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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 20, 2013 11:00am-2:00pm PDT

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her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ moments ago, the city of boston con verging at fenway park to show that they are boston strong. meanwhile, dozens of police surround the hospital where dzhokar tsarnaev is in serious condition. what is next for the 19-year-old suspect? what's next for the city of boston? good saturday afternoon, i'll craig melvin. want to get you up-to-date on
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the latest from boston. here is what we know right now. terror suspect dzhokar tsarnaev is in custody at this hour, being treated for his wounds the boston hospital. he was captured by police late last night you can around 8:45 after a massive manhunt, there is a growing controversy today over whether questioning him before he receives miranda warning is the right thing to do. a short time ago, the aclu put out a statement saying every defendant is entitled to defend miranda lights. five lawmakers want him treated as an enemy combatant. 53 people remain in boston hospitals today, three in critical condition, including a 7-year-old girl. nbc news national investigative correspondent michaels i cough is in boston, ron allen outside boston's beth israel medical center where the suspect and many of the victims are being kept and kristen we willinger at the white house, let's get to the latest on investigation. for that, we turn to michaels i
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cough, again, in boston. what is the fbi focusing on today and moving forward? >> reporter: federal prosecutors are focusing on drafting a criminal complaint we could see as early as this afternoon, detailing the criminal charges against him supported by an affidavit from an fbi agent that would lay out some details of the plot. not all of them but could provide crucial new information for us about what tsarnaev actually did and raise and shed some light on whether the fbi think there is are any accomplices or not. at the same time, have this high-value intelligence interrogation team that is planning to question him as early as they can without reading him his miranda rights, the standard rights you see on every crime show. mandated by the constitution are
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not going to be use td used in case. [ inaudible ] that is quite controversial already. the aclu has questioned that, has said this is un-american. and it's gonna be very controversial to see how far they go and what the scope of the questioning is by this high-value interrogation team. clearly, what they want to know, did he have any accomplices? were there any international connections? were there anybody overseas directing him, encouraging him, guiding him, providing him financial support? all that is the prime subject of questioning and it's the top priority for federal
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investigators right now. >> mike, that public safety exception to the miranda rules that the justice department has invoked, i understand that there's a 48-hour window of some sort. what does that mean? >> it means for that period of time, 48 hours, they can question him without reading him his rights. >> okay. >> what's interesting in this case is because he is injured, because he is being treated in a hospital, it is unclear at what point that 48-hour time period will start ticking. and it seems like they are waiting for the time when they will actually begin questioning him because it could be 48 hours before he is well enough to be questioned. this came up, by the way, remember after the christmas day bombing in detroit, the suspect there was being treated in the hospital, a question what point he had to be read his rights.
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we will see. some cases in the past, that one stands out, federal investigators say that they can get information from suspects, crucial information, that helps them piece together whether there is an overseas connection. we will see whether tsarnaev agrees to talk or whether he demands to invoke his constitutional rights. my guess is having grown up in this country, watched enough tv shows to know that he doesn't have to talk and nothing this interrogation team can do to force him to talk. >> national investigative correspondent, michaeli iss is. victims and their relatives are at the same hospital. nbc's ron allen outside beth israel for us now. ron, first of all, how many of the bombing victims are at the
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same hospital as the suspect right now? >> 11 at last count and it was inevitable this would happen because all of boston's major hospitals have victims of the bombing. and the suspect had to go somewhere. why they brought him here to beth israel is unclear. the boston medical center has the largest number of patients but that's unclear. it has created perhaps an awkward situation. i cannot believe that the bombing victims and the suspect are anywhere near each other. this is a sprawling, massive facility, sure they are keeping them apart as you would expect. craig? >> what do we know about the condition of the suspect at this hour and what do we know about the condition right now versus the condition when they brought him in last night? >> let me tell you one other thing about the victims and the suspect being together, there is a family that we have been in touch with since this happened, the nordin family. some good news, bad news. the good news this is a woman
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named liz nordin, two brothers, both in their 30s, paul and jp, both were injured during the bombing at the marathon. both are amputees now, they both lost all or part of one of their legs. the good news this is the family that has one of their boys in the hospital where the suspect is. the good news today is that for the first time, the mother reports that she was able to look into her son, paul's eyes, and speak to him and he opened his eyes for the first time, now almost a week after the bombing happened. but again, she was quoted in a number of publications expressing some concern about her son being in the same hospital as the suspect, but she later relented saying -- understanding this was inevitable, as i said earlier, there are bomb victims in all of boston's major holtz. again, just a very odd perhaps uncomfortable situation for this family as the authorities and the doctors try to do the best they can to handle just this incredible situation affecting the entire city.
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>> again, reporting the suspect still in serious condition at last check? >> as far as we know, yes. we are not getting regular updates from the hospital here, they are keeping this under wraps, every time we ask, they say -- they refer us basically to the fbi and to the police. i don't know that we are going to hear a lot of information about his condition, again, because this is such a sensitive case. we do know he was brought here in serious condition , as the boston police described it he lost a lot of blood, he was wounded, we don't note extent of those wounds or injuries and don't at what point during 290 hours he was hugetive, he was wound and how his medical condition was, his physical and mental condition during this whole flight period. so again, very little information, serious condition, and we would imagine that the investigators are going to talk to him as soon as he is able to respond. >> ron allen from beth israel medical center. ron, thank you. today, president obama praising law enforcement in
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trackinging down the suspect, late last night after authorities announced they captured their man, this is what the president had to say. >> boston police and state police and local police across the come mop wealth of massachusetts responded with professionalism and bravery over five long days and tonight, because of their determined efforts, we have closed an important chapter in this tragedy. >> nbc's kristen welker at the white house for us. what's happening at the white house today? >> no events on the president's schedule but i can tell you behind the scenes, i have been told by administration officials, the president will be in contact with his national security team when necessary to monitor the ongoing developments in this investigation. you remember when president obama spoke last night, craig, he said there are a number of questions that need to be anticipated, included what motivated these two young men to take these hape noeinous action
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and of course did they have accomplices? that is the question everybody wants answered now. i don't expect we will hear from president obama today or really anyone from his administration. however, behind the scenes, i'm told he continues to monitor what's happening with the boston investigation. >> kristen wedger from 1600 pennsylvania. we will come back to you later. thank you. >> thanks. the boston marathon bombing was the first terrorerist attack to take place on u.s. soil since 9/11. joining me now, massachusetts congressman john tierney who sits on the house subcommittee for national security, homeland defense and foreign operations. congressman, thanks for joining us by phone on this saturday. >> thanks for having me, craig. >> we saw those massive celebrations in the streets of boston, around boston last night. but as the dust settles today, what's the mood like there? how long is it going to take for folks to get back to normal? >> it will take a while longer. i think there's a great deal of
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relief being vented right now. people are just glad that these two individuals have been cap sbhaurd little bit of a caution out there as well, people wondering, as the president said, what else is involved, if anything here and who else might be involved? i think that mostly, a lot of concern for the families. i was in wilmington earlier today where sean collier's family had lived. he was the m.i.t. officer who passed away. people there are incredibly supportive of that family, the law enforcement people there trying to make sure the family was able to get to the hospital when the incident happened. so, there's just a mixture of feelings and attitudes here, mostly trying to be supportive to the families of the people that passed away and the people that were injured. also, relief this part of this stage, this chanter is over, but a washington 'cause and concern over what else is involved. >> the suspect again, not given miranda rights, we have already heard from the aclu, there are a number of lawmakers who, meanwhile, five at last check, were calling for him to be
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treated as an enemy combatant. do we think, your personal opinion, do we think that he should have been read his miranda rights? >> i think that he has got that brief window of time. i heard the segment you did with mike ignacious on that and that period of time where if public safety issues arise, allows them to ask questions. i think it appears from what i know, i don't know anything, none of us do right now, that we are in that window, there is a concern for public safety and probably able to question him and i just hope they don't go over that line. they have to make sure that they stay in that line you you want any prosecution to hold up. you want this person to be held accountable. >> what about treating him as an enemy combatant? what is your take on that? >> i don't know all the facts here to establish that yet. i'm not sure that most of us that aren't intimately involved with the investigation know all the niceties involved in making that determination. i would hesitate to make a leap to that point without having quite a bit more information. >> massachusetts congressman john tierney. congressman, thank you. >> thank you, craig.
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coming up, we will go inside the investigation. we will also talk a little bit about the chechnya connection, what do we have yet to learn? what lessons have we learn after a week like none other? this is msnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] from the way the bristles move to the way they clean, once you try an oral-b deep sweep power brush, you'll never go back to a regular manual brush. its three cleaning zones with dynamic power bristles reach between teeth with more brush movements to remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual brush. and even 76% more plaque than sonicare flexcare in hard to reach areas. oral-b deep sweep 5000 power brush. life opens up when you do.
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we have a suspect in custody. >> the words all of boston and the rest of the country, for that mat per have been waiting to hear, heard them last night. federal and local authorities today are attempting to piece together just what was behind the marathon bomb. at this point this it is not clear when police will talk to the wounded suspect in custody that 19-year-old. clint van zant is a former fbi profiler, also an nbc analyst. james cavanaugh is a retired atf special agent, also an msnbc and
11:17 am
nbc news analyst. thanks for coming back, guys. let's start here, clint. at this point, where are federal investigators likely to focus their investigation to determine whether these brothers, in fact, acted alone? >> you have got some immediate things they have got to do and they have got some long term. we want to assure all the investigative agencies and especially the public in the boston area there are no more devices, nothing out there with a two-week timer sitting on it or anything like that that these guys might have set. not only did they built the pressure cooker bombs but told happened held ieds, pipe bombs. and find out if anybody in the area was supporting them in the activities, the investigations go on from there.
