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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  July 9, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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breaking it down, whether those were real tears or not. did you think -- >> it felt real to me. i was sitting there. felt real to me. >> no matter what you think about him and what he did, he was raw and all there. it was pretty powerful. don't know if it will change things for him, but i do appreciate a person who has made mistakes coming and facing the cameras and facing the questions. that's actually a test of character. there are those that choose not to do that. that's it for us today. if it's way too early, it's "morning joe," but now it's time for chuck todd and "the daily rundown." this "the daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. that's more pick of the courtroom in sanford, florida, where shortly george zimmerman's defense team will call witnesses to the stand. right now the court is considering several motions,
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whether to allow an animated recreation of events that shows george zimmerman's version of events on the night trayvon martin was shot to death. the state is pushing to exclude the animation. yesterday they called 10 witnesses to the stand including trayvon martin's father, tracy martin, who was asked about voices heard on 911 calls made on the night of his son's death. before we get to political news we'll be joined by craig melvin and msnbc analyst lisa bloom from new york. craig, let me start with you. this pretrial prestart of the day, these pretrial motions, where do we stand on them? is this all about the animation? what else are they talking about? >> reporter: this right now is all about the animation. the gentleman you see on the stand, not mark o'mara, is a guy named daniel schumacher.
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he owns the company that made the animation. initially the state had objections to the animation. for our viewers at home, this is an animation that depicts essentially what happened that night, the conflict itself, the altercation itself, the moments leading up to the altercation, but depicts those obviously if being presented by the defense, it's the defense's point of view of what happened. so there are a number of objections made by the state. the state initially indicated they would be okay with some ed edits. eventually they wanted the entire thing thrown out. that's what the attorneys are talking about now, the motion to throw out the animation. jury not in the room now. judge nelson started this hearing at 8:30. we thought the jury might be brought in by 9:00. that obviously isn't going to happen. one other piece of news yesterday, chuck. there was word this forensic report would be allowed in. this is, of course, the
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forensics report that showed trafb martin had marijuana in his system. it's important to note here that the judge decided to allow that evidence to be introduced. we don't know precisely whether that evidence is going to be introduced just yet. >> let me go to lisa. this issue of animations. how common is it in criminal court to have either a prosecution or defense come up with an animation trying to depict a version of events. >> animations are extremely common today in american courts, although i would say more so in civil cases than in criminal cases. that's in large part because in criminal cases, usually criminal defendants don't have the money to hire expensive witnesses to put together animations. it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to do that. this is a very different kind of case with a defense fund established and perhaps experts working at a reduced rate in exchange for testifying at the
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trial. so animations are common. it's modern technology. we are in the 21th century. whenever i try to use any kind of technology in the courtroom, the other side objects. it's usually up to the judge to decide whether or not it comes in or not. it has to be based on the evidence like anything else. this is expert witness pulling together all the evidence on the defense side and trying to recreate it via the animation and the prosecution's objection is, look, this includes facts and information that are either not in evidence or that are disputed, so it's misleading to the jury. >> do prosecutions do this? i would assume this this has become a tactic of defense lawyers, have prosecutors responded around the country? i don't feel like i've seen that often on the prosecution side? >> sure. you see them a lot in car accident cases and dui cases, especially when exactly what happened and the physicality of the case is in dispute, an expert putting it all together
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for the jury can be very helpful to help them visualize one side's version of the case. >> should the prosecution in this case respond with their own animation? >> maybe but it's probably too late for that. it takes a while to put something like that together. >> craig, what is the reasoning behind why they want to introduce what was in trayvon martin's system at the time, particularly, frankly, a depressant. does that help the defense? >> well, that's a good question, chuck. that's the question that's been kicked around a lot over the past 24 hours. you probably recall initially judge nelson decided that this toxicology report would not be allowed into evidence in terms of opening statements. she said she would revisit it later in the trial. yesterday we saw her revisiting the issue. also some of this was brought to light because of dr. bao.
