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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  June 8, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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an inmate causes chaos in the housing unit after accusing
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staff of abusing him. and he explodes in anger when a valued possession is taken from his cell. >> from what i was told they found the head and like a field away from the body. >> accused of a vicious vigilante-style murder, another inmate says jail saved his life. >> i was 437 when i came in. i am now 265 pound. >> you looking at me? i say you, looking at me? >> the inmates in two female housing units square off against each other. >> you shut the [ bleep ] up. >> and one of them will soon learn her fate after a heinous act of violence. >> i did a terrible, horrible, horrible thing to my son. ♪ >> behind the seven-story high walls of san antonio's bear
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county jail there is an ever changing drama. >> a majority have been charged with crimes. for some, waiting can be unbearable. the jail's medical staff responds to a code one alert. a medical emergency. an inmate has just attempted suicide by hanging. he is 28-year-old arnulfo guerra. guerra is alive but unconscious. medics work to assess the extent of his injuries. they are awaiting arrival of an ambulance. the officer discovered guerra. he was called in after another officer reported that guerra had covered the lights in his cell making it difficult to see inside.
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>> the duty officer called us. we responded to do a check. and noticed he was hanging. he tad taken the bed sheet, tore into a strip, and around his air vent around the cell door and then around his neck a couple times. i cut him down and he was still breathing. >> san antonio fire department paramedics arrive, guerra has begun to regain consciousness. >> he was on his knees hanging forward? >> no, just hanging. >> guerra, talk to me! >> one, two, three! [ indiscernible ] >> although his vital signs are stabilizing guerra will still be taken to a nearby hospital for further treatment. quick action by correctional staff and medics most likely saved his life.
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but in the past the jail had been plagued by the specter of inmate suicides. it reached a peak three years earlier when there were five suicides in a 12-month period. >> it was a rash of suicides here at the facility. and the state took a look and decided that we needed to go to a more stringent type of monitoring system of all inmates. inmates had to be observed at a specific time frame. for example, inmates that were deemed mental by the psychological department, had to have an officer visually check on them every 15 minutes. on them every 15 minutes. we started sending all of our officers to suicide prevention classes. we would send them back through the academy. and we made it mandatory for every bed to go through the suicide prevention classes. our suicide rate has gone way down. >> because hanging is one of the most common methods of suicide attempts all officers carry a special tool as standard
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equipment. >> this it the rescue tool we have in every unit in the jail. some body it trying to hang themselves or something. we get in there with it and just cut them loose. try not to let people die in this place. >> still, some inmates will always view suicide as the only way out. but sean phillips believes that his incarceration at the bear county jail might have been the one thing that actually saved his life. >> i was literally, when i came in here, pretty much knocking at death's door. ♪ >> phillips is currently awaiting trial on a murder charge to which he has pled not guilty. when he was first booked into the jail, the 5'10" inmate weighed 437 pounds. >> i was a type 2 diabetic.
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i was taking insulin twice a day. i couldn't even walk half a block without almost having a heart attack. >> but in the year and a half he has been here, phillips has reduced his weight by almost 1/3. >> i was 437 when i came in. i am now 265 pounds. >> phillips has had several prior convictions for burglary and theft. >> these are some of the previous photos of mr. phillips that we have. 2001, 2003. >> from 200 pounds to morbid obesity, his mug shots tell the story of his exponential weight gain. >> my self-esteem out there in the free had plummeted. i'd stopped giving a care about everything. i was drinking anywhere from a bottle to a bottle and a half of jack a day. i started eating and eating as a comfort. >> but there was one person at the jail that would have a profound effect on phillip's life. >> hop up here and see where you
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are at here today. >> dr. hubert downstairs is the one that got me to change. >> look at this. excellent. have a seat up on the bench. >> he told me that he saw something better in me. >> howard hubert is a board certified physician's assistant at bear county jail. >> sean phillips is one of my favorite cases to talk about. sean came through the door weighing 437 pound. i said do you went to get the diabetes and blood pressure under control? he said of course. i said here it the plan. i'm going to put you on an 1,800 calorie a day diabetic diet, taper your diabetes meds blood pressure meds. i said if you exercise a lot, we'll take the medications away out in the free world, he was consuming 5,000, 6,000, 7,000 calories a day. here in the jail we can control diet a whole lot. >> i'm on diet tray. i don't get as much of a portion as everybody else does.