11:18 am
where did they get the training? investigators in their own mind are comfortable that the 26-year-old was the leader, the 19-year-old was the follower. but where did the 26-year-old get his inspiration? not only what was the origin of it, but you did anybody else facilitate that, encourage him, pay him? all of these things are yet to be determined. >> james, the bombs that clint was talking about there, homemade ieds, how sophisticated were they and what does the level of sophistication tell you about these two? >> these bombs were, i call them simple but effective and they were practiced -- they were made with practice or someone was someone was instructing someone how to make them, electronically fused, remains to be seep if we mind out they were remotely detonate bud a pretty instack, suss estimate, weccinct
11:19 am
succinct, improvised anti-personnel mine. there could be help from the older brother, traveled to the caucuses and spent a year or more. odd witness on, craig, you played earlier, that talked about his change, his complete change in appearance. that was a seminal point. clint had talked about things disaffecting his life. al qaeda has designed this thing to have this spider web around the world. and something changes in people's lives, we can go back to the 9/11 highjackers, something can change as well. >> should be carefully here joining any definitive connection between these guys and al qaeda right now, correct? >> i think that's true, we don't have the facts but we do know that he went away and came back and he changed his appearance
11:20 am
and planted the bombs and then he became a suicide bomber. there's a lot of facts that add up that respect even supposition. it is going to change out, something changed in his life, like clint was describing, something big changed, he came back, all of a sudden, bombs planted in a suicide vest that's certainly one of the ideals of al qaeda. i agree the facts remain to be seen but a pretty radical change. >> clint what do we know about the six months that the 26-year-old, that the older brother that six months he was in russia? do we know a great deal about what he was doing there? >> that's what we are trying to get a handle on, we know the russian fis, foreign intelligence service taxed the fbi and asked them to do investigation on the 26-year-old here. reasonable to believe they ask us to do it here, they may have done it there or may have had a
11:21 am
region, a quantum leap there, as jim was talking about, where will you develop those bomb-making skills? you don't go to m.i.t. to learn,build pressure cooker bombs, do you go to the caucuses, do you go to that area of the world where these devices have been used successfully to attack humanity for year upon year upon year. so i think that six-month period, the russians help us in that we may be able to identify who he was working with and gone to perhaps some type of terroristic training, bomb making school. realize the two brothers set some place. they built multiple pressure cooker bombs, built these hand-held devices. they did a lot. we have had fwhoermts u.s. try to blow their underwear up, try to blow their shoes up, try to blow their car up and they weren't successful, thank god.
11:22 am
>> you think this goes beyond what they could pick up on the internet? >> i do i do. i think somebody sitting over their shoulder neath needed to be done. i don't think it was looking a this the seven or eight-page manual you could pull out of inspiration the al qaeda-influenced website that tells how to build a bomb in your mother's kitchen. i think it goes beyond that. i think this is hand-held, you doing it, somebody showed him how to do it brought those skills back, we have to find out was there a bomb making factory in their house or another location? >> clint van zandt, james cavanaugh, thanks, gentlemen. bring you back later. coming up, tensions and caution rise as another huge city prepares for another big marathon tomorrow. you are watching msnbc. ♪
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[ applause ] >> thank you! >> thank you! >> cheers in watertown, massachusetts, after the capture of the boston marathon bombing suspect last night, adults, children lining the streets there. it was an impromptu parade of sorts. we will go live to watertown for a live report coming up. meanwhile, the london marathon, one of the largest in the world, will be run tomorrow. in a show of solidarity, runners will observe a moment of silence and wear black ribbons as a tribute to the victims of the bombing. duncan golestani joins us live what mesh slurs been taken in that city to increase security, if any? >> reporter: yeah, hey, craig. what they have done is london police has increased the number of officers out on patrol by 40%. there have also been more sniffer dogs. you know this course is 26 miles long. it's open to the public.
11:27 am
attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators and it winds its way past some of the uk's most iconic landmarks, buckingham palace, big ben and tower bridge, it's tough event to protect and everyone here is thinking about what happened in boston, london's police have been in contact with their colleagues over there and with the fbi. but despite that increase in security arrangements, the police here are staying there is no change to the threat level. they are calling the increased numbers reassurance policing, that's making sure the crowds and the competitors feel safe. and you know what, we have spoken to lots of competitors, including some who finished the boston marathon just before the explosion he is and they told us you know what, we feel safe, we will race and honor the victims of boston before the start of tomorrow's marathon, there is going to be a 30-second silence and organizers promised for every competitor over the finish line, they will donate $3 to the boston victims fund, because you
11:28 am
know, all week here in the uk, we have been monitoring what's been happening in the states i and been a real outpouring of sympathy and empathy and relief today that it seems to be over. craig? >> show of solidarity from over the pond. duncan golestani, thank you from london. more on the suspect coming up and what his family says was really behind the events of last week. you are watching msnbc. from the to the way they clean, once you try an oral-b deep sweep power brush, you'll never go back to a regular manual brush. its three cleaning zones with dynamic power bristles reach between teeth with more brush movements to remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual brush. and even 76% more plaque than sonicare flexcare in hard to reach areas. oral-b deep sweep 5000 power brush. life opens up when you do. i love to golf. ♪
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merely hours after the fbi released this video, one suspect was dead, another suspect was on the run, but what happened before the bombing? first, let's bring up to indictment very latest from boston. here's what we know right now the victims of the marathon bombings were honored this afternoon at a special ceremony at a sacred place in beantown, fenway park, right before the start of the red sox/royals game. meanwhile, several republican senators today say they want
11:32 am
dzhokhar tsarnaev tried as an enemy combat tant, not as a criminal defendant. meanwhile, 53 people remain in boston hospitals today, three of them are in critical condition, including a 7-year-old girl. right now, we go to watertown, where the suspect, again, was captured last night. nbc's luke russert is standing by for us right now. luke, what's happening in watertown today? >> reporter: well, craig, it's really extraordinary. i will hold up a headline from the boston the globe, which says nightmare end, a fitting headline for all the residents of watertown. before i came into this hit with you, i went and walked through both of the crime scenes, the one where the secondment is was ultimately found in a boat and i went to where the big shootout was early friday morning and it's quite remarkable to see. this is very much a story of apple pie and chevrolet neighborhood, today, after all that horrific violence that happened in the community, all that fear that happened in the community, they were shutdown, families are out. you see people walking their
11:33 am
dogs, you see little kids setting up a lemonade stand, one little girl telling me she is going to take the proceeds from that stand and give them to victims of the bombing, real heartwarming stories, you see a lot of folks from the surrounding boston area who just wanted to come into watertown and see what was going on, even taking pictures. one lady had a good sense of humor about it on the street where the shootout happened early on friday, she goes, my car sustained bomb damage, my husband's sustained bullet damage. i hope that's covered by our insurer. there's a little lightness here and there on the serious side, over on franklin street exwhere the second suspect was ultimately found, craig, that is still very much an active crime scene. when we went over there we saw fbi investigators still combing through it the street is shut off, only available for residents to go and have access to it, but nevertheless, that sort of tv truck land usa, which i'm sure you know coming up through the industry. overall, i would say watertown, they are trying to resume a sense of normalcy, but i cannot
11:34 am
tell you how many folks i saw on their porch just wanting to be outside enjoying their freedom once again. >> perhaps the greatest sign that boston is getting back to normal, that baseball game today going on not too far from where you are, fenway park, the fitting tribute before the game, it looks and sounds like boston is slowly getting back to normal. >> absolutely. and i think that baseball game, the celebration to put the last week so hard on so many boss tone yaps behind them. what's interesting about that game, you saw so many folks in the watertown community with red sox paraphernalia on, then a lot of the kids, they would go on the porch and go back and say you hey, mom, dad, i'm going to go watch the game, almost heart game if you walked around through the open windows, which was a neat thing. so, that game as well as david ortiz putting his own spin on how proud he is to be a
11:35 am
bostonian is something we will remember the rest of our lives. >> big papi paying tribute. luke russert, appreciate that. >> take care. the heritage is raising questions about a possible motive in the boston marathon attack. this morning, learned the russian intelligence agency reportedly interviewed the father of the suspect. we were also learning that one of the alleged bombers, the older brother, the 26-year-old, visited two places in southern russia. just last year, he stayed for about six months. nbc news in moscow now with reaction from the suspect's family in russia. >> reporter: both parents have been speaking to the media and they maintain that their sons, the two bombs suspects are inspects and have been framed. ed -- the father says he believes they have been set up. the mother, who spoke to a local news organization, also accused
11:36 am
the fbi of regularly harassing the family and she said that's because they are ethnic chechens. the parents both have been living in dagestan more recently this is a small russian republic, population 3 million, borders iran, in the north caucuses region this is a very troubled area. it's been marked by a long, violent history, violent relationship with moscow, rather. and in fact, there have been two wars fought in chechnya, which neighbors dagestan, since the soviet union breakup in the early '90s. there have been a number of terrorist bombings attacks in russia as a result of the separatist movement, both in chechnya and in dagestan. there have been some relatives in dagestan who have actually come out, we spoke to a cousin just now to said that if they saw dzhokhar now, they would slap him. they do seem to believe, in their conversation with us, that it was possible that he was guilty. back to you. >> adrienne mong, sounds like
11:37 am
some of the family there agrees with the uncle here. meanwhile, back here in the united states, investigators will do two things to help paint a picture of the brothers. they have already been talking to family and friends, as we just heard there from adrienne, to try to get a sense of who they were and how they lived. they will also pore over their lives on social media, looking at their twitter and facebook the can accounts. evan coleman is a terrorist analyst, and he studieds jihadi chat rooms and social networking hubs. he joins me on the phone. i understand you are in ireland. thank you so much for carving out some time for us. there were various radical postings on the youtube account and athey were s and they were set up three weeks after the trip to russia. what can we learn about him from those videos? >> one of the things that
11:38 am
becomes clear is this is someone with an interest in radical islam. nature of that interest i should emphasize, we are still trying to sort out, but it's pretty clear from the comes that he has made, interviews are previous to obviously what happened in boston, along with other material, this is someone who had a fairly strict view of islam. it appears to be someone who had a relatively negative view of various sects within islam that he considered to be, you know, apostate sects, shiites, this is a view we think is a rigid view ofs i l.a. there is more to be discovered here. interesting aspects revealed by the suspect's mother, interviewed in russian media, she acknowledged the fact that her son about-visiting what she described as extremist websites and i do get the sense that what we have seen so far maybe the tip of the iceberg.
