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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  June 24, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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himself. his first three albums were about, these love me. since his mom died, he's not cared to hide how much of a tortured jerk he is. that has unleashed him to become one of the most important musicians alive. now it's time for another of my favorite musicians martin bashir. >> ego is an a shield or as a weapon in your case, toure. good afternoon. it's monday, june 24th. and he's a man on the run. ♪ >> we don't know where edward snowden is. >> how did this guy get away? we have inspector clouseau looking for him? >> clearly, the system did not work. >> it shouldn't be turned into a circus where we're chasing simpson. >> the story is shaping up as a cross between the bourn ultimatum and casablanca. >> i want to get him.
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>> you're going to get caught. >> house always wins. one thing about putin. >> he is unpredictable. >> almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the united states. >> very disappointing. >> he should come back and face the consequences. >> this guy's a bad guy. there is still a thing called executioning >> so you concur? ♪ come fly with me, let's fly let's fly away ♪ ♪ if you can use some exotic booze there's a bar ♪ >> it is a businous day kicking off a big week of actions that could impact nearly every facet of american life, including marriage, voting rights, energy and the environment, and the very question of who can become an american. this afternoon, the president hosted a meeting with business leaders on the importance of comprehensive immigration reform. including that cbo analysis that
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it would grow the economy and shrink the deficit. that ahead of a key vote today that could pave the way for the senate to pass a bill by the end of the week. much more just ahead. shocking slurs and a knock knock joke mark opening statements in the trial of george zimmerman. these are live pictures, and we'll have a full report on the trial coming up. major decisions yet to come trt supreme court after the justices today returned a decision on affirmative action to a lower court. and the "news nation" goes to the nasdaq with my colleague tamron hall just ringing the closing bell. in a rocky day for the markets with the dow falling nearly 250 but rebounding slightly. we begin with the hunt for edward snowden. with growing confusion and rampant speculation over the whereabouts of the nsa leaker. snowden left hong kong sunday touching down in moscow. supposedly bound for cuba and
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perhaps ecuador where he's applied for asylum. but with his seat on than cuba-bound flight remaining empty, the white house said today they believe he's still in russia. president secretary secretary jay carney said the white house expects russia to cooperate in extraditing an american fugitive. >> given our intense intensified cooperation with russia, after the boston marathon bombings and our history of working with russia on law enforcement matters, including returning numerous high level criminals back to russia at the request of the russian government that we do expect the russian government to look at all the options available to them to expel mr. snowden back to the united states. >> and russia was not alone in provoking the administration's ire. snowden's high profile globe trotting as compounded frustrations with china which the white house condemned for allowing snowden to sneak out. saying the move was a significant setback in the trust
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between two global powers. >> we are just not buying that this was a technical decision by a hong kong immigration official. this was a deliberate choice by the government to release a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant, than decision unquestionably has a negative impact on the u.s./china relationship. >> meanwhile, wikileaks is stepping up its role in aiding snowden's flight from prosecution with a representative of the organization ralphing with him. as the international intrigue grows between geeio political rivals the president weighed in with cautious remarks just a short time ago. >> what we no is that we're following all the appropriate legal channels and working with various other countries to make sure that rule of law is observed. >> very cautious indeed. let's go right to nbc's peter alexander at the white house. pete, the administration is not hiding its annoyance with the
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authorities in hong kong who chose to allow edward snowden safe passage even toe they knew his passport had been revoked. can you quantify the white house's irritation. >> those were some of the real highlights from today tease press briefing we anticipated. jay carney used that tough language. he didn't point out anybody but broadly he automobile was heavily critical of both hong kong and the chinese government. you played that sound bite where he said that they didn't believe that this was some technical decision by some low level hong kong immigration official but that was a bigger are decision to use his language, a deliberate choice making a direct, taking direct aim at the chinese government. carney was asked about the fact that the passport hadn't been revoked till really within the last couple days or so and he said it had been very clear for a while what we were trying to do that the provisional arrest
