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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 16, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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late night talk but no action. you may say no surprise there but it could get even uglier in d.c. home run derby and hot new york night, the winner not even playing in the all-star game. this is way too early on a tuesday. good morning, everybody. i'm brian shactman on this tuesday, july 16, 2013. we were on the field with the all-stars yesterday. we'll give you some of the cooler moments on an absolutely brutally hot day. those guys watching mvp of major league baseball is unbelievable. the boy scouts are on the hot state once again. the group of people they may be offending, some would say this time. but we start this morning with the jury breaking its silence in the george zimmerman trial verdict this as los angeles police have declared an unlawful
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assembly making multiple arrests after gathering of hundreds of people turned violent. the lapd said the protesters were disturbing the peace by vandalizing property, starting fires and throwing chunks of concrete at police officers. meanwhile one of the six jurors spoke to cnn last night about their verdict of not guilty. >> it was just hard. thinking that somebody lost their life. there's nothing else could to be done about it. i mean, it's what happened. it's sad. it's a tragedy this happened. but it happened. i think, i think both were responsible for the situation they had gotten themselves into. i think both of them could have walked away. it just didn't happen. >> trayvon martin's friend
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rachae jeantel also spoke to cnn. >> racial. let's be honest, racial. if trayvon was white and he had a hoodie on works it have happened? that was 7:00 or something. that's a time people walk their dogs, people stay outside. you tell your child, when you see a grown person following you, run away and all that. was he going to stand there? you going to tell your child stand there? you tell your child stand there, we going to see your child on the news. >> on capitol hill majority leader harry reid could begin to implement the nuclear option for senate rules as early as today. both sides failed to reach an agreement in rare joint caucus last night. senators worked late into the
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the evening address possible changes to filibuster rules on executive nominations, something democrats say is necessary to bypass road blocks. harry reid expressed hope a deal could be struck. >> the night is late. we've been, no breaks, we've been going steady in there. we've had a very good conversation, a conversation that will continue tonight the vote is scheduled at 10:00 in the morning. >> others were a little bit less rosy. senator john mccain said quote we shaped a compromise but we don't know if senator reid will buy it. as congress wrappingles over immigration reform new polling shows where the american public stands when it comes to the major parties in washington. according to gallup, 48% of u.s. sides with democrats, 26% side
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with republicans. the gap widens with hispanics. the leader of the most famous drug cartel is in jail this morning. he was arrested near the texas border in a truck carrying eight guns and $2 million in cash. zetas was founded by former army members. the capture is seen as a major victory for the country's new president. a federal judge heard initial arguments that could award billions of dollars to the developer of world trade center. he could be awarded $3.5 billion from the likes of united airlines, american airlines and boeing for the attack on the north and south towers. the developer is paying for a 99 year lease on the site but has created $4 billion in insurance.
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the judge said he would decide on the case tomorrow. it appears nsa leaker edward snowden is running out of options. yesterday russian president vladimir putin said snowden is trapped in russia because of actions taken by the united states. snowden rejected russia's initial offer granting him asylum if he stopped leaking nsa secrets. ing might as well stay on the putin band wagon for a second. time for seems like our monthly caption contest. take a look at him in a submarine. 0 there he is. maybe russian version of dukakis in the tank in 1988. wittiest caption please.
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use the #waytooearly. world series looking to make it four straight days of closing at new highs after posting modest gains on monday. 19 point in the dow. almost at 15,500. let's go to london for more. >> reporter: we've had eight successive days of s&p gains and as you say three successive days of records on the dow as well. very interest field goal they can carry on that momentum. we're in the midst of earnings season. data is coming out. data was mixed. retail sales was disappointing. business ventures was flattish. but some interesting manufacturing measures. otherwise goldman coming up, yahoo! after the bell, johnson & johnson, and citigroup had a 42% increase in its net income. the numbers were driven by emerging markets.
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emerging markets now a huge amount of their revenues. the numbers game in at $4.2 billion. i think i promised this our last story for a while, but twinkies are back on store shelves. more to add to the twinkie story? >> reporter: not at all. a little bit taken way from the twinkie story. twinkies are lighter. they are coming back. late november when we started talking about these things. they are coming back. under private equity ownership. they are smaller. you can get as much twinkie for your money. used to be 150 calories per cake, 42.5 grams. they are only 135 calories now and 38.5 grams cake. so a bit of an issue there trying to get their twinkie fix.
