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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 8, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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>> a harrowing experience and the pie llot of that plane may e logged less than 50 hours flying a 777. 40 people are dead after shootings outside a military building in cairo. and first anthony weiner running for mayor and new york has another disgraced politician attempting a comeback. this time eliot spitzer. not teasing. this is "way too early." good morning, everybody. you go away for a holiday weekend and a lot happens. we want to get you up to speed on stories we're following. starting from the latest of the investigation of the plane crash in san francisco. the pilot of flight 214 was still in, quote, training for
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the boeing 777 when he attempted to land the aircraft on saturday. the coroner was investigating to see if one of the fatalities was caused by an emergency vehicle respond i responding to the scene. let's get to danielle leigh in san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brian. wreckage from the plane is still sitting on the runway this morning. behind me, it's a stark reminder of chaos from saturday. investigators are going to be going through that debris piece by piece today. the black box is offering clues about what went wrong. amidst the charred remains, they obtained the black blocox. it calls for them calling for increased speeds. seconds before impact, the crew unsuccessfully tries to aboard the landing.
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>> the approach speed was 137 knots. i will tell you that the speed was significantly below 137 knots and we're not talking about a few knots. >> reporter: this morning the ntsb will continue to analyze the damage strewn along the runway of the san francisco international airport. the boeing 777 was ending a ten-hour flight from cork korea the tail broke off. people are still haunted by those terrifying moments. >> i felt i was dying. >> reporter: two 16-year-old girls were thrown from the plane and killed. more than a dozen survivors remain hospitalized this morning. several are in critical condition. >> the most serious injuries were the one that were the combination of abdominal industries.
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>> reporter: ben levy walked away with minor injuries. >> my injuries are bruised ribs and torn ligaments inside. >> reporter: he considers himself lucky after a flight where doctors say it's a miracle so many survived. later today we are expecting to hear from the coroner about the two teens killed in the crash. meanwhile here at the airport, things are slowly getting back to normal. the faa is estimating delays around 15 minutes. danielle leigh, brian? >> thank you very much, danielle leigh live in san francisco. we appreciate it. we now have to respect the seat belt all the more. in alaska at another plane crash investigation is underway. this one more deadly. the ntsb is looking for the cause of the plane crash at sol dat na airport that killed ten people. it's 75 miles southwest of anchorage, alaska opinion it's unclear whether it happened
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during takeoff or landing, but all passengers and one pilot did not survive. the crash was at 11:20 a.m. local time. witnesses say it was completely on fire when first responders arrived at the scene. a the lot of in-state flying in that state because they don't have as many roads as we may in the continental u.s. moving to canada where a runway train killed five people and that number could rise sharply. it happened in quebec. 40 people remain missing. a train began rolling downhill without a driver. in all four cars caught fire leading to a huge explosion that destroyed dozens of buildings including a popular bar. this happened at 1:00 a.m., a time when the bar was extremely
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busy. investigators want to know why the crude oil blew up. the fuel is not normally considered explosive. thousands of demonstrators are preparing for another day of protests as the fate of egypt's government remains uncertain at this hour. they are calling for morsi to be reinstated and they are finding themselves at center of violent crashes with the egyptian army. atia joins us from cairo. >> reporter: it was a bloody start here this morning. we saw clashes between supporters and the egyptian army. . mohamed morsi is believed to be held at headquarters of the republican guard. morsi supporters tried to storm
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the building and that's why they responded. but according to supporters, they say it was an unprovoked attack. at least 42 people have been killed including an egyptian soldier in those clashes. this is causing much more political unrest. we're waiting to see what will come about because of the situation, because of the bloody morning. we are expecting a press conference by an umbrella group shortly. they may be call ong the release of the mohamed morsi in the next two days. and no clue what that will involve in the future if that means the pro morsi supporters will go out in the street and create more clashes with the anti-morsi supporters. >> we appreciate the time. stay safe. five years after resigning as governor of new york, eliot spitzer looking to make a political comeback. he announced yesterday he will
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run for comptroller in new york city. he was also candid about his past, his involvement in a 2008 prostitution scandal. the former governor said i'm hopeful there will be forgiveness. i'm asking for it. he joins scot stringer in the race for comptroller. he said elliiot spitzer is goin to try personal redemption with his family fortune. the voters will decide. here's the "new york post," here we ho again. and the daily news, the lust for power. tweet us your headlines. the best ones that are clean enough for cable will get a
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shoutout. bring it this morning. first day back from the holiday recess. rick perry is promising to pass an abortion bill when the special session resumes after their recess this week. yesterday perry said official state business will not be overrun by protesters again commenting on the support wendy davis received during the 11-hour filibuster last wooek. >> when you look at texas history, never in the history of texas have they seen that type of a mob rule discombobulate a session. texans want to protect life. that's the bottom line here. >> governor perry weighed in on the presidential race saying it's certainly an option. now to business. better than expected jobs report for june. the economy added 195,000 jobs.