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request had been sent to hong cog and there were conversations as recently as last friday that included conversations between attorney general eric holder and his counterpart in hong kong. martin? >> so is the white house, pete, now in direct talks with the russian authorities to insure that if edward snowden is still in moscow, he is not allowed to leave in the way he did from hong kong. >> yeah, carney was asked about that. he said there are discussions taking place between the appropriate levels within the u.s. and within russia as well as the governments of other countries involved in this process. we take that to include perhaps are cuba and ecuador, as well. nbc news is traveling with secretary of state john kerry right now. he was asked a question about the specifically how he sees the situation with edward snowden playing out and to make sure i get the language right, i wrote down the quote. he said we hope the russians will do the right thing right now. you played that sound bite from jay carney where he sort of
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expressed the closeness of this relationship even if it's hardly allies that they have had a long history of helping one another. john kerry saying the u.s. has turned over seven criminals to russia within just the last two years. >> peter alexander providing the political context. thanks so much, pete. i want to bring in our panel now, with us from washington is noah shackman is, executive editor fromnous foreign policy magazine and ari melber, the co-host of the "cycle." knowia, do you think by running into the arms of america's geopolitical rivals, edward snoend has frankly undermined his self-proclaimed status as a principleded whistleblower? >> i'm afraid he has. i'm not the only one who thinks so. i talked to a number much high level whistleblowers over the weekend, people whose revelations have caused the government to make major changes of defense and intelligence policy. and many of them are also concerned that now future
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whistleblowers are going to be seen as sort of enemies of the state when they're anything but. they're trying to improve what the government does. >> why do they say that to you? >> because look, it's already tough being a whistleblower. it's tough to be inside the system and then go outside of that system to air grievances or to air concerns about corruption or fraud. that's a very difficult position to be in. and the temptation to be blasted within the system as something nefarious is very high. and this character snowden makes it much more difficult to them. >> ari, if snowden is so principled about transparency, why does he flee through nations which have a history of human rights abuses and as in the case of russia where more than two dozen journalists have been killed and dozens of others attacked since 2001? >> i think you have to separate the value of the leaks that he has provided from his own path as a an fugitive from justice.
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i take issue with noah's reporting because i don't think that former whistleblowers or leakers depending on who they were and what they did, i don't think they have some special purchase on determining the situation here nor do they have any. >> you can understand noah's point. they're reflecting as themselves having had that experience upon the conduct of this individual. >> we have to take a step back and look at the wider situation. the fact is, are people who do do unauthorized leaks are targeted by the government through official means which might fit with the laws they broke and might be okay and through unofficial means and many of them and knowia, if he saw these people knows wa i'm talking about, his article refers to some of this. >> it does. >> they face significant consequences. they may have done it the safer way and not the way that mr. snowden is doing it. he does look like a fugitive right now. i think we have to take a step back and understand when you do unauthorized leaks against the u.s. government, if the government disagrees with them or make it difficult for the
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power structure, you will be attacked in many ways. if by contrast your leaks are in line like all the leaks we heard about targeted killing and why it's a just and good and strong program, those leaks are ratherly. your sued. there's a larger context of selectivive prosecution. >> knowia, your response to that. >> no, i think ari and i are basically agreeing. it's true that official leaks don't get prosecuted and that these unofficial leaks do. it's true that edward snowden has done a great service to us by revealing some of these vast and often domestically pointed surveillance programs. so is he a mixed characteristic. he has both done a great bit of good and may have done some damage to future whistleblowers. >> the south china morning post reports that edward snowden saw the work at the nsa for one reason "snowden has admitted he saw the a position at booz allen hamilton so he will col collect proof about the u.s. national
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security agency's secret surveillance programs ahead of planned leaks to the media." to you, ari, does that premeditation change at all our perception of him as an individual? >> our public perception may be to view him even more skeptically if he set about it plan. >> that's what he appears to have told them. >> that's what he told that paper. i think the legal question we should keep our eye on, whether this this was designed to aid enemies with intent to harm the united states. we have to wait and learn more evidence. we would have to see whether the trial continues. but in the manning prosecution which uses both court-martial and espionage charges, we see many similar attacks. many of us in the journalistic community are concerned about that because giving information to nbc news or the guardian or washington post has not traditionally been dealt with as a matter of espionage as aiding enemies. that is the question.