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they steam a lot of my stuff. sometimes they steam them to death. you get steamed vegetables and they come up looking like mush. but you know what it is food. >> how much weight have you lost? >> 175. >> 175. >> 175. that's a lot of weight. >> that is a lot of weight. >> strong will power. >> there you go. >> but sometimes even will power has its limits. >> cookies too? >> thank you. >> isn't that cheating a little, shawn? >> uh-huh. >> we all know shawn slips once in a while. shawn eats cookies here and there. i'm not going to hold that against him. i don't think there is a person who drive the car that never has broken the speed limit. >> hubert's other prescription is lots of exercise. something that phillips could have only dreamt of when he first arrived here. >> when i got here, i couldn't do one pushup. not even. now i have so much energy i don't know what to do with it half the time.
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i can do bulldog pushups. ten sets of ten. i will do that anywhere from three to four times a day. >> he looks fantastic. he has definition in his muscles. he has a neck now. his calf muscles are hard as a rock. he has been exercising so much. >> to lose weight. there is one thing phillips needed more than anything. an inspiration. >> everything i am doing in here to better myself is so i can be out there for my daughter when all of this is done. because that's the whole reason why i am doing what i am doing. >> for phillips, losing weight has given him a new outlook. even as he faces the possibility of a life behind bars. should he be convicted. >> if you don't have hope and you are not positive, then you have nothing. every day i wake up, it is a new day. coming up. >> his personality changes very frequently. >> recovered from his attempted suicide, arnulfo guerra poses new challenges.
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>> he could be singing. at the drop of a dime, he is mad. [ indiscernible ] >> and -- >> right side protective custody. left side, our detox unit. >> two female housing units. divided by hate. >> why don't you come over here and do something about it?
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at san antonio's bear county jail, there are 16 different housing units for the 400 women incarcerated here. two of those units, hold inmates who are facing decidedly different yet very difficult circumstances. >> well, in southern bravo, we have two different units. the right side is protective custody. we have about eight cells in there. most of them have one person. some of them have two. depending on their cases. we can't put them in general population for fear that they will get assaulted. the right side is protective
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custody. the left side, that is our detox unit. anybody that uses hard-core drugs, it is mainly heroin. so when they do that, they kick the detox very, very severely. they usually get the runs, vomiting a lot, the chills, shakes. >> the glass walls separating the women in detox and those in protective custody isn't enough to stop a seemingly endless stream of verbal conflict. >> you looking at me? you looking at me? i say, you looking at me? what? >> pc and detox, they don't get along. >> well, go ahead. say it. say it. >> detox they are very angry. they're not feeling good. they're kicking off of their drug. >> you shut the [ bleep ] up. >> pc does instigate them. because they feel like this is their house. >> can we set them off? >> so through the glass, they tend to talk a lot of mess toward each other. >> why don't you come over here and do something about it? there is gates and glass in between them.