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for more on what to expect this week, let's check in with steve sedgwick live in london. >> i'm very well. the market. s are in fine state. europe following on the late rally on the u.s. markets. finally deciding that more jobs was a good thing. they also like to debate on friday because they weren't sure if it meant more tapering. elsewhere we're following the boeing story as well. it appears that this early stage nothing to do with mechanical error of the plane. the 777 is a workhorse for the company and a new version is going up from air bus as well. shares doing well up 38% so far in 2013. elsewhere rents for the office space pretty stagnant in the
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second quarter. they are up as high as $23 per square foot. that's below the 2008 high of $25 per square foot. back in 2008 before the crisis, vacancy rates were down as low as 13%. brian? >> comcast will trade today, the minions was a lot better than the loan ranger. >> yeah. no comparisons between those animated characters. massive sales. $142 million. back to you. >> they made it for less than $100 so they are already in the black. that's a great start for that movie. still ahead on "way too early," major league rosters are
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out. e he still has a chance to make the team. and a pastor preaches to the choir like you have never seen before. and believe me, you have to hear it. bill karins is back when "way too early" returns. jane fonda admits her visit to an anti-aircraft gun site in 1972 was the largest lapse of judgment she could ever imagine. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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time now for sports and wimbledon trophy back in hands of a brit. the front page, andy murray the first british man to win in 77
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years. not since the fred perry days when he won in 1936 had someone from great britain won it. murray defeated novak djokovic just one year after he came so close losing an emotional match to roger federer. reaching the finals in the last four majors, he's also a two-time slam champion and beat djokovic last year. murray spoke about his emotions after the match. >> i feel as though slightly different to last year. last year was one of the toughest moments of my career. today was an unbelievably tough match. >> he's just a machine. he works hard. some say he's a pusher, but he works hard and deserves that
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victory. plenty of celebrities in attendance. bradley cooper and gerard butler attracted the most attention in their matching shark skin suits. looking sharp. on the women's side marion bar toly won in straight sets. she played in 46 straight slams before getting her first big win. do you think bartoli's dad told her when she was little you're never going to be a looker, you'll never be a sharapova so you have to be scrappy and fi t fight? he apologized for a clumsy phrase saying he only meant to put out that all players don't need to be 6 feet tall and now
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he's offended sharapova on the opposite side. now let's go to baseball. the american league all-stars have been selected. the orioles have three names on the roster. the tigers have five. in the national league, the cardinals top the list with five all-stars. mets ace matt harvey will represent the home team in new york. only been in the majors for a month was not picked, but he could still make the team. he's one of phi finalists. fans can vote online. you can vote early and often. they let you vote multiple times. and finally a scary moment during the formula one race. the crew for mark weber fails to put a tire on correctly. watch as the car takes off and
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the tire takes off as well. just boom. that could kill somebody. he's going to be okay. that's why it's okay for us to show it and talk about it this morning. let's check on weather with bill karins. welcome back. >> i had a fantastic vacation. i went to a resort called packing. in the middle i got this big moving truck and then i went to unpacking resort. >> i've been there. the weather is nice there. >> the humidity is the story. the heat and all the nastiness that comes with the summer season. that's what you expect. the question is how long will it last? it it doesn't look like we have any cold fronts to change the air mass. everywhere the dew points are in green, it's humid and you walk out the door and feel it. air conditioners will be humming. we have showers and storms from green bay. chicago is going to get some
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storms as we go through the morning. overnight, a new tropical storm formed. this path that the storm is going to be taking is one that would scare us a month from now in august and september, but this is early in the season. it could be near the bahamas by saturday. the good news is it should remain weak. the winds are not favorable for this to develop. but a path like this, it will be near the u.s. in about five days. >> thank you very much. coming up at the top of the hour, how safe is air travel these days? we'll get some fresh insight. when we come back, we'll huddle around the cooler. what bottle of champagne is worth $30,000? i guess maybe one coming down. plus the best headlines. by the way, make the cover stories clean. we have a lot of them but they are not clean enough for cable. bacon?!