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to sharpen your point, not only when did he decide he was going to do this, but what were his goals. if they were even miss guided to affect a public debate in our country, i don't think that's espionage. >> ary and noah, our thanks to both of you. it's the beginning of the busiest week of the year in the life of the supreme court. hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo...hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo hoo. sir... i'll get it together i promise... heeheehee. jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny:i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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[ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. for a store near you go to yeezusyeezus. it is a rare supreme court verdict where both sides feel like they won something, but that appears to be the case with the highly -- the court's highly anticipated decision on affirmative action today in wilseven justices appear to have foregone ruling on the policy itself but also raced the bar for its use in college
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admissions. let's bring inning nbc news justice correspondent pete williams at the supreme court. the verdict in fisher versus university of texas at austin was 7-1. with justice kag condition recusing herself. can you explain what those seven justices said? >> sure, what had he say is affirmative action is still okay, but they say because of the fact that the law disfavors government making any distinctions based on race because you can only justify that under very narrow circumstances, colleges will have to show if they're challenges 0 on their affirmative action programs that there were no race neutral alternatives that would have achieved the kind of campus diversity they were looking for. you're right. both sides say look, we won. people who support affirmative action say we can go ahead and do it. the court repeated the law and reminded the lower courts what the standard is and said the lower court in this case from the university of texas didn't
1:17 pm
apply the right text. foes of affirmative action say no, in repeating the law and placing special emphasis on race neutral alternatives, the court is setting a higher bar for schools to clear. opponents of affirmative action, martin, were hoping that the court would use this case to put an end to it. it clearly didn't. it's not the kind of endorsement of affirmative action that the court handed down ten years ago in a case from the university of michigan. as a practical matter, the affirmative action program continues in texas where it case came from but it has to go back to court. it got an incomplete on its homework and take the test over again back to the court of appeals. >> i guess who won today in the answer is yes. justice correspondent pete williams, thanks, pete. >>. the narrowness of the verdict surprised court watchers in part because of justice kagan's recusal which left the court with one less vote on the left. also because some of the tough questions that the defense took
1:18 pm
from conservatives during oral arguments. >> what that is number? what is the critical mass of african-americans and hispanics at the university that you are working toward? >> we don't have one. and this court. >> how are we supposed to tell whether this plan is narrowly tarlted to that goal? >> for analysis, let's bring innial malik cag henderson, a national reporter for the "washington post" and marc morial, ceo of the national urban league which filed an ammy cuss brief in the case. welcome to you both. mark, willet me start with you. justice thomas concurred with the majority. however, he said he would be willing to end affirmative action entirely going so far as to compare it to slave holding. here are a few selections from his concurring opinion. slave holders argued that slavery was a positive good, a century later, segregationists similarly asserted that degregation was not only benign but good for black students following in these unauspicious
1:19 pm
footsteps, the university would have us believe its discriminationing is likely wise benign. lesson of history is clear enough. racial discrimination is never benign. what is your reaction to that and to the decision as a whole? >> justice thomas's decision, his elouisdation of had his philosophy is intellectually shallow. has no basis in the history of this country and to compare affirmative action and higher education admissions to the barbarism and violence of slavery is just intellectually bankrupt. and -- >> it almost sounds sir, as if mr. thomas, justice thomas enjoys this kind much provocative and somehow extreme example and comparison. >> i can say this. it's always been puzzling to many of us why justice thomas indicts the very affirmative action program that allowed him to get into the holy cross college and yale law school. i know i benefited from
1:20 pm
affirmative action. the doors that were opened at the university of pennsylvania and georgetown university law center were opened because of affirmative action. once those doors were opened, the question is, were people able to perform with distinction, were they able to walk through the doors and do the work that was necessary. we still have a compelling interest in this nation in achieving diversity in in thisfation's best colleges and universities. i there that today's decision means that that fight continues. i wouldn't read too much into the decision of the court because the case was actually sent back and they're going to be further proceedings and the case could be back in the supreme court sometime in the future. >> nia-malika, the court appears to have taken an acceptableful perhaps traer ground on this case. is that possible with the employee three remaining big cases? >> i hate to judge what this court is going to do. folks initially thought the affirmative action case would be
1:21 pm
decided in a different way. and it looks like with these other cases particularly around same-sex marriage is they could move to kick back the prop 8 case back to the lower court essentially saying that there is no standing for the people who brought that court case against the state. so that could be one thing. and then with doma, perhaps they could say that the federal government has no standing or has no right to essentially deny the rights to same-sex couples that in some states they have these same sex rights. it would be unfair for the federal government unconstitutional for them to deny same sex married couples in these states that the actually allow same-sex marriage. this is a court much more moderate. justice roberts even in the way he has doled out these decisions very mindful of the blockbuster decisions that he has there before him. so we'll just have to wait and see. it is a big week.