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they're not going to be able to get toward each other. >> the women in the detox unit despise their neighbors for one primary reason. though they have not been convicted, most of the women in the unit are accused of serious crimes against children. >> anything against a child, the rest of the population, they deem that as the lowest of the low. you don't do anything to a child. you don't hurt a child. when the detoxers find out that pcs have the children charges they want to get into it with them as well. >> they killed their kids. we don't kim our kids. we just do drugs. >> ignore her. don't, don't let her make you cry. [ bleep ] drug addict prostitute. >> it's hard not to cry when you are getting made fun of. it's hard. >> they assume we're baby
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killers, but we are not. >> though most women in the pc unit have not been charged with murder they have come up with a sarcastic response to the unit. >> they laugh at us -- >> hot sauce. >> the girls in detox will be yelling "baby killers." yelling it all day. we'll say remarks to, i guess just to joke around to laugh about it. really it does hurt us. >> chelsea sanchez has been on both sides of the glass. she came in as a heroin addict and is now in pc. >> when i am high on heroin, like that story, the dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, it changes me. it changes me. makes me like a monster. me, i did like terrible, horrible, horrible thing to my
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son. because of the drug. >> sanchez has been charged with serious bodily injury to a child. she admits to being high on heroin, and severely beating her 3-year-old son. when he was brought to the hospital, he was covered in bruises, had bite marks on his thigh, and one eye was swollen shut. doctors also discovered he had a lacerated liver, likely caused by blunt force trauma. >> when i am high on heroin, it is like anything triggers me. i'll just go off. i mean, i could be sitting next to someone. if some little thing irritate me, i'll start screaming, i mean, like on attack mode. it's -- it is scary. basically, i chose that drug over my kids. and they probably have a better life without me. >> sanchez's son has recovered, and is living with relatives.
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if convicted in trial, sanchez could face anywhere from five to 99 years in prison. but she is working with prosecutors on a plea deal. she says the only way to get through this difficult time is by numbing her emotions. >> i can cry, and stuff, but -- i choose not to. i choose, i guess, to be feeling numb. after a while, it just -- try to block it out. try to block out whatever you are feeling. and that it the only way to me, the only way i can cope everyday. i watch tv. some commercials will come on that remind me of my kids. and i just -- it brings it all back. and i just, i will stop watching or start playing cards. talk to the girls. talk to the girls. it's like i had to get all my anger out on that day and it was just on the wrong person. yeah.
8:19 pm
and i'm not going to cry. >> coming up -- >> i know what i did was a horrible thing. >> josie sanchez learns her fate. >> and -- >> he always seems to find ways to mutilate himself. >> following his attempted suicide, the staff tries to keep him from doing further harm. [ camera shutter clicks ] [ male announcer ] fight pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath fast with tums freshers. concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. ♪ tum...tum...tum... tum...tums! ♪ tums freshers. fast heartburn relief and minty fresh breath.
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the primary challenge facing staff at san antonio's bexar county jail is managing the lives of 3,500 men and women. who for the most part would rather be almost anywhere else. they all require attention. but some inmates require far more attention than others. it has been one month since he attempted to hang himself in his cell. >> tell me your name. talk to me. >> after a brief hospital stay,
8:23 pm
guerrs is back in a interrogation cell where he will be shroesly watched. >> he will be monitored. and pretty much watch him, every 15 minutes. we check on him. just keep a pretty watchful eye on him. >> that day what were you feeling, what were you going through? [ speaking spanish ] >> he says that the reason why he did it is bah he was lonely. he was in lockdown. he sees that everybody gets visits. he doesn't. he sees that everybody gets letters. he doesn't. he doesn't have any body to talk with. he just felt lonely. and that's why he did what he did. >> with four prior stays at bexar county, guerra is well then to staff here. he is known for resisting arrest
8:24 pm
he says he is part of a significant enterprise in mexico. >> arnulfo guerra, claimed to be part of the mexican cartel known as the zetas. however, he is probably known more as something known as a zeitita, who is somebody that mules for them or works for them in some way or another. [ speaking in spanish ] >> he says that when he was down there he, he worked, with the cartels and everything. but he it not a killer. [ speaking in spanish ] >> jail staff, however, are less concerned with guerra's criminal past than his current behavior. >> he gets picked up on minor charges, inevitably start making demand and getting upset if the demand aren't met.
