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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  July 5, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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> due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> why did you hit an officer? >> we have now been dispatched. >> the jail responds with force after an officer is assaulted, and inmates attempt to escape. >> how many times did you shoot him? >> ten, 12 times, you know, it is horrifying, very traumatic.
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>> an eighteen-year-old shoots her father to death. >> when she walks in, she was scared, shaken, i took care of her, showed her the ropes. let's get ready for a shower. you are going to have to take my word for it. >> somebody has threatened to flood the walk. >> another inmate, not normally known for trouble, issues a vile threat. and two other inmates provide a cautionary tale for fathers and sons everywhere. >> i was out when you were seven. >> you called another man daddy, so i'm saying who was supposed to be getting mad?
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in downtown louisville, kentucky, two adjoining victims serve as the criminal justice center, housing both the courts and the louisville department of justice system. on any given day, about 100 men are incarcerated here. most have been only accused of crimes and are waiting for trials, for the resolution. it can be a tense environment. inmate and officers who supervise them know all too well. >> here in this facility, you are looking at a couple of officer assaults a month. that's jail wide. you try to train your people to be prepared to deal with any type of situation that comes up. any day you come to work, you put yourself at risk. >> today is one of those times. >> officer got assaulted by an inmate. >> on lockdown.
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no one is allowed in the area unless authorized. we have had officer get assaulted on the fourth floor. they have the inmate under control and are placing him under restraints. >> officers use pepper spray to subdue white who is in jail on a murder charge to which he pled not guilty. he will remain strapped in the restraint for up to two hours until officers feel it is safe to return him to his cell. >> second assault in a week. >> the dorm has a lot of young, aggressive inmates. are you all right? >> i'm good. >> i was putting two guys coming back from gym in there. inmate steps out. little soreness.
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>> what's going on with you and the officer? >> nothing. >> why did you hit an officer? he walked through your dorm and everything seem to be fine and officer goes to the dorm and as soon as the door opens up you hit one. i'm trying to figure out why. >> i plead the fifth. >> see your injuries. >> part of the job. >> during the assault, several inmates in white's dorm tried to rush the door. >> the dorm on camera was observed, several of them covering their faces, picking up what could be a weapon pos blichl we have activated the team. >> the special operations response team. we have now been tasked to go in their dorm and restore order.
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>> we don't know who's involved or what they have. we don't know if this was planned. there's too many unknowns. we want to use a lot of man power and whatever tools we have, this has to be done fast and safe. >> the team will suit up in their gear, helmet, body amplrm vests. we will take flexicuffs due to the number of them, taser shield. >> cameras. >> because of the potential to lose control of the floor it is a very dangerous situation. >> standby. >> we are going to put them in flrks flexicuffs.
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we're going to go in, order them to the ground. anyone that doesn't want to comply with orders we know that is where our attention needs to be focused at. >> due to safety concerns the team would not permit us to enter the dorm but we were able to shoot the raid off of control room monitors as it took place. >> they are going in right now. they had everybody go on the ground and they are flexicuffing all the guys on the ground. they are searching them and they will stay in that area until they have completed their search of the dorm. >> with the dorm secured, our crew is allowed back inside. >> been searched and now searching for weapons of contraband. people looking at the dvr trying to find the main perpetrators. >> once they shake down the entire dorm and are able to identify the ring leaders of the incident they will be moved to single cells, segregation.
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they will not be returning to that dorm. >> that is messed up, man. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> ain't right, for real. that's all i feel. >> these inmates are obviously still agitated. as of right now everything has gone the way we planned it. >> officers remove a number of inmates they suspect are those who rush the dorm and isolate them in single-person cell in the administrative segregation unit for further questioning. the inmates remaining in the dorm are placed on 24-hour lockdown. among them is brian edmond, sr. >> right now my life is off track. you know what i'm saying? i had a rough life, my whole 36 years of living.