1:22 pm
>> final question, mark, and if i can ask you briefly, given the recession, the disparity in wealth we've seen extended over the past 25 years in this country and the current levels of minority unemployment that we've seen exacerbated since 2007, is this really the right time to dispense with affirmative action? >> it's not because we have a long way to go. the national urban league's own research, our equality index shows wide disparities between the opportunities for african-americans and mainstream americans. that is still an issue and closing that gap and achieving diversity is still in the best interests of all, particularly in a 21st century america which is becoming more diverse. we should embrace the can road to diversity in this country, no the turn the clock back. and we're going to continue to work and continue to fight and continue to convince people in this nation that diversity is still in the best interests of all of us. >> nia and mark, thank you both
1:23 pm
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. >> nelson mandela remains in critical condition even as south africans hope and play their former president may yet recover. as his eldest daughter so elegantly put it, all i pray for as a daughter is that the transition is smooth. he is at peace with himself, he has given so much to the world. i believe he is at peace. i'm joined by keer simmons from south africa. his daughter says they're tick taking it one day at a time. what what can you tell us about the former president's condition at this time? >> they really are, martin. people are extremely worried now i have to say. you can see behind me the wall of the hospital.
1:27 pm
that white across the wall, good will messages plastered across the wall now. when one of the local networks was givingnous updays tonight, be people were crowded around to get news. we've been told by president zuma, he continues to be in a critical condition after his condition got much worse over the weekend. one source tells us that he is not able to breathe independently. he is needing help with that. that hasn't been confirmed by the presidential office. they say doctors are doing everything possible to help nelson mandela. his ex-wife winnie mandela and his wife are by his bedside. >> keer simmons, thanks so much for your reporting. and a sad note to mark the passing of the great blues singer bobby bland who died on sunday. mr. bland a contemporary of ray charles and b.b. king was a wonderfully skilled vocalist who began recording in the early 1950s. always elegantly attired, mr. bland combined jazz, blues,
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congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. immigration to a tough stance on edward snowden, here are today's top lines. don't look down. >> maybe it's true. you shouldn't look down when you
1:32 pm
do what i did. >> so very intense. >> can you believe all this news. >> breaking news. edward snowden is on the move. >> i'm not going to talk about where i think he's going. >> i want to get him caught. and brought brack for trial. >> what's infuriating here is prime minister putin. >> would love to have a little bit of coffee and a few conversations with mr. snowden. >> china and russia, they're such powerful bastions of internet freedom. >> if he could go to north korea and iran and he could round out his government oppression tour. >> an individual not acting in my opinion with noble intent. >> this guy's a bad guy. >> i think it's up in the air. >> calm, lord, help me to relax, father. >> i can't remember a week that was as historic as the one we're about to see. >> this is going to be a historic week for the senate as we pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> it will pass the senate but it's dead on arrival in the house. >> we're about at two-thirds of the senate right now. our momentum is growing >> border security has to come first before you get immigration
1:33 pm
reform. >> we'll be in the neighborhood of 70 votes by time the vote occurs at the end of the week. >> very tense. joe cool ain't so cool right now. >> the bill will pass. i think we're on the verge of getting 70 votes. >> without some congressional authority and without border security first. >> 70 votes, that is my goal. it has always been my goal. >> i can't support the final bill. >> we're very, very close. >>. >> we're very, very close. 70 votes. >> whoo-hoo. >> the amendment i think gets us over the top. >> the only thing we don't seem to get are the records from the president. isn't that interesting? >> let's get right to our panel. we're joined by congresswoman eleanor holmes norton who represents the district of columbia and by james carville, democratic strategist who, of course advised former president bill clinton on his first run for the white house.
