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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 9, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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this is "way too early" for tuesday. ♪ good morning, on this july 9th, i'm brian shactman. we have a busy morning. we'll update egypt and zimmerman trial and great stuff on rick perry and how predictable george clooney's breakup was with stacy keibler. that's in "the cooler". u.s. troops are supposed to be out of afghanistan by 2014. however the president may be considering a speedier exit. according to "the new york times," president obama is considering moving up the withdrawal and not leaving a residual force behind. in large part because he has grown frustrated with afghan president hamid karzai. they attended a video conference to smooth things over but it did not go well, according to reports, with the afghan
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president accusing americans trying to negotiate peace with the taliban without him. meanwhile, a report conducted by the pakistani government says the government with gross incompetence in tracking osama bin laden. al jazeera said the country stopped trying to find him as early as 2005 and bin laden was lef living within the borders for nine years. it also explains how he escaped from tora bora and pakistan and how he was worried about overhead surveillance and he wore a cowboy hat while he was outside. it shows a car he was riding in was stopped by speeding for pakistani police not long after 9/11. the report says an al qaeda operative, quote, quickly settled the matter with the officer. i guess you can use your
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imagination how that went. and they went on their way. we want to update you on egypt where the muslim brotherhood calling for a national uprising accusing the military of stealing last year's revolution by force. the call for action came just hours after yesterday's early morning attack on protesters near a military compound in cairo. egyptian health officials say at least 51 people died and more than 400 were injured in that attack. military officials say they were responding to a, quote, terrorist group trying to storm the building. meanwhile the country's interim president has announced a timetable to amend the constitution, establish a new parliament and elect a president. the new government is expected to be in place by early next year. white house officials say they are watching the situation closely but are not yet ready to call the military's action a coup. >> this is a complex situation. and it is not in our interest to move unnecessary quickly --
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unnecessarily quickly in making a determination like that because we need to be mindful of our objective here, which is to assist the egyptian people in their transition to democracy. now to the latest from the crash of asiania flight 214. new video shows emergency chutes deploying seconds after the crash. moments after that dozens of passengers ran away from the plane. investigators are questioning all four pilots who were aboard. the head of the ntsb says the plane struck the sea wall on monday, and part of the tail was found in san francisco bay. for the first time we're hearing from the first responders who rushed into the burning aircraft. >> we kept on trying to get the crew -- they're really brave.
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they wanted to stay with the plane and make sure everybody was off. we kept saying, get down, get down and officer lee and i turned around and looked at the wing of the plane, gushing with fuel right next to us. we got to get out of here, get out of here, let's go. >> pictures emerged of the two chinese middle school girls killed in the crash. authorities are looking into the possibility one may have been struck to an emergency vehicle responding to the scene. over 30 people still missing after a grisly train crash in quebec and the owner of the train says he is certain it was tampered with and they have evidence. "usa today" says they responded to a fire aboard the same train earlier friday night. later the tanker car somehow came loose after the operator parked it for the night. they picked up speed as they rolled into the town center, derailing, exploding and
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destroying at least 40 buildings. defense attorneys are calling witnesses to the stand in the trial of george zimmerman. yesterday we heard from tracy martin, trayvon martin's father. he denied claims he told police investigators the screaming voice on a 911 tape was not his son's. >> do you recall officer asking you whether you could identify your son's voice? >> not -- not those exact words, but some to that nature, yes. >> okay. do you recall the words, as best that you can recall, he used? >> as best that i recall, that he played the tape. he basically just said, do you recognize the voice? >> and what was your response? >> my response was, that's -- i didn't tell him -- i didn't tell him, no, that wasn't trayvon. i kind of -- i think the chairs had wheels on them and i kind of pushed away from the -- away from the table and just kind of shook my head and said, i can't tell.
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>> so, your words were, i can't tell? >> something to that effect, but i never said, no, that that wasn't my son's voice. >> now, martin's testimony contradicts what two police officers said earlier in the trial. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, saying he shot martin in self-defense after being attacked. the three women held captive for years in a cleveland man's home are speaking publicly for the very first time. amanda berry, gene yeah dejesus and michelle knight escaped captivity in dramatic fashion back in may. in a video statement all three women thanked of community for its support and $1 million raised to help them. >> i want to thank everyone who has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal. everyone who has been there, it's been a blessing to have such an outpouring of love and kindness. >> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face.
