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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  July 18, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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it's all yours, martin. july 18th, and contrary to a campaign of disinformation, the affordable care act is not only good for your health, it will also be good for year bank balance. >> firns is a basic tenet of our economy. >> you've see competition. consumers are getting a hint of how much money they'll potential save. >> how can a president. we're refighting the old battles. >> that's all right. go ahead. most americans think we have too many laws. >> there's still a lot of folks rooting for this to fail.
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the same old song and dance. they had some better ideas, i'm happy to hearty it. ♪ all around the people looking half ♪ ♪ temperatures are rising, with just 75 days before key pieces of the affordable care act become law, the summer sale is in and out officially on. yes, despite a broken record of republican opposition and obstruction, the president resumed his very public push to re -- hosten an event at the white house just a short time ago, with people who will benefit directly from the law. inch consumers are getting a hint of how much money they'll potentially save because of this law. new competition, new choices, market forces are pushing costs down.
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>> the president cited a 50% -- yes, 50% drop in premiums? new york state. not only that, many who already have insurance are seeing bills replaced by checks in the mail. >> if they're not spending your premium dollars on your health care, at least 80% of it, they've got to give you some money back. it hasn't been reported on a lot. i'll bet if you took a poll, most folks wouldn't know when that check comes in that this was because of obama care that they got this extra money in their pockets. >> no, they wouldn't know. that may have something to do with the vociferous effort by opponents, whipping up the affordable care act into a b-list disaster-wreaking havoc throughout the land. >> just when you thought it was safe to go to the doctor. >> nearly 7 million americans
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could lose their employer-based plans. >> announcer: a rising time of health care costs. nobody is safe. >> doctors are turning more seniors away. yes, that was 9 latest academy award-winning blockbuster by karl reef-backed media powerhouse, crossroads gps, but -- the 39th and 40th votes to eliminate, scale back or cut funding to thes health care law, both passed along party lines wednesday in the house, and speaker boehner is shocked, shocked that democrats are not on board. >> you know, the president said he would veto the bills, and frankly most democrats voted against them. i have to tell you, i was disappointed. >> perhaps the speaker has been
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spending a bit too much time in the heat, but cooler heads prevailed over at the white house, where the president gave us his opponents' efforts a graceful brush off. >> if the folks who have been trying to make political hay out of this thing, if they had some better ideas, i've already told them i'm happy to hear them. but i haven't heard any so far. what i've heard is just the same old song and dance. we're just going to blow through that stuff and just keep on doing the right thing for the american people. >> seems fair enough. joining us for more is kristin welker, live for us at the white house. kristin, we have seen the president's opponents compare the affordable care act to a pileup, a train wreck, and now a sha sharknado. and even rebates for those already insured. >> reporter: martin, look, the white house has struggled to sell this to the american people from day one. they always argued that once the
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affordable care act begins to take effect, americans would start to see the results. president obama now seizing on actual data. today he argued that 8.5 million consumers would get rebates, as you say, in the mail of about $100, that's due to a provision one the affordable care act that basically says insurance companies have to pay at least 80% of their profits to medical care. if they don't immediate those targets, then they have to give consumers rebates. the. also, as you pointed out, martin, pointing to the latest hhs report that found that as many as 11 states would see premiums go down for individuals who purchased health care once the affordable care act fully gets under way, so the president actually had some data to point to today. he did go after republicans quite robustly in that speech, even got sarcastic at some appointments. take a listen to what president
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obama had to say. >> i recognize that there's still a lot of folks in this town, at least, rooting for this law to fail. some of them seem to think this law is about me. it's not. i already have really good health care. >> reporter: so that is the president's line of attack two weeks ago the white house did give republicans an opening. that really gave a boon to the republican area that it would be complicated to enact, it would be expensive for some employers, so that is what you are seeing republicans seize on to in their arguments yesterday and today, kind of leading up to this campaign event that president obama had today, but look, that october 1st deadline is looming for people to sign up. i expect you'll see more events like the one you saw today at the white house, particularly geared toward young people. they are going to be key to making sure that the costs for everyone stay low.