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you remember his testimony. in the course of his testimony he indicated in november he determined the amount of marijuana in trayvon martin's system would have little to no effect on his behavior that night in february of last year. then apparently two or three months ago dr. bao changed his mind, based on some books that he read and some research he poured over. then he decided that, well, okay maybe the marijuana did have some sort of an effect on his behavior that night. that's part of it. the other part of it is, of course, this idea that the defense has introduced that george zimmerman when he saw trayvon martin, he looked suspicious. but again, we should note that judge nelson has decided to allow it into evidence. we don't know yet whether that is going to be presented to the jury. >> chuck -- >> go ahead, lisa. >> if i can add to that, everything craig said is correct. i would add one of the things george zimmerman said on that
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nonemergency call was that trayvon martin looked like he was on drugs. one of the issues in this case was whether zimmerman was improperly racially profiling trayvon martin or if he legitimately was calling in because trayvon martin looked suspicious. i think the defense wants to bring in, even though it was only trace amounts of thc in his system, there was potentially some substantiation for what george zimmerman was saying. >> lisa bloom, craig melvin, we'll come back to you when the trial begins, as soon as today's first witness is called, we will bring you that testimony as it starts. lets turn to the latest news from dipt, the deadly confrontation between military and protesters aligned with the muslim brotherhood has plunged the country deeper into chaos. this dangerous situation develops as the country's interim president has tried to lay out a timetable for a new government and elections. in cairo with the latest. tia, pretty violent overnight. what is going on there today during daylight hours?
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>> reporter: hi there, chuck. well, the muslim brotherhood supporters, pro morsi supporters out on the streets. they are still very angry about the blood shed yesterday that killed 51 pro morsi supporters and killed more. the morsi supporters said it was unproceedvoked, showing video it was unproceedvoked, showing soldiers shooting at the crowds after predawn prayers. the army said that wasn't true. they were attacked by morsi supporters with molotov cocktails, guns, knives. they have released their own footage shock they were attacked. this has not made the job of the president mansour any easier. he did state a constitutional decree he wants parliamentary and presidential elections
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within the next six to seven months during the transitional period. he also announced in the next 15 days he will create a committee of at least 10 judges to review and amend the 2012 constitution that was instated by president morsi at the time, a constitution criticized by the masses as too conservative, too islamist, and not allowing for seculars and christian population. that was one of the missteps morsi made. >> president morsi, i assume he's still under house arrest. any movement on that front? >> that's a question everyone here in egypt is asking as well. where is the former president mohamed morsi. many of his supporters believe he's being held at the headquarters for republican guard. that's where we saw the attack and bloodshed yesterday and that's where the morsi supporters continue to stage a
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sit in and protest. they are demanding for his release. still no word where he may be being held. >> all right. in cairo this morning, tia, thanks very much. should be noted democratic chairman of armed services in the u.s. senate, along with now john mccain, patrick leahy, republican in arizona, democrat in michigan, democrat in vermont, they are saying aid to egypt should be suspended. the obama administration is saying they are reviewing it but have not yet talked about whether aid to egypt should be suspended temporarily while they wait for democracy to return. we'll take a break. still to come, my first reads in the world of pom particulars, including fight over filibuster, could be about to explode in the senate. of course we'll have more on the george zimmerman trial as we wait for the jury to enter the courtroom as we wait for testimony to get under way. politics planner, the president has a bunch of internal meetings
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today. scott walker, a 2016er to watch, he's going to be in indiana headlining a fundraiser there. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. i'm jennifer hudson.
