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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 25, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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the subtle undertone. yes, before, more black people. after, less black people. whiz-bang solutions indeed. what a subtle undertone. amazing.people, after less black people. what a subtle undertone. amazing. "first look" is up next. good thursday morning. right now on "first look," tempers are flaring as delays grow and air travelers are forced to pay the price for the sequester cuts. the bombing suspect told the fbi about his role in the bombings before he was read his miranda rights. now, he's stopped talking. saying good-bye to m.i.t. cop sean collier. george w. bush front and center today at the dedication of his library. the nfl draft is taken to another level. aun a fuel barge injured some
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and lights up the sky. frustration is growing in the air and on the ground as more of the nation's major airports are hit by long delays due to forced government cuts. complaints are mounting. now a compromise could be on the way. tracie potts has the latest from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the white house and some lawmakers on capitol hill warming to the idea of a deal that would put the air traffic controllers 1,200 to 1,50 o a day. there have been waits up to three hours for come around the country. it's been an issue here on capitol hill. a testy exchange with one lawmaker saying they weren't given enough warning. >> we have been talking about reduction and available controller hours of 10% for
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months. >> but you didn't tell them which airports and which airlines. >> they should expect major impacts and facilities. >> if there is a deal and the air traffic controllers get back on the job, it may or may not include the 149 small towers scheduled to close in june. >> thank you so much for that. new leads and new questions of security lapses this morning in the boston bombing case. the cia says it put the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev on the watch list. his parents are returning to the u.s. to take his body home. his younger brother zdzhokhar i
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here. he was not given the right to remain silent until tuesday. they invoked the safety question. they can question a suspect without miranda if there's concern for the safety. a sense of normalcy returns to boston on boylston street. the stretch of road was reopened for the first time since the attack. ♪ sean collier's family says he was born to be a police officer and he lived out his dream. in cambridge, massachusetts, more than 4,000 people paid tribute to him. collier touched the community. the poignant memorial featured james taylor. the service is something his
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family says he would have loved. >> people asked me if sean was here, what would he think? are you kidding me? he would love this. sirens, flashing lights, formations, people saluting, bagpipes, "taps" the american flag. he would have loved it. >> among those in attendance, vice president joe biden who couldn't stop his anger. he called it two cowardly knock-off jihads. a crackdown by government forces at a protest site triggered tuesday's unrest. clashes have been contained to remote areas, some fear it's a matter of time before they merge with the syrian civil war across the border. now, to what could be deemed a double standard by congress.
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leaders of both parties are in talks to exempt lawmakers and they aids from obama care. the article says negotiations have been going on for months and involve reid and boehner. a boehner spokesperson tells politico the objective is to spare all americans from the legislation. the law kicks in next year. frightening sights and sounds from alabama last night. a series of fuel barge explosions along the mobile river sent three to the hospital with burns. coast guard and firefighters responded to two explosions followed by two blasts. it took place near carnival "triumph." the situation was so unstable, they let the barges burn into the night. here is your "first look" at the morning dish of scrambled
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politics. a bizarre scene at the campus of the medical university of south carolina. gop congressional candidate mark sanford decided to debate a cut-out poster of house leader, nancy pelosi. his democratic opponent refused at least one debate. where do you stand on it? what she would say is in a way that's very different from the way i stood for a long while. the whole notion of bringing our financial house in order. >> that's not weird at all. >> pelosi's office said the only people that took this seriously were the people at kinkos. a man never short on words has to go down to 140 characters. he joined twitter. it's@billclinton.
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your government will spend $1 billion to maintain bank accounts with a zero ball lansz. uncle sam has more than 13,000 of these bank accounts. solutions to long term unemployment began with one of the community members in attendance. they tweeted this picture of the hearing where only minnesota senator was present. republicans are out with a new ad pushing the gop to end the obsession with lgbt rights. the ad appears in this mornings police coe. ten days after the boston terror attacks, we are hearing of the good deeds performed by citizens. elizabeth warren appeared on the "rachel maddow show." we saw it from the beginning. we saw volunteers who stepped right in. who ran in, who helped people get immediate medical care and put themselves in harms way.
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>> that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. parts of the midwest are wheeling from their episode of heavy rain. look at the river in indiana. it's swollen with watder and almost reached the top. officials say they will have to close roads if the water spills over. for more on the weather, we are janed by bill karins. >> so many people are happy with me. >> you are a hero now. >> i take full responsibility when it's good weather. many areas of new england, a beautiful day away from the ocean. it's still chilly. look at d.c., it was 79 yesterday. boston, 69. the middle of the country is on the chilly side. it's going to change in the days ahead. the middle of the nation where there's snow on the ground in
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colorado and wyoming, that is warming up rapidly. for the first time in a month, we have warm air heading up in the central plains. the temperatures have changed a lot in the last 24 hours. it's ten degrees warmer from denver to kansas city. it's 12 degrees warmer in boston. the temperatures are warmer when you walk out the door. this afternoon is cooler than yesterday. i don't think anybody is complaining with 60s on the eastern sea board. the great lakes are chilly. from minneapolis to chicago, look what you do, you go up to the 60s yourself tomorrow. 70s by the weekend. >> you will not hear a single complaint from me. thank you, bill. one of the world east most wound rouse buildings destroyed by war. plus, a massive mulch fire lights up the sky. "first look" is back in two minutes. ♪
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some stories making news this morning. rescuers in bangladesh are racing to search for survivors after a factory building collapse. the death toll is at 150. no word on the cause. opposition forces are for a mosque. amateur video shows the piles of rubble where it once stood is part of a world heritage sight. the defense rested in the case of a philadelphia abortion doctor without the defendant taking the stand. he's charged with murder in the deaths of four babies after prosecutors say they were born alive at his clinic. in maryland, dozens of firefighters in washington, d.c. no homes or buildings are at risk. shifting winds are making the flames difficult to maintain. it was extra hot in miami as
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firefighters vie for a spot on the firefighters calendar. in the end, 15 men were chosen. proceeds for sales go to local charities. i tried to read that one slow. glenn campbell attended a meeting on ageing. his daughter spoke of his illness who cut his career short. >> now, when i play banjo with my dad, it's getting harder for him to follow along. it's getting harder for him to recall my name. >> campbell continues to attend fund raising events and has a new album released for this summer. >> for a look at what's moving your money, we go to cortney reagan. >> verizon has a possible $100
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billion bid to buy the rest of verizon. they already own 55%. hostess new owners are aiming to have twinkies back on the shelves by mid july. they plan to hire 1500 employees, but they won't be union workers. microsoft is set to unveil the next x-box. it's been seven years since the 360. they plan to have a new console this holiday season. >> the twinkie news is the best news i have heard all day. >> thanks. an earnings extravaganza. exxon, mobile, ups and amazon, the busiest day of the season.
