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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 10, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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2014. do you believe him and his anonymous sources or do you believe "the new york times" and their anonymous sources? and do you personally believe the united states should keep troops in afghanistan past the end of next year? past the year 13 of the war, and into the year 14 of the war and beyond all that? all of this floating may be designed to see what type of reaction the public will have. and the only people that think what is wrong with the afghanistan war is that it has not been long enough. this is the time for those folks to make their case, i look forward to hearing it. "first look" is up next. good wednesday morning. right now on first look, trigger man, police records point to former patriot aaron hernandez, but he maintains he is not guilty. billions in aid, two saudi nations use foreign aid to further their own agenda in egypt. profanities fly in the bulger's once loyal apprentice calls him a rat. plus, carthy's top ten targets are all american cars. asiana pilots relied on auto controls before landing and here comes chantal. good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. a slew of just released documents paint former nfl start aaron hernandez as the trigger
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man in the murder case he's now embroiled in. the records are the most damming evidence of the former tight end in the murder trial of killing odin lloyd. hernandez has pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say he orchestrated the murder, but haven't said who they believe fired the fatal shot. two other men, earnest wallace and carlos ortiz have been charged in connection. both have entered not guilty pleas. ortiz reportedly told investigators wallace said hernandez admitted to shooting odin lloyd. that's according to affidavits which also say hernandez slammed the door on investigators the first time they showed up at his home. the account said hernandez asked, quote, what's with all the questions? new details this morning in the crash of asiana flight 214. investigators say the pilots were used the auto throttle feature during landing instead of controlling the plane manually. the captain reportedly didn't realize until 200 feet out that
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they were coming in too low and too slow. we're learning more about the moments just after impact. two flight attendants were thrown from the back of the jumbo jet upon landing. this morning, dozens remain hospitalized including some in critical condition. turning now to capitol hill. house republicans will try today to craft a path forward on immigration laws, and speaker john boehner says there's lots of crafting to be done. tracie potts joins us live now with washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's because boehner says he doesn't want to deal with the senate bill that passed at all. the house republicans starting from scratch when they meet behind closed doors. the big question they're facing is this, are they going to deal with border security happening first and being guaranteed first before they deal at all with the millions of people who are now living in this country without proper paperwork, undocumented
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workers, that is the big question facing his caucus. now the senate passed the bill with republican support but it provides a path to citizenship for those immigrants and the house says they're not going to be dealing with that. also today, the so-called dreamers, children who were brought into this country illegally, they will be rallying here on capitol hill. they'll be knocking on doors to try to get support. former george w. bush today speaks at a naturalization rally. he may address this issue. the obama administration says the president is going to be out front rallying business groups and churches and visiting states with large hispanic populations. mara. >> tracie potts in washington. thanks, tracie. turning to egypt, the muslim brotherhood has rejected the interim president's new timetable for constitutional amendments and new elections by early next year. tuesday, a new prime minister for the embattled country. atia is live in cairo.
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good morning. what's the latest where you are? >> reporter: good morning, mara. it came as no surprise that the mum limb brotherhood would not accept the new constitutional decree by the new government. they still haven't accepted their new interim government. their one demand from the beginning has been the reinstatement of mohamed morsi as the legitimate president. they shall forging ahead with a new cabinet. they are having a new prime minister. he's one of the co founders of the social democratic party here. at the same time, they've appointed mohammed alberdi, the former negotiating chief from the iaei from foreign relations to allow the international community to know that egypt is on the right track. mara.
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>> that's a story that we're following. it's time for your "first look" at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. america's most famous hockey mom is back. sarah palin who resigned as governor from alaska resigned in 2009. she says she's anything about running for senate next year. >> my concern is people have requested me considering it. i'm still waiting to see what the lineup will be and hoping that, there again, there will be some new blood, new energy. the government has completed a massive 6400 square foot building on the base of camp leatherneck in afghanistan. the military never plans to use this base. commanders say they don't ever plan to move in given the ongoing withdrawal of american forces. it cost $34 million. it's a bill nearly 20 years in the making. a senate committee has set a
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vote on a bill on gender identification. the employment nondiscrimination act was first introduced in 1994 by senator ted kennedy and jerry stud. you can't blame congress for moving slowly on a bill like that. they have more important things to do, like establishing a national historical park on the moon. >> they should have one. >> unnecessary. thanks. two house democrats want to protect where the apollo mission landed. president obama made an unscheduled visit to the second annual kids' day dinner at the white house. when asked his favorite food, the president replied broccoli. i'm not going to say he's a liar but i don't know that i believed that. president h.w. bush all about outlawed that from the executive mansion. new york's infamous governor eliot spitzer is back in the
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political arena. late night comedians could not be happier. >> it looks like elliott spitzer will be the new comptroller of new york city. how many of you feel better knowing that he will be comp troelg things? i just hope he can comp troel himself. >> and that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. joining me now for the latest on the weather is bill karins. your favorite food is esparrasp or spin fish. >> if you have enough butter, it's fine. >> chantal? >> the path looked dangerous to the southeast and florida. overnight it fell apart. i'm happy to pass on news for anyone who was worried about this from the bahamas to the southeast. this thing hit the wall last night. it's moving too fast at about 30 miles per hour.