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we're keeping an eye on the courtroom in sanford, florida, where they are discussing the admissibility of a defense animation the night of the shooting through the eyes of george zimmerman. the jury is not in the courtroom. we'll go back to the trial when witnesses begin testifying. so lets get straight to my first reads of the morning. we're going to begin with congress. senate democrats are gearing up for a battle over the president's cabinet nominees that's likely to dominate the next month in washington, at least in some effect. it's a filibuster fight. the majority leader harry reid and senate democrats threatening
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for months. they are moving ahead ready to force confirmation votes on a series of the president's most contentious appointees. democrats will vote to change rules if republicans continue to block the president's nominees. a rule change would mean reid could overcome a filibuster. "the new york times" reports the fight would be limited in scope to the president's immediate team. it would not touch judicial appointees or legislation. this is just about executive branch nominees, people that would be term limited once the president leaves office. democrat leaders believe the limited change could be sold to the caucus and public more easily than a broader revision. some senate democrats reluctant to consider a change to how the body functions. first up, the nominees to the national labor relations board, which is really what the fight is about. it's become focal point between business and labor. three members are serving after
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president nominated them. back door nominations are constitutional. other nominees, richard cordry, consumer protection bureau. thomas perez, secretary of labor and gina mccarthy, epa. the attempts to block nominees are an effort to make the agencies they have been picked to run dysfunctional. mitch mcconnell said such a move to change the filibuster rules would hurt minority rights and democrats will someday find themselves in the minority again. republicans eagerly reair a quote from 2005. quote, if they choose to change the rules and put an end to democratic debate, then the fighting, the bitterness and gridlock will only get worse. that was said by then senator barack obama. if we learned one thing after the bourque judicial fight is they copy cat each other. they are trying to stop democratic laws from being implemented or appointing executive branch appointees from
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being affirmed, you can bet they will return the favor next time there's a gop president. meanwhile the fight in congress is over student loan rates which doubled. yesterday house republicans tripped up the capital steps to very publicly blame senate democrats for failing to pass a bill. >> the white house and senate democrats have let these students down. frankly, i think they deserve better. the failure to lead on student loans is part of the president's larger issue and that is the failure to lead on the biggest issues facing our country. >> right now what they have done over there is worse for students than doing nothing at all. >> last night senator reid took the procedural step necessary to set up a wednesday vote on a short-term fix to lower loan rates. it would extend the current another year to july 1st leaving rates to students who need help.
6:18 am
this is similar what they did last year at the height of the presidential campaign. this time not likely to pass. sticking point, cap how high the rates can go to the future. republicans wan to tie to interest rate on the treasury bill. house bill does that. democrats are okay with that as long as there's a cap on how high the rates can rise. the republicans don't want the cap. jo mansion and king split from congress and have a compromise plan with republicans they plan to present to the gop's lunch -- tuesday lurnl group today. awkwardly for reid and democratic leaders it mirrors a white house proposal which also petition newly issued student loans to treasury 10-year borrowing rate. yesterday on the floor, reid said that wouldn't work for him. >> i met with the white house with the president's assistance. i said tell me what happens in three years. and he had to acknowledge the rates would be well over 6.8%.
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>> realize here these splits are kind of complicated. white house and senate democrats are a little more split on this issue than folks would have you believe. eager to fix a loan rate hike deeply popular, quote, the differences are not that great and there are, quote, a variety of ways to reach a solution promising rates will be fixed retroactively. we'll have more first read coming up, including this question, is texas governor rick perry gearing up for 2016 rather than 2014? we'll take you back to the george zimmerman trial live as we wait for the jury to enter the courtroom and for testimony to get under way. so we'll fill in the gaps with political news from washington. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. every parent wants the safest and healthiest products for their family. that's why i created the honest company. i was just a concerned mom, with a crazy dream. a wish that there was a company that i could rely on,