11:39 am
toward that end, today and yesterday, we saw searches in new jersey, relatives of mr. tsarnaev, looking for computer evidence, presumably with the aim of trying to figure out exactly what websites this individual was visiting, were they chechen separatist websites, were they jihadi websites? what exactly the material was he viewing and more importantly -- >> evan, i want to interrupt you there i do want to ask you, why is the suspects -- that chech.ethnicity or the chechen component to all of this, why is that so significant? >> well, look, i know when people think about al qaeda, they think about saudi arabia, they think about iraq or they think about syria. but the reality, is there are extremist movements sympathetic to al qaeda across the muslim world. i would emphasize the majority
11:40 am
of chechens want nothing to do with al qaeda or radical islam, there are indeed individuals in chechnya who follow this ideology this is something called the islamic emirate of the caucuses. this is an organization responsible for major terrorist attacks inside of russia, including attacks on trains, power plants, airplanes, commercial aircraft, and yet this organization, and presumably, this is the organization that would be most able to provide this kind of training in this region, has also issued a number of statements in which they seem to distance themselves from what's happened in boston. in fact, they have accused russian intelligence of being behind the boston attacks. so again, it is still a bit of an unclear picture but yes, indeed, in chechnya, there is no doubt there are extremists who have dies to groups like al qaeda and who aspire to carry out terrorist attacks, primarily in russia, although they don't like the united states much more either. >> evan coleman, nbc's terrorism
11:41 am
analyst, thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. here is quick look at some of the other stories making news on this saturday. at least 156 people died and more than 5,000 were injured in a giant earthquake in southwestern china today. the 6.6 magnitude quake hit the szechwan province, not far from where a larger earthquake killed 70,000 back in 2008. back here, the death toll in texas continues to rise, 14 people have now died from the massive fertilizer plant explosion there. about 200 were hurt. 60 people are still unaccounted for, although there's been some confusion over whether that 60 figure is totally accurate. that plant blew up wednesday in west texas, north of waco. secretary of state john kerry is traveling in turkey today. he is meeting with members of the syrian opposition. secretary kerry will fly to brussels monday to meet with nato foreign ministers. and changes for the boy
11:42 am
scouts. the governing board of the boy scouts of america is recommending ending that organization's ban on openly gay scouts but the board still wants to prohibit gay troop leaders. more after a break. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. and with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet?
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♪ what so proudly we hail at the twilight's ♪ >> if baseball were a religion that would be one of the holiest of places, boston's fenway park, just moments ago, where boston -- the red sox are taking on the royals, playing for the first time since the lockdown was lifted and a terrorist was captured, a suspected terrorist was captured. joining me now from fenway, nick cafarto, "boston globe" national baseball reporter for the "boston globe."
11:46 am
nick, good to have you. >> thanks for having me, guys. >> and you're at fenway, i understand? >> yes, i am. yeah, i'm here for the game and little pitchers' duel going on, certainly the big stuff happened before the game. that's what people will remember here, tremendous ceremony version moving, i don't think there was a dry eye at fenway park. >> what is security like by the way at fenway? >> a little more, a little more than usual, i think people that pay more attention, especially to bags, looking through the bags a little more thoroughly than they would normally do i think that's basically it. i don't think anybody is trying to to be too intrusive, keeping an eye on thinks closer now. >> we did see before we went to air, did see on the yum bow tron there were some instructions to the fans who had gather there had about what to do in case something happened, some evacuation instructions, did you
11:47 am
see that? >> i didn't. i think i saw everything but. understandable consideration the situation. this was a traumatic, traumatic thing here, those of us who live here all the time, you know, we just never thought something like this could happen in boston, massachusetts. i think people are taking every precaution possible, even would be a person apprehended. you know, i think -- i think it's a wakeup call that things can happen here, too i think that's what's going on. >> i understand the players are wearing different uniforms today as well. can you tell me about that? >> yeah, usually on the road, they wear a uniform, a gray uniform that says boston on t at home they wear a unifoow white
11:48 am
with boston on t very aproappro given the situation with boston. i think dr. charles steinberg, who kind of plans these events always seems to think the right way on these things and that was a nice touch. >> quickly before i let you get to you the of here, nick, video of big papi here. i had could tomorrow to the set. what did he say? what did he do to get the crowd so riled up? >> he said this is our bleeping city. >> that will do it. >> you can fill in the blank. starts with an f. he got the crowd roaring. like i said very emotional. everybody was crying and perks everybody up with that comment. but he got quite a roar with t >> boston appears to be slowly getting back to normal. nick, thank you so much, do appreciate your time from the "boston globe." >> thank you. after the victorious take down of suspect number two some
11:49 am
of the questions that remain reach all the way to washington, d.c. we will talk about that after this. [ female announcer ] switch to swiffer 360 duster extender, and you'll dump your old duster. swiffer 360 duster extender cleans high and low, with thick all around fibers that attract and lock up to two times more dust than a feather duster. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. tens of thousands of dollars in hidden fees on their 401(k)s?! go to e-trade and roll over your old 401(k)s
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11:52 am
we will determine what happened. we will investigate any associations that these terrorists may have had and we will continue to do whatever we have to do to keep our people safe. >> terrorist attack targeting a classic new england pastime, a deadly middle of the night shootout in a small suburban neighborhood a massive manhunt for an explosive terrorist, the president not minneapolcing wort night. take a listen. >> all in all this has been a tough week, but we have seen the character of our country once more. and as president, i'm confident that we have the courage and the resilience and the spirit to overcome these challenges and to go forward as one nation, under
11:53 am
god, indivibsible with liberty and justice for all. >> what is next for boston? joining me, adrian walker "the boston globe"? can adrian hear me? do you have me? >> yeah, sorry, i can hear you. >> just making sure there. after the suspect was taken into custody last night this is what you tweeted. "i love that people are elated that he was taken alive, not sure that would have been the reaction everywhere." why do you think so? >> i think there are places, i'm from florida where people would see no reason to take him alive and, you know, here, everyone wants him to be alive because we have so many questions that we want answered about why this happened and what on earth they were thinking. so everybody wants him to be alive to answer those questions and to respond to justice. >> the suspect being alive does raise some questions about how he will be treated in custody, how that trial when it happens,
11:54 am
how that will occur, whether it will be a civilian trial or whether it will be a military trial, republican senators lindsey graham, kelly ayotte, congressman peter king a short time ago, issued a statement this morning asking for the suspect to be tried as an enemy combatant. they said, in part, "we do not want the suspect to remain silent." senator chambliss, vice chair of the subcommittee on violence said "i'm disappointed that it appears this administration is once again relying on miranda's public safety exception to gather intelligence which only allows, at best, a 48-hour waiting period that may expire since the suspect has been critically wounded." will there be a public outcry, ed o'keefe, about all that's given, the suspect is a natural citizen? >> with those five senators -- lawmakers, certainly the outcry could potentially be beginning. it's no surprise that that
11:55 am
quintet, if you will, is calling for the administration to handle him as what they describe as an enemy combat talent. the obama administration doesn't use that term anymore it allows for an indefinite detention of someone under national security concerns. that's what they are hoping for. we will see what the justice department decides, they haven't yet. but certainly, this issue will find its way to washington. there are various house and senate committees that have already said they plan to investigate exactly issues leading up to this explosion and then the subsequent manhunt and investigation and surely those concerned about how the administration handles him in the coming days. no surprise that this group has already said that they would like this because they say frankly, this is what it's for. you find a terrorist on u.s. soil, this is how they should be treated. democrats this after the into, some have already turned around and said, look, the administration is doing just fine on this, this san american citizen, he has to be afforded his rights, the justice department is acting a i appropriate. >> adrian, our pete williams is
11:56 am
reporting the suspect doesn't have to leave beth israel for his first court appear perhaps, theoretically i bring the magistrate to the hospital, have him there. any sense when that could happen? >> tomorrow morning or monday morning if, in fact, they design to arraign him in the hospital room, as i expect they will. >> that's what you're hearing now? >> yes. >> quickly, being on the ground, going boston, you have a unique perspective how is the city doing? >> the city is doing well. a big sigh of relief last night you can everyone is relived the tragedy didn't get worse than it did in the last 24 to 36 hours, very happy that life is beginning to approach normal. >> ed o'keefe, adrian walker, thanks too both of you, do appreciate your time. >> take care. coming up, the latest from the hospital where the 19-year-old suspect is staying now, along with a dozen of the victims as well. you are watching msnbc. [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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12:00 pm
we are one. we are boston. we are strong. we are boston. we are boston strong. >> beantown bearing its newest slogan on this saturday, boston strong, on its chest. good saturday to you, i'm craig melvin. coming up, who will question the suspect about his motives? before we get to that bring you the latest from boston this is what we know right now. boston mayor tom menino in an open letter this afternoon, thad the citizens of boston for their resiliency, for their kindness shown over the past week. the mayor also laid out the difficulties in getting a city back to normal. there is also a growing controversy today over questioning that 19-year-old suspect before he is read a miranda warning. a short time ago, the aclu put out a statement saying every defendant is entitled to be read miranda rights, republican lawmakers want him treated as an
12:01 pm
enemy combatant. meanwhi meanwhile, 53 people remain in boston hospitals today, three of them are in critical condition, including a 7-year-old girl. nbc news justice correspondent, pete williams is in washington. nbc's ron allen outside boston's beth israel medical center where, again, the suspect and many of the victims are being treated. let's start with the investigation, pete. what are investigators doing today? >> well, today is very much like any kind of a bombing investigation would be after all of the concern of yesterday is out of the window, now that he is in custody. and that means going through all of his communications. there will be several tracts here, who has he been talking to? what is on his computer? who has he been e-mailing? what has he been looking at on the internet is he has not traveled outside the country, unlike his brother. is he in touch with people overseas? are there people with whom he was in contact? was he inspired by others?