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>> indeed they will. thank you, kristin. from capitol hill, i want to bring in congressman keith ellison, a democrat from minnesota. good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon. how are you? >> great. is this a mom we should be marking with release and gratitude, as the president said, a grandmother in oregon was saved from the fatal effects of breast cancer because of a free mammogram, that a child in arizona can undergo heart surgery without her parents having a heart attack, because the insurance company refuse to pay. we should celebrate there. >> we should be dancing in the streets. when we passed it was one of my best days. in my office i have an intern named abby, she was 17 years old, had a very serious illness -- yes, i can -- and she was able to -- she was able to avoid these lifetime limits, which gave he really a new lease
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on life literally. so this is a good day. i'm real happy, and i don't know why republicans aren't joining in other than for political reasons. >> for all benefits the president has laid out, the affordable care act has remain some of of an abstraction, one that people aren't too thrilled with. it shows public opinion has slightly worsened over the last year, just 37% say it's a good idea, and the president does have a challenge in front of him, doesn't he, to communicate the value, the benefits to ordinary americans with this act? >> he certainly does, but, you know, you have to give some credit to the republicans. they have unleashed a torrent of negative damaging, mislead, false information. we voted for the 38th or 40th or 39th time just yesterday to repeal obama care. and so with that level of stub
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fwornness and determination, it's clear why the american people are not clear about the benefits. they're being misinformed consistently. it's our job to go out there the i had two forums just to give people the information. one was geared at small business. the other was geared at citizens. we had a good turnout and got some questions answered, great web sites up there, and people are starting to get the message. >> in fact, sir, dana milbank explains that all or part of the affordable care act has been voted on no less than 67 times by speaker boehner. he set he wasn't to focus on jobs. by can you remember when he introduced a jobs act or infrastructure act?
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do you think he's since from false memory? itches i think his idea is a tax cut for a big wealthy corporation or high income individuals. he believes that if you cut taxes for big companies, they will use the new money they have to invest. unfortunately he's absolutely wrong, but it's an article of faith for him. >> congressman keith ellison, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. coming up darrell issa accuses someone else of having their hand in the cookie jar. wow. >> though i expect the right to say it immediately leads to the white house, i'm always shocked when the ravening members seem to want to say, like agents boy whose hand is caught in the cookie jar, what hand? what cookie? the pursuit of a better life
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we're watching live shots where the commit yes is grilling the treasury's inspect ore general on the controversy involving the irs and politically active nonprofits. chairman darrell issa announced a few simple rules that he wanted everyone to observe. >> i want to make sure that the smear stops here today. words matter, nuances matter, and that we not go one step beyond what we know. words matter, nuances matter. i couldn't agree mortgage, and yet there were two sets of people who seemed determine to
1:15 pm
ignore mr. issa's question. first his fellow republicans who still seem convinced there is indeed some grand and complex conspiracy, one that begins at the white house and ends with the irs targeting conservatives. >> how dare anyone suggest we're tess end of this. this is the beginning, we have to make an example, and quite frankly i'm tired of this administration to keep having these hearings. we've done it on fast and furious, on ben gauzi, on the irs. why? >> well done, sir, butfuls also mr. issa himself who failed to recognize how words matter. he redressed elijah cummings by using the word "boy." >> i'm always shocked when the
1:16 pm
ravening members seems to want to say like a little boy whose hand was caught in the cookie jar, i've never said it leads to the white house. joining us is david corn and jonathan capehart, a political writer for "the washington post." jon, after a break mr. issa apparently apologized publicly, but how do you interpret what he said about mr. cummings being like a boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar? >> not just a boy, a little boy. look, darrell issa should know that putting the words, boy, little boy, in referencing them to a black man, is problematic. but when that black man is the ranking member on your committee, it's beyond problematic. it's myopic. it shows that darrell issa is not only out of touch in terms of what his committee should be doing, but shows he's out of touch just generally,
1:17 pm
culturally. is darrell issa determined to become the most renewing nan politici politician? or has he already achieved that feat? >> that's a pretty high bar. >> you don't think he's as bad -- >> i'm not saying that, but he city has a way to go. i was wondering if he was going to record a message, in which he would say "step away from the smear." he of course, his whole committee has been really the ra r raison detra. a lot of committees have been pointing to his committee work,
1:18 pm
and we've seen in the last weeks, month or so, more and more we dig in, it wasn't just the tea party being scrutinized, but progressive groups, and a lot 6 reasons they actually did require some scrutiny, though they were probably profiled in a way that is not proper. >> job, darrell issa may not have actually said the most stupid thing. one of almost was -- elizabeth hoffacre was called, and listen to how the congressman from florida addressed her. this is great. >> i think there were eight folks or so, the rogue employees, and tilled never met one before, but you look very good for a rogue employee. >> yes, martin? is that a question? >> i 1/3 determined to say the most absurd, stupid ridiculous
1:19 pm