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>> people will buy them in droves no matter what size they are. thank you very much. meanwhile also in london the house of commons will now consider a bill to allow same sex marriage after it made its way through the house of lords. the bill was proposed by david cameron to allow games to take place in england and wales by next summer. once the house of commons votes the bill will be sent to queen elizabeth ii for her official assent. this year's national scout jamboree begins but don't expect to see obese members. they were required to go through a fitness exam. it's the first year and the scout's website said it will require more stamina and fitness than years past. the group doesn't have data on how many were impacted by the
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new fitness standards. still ahead on "way too early" but he's not an all-star but yoenis cespedes upstaged a lot of great major leaguers. did he have enough power to beat out bryce harper? kanye west taking on comedy. that's right. we'll show you part of the pilot for the show that some compared to "curb your enthusiasm" but was never made. a check on your weather when "way too early" comes back. >> continuing search for the body of john f. kennedy jr. and his wife and his sister-in-law. there's been no confirmation of their deaths. the signs are ominous. more and more debris washing
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time for sports and we want to start with the all-star festivities at citifield and the home run derby. prince fielder had the longest bomb, 483 feet. but he did not advance to finals. that was a face off between that guy bryce harper and yoenis cespedes. harper just honestly his swing is violent. just unbelievable. but yoenis cespedes took home the title. he knocked in 17 out in the first-round, nine in the finals. he had this walk off. >> and he rips it. back, back, back -- gone! yoenis cespedes has won the home
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run derby! >> flips the bat. wins the title. not quite. remember barnacle larry put the finger up after the three-point contest. yoenis cespedes is your home run derby champ. i like it when they keep hit truck. after tonight's main event, matt harvey will start the name for the nl. matt scherzer will take it for al. 8:15 p.m. is the time for the first pitch. everyone is a little kid at the all-star game. we also interviewed veteran torii hunter of the tie gears and base bauble is not just a young man's game. >> are you surprised how well you did? >> no. my dad is 66 years. he's a point guard in basketball. my kids are, they are in
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college, one kid is playing for notre dame another arkansas state another at southeast louisiana. i got good genes, buddy. and i'm damn sexy. i got to tell somebody. >> listen. he's awesome. but he keeps a close shave, he's got a little salt in that pepper. 37. still getting it done. coming up on "morning joe" the heat was unbelievable. hitting the home runs was the easy part. the media is all over place. everyone want as piece of these guys. baseball is the fun part. we'll give you some insight on the home run derby in just a little bit "morning joe." some thought they would never see this again. alex rodriguez hit a home run. not in the home run derby. he did that in aa trenton. he went 2-4 in seven innings versus the reading, phillies.
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he struggled in his rehab games and said he's a week away from being ready to return to the new york yankees. phil mickelson getting ready for this week's course. he's practicing one of the most incredible shots you can imagine. it's the backward shot. basically hits it behind his shot. that's incredible. hits it from the rough facing the other way and goes on the green behind him. this is the first time -- he does that on purpose. he did it before at a match. incredible. the championship tees off on thursday. i can't generate that kind of spin. he can do it. >> the physics are possible? >> he's done it over trees. the loft in the spin that he generates. it goes over. >> little hot yesterday in the baseball field. >> to be honest i wear makeup for my job. i didn't bother at citifield because it would have sweated
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right off. >> you did. or would have. >> can we move on. >> leave it at that. of course the heat wave is well advertised. what's unusual is now it's beginning to spread from the east coast to middle of the country. usually the whether goes from the west to the east. look at dallas. it was 20 degrees hotter in new york city than it was in dallas, texas in the middle of july. i don't know if i've ever seen that happen. it was cloudy an rainy in texas all day yesterday. this morning it feels like 88 in washington, d.c. that's the problem with the cities and heat wave. they don't cool off at night. anyone without air conditioning that's who we worry about especially the elderly. for today, as advertised, just as hot if not hotter many areas in the big cities mid-90s. heat index 100 to 105. we're starting to heat up detroit and chicago and all through the ohio valley. everyone is joining in on this heat wave. as far as when will it end, the
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great lakes say it will end thursday night and friday with thunderstorms. those thunderstorms arrive in new england on saturday and that's the end of the heat wave. this long duration heat wave. it's not exceptionally hot. only mid-90s but day after day that's unusual and rain from texas is moving through northwest texas and head to new mexico during the day today. brian, as advertised it's very hot, middle of july, nothing too exceptional. you like a break. >> i don't plain because mid. january i want it. as long as people stay safe and healthy, i say keep it hot. >> coming up on "morning joe" live from washington, d.c. dissecting the battle of personalities that could lead to a major change in senate rules. michael steel, eugene robinson and the author of "this town," chief correspondent weighs in as we approach a 10:00 a.m. deadline. when we come back here we'll huddle around the cooler.