12:02 pm
what caused him to become radical? did he get money to do this? where did he buy the bomb parts? these are questioning he is they are looking at energy addition to going through the pictures this received to see if they got better images that could be used at trial or that could help to build their case. >> you reported earlier that the suspect will most likely be charged, could be charged with committing an act of terrorism using a weapons of mass destruction. is that language significant? >> that is the likely charge, the almost certain charge in fact, i guess it is interesting, you think of weapon of mass destruction, people think of a nuclear bomb or biological weapon. under a federal law, it just means that anything that is capable of killing or injuring a lot of people n this care the law specifically includes explosives, so a bomb is for the purposes of federal law, a weapon of mass destruction. now, he will be charged with using that the normal punishment for using one is life in prison
12:03 pm
but if death results, as it did here, three people killed in the marathon, then the government could seek the death penalty. >> when do they expect to start questioning the suspect? >> you know, the best word i have on that is not going to be today, could be tomorrow, dippeds on how he is doing. i don't have a very good idea of his medical condition but i guess the feeling is that it's not as bad as some have said. he can speak. but that perhaps it's not ready -- not time to start questioning him yet. but the charges could still come today. they can charge him and then the questioning and the charging are independent at this phase. >> talk to me a little bit more about this unique group that's actually going to be conducting the interrogation. >> well, in the first phase, what the government will do here is invoke something called the public safety exception. anybody who watches "law "law & order" know, as soon as somebody gets arrested, they always say, you have the right to remain silent, you have the
12:04 pm
right to lawyer, if one can't afford one, one will be presented for you, anything you say can be used in court, the usual miranda warning and that's normally given whenever anyone is arrested and if the government doesn't do that, if the police don't give that you warning, then anything you say cannot be used in court. but there is an exception. the law says basically if it's more important to protect public safety to get information about whether there are continuing threats, then you can question someone without the miranda warning and you can still use the evidence in court. this has been true in recent terrorism cases. you think about the underwear bomber case, abdulmutallab, the government questioned him without a miranda warning, the courts ruled that evidence as part of this public safety exception. so, they will say are there any other people working with you? do you have any other explosives out there? is there another danger to the public? and the people who will ask the question are this designated group under law called the high value detainee interrogation group, consisting of fbi, cia and dod.
12:05 pm
>> justice correspondent, pete williams, the very latest from washington. pete, as always, thank you, sir. >> you bet. right now, there are at least 53 people in boston area hospitals after monday's marathon bombing. some of them are in the same hospital as the bombing suspect. nbc's ron allen is outside beth israel decon necessary medical center. what can you tell us about the bombing victims in that hospital along with the suspect? >> there are 11 here at beth israel. that number has fallen significantly. it was inevitable that the suspect would end up at the hospital with some of the bomb victims because the bomb victims were spread across all of boston's best hospitals. why the suspect came here is unclear. perhaps space considerations, perhaps security considerations at this particular place, but we have not been briefed on that at all. in fact, we have been told very little, if anything you abo, ab medical condition. i suspect that will be the can
12:06 pm
as i for some time to come, a sensitive topic and could figure into how he is treated by the criminal, you were alluding to earlier around discussion the debate or the discussion about how he will be try ready, where he will be tried. so i'm sure that the government doesn't want to reveal a lot about his medical condition because it could certainly be a part of his defense. >> ron, i understand in another room at the same time where, you are there is a family, their son just opened their eyes since losing his leg during monday's bombing. what was their reaction to the suspect being there? >> we have been following the nordin family since right after the blast, because it is such an unusual and tragic case, but there are some higher moments, brighter moments i should perhaps say. yes, paul and jp, both in their 30s, their mother, liz nordin, one brother is here, another brother is at another hospital. that's been a problem with the mother going back and forth. and yes, she was a little bit
12:07 pm
upset, we understand, to learn that her son was in the same hospital as where the suspect was brought. but i gather once was it was explained to her the problem of logistics, i gather her reaction was less tempered. i think her main concern these days is the -- is her sons and how they are doing and you're right, today for the first time, paul opened his eyes, we are told, and was able to communicate with his mother. so progress there but of course, like so many other people here, such a long road to recovery that's just beginning for so many people who were impacted by this situation. >> nbc's ron allen outside the hospital with the very latest on the suspect and also arguably and more importantly, the latest on the victims as well. ron, thank you so much for that, good sir. federal and local authorities today are attempting to piece together what was behind the marathon bombing. at this point again, just as we heard from pete williams moments
12:08 pm
ago, not clear when police will be able to talk to the wounded suspect in custody. clint van zandt, former fbi profiler around nbc analyst james cavanaugh is a retired atf special agenting t, and roger cressey, former counterterrorism official and also an nbc analyst. roger, let me start with you. this idea and we have been talking about it throughout the course of the afternoon that essentially, if what investigators are saying at this point, if it's true that it seems these two sides were able to live a secret life of sorts. for the most part, sounds like you one was a box per, one was a wrestler, they were socialized, they were assimilated, american in every sense of the word and they were -- they were living among us, roger cressey. how likely is it that no one knew anything about what they were planning and what they were up to? >> well, craig, it strikes me as very unlikely, but we can't
12:09 pm
discount that possibility. if you look at your own circle of friends and a broader network around you, you happen to see somebody who you've known, i have a trusted, who's come from a foreign country who as you said, who has assimilated into our society and our culture, and starts to act different or strange, you're not going to jump to the conclusion what they are doing is they are about to engage in criminal activity. so, you know, after -- after this event has now closed and we look back, a lot of people looking back, it may not be surprising if, in fact, there was no one else who saw something so out of the ordinary, they said, you know what i need to contact law enforcement what we have seen elsewhere in cases in the country, terrorist plots that have been disrupted is family or friends is seen something that was really out of the ordinary and then they contacted law enforcement and that was the break. that clearly didn't happen this time. >> i want to call your attention, perhaps you have already seen this, this article in slate and we are going to put
12:10 pm
this article on the screen here this article about the number of terror attacks being planned and executed by siblings in the past. and they cite several examples, three sets of brothers among the 9/11 hijackers being the most prominent of those examples. clint, are brothers more likely to commit terrorist attacks? >> well, they are more likely to trust each other, they are more likely to work together. i mean, sometimes you see even what's called the shared delusional system. if you think of a tootsie roll pop with can don't outside and that tootsie roll on the inside, everything outside just looks normal, looks like the way it should be, but that inner core has this belief system, sometimes delusional, sometimes not that no one else can see. and sometimes only siblings, husbands, wives, they are the ones that can share that together, but they never share that, they never show that inner core to anybody outside that very tight circle.
12:11 pm
>> james, how likely is it that this 19-year-old suspect, who again, at last check, was in serious condition, how likely is it he is going to start spilling his guts went interrogators start questioning him? >> he is going to talk. i don't think there is any question about it interrogators on the high value team, fbi, cia, diplomatic security service and you dod personnel, these guys are experts, they have the language, the skills, they have the deep knowledge of the worldwide contact of radical activity and they are going to be able to talk to him. they are going to glean all the information he has, you know, the legal questions of miranda are interesting as well. i have given thousands of people miranda warnings and talked to thousands of people and, you know, you just have to remember, miranda means, if you don't give it, you can't use whatever he says against that person. but there's a mountain range of evidence against this guy. you know, we have had many suspects over the years, including bombers, craig that never talked at all and we
12:12 pm
convicted them. so i think they are going to get the information they need. they got to go closely by what the court says, like clint said, do you have any bombs? are there any more planted in the city? is there a bomb master? is there a bomb factory? are there associates that help you locally in another country? you got to get to the meat of the matter because it's about the safety of the citizens, that's what the court exception is. >> thanks to all three of you. >> thank you. >> again, isn't number two, as james just alluded to there, not given his miranda rights. should he have been given those rights? also, the police chief from that town, after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] purpose elevates what we do. raises it to a more meaningful place.
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12:15 pm
that pretty much says it all right there nightmares end. the headline this morning, the
12:16 pm
"boston globe." new word this morning that the boston marathon bombing suspects, new word that they act aid lope, according to watertown police chief, edward deve devoed afternoon, good to see you. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. >> tell me how we have managed to already deduce that they certainly acted alone. >> i'm not saying they certainly acted alone, that's the best information i have right now. we are pretty comfortable with that a lot of work to do, in particular to track down everything. as far as i'm talking to the watertown community, i believe we are in a very safe situation right now. >> chief, if you could, give us the tick tock from early friday to last night. we have heard from a lot of different sources, i would love to hear from you precisely of what went down and how it went down. >> i think you are talking about
12:17 pm
what happened here in watertown the early morning hours of friday. what we had was we had an officer, m.i.t. campus executed pretty much by these guys about 10:30. some point, they carjacked a person's car and headed to water town. we know that because the victim's cell phone was in the car and we pinged it the suspect were headed to watertown. we had that information. our officers on the street were made aware of that at one point, one of my officers, officer joe reynolds, sought vehicle. as it turns out, the two brothers were in two different cars, had that information, we saw that. he notified the police department, super supervisors said don't stop the car until we get you backup there, he was following behind them. unfortunately, the two brothers
12:18 pm
stopped got out of their car, immediately started engaging my officer, shooting at him from two different directions as he was in his cruiser. he was -- had the courage and the smartness to put it in reverse around get some distance between him. at the same time, three other officers arrived as well as two of our duty officers who were on the way home after finishing the midnight shift responded. in a very quick time, we had six watertown police officers in a gun fight with these two officers. we estimate well over 200 rounds were shot during this period of time so a lot was going on, i can't be prouder than the men and women of the watertown police department for their heroic acts that happened over this period of time. had at the same time, the gunfire was going on, hurled something at our offices and then there was a loud explosion. what we now know, it was a duplicate of one of the bombs that went off at the marathon.
12:19 pm
we know that we found the pressure cooker lid embedded into a car down there at the crime scene. >> they use in order pressure cooker bomb against your officers? >> exactly. we have seen the clips of what happened at the marathon, imagine being on a side street here in watertown, a very confined area at 12:30 a.m., what's going on here. so the gun fight continues, they continue to hurl things at my officers as well as shooting weapons at them, firearms at them and we have two more explosions, they throw two more grenades, handmade grenades at my officers that didn't explode. we had three different explodes within a five or ten-minute period along with 200 rounds being shot at them. so i can't -- my heart goes out to the m.i.t. police officer that was executed and his family. heartbroken by it.
