we wanted, no? is it what nra wanted? no. does it help in some small way? >> no. probably not. >> we're confident that this bill will pass the senate and it will then go to the house of representatives where it will immediately get shot down. >> that's right. that's not a metaphor. they will throw the bill in the air and shoot it with a gun. >> when it comes to importance of this work right now, what it means to connecticut, overall for the entire country, isn't that one of your bigger fears that what you get done in the senate is ultimately going to go to the house to die. >> definitely an apprehension but think back to just four months ago when this whole issue of sensible gun safety measures was thought to be politically untouchable and just a week ago when 60 votes was thought to be unreachable as a goal. so it has always been uphill.
8:20 am
it's always been thought to be a real tough struggle and it will be. it's a long one. it's not just this week or next week. we have to be in it for the long haul. >> we hear that you'll team up with senator chris murphy to bring something to the floor. you also want background checks on the sale of ammunition. do you really have confidence in something like that passing? >> i have confidence in the merits of this measure and i believe we'll be able to persuade our colleagueses that high capacity magazines are really part of the problem when it comes to mass shootings because they enable 14, and 16th and 26th victim to be shot and that's why high capacity magazines which i'm spearheading as an amendment and i believe it has a good chance. >> senator, we'll be watching. thank you for your time. >> thank you. still ahead, a police officer fired from his job in florida after bringing target posters depicting an image of trayvon martin to a firing
8:21 am
range. that officer reportedly issued an apology on youtube. the attorney for trayvon martin's family is going to join me live. first, we bring you today's producers pick brought to you by kevin. a prison escape that sounds like it was made for the big screen. it's in france. it involves a gangster, hostages, guns, explosives. read about the scandalous details on my facebook page. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful?
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here's a look at stories topping the news how. hugo chavez's handpicked replacement won by just over 1% of the vote. the opponent is now demanding a recount. at least 27 people were killed in a series of attacks across iraq today, just a week before the country's first presidential election since u.s. troops left in 2011. people in north dakota are digging out after yet another snowstorm there. more than 22 inches fell in
8:25 am
duluth this month. one of the snowiest on record. colorado and wyoming are getting hammered today. the search for a man missing in that washington state avalanche could resume today. efforts were called off over the weekend because of bad weather. two other hikers with him were rescued. a former texas justice of the peace could soon be killed with murder of the district attorney from last month. eric williams is held on terror threat charges. murder charges could come tomorrow. a grand jury will be seated today to see if more laws were violated in the steubenville rape case. adam scott is the master of oz. the 32-year-old became the first aussie to own one of the green jackets winning the masters over the weekend. some call it an unbelievable -- well, i don't know if i want to say that. truly unbelievable. justin bieber criticized for what he wrote in a guest book at
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the anne frank house in amsterdam. look for yourself. truly inspiring to be able to come here. anne was a great girl. hopefully she would have been a belieber. despite online criticism, the museum spokesperson say that bieber did have good intentions. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week.
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a florida cop is apologizing for an incident that cost him his job. police sergeant ron king was reportedly fired after bringing target posters to a shooting range depicting the silhouette of a hooded figure in a sweatshirt carrying a bag of skittles and a can of iced tea. this will sound familiar because it's the resemblance of trayvon martin all from that case when the 17 year old was shot to death in february of 2012 by a neighborhood watch volunteer. trayvon was in a hoodie carrying iced tea and skittles. king appeared to explain his actions in a youtube video posted over the weekend but nbc has not verified this is indeed king. >> the target was something that
8:30 am
i viewed as an example of a no-shoot situation. while others used it as a novelty, i view it as a tool for scenario base ed firearms training. although targets were never used but i did possess them for those training it reasons. >> joining me is attorney benjamin crump. it's good to have you back on with me. nbc is yet to confirm that video is indeed from king himself. however, jonathan capehart did an editorial in today's "the washington post" about this story in which he says king never explains why he has a no-shoot training aid at a shooting range and while king may have viewed the targets as
8:31 am
innocuo innocuous, that wasn't the intent. >> trayvon's parents are trying to deal with emotions that come over an allegation like this. if an allegation is true, it's extremely painful to them that the image of their child, their dead child, would be used by police officers follow target practice. that is something that as a parent you just think these are the police. they can't do that kind of stuff. it's not acceptable for anybody but certainly not police who are sworn to protect and serve all citizens. >> so the explanation in and of itself you don't really buy the fact that he was trying to use those aids for officers in police training to think first before shooting by using what would have mimicked an example of what trayvon was carrying the night he was murdered and shot by zimmerman?