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winds have been knocked down e little bit. i have zero concerns that chantal will do any damage as it approaches the u.s. this weekend. much worse is the morning commute from cleveland to pittsburgh. thunderstorm after thunderstorm. a lot of flash flooding in the region. we're worried about that. interstate 44, a lot of thunderstorms through missouri and the west side of st. louis is getting a lot of heavy rain and lightening strikes. keep an eye on that. strong storms, more garden variety this afternoon. the east coast, mara, have that umbrella handy. it's warm and humid as you expected. >> kind of typical for this time of year. thanks so much, bill. coming up, what are the top five states to do business in? we'll tell you. and a bizarre scene in florida. look at this. six buses lined up side by side, all of them up in flames. that's coming up. it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain.
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some stories making news this morning. canadian authorities have officially opened a criminal
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investigation into the explosive train derailment in quebec. while investigators have ruled out terrorism, they say criminal negligence is a real possibility. curse words filled the courtroom on tuesday during the whitey bulger racketeering trial. one of his former associates called him a rat from the stand causing the two to start yelling and cursing at each other until the judge calmed them down. it was a tearful day in prescott, arizona, as thousands attended a memorial service for the 19 firefighters who died in the line of duty last week. the victim's families were presented with american flags and vice president joe biden spoke about the importance of heroes like those hot shots. and in florida, six luxury buses caught fire tuesday afternoon with some being completely destroyed. investigators are calling the blaze, quote, bizarre and are still trying to figure out the cause of that fire. defense attorneys in the trial of george zimmerman could wrap up their case as early as today. this followed a marathon 13-hour court session that went late
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into the night. sarah is outside the courthouse in sanford, florida. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mara. a shift in court yesterday from testimony centered around 911 calls to technical testimony, from forensic pathologists and gunshot wound expert dr. vincent dimaio. as jurors took notes, dr. di maio laid out his findings that george zimmerman suffered six impact injuries to his face and head. and that while the gun was against trayvon martin's sweatshirt when the trigger was pulled, the sweatshirt was 2 to 4 inches away from his body, consistent with someone leaning over another person, as zimmerman described to investigators. >> the medical evidence, the gunshot wound, is consistent with his opinion -- with his statement as to that.
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>> during cross-examination, demayo agreed that martin could have been pulling away when he was shot and that bruises from a fight could take days to appear or not appear at all. >> in other words, george zimmerman could have hit trayvon martin and not left any bruising on his knuckles. >> that's correct. >> legal analysts say the doctor was a strong witness for the defense. >> dr. di maio was most effective in his cross-examination. he was calm, he understood the questions. he didn't give an answer when questions seemed to implicate a different answer. he says he acted in self-defense and pleaded not guilty to second degree murder. and on the admissibility of text messages from trayvon martin's phone as well as a ruling on a 3d animation are expected this morning. arguments about them grew heated late into the night. mara, back to you. >> sarah, thanks so much.
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turning now to business, to nbc's seema mody has business. >> good morning. oil is at an industry report where the incompetent be dus stri says it dropped. they're cracking down on debt collection practices. laws governing how companies can go after consumers behind on their bills don't apply to firms trying to recoup caps directly to people. regulators says bank and department stores can hound people with phone calls. the senate holds a hearing on smithfield foods taken over by a chinese company. they plan to ask them about food safety and ownership issues. >> seema, thank you for that. south dakota is the top state for business. the mt. rushmore state tops cnbc's annual list that
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considers 50 metrics and rounding out the top five, texas slips to number two, followed by north dakota which enjoys the nation's lowest unemployment rate. nebraska is fourth with utah and virginia tied for fifth. ford and gm are favorites among thieves. the ford f-250 super duty extra cabs has an extended number of claims. general motors as a whole has eight of the top ten most stolen vehicles. questionable distinction. the soon to be most famous person on the planet, we'll have the details coming up next. plus, all your sports highlights with richard lui. don't go anywhere. that's after the break. a wish that there was a company that i could rely on, that did all of the hard work for me. i'm jessica alba, and the honest company was my dream.
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now to the fevered pitch in london where britain's royal baby is due any day now. we've learned the baby's title will be prince or princess of cambridge. martin fletcher joins us live now from outside st. mary's hospital in london where duchess kate will give birth to the world's most famous newborn. martin, what is the mood like there? hi, mara. this is a on this is a once in a generation thing, the birth of a future british monarch. but all the attention now will be faced here on the private wing at st. mary's hospital in london with where when the duchess of cambridge goes into labor, this is where she's going to come. the first question is will her husband william get her to be by
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her side? he's 300 miles away where he's a pilot with the british royal air force. an airplane will be waiting to bring him here. the other big question, is it a boy or a girl? prince william and kate did not want to be told the gender of the child. so now the question is will this boy be a king or a queen, a future king or queen of england? the law has changed. if it's a girl, then without prince charles has to become king, then charles' father will become king, only then will this child whose birth we're celebrating hopefully in the next few days will become the monarch of england. >> very exciting time. thanks so much. now let's get to the latest in sports from my colleague, richard lui. >> good morning to you, mara.