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i was going god in school, straight a's and bs. i played basketball. i don't know. i just chose the wrong route. and this is where it landed me. >> mr. brian edmonds, sr., let me look at his charges, sodny, intimidating a person, offender one. he was sentenced to 30 years. >> having been sentenced, edmonds awaits transfer to prison. a place he's familiar with. he's been there on three separate occasions. serving a total of 13 years. >> tired of being in the jail. came away to get away from murder, and next phase get my appeal done. >> no stranger to prison he finds himself in unusual circumstances here. housed in a cell on another floor of the jail is his 18-year-old son brian edmonds, jr. who's been charged with two
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counts of murder. he's pled not guilty. >> we ain't got no real close relationship because i have been locked up off and on. so i have never been there with him growing up but he know i love him and he will haves me. but we ain't really had no like father-son relationship. it was more like a friendship. if that was -- the blame would be on me because i ain't never been there, you know what i'm saying? i take his charge if they would let me. i would do his time because i don't want to see him go through nothing like this. >> coming up -- >> so you were following in your father's footsteps. >> i don't know him to follow in his footsteps. i get offended when people say that. >> brian edmonds, jr. has words for his father. >> ain't nothing he can do to change my circumstance except stay the hell out of my face. >> an 18-year-old takes her father's life. >> i remember grabbing a gun and i remember pointed it at him and
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at the louisville department of corrections jail, everyone is aware that the violence can break out at any time and sometimes it will be directed at them. the latest assault marquel white punched an officer as he entered the housing unit. >> he basically sucker punched the officer when he came in the dorm, which resulted in several other disturbances in the dorm. >> white who is awaiting trial for murder as han moved to a single-person disciplinary cell and put on the highest security designation in the jail. for now, he will be locked up 23 hours a day, lose all of his privileges and have little more to do other than exercise and
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sleep. >> what did you do? >> i hit him. i hit him. at the end of the day, [ bleep ] mace choked out, you know and what's that chair called. >> restrain chair. >> restrain chair. >> let me talk to you real quick, all right? what's going on? i want to talk to you a little bit about what happened last night. get your side. >> i just got fed up. >> what are you feeling like today? >> i'm feeling good. >> you know your disciplinary officer will be seeing you in a couple of days because of that you will be in roommate assortment for a while and i will be reviewing you for s.o.r.t. status. i will be talking to you.
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>> white says he lashed out at the officer because he felt disrespected. >> i hate being disrespected. >> how do you feel you were disrespected? >> the way the talked to me in a way but i showed him the upmost respect and i talked to him in a mannerable way and they don't talk about manner able. just a lot of things, you know and i just got fed up with it. >> could you ever foresee you doing that again. >> no one knows what the future holds. >> the future is cloudy for brian edmonds, jr., as well. he is currently in sdeg gre gags for fighting another inmate and it's not the first time his fists put him here. >> i tried to calm down from fighting but a lot of time your hand is forced and too many chiefs and not enough indians in
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here, if you know what i mean. i need a different environment. that's why i'm always fighting. i have done so much in anti-emt to where people want to drama with me. >> it's the kind of drama the jail doesn't want. staff has compiled a list of inmates that must be kept away from edmonds, jr. this list of his potential enemies makes it difficult for the jail to house him. >> all right. brian edmonds was recently put on admin seg. >> once a month they conduct a meeting to review the inmates housed in single person cells throughout the jail. >> the purpose of the meeting is to make sure we have the right people in the single cells. they are a premium item in the department here. >> edmonds continued behavioral
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issues. >> do we need to follow up and get an evaluation done from mental health standpoint. >> you can but he is more behavioral. >> do one any way and see what you come up. >> staff members focus on his behavior in jail, edmonds, jr. says his thoughts are mostly what brought him here. she charged two counts of murder 0 to which he pled not guilty. >> i will put it like this. i'm facing the death penalty. fighting for my life. inmates in there trying to take my life. i have had a rough life growing up in projects. ain't had no stable home for real, bouncing around the city. the streets raised me. they say experience is life's greatest teaching and that's all i have had to learn from. never had role models, nobody to try to guide me the opposite way. and then -- now i'm in here, caged in. >> there's no telling if the presence of a role model could