8:25 pm
so upset he will start injuring himself. he is banging his head on the wall. he it finding instruments to cut himself. [ speaking spanish ] >> this arm here, that was the last one. that was the one that he pretty much opened it up. all these other cuts on his arms, he uses tattoos to cover them up. that's how long he has been doing that. >> staff say they're never quite sure who they're going to encounter when they deal with guerra. >> his personality changes. very frequently he can be one person that is singing. and, then, at the drop of a dime, he is mad. [ indiscernible ] >> he's told me in the past, we can give him the taser. we can give him the oc spray. we can give him whatever. if problems is what he wants.
8:26 pm
he will give us problems. >> whenever he doesn't get his way, he will become disruptive. just the other night he was upset. he started tearing the bunk off the cell wall. he is constantly having to be placed in the emergency restraint chair. >> i like the chair. i like the chair. >> it doesn't bother him when we put him in the emergency restraint chair. >> he always seems to find ways to mutilate himself. razor blade between his teeth. wherever he can place it. >> a lot of people, negative attention is the only attention they know how to get. is it appropriate? no. are there better ways to get attention? yes. is this the only thing he know to do? probably so. >> due to his unpredictable behavior, he will remain housed alone in the observation unit for the unforeseeable future.
8:27 pm
he insists his actions are not for attention. he maintains his suffering is for real. >> he says he it not doing for attention. he says he is doing it. that's the way he is suffering. >> coming up. >> not going to mince word. i beat the crap out of the guy. i am not going to lie about it. >> sean films opens up about the murder that brought him to jail. and josie sanchez faces the judge. >> josie sanchez. join us at
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hello, everybody. this is what is happening. the issue of cyber security is top of the agenda during this weekend's meetings between president obama and china's president. and police near new orleans think they found the car of a missing teacher. she moved to louisiana to teach but vanished three months ago. a body was found in the front
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seat of the car but police have not said if it was the teacher. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. across the street in san antonio's bexar county jail is the annex. it is here that low inmates are charged in large dormitory housing units that are usually team willing from activity while some try to rest, others are socializing, talking on the phone or playing games. matt gentry prefers to spend his time making music. ♪ i don't know about a job ♪ i'm tiring of being incarcerated ♪ ♪ i want the lifestyles of the boca raton ♪ ♪ you can stay up in the hood or
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you can widen your terrain ♪ ♪ you can keep on hustling but i'm going to follow my dreams ♪ ♪ don't you want to live a carb you'll life ♪ ♪ it's up to you so do your thing ♪ ♪ yeah [ applause ] >> a whole different perspective on life. not all about what you are doing in the hood or growing up around. there is more to life than what you see. so, there is a whole different terrain, you can widen up to. all up to you to choose the path. that's what the whole song was about. >> some of the chosen paths of the 3500 men and women have led to heartache. others have sought more productive paths inside the jail. >> give us this day our daily
8:33 pm
bread. forgive us our trespasses. >> when he first arrived here, sean phillips weighed 437 pounds and says he was slowly killing himself with food. after medical staff put him on a diet and exercise program, he says he lost 175 pounds. but phillips still carries a heavy weight. he is awaiting trial for murder. he is accused of seeking vigilante justice against a man he believes sexually assaulted a close relative, a young girl. phillips admit he and three accomplices drove the man to a remote wilderness area and began beating him. >> i'm not going to mince words. i beat the crap out of the guy. i am not going to lie about it. we beat him up in the field. i said don't come back ever again. >> phillips says one of the accomplices took it upon himself to stab the victim. >> the dude that was with me did it. he stabbed him.
8:34 pm
and slit his throat. i was in the truck. there was nothing i could do. i was 50 yards away. by the time i got back over to the spot, it was -- i couldn't do anything. >> when hunters discover the body weeks later, it was not only decomposed, it was decapitated. >> from what i was told they found the head in a field away from the body. the only way i could figure, animals got to it. because it was out there for two months in the summer heat. there wasn't much left of it. >> phillips was arrested along with his co-defendants. two of them are in other housing units at bexar county. he says the third is the actual killer and is still at large. phillips also says he is willing to accept the consequences of his actions but feels the murder charge is too much. >> even if they want to come at me with aggravated assault.
