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tv   Lockup Boston  MSNBC  April 20, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> no. a lot more you can do. >> i agree. little more comfort of home, right? >> yeah. >> when all three are gone at once, i think it will be very quiet. >> angela simpson will soon be the only woman left on the once notorious atom 100 pod. >> so it will be an interesting dynamic of what's going to happen. will inmates try to take over their way? are there going to be others that are going to try to become rosie trevino? is simpson going to stand up and bump the matriarch, so to speak, of the estrella jail? it will be empty. it will be empty nest syndrome, i think. i think i can handle that. i think that will be all right for me due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. stop resisting! >> this is west hell. the conditions here are sub human. >> a jail made famous by its outspoken sheriff. >> here it is, 121 in the tents. >> now, it's altogether the center of a new storm. >> last report, there's approximately 5,000 protesters. we have heightened security on
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the yard right now in case something does happen. >> they call me hitler, assassinate me. what is this? just trying to do my job. about 140,000 inmates per year are booked into the maricopa county jail in phoenix, arizona. >> step up to the podium, please. okay.
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turn to the left for me. >> those charged with less serious crimes will likely have a court hearing and be released within a day or two, to await resolution of their charges. >> come on out. >> but chronic offenders are those charged with violent crimes, could be held for weeks, months or even years. until their cases are tried and settled. during the intake process, these inmates are immediately separated from the others. >> so we put them in the isolation cells, but whenever we get here we do a walkaround. isn't he the one we dressed out yesterday? combative. this gentleman's isolated because he's combative with staff. so we wouldn't be surprised when he's ready to go upstairs for his permanent housing we get involved to move him, in case he starts fighting. >> unlike in prison, jail inmates often arrive fresh from a crime scene. the most dangerous are those who are still high or intoxicated. >> currently about seven out of every ten people that are booked in are under the influence of some form of drug. that's a big deal, because
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depending upon where the person is and what drug they took, is going to depend on their attitude. some people can have major mood swings where they might be cooperative one minute and then they could just go ballistic another minute. >> i started yelling, doing his karate so i think he's training now. srt is here? okay. >> go, go, go! >> when inmates cause a disturbance in intake or any other part of the jail, ail s.w.a.t.-like unit known as srt, or the special response team, is summoned to quell the problem. >> calm down. come talk to me. calm down and come talk to me. you want to pull that route? you don't want to talk to us? i need you to step up and be cuffed okay? so i can move to you a different cell. okay?
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all right. jamming. i'm going to hit him hard. you got me? >> when an inmate acts like this, the team must move him to a padded cell to prevent injury. but sometimes they must resort to force to make the move. >> stop resisting. back it up. take his clothes off of him. >> strip him down. strip him down. >> ah! ah! ah!
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ah! >> stop resisting. >> okay. okay. >> you understand? >> stop resisting. >> back up. >> good. >> are you guys okay? >> yeah, we're fine. anything else? everybody all right? no fights, no spit. >> eventually, this inmate and others like him will not only sober up but come to a sobering reality. until their cases are resolved, they will do time at maricopa. michelle lacy has been here for 2 1/2 months and could be facing several years in prison if she is convicted on various drug and
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weapon charges. >> somebody had heroin right now and put it in front of me, i can't honestly say that i wouldn't justify being able to do it. you know what i mean? >> my baby wrote me a postcard the other day and says, when you come home, will you not do drugs? that sucks. >> the hardest thing about being in jail for lacy is being a mom. >> i want them to know that i'm here because i did drugs, not because i didn't love them or because no matter how you look at it, no matter how i want to say it, i put drugs before my kids. not intentionally, because i love them more than the air that i breathe, but i did. >> lacy's two boys are 10 and 5. her daughter, liberty, is about to turn 7. and the best lacy can do is to
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celebrate her birthday with her dorm mates using the few snack items they can purchase from the jail canteen. >> so tomorrow's liberty's birthday and we're making her a honey bun rice krispie treat peanut butter and cupcake cake. just the bottom part of it is 2,000 calories. not even all of this stuff. this is the next layer of the cake. this is the cupcakes. this is massive sugar. >> looks pretty gross, huh? >> we put everything in a bag. >> oh, no. >> oh, yum. >> now it's in the blender. gross, huh? this is the second layer of the mush. i washed my hands, i promise. [ laughter ] >> wow. perfect. >> all the m&ms? >> that's way too creative. we're just going to throw them bad boys on there. i'm not martha stewart. >> seven of them?