8:32 am
>> we don't understand what benefits a target practice with trayvon's image would be used for in any scenario especially by the police. it's one of those things that if these allegations are true, thomas, it is problematic on so many levels and it's problematic not only for trayvon's parents but also for the trust that the community must have with law enforcement agencies. this certainly affects that trust especially in the black community. >> the trial against george zimmerm zimmerman claims he shot trayvon martin in self-defense that night. george zimmerman's mom said her son was arrested to placate the masses. are you concerned that the case once again is being tried in the court of public opinion since
8:33 am
it's taken so long to actually hear the case in court itself? >> i think it's disrespectful to the system to afford george zimmerman every consideration that could be afforded to a killer of an unarmed child. never in history of our criminal justice system has the admitted killer of an unarmed child been given so much consideration as george zimmerman. we believe the state of florida arrested george zimmerman on second-degree murder based on the evidence that he profiled, pursued and shot trayvon martin in the heart. it's the evidence that matters and nothing else. >> we should note that george zimmerman sued nbc universal for defamation. the company denies those allegations. mr. crump, thank you for taking time to speak to me. the trial date is set to begin
8:34 am
in june. we'll keep an eye on that. this the day that many thought north korea might test fire a missile to mark the 101st birthday of north korea ya's founder, kim il-sung. >> i think there's been so much rhetoric and intensity to the missiles and to the confrontation that sometimes the message gets lost. i think it never hurts to reinforce that a nation is prepared under the right circumstances when conditions are met to have an appropriate negotiation. >> joining me now live is former undersecretary of state nicholas burns. sir, it's great to have you with
8:35 am
me. north korea doesn't typically respond to diplomatic overtures. is it really feasible to think that we could get them to the talks for diplomatic reasons? >> i think that talks are a long way off. the united states twice negotiated with north korea back in 1994 and again in 2006, 2007 and 2008. north korea made commitments it didn't honor. it would lie about what it would do and didn't keep to its promises. i think the obama administration is appropriately skeptical. it is interesting that we have seen -- we haven't seen as much in terms of announcements from pyongyang in the last few days. that might be because china is finally beginning to excerpt influence. >> we talk about that trip and this follows the weeks of traumatic rhetoric and the dramatic rhetoric, threats that have gone to the south. and including the possibility of some type of nuclear strike.
8:36 am
do we have any clear sense of just how advanced north korea's nuclear threat really is? >> it has tested nuclear weapons and fired intercontental missiles in the past. it can inflict damage on its neighbors. any time there's a nuclear weapons country and has them in their possession and is as unstable a regime as pyongyang is, it has to be a concern. you've seen concern from china over the last few days with public announcements made during his trip and you have heard that from south korea and japan. this is a security crisis of the first order because of the inexperience and unpredictability of a leader there. >> andrea mitchell is on the trip with secretary kerry asked him pointblank about the
8:37 am
possibility of a missile launch by the north. take a look. >> what does it mean if he does launch a missile or do some other provocative act on this day, the anniversary, or in coming days? >> let me reverse that. so far today and we are only halfway through the day, there hasn't been a shoot and my hope is that there won't be because that would mean perhaps we're turning a corner and there's a possibility of moving in a better direction. >> kim jong-un is following typical pattern of north korean leaders with this type of bluster. as you were pointing out, he is unproven and has a lot to try to prove to the generals that are serving him. >> that's exactly right. his primary motivation right now is just survival of his own regime and prosperity of that regime. he'll do what he has to do to get people to believe in him and especially in the north.