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at the top of the show we talked about the arrest of the leader of the violent mexican drug cartel the zetas.
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tell your friends according to the united nations more than 27,000 people were murdered in mexico in 2011. that total was the third highest in the world. only behind india and brazil. by comparison the u.s. is eighth on the list with just under 15,000. that was back in 2011. time for the cooler. enough of the serious news. he's been dominating the major leagues and tonight he starts the all-star game. but matt harvey is not a recognizable face in new york city. >> i'm matt harvey all-star pitcher for the new york mets and i'm here to find out what new yorkers think about matt harvey. >> i like him. he's a good pitcher. i saw him naked. it's kind of weird. he's all right. >> that's kind of weird. >> it is. >> did he look all right? >> he looked okay. it was one where he was sneaking out of the hotel room in new york city. >> is this the one you're
2:53 am
talking about? >> that's you. >> that's me. >> that is me. >> why would do you this >> long time mets fan. >> yeah. >> mets fan all the way. >> who is your favorite player? >> oh, dude harvey, man. >> really? >> if he was standing here right now what kind of advice would you give him? >> keep being awesome. that's it. >> we appreciate it. >> yeah, man, thanks a lot. >> wait. >> a life long mets fan but i can't recognize my favorite player. he is good. he's got a lot going for him that kid. i hope he does well tonight. kanye west sees a lot of thing but funny isn't one of the first things that come to mind. back in 2008 the rapper took a shot in starring in a pilot. >> could you put the ps down and talk tokeny?
2:54 am
>> i'm sorry? >> kanye. >> i'm from ohio we say kenny. >> don't care where you from you pronounce my name kanye. >> okay. >> that's cool. kanye. >> kanye. >> like kanye rogers. mr. west was on the cover of vi magazine. >> not on vi, i was on "time." >> "time" magazine. >> you never heard of it "time". >> i've heard it. i have a subscription. i didn't think they would put you on the cover. >> i mean you don't have to think they put me on the cover because they did. it didn't have to be in your thoughts. it was in reality. >> that's awesome. congratulations. what was it for? >> it was for being the smartest man in pop music. that's what it said. >> how do they measure something like that? >> the pilot never got picked up and made a new series and
2:55 am
typical kanye style. he referred to himself as the black larry david while pitching the series. i thought it was kind of funny. only superheroes comes to the these cue but one cyber company said watch it for online. hackers are using their popularity to target consumers. the site says these are the most dangerous superheroes to search for. mr. fantastic. the hulk. wonder woman. and daredevil are part of the top five. the most toxic of all to your computer, is aquaman. who doesn't do anything but talk to fish and swim under water. beware. if you're looking for info on the monarch of the ocean, links to these key search terms could be bad news for your computer.
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still ahead on way too early your creative captions for vladimir putin photo of the month. and "morning joe" live from washington, d.c. just moments away. students everywhere are looking for someone who can help them reach their full potential.
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earlier we asked your best and most creative cappings for this photo of vladimir putin. here are some of the responses. >> putin on the rips. >> even obama can't listen in. >> i think this may work for my super ring bowl. >> and finally i should be safe from "sharknado" in here. >> good "sharknado" reference. i think the surveillance ones are good. we had a couple of protecting him from taking his shirt off. thank you. clean, crisp performance today. time now for "morning joe" out of washington, d.c.
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he has won the home run derby for the apple. >> good morning. tuesday, july 16th. watching home run derby last night. always exciting. i think a member of the nats almost won that one, al. second place. >> with us on set msnbc political analyst and former chairman of the republican national committee michael steele, pulitzer-prize winning columnist and associate editor of the "washington post" and msnbc political analyst eugene robinson, columnist for "bloomberg view" al hunt and nbc capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell in new york, msnbc contributor mik