8:35 pm
i am willing to do that. but i didn't murder the guy. i've didn't have the intentions to murder him. >> the stress of his case may be taking a toll in other ways. today, phillips is eating a regular meal instead of his usual diet plate and is topping it off with a second helping. >> anything it better than the diet trays. >> in the women's wing of the jail, josie sanchez' case is drawing closer to a conclusion. she admits to brutally beating her 3-year-old son while high on heroin. sanchez, recently signed a plea deal and today will receive her sentence. she doesn't know what it will be, but she at least knows the worst case scenario. >> i was signing the papers on a 14 year cap, you know it wasn't a lifetime.
8:36 pm
it felt like i was signing my life away. it is a good deal. compared to five to 99. >> though sanchez can be sentenced to a maximum of 14 years in prison and could also be released on probation. >> it depends on the judge. the da is opposing probation. so she wants to give me a sentence. she wants to give me time. >> sanchez has also relinquished custody of her three children. they are staying at least temporarily with relatives. >> i don't see me ever seeing them again. ever knowing about how they are. who they're with. if they're okay. >> sanchez says the only way she has been able to cope is by holding in her emotions. now she fears she will not be able to show them at all. not even to the judge, who is about to sentence her. >> the judge expects me to be, i guess, looking remorseful. i mean, because i am remorseful. you know it's hard for me to show my feelings especially in here.
8:37 pm
i haven't cried for a long time. or since i have got here. i just, i can't. i can't do it. >> a short time later, sanchez arrives at the bexar county courthouse. >> all rise. please have a seat, everyone. please have a seat, good morning. josie sanchez. >> yeah. >> the case that she stands before you, we are asking you to consider probation. >> sanchez's lawyer argues the violence against her son was the effect of heroin, and now she is clean and no longer poses a threat. >> she has never been in the system before. i believe she will never be in the system again. >> do you have anything to say? >> yes, sir, i know what i did was a horrible thing. and if i could take that day back, i would but i can't. i mean, there's no possible way. i mean --
8:38 pm
there's not a day that goes by that i don't think about my kids knowing that i am never, ever going to see them again. it's hard to let it out. because i feel if i do let it out, i will have no control over it and i will just break down. >> this is somebody has chosen very poor. i am asking the court to allow her a pass to allow her to seek help. >> i will sentence her ten years. give her credit for time served. good luck, ma'am. >> thank you. >> sanchez's sentence of 10 years in tdc, texas department of corrections, means she will transfer from jail to state prison. as sanchez is let out of court, her lawyer believes justice was not fully served. >> i am just torn up. i like her. she is an anomaly. she is not for whom the prison
8:39 pm
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>> during most shifts at bexar county jail, the ratio between inmates and officers is 48 to 1. but in case of emergency, officers know exactly what to do. they reach for the small box attached to each of their belts. >> it is called a duress box.
8:43 pm
when an officer is in need of assistance, main reason is, when inmates get into a fight, a physical altercation. this is when we would utilize the duress box. >> pushing the button puts officers into action. >> the special emergency response team. respond to all fights, fires, riots. >> one, two, three, stand up. >> yes, sir. >> these guys are highly trained officers in tasers, pepper ball weapons, 40-millimeter launcher weapons, ready to rock 'n roll. >> as intimidating as the weaponry is all of it is nonlethal. they also rely on tactics and training to quell disruptions.