8:38 am
it is interesting that on this 101st birthday of kim il-sung we haven't seen a missile test by north korea. it's unclear what this means but the united states has to be in the business of containing the threat. you can't bank on anything that it says. over the long-term that's going to be where focus of u.s. policy should be. >> ambassador nicholas burns, thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you can watch more of andrea mitchell's interview with secretary of state john kerry on "andrea mitchell reports" at 1:00 p.m. eastern time right here on msnbc. coming up, growth, efficiency, fairness and inclusion, what a group of lawmakers say is necessary for immigration reform. plus, striking out on diversity. how major league baseball is working to improve efforts for equal opportunities and today's big question for you. what legislation will get through congress more quickly, immigration reform or gun
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>> we have a legal immigration system that does not work. it does not reflect the economic needs of this country in the 21st century. it needs to be modernized and our agreement will do that. >> that was florida senator marco rubio during one of his seven sunday morning interviews in support of immigration reform. rubio is critical to hopes for immigration reform not only in the senate but also in the house. first read saying he's not charged with getting it passed in the senate. he's charged with getting the bill a big number in the senate by lobbying and giving cover for conservatives because that's the key to unlocking the house. joining me now is democratic congressman from colorado. it's great to have you in person. i want to ask you about that specifically. how close or how do supporters watching marco rubio and what it means to giving conservatives the cover they need to move forward. >> it is critical.
8:43 am
we need to see action on the senate on a bill that reflects our values as americans as a pathway to citizenship and principles of eight people working on it do have that. we need a vote of more than 60. we want a strong vote to give a message to house leadership boehner an cantor they have to bring it to the floor and it's decisive on the republican side. we need to demand a vote. >> it includes a three tier path to legal status including ten-year wait for a green card and mandates and improvement in border security before a pathway to citizenship. where do you see the best chance of compromise between the house and senate plans before they come together? >> these are compromises. one of the lines in the sand for myself and progressives is pathway to citizenship and it can't take their entire lives this he have provisional working
8:44 am
permit and green cards. recent polls show upwards of 90% of undocumented immigrants aspire to be american citizens. we need to make sure that's achievable in their lifetime and in their adult years. >> how do you put cold water on the hot button word of amnesty. that's what people are looking at this to be. you walk a fine line to be able to meet that compromise so that an incentive is reached on both sides. >> as marco rubio said and sas e said over seven talks shows, it's about creating lines. those who are here illegally will get in a line. there's no orderly way to do this currently. it's about restoring the rule of law to our country and making sure that immigration system reflects the needs of our economy and our values as americans. >> while all of that is well and good, the national view online is reporting that some conservatives in the house are ready to block immigration reform at any turn particularly
8:45 am
when it comes out of the senate. explain the uphill climb as you say you want strong support coming out of the senate with a lot of votes in favor, well over 60. when it gets to the house side, what is going to be the measure that are going to get people to support it especially if there's already entrenched opposition that doesn't want to hear it? >> it's one of the issues where the votes are there on the house floor. it's a question of how you navigate it with judiciary committee and even if only 30 or 40 republicans voted for it on the house floor, we have enough democrats to get it across the finish line. the challenging position for boehner and cantor is decisive on their own side. there needs to be great pressure from the american people to solve this problem. faith based community, catholic community, evangelical community, business community, strong proponents of immigration reform. >> great to have you here in person. >> my pleasure. >> senator marco rubio may like rap but he's singing a different
8:46 am
tune when it comes to jay-z. beyonce and jay-z are catching heat for their trip to cuba from the florida republican. rubio calls jay-z a hypocrite for visiting that island nation. >> i thought it was hypocritical for jay-z and beyonce to go to cuba. there's a rapper right now in cuba who is on a hunger strike and persecuted because of his lyrics. some great news to pass along here. the bush family has a new addition. look at this picture. jenny bush hager giving birth to margaret laura or mila on saturday night. she's named after her grandmothers. both mom and baby are healthy and their family is "elated." miles all around. the former president fired off a equip to dallas morning news saying people were surprised that he painted. some people are surprised that i
8:47 am
can even read. more signs that anthony weiner is laying the groundwork for a mayoral run in new york city. he released a policy book called keys to the city that recaps ideas when he was expecting to run in 2008. when asked if he thought his former fellow new york lawmaker deserved a comeback, here's what chuck schumer had to say about it. >> does anthony weiner deserve a second chance? >> i won't comment on that. how did i know you would ask that question, jonathan. >> no comment at all? >> no comment. >> you won't comment on whether he deserves a second chance. >> no comment. >> no comment at all. that's rare we have senator schumer with a no comment. >> guess who could be on collision course for hillary clinton come 2016. elizabeth warren. the massachusetts democrat is generating increasing support among progressives who say they will push for an alternative candidate if clinton supports cutting benefits of any kind. we have this to pass along. learning that senator lindsey
8:48 am
graham will vote no on the gun control bill. he tweeted i will oppose the toomey-manchin background amen amendment. >> we asked what will get control faster. uncle jimmy says neither will leave the house. they will both be poisoned with amendments to the point that nobody will support them. and christie asks, stuff gets done quickly in congress? snark there. keep comments coming in on twitter and facebook. ome over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet...
