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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 16, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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carolina demanded that governor mccrory veto either of the new anti-abortion bills expected to close 15 of the 16 clinics in the state. with the vast majority of the state's abortion facilities on the line, the stakes are high and rising. good tuesday morning. right now on "first look," unlawful assembly, 300 police officers announced dispersal orders. a heat wave is sweeping nation. how long will it last >> nuclear option. harry reid said he'll use to it change senate rules but john mccain says not so fast. plus stocks soar to new heights. putin says snowden may have overstayed his welcome. and home run derby in the big apple. good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. protests in the wake of george zimmerman's acquittal turned violent overnight in als. in the third straight night of
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rallies since saturday's verdict was announced, mostly peaceful protesters gathered chanting and praying. a small group broke off, broke windows and blocking traffic. some protesters raided a walmart store. los angeles mayor responded with a tweet writing we should respect martin's family for peace. unlawful sblee declared. the lapd arrested 13 people. a local reporter an cameraman was attacked. one person was taken to the hospital. a juror in that case is speaking out revealing more about what happened during deliberations and exactly how the jury of six women reached their not guilty verdict. a revelation the juror told cnn anderson cooper that when they began deliberations only three of them initially thought george zimmerman should be acquitted. >> i think his heart was in the
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right place. it went wrong. >> do you think he's guilty of something? >> i think he's guilty of not using good judgment. when he was in the car and he called 911 he shouldn't have gotten out of that car. >> do you have any doubt george zimmerman feared for his life? >> i have no doubt george feared for his life. >> do you feel sorry for trayvon martin? >> i feel sorry for both of them. i feel sorry for trayvon and the situation he was in. and i feel sorry for george because of the situation he got himself in. >> zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder in last year's fatal shooting of 17-year-old trayvon martin. but the jury was also allowed to consider manslaughter. reaction to the verdict don't unfold across the country. jay gray has the details from sanford, florida. >> reporter: the ground swell of
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frustration in the wake of the not guilty verdict continues to grow. >> it can happen to anybody's son and we need to stand up for young black males. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: acquitted of murder and manslaughter in state court george zimmerman cannot be retried on those charges. still tissues of race and fairness continue to be at the center of the debate. on "the view" george zimmerman's attorney said that discussion goes beyond the scope of the trial. >> this brought to the forefront racial questions that have to be answered. >> reporter: and should not center around his client. however, the prosecution is still focused on zimmerman. >> what this case boiled down to is a man assuming that trayvon martin was a criminal. >> reporter: zimmerman could be charged with federal civil rights violations and some in congress demanded that. >> george zimmerman identified
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trayvon martin as a potential criminal because he was black. >> reporter: bringing a civil rights case is attorney general eric holder's call. >> surrounding the tragic, unnecessary shooting death of trayvon martin, the justice department shares your concern. >> reporter: concerns he'll be able to discuss with naacp members in person on tuesday at their meeting in orlando. jay gray, nbc news, sanford, florida. joining me now is cory day contributing order for "the root." thanks for being here. well for the first time last night as we mentioned we heard from one of the jurors in this case in an interview with cnn and ultimately she believed george zimmerman's account of what happened. what struck you the most about that interview? >> i think many people were struck with how strongly this woman empathized with george zimmerman. she said he had a good heart.