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ticket fees shot up 50 bucks to $200. in response to industry changes, new legislation and tragic events, connecticut based general electric will no longer finance loans for retailers whose main business is selling guns. no one said going green is glamorous. ask one waste water company that wants to collect fat burns. the fat, oil and grease from restaurants that clogs up the sewers. they want to do it for the largest fat fueled power station. here is a good cause. crowd sourcing site raised 14,000 to fix the boat that got destroyed in the boss ton marathon shooting.
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to fuel a nation's future. that's bank of america. it's time to dive deeper into the top political stories. joining me now is bob franken. thanks for being here. >> caller: good morning. >> democrats and republicans may be working on a deal to exempt themselves from obama care
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mandates. why do they want to do that and what is the blowback? >> caller: the blowback is people would have another reason to be disgusted with congress. they want to do it because if they have to live under the same conditions of the exchange programs, there would be a brain drain on capitol hill. many people feel that happened a couple centuries ago. the larger issue is that congress keeps on exempting itself from the requirements of others. take the stock act that was minimal effort to address complaints. they have done away with that. >> later today, president george w. bush will be joined by his dad and other former presidents. his approval rating is 37%. why has time softened the public's view here? >> caller: time always does. the american people have the
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attention span of a gnat. they forgot the criticisms of the bush administration when he was in office. >> thank you so much for your perspective, bob. at the dedication ceremony, there will be the only five people alive that know what it's like to sit in the oval chair. bush 41 and 43, jimmy carter and bill clinton. >> reporter: it's hard to remember how popular president bush was in the aftermath of 9/11. >> i can hear you. the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. >> reporter: the fact that america was not attacked again during the bush years is a lasting legacy. so, too, is the bitter debate on whether the war on terror eroded civil liberties. he will be viewed as a wartime
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leader. it was the decision to invade iraq that is the most divisive. the faulty intelligence, the failure to find weapons of mass destruction formed a backdrop that the president underestimated the challenges he faced. >> this is a president who in his own time is the first to say is very unpopular. look at the republican convention, george w. bush's name was barely mentioned. >> as the economy struggles to climb back, many americans blame president bush. these issues overshadow other accomplishments, the president's place in launching a school reform movement. his work to combat aids in africa, tackling entitlement spending. >> they are issues that over time will wear very well. they will show that the president was forward looking and knew where the country was headed. >> that was david gregory.
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don't miss the coverage of the dedication ceremony hosted by chris matthews in dallas. it's at 11:00 eastern time on msnbc. football fans have something to cheer about. new york's radio city music hall is where the top prospects have gathered above the famed marquee. security will be tighter than usual in light of the boston marathon bombings. football players will pause to honor the bombing victims by a moment of silence. the most popular selling video game. sanders got 58% of the vote to be on the cover of madden 25. a broken water pipe may be to blame for this. that's a bunny rabbit on the racetrack. that's cute. moving on to the landslide story. a broken water pipe may be
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the cast of "wayne's world" got together to show they can still party on. they hosted a screening of their hit comedy this week. tickets sold out in 90 seconds. in other "saturday night live" news, yahoo! anouned the
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archive of the comedy show will be available exclusively to yahoo! users. this summer construction on a second wizarding world of harry potter will begin in hollywood. finally, zach braff raised over $1.3 million in a day. >> let's say i wanted jim parson's to play the role of my friend. they say instead of your friend, what if he's a sexy pool boy played by justin bieber. >> i want to play a sexy pool boy. >> there's not one in the movie. how did you get in here? >> i repelled? >> what's nice is you don't have to pay the people back.
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>> have you heard of it? >> yeah, contributed to friends. i like to support people in their dreams. >> i have never heard of it before. >> this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned, way too early starts right now. the irony is we read about these events, we experience them, but the truth is, on every frontier, terrorism as a weapon, is losing. it is not gaining adherence. with gals them the most is america does remain that shining city on the hill. we are a symbol of the hopes and dreams of the very aspirations
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of people all around the world. >> the vice president speaking at the memorial for the m.i.t. police officer killed by the boston marathon bombing suspects. we'll hear more from joe biden and bring new information on how the bombs were detonated. this is "way too early". thank you for being up with us this april 25th. we are looking at the relationship between the marathon bombing and legislation on immigration reform. the questions lawmakers are asking that could put the proposal in jeopardy. george w. bush talks about his brother's bid. what he thinks of a bush-clinton match up in 2016. let's get to the top story at porock. before we get to the boston investigation. two fuel barges near mobile,


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