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after the all-star break, alex rodriguez and many others will face possible suspensions for banned substances. a-rod is expected to meet friday with baseball officials. under investigation as a pipeline for banned substances. milwaukee's ryan brawn and other players reportedly declined to answer questions in this investigation. chicago's alex rios did in one night what takes most players week. last night, he tied the american league record, six hits and six at-bats and the white sox win there, 11-4 over the tigers. please, not the face. twins arcia chases a fly ball. yep, he lost it in the air there and gets it with his face. 50 twins losses for the seasons. mara, that's a slap in the face. >> nice pun. >> working on it. the rivalry here, he's
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facing chemotherapy for cancer. grant named his tumor michigan. that way the buckeye fan can say he beat michigan and we hope he does do that. >> whatever gets you in fight mode to get you through that, good for him. >> absolutely. it's time now for your first look at politics. i'm joined now by boris epstein, thanks for being here. >> good morning. hot in d.c. >> hot here too. political gridlock is beyond ridiculous. i want to give you what first read wrote. they write but now we've reached the stage in this era of increased polarization where everything has become a partisan fight, even carrying out a law that has passed and upheld in the supreme court. the mantra that elections have consequences has been thrown out
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the window and replaced by everything must be a fight. >> this is going back to the days of jefferson and adams. they were on separate sides of a lot of issues. hamilton or madison. so i think there's a lot of history in this country of disagreement, but we do need to be more productive. here in washington d.c., there's no question about it. there's a health care law. last time i checked it was the executive branch that was carrying out or executing laws, not the legislative branch. elections happen on all sides, right? in the house there was an election. republicans won. in the senate there was an election and an election for the president. there's constituents on all sides of the political spectrum who want those that are elected to seek their voice. it's a situation where democrats are elected across the board in every branch of government and all democratic policy issues put in place. >> they're not getting a lot done. let me ask you this. what is the republican's real agenda other than obstructing president obama's agenda.
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name one priority that they've worked hard at achieving other than knocking down obama? >> it's got to be jobs, right? unemployment has not really budged now for five years it seems like. that was when barack obama came into office a couple of decimal points so it's got to be jobs. moving this country back from the decade long recession we've been in to real recovery. that's got to be the number one priority for republicans. we have to leave it there, boris. thank you for your perspective. >> absolutely. >> stick around. "first look", all the stories we're talking about. [ whimpers ]
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it's time now for "first
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buzz." all the stories we're talking about this morning. i'm joined by richard lui and bill karins. >> yeah, it's summertime. people are out there. they're active and facebook of all places has come out with a list of most active cities based on the number of times people are posting about this, downloading apps. the list is a little surprising. virginia beach, number one. colorado springs, number two. >> that doesn't surprise me. >> colorado is very fit. >> yes. austin, texas, number three. young and hip. san antonio, texas, and livingston, new jersey is number five. they're being called the weight loss city. the most number of people searching for or posting stuff about weight loss. >> you know what surprises me, i know this is back to our friends in texas. i wouldn't have expected two cities from texas to be on that list. you think of bar becue and the good food. a little bit of controversy about jay-z's new album that just came out. he's saying it's platinum but
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billboard is not saying a million have been sold. samsung bought them. a little bit of a debate there. samsung is saying, don't worry, it will go platinum eventually. >> samsung not related to the record company. >> no. that's it for us. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts right now. actually, i was not thinking but acting. as soon as i heard emergency escape, i conducted the evacuation. we are learning more about asiana flight 214. flight attendants were heroic and pilots were unaware of any problem until it was too late. in boston, f bombs, finger pointing and a judge losing control. whitey bulger going off the rales. this as the president in a positive comment on a vegetable that's setting off a scandal of sorts. we break down the polarizing issue of broccoli in america. this is "way too early."
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i'm surprised at hue many politicians have child in on broccoli. we'll have it for you in the cooler. good morning, everybody. i'm brian shackman. wednesday, july the 10th. some disturbing details in the aaron hernandez murder case. in the cooler, perhaps the best on air correction in the history of television. maybe i'm being a little hyperbolic, but we like this a lot. we begin this morning with details on what happened inside the cockpit of asiana flight 214 moments before it crashed on to a san francisco runway. federal investigators say the pilots thought they had set the plane's auto throttle when they came in for landing. the training captain who was on his first flight as an instructor believed the passenger's jet was coming in at the correct speed of 137 knots. at about 200 feet out he


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