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she said she was convinced it was george zimmerman screaming on the 911. she felt sorry about trayvon martin, she said i feel sorry for both of them. she was unable to single out trayvon for compassion. two things that stood out on the legal side is that for starters the initial vote taken by the jury she says was that only one person on the jury actually thought zimmerman was guilty of second-degree murder. and the fact that zimmerman may have followed trayvon martin and maybe profiled him, those were key factors in the state's case. neither of those things were factors that the jury took seriously and that spoke volumes about the weakness of the state's case. >> that juror also said she thought the shooting had nothing to do with race but there are a lot of people who believe this has everything to do with race. what does it say to you about how shockingly different our perception is in. >> it's another example we're
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not living in that post-racial america. it confirms a concern that many people had about cultural barriers existing between the jury and trayvon martin and his identity as a young black man, and even seeing him as a victim of a crime. i think the racial barriers that many people brought to this case just watching the trial seemed to be reflected in what this juror was saying. >> all right. cory dade thanks so much for your perspective. we'll be talking more about this case. turning now to washington and what's known as the nuclear option. a fight is looming on capitol hill after senators failed to reach a deal on a way to break senate gridlock. now democrats are threatening to change the rules and force up or down votes on presidential nominees. brian mooar joins us live from washington with the latest on what's next. good morning. >> reporter: it comes down to today and whether republicans
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decide to continue their filibuster of several of president obama's nominees. if they do so the democratic senate majority leader harry reid is threatening to change the rules instead of a 60 vote threshold needed to move on to a vote and move to a simple majority of 51. it's called the nuclear option. what republicans threatened to do back in 2005 when they controlled the senate and the white house. well, what are the odds that that will happen today? >> i think there's a 50-50 chance that we can pull back yet again from the brimpg as we did in december as the senate did before in 2005. >> reporter: so eight years ago republicans caved and went ahead with some -- the democrats caved rather and went with president bush's nominees and democrats are counting that republicans will do the same thing this time
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around and give president obama his nominees. mara. >> brian mooar live in washington. thanks so much for that. it's time for your "first look" of your dish of skrambed politics. former president george h.w. bush was back at the white house. president obama hosted his predecessor to present the 5,000th award from the points of light foundation. mr. obama spoke about bush 41's legacy. >> just the fact that you're a gentleman and such a good and kind person, i think helps to reinforce that spirit of service. so, on behalf of all of us let me just say we're surely a kinder and againstler natigentl. >> mr. bush presented the president with a pair of hot pink socks. lawyers for former illinois governor rob blagojevich are
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appealing his sentence. the campaign is over but president obama's re-election effort is still $3 million in the red. his primary committee obama for america is in be debt to vendors, consultants and other service provirsd. texas state senator wendy davis pulled a nearly $1 million last month. the fort worth democrat has been mentioned as a possible 2014 gubernatorial candidate but has not announce ad run. senator marco rubio a potential 2016 presidential candidates raked in $3 million in the second quarter. he's raised $5 million just since the beginning of the year. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. now for the latest on this heat wave. bill karins is here. this is my favorite time of the year. >> you love the heat. do you go out in the sun.
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>> in the sun. >> you bring a both. water with you? >> i sweat. i love it. this is my time. >> do you turn the ac on? >> in my house. >> just checking. >> i don't want the baby and dog to suffer. >> here's what we're dealing with as far as the forecast. already this morning it's 88 in d.c., 86 in philadelphia, this is how hot it's going to be not a lot of wet weather on the map. 96 in new york, mid to low 90s all the way back through the great lakes. not a lot of relief to come as advertised. not until saturday that front makes to it the east coast with a chance of showers and storms. yesterday's highs were warm. today even hotter. the only exception in texas still yesterday dallas was only in the mid-70s. much cooler than anywhere else. texas. >> like upside down day. just ahead a major sex crime ring busted. plus we'll have the very latest
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welcome back to "first look." any day now kate middleton is due to give birth and we're learning when the new british heir may be born. over the weekend the duchess spent the weekend at her house. reports say carol middleton lit slip the baby will be a leo but that sign doesn't start until july 23rd. but prince william's stepmother said the family hopes the baby will be here by the end of this week. to some other stories making news. a north korean ship traveling from cuba has been seized by panamian authorities. the president tweeted out this photo which he called was undeclared cargo. immigration and customs
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enforcement says it arrested 255 suspected child predators targeting online sexual abusers and child pornography. nine teachers and three clearingymen were among those arrested. and russian president vladimir putton is blaming the u.s. for trapping edward snowden in moscow's airport. putin said he hopes snowden will leave russia as soon as possible, adding that snowden arrived on our territory without an invitation. now it's time for your "first look" at business. we turn to cnbc. good morning. >> futures flat right now after stocks posted some small gains on monday with the dow closing at another record high. investors getting some data today on inflation, manufacturing and housing, also earnings from coca-cola, goldman sachs& johnson.
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one year ago marisa mayer was announced ceo of yahoo!. yahoo! still trails behind google in the web search business. finally this morning at&t's launching a new wireless plan letting users forego the typical two year contract. customers can upgrade to devices more often if they agree to pay full price for their smartphone or tablet. a new strategy for at&t. >> more flexibility. the big apple has gone batty with all-stars and some unexpected athletes. all that coming up next. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello?
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yoenis cesped . and now for the latest in sport we have all the headlines with my colleague betty nguyen. >> all-stars in the big apple, the baked apple is what it felt like yesterday. babls were flying during the home run derby last night. prince fielder hit the longest dinger of the night. oakland's yoenis cespedes hit 17 homers in just the first-round to take a huge lead. and make to it the final. he was competing against bryce harper of the washington nationals who had eight homers and then yoenis cespedes's turn once again. >> he rips it with the club. back, back, back.