insensitive things possible? todd akin was last year. it carries on. >> it means they're willingingly going and doing this just to be obnoxious independents they are. >> i don't think they can help it. that's what i'm trying to get at. they can't help saying obnoxious, insensitive wrong things. so am i as shocked by that? well, yes and no. >> indeed. david, an interesting development. we're hearing a lot less about benghazi. it's in fact republicans who have mostly forgotten about benghazi. do you think they have given up on benghazi now, because they feel that the irs is a better one to run with? >> there was a story in the front page of politico, i noticed earlier today, saying whatever happened to the benghazi scandal, but, you know, i just couldn't be bothered to read it. it's like if the republicans don't care about the benghazi
1:20 pm
scandal, i certainly don't. we all should care what happened there, and we still don't know the full story, and you want to make sure that people serves us overseas are protected, but that was never the republican 'enda. the e-mails the without pus out a few months ago, really, now, called a lie to the charge there was any sort of conspiracy cover-up mouchbted. with that it cements the wind just fizzled out. if they could with a benghazi hearing, they're just not interested. >> jon, you saw jason chaff its foaming at the mouth and listing these multiple scandals. >> i wrote them down. irs, not much of a scandal. benghazi, a scandal, but not the
1:21 pm
ones they were focusing on. and fast and furious not a scandal. >> thank you very much. we have resolved them. coming up, throwing stones at "rolling stone"? the whitehot controversy almost everyone is talking about i get i am not going to bite on your controversy bait here, okay? and give you free publicity by holding up your magazine and talking about it. nice try. we've been bringing people together. today, we'd like people to come together on something that concerns all of us. obesity. and as the nation's leading beverage company, we can play an important role. that includes continually providing more options. giving people easy ways to help make informed choices. and offering portion controlled versions of our most popular drinks.
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don't wait. call now. from south africa to the world, celebrations are resounding to mark the 95th birthday of south africa's former president nelson mandela. and as if to confound the passage of time. this international icon of
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democracy and reconciliation appears to be steadily improving, notwithstanding his critical condition in hospital. he has reportedly been sitting up in bed and acknowledges his family's celebrations, with his daughter even suggesting he might soon return home. in washington, members of contingencies also extended their congratulations on was now known as nelson mandela international day, a day declared by the u.n. as an annual tribute to the great man's contribution to reconciliation. it was at the united states here in new york where former president bill clinton recounted a piece of advice that le received from president mandela. >> people can take everything from you. i lost my family, the chance to see my children grow up, the best years of my life. they can take everything except their mind and your heart. those things i decided not to
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give away. he looked at me and smiled, and he said, neither should you. >> and we, of course, extend our warmest good wishes to the president mandela, who is 95 today. ♪ [ male announcer ] clearly this isn't one of those speed-eating contests. that's a hebrew national hot dog. a kosher hot dog. that means we're extra choosy about the cuts of beef that meet our higher kosher standards. and only a good, old-fashioned slow-motion bite is gonna capture all that kosher delight. and when your hot dog's kosher, that's a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national. a friend under water is something completely different. i met a turtle friend today so, you don't get that very often.
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this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. somewhere tsarnaev in "rolling stone" to hitler in "men's health" here el today's top lines. it all started on social media. >> a storm of criticism, "rolling stone" is getting ataxes. >> retailers pulling "rolling stone" from the shelves. >> it started on social media. >> boycott rolling stone has been trending on twitter. >> it got louder today. >> tsarnaev with his dough eyes and fashionably unruly name. >> he used it for his twitter profile, the same for thea that illustrated a "new york times"
1:30 pm
front page profile. >> growing over that cover features accused boston bomber looking like a rock star. >> there are people dead. you guys are a bunch of scumbags. >> i understand why people are angry. the cover has always featured role models like roman polanski, o.j. simpson or charles manson. >> make sure people know if they're reading it next to you. >> we know when "men's health" had, "cosmopolitan's". >> so far at least nine companies are now boy coiting it. >> i am not going to bite on your controversy bait here, okay? and give you free publicity by holding up your magazine and talking about it. >> we don't live in mr. snowden's russia, we live in the united states of america. >> very first reaction was ew. >> thank you, detractors,
1:31 pm
please, with your tedious outrage machine. >> totally sympathetic to the people in boston, including the mayor, including some of the officers who were sod. >> richard donohue, the officers who was shot in a standoff. >> they could have gone with a classier cover. let's get right to our panel. joining us is tourre, and mckay. i'm going to start with you, mckay. this raises a number of issues, from freedom of speech to a brilliant marketing campaign by a magazine. mckay, given that we do not show repeatedly planes flying into the twin towers, do you have some sympathy with those who say, just from a taste perspective, this was a tasteless cover? >> briefly, yes, i do. i'm from massachusetts, i had a lot of friends who were there. my sister was a block away. i find it in poor taste, but el
1:32 pm
refuse to get worked up about it. this is a classic case of magazine cover trolling. >> you know something about that. you worked at "newsweek." its i worked at "news week." >> i think there's seven separate story on buzzfeed about this story. >> there's nothing more viral, and "rolling stone" is loving every minute. they put out a sober state, but of course they're doing it on purpose. this is why i don't think people should get too upset. >> i don't think any of that is exactly true, if you want to throw out your credentials, i'm also from boston. >> but what "rolling stone" did is serious journalism, talking to 50 people or more trying to nail down who is this person?