8:44 pm
>> we are always training. be prepared for anything. >> while cert training focuses on what to do during a crisis it also covers what not to do. >> what's wrong with that? the whole concept is we respond as a team and respond to whatever situation we got. >> we always train something new. today we are doing a six-hour block of training for o.c. which is pepper spray. so these officers are going to be exposed to o.c. spray. >> about to get sprayed in the face with o.c. and it's not fun. >> officers deploy o.c. to control violent inmates. whenever they use it, they're also exposed to the spray. and must still be able to function effectively. >> i need everybody over here. >> for those of you who have not been exposed to this. i am going to let you know right
8:45 pm
now it is going to hurt. you are going to get sprayed in the face. i will ask you a couple of questions. you are going to go to the station there. you are going to deliver ten, good solid punches and commands. >> don't start screaming like a little girl. >> blink your eyes. look at me. blink your eyes. last four digits of your social. [ bleep ]. >> when did you graduate? >> '98. >> when? look at me. i can't see you. all right. go. open your eyes, mark! >> [ bleep ]. >> throw the punches. >> yeah. [ bleep ]. >> i know it is hard to keep your eyes open. y'all need to be able to see what you are doing. the reason you are getting sprayed, because it will get in your face when you use it upstairs. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> you guys are awesome. >> the only thing that makes it better is water and air.
8:46 pm
right now i feel look somebody has taken an iron to my face. it hurts bad. >> okay. >> lift your head up. keep your head up. last four of your social? address? address? >> keep your hand down. >> address. >> [ bleep ]. >> san antonio? >> don't be puking on me. >> you got it. you got it. you got it. >> i got you. i got you. >> officer delgado is in for a an especially rough day of training. >> i am about to be tased. it's part of my certification to carry the taser. put your hand behind your back. do it now. taser. taser. taser. >> lay her down. let her go. >> don't move. this is not connected. >> that's it. >> that's the effects. five seconds.
8:47 pm
>> we want the guys to be able to function under any circumstance. you don't want anybody going home any other way than from the way they came. >> i just finished being sprayed with o.c. in the eye. o.c. in the mouth. and getting washed off. then getting tased. all in a day's work. i love my job. cert training is put into action on a nearly daily basis at bear county. a code two. a major disturbance. requires the team to rush to the special observation unit. an inmate has been throwing chairs and trash throughout the day room. when they arrive the inmate has returned to his cell. >> look, look at the door! but since it is arnulfo guerra, the matter is far from closed. guerra has been at the center of several disturbances and is prone to frequent mood swings. they reached the peak one month
8:48 pm
earlier when he attempted to hang himself. and while staff no longer consider guerra suicidal, they continue to keep him under close observation. [ speaking in spanish ] >> he is upset because another officer allegedly kicked his door last night and threw his food tray into his cell. through the food slot. [ speaking spanish ] >> guerra says the officer left a dinner tray in his open food port while he was asleep. when he did not wake up, guerra says the officer closed the food port, dumping the tray inside his cell. then kicked the door several times. the accused officer denies all of guerra's allegations. >> he was asleep. i knocked on his door, and on his window. he got up. and i passed him his tray, his juice. juice. he took both of them. and he wanted my coffee. i told him no. as soon as i told him no, he
8:49 pm
went crazy. >> officer perez thinks guerra was still angry when he was let out of his cell for the allotted time in the day room. >> while the medic tries to calm guerra, the cert team searches his cell for contraband. a standard procedure following a code two. they remove trash, torn bed sheets and several strings of cloth guerra has made from the sheets. >> we'll document what his claim is. and go from there. [ speaking spanish ] >> from this point on, i will take the reports from the officer, send it to the supervisors and have them look into the matter. as far as the inmate. he will probably receive
8:50 pm
disciplinary for criminal miss since he broke a table. guerra's mood soon lightens when he sees an object taken from his cell. the art work he created from the torn bed sheets. but the calm does not last long. the inmate worker suddenly takes his creation away with the trash. and guerra becomes irate. guerra hangs a sheet to block his window, which is against the rules. but is of particular concern with an inmate who has attempted suicide. >> he was pissed off because they took his trash out. >> he could be doing numerous all that stuff. >> why you acting like that?
