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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 23, 2013 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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to the white house science fair. kind of my favorite thing that happens there every year. everybody loves the easter egg roll. i am a science fair partisan. that does it for us tonight. eg. that does it for us tonight. "first look" is up next. >> good tuesday morning. right now on "first look," mirandized and charged in the indictment ahead, the charge against the marathon bombing suspect is building with the carjacking victim ready to testify that they carried tout attack. in boston, the strike spills over into the immigration reform debate. project smooth, supposed al qaeda train froorists busted boarding a train between toronto and new york. 19-year-old joe dzhokhar tsarnaev remains in hospital, now charged with using a weapon
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of mass destruction. this as the city of boston tries to move on, holding a memorial for the third victim, boston university grad student liu ling zu. moments of silence were held around the country monday in boston. people gathered around the finish line to mark the time when the first bomb exploded. president obama also noted the time at the white house as did traders on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams has the very latest. >> at 2:38 last monday afternoon, 11 minutes before the first bomb goes off the fbi says, a surveillance camera catches dzhokhar tsarnaev and tamerlan tsarnaev walking towards the finish line with backpacks, a second and crucial piece of video, the fbi says, comes from a surveillance camera mounted on this restaurant.
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at 2:42, court documents say the still unreleased video shows dzhokhar tsarnaev with a backpack walked towards the scene of a second bombing. at 2:45, he slips his backpack off. still photos show the backpack on the ground at his feet. when the first bomb goes off, the fbi says, the video shows the crowd looking towards the finish line in alarm. but the fbi says tsarnaev virtually alone among the individuals in front of the strauvent appears calm. he walks away, it says, without his backpack, and ten seconds later, the second bomb goes off in the spot where he left the backpack. the fbi says both the marathon bombs were made with pressure cookers and metal bee-bees. they contained hobby fuse similar to this. at the scene of thursday night's shootout in watertown, investigators say they found another bomb and hobby fuse and
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bee-bees. the fbi says they searched dzhokhar tsarnaev's dorm room and found bee-bees in what they call a large pyrotechnic and found a white hat and black jacket, resembling what was worn by the man in the suspect photos released by the fbi. a former federal prosecutor says it's a surprising startling start. >> they took a great unknown, which was last monday and made it virtually unknown a week later. that for the entirety of the law enforcement should be combhited to their efforts. >> court documents contain new details about thursday night's carjacking. the fbi show tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev in cambridge at a gas station where they drove with the owner of the suv they carjacked. one began the carjacking by pointing a gun at the driver and saying, "did you hear about the boston explosion? i did get" the carjacker showed the driver he had bullets in his gun according to fbi and said,
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"i'm serious." at the shooting in watertown where tamerlan was killed, other explosives were found. a boston police commissioner says that's one reason he thinks the brothers planned other attacks. >> we got to step over some unexploded devices that they threw at the officers and i can only understand from that that they had other targets. they were going other places. >> that's nbc news' pete williams reporting. well, today members of the house will get a top secret briefing on the boston bombings. meanwhile, the head of the senate intelligence committee is demanding the fbi explain why more wasn't done to investigate a tip that one of the suspects had possible extremist ties. nbc news' lieu russest -- lou russert is live with get good morning. >> reporter: thai, good morning, yes, senator dianne feinstein
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fired off a strongly worded note saying she is interested into why this individual, the 26-year-old older brother was permitted to take that trip to russia, come back into the country and not have further scrutiny. there is obviously a red flag that went up. some officials in this community in russia said that could specifically be a threat for radicalization and islam. so senator dianne feinstein wants to figure out why exactly this person was able to slip through the cracks, so to speak. talking to the intelligence committee, they are saying from chairman mike rogers' expectative, let's not get our pitchforks up against the fbi. the fbi did not have all the facts from the russian government, is let's not be quick to judge. none the loss, it will be an interesting development to see how it will transcribe on capitol hill between both sides of congress and the question will be posed to our policy
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makers. now in terms of how this is played out on capitol hill and other areas, let's talk about immigration, obviously, it will be debated to a larger degree. this is how the bombing events in boston played out in that hearing against senator schumer and grassly. >> i say that particularly those who point out the terrible tragedy in boston as i would say a excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said get i never said that! >> reporter: so there you see it, a little bit of back and forth there about how the boston bombing parlays into an immigration bill. the main story here, though, is that we've sort of gotten past the initial arrests in this story. now, we're going to go into the all out investigation on capitol hill, something that usually brings to the public forefront a lot more details. >> all right, lou russert reporting from boston, thank you so much. well, in the midst of the