1:34 pm
james, there's going to be a vote at 5:30 this evening on the senate on the cork ker hoeven amendment to the bill. it was described as is almost over kill by senator corker himself. it does everything to secure the border short of digging a big moat and filling it with man eating fish. will that be enough for gohmert, steve king and the other he members of the house republican self-deportation caucus? >> no, which is evident. it won't be. nothing would be enough for them. but look, the question you there's enough house members right now to pass this pretty easy. the question is, will boehner let the republican caucus dictate what the house does or the house as a whole in. >> i defer 0 congresswoman norton on this. i bet you immigration reform could pass the whole house right now if boehner would bring it up. >> congresswoman holmes norton, do you agree with that? >> easily. the senate bill would pass the
1:35 pm
house even with some republican votes but overwhelmingly with democratic votes. you would think if they get this bill through with 70 votes, that would be a virtual mandate to pass it. but you've seen the speaker, my good friend john boehner, he and i came to congress the same year come forward with a -- with preemptive protection saying that unless he gets the majority of the majority, this bill will not be brought to the floor. now, that's the so-called hastert rule. >> yeah. >> he's not always abided by that rule. >> no, he's been somewhat inconsistent with that, hasn't? >> he >> he has. that has been to his credit. but now, he's really been backed into a corner by his own insane caucus. and he's not what a speaker is supposed to be. he says he lets the housework its will. no. that's not what speakers do. they work their will, and they make deals with members of their
1:36 pm
own caucus. remember, to be house speaker, you must herd cats. well, he's shown he can't do that. . and the cats are herding him. >> indeed they are. james, i want to play something for you now from the anti-immigration rally house republicans staged at the capitol last week. here is representative steve king of iowa. take a listen. >> to build a wall isn't that hard. fence a wall in a fence, i say we build it still they stop going around the end. >> the cork ker hoeven amendment creates 700 miles of border fence, doubles the number of agents on the border and provides financing for aerial drones to monitor the area. if all that stuff isn't enough tore today's republican party, then how far off the rails have they really gone? >> look, off the rails forever and a dap they were off the rails for a long time. get steve king's ten greatest quotes or louis gohmert.
1:37 pm
there are like 15 of them on birther legislation. how far off the rails can you go? i actually enjoy watching it. i think it's great entertainment and i like the fact that the whole country sees them make a fool of themselves. >> we can't get anything through the house because of this. >> all the speaker of the house has to do is bring it up to the floor and let the whole house vote on it and it would pass through easy. the votes are in the house. they're there. >> you know, this is shameless. >> please. >> because here you have republicans seeming to throw money, this was their last defense, border security. so republicans, republicans and it's really a bipartisan amendment, that's what's going -- what's about to pass put put $40 billion, god, $40 billion on top of what has already been spent which is almost secure the border as it is. >> they are the fiscal conservatives. >> they are. now. >> absolutely. >> that was the first
1:38 pm
game-changer. the second game-changer was that the cbo came out and said for that additional money, for that $40 billion, the deficit will reap almost $200 billion reduction. in other words, because the immigrants will come out of the shadows. we'll support the social security fund, trust fund. what it adds up to is $200 billion. so for $40 billion on the table, that's the investment, we reap $200 billion in increases in the gross national product. >> in fact, the following decade the estimate is another $700 billion. eleanor holmes norton and james carville, we've run out of time. thank you so much. >> always a pleasure. >> thank you. just ahead, we'll bring you up to speed with the very latest in the trial of george zimmerman. but before that, a little look back into the archives of a
1:39 pm
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a significant and at times strange day in the trial of george dim zimmerman as attorneys made hoping statements. zimmerman is charged with the murder and shooting death of trayvon martin. he's pleadsed noth and claims self-defense. first this morning, there was a profanity-laden opener from prosecutor john guy who quoted what he says george zimmerman said to police during his noneemergency call before the shooting.
1:43 pm
>> [ bleep ] punks. these [ bleep ], they always get away. those were the words in that grown man's mouth as he followed in the dark a 17-year-old boy who he didn't know. >> then when it was the defense's turn to lay out their case, attorney don west took a somewhat unusual approach presenting the jury with a knock knock joke. >> knock knock. who's there? george zimmerman. george zimmerman who? all right, good. you're on the jury. nothing? that's funny. >> after the lunch recess, west admitted that that may not have been the best approach. >> no more bad jokes, i promise that. i'm convinced it was the delivery though. i really thought that was funny.