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have prevented edmonds from ending up in jail on his current charges, but the void left by his father's lengthy prison stays remains an open wound. one made more painful by where his father now resides. >> my dad is upstairs on the fourth floor. he just got 30 years, though. been in the penitentiary all my life any way so it doesn't phase me. >> so you are following in your father's footsteps. >> i don't know him to follow in his footsteps. i get offended when people say that. i got to know him. i have to know who he is. i didn't meet him, so i was already out running in the projects. i don't deal with him at all. it is too late to turn back. nothing he can do to change my circumstance but stay the hell out of my face. i take responsibility for anything i do. i'm not going to sit here and say if my daddy raised me differently. it is what it is. i will take responsibility for
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whatever position i put myself n. i feel in order to better myself i have to look at it is it is my fault and that's what will help me develop in to a man, not just no man by age. >> coming up. >> i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> he is trying to make it one sided. >> the edmonds try to reckon siel the past in what could be the final meeting of their lives. but first the vulnerable young inmate encounters a surrogate mom. >> i took her under my wing and show her what to look for. there's lesbian activity that goes on. yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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the intake division at the louisville department of corrections jail is rarely quiet. as new arrestees from all over the city and county are brought here for booking. while most will bond out, many others will be detained in jail indefinitely until their charges are resolved in court. just hours earlier, 18-year-old
9:23 pm
danielle carmac became one of the newest and youngest inmates to be assigned a bed here. she was arrested for a probation violation. her original conviction was second-degree manslaughter. two years earlier, she killed her father. >> i just remember grabbing the gun and just pointed it, aimed it right at his head. yes, my intentions were to kill at that moment. so i shot him multiple times in the back of the head. i know it is hard for some people to grasp but when you are up against the wall and in fear for your life there's no telling what you would do or capable are. >> carmac live aid loan with her father. according to court records, social workers had filed reports of abuse in the home. >> the night before we get in an argument, he starts to hit me, punch my face, blacks my eye,
9:24 pm
bloodies my nose and he throws his hands up and my heart is beating out of my chest, i'm shaking. >> she says she felt her life was in darng and she picked up her father's gun and shot him in the back of the bed as he sat on the couch. >> how many times did you shoot him? >> ten, 12 times. it is horrifying, traumatic, something i dream about. it is something i will have to live with the rest of my life. >> she says not all memories of her dad are negative. >> my dad would take me places, go to the movies, sometimes. he took me to concerts. that's one thing we got along about. ac/dc is our band. he introduced me to it and i have been listening to it since probably the davis born because he said he used to bounce me around in my mom's stomach with the radio turned up and ac/dc playing. i loved him. he was my father and that's who i was and i will always love and
9:25 pm
miss him. >> several hours after the shooting carmac turned herself in to the police. originally charged with murder, she eventually pled guilty to second-degree manslaughter and was sentenced to eight years in prison. she spent most of the following year in a jumpl detention facility and released to a halfway house on probation shortly after turning 18. carmac violated her probation by not taking her medication. >> i told my director i stopped taking my medication because it wasn't helping me. i need counselling and stuff like that. that's when my probation officer comes in and she says i stopped taking my medication and refused to take my medication and she puts the cuffs on me. it is not that i refused to take my medication. i would have taken if i had known all of this would happen. >> the judge will review the matter and could send her to an adult prison to serve the remainder of her eight-year prison. louisville metro marks her first time inside of an adult
9:26 pm
facility. >> what are you reading. >> a handbook. >> a fact that is not lost on sherry. >> are you ready to learn your number thing on the phone. >> sure. >> who is helping her adjust on her first day in jail. >> when she walked in she was scared to death, shaking. i grabbed her and stayed up with her last night and taking care of her. showing her the ropes. my case right now, i need to trust someone. i feel like i got nobody. just myself. i know in jail it is not the ideal place to find someone because they are out for themselves. that's where i met sherry and she came in and took me under my wing. >> she is serving one year for failure to pay child support. a variety of drug charge which she pled not guilty. >> hit one five times and there will be a pause and it will tell you what to do from there. you can find out your area information. >> i have been in jail numerous times in and out.