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the courtroom in sanford, florida, where they are discussing the admissibility of a defense animation that details the night of the shooting through the eyes of george zimmerman. lets bring back in msnbc's craig melvin outside the courthouse in sanford, florida, and msnbc analyst lisa bloom from new york. craig, i know you've been dipping in and hearing some of the arguments. this pretrial motion seems to be taking longer than folks expected. >> we were talking about the same thing. this is taking a lot longer than we thought it would. tech geeks would absolutely love what's being discussed in the courtroom right now. there's a guy named daniel schumacher that owns the company that created this animation. he's from california. he's spent the better part of 20 or 30 minutes talking about precisely how he created the animation, at one point describing how he used a rod to simulate the trajectory of the bullet and positioning of the
6:24 am
bodies during the actual shooting. so you could imagine how this might be a tad controversial. the defense -- again, the defense at one point said they were open to a number of edits. the animation, as we understand it, has actually been reduced to a number of stills for the most part. at some point the defense decided the edits would not be sufficient and they are asking june nelson to throw the entire thing out. the jury is not in the courtroom for any of this. this is the last hearing of the morning. after this particular hearing, the jury will be brought in and the defense will continue to call witnesses. witness number 13 is expected to be called at sometime this morning, john. >> lisa, go back, i guess i'm stunned at this idea of animation, particularly when you've got -- when the entire case is about circumstantial evidence. it's one person's version of events versus another. it's all in make ways circumstantial evidence or disputed testimony how an
6:25 am
animation which could have an amazing impact on a jury, only one side, how something like that is allowed. >> well, lets give the jury make credit for intelligence. they are going to understand that it's one side's version of the events. when any expert witness takes the stand, jurors understand this is a paid expert, paid by one side or the other to attain this position. he would take the stand, everybody would understand that, he would state how he put this together based on information given by defense. they would cross-examination and say look at this fact, the positioning of the bodies, the bullet trajectory. that's based on what zimmerman told you. isn't it true zimmerman said in the inconsistent statement this is what happened. we could have a lengthy cross-examination about it. technical scientific information is routinely admitted into courtrooms. it doesn't just have to come
6:26 am
from an expert's mouth. it can come through a technical aid. why not in it's the 21st century. i say let it in and let the jury take a look at it. >> craig, the person who made this, is he a forensic expert or technical expert that makes animated things? you know what i mean, i would assume -- does this person have a background in dealing in forensic science. >> yes. this is what he does for a living. he makes these recreations. apparently that's what they were spending some time talking about, his experience in doing this. the last time we just checked in about three or four minutes ago, he was talking about a motion capture suit he also uses to help recreate the two characters involved. it sounds like it's quite the elaborate animation. it's difficult to gauge at this
6:27 am
point. sometimes when we listen to judge nelson we can tell which way she might be leaning. it's tougher this time. a lot of times it's easier to tell which way she's leaning because she wraps it up a little quicker but she's allowing this thing to go on a little longer than some of these hearings. daniel schumacher on the stand from california and this is apparently what he does. >> craig, thank you. lisa, how important is this to the defense, if they don't have this? >> it's obviously important enough i'm sure they spent a significant amount of money on it. they are spending a lot of time fighting for it. i think it is significant in this way. a lot of questions have been raised about zimmerman's story, including by me and by many people watching the case and probably by the jury as to how it all fits together. could he have been down and shot in an upward trajectory. does the bullet show that? does the trajectory of the bullet show that. does the positioning work and everything he describes where trayvon martin reaching for the gun, him taking the gun out of the holster, et cetera.
6:28 am
i'm assuming george zimmerman is not going to testify, so the next best thing is to see an animation putting it all together and explaining, from the defense point of view, how it could have happened. >> lisa bloom, crying melvin explaining this, really the way george zimmerman can testify without testifying. coming up my first read on rick perry's announcement, what it means for his political future. and all the developments in the courtroom, fight over an animated web video. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] at optionsxpress, our clients really appreciate our powerful, easy-to-use platform. no, thank you. we know you're always looking for the best fill price. and walk limit automatically tries to find it for you. just set your start and end price. and let it do its thing. wow, more fan mail.
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6:32 am
expected he will not seek a fourth term as governor. >> the time has come to pass on the mantle of leadership. today i'm announcing i will not seek re-election as governor of texas. >> perry will serve out his term which ends in 2015. he spent half the time trying to emerge from the shadow of george w. bush. he earned respect of republicans until he bee the daylights out of senator kay bailey hutchison. some of his biggest detractors, karl rove and others admitted he had political strengths. his political legacy is complicated. though he's powerful in the state and has figured how to take one of the weakest governorships in the country and make it a strong platform his presidential bid clouds now. he's a competitive guy.