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yoenis cespedes has won the home run derby! >> that thing was route of there in only his second major league season. the outfielder from cuba is the first player left out of the all-star game to win the home run derby trophy. the american league starting pitcher for tonight's game will be max from the detroit tigers who is 13-1. matt harvey will start also. late night jimmy fallon sent matt harvey out to new yorkers to talk about matt harvey. >> do you know anything about matt harvey? >> who is matt harvey? >> whose your favorite player? >> oh, dude harvey. >> really. >> is this the one you're talking about. >> that's him. that's you. >> that's me. >> that's kind of interesting. before the home run derby a big
2:21 am
fan faufrt, celebrity softball game, of course and brought out some entertainment stars and baseball great like barney williams who smacked a home run, former mets catcher, he blasted a homer in the bottom of the first inning and then tv star kevin james, oh, yeah, he hit a shot that's down the third-base line. the "king of queens" rounded first and went for the double, poured it on and made an impressive head first dive. and folks he's safe. who knew he had moves like that. the man can play. >> funny and athletic. thank you. turning back to our top story national reaction to the acquittal of george zimmerman continues to grow. joining me now for more now is washington bureau chief for the "chicago sun-times." thanks for being here. so there's a lot of talk about the possibility of federal charges. how likely do you think it is in the department of justice will move forward with that? >> well, we know that they are
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weighing -- the issue really is will there be enough evidence to create some civil rights federal case. because of double jeopardy zimmerman can't be tried again for this same charge of killing. so i think that -- when rodney king after the police were acquitted in that famous case, the rodney king case in los angeles, other federal charges eventually were pressed against some of the police officers. so, there is a chance that there could be other charges. what we just don't know yet if there will be, but there is a call in congress already to have a hearing to find out if quote justice was served. we'll see if the house judiciary committee moves ahead or if there is any other kind of pressure put on the justice department. i think that they will be rather
2:23 am
immune to that just for the very short term because they still have to find that intersection of where, if it's a civil rights case there might have been a violation of federal civil rights law. very different set of facts than whether or not there is a self-defense issue that was set up in the killing. >> all right. lynn sweet with the "chicago sun-times." thank you for your perspective. >> coming up bill karins and betty nguyen join me for first buzz all the stories we're talking about this morning. that's coming up next. [ mom ] with my little girl, every food is finger food.
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time now for first buzz all the stories we're talking about
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now. i'm joined by betty nguyen and bill karins. first a little bit of pandamonium. the giant panda has given birth to twins. it's very hard to breed pandas in captivity. first panda twins born in the u.s. since 1987. what's interesting is twins, panda twins in the wild rarely survive because the mother will choose one to take care of and abandon the other one. the zoo will swap them out. give her one to care for and when that one got all the tlc they will bring the other one in. >> you don't think she will figure it out? >> they are hard to breed. you have another fish tale. >> if this is true it's amazing. this guy is on a fishing boat, adrian. happens to see an endangered whale.
2:28 am
he has a knife and undercamera. he jumps in the water and frees the whale and cuts it off and pretty amazing because then as the whale gets free he dives at the same time as this guy surfaces and gets to wave good-bye with the tail. >> that's cool. >> it appears to be perfect. >> truth is stranger than focus. who knows. disney will buy the rights and we'll see it as a movie. >> betty if you tell the story you have to do the dance. >> the me sexy dance. have you seen it or done it. nick cannon was on jimmy fallon last night teaching him how to do the me sexy dance. take a look. ♪ >> four taps to the right. four taps to the left. then we'll show off and point out our sexy. here we go. one, two, three, four.
2:29 am
now point. oh, oh, oh, oh. >> jimmie doesn't know where his sexy is. >> where are we pointing. >> we're pointing in all directions. >> have a great day. do you think he's guilty of something? >> i think he's guilty of not using good judgment. i think george got in a little bit too deep when he shouldn't have been there, but trayvon decided that he wasn't going to let him scare him and get the one over up on him or something. and i think trayvon got mad and attacked him. >> why george zimmerman was acquitted. we hear from a member of the jury on what happened during the deliberation that led to the controversial verdict. the u.s. senate, a lot of
2:30 am
late night talk but no action. you may say no surprise there but it could get even uglier in d.c. home run derby and hot new york night, the winner not even playing in the all-star game. this is way too early on a tuesday. good morning, everybody. i'm brian shactman on this tuesday, july 16, 2013. we were on the field with the all-stars yesterday. we'll give you some of the cooler moments on an absolutely brutally hot day. those guys watching mvp of major league baseball is unbelievable. the boy scouts are on the hot state once again. the group of people they may be offending, some would say this time. but we start this morning with the jury breaking its silence in the george zimmerman trial verdict this as los angeles police have


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