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at the top of the show, we talked about the two tragic plane crashes in san francisco and alaska over the weekend. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends that researchers at m.i.t. state that the fatality rate of plane crashes is .2 per 1 million departures making air travel safer than any other
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means of transportation and that includes escalators. let's go over to lewis in the cooler. maybe you were just out of the frame of gerard butler and bradley cooper. >> i was. there's parody and this. a fried chicken restaurant in thailand goes by the name hitler. hitler's face is attached to colonel sanders body. the parent company is threatening to have a lawsuit if they don't change their look. let's turn to extravagance beyond comprehension. they would be offering a $25,000 bottle of champagne delivered by a sky diver chilled during the 13,000 foot drop. this past saturday, someone ordered this ridiculous bottle
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of champagne and this would only happen in the hamptons. let's move on to politics. in south florida says one candidate is getting down right brutal. a county for the school board wants police to lock up competition after complaining her opponent squeezed her hand so hard it still hurts today. the accusations are nonsense and the police haven't said how they are planning on handling the situation. we'll see how that goes. now we head to mika with what's coming up on "morning joe." >> coming up, we have the latest on the deadly plane crash in san francisco uncolluding new details about the day pilot that's raising eyebrows. he has landed at that same airport dozens of times.
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he joins us with his taik. also friday's promising jobs report. and violent developments from egypt where 42 are dead and hundreds are injured. we could be looking at an all-out civil war. we'll have a live report from the region and also richard has onset to break it it it down. and finally five years after resigning of governor of new york, eliot spitzer is trying to make a comeback into politics. his former co-host is with us along with michael barb row. we'll talk about that. that's what we have coming up on "morning joe." brian? >> kathleen in the house with the insight. >> that will be interesting. >> welcome back. that will be interesting. still ahead, your most creative tweets relating to mr. spitzer. we have a couple good ones and we're able to share them on air. "morning joe" is moments away. ♪
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earlier in the show we asked your best eliot spitzer headline comeback. we asked for your responses. some very good ones. some of which we can't necessarily share with you. but john tower has the best one this is morning. >> we have some pretty responsible viewers, but you put me in a tough spot with this one. >> it was a late change on this one too. >> we have doug on twitter, spit, take two. and spitzer for comptroller, remember he even has receipts. >> christian, it's the return of eliot spitzer, not john. and the rest of them, if you want to go to #waytoowitty, you can see what they are. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪
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>> i was working in the window because i was just working and i could realize we were basically it sounded like we were about t the whole plane shook. so we knew something terrible had gone wrong. >> the top totally collapsed on a lot of people. >> i was holding the things so tight. and bang. the impact was so powerful. i felt, you know, i was dying. that was the moment. nobody was moving. no sound, nothing. >> good morning. it is monday, july 8th. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set we have former treasury official and "morning joe" economic analyst steve ratner. a perfect morning to have you on, steve. you've landed on that runway in san francisco as a pilot many times. >> can i also be the senior aviation