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boston terror attack, we are learning of another terror plot. this one was thwarted troubling nonetheless. nbc news learned trains from the u.s. to canada were among the possible targets. stephanie goss has more now. >> reporter: the two suspects are not (indicating) citizens -- are not canadian citizens, they are charged with guiding direction. the u.s. learned that trains originating in the u.s. were among those scouted as possible targets. the investigation called operation smooth has been ongoing for the last year with help from the fbi and the u.s. department for homeland security. canadian authorities emphasize the plot was still in its planning stages, the public was not in imminent danger but these two suspects haed the capacity and intent to follow through. officials say there is no connection between these suspects and the boston marathon
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bombing. >> all right. now, here's your in the kwirs look" at this dish of scrambled politics. president obama has invited all 20 female senators to dinner at the white house tonight. it's the latest scheduled by the president in an effort to find common ground with congress. no word on yet who has rsvped. well, a new york senator is standing by his words after calling for the boston bombing suspect to be tortured. republican greg ball says he was just saying what everyone else was thinking. >> i think a lot of politician, typically, are, quite honestly, number of crap. they are afraid to say what they feel. i said what i believe a lot of red blooded americans felt. >> vice president joe biden's wife, jill biden, has joined the handle as dr. jill. she noted it will be signed jill. making a comeback on twitter, this time with his clothes on is
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former congressman anthony weiner, he sent out his first tweets since the social network helped bring down his career he linked to a policy paper he wrote on the middle class. president obama has an overnight in texas starting tomorrow, where he'll attend a memorial service in last week's fertilizer explosion. while there, mr. obama will attend a fundraiser and visit the four living expresidents at the george w. bush presidential library and museum. bill clinton said it was daughter chelsea that changed his mind on same-sex marriage. he accepted her for the advocate change award from glad. >> chelsea and her gay friends and her wonderful husband have modelled to me the way we all ought to treat each other without regard to our sexual orientation or any other artificial difference that divides us. >> and that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics.
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well, mai-mai be next week, but check out the snow falling in colorado. at least three denver highways were closed last night because of the icy conditions. more is expected this morning into the afternoon. now, for more on the weather nbc news' bill karins is here. we all hold you responsible for this. what's going on? >> the complaint box. >> i'm sure it's overflowing. >> especially in the mid-west. it snowed last night in minneapolis. it's snowing right now in duluth. it doesn't want to end. it's ridiculous. right now, we have snow that stretches in the white there from denver on i-70 all the way-to-peek ka, kansas. it's a large area of snow across kansas and rain headed across missouri. further to the north, we are dealing with snow that's exiting. duluth is still snowing. by the way, duluth has had 50-inches of snow this april. that's an all time record for you. we have this storm that will be forming off the east coast today. as it moves up the coast, it
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will only be affecting areas in eastern new england. we have that area from boston to cape cod, later tonight, it's going to pour. notice that new york city, we could get as much as two inches of rain tonight and tomorrow in boston. so boston to cape cod would be the unlucky ones. >> thanks, bill. coming up, planes delayed because of furloughs. that's not the only thing affecting travel. plus, busted, one of the ten fbi's most wanted and cuffed. if you have netflix, we have details you want to hear. "first look" is back in three minutes. [ male announcer ] if your kid can recognize your sneeze from a crowd...
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welcome back. here are some stories making fwhuz this morning. a former d.c. school teacher who made it onto the fbi most wanted list has been captured in north america. police arrested eric todd after producing child pornography after five years on the run. the tsa won't let knives and
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bats on commercial flights. they say they are seeking more input from advocates and law enforcement experts. if you flew lately, you might have noticed some heavier than normal delays, lawmakers say, get ready, it may only get worse. >> on the worst delay day in 2012, there were about 3,000 delays because there was severe weather in large parts of the country. the faa estimates nationally that these delays would cost 6,700 delays a day. a nuclear power plan in the eastern tennessee has extra security this morning after a shooting there over the weekend. police say a man fired shots at a guard, who then returned fire. it happened at the watts plant in spring city. no one was hurt. new york mayor michael bloomberg wants to raise the legal age from 21 to 18. these would be the strictest limits of any big city but would only affect purchases. it would not prohibit people
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younger than 21 from having or smoking cigarettes. now to your "first look" at what's moving your money today, courtney reagan joins us. good morning. >> good morning, apple reports today, with the stock in freefall dropping below 400 after peaking above 700 in september, you know it's the talk of wall street. apple is still selling a record number of iphones and ipads, but the growth is growing and competition from samsung and other smart phone workers. seven banks including pnc and capital one reign in bonuses for those who meet or exceed targets. federal regulators have been concerned about the ties between high pay and if amount of risk banks are taking. now you never have to get off the couch. piz zoo and microsoft -- pizza and microsoft are launching a new app, 25% of pizza orders are made online. >> that sounds like a match made in hemp.