12:20 pm
and all i can say is as police chief here in watertown, i'm i extremely lucky i am not at a funeral for one of misters. they are talented, here rowic and had the guts and glory to defend our community this situation. amazing to look back at what happened and how well they did. >> what else was recovered at the scene? your officers found additional weaponry. tell me about that. >> i know there was a long arm in the car. he wept down the street and abandoned the car, there was another what we refer to as the hand grenade device in the vehicle. rn >> you mean a rifle, right? >> yes, sir. >> additional handguns as well? >> i believe so this has been like going so quickly, i haven't seen all the evidence that was recovered but obviously, there
12:21 pm
was a lot of firearms for them to be able to shoot that much at our officers. >> chief, any idea where your officers -- where they shot the 19-year-old suspect during that shootout or did they shoot them during the shootout? >> we think the 19-year-old was shot during our shootout at that 12:30 firearms fight. we know that because when he -- we found the car abandoned down the street, there was blood in it. part of the tracking led behind a house in watertown and there was a pool of blood behind that house. so we knew that in the early hours, that he -- we had at least hit him once. we don't know how many times some we knew that we knew he got shot then. we don't just know to what e ex-tent. >> how was he able to get away? >> no-tto get him out? >> how was he able to evade your officers? >> a good question. we had six officers there, other
12:22 pm
officers from around the greater boston responding, we are trying to set up a perimeter. at the same time, we had a transit police officer that was -- had come in behind our offices while the gun fight was going on. he got hit in the groin, in an artery, he started to bleed out. one of our officers, a number of our officers, one in particular, officer minuten, timmy minten, emt trained, started to do first aid on him. i think if it wasn't from his efforts and partner with the transit authority, we would have lost that officer. he is in tough shape now, my prayers for his, he is at the hospital in cambridge, other things to do, trying to care for those officers while some of our other officers pursued him. unfortunately, he got away down the street but we felt we had a pretty strong perimeter that we had him pinned in. that's how things developed. >> before i let you get out of here what went down in that boat last night? what went down in the yard?
12:23 pm
>> as people new york we had the lock in place, you know, shelter in place, particularly for the town of watertown. the up to of watertown was great, did exactly what we asked, the gentleman whose house that is waited to get that all-clear, so, within a few minutes, he went out in his backyard and saw something different with his boat, didn't put anything together but the straps weren't on the way it was and he thought the wind blew them, did a little bit more, looked inside the boat, saw a little bit of blood, looked in further, saw somebody in his boat. then he came in and called us and we responded. a number of agencies responded down there. he was taken into custody. i was at the command post so i can't tell you exact -- still trying to piece together exactly what happened down there. but eventually, the negotiating team able to get him to surrender and show us he didn't have a device on his chest to tune in and take him into
12:24 pm
custody. >> how did it make the officers feel when you felt that imp profrp to you parade of sorts that he resulted in the town last night after capture of suspect number twnumber two? >> we have been going 24 hours, a lot of our officers, come out, main street, watertown street, all lined up, the support that i've gotten over the last 12, 24 hours is just incredible. we have people just coming into the police department, dropping things off, just wanting to hug a police officer. it is just amazing how this community, how great boston, the whole country has responded to law enforcement. i have been in law enforcement for 30 years, never been prouder of my profession than i have the last 48 hours. >> chief, i think a good place
12:25 pm
to end t watertown police chief edward deveau. thank you again, sir. do appreciate your time. >> thank you for letting me tell my story. thank you. coming up, i will talk to one of the eyewitnesses, the eyewitness, who took that picture, the picture that the fbi used to track down the suspects. you are watching msnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] book ahead and save up to 20 percent at, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. doubletree by hilton. where the little things mean everything. accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred.
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go ahead and bring you up to date on the latest from boston this is what we know now the victims of marathon bombings were honored this afternoon at a special ceremony at fenway park before the red sox/royals game. some want the 19-year-old suspect tried as an enemy combat tant, not a criminal defendant. 53 people remain in boston hospitals today, three of them
12:32 pm
in critical condition, including a 7-year-old girl. some of those victims are in the same hospital where the suspect is listed in serious condition. the amount of photographs and videos taken at the crime scene after the marathon bombing was astop nishing. it was also a major help to authorities as well, after officials released images of the suspects wednesday, running david green looked at some of those images he had captured and lo and behold, dzhokhar tsarnaev and his white baseball hat were clearly visible that is his pictures there seconds after the bomb went off. david green joins me now. good to see you. when did you realize that the photograph you had snapped might have significance to authorities? >> well, monday night after the i got back to my hotel and the old des say that transpired after the bombs, about 9 p.m., i thought that i had captured some good photos and some video. actually, one photo and one
12:33 pm
video. i contacted the fbi, as you can imagine, they must have been deluged with a lot of calls. at that time, they asked me on the phone if i had anybody that looked suss smish andpicious an there had were a couple of people in the photo and went no further. thursday, at 6 p.m., after the images were released, a friend of mine, local friend, contacted me and said, hey, you know that photo that you posted on monday, take a look at the bottom left-hand corner, the facebook photo is a little grainy but check it out. i went back to my high res photo, i looked at it and i immediately knew that the detail that i had was superior to the video photos that were published, specifically the number three could be clearly dissender on the white baseball cap versus the seven. could clearly see the bag wasn't on his how old is first more.
12:34 pm
i con taxed the fbi immediately, i got to hand it to them, they were on it and said that was very good quality photo we can do something with. >> david, how close were you or were you using an advanced zoom lens? >> no, this is -- this was a -- this just an iphone 4 and my friends were standing where the second bomb went off. when i finish you had the marathon, i was walking took meet them and they weren't there my phone had died so i walked into one of the stores and when i walked out at 2:49, i was on fairfield, which was probably about three or four stores from the second bomb. i was looking toward the start line because that's where i was headed. i saw the first bomb, i heard it. we thought it was a cannon for, you know, a race start. and most of the people around me looked in that direction, more curious than anything. of course, a couple of seconds later, the second bomb went off in front of me. we all felt the sound wave.
12:35 pm
i didn't see any of the shrap l shrapnel, buried at the people in front of me. in that quick second, there was mass panic, sirens, lots of noise and smoke and people started running to me, in that quick second, i just pulled my phone out, took this one pitcher and then ran into the bomb scene to see if there were victims that could help. >> david green, the man who took that picture right now from florida for us on this saturday afternoon. david, thank you so much. thanks for snapping the picture around thanks for talking to us. >> my pleasure. have a great day. now that police have their man, what's next? joining me now, congressman patrick meehan, sits on the homeland security committee. congressman, first of all, i want to talk to but a nugget we found several hours ago here, this idea that the fbi had actually talked to the 26-year-old dead suspect, isn't number one. what do you make of that? what do you make of the fbi talking to him and that essentially sort of being the
12:36 pm
end of it? >> well, the fbi will talk to him and get as much information as they can, which is something they are clearly entitled to do when you're dealing with an action of terrorism. >> no, no i mean the fbi talking to the dead suspect, we know now that the fbi communicated with him back in 2011 at the request the of the russian government? >> i think there will be great questions to the extent to which there's any kind of, you know, what the inquiry entailed. what was known at the time? and what was kind of actions, you know, the older brother took since the time of that which, you know, back here in the nation, which might have -- was sort of led to greater scrutiny. but i think it's always easier to do monday morning quarterbacking. i don't know that the result will change, but i do think it's appropriate and necessary that we look deeply into how he was able to be questioned and how it was determined that he posed no future threat to the united states. >> you're chair of the
12:37 pm
counterterrorism and intelligence subcommittee. how will the team of interrogate pers, how will they go about trying to extract information they have in custody now thursday 19-year-old? >> this is a very significant issue, one of the reasons why a number of my colleagues are advocating that he be deemed an enemy combatant, which would allow them to have a longer and better period of time to be able to speak with him. i mean, i think the issue of his criminal guilt is pretty much, as a former prosecutor, a shut and done case. but the real question is the extent to which he is part of any kind of conspiracy, any connection with al qaeda or others overseas and particularly what may or may not have happened with his brother during that six-month stay. all information that the younger brother may be in a position to be able to shed light on and if he was treated as an enemy combatant, there would be abe t to do those types of interrogation and his attorney would be able to petition.