6:33 am
he made every mistake you could make as a candidate, beginning with he didn't know how to enter the race. he didn't know how to enter the race. he got in late and didn't know how to answer the basic question, why did he want to be president. he wanted to announce future plans but yesterday was coy about what they are. >> i will also pray and reflect and work to determine my own future path. i am looking forward to the next 18 months as i serve out my term. any future considerations i will announce in due time, and i will arrive at that decision appropriately. >> the event at a caterpillar dealership, held at one of his donors - donors. >> we are a testament to
6:34 am
freedom, entrepreneurial spirit unleashed without government interference. we believe these ideals are sturdy enough and strong enough to advance any and all texan. those ideals propel us forward as we stand as a national example that hard work can breed success regardless of one's station in life. >> national model there. on the one hand. try to imagine someone outperformed by rick santorum, newt gingrich and ron paul would get many excited. if he does run again he'll begin with a campaign with lower expectations and voters who will hardly forget this now classic moment. >> the third agency of government, i would do away with education, the. >> commerce. >> commerce. and lets see. >> oh, my. >> the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> on the other hand, perry has
6:35 am
always been at his best when folks underestimate him. he could never handle being the immediate front-runner in 2012 but could he do better as the spunky underdog. he's still the conservative while using tea party rhetoric was considered to be on the liberal side of the spectrum when it comes to the issue of immigration. by the way, in case you're wondering, perry has been careful not to say much about the debate over immigration reform. in an interview with the "wall street journal," he seemed to endorse the idea of the senate bill while simultaneously criticizing the government's ability to enact what's passed. check out this straddle. >> until the border is secure, i don't think americans are going to trust washington to pass an immigration bill no matter how good it sounds or how thoughtful it is until they get the border security. >> does that mean you do not support the senate legislation? >> i don't support what's
6:36 am
happening in washington, d.c. >> bottom line so far he's been trying hard not to take an official position on this bill. by the way, if you're wondering whose going to be the front-runner for the republicans, it's now the attorney general there greg abbott. we'll see if he's got the primary field cleared for him. we expect to hear an official announcement from him by the end of the week or the weekend. meanwhile texas, of course, has certainly got its share of political showdowns with national implications taking place. in fact, that's happening right now. both sides of a controversial abortion bill. it's making their voices heard today both sides in austin where republicans in the state house will take up legislation. once again, gabe gutierrez has more. >> chuck, good morning. testimony here at the state capital finished after midnight 40 years after roe v. wade. this has become epicenter for national debate over abortion
6:37 am
rights. mob rule prevented from passing last month, now it's back. today another showdown is expected at the texas state capital. after more than 1,000 anti-abortion protesters rallied last night. >> we are the voice of the weak and the vulnerable. let us stand for life. >> the texas house is scheduled to vote on a controversial bill banning abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy and mandating that abortion clinics meet the same standards as hospital style surgical centers. it would also require a doctor that performs borings be able to admit patients at a nearby hospital. opponents argue those rules would force 37 of the state's 42 abortion centers to close. >> women will lose family planning services and cancer screening services that are being duly provided at a number of facilities. >> state senator davis wearing her now famous pink running
6:38 am
shoes filibustered the bill during a special session last month, thrusting the abortion debate once again into the national spotlight. so far this year 17 states have enacted some sort of abortion restriction, according to a group that tracks the data. >> i do believe this wave of legislation we're seeing is an immediate threat to women. >> the renewed controversy comes a day after texas governor rick perry, who clashed with davis, a teenager mom herself. >> she hasn't learned from her own example. >> some of the comments he made really demeaned the high office he holds. >> announced he would not seek re-election after 13 years in texas. >> texas remains a pro-life, pro family, pro freedom state. >> the republican controlled state house is likely to pass the bill. supporters say it will make abortion safer. it's unclear when the state senate will bring the up for a vote, although that could happen later this week.