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>> yes, she's 7. colored pencils are utilities. we use them for everything. makeup, candles, toenail polish. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven -- she's 7, guys. not 8. >> so there's her cake. okay. let's call her. hi, my princess. i miss you. you should see your birthday cake. we've got pretend candles. they're purple, orange, white, pink, yellow, blue and red. they're colored pencils. i can't wait to see you on sunday. i miss you. i'm sorry i'm not there, okay? i'm not crying. mommy doesn't cry. i love you. yeah. bye. oh. it sucks.
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>> yeah, this is way good. >> but even the sweetest dessert does little to take the edge off life at maricopa. a jail designed in the vision of one man who is determined to make it the toughest jail in america. >> why is everybody afraid to say, when you do something wrong, you should be punished? creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein, so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars.
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let's do this and get out of here. stay where you're at. >> you don't have no privacy. knock it off. >> go over to the table. >> carry on, ladies. carry on. put some clothes on. >> the special response team at the maricopa county jail in phoenix, arizona, launches surprise raids for drugs, weapons and other contraband on a frequent basis. >> hey, make sure you watch her.
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>> take those out. >> keeping life unpredictable and uncomfortable for the more than 9,000 inmates here is the expressed goal of the man who not only runs the jail, but whose vision has made it what it is. >> everybody decent here? >> he is the sheriff of maricopa county, joe arpaio. >> see, we used to punish our children in the old days. and we used to take privileges away when they did something wrong, so what's wrong with punishing the inmates and taking privilege as way? they committed crimes. what is the difference? why is everybody afraid to say, when you do something wrong, you should be punished? >> over the last 18 years, arpaio has become internationally known for running what he calls america's toughest jail. >> so you were in the prison? >> yeah. >> you like it better here or the prison? >> i wasn't to go back. >> because it's nice, huh?
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>> in this county, don't violate the law because you're not going into a hilton hotel. >> whether it truly is the toughest jail is debatable. but arpaio at least wants the inmates to believe it is. >> sometimes they yell at us from 12:00 at night until 12:00 the next day and then they wonder why we're unruly. we do get unruly on our own behalf, but sometimes we just get pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed. >> do teachers yell in the classroom? >> not all day. >> since first elected sheriff of maricopa county in 1992, arpaio has instituted a number of measures to give the jail its reputation. the most famous was the creation of an outdoor housing unit known as tent city. it is occupied only by inmates that have been convicted and are serving short sentences. >> they're free, we put the tents up next to the dump, the dog pound because it was free
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land that we found. >> it's a combination of cadaver, rotten jerky and i think methane gas. >> that's the top of the pot right there. you really have to stir the bottom of this bouillabaisse nastiness to let it waft into your soul. >> john harrington has only been here a week but has already become a spokesman of sorts for the inmates. as tent city's chief critic. >> this is west town. the conditions here are sub human. we've got planes running overhead 24/7. i think this was strategically placed right in the flight plans. >> the first point of contention is the limited number of tv channels available on the jail's cable system. >> as a detroit lions fan i am personally offended we're only
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allowed to watch cardinals games and i missed the pistons game the other night too. >> all i can say is, when in rome, do as the romans do. >> so, wait a minute, what you're advising is that i pillage, plunder and take over all people of color? >> no, what is meant by that phrase is when you visit another place. >> act as they do. >> exactly. exactly. so when in arizona, support the cardinals, the phoenix suns, the coyotes, arizona state university sun devils, if you have to, the wildcats and lumberjacks. that's what you've got. being from detroit i respect that. >> that's right. >> but in arizona incarceration, we do try to indoctrinate you into our philosophy of arizona sports. >> i shall amalgamate these feelings, these thoughts and, please pause while i vomit. >> but harrington has taken some matters into his own hands.