12:38 pm
>> what about the fact that he is a u.s. citizen? >> he is still an enemy combatant underneath the laws by virtue of carrying out the acts of terrorism that he did and, you know, under the supreme court precedence, he could be charged and i think this is one of the things the administration, the attorney general should explain why he is choosing not to do it, if, in fact, he chooses not to treat him as an enemy come -- combatant. i want to share this brand new picture released by the white house showing president obama just a short time ago meeting with his national security team in the situation room. it shows the president there being briefed on the ongoing situation in the boston marathon bombing investigation. again, that photo just released by the white house a short time ago. enemy combatant or criminal defendant? how will the investigation and the case against the marathon bombing suspect, how will it proceed? buck sexton is a former cia
12:39 pm
officer, currently with the blaze, susan crawford, professor at the core dough zoe school of law. thanks for being here. susan, i could tell during my conversation with the congressman, you were nodding but i couldn't tell whether you were nodding in agreement or whether you were nodding in disagreement? >> just interested in what the congressman has to say st. is a moment of great misery and pain and also great importance for the country and we try to figure out what to do so, i'm interested. >> buck what are investigators focusing on now? >> i work for the nypd intelligence division, i know you said i was in the cia counterterrorism sent were, i work for both and that included my time during the nicele shahzad care the times square bomb in 2010. they have him in custody, one suspect dead here, they have to look at the connections, connections not just overseas, as the congressman pointed out, very important to get a sense of whether there were external directors here, people giving training, support, pass sillation but here at home, co-conspirators who walked out
12:40 pm
in the last minute, in the aftermath, the digital footprint they left, looking through that digital information will be crucial to that effort. >> susan, i want to go back to that idea of him being tried as an enemy combatant, if he were to be tried that way, would investigators have additional leeway? what kind of leeway would they have, and prosecutors as well? >> i don't quite understand that point. they have plenty of leeway under the criminal laws. they have got a suspect. they have got ample evidence. as buck just said, there is an enormous digital trail they can go through, photographs, lots of criminal act that's plenty, as far as i can tell. >> the justice -- go ahead. >> i would say there have been recent cases of terrorism tried in federal court. i think the notion that we would try somebody who is a u.s. citizen caught on u.s. soil as an enemy combatant should put people ill at ease. we have been able to prosecute going back a long time, the southern district of new york has a long and storied history of doing this stretching back to the first world trade center bombing. spending the rest of your life in federal prison is spending
12:41 pm
the rest of your life in federal prison. i don't know we need to separate that saying this is a military tribunal situation, the feds can handle this. >> the justice department saying it will invoke the special except together miranda rule. aclu put out a statement a few hours ago, i think we have part of that statement, throw up on the screen for you there every criminal defendant is entitled to be read miranda rights. the public safety exception should be read narrowly t applies only when is there a continued threat to public safety and there's not an open-ended exception to the miranda rule. how would this -- how does this affect the defendant's right it is there's a criminal trial, susan? >> people seem to think that being read your rights on arrest is itself a right and it of the happens on "law & order," but in fact it is a rule that applies went government wants to use a statement at a trial in the criminal trial. and they can go ahead and use physical evidence, all kinds of things that stem from the physical statement, even without miranda rights being invoked. and this -- it is's true we don't know how long this public safety exception will last, very
12:42 pm
little case law. they could go back -- >> when it starts w he don't know the condition he is in right now. >> the good news is the evidence wouldn't be excluded that comes before it, right? already a mountain of evidence, people worried and saying the exclusion of this one period of time might mean the guy goes free. not going to happen. seen the cases before, i worked them. these people have a mountain of evidence against them regardless of the warning. >> buck sexton, susan crawford, i we shall we had more time. thank you so much. possible clues from the suspects and their social media accounts including the youtube account that suspect number one set up after he returned from what folks are calling a mysterious six-month trip overseas. you are watching msnbc. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care, for you or your family. this happened just a few moments ago on franklin street. again, franklin street in watertown, the scene over last night's capture. investigators are back at that house, got the video in, back at the boat as well that the
12:46 pm
19-year-old suspect was found in. investigat investigators, we are told, they are back there, continue to collect and gather more information, more evidence, and you can see some of those folks there, looks like i see an fbi jacket, but again, that's just moments ago from watertown. also want to show you these images just released by the massachusetts state police. last night, you probably heard or read at least some reporting of the helicopter that was hovering above all of this. and they used thermal imaging, they used some thermal imaging to determine that the suspect inside the boat was, in fact, still alive. this is how they discovered that the 19-year-old, again, was still alive inside that boat, he had been shot, we found out from the police chief a short time ago, he was shot in the groin, according to the police chief. again this is the thermal imaging video just leased, pictures just released by the massachusetts state police. meanwhile, now that investigators know who may be responsible for the boston marathon bombing, they are focusing on why.
12:47 pm
part of this look will include looking at the lives of the two suspects very closely and at that social media accounts. nbc news investigative producer bob win drop has been looking into this part of the story and you said that the older brother, the 26-year-old, he set up this youtube account about three weeks after his return from a trip to russia last year. what's on there and what might it mean? >> what we see is he returns from russia in the middle offup by the middle of august, he has set up this youtube account and you earth name of sword of god and his own name. what you see he becomes increasingly radical throughout the period until now. his last posting is a video that is a very radical video that has been subscribed to by al qaeda. but one of the things see a particular affinity for an
12:48 pm
australian mullah who has become very controversial, both there and in england because he is somebody who has been very misogynist, how women may deserve to be raped if, in fact, they are wearing revealing outfits, talked about having children, raised children to be jihadists, preparing them to die if they need to in the fight for islam so he downloads a couple of them and then two months later, after he is back, he sets up two play lists, one is called islam, the other is entitled terrorist. you see him begin to post a few videos here and there under the headings and play lists this this something available publicly. you have to wonder whether there are anybody viewing this at his suggestion. there were no messages, comments on that site until two days ago. that's the older brother? >> right. >> what do we know about the younger brother's presence on social media? >> he has both a russian
12:49 pm
facebook account, it's called vk contact. and he had a twitter account. he had more than 1,000 twitters from the last two years and they are very typical, for the most part, of a young teenage boy things like i need to take some time to dream. i mean, those types of postings, those types of tweet he is. on his -- on his vk contact, the facebook equivalent site, which is in russian, which we had translated, what you see there are a number of posts where he's joking about a variety of things, he is posting pictures of friends. very typical. there are some krcriticisms and attacks and jokes about russians in that corner of the world, very repressive towards the people of chechnya and dagestan. but overall, it's avery typical of a teenager, an american teenager, for that matter. >> one of our investigative
12:50 pm
producers, bob, thank you so much. i know you guys are going to continue to dig and pore over this stuff. when you find out more do come back on. bob, always a pleasure. does the united states have a new enemy in the latest on what the investigation is pointing to. you are watching msnbc. investigation is pointing to. you're watching msnbc. aw this is tragic man, investors just like you
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12:53 pm
. >> here are more of the pictures just released by the massachusetts state police showing the boston marathon bombing suspect hiding ind side a boat in watertown last night. just minutes after these pictures were taken. suspect gave himself up. he was arrested. in my conversation with watertown's police chief a few moments ago it came up that the suspect was shot in the groin. i want to clear up some confusion about whether i said that or the chief said that. regardless of who said it's not true. it was no the a shot in the groin. also let's get the very
12:54 pm
latest on the investigation. i want to bring back the counterterrorism analyst and an fbi profiler, and bob franken is a syndicated columnists. what are investigators looking for right now on an international level. >> they're trying to take the information they've already gleaned from computers, from cell phone records from any of the materials or the pocket litter that was at the house where the brothers lived and then any information gleaned from interviews and they're taking that and talking to liaison services over seas to see if there are any links or relationships that can be identify. they're going into their interdatabase to lik up any of the information they previously had prior to monday with what they've learned and sharing that at well. right now the attention is
12:55 pm
focused on the russian federation an wlosht we'll be able to get cooperation from the foreign intelligence service as we begin our investigation as to whether there's any international linkage to what happened on monday. >> what are the interrogators most interested in trying to learn about the two brothers. >> they're trying to find out immediate intelligence. is there any chance any more of these devices are around boston or any place. are they set on a timer that's set to go off a week after the race or something like that. we've got to make sure for public safety. you and i have discussed this before. i think investigators are comfortable in their mind that the deceased terrorists, the 26-year-old was probably the leader, the 19-year-old was the foll follower. his brother was the father
12:56 pm
figure in things like that. what we need to know is where did his brother get these ideas. does he know if hi 26-year-old brother in the six weeks he went to russia or chechenian, did he learn me bomb making abilities. the russians came to the fbi and said we think we may have a problem with this guy, now we need to say back to the russians, what prompted you to say that in the first place. >> bob, really quickly, i know you covered the 2002 belt way sniper shootings. what were some of the parallels between that case an this one. >> the parallel had to do with the relationship between the assail i can't and what amount to a property day but there were some fascinating dichbss. it took three weeks to investigate and stop the killings. here it stopped much more quickly because this was before you had all the smartphones an digital photographs sand a much more sophisticated technology
12:57 pm
which can help in these invest kbagss. >> thanks 0 to all of you. i do appreciate all of your time today. that's going to do it for me. up next, chris jansen will continue our live coverage.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
good afternoon. i'm chris jansing. nearly 19 hours after boston pd apprehended the suspect in the boston marathon the justice process begins. we're expecting federal prosecutors to file charges against gentleman shard sarn nigh. we're also waiting for a medical update. this nafgs would not come from the hospital, we are told but from the fbi. now this is the same hospital where his brotherer tamer land was pronounced dead after a
1:01 pm
shootout with police early friday. also right now the investigators are at the house on franklin street dzhokhar. with t-- we're. to get to those questions last night u.s. attorney cameron ortiz confirmed the decision has been made not to give dzhokhar a miranda warning when he is well enough to talk. >> there is a public safety kpejs in cases of potential charges of acts of terrorism. so the government has that opportunity right now. >> that decision almost immediately touched off a debate with civil lib tear yabs concerned about constitutional rights and some members of congress arguing that doesn't go far enough.