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>> what are you going to do if one of these pitchers throws toward your head? >> i'll duck. >> you don't belong here and you never will. >> get off the field. >> all right, so if you're catching a movie today, it could be the number "42" about baseball legend, jackie robinson, who on this day in 1947 made history in new york when he joined the brooklyn dodgers and became the first mabel league ball player to break the color barrier. it scored history at the box office over the weekend, taking in $27.3 million domestically, a record for a baseball movie. another rare display will be seen in red sox nation today, the sox tweeting a picture showing the team plans to wear jerseys, bearing robinson's number 42, all the more fitting for a man whose widow described him on nbc's "meet the press" as one of a kind. >> he was a passionate advocate for change and social change. however, he also understood that
8:53 am
there were anything he did, that was contrary to what was expected might destroy the opportunities. >> so major league baseball is taking steps to further the pioneering efforts of athletes like jackie robinson by launching a task force to study how the increase or lack thereof in diversity in the game especially among black players has evolved. cording to a league report. only 8% players were african-american. wendy lewis is the senior vice president of diversity and strategic alliances for major league baseball and joins me to talk more about this. those numbers would be a little surprising to certain people. when did the league become aware of the shortcomes? and what are they trying to do to overcome that? >> actually it's been something we've been observing for a while and we've seen the numbers ebb and flow, but we basically are dissatisfied with the level that they are today. so one of the very, what we think is exciting and strategic
8:54 am
remedies is the development of this task force as you mentioned. >> so the development. what does that mean? as we talk about the success of "42" and obviously for millenniumals and others, what jackie robinson was able to do, here we are in 2013, as i said, i think people would be surprised that you need a task force to talk about diversity. >> the task force, to be quite honest is ideally a collection or collaboration of individuals and organizations and programs that have been in place for many years. but to have everyone collectively at the table, representing as diverse and wide of a range of perspective on this, all the way from hbc coaches to the commissioner himself. that's a first. so the task force consists of what we consider some of the best leaders in the business, forced to give some of the best solutions. >> major league baseball isn't the only sport that's talking about diversity and where it stands on the soernl issues. nfl player and pro lgbt activist
8:55 am
was on the air talking about what it means to be a player in today's sporting world. i want to play a part of it. >> in the sports field where a little bit behind society. and if you can play, you can play. it doesn't matter if you're black, white, brown, whatever sex you are, whatever your sexual orientation is. if you have disabilities, whatever. let's go out there and teach an inclusive sports environment and a team environment and it will push on to social issues as well. >> all four major sports, hockey has come out in showing more tolerance when it comes to having a gay player on teams. what does it mean for the mlb? i'm sure that whif we've been seeing more conversation emerge about whether or not an openly gay player can come out on a team. what's the response from the mlb about what that means in your sport? >> for mlb, it's true as the other sports, if a player would choose, to self-identify, that orientation, it would to me
8:56 am
really not make that much of a difference. in terms of diversity, we know that it is more than just about a gender and about race. and so i think mlb is very well positioned. and is very thoughtful about that, when one of our players decides to do that publicly. >> and which was your favorite baseball team? >> all 30. >> i'm trying to get her, get her on the record, she did this to me in the commercial break. she's good, though. major league baseball diversity strategist, wendy lewis, great to have you on. that's going to wrap things up for me today, i'll see you back tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern. joining me on the show, connecticut senator chris murphy and former governor bill richardson, talking to him about north korea. "now" with alex wagner comes your way next. investments for you. e-trade. less for us. more for you. the fund's prospectus contains its investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information and should be read and considered carefully
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