8:51 pm
[ speaking in spanish ]. >> i need you to take this sheet down. i need you to take it down for me. thank you. okay. i appreciate it. okay. >> finally, officers give gara what he wants. his art is returned to him. [ speaking in spanish ]. >> you've got to behave. >> that's all he really wanted back was those crosses, that he spent his time and energy to create. >> while his artwork and loud demands to get it back are both rule violations, officers are permitted to use discretion to prevent minor violations from blowing up into major ones. they conclude if his paper crosses hung above his door will help keep him calm, it's worth it. >> in other units, it is considered contra band. as disruptive as he is, we allow him to do this. he uses the crosses as a tool to keep his mind occupied. we don't have a problem with that. that's his activity. and i guess if he mixes faith
8:52 pm
into it, all the better. >> coming up. >> really made my day. the guard says i know you're not my real father, but you're the closest father figure i have had in a long time. >> sean phillips thanks the man who saved his life. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or signs in a woman, which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure. men with breast cancer or who have or might have prostate cancer, and women who are or may become pregnant or are breast-feeding, should not use androgel. serious side effects include worsening of an enlarged prostate, possible increased risk of prostate cancer,
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josie sanchez is in a state of limbo at the bear county jail. she was recently sentenced to ten years for brutally beating her 3-year-old son while she was high on heroin. >> good luck, ma'am. >> sanchez will soon be transferred to state prison to begin her sentence. but for security reasons, inmates are never told exactly when the transfer will occur. while sanchez can only wait in the cell where he spent most of the past two years, there is one new change. >> looks like i can't stop crying.
8:56 pm
i came over here planning on not crying, not to show -- not to be all -- just as soon as i got here, i started crying. i couldn't take it anymore. i couldn't hold it in. >> sanchez says she was determined not to show her emotions in jail. but releasing them may have come too late. she believes her inability to show emotion to the judge may have cost her a chance at probation. >> there is not a day that goes by that i don't think about my kids. knowing i will never, ever, see them again. i think that was a big part about me not showing remorse the way maybe he wanted. i knew what to say in my head. just the words wouldn't come out right. i, i -- i did cry a little. but not -- maybe not enough. i don't know. i didn't have any feelings
8:57 pm
coming out until i finally got into the cell. and i realize i'll be in prison for a long time. but it happens, you know. it is a consequence for my actions. that's what i got. >> sean phillips is in a different kind of limbo. he continues to await trial on his murder charge. on the bright side, his 19 months in jail has resulted in the loss of nearly 200 pound. thanks from help from physician's assistant howard hubert. >> let's get your weight real quick. look at your arms. see how big your arms are now. okay. compared to where they were. we looked. see. a lot of this. look at the definition and the muscle that you have got now you didn't have. this was all just a big chunk of skin, remember.
8:58 pm
>> without coming here, i don't know where i would be honestly. because i feel that -- i might have already been dead. he is a real big reason why i decided to change. i did it for myself. but he has been there as like a rock of support. i have something that i want to give you. a class teacher yesterday gave us a father's day card. it was just a picture. we had to make it ourselves. i didn't have much of a father growing up. and coming in here, you actually have given me my life back. you helped my self-esteem go up. this is only a portion. >> i appreciate it. i appreciate it. wow. >> i don't even know how to express how i feel. >> it has been a life-changing experience. it really has. >> wow. that really makes my day. this makes my whole year as a matter of fact. all right, all right, brother holler at you in a week or so.
8:59 pm
>> it really made my day. it really truly made my day. the card says -- dear mr. hubert. i know you are not my real father. but you the closest father figure i have had in a long type. you don't know how much you mean to me. you have helped me by giving me my life back. this father's day card is nowhere close to what i owe you for giving me back my life and self-esteem. happy father's day. love sean p. >> i just really thank god for coming to jail, honestly. if it's -- it's bad to say that. but jail saved my life.
9:00 pm
due to mature and graphic subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. there are 2 million people behind bars in america. for the next hour we open the gates. "lockup." >> it's not our job to extract justice. it's our job to keep these people in these cells here. >> pretty rough, you know. >> you eat yourself. >> it's an adventure every day. >> you can't let your guard down for a second. >> you know where mommy is? and he says, yeah, in jail. >> nobody plans on coming to jail. i don't think they do. i don't. it just happened. >> how come you're all in there?


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