9:27 pm
unfortunately i know the ropes. that's not something i'm proud of. >> we're going to have to get you a new bracelet. >> come on. >> i'm going to need to talk to you. >> taking charge. you don't want to go to the hole, honey. >> she needs a new bracelet. she is having to carry it around and i don't want her to get in trouble. >> i will get her a new one. >> thank you. >> i have six kids. five boys and one girl. she is 18. my youngest is 18. so i can just imagine him walking in here, you know, he would have the same look probably as she did. hey s that danielle's bracelet. >> yes, danielle carmac. >> there you go, baby. >> they are afraid and that's why i did it, take her under the wing and show her immediately what to look for. there's lesbian activity that goes on. it is more experienced women
9:28 pm
taking advantage of a naive girl. >> i'm going to be the devil's advocate. how do we know you are not going to prey upon danielle. >> you are going to have to take my word for it. i'm not. >> not what. >> not going to prey upon the young and naive. no. trying to help her. i think god put it in my heart tochlt whatever you do, do not take this off for anything, okay, baby because you can get in a lot of trouble for that. okay. let's get ready for a shower. >> okay. >> coming up. a lot of people hating on you so you need to chill out, okay. >> okay. >> new tensions threaten the relationship between sherry and danielle. >> everything that was said today, i don't know if i should trust her or not because of all that was said. >> and -- >> he is threatening to throw urine on us. >> an inmate not normally known for trouble finds himself knee deep in it. hey! yummm!
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here's what is happening.
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the president of nicaragua and venezuela said they are willing to grant asylum to edward snowden. it's believed snowden is at a moscow airport. bail has been set at $2 million for a man arrested in the university of washington in seattle. justin jasper was driving a stolen pickup containing weapons and maps of three seattle campuses. a volcano is spewing ash forced airlines to cancel more flights there. now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised. >> on any given day, staff at the louisville metro department of corrections jail know that at least one inmate will cause enough of a disturbance to warrant a response. today it's in the disciplinary
9:33 pm
segregation unit. >> somebody threatened to flood because he didn't get an additional tray at chow. even though he is not medically ordered to have one. he is threatening to throw urine on us. >> when officers arrive at his cell, the inmate complies with orders. >> there you go. roll the door. >> we are going to move him to a quieter location where he will be in there all by himself and it is welded shut so he won't have access to throw urine or whatever on officers. >> there is a cup of urine right there. >> the officer came in and he said i got something for you. he filled up a cup of urine and said i'm going to throw it on you. >> is it unusual that he warned an officer that he was going to
9:34 pm
throw urine on them. >> the problem is when the warning is not taken serious. then he can say i told you i was going to do it. proactively instead of reactively and works better for everybody. >> the inmate who made the threats, anthony kimably was moved. white watched an assault on hamilton. several inmates rushed the door of the housing unit. kimably was reportedly among them. up until then he was regarded as a model inmate. you never cause trouble. you know, just cool out. >> he is going through personal issues, he said. he said he's going to be quiet the rest of the night for you. >> good. that's what we need. >> we'll see. >> kimably is currently in jail awaiting trial for murder. he's pled not guilty but lately he's been dealing with another
9:35 pm
death. >> i'm dealing with a big loss right now. my daddy died. i feel like everything sending. >> how did your father die? >> he smoked. last wednesday. my dad didn't have a relationship, like a real bond. other kids he took care of. he ain't never take care of me. but at the same time i'm not going to hold that against him. i still have a love for him. he is only 38 years old. still young. >> kimably right now faces more time in segregation due to this latest incident but staff can take his prior behavior in to account before making that decision. white, however, was given 60 days in segregation where he is locked in a one-man cell 23 hours a day and lost all privileges including gym and visitation. he is on day 14 of his stay. >> how's it been going in here?
9:36 pm
>> it's all right, man. it's all right sometimes. sometimes it is all right. stressful not being out there. what i really learned is i need to get out there to my son. that's the only thing that stresses me out is i want to seriously be a father figure. i know what it feels like to not have a father. i don't want to see him do the same thing. >> you didn't have a father? >> i had one but, you know, in and out. i'm following in his footsteps, you know what i mean. >> when was the last time you got to touch your child? >> i ain't. >> you never touched your child? >> uh-huh. i'm trying to stay sane, man. trying to calm down. >> it's been several months since brian edmonds has spoke to his son who is incarcerated one floor below him.