1:02 pm
that he should be held as an enemy combatant without rights. >> joins us now, pete williams. good to see you. so many things to get to. let's start with the charges we're expecting to be filed. we should see those today? that's the plan. they're working on them now. they've got them in a draft form and it's one of the things of going through the draft until everyone is satisfied with it. it's going to be another couple hours before they file them. >> do we know what theyer ooh likely to be. >> it's quite clear that they'll charge him with use of a weapon of mas destruction. same sounding term people usually use that to mean a nuclear biological weapon. but under federal law it can mean a grenade or a bomb. that's what the charge will undoubtedly be. that is a terrorism charge so,
1:03 pm
you know it is a terrorism case. >> the other key question is ooh when they might have a chance to talk to him. is there any indication that they might have talked to him already or any ind case that we will get anytime soon an update on his condition? no, i don't think they've talked to him. i don't know what the plan is. i guess they're trying to figure out who is going to update if at all his condition. one of his wounds may make it difficult for him to speak. he was wounded in the throat or the mouth. but in any case he's not in a tack tif mood ore condition right now. i think it's going to take a while for the interrogation process can start. the interrogation and the charge they're on independent tracks. one does not depend on the other. >> officials believe at this time there have no remaining threat. am i right about that? that might be the first winning investigators want to know, was
1:04 pm
there anyone else involved. >> absolutely. did he get help from someone else, was he getting encouragement, held? and yes, were there any other explosive devices that they built and will have to find. that process, that will -- you know, until we know the answer to that question, they won't know definitive about it. but their guess right now based on the best information they'll be able to find is that they did act alone. >> i want to bring in the former deputy of counterterrorism council. roger, good afternoon to you. >> hey, chris. >> he will be interviewed by the federal government's high value detainee interrogation group. who is a part of that? what's their training? what you see the focus as? well it's an interagency group comprised with the interrogators
1:05 pm
from the defense department, the intelligent community and others who have tremendous training in terms of linguistic skills and prior experience in interrogation and questioning necessary for these type of vids. they've certainly had an incredible amount of experience where there have been jihadists taken into -- this is a way to try to glean the information from the suspect. there's a high degree of confidence within the administration that once this vid is ready to talk, he will in fact give a lot of the information that we're going to need to help answer the basic question of why. >> also with sus former fbi profiler and nbc analyst, clint van sand. you have the 19-year-old who was a follower of her us brother who is now dead. we don't know whether she's had anything but the indication that seeing him shot and run over
1:06 pm
that he did not survive this. talk about this approach, getting inside this kid's head and getting them to give them the information that they think is critical at that point, including was anybody else involved at this point. >> the interrogators they really know what they're doing. a good interrogator is kind of a fisherman and they have multiple psych rolling call lure to try to get this guy to talk and share with us. one of the approaches right be vis-a-vis his brother. even those his brother might have been radicalized, he was following his brother. i would play on the brother who did this for the reason, he would want the reason to understand why he was doing this and i would run along that line for a whale to if u try to get a level of cooperation. chris, we've got a plethora of
1:07 pm
information to convict this guy on everything we need to charge him with. we need actionable intelligence in case there's anybody else, any other plans, any other bombs. that's what we need from this guy. >> i guess the other question, pete williams, is whether or not they will try to make some type of deal with him. at least the charges we're expecting to be filed today would they be capital crimes? would he be look agent the death penalty. that's the deal i want to make with this guy. >> i'm sorry, pete williams. >> under the federal law he could be charged with the death penalty, yes. if people die in the use of a weapon of msz destruction it is a crime. they could negotiate if they so choose and they have in cases like this before. >> the charges they're filing today could be the start, right? the charges won't tell you anything about whether they intend to seek the deathth death
1:08 pm
penalty that they just say we accuse him of violating this law. there's a progress, a court process by which they decide to seek the death penalty. the attorney general has to sign off on it and they have to notify the court. this that is down the road. >> the whole question of whether or not there is any ongoing threat which police don't believe there is, but how do they go about determining that, sort of assessing any ongoing threat level, either that there are other people they are working with who might be out there and wanting to do damage or whether there are any other devices or anything else out there. i think it's based on several things, chris. the first, their assessment of what they found at the house whether where the brothers lived, information they've gleaned through technological means and the basic assessment of their pattern of active tiff. certainly the reason they want to question the younger brother
1:09 pm
is because they think if he has any information he'll be a great source. but i think overall there is this great feeling that the immediate threat has passed. >> and clint, let me just go back for a second to the whole idea of whether or not they might be able to make a deal with him. you know, we saw that clearly the perpetrators in this case a had no compunction about killing or putting bullets into m.i.t. officer, and that's after we're looking at the case of the bombing. and yet it's -- and the brother, tamerlan tsarnaev had the ploes sifs strapped to him. no indication that dzhokhar did. and he obviously tried to make an escape. so what does that tell you about his own state of mind and you know the idea some of these guys
1:10 pm
want to be a martyr to a case an if there is a cause and we don't know. some of them want to live. >> it tells me there's just what you said. there's a lot of people saying i'm willing to die but they don't necessariry want to die. this guy could have died. he could have leaned out of the boat and cranked out a couple more rounds and they would have put him down. but he chose not to. tactically they did everything they could to get him out of there alive. he could have committed that suicide. as long as we see the vid act of wanting to sur vief we have something to play with. we can dance with the devil to get information to save lives as long as we know this guy will not see the light of day outside of a prison again. >> where do you suppose they will take this line of questioning, clint? well, is that to me, chris? yeah. >> yeah. the things we're trying to find,
1:11 pm
you know once we deal with the mediancy of the devices, we really need to know how much does he know about his brother's act tiffty. in essence, if his brother went to, let's say for example, went to a bomb school or a terrorism school in chechenian during those six months, that would have been good information r us to know, what other people may be graduates of that school that are in the united states, but that's something r for us to know to bargain back with the russians about. we know this, what do you know. this intelligence game is give and take. we may be able to come up with something that we with give to the russians will reciprocate and help us in future events. >> we talked about the decision by the administration to invoke the public safety, how does that limit the kinds of questioning that's supposed to be done in a case like this before he's ma
1:12 pm
ran diced an gets a lawyer. >> if they want it to be used in court, they're going to have to stay within the bounds of the miranda rule. it's the one you see on law and order. you have the right to remain silent. you have the right to a lawyer and that kind of thing. what the rule allows them to do is ask questions to make sure there's no continued threat to public safety and have evidence to use in court. if they go beyond those bounds and ask why how he h was doing in school and why he hates america, that couldn't use that. >> thanks so you. a torrent of gun fire begins the final standoff in watertown,
1:13 pm
but a chance leads the authorities to how they got their man, next. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science.
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it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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we now have infrared photos that came in just a short time ago from the massachusetts state police. they were taken from a helicopter honing in on that boat with dzhokhar tsarnaev was found, these immaujs after a local man stepped out to have a cigarette and noticed blood in his driveway. he noticed something was cut, something holding down the tarp for his boat. something led to flash bangs and
1:17 pm
that helicopter with the thermal cameras on it. we have with us nbc analyst james kaf now. let's start with the images. it's pretty amazing how quickly they were to get that copper up in the air. what do these images tell us and what did they tell them at the time. >> they told was someone in there. here he is in the boat, obviously he's not moving around a lot so they probably can tell he's wounded. i think at first they suspected he might be dead because he wasn't moving a lot. so then they put the tactical teams in place. what i understand the massachusetts s.w.a.t. came in and he engaged some troopers in
1:18 pm
gun fire. boston police came up and swat, good on-scene command going on. they toss a flash bang and an fbi negotiator talks him out. that could have been a brief interchange. that that's how they got him out. you see the picture of him laying on the ground is the great picture that shows the total cooperation that went on there. >> i also have bruce shiner who is a technology specialist joining me now. when you look at these photos and you see the images there, how important were they in a successful resolution to this with also very importantly, not just the capture of the suspect but no injuries to investigators to police. >> they were one piece. it's information we had. we had lots of information. it's all being used in real time.
1:19 pm
i wouldn't say these images were essential, certainly they were useful. with that many people there, they know what's going on and they got him out. i think it would have been the same without those images. we've gotten people out of those situations even before we had that technology. >> it did tell us that someone in there was alive? it depends. i don't know the detells but certainly if someone is warm they're alive or barely dead. if they're moving, they're obviously alive. i don't know how much they had. >> how do they approach the suspect? there with a robot involved here, right. >> again, it's hard to know exactly what that robot did, but yes, there was a robot there either taking images or moving something into position. i don't know the details. we see robots used a lot in these situations, mostly overseas in places where it's
1:20 pm
too dangerous frs people. it's rare to see them used in a human operation but this is going to be the future. >> i would think one of the other concerns is you have a suspect who was known to use explosives, known to use bombs, so you weren't just concerned about any weapon he might have, a gun or whatever, but you don't know whether something is going to blow up there. >> that's right. i can toll tell you all of the high speed tactical teams that are here use robots exclusively. we use them on the barricaded suspects because if they shoot the robot, we don't lose one of our agents. we use them to dismantle bombs, look around a corner. they have cameras on them. they're tremendously valuable pieces of equipment. we have small ones that that tactical agents can let go down the hallway. yes, it's used probably up near the boat to see if they can see
1:21 pm
any more. maybe to talk to him. very valuable. >> could it actually lift the tarp? one of the things of the many extra ordinary stories is you have that guy, an ordinary citizen, they've lifted the stay in the house ban. he goes outside, he notices something unusual in the boat. . he said whep he saw that the ropes had been cut and saw blood, he thought maybe independent was an animal. it never occurred to him that it was the suspect. he lifts up the tarp and he sees what's in there and, you know, had the presence of mind to immediately dial 911 and of course there were officers very near. but literally could the robot go up there, lift up that tarp, put a cam camera in there and abwas a you say, even do some communication through it, bruce? maybe. i doubt it.
1:22 pm
i mean we're not -- science fiction robots yet. they're much less capable of making that nip las vegass like that. it's coming but i wouldn't expect that. again i haven't seen the robot used in this case. >> what is the highest level of sophistication that exists right now outside of a tom cruise movie. >> we see them a lot, as the other person said, diffusing bombs, looking around corners, we use them for things that are too dangerous for people and for situations where we want to get something to take a look that maybe we can't. they're used in rescue, going into holes that people can't go after buildings collapse and those instances, bomb diffusion in iraq an other places. also robots are in the air for surveillance. we're using them a lot more. as the other person said, they're really useful when they
1:23 pm
get blown up, shot at, nobody dies. >> it is remarkable, isn't it, james, how this all ended. you just never know -- you just have to be ready for it and when police got the call, they were. >> right. they had all of the resources close chris, and he was in a weak end state. look at this wound in the mouth. this is going to have a tremendous effecton agents trying to interrogate him an how that moves forward quickly. would suggest if i was in charge of this i might be intergath him on a keyboard because he's a young person and it might really facilitate the dialogue. if i felt like he couldn't talk for a month i might be getting out the laptop. let's talk, i'll sit on my laptop, you sit on your laptop. look, i'm from the fbi, need to ask you some questions. there's a lot of things around alet of thing. the key so that is keep that exception narrow so his rights are kept intact. >> james kaf now, bruce snyder,
1:24 pm
thanks to both of you. a manhunt in an eyewitness tip followed by that intense shootout and eyewitness capture. we will take you through that and how the community is trying to cover today, next. [ mom ] my little girl...she loves to help out on big jobs. good thing there's bounty select-a-size. it's the smaller powerful sheet that acts like a big sheet. look! one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand. ♪ i got it! [ mom ] use less with the small but powerful picker upper. bounty select-a-size. and try bounty napkins. bounty select-a-size. but i see a world bursting with opportunity,ople nervous. with ideas, with ambition. i'm thinking about china, brazil, india. the world's a big place. i want to be a part of it.