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including the extermination of tent city pests. >> it's a jailhouse mousetrap. only 370,000 more to go. >> sheriff joe, if you are watching this, spent 24 hours in your own tents, eat your own food and then you survey your own damage. you know? >> i slept twice in that tent with all the inmates. just to say if i can do it they can do it. i go in the tents quite frequently. what have you got here? >> it's your postcard. joe camel. >> is this a bad check writer? anybody else? >> all my staff are worried, they're going to hit him and kill him. i don't worry about these guys. i feel safer in a jail than i do walking the streets in this town. >> is that your wife, sir? >> huh? >> is that your wife? >> you think i'd bring my wife to this place? you think i'm crazy? i have no problem. they don't like me. >> i just don't like this yard, period. >> well, why are you here? >> doesn't bother me at all.
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kind of like it. this is 121, now it's snowing in detroit, and buffalo, here it is 121 in the tents. >> remember that. >> these are korean war tents. so in the summer it gets 145 in the summertime. so this is a great time to be in jail if you're going to jail. are you a technical scientist? >> yeah, i've been to college. >> really? >> i'd be a better criminal, though. >> at least you at mitt it. >> crime pays. it really does. >> where's mr. harrington? >> right here. >> how are you? >> i've had better days. >> do you like it in here? >> no, not at all. >> you don't? >> not at all. >> good. that means you won't come back. >> let me ask you a couple questions, then. is there any concern for other, you know, programming classes?
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>> we have religious programs. >> well, i can't attend any religious services. i work seven days a week at the food factory. >> you work seven days a week? >> we all do. >> you're making a lot of money. >> we don't make a penny. >> i know you're sneaking a sandwich, you guys do. you only have one sandwich? is it air-conditioned? >> where. >> in the kitchen. >> you want to talk about the equipment breakdowns we have in. >> you had a breakdown? >> we have a breakdown every single day. >> that's the county for you. they can't build anything that works. >> i wouldn't hold you accountable for one single thing here. this is your talk show. >> you've got to hold me accountable for running this jail. >> right. >> and for the tent city, i know it's tough sometimes, 140 degrees in the summer, but i shut everybody up, all my critics and media when i tell them that our men and women are fighting for our country and
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they're living in tents and they never committed a crime. >> what most people don't realize about tent city is if an inmate refuses his assignment there, he will be moved back to an indoor facility. >> i hope you don't pub size that, because if we talk too much about it, i'll be called the nicest sheriff in america instead of the toughest. coming up, michelle lacy's long-awaited reunion with her three children. and later, thousands of protesters march on the maricopa county jail. cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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michelle lacy, who could be facing years in prison if found guilty on various drug and weapons charges, has found ways to adapt to life in the maricopa county jail. she fights the monotony by frequently changing hairstyles and changing makeup with other inmates. >> and that's about as best as it gets right there.
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>> but being away from her three children is a much harder thing to adapt to. >> it's horrible. that's like the hardest part. like i know i messed up and i need to pay my consequences or whatever, but that's the part that sucks the most is not seeing them. i talk to them like four times a week. but they've got so much going on. >> last night when i talked to her she was telling me how she got another award and how she wished i was there, so that just made me feel really bad. she goes, well, maybe you'll be there next time and i knew i wouldn't be. and i just told her, well, i'll try, but i don't know yet. because i know i won't be. >> but lacy has found a way to involve herself in her kids' lives. she's taking part in a new program at the jail where mothers are recorded on dvd reading books. the dvds are then sent to their children at home. and today lacy and one other inmate danielle valezuela are taking part in a reading event to promote the program.
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their participation comes with a substantial benefit. they will get to hug their children. >> give me a kiss, papi. [ laughter ] >> many visits in maricopa only take place over video monitors. others occur in person, but the inmates are handcuffed to a table and not permitted to touch their loved ones. but today, lacy will be handcuff-free. >> my baby, huh. my baby. let me see you. are you getting green lights? are you getting green lights in school? promise? are you getting green lights? >> i got a green. >> you got a green? >> a whole week. >> a whole week of green? a whole week of green? are you getting green? you look sharp. >> it's a bracelet.