1:44 pm
i'm sorry if i offended anyone about that. >> witnesses have now begun to take the stand and these are live pictures. for more i'm joined by legal analyst lisa bloom who has been monitoring the trial all day. >> hi, martin. >> the prosecution opened with profanity and the defense a joke. what do you make of these different approaches given that this is an all female jury. >> these women are middle aged or older. it's not particularly shocking. the point of the language was that those were the words that george zimmerman used when he saw trayvon martin, never having met him before, he immediately was characterizing had imin that very insulting way. that was the point that the prosecution was trying to make. the defense though when the police 911 and nonemergency operator was on the stand just now tried to underplay that profanity and got the operator to admit i hear that kind of thing all the time when people call in. it didn't mean a whole lot to me. >> why has the prosecution
1:45 pm
called the witnesses that it has so far? >> well, so far we've had four witnesses on the stand. the first was chad joseph, the teenager who was the son of trayvon martin's father's girlfriend. and the last person who knew trayvon martin to see him alive. they had played playstation together and then trayvon went off to the 7-eleven to get the arizona soft drink and skittles and chad joseph never saw him again. the second one was and drew goff, the employee who sold those items to trayvon martin and we saw on the videotape, there was trayvon martin buying the items with his hoodie up. the third one was the significant one that i just talked about, a man named shaun nofke. he took the call where among other things he asks george zimmerman, are you following him? zimmerman says yeah. and he says we don't need you to do that. and you know, martin i'm puzzled over that language myself. why didn't he just come out and
1:46 pm
say don't do it. today we got the answer to that. liability. he said he's not allowed to give direct orders or instructs to people who call in. >> with so many potential witnesses, you might think this would be a long trial. we're being told it could be as short as two to four weeks. is this because the judge has ruled against the expert evidence on the voice recorder? >> yes, that's part of it. also, this is a sequestered jury and this is a no nonsense judge that wants to move through the case and get the jurors back to their ordinarily lives. she is hearing all the arguments on both sides. right now it's a hearing outside the presence of the jury. he's going to hear all the arguments and make her ruling and get right back into the courtroom. >> lisa bloom, thanks you for covering this. we'll continue to work with you as the trial proceeds. and we'll be right back. r his s. take these bags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjorn's small business earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less?
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so on tuesday, june 25th, write that down,ing tuesday, june 25th, go do the polls and
1:50 pm
bring everyone you know with you. elect ed markey and you'll have a friend in the senate. >> it would appear that ed markey has many important friends in tomorrow's special election for massachusetts' open senate seat. apart from carole king, both the president and vice president have rallied around the democratic candidate. so too has former president bill clinton. with a roughly 2-1 money advantage, polls indicate ta markey should handily had win kerry's former seat and help erase is democrats' painful memories of 2010 and scott brown. joining us is robert costa of the national review who has a new online piece on the race. things are looking bad flor markey's opponent, gabriel gomez. yet, his team is saying they still have a chance. explain that. >> i don't think they have much of a chance. it's a tough race. i was there with scott brown in january of 2010 walking around snow-covered boston. you got the sense back in 2010.