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and with my head held high. i don't want to be consumed by hatred. with that being said, we need to take a leap of faith and know that god is in control. >> i hope they make it out okay and have productive and good lives. ariel castro, the man accused of keeping them against their will has been indicted on 329 counts. he's pleading not guilty. texas governor rick perry fueling speculation he will make another run of the white house in 216. he held a news conference yesterday to speak about his yet-to-be determined future. >> the time has come to pass on the mantel of leadership. today i'm announcing i will not seek re-election as governor of texas. i'll also pray, reflect and work to determine my own future path. i make this announcement with a
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deep sense of humility. and appreciation. i am looking forward to the next 18 months as i serve out my term, any future considerations i will announce in due time, and i will arrive at that decision appropriately. >> that hair. i'm jealous of it. overproduct of gel. he must use hairspray. perry is texas's longest serving governor. there's not been an open gubernatorial race in the lone star state since 1990. we want to know what you think his next career move should be. tweet us your most creative answers using #waytooearly. wall street looking to make it four in a row after closing in positive territory for third
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straight days and investigators are also t start of second quarter earnings. let's check in with steve sedgwick live in london. >> it was alcoa as tradition, beating expectation, albeit low expectations, as has become the trend on wall street. that set the trend on wall street. the trouble at barnes & noble, ceo william lynch resigned, behind the e-book strategy, 34% decline in sales of those nook tablets last time round, so basically i think it's a reorganization of the strategy, possibly an exit from that side of business could well be on the cards. credit unions are raising overdraw fees. getting less volume through so they need to raise money somehow. apparently the fees have come up from 25 bucks per overdraft to
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$28. which is still cheaper than banks which have had a median level of overdraft of $30 per transaction. >> the slurpee is cold, deliciousness, and you have news out of 7-eleven? >> yes. this is very important story, of course, for all viewers. the 11th of july is the unofficial birthday of the slurpee and for years they've been way millions on 11th of july. it's been 7-ounce cups and moms have been upset because they don't have lids and now they'll give away 11-ounce which have lids so they don't spill in the back of the suv. >> july 11th, slurpee giveaway. thank you for the hard news today. still ahead, rex ryan pretty off-season. we'll tell you how he's testing
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his new slim physique in europe. looks like george clooney is back on the market. the video that could help you be his next significant other and handle the impending breakup. and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. it was pan am flight 759 went down in new orleans. it went down in this residential area. kenner police said at least eight houses are on fire.
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time for sports. the home run derby selections have been made. at least mostly. robinson cano chose prince fielder and chris davis. apparently he has not decided on his final pick. david wright picked bryce harper, carlos gonzalez and
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michael cuddyer, which was a surprise to me but they say he can launch them. top of the ninth reds/brewers, reds down by one with the go ahead play at the plate. here is the call. >> lifts it in the air, center field. gomez at the wall. gomez leaps and he makes the catch! a game-saver! >> wow. carlos gomez. that ended the game. joey votto is like, i want to see the ball, he didn't believe him. gomez shows it to him. brewers win in dramatic fashion, 4-3. the rush to unload hernandez jersey h jersey. vince wilfork was the most popular jersey.