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not really pretty like the ones at home, huh? >> you have a mad face. >> i have a mad face? not right now, though. i'm so glad you came here. he's so tall. i saw them a month ago but they just look so much bigger now. liberty looks like she grew a foot. my baby's starting to talk better, so that was cool. >> thank you for coming. i want to thank the families and the kids. literacy is, to me, a very important -- in this country. so this kills two birds with one stone, where the mother will be able to read a book into the camera and we will send the dvd to the kids. >> i miss derrick telling me he wants to cuddle because he's so big. and i miss doing liberty's hair and painting her nails and i
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miss the way, like i can't do anything wrong. the baby just thinks like i'm just -- i used to cuddle them, and i miss the way they smell. my mom takes good care of them, though. she really does. >> so are you the drug problem? >> yes. >> you ought to try to go through our alpha program. >> okay. thank you. >> it's the best in the nation, our drug program. you haven't been sentenced? >> no, i haven't been sentenced. i haven't been -- >> let's get her through there. the drug program. >> thank you very much. >> okay. see you guys. >> okay. bye-bye. >> thank you. >> it made me look at him differently. i mean, i know everybody doesn't like him and everything, but he was really nice. he knew i was in here for drug charges and he wanted me to do the drug program. it was more rehab than me just being brushed through the system. i love you.
11:28 pm
write me postcards and spray your cologne on it. and i'll see you at girl scouts, okay? you're going to be picking me up soon. i love you, too. >> i love you, too. >> i love you, mom. bye, mommy. >> bye, baby. >> love you. >> i love you more. i love you more than the air that i breathe. >> me too. >> i love you more than the air that i breathe. be good, okay? stay on green lights. ♪ >> bye, angels from heaven. >> bye, mommy.
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coming up -- >> calm down. >> when pets go to jail. >> i bond more with the dogs here than the girls on the yard. ,
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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised.
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the maricopa county jail's tent city is not limited only to men. there's a separate area for women known as pup tents. >> work it, ladies. >> while the inmates here are usually more concerned with blazing phoenix heat, today, some of them are business shoring up their tent for a rare thunderstorm. >> it's got to go this way, so you tie it to that. >> you're going to get in trouble. >> you're going to die. >> there you go. yea. now tie it. >> tie it to what? >> tie the string to the rope so we it tie it there. >> tie it to this. there. >> 18-year-old shalindria black is serving time for a robbery charge that she says was motivated by her addiction to meth. >> i was into meth since i was 12. >> they're in trouble.
11:34 pm
>> what were you thinking? >> tieing that so the rain doesn't get in. >> you could have gotten hurt. you could have gotten hurt really bad. if there's a problem with the tent, you let us know and we'll fix it. >> okay. >> okay? these are tents. it's raining outside. they sometimes leak. >> okay. >> okay? what's your name? >> black. >> okay. >> i know who she is. >> okay. okay. that's it. >> they told me if i don't get rolled up, i'm lucky, for getting on top of the tent. i don't care. because it leaks. but we're in tents. they leak. >> at the end of the day, we are responsible for the, you know, care of the inmates. make sure they're not having er runs or going to the hospital. being how that is, we want to make sure that anybody that does something foolish, we address it immediately. if we had to talk to this person again about this kind of same thing, we might, for her own safety, get her in a more safe environment than being out here
11:35 pm
in tents. >> you're my helper for the rest of the night. you're going to help us with chow and then whatever else the trustees are going to do, you're going to be this right hand person. there's chaff, so you're mine. >> i can't stand it inside. >> while black will have a night of extra tasks ahead of her. she needs to be back at her inmate job the next morning. she works in what is known at maricopa as the m.a.s.h. unit. >> m.a.s.h. stands for the maricopa county sheriff's office animal safe haven. we regularly get animals in that are at death's door. >> m.a.s.h. is a housing unit for abused animals whose owners are incarcerated at maricopa. its located in one of the original jail facilities, which was shut down for human
11:36 pm