1:33 pm
the whole point of the exercise was let's try to understand evil. it's not the wayne la pierre world where people are good or bad, but what it does, it's not trolling, it's say look at this person who clearly had some innocence and sweetness to him, and we know he's a monster. it doesn't say his name, it says "monster." it also shows how he moved to a monster. >> you don't think the editors knew this would upset people? >> i'm sure they knew it would upset them, but i think they're 3r0ud of the journalism. >> the article is very good, i agree, but i think the editors knew they were being provocative. >> before we come to the perspective of "rolling stone" isn't this exactly what terrorism seeks to achieve? isn't that why mulala yousef was shot in the face by the taliban
1:34 pm
when she tried to protest? >> when this conversation moves from i think the cover was in poor taste to let's boycott the magazine, censor it, that's obviously not in the american spirit of how these things should be handled. >> if you want the american spirit, the first amendment, let's not ignore people we don't like, but we need to pay attention to evil and dig into it, and not try to ignore it, as if that will make it go away. >> don't you they, tour e this image does not depict a terrorism in a cave, it features an individual assimilated in our country. >> and it suggests perhaps that this individual had some secity
1:35 pm
charisma that some women may like. some are saying i still find him sexy. that's for those individuals to deal with. if something can do that, and you still find them sexy action you have to investigate in yourself why -- and not look at media for not putting out thinks images "rolling stone" didn't drag this up. i'm sure they felt like we're numb to this image, we have seen this image. >> on his own facebook page. here's a statement from the editors of "rolling stone" who responded by saying this. the cover story falls within the traditions of journalism and "rolling stone"'s long-standing commitment to the most important issues of our day. but there are somebody who regard this cover as a tool for el for recruitment. >> extremists are trying to recruit young people for jihad.
1:36 pm
that's a known fact. this could give jihad another recruiting tool. you know, 72 virgins, that's interesting to some, but the cover of the "rolling stone" that's delicious. >> where do we begin with that? >> i agree 100 -- no, i'm just kidding. al qaeda actually for a long time has had a magazine called "inspire" which was inspired to -- i don't think making that jump is a wise move, but i think -- i understand the sensitivity here, and i think one of the tragedies is it's distracted from the actual story, which was very good. >> look. i think that was one of the most dumber things i've heard all week. >> you surprise me hi image has
1:37 pm
been blasted around by a television. this is not the cherry on top where somebody may say i'm going to blow up the school and may end up on "rolling stone" but they want to be infamous or famous. somebody -- we need to dig into what evil is. >> toure and mckay, thank you very much. governor rick perry, what have you done this time?
1:38 pm
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and s&p reached record highs on wall street. coming up, the parents of trayvon martin speak out for the first time on the verdict, the justice system, and the legacy of their son. [ male announcer ] this is betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪
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even as the national conversation has grown more fever about why trayvon martin was shot and killed, and whether the jury was right to acquit george zimmerman, the parents of the child at the center of this tragedy have maintained a remarkable level of dignity and decorum. today we heard from them in person for the first time since the end of the trial. >> we felt in our hearts that we were going to get a conviction we thought that the killer of our unarmed child was going to be convicted.
1:45 pm
>> i think we let the process take its course. we didn't get the verdict that we were looking for, because we wanted him to be held accountable. >> for more now, i'm joined by msnbc contributor joy reed, managing editor of and you've met these parents several times. >> what is interesting, the first time i interviewed sybrina was at church service. the sat through the church service, and interviewed her afterwards. she is a person grounded very much in her belief in god her pastor has been a part of this process.