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1:27 pm
menino, governor pat rik, the police department for the great job they did this last week. this is our city. and nobody is going to dictate our freedom. stay strong. thank you. >> that was big pop by, david
1:28 pm
ortiz with the colorful message sent out to the world. they're returning to the field today saying our city is here and strong. the trail of terror that began with the bombing at the marathon on monday and the shutdown of the city by friday all played out within 7 miles. tamerlan tsarnaev had bnd killed in a shootout. the break in finding his younger brother came from a wathertown person out having a smoke. dave saw his tarp being kicked out, he saw blood on the boat, he climb on a crate to peer in and saw the wounded person and he called police to with the tip that could lead to the capture of dzhokhar tsarnaev. joining me on the phone,s in nbc and boston native, mike bar kl.
1:29 pm
congressman, let me start with you. boy, i tell you, you look at that community and you just saw what big poppy had to say. what's your feeling today after the capture of one suspect and the killing of another? >> reporter: like everyone else, relief and truly looking forward to getting back to some sort of a normal life in the boston area knowing full well we've got a fee friends an family injured and lost a few of our friends an family, trying to take care of them as well. >> one of the ways people take care of themselves is try to get back to normal. i understand there is a wedding at fenway, neil diamond was at fenway. >> he's still here. in the middle of the 8th inning, the crowd is going to scream caroline and neil diamond led if
1:30 pm
crowd in the singing of "sweet caroline." it's very crowded here. like the city, the like the state, the mayor of summerville, the red soxes have come from behind, it's two outs in the ninth inning. this is a very resilient area adds would be any area in the country of ours in the face of what happened on monday. today here after five, six long days, heart breaking days, this region has a smile on its face and hopefully the smile will continue even though there are two runners out here in the top of the ninth. >> as mike tries to report and watch the game at the same time. we appreciate that, congress map. these are my constituents, this is my city, my state and we are going to get beyond that. >> there's no question about it. but several people who were hurt
1:31 pm
and killed were friends, not family but close friends. we haven't stopped thinking about them either, trying to find ways to reach out to them. a charitable fund called the one fund that many have contributed to. that money will be used to help many people who were injured to deal with the problems they're going to face as they get better. >> i'm sure that obviously this is your district and, you know, you had the suspects who were living there. have you been able to get dme breaks, get any more understanding of how all this came to be or why this came to be? >> no, not really. as mike told you, i'm a former mayor and i have a strong belief that politicians should stay out of the way during the heat of the battle. that's what i tried to do. we'll learn more as it goes along. the most important thing was to allow law enforcement officers to catch this person and put the
1:32 pm
city back together. i think now is the time to slowly figure out what happened and why. >> mike, this is obviously your city, you lo it and you do have these two conflicting things going on. one is this resilience and the whole feeling, and we felt it here after 9/11 and other communities sadly have had to go through it where you want to get back to life as normal. you want to send a message that you're not going to get us down. but you still have a blow to the psych e. >> no doubt about this that. there's still 50 to 60 people still hospitalized. the congressman from summerville, a young police officer, 26 years old, works for the summerville police department, he was assassinated as he sat in his cruiser. the legacy the injuries are with us for many days and for the victims obviously for a much
1:33 pm
longer time. there are people in the hospital today, double amputees who lost their legs and nearly lost their lives because they were part of a fest call. that's what the marathon is. every patriots day here. but, you know, the city and the region is slowly coming back as i think every other city and region in this country would. >> you know, mike, to that moint, you realize when you have a manhunt like that that, first of all, you know, it changed -- you had yesterday morning a city and and entire region virtually on lockdown and a high level of fear and then you have this conclusion that caused people to come out into the streets and understandably cheer, cheer for the police officers, cheer for the first responders, show the relief that they felt that the remaining suspect was in custody, but for those people who have lost a loved one, who
1:34 pm
lost a limb, that doesn't change their reality. but how important do you think it is that at least this part of the story, this manhunt is over. >> first of all, you know, for five, six days, chris, as with every other disaster, either nal disaster or disasters caused by terrorists that have occurred in this country, it ends up being a series of extraordinary vid stories and the stories represent ordinary people making extraordinary measures in their lives. that's happened every single day here. last night's conclusion in watertown, i was out there after it concluded. the canyon of people, perhaps a thousand people lining m. auburn street the main route out of watertown towards cam bridge, cheering and applauding the police.
1:35 pm
but what the people had done in this region in watertown, in cambridge neighbors in boston and in the city of south -- they had done -- they did what they had to do. they stayed indoors at the request of the political people, civic officials and that helped enormously i think in what happened and the conclusion of this event last evening. >> mike barnacle and congressman, thank you very much. it's been a tough beak. president obama summing up the thoughts of bos tonians an so many others across the country. but there are so many questions of left of the administration. woe eel get an update of the continuing coverage of the terror in boston continues after this. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk.
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1:38 pm
. this morning the president
1:39 pm
met with his national security team in the situation room to review yesterday's events. in the coming days as details of the boston bombing case continue to emerge, president obama will be forced to prepare not just for more memorials and speeches but for legal challenges and decisions on how to prevent future attacks. yesterday after the harrowing the 2 hour search ended with the capture of dzhokhar tsarnaev, the president offered praise and gratitude to the people who helped catch him and promised the victims he would get answered. >> obviously tonight there there still so many unanswered questions. among them why did young men who group up and studies here as part of our communities and country result to such sigh violence. how did they plan and carry out these affects and did they receive any help. the families of those killed so
1:40 pm
senselessly deserve answers. the wounded who have to learn to stand and walk and live again deserve answers. >> joining me now is nbc white house correspondent chris ten well ker. we're seeing trofrt r -- they're saying dzhokhar tsarnaev should be denied a defense attorney. what is the white house saying about this criticism. >> reporter: well, look, the white house believes that he should basically be tried as a citizen. he is an american citizen so they believe he should be tried in a civilian court. that is what they're saying at the point in time. as pete has been discussing all afternoon, he's going to be given the public safety option meaning he won't have his
1:41 pm
miranda rights read and be questioned for a pier idea of time. those law make rs are calling for him to be put into the class of enemy combatant which goes along with all of the things you just mentioned. they would like to see him treated essentially to give law enforcement officials more time to question him making the argument that he really is a danger in this case. so that is what they are arguing, as you point out the politics had been sort of put on the back burner for a time, chris. yesterday you hear the bipartisan praises of how this entire situation had been handled and now we're getting into the discussion of how he should be tried. but right now the administration is saying -- now the u.s. attorney in massachusetts, he made the case that it is too soon to suggest whether or not
1:42 pm
they would bring the death penalty against him but of course that is another thing that is going to be discussed you can manage as they move forward. >> you have and you hate to use the word distraction because this is a national tragedy. but this is a week where the president is working largely on three things, gun control, immigration and the budget. you have to wonder if it's going to change the kofrgs on any of those fronts, imfrags being one of those, how to proportion the money for the military an all of the things that are needed for huge investigation nal endeavors like last week. >> on the gun control fight, that had suffered a big blow last week. of course we saw that happen in the senate. so the obama administration was sort of recalibrating that fight when all of this was unraveling.
1:43 pm
this. this may or may not influence immigration congratulations. those supports immigration reform is saying this is why we need immigration reform. senator schumer pointing out this is why we need to have better security, to tighten security along our borders to have a e verify system, but then you have opponents saying we should have caution before we implement immigration reform. i think that it might weigh into the debate in that sense. in terms of will it actually slow down the process at this point in time there's not an indication that that's going to happen. there's a strong bipartisan effort to at least look at the legislation that the gang of eight has put forward. >> thank you chris ten. serger are looking for -- there are fires at the blast
1:44 pm
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we have new information that is coming to urs via our producer who is stationed at the hospital where the younger suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is a patient and we are nod that right now media officials from
1:53 pm
the hospital are meeting with members of the fbi. fbi had said they would be the ones who would release any information and in fact the hospital spokesperson says that the fbi is expected to issue a statement after that meeting with doctors at the hospital. so we may get an update very shortly on exactly what condition dzhokhar tsarnaev is in. in the meantime, as investigators seek to learn more about the bombers, one thing they'll be looking at the brother es extensive use of the social immediate yap. the older brother tamerlan tsarnaev had a youtube page and he linked to several religious videos, some which have soens been taken down. one rald against the evils of hairy potter, one another religious prophesy associated with al qaeda. meanwhile the younger brother dzhokhar was more active.
1:54 pm
he described his world view as islam and lifted his personal property as career and money. dzhokhar was very active on twitter sending over a thousand tweets including some after the bombing. nbc nightly news investigate tiff producer joins me now. you've been looking into this. let's start with tamerlan and what you've been able to find out. >> what's interest is the timing. he sets up this site or his youtube account i should say, about three weeks after he returns from this six-month trip to russia that has everyone so intrigued. been a couple of weeks of that he sets up two play lists for the videos that he is uploading. one is entitled islam and the other is entitled terrorist. to be fair, the second may be terrorism perpetrated by russian against chech kneeia.
1:55 pm
there is some from an australian, who was prosecuted for a hate speech in australia. there was also just prior, about a month or so prior to the attacks, he posted something called the black flags of dzhokhar, i think i'm getting the pronunciation right. it basically is a very much pan islamic ideal of creating a new -- against the middle east and it is something that has been espoused by al qaeda. that may have been the most radical and it was the most recent. >> in the meantime dzhokhar, the younger brother, he was a prolific tweeter an many of them were typical things that a teenager would send out but what other things did you find? i think the more interesting
1:56 pm
thing there is just how it's not associated with anything other than what i might call youthful whimsy. it's very typical of a teen arnl ears account. things like i wish i had more time to dream, discussions of friends. nothing there of any real significance. i mean subscribing to an islamic smile's tweet that's sent out every day, some islamic sayings but nothing on the level that you find with his brother. on the russian facebook page there were jokes and a very intriguing video that was take been before the older brother goes to russia where the older brother is mik mixing the ethic groups around chechen and they're sitting in a car as the younger brother videotapes this and having a good time. it's very difficult from the younger brother's account to see
1:57 pm
anything that is so pishs or linked to sort of terror. the older brother is a bit more stoic and a bit more radical. >> and all those thangs the investigators are clearly looking at in some depth. thank you so much. thank you. it took only days to identify, locate and nab the boston suspects. but an investigation that took just days may lead to legal proceedings that could take months or years. we'll get the latest on what happens next when the terror in boston continues at the top of the hour.
1:58 pm
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