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thanks so much, courtney. in other action on the street, netflix shares rose in trading thanks in part to original streaming content. they plan four families stream at once for $11.99 a month. senators voted overwhelmingly in favor to help force online retailers to collect tens of billions of dollars in sales taxes. a final senate vote could come by the end of the week. a campaign to raise funds for boston bombing victim and now double amputee jeff baiman -- bauman has received $600,000 raised in just six days. it's one thing to blow your days, a recent audit found taxicab drivers overcharged tourists on a scenic route to and from the airport to the tune of $15 million last year. well, straight ahead, meet the members of the swat team that descended on the boston
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marathon suspect while he lay in the boat, not knowing if he was armed or if the boat was booby trapped with explosives. that's coming up next on "first look." come here, boy. ♪ there you go. come on, let's play! [ male announcer ] there's an easier way to protect your dog from dangerous parasites. good boy. fetch! trifexis is the monthly, beef-flavored tablet that prevents heartworm disease, kills fleas and prevents infestations, and treats hook-, round-, and whipworm infections. treatment with fewer than 3 monthly doses
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visit our website to save up to $25. have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on the top political stories of the day today with karen finney and soon to be anchor on this good network. thanks for being here. >> good morning. thanks for being with you. >> i'm excited to see it, do we have a start date? >> thank you, we don't, we're
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looking at may, stay tuned. >> i'll be waiting eagerly for get until then, we have you here now. let's start two ladies night in washington. the president is inviting these females to dinner. why is he focused on this particular group and what is the strategy? >> she a very smart man, that president of ours, you know the women senators actually have been getting together for didn'ter on a bipartisan basis for a couple of years now, actually. i spoke with senator jill brand about it previously. they tend to come together sometimes i guess to get away from the fellas and really try to figure out how they can get things done and work with each other. so you know this is obviously a part of the president's strategy, to do a better job of reaching out to congress. he's done a good job. i think also recognizing that this group, specifically, you know, has a history of getting together, meeting and working well together.
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so i'm sure he's hoping to tap into some of that good working relationship. >> and if we can turn now to the boston bomber and its impact potentially on immigration efforts, how significantly do you think this case is going to affect efforts of immigration reform in washington? >> you know, i certainly think as we saw yesterday and a little bit over the weekend, it's going to create a bit of a stir and i think we're going to hear a lot of sound and furry, if you will. at the of the day -- at the end of the day, i don't think it will have an impact. you have senator lindsey graham and senator john mccain of that gang of eight stepping forward on a pushback from the rhetoric we heard from some of the republican senator twhos are suggesting it should slow things down. so i think the momentum is there to really keep us moving. >> all right. we have to leave it there. karen, we look forward to hearing more from you on your
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show. thanks so much. the officer who arrested dzhokhar tsarnaev say the whole ordeal still hasn't sunken in yet t. manhunt culminated in a showdown in the back yard of a watertown home where he was hiding in a covered boat. with the help of powerful infrared images, officers say tsarnaev did shoot at him. once they arrested him, they described him as in and out of consciousness and compliance. could that boat have been rigged with explosives? >> we just want to get him into custody and have this situation come to an end, for us, for the families, for the city. it noded to end. -- it needed to end. >> federal officials charged tsarnaev yesterday with using weapons of mass destruction. he remains in a boston hospital. well, just ahead, what itself the favorite tv theme song ever? we'll have the answer. plus, after being booked by police, reese witherspoon unhooks herself on the networks. details coming up next.
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in north dakota, a rookie anchor was gig was cut short after a serious slip in the broadcast him he thought the mic was off, but his obscenity in letter actually aired. take a listen. >> your news leader in high definition. >> good evening, you may have seen our newest -- a.j. on seeing north dakota news and helping me join the weekend news team as my co-anchor. >> well, that moment cost clemente his job. he was fired shortly after. well, that punks new single
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kwet get lucky" is topping both u.s. weekend charts. ♪ we come too far to get by who we are ♪ >> the duo song set a record for biggest streaming day ever for a full track. the full album hits in may. in the wake of her dui arrest, the normally squeaky clean reese witherspoon cancelled appearances with jimmy fallon and good morning good morning good morning america. on wednesday, single superstar michael buble will be performing. the tv theme song showdown has been chosen. out of 64 choice, the winner is "gilligan's island." i still protest, i think it should have been the theme from "the golden girls."
2:29 am
both musician rich chi havens died of a heart attack at the age of 72 and australian rocker chrissy amphlett died after battling breast cancer. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early" starts right w now. they took a great unknown, which was last monday and made it virtually unknown just a week later. to that, for the entirety of the law enforcement that worked this case should be commended for their efforts. >> the latest on the investigation into the boston bombing, including the charges on the suspect and what he told investigators about his motivation. good morning, i'm bill karins. this is "way too early" the show that tipped lieu enforcement in this country. now it seems we need to do the


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