1:51 pm
>> i thought he was driving around in a truck. >> he had a barn jacket and a truck, but he got the sense back then that democrats weren't paying attention. and this time around, three years later they surely are paying attention. bill clinton, even carole king, president obama and first lady michelle obama have all come up to massachusetts to stuff for ed markey. i think he's very much poised to win tomorrow. >> you write gomez is the sort of republican, the party would love to showcase. he's the son of immigrants. a former navy s.e.a.l. and yet he spent much of his time trying to put distance between himself and the national party. hasn't? >> he >> he has. he's really run as an unabashed moderate republican. this has turned off a lot of republican groups around the country. you have american crossroads, carl robe's group have not played in this race. the nisc have played in the race. they don't like he's trying to be proposal gay marriage, for
1:52 pm
the gang of 8 immigration bill. this hasn't enthused conservatives in the same way scott brown enthused the right in 2010. >> isn't he learning from what happened in 2012 and using his abilities and bell intellect and he's aware of what went wrong and trying to avoid exactly the same thing that happened? >> he is. and i think gomez is not finished in politics even if he loses tomorrow. he's 47 years old. it's good to remember this is his first time attempting for exactlitive office. next year this seat comes up for a full term. if he gets above 45% against markey, he'll still have a place in massachusetts politics in the future. >> one of the polls we just showed digs into one of his problems. he faces a large gap with female voters with mr. markey winning almost two-thirds of their vote. is that lower number the fault of gomez or the national party? >> it's very much the national party. gabriel gomez has tried to
1:53 pm
distance himself from the national republican party especially on social issues. he says he's personally pro-life but won't fight to end roe versus wade. the other day he called trent franks comment about rape stupid. he's been pretty bold going after his party how they talk about social issues. he struggled. the democrats quote war on women that, woulded in 2012 is working well against gomez this time around. he's not connecting with women voters because they're skeptical about it. if you look at markey's message, he's running for the female vote, for women. and he's really articulated that a lot on the trail. >> i imagine gomez can't be pleased with representative burgess's comments about masturbating feet yous last week. >> not at all. gomez has his head in his hands sometimes. disappointed with the party. post scott brown, can a republican win in new england? can a moderate republican win. >> roberter coster of the
1:54 pm
national review, thank you so much. >> we'll be right back. y. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever. as in never ever. now about that parking ticket. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply. ♪ there you go. come on, let's play! [ male announcer ] there's an easier way to protect your dog from dangerous parasites. good boy. fetch! trifexis is the monthly, beef-flavored tablet that prevents heartworm disease, kills fleas and prevents infestations, and treats hook-, round-, and whipworm infections. treatment with fewer than 3 monthly doses after exposure to mosquitoes may not provide complete heartworm prevention.
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vi tthan probablycare tmoreanyone else.and we've had this farm for 30 years. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's how we make our living and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us.
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air. as the battle over immigration intensifies, some of the rhetoric against any kind of reform is also heating up. >> you don't get to come over here and be takers. >> if you're coming into the country, don't come in to be a taker. >> the implication behind congressman gohmert's analysis is that immigrants are principally parasites. and if we're not careful, they'll fall into the temptation of it complete and utter dependency offering nothing but a drain on this nation's resources. i was reminded of a particularly reprehensible analysis sadly offered on a british, television program "top gear" also broadcast here in the u.s. they were talking about cars that might be produced in mexico. >> why would you want a mexican
1:58 pm
car. >> because cars reflect national characteristics, don't they? german cars are efficient. >> italian cars flamboyant and quick. mexican cars going to be a lazy flat to you lent leaning against sleep looking at a cactus with a blanket with i an hole in the middle as a coat. >> mexican cars are lazy, feckless, be flat to you lent, leaning against a fence asleep. thankfully the actor steve coogan immediately wrote an editorial in the guardian lacerating these comments. there is not a shred of truth in top gear's stereotype he wrote. i can tell you from my own experience limping in the united states, mexicans work themselves to the bone. doing all the dirty thankless jobs that white middle class natives won't do. and that is not just anecdotal evidence. look at the facts. a study by the institute for taxation and economic policy
1:59 pm
found that even undocumented immigrants paid over $11 billion in state and local taxes in 2010 alone, meaning that they paid in to support benefits that they themselves can never receive. just last week, the congressional budget office said that the immigration reform bill currently being considered by the senate would shrink the deficit by almost $200 billion over the next ten years and a further $700 billion the decade after that. finally, take a look at this graph which reveals how much less had immigrants receive in social security benefits than native-born americans. many of us have been tempted to believe that congressman michael burgess' comments about masturbating fetuses was the high point of last week's installment of republican idiocy. but it wasn't. because when congressman louis gohmert accused of immigrants of being parasites he was full of more chiropractorry and
2:00 pm
unscientific nonsense than even mr. burgess himself. thanks so much for watching this afternoon. chris matthews and "hardball" is next. where's waldo? let's play "hardball." >> good evening. i'm chris matthews up in boston. anywhere, we're up here at quincy market to mark tomorrow's special election for the united states senate. in just a few minutes, we're going to be joined by the democratic candidate, massachusetts kongman edward markey up here. first let me start with this. you can tell a lot about someone by knowing where they're headed in life. when


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