occupants in 1999. >> we get animals in that are literally skin and bones. we nurse them back to health. we resocialize them. we get them used to being around people. and once their court case is cleared, we take actual ownership of the animal, we adopt them out to a good home. >> good boy. >> the animals are cared for by inmate workers who have no history of animal abuse. male inmates take care of the horses and other farm animals. >> we get accused of standing around scratching our ass all day here at m.a.s.h. unit. best job on the yard. >> i bond more with the dogs here than any of the girls on the yard. what i like best about the dogs is they don't argue with everything that you say like the inmates do. >> abigail, calm down. >> you know, i'm very strong on
11:37 pm
animal cruelty. anybody that violates or abuses animals goes directly to jail. i don't give them a ticket. i don't care their occupation. you know the sad part of it? the animals are doing more time behind bars than the people that abuse the animals. i will never euthanize any animal in this jail. so, therefore, i have one dog that's been behind bars for seven years. that's queenie. here we have a dog that's a victim, can't find anyone to adopt that dog. but i'm not going to euthanize her. she may do 20 years behind bars. she will not be euthanized. come on. i can grab this -- without getting my hand bit off? is this going to bite my hand? sit. how come the dog doesn't --? >> queenie! >> after seven years in jail, you can't train the dog? she's got to learn some lessons. stop talking back at the sheriff. you know, even the inmates don't talk back to me. now i've got the dog talking back, right?
11:38 pm
right, queenie? coming up, the judge hands down a sentence in michelle lacy's case. >> my baby cried and said it wasn't fair. >> and maricopa's most controversial yard. >> a lot of the public calls this the immigration yard because many of them will be deported back to mexico. like ro creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein, so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars.
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aaah! aaaaah! theres a guy on the window! do something, dad! aaaah! aaaah!
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what is happening? they're rate suckers. their bad driving makes car insurance more expensive for the rest of us. good thing there's snapshot from progressive. snap it in and get a discount based on your good driving. stop paying for rate suckers. try snapshot free at several weeks after visiting her three children, michelle lacy, facing drug dealing and weapons charges, has just learned her fate. >> i went to sentencing yesterday, and i got sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison. no probation.
11:42 pm
>> lacy was convicted on a narcotic drug violation. as a repeat offender, she was denied probation, but has been credited with the nine months she spent at maricopa. combined with good behavior in prison, she could be out in 4 1/2 years. >> my mom told my kids the other day that i would be home when they'd be 14, 11 and 10. my oldest was mad and he told my mom that he was almost going to be a man when i got out. he said, she didn't even do anything bad this time. i was like, oh. my daughter is a trouper. she said i'll be there every weekend, and my baby cried and said it wasn't fair, that he wanted me home by the time he was 9 1/2. i don't know where he got that number. >> though she saved one year in prison, she admits the experience did not motivate her to give up her drug of choice, heroin. but she says her time at maricopa has. >> if i did this much time here the first time, i would have
11:43 pm
never done drugs again. i haven't been outside for 135 days. this is hard time. it goes by slow. we sit in here all day long. food is horrible. this is going to be the last time i'm ever in a maricopa county jail. >> but john harrington seems to be feeling better about life in maricopa. or maybe not. >> sheriff joe, i want to say thank you personally, for this kind of opportunity because my former job of counseling federal felons, anger management and their basic skills must not have been up to par. but this kind of thing right here really helps me. i'm building a lot of character in this situation. >> harrington, who once worked as a conflict resolution counselor before his aggravated assault conviction, has gotten a new job. >> this is my first day. i'm two hours in right now, just cleaning up.
11:44 pm
we keep cleaning, we keep cleaning, we mop, we do a couple of toilets. this is a women's holding cell. >> the chief benefit of the new job is that it earns him two for one time. meaning he gets an extra day off his sentence for each day he works. >> two for one so you'll be out in half the time. >> absolutely. >> how much longer? >> i don't even count the days, technically, because it's a really bad thing. it's like a bad omen, but i'm march 12th. i don't want to know how many days that is whatsoever. >> harrington will serve the rest of his sentence with other short-timers in maricopa's tent city. but there's a cordoned off area of tent city called o-yard a place where the future is not so clear. >> this is o-yard. a lot of the public calls this the immigration yard because 80% of our inmates are here undocumented. they don't have papers. they're here illegally.