9:37 pm
>> when we first got locked up we used to visit together but we had an argument and they put keep aways on us. so i want him to know that i'm sorry i never been there. i know that's the reason he's going through what he is going through. basically like apologizing. >> the two men might not have much time left to reckon siel. edmonds, sr. is about to leave the jail to start a 30-year prison sentence. edmonds, jr. is charged with murder and could get the death penalty if found guilty. when told of his father's apology he was surprised. >> it is hard for me to believe. i will be 19 this year. that's the mature thing i ever heard my daddy say. i never heard him take responsibility. it is unbelievable. that's a major move in his liechlt makes me feel like the dude kind of give a damn now. i want to see him say it. i would love to be there and hear him say, man, i blame
9:38 pm
myself for what you are going through. i don't know. i guess it would change how i look at a lot of things in life. it would help me get rid of a lot of hatred in my heart that i always had toward my daddy. >> coming up, the edmonds give their relationship what could be its final chance. >> what's going on? >> i say stop talking about it, you need to stop talking about it. >> a different sort of parental relationship hits a nerve. >> i wasn't expecting someone to come out and say that but i should have known. i met a turtle friend today. avo: whatever you're looking for, expedia has more ways to help you find yours.
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vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> make sure you have arm bands, please. >> the louisville metro department of corrections jail is the first adult facility 18-year-old danielle carmac has ever served time in.
9:42 pm
she was convicted of second-degree manslaughter for shooting her abusive father to death and served time in a juvenile facility before released to a halfway house. she is in jail now for a parole violation and came to rely on sherry lechty for guidance. >> they will bring another sandwich. you can start on those. >> i am good. >> you are starving, just woke up. >> recently the relationship has become strained. lechty believes that carmac is making a mistake by revealing details of her case with other inmates. >> you need to quit talking about your charges. and details and stuff. you need to stop it. >> i feel like it is my business and i'm grown. i'm 18. i know it is still young, but like i kind of see you are trying to look out for me. i don't know what i'm trying to
9:43 pm
say honestly. >> i'm going to tell you there's a lot of people, and i'm talking about a lot of people that are hating on you and your case. they are saying they are tired of hearing about it. they say you are changing your story. this is not the place. i'm trying to help you and look out for you. when i say stop talking about it, you need to stop talking about it. something bad is going to happen, danielle. you need to realize that. this ain't little kid juvenile place. this is big. it is time you grew up. somebody is going to use the stuff against you. trust me it happens in here. >> people are not going to like the fact you killed your father. they don't understand, you know what i am saying. it is between you and god. i'm just an inmate. you don't have to convince me. you don't have to convince anybody in here. >> i'm not my charge by no means. you have to get to know me. it is like the saying judge men
9:44 pm
and i will prove you wrong. >> i can see that. but i'm not everybody in here. >> i know. >> there's a lot of people hating on you. so you need to chill out, okay. >> okay. >> i think mainly what it is people are not liking the fact that she killed her father and she's finding, don't get me wrong, danielle, because i love you with all of my heart, she is finding it very easy to talk about. if i shot my dad ten times in the head and there's more to it, if it is true, i couldn't sit here calmly and talk to you or anybody else. i couldn't do it. but she's -- i'm not her. i didn't experience it. and i hope to god i never do. but that's why they are hating on her. they are trying to figure out how she can sit here and talk about it over and over and it
9:45 pm
don't bother her. >> everything that was said together, i don't know if i should trust her or not because of all that was said. it caught me by surprise. that i should have known before i talked about it and stuff like that. >> are you okay? >> yeah. >> i think i'll just keep to myself and stay out of the way, stay out of trouble, avoid people, everything. >> i think i'm trying to toughen you up in case you do go to prison when you go to prison it will be a lot harder. there isn't going to be someone that will take you in and look out for you. you need to prepare yourself. you seem very, very upset with me. >> no. i'm just eating. i just woke up. >> the next time we checked in with carmac she informed us she no longer wished to speak on camera and while her relationship with lechty appeared to have frayed, anthony