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fans exchanged more than 2ishgs 500 jerseys and the team says that cost them more than $25 million. the patriots say they will destroy the hernandez jerseys. giants signed victor cruz to a five-year extension that could be worth as much as $43 million. reports are that it has about $15 million in guarantees. cruz, an undrafted free agent out of the university of massachusetts, made 168 catches and scored 19 tds over the last two seasons. he's also from paterson, new jersey, and gets to take care of his family for the rest of their lives. across the ocean to spain and stay with football. thousands taking part in the running with the bulls. today is day three and so far only minor injuries have been reported. there's a familiar face in the crowd spotted by folks online. that would be jets' coach rex
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ryan. enjoying his off-season with a little excitement, we hope, as he's seen climbing the fence so he doesn't get gored. he stays safe. as some have said, mr. cairkari that might be the highlight of his jets season. >> people forget they went to two afc -- >> two years ago. juror a jets guy? >> yeah, i'm a jets guy. >> unfulfilled promise. >> did you see what happened in toronto? biblical rains. >> train stuck. >> yeah. one of the worst flooding in the city of toronto. just above the border from u.s. they got caught in thunderstorms yesterday that sat over the toronto area, dumping inches of rain. incredible stuff. as far as what we have to worry about, nothing too bad in the states. all eyes on the chantal. the forecast path takes it
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across haiti, dough men kin republ dominican republic and then bahamas. the question is will it survive? if it does, then florida. later we'll watch out thunderstorms in chicago, detroit and through much of michigan. >> how accurate is that lightning strike graphic? >> those are updated every one to two minutes. >> thank you, bill. coming up at the top of the hour, "morning joe," the president considers completely pulling out of afghanistan. the ramifications of such a strategy and what may force his hand. when we come back, we'll huddle around "the cooler," the very best of texas governor rick perry. the sound bites we can't get enough of coming up. (cat purring)
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♪ at the top of the show we talked about how president obama considering moving up the timeline for withdrawal for the troops from afghanistan. if you want to sound smart you can tell them the united states is on track to spend a total of $664 billion on the war in afghanistan by september of
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2013. that includes military and nonmilitary expenses. let's hit "the cooler." good morning. >> good morning, brian. now, one of the most famous faces in the world may be back on the market. that's right, ladies. the rumor mill has george clooney and girlfriend, former model and former wwe pro wrestler stacy keibler calling it quits. "people" says keibler wants kids and clooney has made it clear he's not a family man. one of his exs made a video. >> this is a paid advertisement for george clooney dating university. >> ladies, welcome to george clooney dating university. by the time you complete this program, you will be prepared to be george quloon's next two-year girlfriend. i'm monica gregory, george clooney's girlfriend from 1992 to 1994. for two years, i lived like a queen.
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a powerless, soul-crushed [ bleep ] puppet of a queen with no ability to make decisions for herself, but a queen nobody else. you will learn how to lengthen your legs. how to watch without falling asleep. hey, get through it! how to be invisible. our one mandatory course, never falling in love with george. ladies, we have one year until stacy keibler's time is up. stick with me today and your pictures will be all over the internet tomorrow. and then the day after tomorrow, no one will remember your name. especially george. >> looks like that day has come for stacy keibler. now, speaking of leading men, colin firth may not be on the same level as george clooney but he's huge in the uk, literally. this is a 12-foot statue of firth from "prize & prejudice" and sits in hyde park and will
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tour the country before settling in cheshire. there's a traditional of english fictional characters from peter pan in nearby kensington garden to sherlock holmes on baker street. with rick perry announcing he's not running for re-election, we thought we would take a look back at some of his best moments in the political spotlight. ♪ ♪ >> today has been awesome, girl! >> if they print any more money over there in washington, the gold's going to be good. and it's like, live free, die for your death, bring it. >> force the granite state to
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expand your tax footprint. you know what i mean. >> it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. >> the third agency of government, i would do away with education, the -- commerce and, let's see, i can't -- the third one i can't. oops. ♪ >> it the mitt romney on the side of second amendment before he was for the second amendment? >> the reason we fought the revolution in the 16th century. >> i grew up on a farm. i grew up -- i grew up on a farm. >> today's going to be awesome, girl. now, brian will have your most creative tweets on what's next for the texas governor later on
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in the show. now here's mika with a look at what's coming up next on "morning joe." >> that was pretty good. coming up on "morning joe," president obama throws down the gauntlet in afghanistan warning he'll pull out every last u.s. soldier as the relationship breaks down with president hamid karzai. also, the situation remains on the brink in egypt. the muslim brotherhood and military square-off in what could be another deadly day. back at home, a media circus here in new york city. eliot spitzer kicks off his campaign for kromp trocomptroll he wasn't joining enough headlines. eliot spitzer joins us on set. anthony weiner's main rival, christine quinn. we'll be here to break down the day's top stories. back to you. >> thank you very much. still ahead on "way too early," your next career move
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rick perry won't run for re-election to be governor of texas, so he's young, he's handsome, what's he going to do his next career step? john tower has a few answers. >> cowboy hat model and we agree. he looks good. >> looks good in a half. >> el mar on twitter three possible moves number one professional hair model number two 2016 gingrich senior adviser and sorry forget the third. >> we had a lot of one and two and forget three. one said he should run the nra and we lost a lot of talent on "saturday night live" and a few thinks he should do a few cameos to lighten things up a little bit. thank you, john tower. "morning joe" starts right now. all right. good m