11:45 pm
when an illegal immigrant commits a crime, they're put under arrest. they're brought to o-yard. once they serve their time for that crime, we release them to i.c.e. i.c.e. conducts interviews with each one of them to further investigate their citizenship here, and many of them will be deported back to mexico. >> if i go back to mexico, it's like starting over from somewhere i've never been. it's like if they dropped me off in china or russia. i don't know what i'm going to do. >> ivan diaz has been in o-yard for the last two weeks since his arrest for giving wrongful information to a police officer who he says approached him and asked for identification. >> and i just -- i didn't have any. so i just told him the truth. i don't have any. and i was nervous at the time so i gave him a wrong name because i didn't want to -- i was just nervous. but then i ended up telling the officer my real name and everything, and i got arrested for that. giving the officer wrongful information. i was going to get arrested anyway, you know what, officer? i screwed up.
11:46 pm
i'm from mexico, this is me, and i've been -- he was a really nice guy, he just read me my rights and took me to jail. >> diaz has been in the system since he was age 3 and now has two children who are american citizen. >> my aunt says my youngest, the 6-year-old, was saying where was i at. she was going to hang pictures all over the block to make people find me or something. my wife, i don't think she told her where i was at exactly. she didn't want to tell her i was in jail. so we teach her what's right and what's wrong. i've never had a ticket in my life or even had problems with the police. that's why it's weird to them, knowing i'm locked up. i just want to see them again, man. really bad. >> maricopa has always been a controversial jail. but inmates like diaz, who will most likely be deported, have thrust it into its most heated conflict yet.
11:47 pm
[speaking in a foreign language] >> and while we were there, 5,000 protesters organized a march on the jail to express their anger. arpaio's critics accuse him of directing his deputies to sweep neighborhoods for illegal immigrants who might not otherwise be breaking any laws. >> because of immigration policies, arizona is the corridor for most folks that are crossing the border. two years ago when sheriff arpaio started doing community raids, business raids and started doing racial profiling. >> but arpaio denies he racially profiles or his deputies arrest people without cause. >> they call it the sweeps. i sweep into phoenix and crime suppression. i don't know what the difference is. we have dui task force, we stop everybody. we have a drug task force, so what's the difference whether i have a crime suppression operation, and average 80, 90 arrests, they're all criminal violations, so i don't know.
11:48 pm
this is all hype because they just don't want the sheriff to enforce the law. >> i'm here from washington, d.c. i've come all the way over here because we're standing in solidarity with the people of arizona and to really denounce the human rights abuses that are going on in maricopa. people are afraid and it's created a sense of terror in this state. >> everybody in that jail has violated a state crime. then they happen to be illegal, too. now, there is some fear out there when the fear could be, if you're here illegally, you're working and you're driving a car and we catch you speeding, and you're illegal, you're going -- you're going to jail. >> with the protesters making their way from a nearby park toward o-yard, sheriff arpaio
11:49 pm
has secured the perimeter. >> let's go. >> and dispatched one of his special response teams to o-yard in case things get out of hand. while many of the protesters accuse the sheriff and his deputies of being racist, arpaio says it's not true and that his unconventional practices have always made him a target. >> i'm not going to get into my personal grandkids, but i will tell you this, so i'm the racist? you can have all these critics call me in my office every name in the book, we kill people, on and on and on. they don't like the way i operate. i say "they," a small percentage, because when you look at the polls, i think most people like what i'm doing. they would not be re-electing me five times. but they demonstrate. they call me hitler and, assassinate me and -- what is this?
11:50 pm
just trying to do my job. coming up, a crowd of 5,000 vents its anger at the maricopa county jail. >> we've got a little situation. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it.