9:46 pm
kimably apparently wants to repair his relationship with jail staff. >> i've never had a problem with you. so it was hard for me to expect that out of you. >> he was recently removed to a secure cell after threatening to throw a cup of urine at an officer. >> we moved him to a quieter location to give him peace and quiet because normally mr. kimably doesn't ever give me a problem. i was surprised to find out he was kicking the door and threatening to throw urine. go ahead and have a seat. i will open the door so i can hear you. >> kimably said he has been upset over the recent death of his father. >> you are upset over personal issues. >> i needed somebody to sit down and talk to. i feel like i couldn't just sit there and talk to anybody. >> it is a very stressful time. especially went you lose somebody and you can't leave to do anything about it. you can't leave to comfort your family like you want. it is hard on you. i just figure by putting you in
9:47 pm
here it will give you peace and quiet. >> let some stress off by beating on the door. >> punch your mat if you need to because you are not going to hurt your hands or feet doing that, not like kicking a steel doompl one thing that i could suggest that you do is you need to get paper and write your stuff out on paper. it helps a lot. trust me, it does. it helps you release it. get it out and you are putting it on paper. >> i never thought of that. >> try doing that. all of your feelings. how you feel, everything. >> like writing a rap or a story. >> yeah, a story. >> it really does help. that's a really nice way of releasing what you have inside. >> you are going to read the story. >> yeah, i'll come and read it. >> i'm definitely going to write a story. >> okay. >> appreciate you coming, too. >> you are welcome. thank you, mr. kimably for not being all disruptive for me and
9:48 pm
everything else. i just figured i'd give you peace and quiet. i figured that's what you needed. i'll come back and talk to you. okay. >> okay. >> thank you. >> with most of the inmates that don't cause many problems, i will kind of go out of my way to spend a little more time talking to them he was all excited about writing everything down so he could show it to me later on. that boosted his attitude so he is happier at the moment. i don't think we will have a problem with him kicking the door or anything at all. >> coming up -- >> why do you act like i never tried. even when i lived with you. we fought almost every day. >> did you expect anything different. >> from inside the walls of jail, a father and son provide a lesson for all parents. anced distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local
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on any given day more than 2,000 men and women are incarcerated at the louisville metro department of corrections jail. most are working on their cases, hoping to clear their names and go free. today, however, two inmates, brian edmonds jr., and his father, brian sr., will attempt to clear long-lingering emotional wounds. edmonds jr., who could be sentenced to death if he's found guilty, asked jail officials to allow him a final visit with his father, who will soon transfer to state prison to start a 30-year sentence. the request was approved. >> it really might be the last time i get to see him for a while. >> what's up, baby? >> what's happening? hug. what's going on? what's going on with you? >> well, let me tell you something before we start the conversation. i already told them from the get-go, i don't blame you for nothing. i chose the path i took.
9:53 pm
i chose to do what i wanted to do. but at the same time i just want to know, you know what i'm saying, if you could do anything different what could you have done? what you thought you could have done different. >> there would have been a whole lot different. i would have chose a different route so you wouldn't end up in the situation that you was in. you are following in the same footsteps as me and your uncle. i'm tired of every time i look up you're in the hole. i'm sick of the fighting. i mean, that bothers me. i'm saying i know you're going to handle your own. but i mean, never knowing when something serious is going to happen to you. i'm saying that's frustrating. that's very frustrating. >> i mean, it's frustrating to me that you just got 30 years. you know? and then, you know, we always had a friendship, but we ain't have a father-son relationship. and it's like, you know what i'm saying, when you're locked up you talk a whole lot of sense. you don't want this, you don't want that. but you ain't never demonstrated that.