6:39 am
chuck. >> thank you, gabe. much more to come on "the daily rundown." we'll take you back to the george zimmerman live. we're waiting for testimony to get under way. the jury is still not in the courtroom as the two sides fight over this issue of the zimmerman defense team introducing an animated video of his account of what happened the night that trayvon martin was killed. first the white house soup of the day, turkey lentil. it's been a while since we told you what they have been eating. it's tuesday, turkey lentil. it doesn't. that's crazy. we're all totally different. ishares core. etf building blocks for your personalized portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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6:43 am
>> how are you different than you were five, six years ago in what has changed personally? >> a lot of pain. a lot of pain. >> that's it? >> yeah. you go through that pain, you change. >> former governor is running for new york city controller. will this show of emotion lead to support from voters. bring in susan page, democratic pollster, republican admaker. susan, every time i tweeted something of this spitzer, weiner fiasco, they say what about clinton, but we have reached a bizarre tipping point in how these politicians had their own self-defeating problems continue to resurrect themselves and they are okay
6:44 am
with it. >> i would note there's no women in politics involved in these kinds of mishaps, and, of course, bill clinton the north star for candidates whose personal misbehavior get them in trouble and manage to survive and prosper. can you imagine weiner as mayor and spitzer as comptroller? what's the third job, public advocate? just picture new york city politics for the next four years. >> that's the thing. there are people qualified to run for office that don't have problems with narcissistic behavior. right? you do have clients that are that? >> few. >> few? you disagree, kim. i know anything is possible in american politics these days, but i think at some point all of this is eroding the overall -- just cribs to this issue of distrust with government and how it works. >> it does. kim and i working with them and susan covering them, what they
6:45 am
do is not normal. >> no doubt. i understand that. their dna is a little bit different. >> look, i think some of this reflects the culture. it's not just politicians who go on second and third acts, it's people in sports and entertainment. i think the thing for spitzer -- weiner has done a good job, from what i can observe, is what is next week like. at some point they are going to focus on can these people do the job for me. >> it is sort of -- the public seems to enjoy the freak show aspect of this. i feel like that's what's going on. we're enabling it. i'm conflicted about whether this guy spitzer deserves a platform. >> politics became reality tv in the republican primaries for sure. at this point, i think, he would do well, he would win if he stopped talking about this stuff and just talked about accomplishments. i think people don't care. they are so fed up with nothing getting done anywhere that they
6:46 am
will even take him to get it done, if he could. >> you know, susan, you brought up something interesting, there's no women on this list. that's the other part of this. prostitution. a lot of people believe that's exploitive of women. some people say, oh, no, they are paid a lot of money. this is an enterprise that's exploitive of women. >> and a violation of the law and unfaithful to your spouse. >> suddenly that's no longer a moral line that makes you unable to perform the job. >> i don't think we know yet where that line is and people are saying, okay, that's his personal behavior. i care what he can do for me, how he can do the job. we don't know the answer yes. there is someone running. >> i want to offer him an opportunity. >> scott springer. >> that's his name.
6:47 am
as soon as we have a full show, i want to invite him on here just to talk about the job. it's crazy what's happened. >> "new york times" said there's considerable pushback on behalf of mr. stringer and against mr. spitzer, so we'll see if that works. it's true, if you wanted to test name recognition for comptroller candidates you'd be on spitzer's side. >> you brought up the culture. are we more for giving, or are we thinking, you know what, i know sort of a guy has been interesting sex life. he's a good neighbor. why not discount it? >> i don't think for giving but the people who have been involved feel more free to run for office again or to do other things, whereas i think in the past they might have sort of lived the life of quiet reflectiveness and contemplati n contemplation. >> it's interesting, using the media. today on "morning joe," mika
6:48 am
asking tough questions, mark halperin was and joe. he sort of, you know, decided to act like -- >> the bar has been raised. remember john kerry -- not john kerry, sorry. gary hart, he just got caught on the boat with a picture of a girl. now that would be not used. now maybe these guys aren't even there. you have football players killing other people. you have people in big time scandals of all sorts. it's kind of commonplace now. the bar has been raised. when you combine that with nothing getting done anywhere in people's eyes, it's just like, just do something. >> i want to jump a little bit to this senate filibuster, democrats appear to be ening ever so slowly to at least try to have this one fight, draw a line in the sand. they are actually being very careful. they are not trying to disrupt much in the senate rules other than the issue of presidential appointments. do you think it's going to be as
6:49 am
explosive as it can be politically? >> i don't know. i think if you think about things americans care about, this would be pretty low on the list. when you look at how the senate functions and younger members of the senate, that would be people in their 60s, i guess, younger members of the senate. >> some are really young, among the youngest in decades. >> and their desire to make things work a little better, it's an interesting effort we're seeing. they are being very persistent about. >> fred, is this an issue that democrats should fear if they are running for re-election, u.s. senate, fear a problem for them, u.s. democrats. >> like everything in washington, it's very perilous. i do think this gets back to something kim said, the sense everyone feels that not much, if anything, is getting done in washington. i think this is a baby step toward resolving what voters think is gridlock in washington.