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we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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with controversy over the nation's immigration policies at a fevered pitch, the maricopa county jail has become a flashpoint in the debate over when and why undocumented immigrants should be arrested. though sheriff joe arpaio claims his deputies do not arrest anyone without cause, some 5,000 people who claim otherwise have assembled outside the jail to protest what they perceive as unfair and illegal practices.
11:54 pm
>> something's wrong with that man. the same thing that happened with hitler and the jewish people, we don't want to see happening with our people, or mexicans, you know? it's the same thing, hitler and the jewish people. arpaio and the illegal immigrants, as he calls them. it's not fair. >> inside, sheriff arpaio has put the entire jail on lockdown and going to address the media. >> are you lining up a podium or something out there? >> last report i heard, there's approximately 5,000 protesters, because of sheriff arpaio's stance on illegal immigration, he's a nationwide figure and they're bussing in protesters from the los angeles area as well as texas. >> we came from los angeles and we're here to protest sheriff
11:55 pm
arpaio's policies toward immigrants, undocumented people and just in general. i feel he's doing a lot of, like, inhumane type of, you know, activities in arizona. >> so we've got a little situation. >> deputies in riot gear secure the facilities closest and special response teams have been deployed to o-yard. >> we have heightened security on the yard now in case something does happen. my squad, c-squad is on the compound. the inmates can sense a change in routine. they sense something's out of the norm. they see srtc-squad here. it's not a big deal.
11:56 pm
we spend 30 minutes, 45 minutes, an hour here, hey, they're just doing their normal searches. but now all of a sudden we're here four and five hours, they're scratching their heads, saying why are we here, what's up? >> we don't know what's going to happen. there's been rocks thrown. we want to make sure no one penetrates this area. the tent city there. we have about 200 illegal aliens incarcerated there, which they don't like. so we have a security issue, and we're going to make sure nothing happens in our jails. >> they don't want us to know anything, so that's why it's on lockdown. there could be a riot get set up. >> no more joe. no more joe. >> i used to go right in the midst of that. but i don't do it anymore because they scream.
11:57 pm
i can't talk. they scream and you can't get a word in. so why waste my time? >> the protesters have a stage, they have personalties, i believe linda ronstadt is one of them, sheriff arpaio currently has one of her cds being played on the speaker system at the tent compound. >> while licensing fees keep us from playing the music on television, arpaio had it blasting throughout tent city. so much so our audio technician couldn't properly adjust for it on his mixer. >> i actually can't turn my system down far enough to get it to not distort. i had to turn it completely off. it's ridiculous. that's flat out painful. >> i don't know what's going on. i would just like some, you know, i'm a smooth jazz guy, myself. a little kenny g. >> oh, that's linda. remember her?
11:58 pm
she used to be a singer, you know she's here leading this demonstration against me. so the least i can do is play some nice songs for all our inmates that are on lockdown. locked everybody down. no visitors, because of this demonstration. >> he probably doesn't want us to hear what's going on out there. the lady's cool, i respect old ladies, don't get me wrong. but when you're trying to sleep because you've got to go to work, and it's loud as hell, you're trying to sleep, it's kind of wrong. >> well, i don't know if they like it. i'd rather have frank sinatra, but, you know, frank isn't here. i hope i don't have a riot after they listen to it. >> this place sucks, man. it really does. >> don't like me enforcing the illegal immigration laws. think they've got me, they're going to make me go in a hole or
11:59 pm
make me resign. never going to happen. if they want to change the laws, don't make me the poster boy. go to washington and get the laws changed. i'm just doing my job enforcing the state and the federal laws. and that's my job. i hope they spent a lot of money here, especially those that came from another state. cut loose with the change and go to the restaurants and build up the economy. >> the rally lasted approximately four hours. it was peaceful, except for a group of three men and two women who were arrested for assaulting law enforcement officers. and as far as the sheriff is concerned, he says none of it has made him want to quit. >> i'm not ready to retire. when i do leave, i'm from massachusetts, i won't -- i don't ride a horse, so i'll just drive off into the sunset with a convertible and then you won't care about me, i know the media will for


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