9:54 pm
if we was both to get out today, what do you feel you could do to help me? even if you don't ever get out. you got 30 years. they offered me 30 years not too long ago. what would you do to help me to be the man you never was or you that wanted to be. let's say i'm willing to listen or learn -- >> you act like i ain't never tried, though. i'm saying -- >> explain to me. >> even when i lived with you. >> we fought almost every day. >> if i whoop you, what was you doing? you try to make it seem like i was just off the muscle fighting you. no. i'm saying you weren't minding period. you didn't mind nobody but your mother. so what am i supposed to do? >> did you expect anything different? >> no. i never expected anything different from not being there. >> i ain't never really been loved. like i remember the first christmas we had together. you remember that? >> mm-hmm. >> you started crying. >> it wasn't the first christmas but -- >> the first christmas. the first time we really spent christmas together. >> yeah. >> i feel like i -- i ain't
9:55 pm
never talked about i was a kid, i was probably about 12, that was the first time i ever thought you really loved me. other than that i ain't never had -- i don't know what the hell love is. i rather not have shoes, clothes, all that materialistic [ bleep ] and just have my mom and my dad. that's just how i feel. i wish i would have had my mom and my dad. and i feel like i would have been all right. i would have had some morals and some principles. you know what i'm saying? that's why i'm so angry. because of stuff i never had. >> moments later edmonds jr. brings up his father's recent relationship with another woman and her young daughter. >> and you on the phone telling her you love her -- and her child. >> i wasn't even talking to her. >> you love her and her child. >> i write you every day -- hold, hold. >> i'm trying to finish. no, no. because you ain't going to go through all that. i write you every day through the work days. and every letter i write you i tell you i love you. there's not one letter you wrote me telling me you love me. not one. don't try to make it seem like i told a little girl i love her and --
9:56 pm
>> that's the thing. you told her, period. >> i'm saying what do a child got to do with it? >> that ain't your child. >> it don't matter. >> you left me when i was 6, 7 and 8. >> i was there. you were out when you were 7. you called another man daddy. so i'm saying who's supposed to be getting mad? >> who was with my mama when you went to penitentiary? >> it don't matter. it was your mama's choice. who was with my mama when you went to penitentiary? >> look, i only did this interview because they said you want to do it. i'm saying for real, bro, we ain't got to go through this. >> i ain't give a [ bleep ] about this interview. >> he's trying to make it seem like it's just his -- >> brian sr., he's angry. >> he's supposed to be. i mean, i get frustrated when i think about it because i already know that the majority of the situation got something to do with me not being there. it's hard knowing that he could possibly end up with the death penalty.
9:57 pm
it's hard to even think about it. i always wanted to be there to help him. but i mean, which is sad to say, i let his mama basically run me away. and for a long time i had a grudge against her because she had another baby. so when i did get out, that's what was really stopping me from any -- you know what i'm saying. even being around him. because of that. and i should never have done it. but i felt like that was the only way for me to get even with her. and then when i got out and he was calling him daddy, it was real touching. >> did you blame me for that? >> no. i blamed your mama. i mean, i'm sorry that i was never a father figure, you know what i'm saying, and just being your friend. i wanted it so bad because like, you know what i'm saying, honestly in my heart i didn't want you to end up here with me. i mean, you might think that i'm
9:58 pm
just saying this for the cameras. for real, [ bleep ] these cameras. i only did the interview for you. you feel me? i only did it so i can have this conversation. you know what i'm saying? this is affecting me way more than it's affected you. because i know that the majority of this is only because i wasn't there. >> that's all i wanted to hear. that little bitty piece right there. this whole conversation, that was the only piece i wanted to hear. the only piece i wanted to hear. i'm no longer mad at him. at all. i swear to god, i'm not. now that we've realized this is -- you know what i'm saying, we can get over this bridge, you know what i'm saying. some father-son stuff. if it's from jail cell to jail cell, it's still possible. you can still -- if i was to get out and you had to stay in you could still make an impression from jail. i don't know exactly how. but you know what i'm saying, ain't nothing impossible. you owe me to try. that's the only thing i'm going to say you owe me. i don't blame you for nothing else. you owe me enough at least to put in an effort. i don't care how stubborn i am.
9:59 pm
you owe me that. and that's all i ask. >> let's wrap it up. >> yeah. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> i don't know really what to say. i'm satisfied, though. honestly in my heart, you know what i'm saying, i ain't mad at him. ain't no hard feelings. ain't no none of it. i feel like he was sincere about it. that part of being a man he didn't know how to do. so i know he know he's wrong. and that's all that matters. i don't care if nobody else in the world knows. we really know. i'm cool with that. >> all right. [ crying ]
10:00 pm
>> in this jail, man, it's like you got to be strong. you got to be mentally strong. you got to be physically strong. >> i said, "if you touch my food, we're gonna have a problem." and he proceeded to touch my food. >> narrator: a lunchtime dispute turns violent. >> it was really a bully situation, like what you would see on a commercial. >> another inmate learns crime doesn't pay and jail isn't free. >> this is bull[bleep] anyway! i got to give you $35 to lock me


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