6:50 am
yeah, i think incumbent senator of either party, this is something you have to be on the right side of. >> kim, to be pro filibuster, is that a good thing? >> it's lipstick on a pig. it's only important here. in the don't forget the student loan rates double. >> it's lip stick on a pig. if you make this little move, who cares? just get something done. you know? i think they are getting all mired in these process issues and it's going to make america mad. >> it does seem we have lost -- nobody believes that is the case any more. elections have consequences until i can stop it. thank you all and we got to do this on air. a quick correction. we misspoke and said senator joe manchin would talk about his student loan plan to senators at lunch today. his office let us know he is talking to democrats at his
6:51 am
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it's ban delayed start to many day of the trial in sanford trial. the details the night of the shooting through the eyes of george zimmerman by. bring back in msnbc legal analyst lisa bloom from new york. we have lost craig apparently. lisa, you've been listening in here. an hour long hearing on this motion of whether to admit this animation. are you surprised at how difficult this and how long this hearing is taking place? >> well, courts don't operate on tv time, they operate on their own time. they are going to go on as long as necessary to get to the issue.
6:55 am
they haven't even shown the animation yet. i think they are just on the verge of showing it. mark o'marra for the defense is showing this shows the positioning of the bodies and bullet trajectory a and aid the jury so the animation should come in. >> and if -- it's taken an hour and they have not ate shown the animation in question and the judge hasn't seen it? >> that's right. what mark o'mara has done is wthis expert is show how he has put it together because it's technically valid according to the defense. how he did the measurements and the technical equipment he used and how similar animations have been admitted in many courts and he has testified that in many courts especially in california where he is from, he's been considered an expert and it's come in. >> lisa bloom, on the zimmerman trial, thanks very much. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown."
6:56 am
we will be back here tomorrow. coming up, chris jansing will take over. coverage of the george zimmerman trial. clients are always learning more
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for around $369 per month or purchase for 0% apr for 60 months. come in now for the best offers of the model year. good morning. i'm chris jansing. defense testimony expected to resume shortly at the george zimmerman murder trial. right now, outside the jury's presence, the court is hearing from this man, a forensic animation expert. the prosecution is trying to block the defense from showing the jury an animation of zimmerman's version of event. nbc's graying melvin is outside the courthouse. good morning, craig. give us the highlights and what do we know about this animation? >> daniel shoemaker has been on the stand an hour, chris, as you indicated. we expected that this hearing might take about 30 minutes. it took them a full hour to actually start talking about the
7:00 am
animation in this particular case, the better part of the first hour was spent on talking about his experience and other trials, his experience making animations like this, what he did before he was making animations. the whole thing really has been a dad bizarre. at one point, we did find out that the motion capture suit that he used for this particular animation, the motion kaurt shoot has been used in several movies, "ironman" and avitar," and "x-men" as well. one of the defense attorneys said should we have him sit down? o'mara said he is wrapping this up at that point. we should see the end of it. this has been the longest hearing since the jury has bee