1:46 pm
remember, this is a divorced couple. i think that is what has allowed them to hold it together, but i have to be honest, when you talk to her more than a few minutes, just below the surface, this mother is in agony, so is the dad, who is extremely close to his son. he went to every football game. >> hi son saved him from a burning house? >> exactly. they have a few things they have to keep it together for. there is another young man, a child, that they have to hold it together for, who tracy has been the only father he's ever known. and they've got this foundation. i think that doing the foundation that they have put together has given them strength, giving them a mission. as you know, in any case where rural grieving or hurting, it helps to have something proactive to do. so i think the foundation has done that. >> one thing that ms. fulton emphasized this morning was that trayvon martin did nothing wrong. take a listen to this.
1:47 pm
>> is this the intent for the justice system to have for victims? i mean, they're sending a terrible message to other little black and brown boys that you can't walk fast, you can't walk slow. so what do they do? how do you get home without people knowing or assuming that you're doing something wrong? trayvon wasn't doing anything wrong. >> professor, you have been criticized personally for suggesting that this is an experience particular to the black community, but you are not, i take it, suggesting that whites should be killed in order to empathize, are you? >> absolutely not, martin. wlet me say i'm appalled that any suggestion of the kind and i'm astonished that anyone twists my words to twist that -- so let me issue an apology to
1:48 pm
anybody who might have believed that i had made any kind of suggestion, let me say to the right-wing hacks who have twisted my words with malicious intent that that is the furthest thing from the truth. and what i am arguing is black kids are racially profiled and subsequently murdered at such an astonishing and alarming rate. because the same thing doesn't happen within the broader white community, there may not be that empathy for the circumstances and the experiences that we endure. when you listen to sybrina fulton, she is expressing the capacity operation that many african-american parents feel. what do i tell my child if my child is confronted, do i say run? no, because you might be shot. do i tell my child to stay and confront the person who is confronting them? no, because you might end up like trayvon martin. so it's an extraordinary sense of powerlessness in the face of the obvious refusal of the broader society to understand
1:49 pm
our plight and predicament, and for the justice system to too often render the just verdict when it comes to our children being gunned down in the streets of america. >> i got an e-mail from an older white woman, who said she was in a very much white community walking around, taking pictures, and all of a sudden she saw a car, and she became suddenly very afraid, and she started thinking the worst. what if a person has gun? >> especially in florida. >> she had to go up to one of the houses and just to knock on the door to have some human contact. she said for the first time as an older white woman, she realized what young black men must field. any time a stranger sees them action if that person is armed, the feeling that you can just be killed and shot just for being there, she had to ask that homeowner, is it okay for me to be here? is it okay to be on this block? and she said that for her, it wassed first time she really
1:50 pm
felt what she understands african-americans are saying. >> precisely the point. professor dyson, trayvon's parents were understandably frustrated that their son was portrayed to be something that he was not. take a listen i realize i think it was obvious that it was a black person that they were looking for, but trayvon simply was not that person he simply went to the store and was headed back home. that is the problem that initiated everything. >> isn't that precisely what you just said, that that is the problem? >> that's absolutely the problem. the series of beliefs, ideas and
1:51 pm
practices in america, whether conscious or unconscious that's informed by race and gender and geography, and what's been talked and reinforced. >> thank you so much for correcting those who interpreted your words. tonight on "politics nation" don't miss the reverend al sharpton's hour-long interview at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. we'll be right back. what if we took all this produce from walmart and secretly served it up in the heart of peach country. it's a fresh-over. we want you to eat some peaches and tell us what you think. they're really juicy. it must have just come from the farm. this right here is ideal for me. walmart works directly with growers to get
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your opportunity awaits. yes, rick perry would love each and every one of you to come to texas. if you're a woman, you may want to think twice, because today governor perry signed into law one of the strictist abortion laws in existence, one that bans the practice after 20 weeks and more importantly using harsh regulations which may force clinics to close. in virginia, a bill simd by embattled governor mcdonald has forced the largest clinic to close, all because the new regulations deem the clinic's parking lot not to be the right size. governor scott walker has signed a bill mandating ultra-sounds and restricting which doctors may perform abortions. in north carolina a recent poll shows the governor's numbers have taken a spill since saying he would sign a controversy wall bill in that state after campaigning on a promise never to do so. instead, overall, more than 40
1:56 pm
provisions related to access to abortion clinics have been passed at the state level this year and we still have half the year to go. back with is you joy reid, rick perry, perhaps scott walker, and others seem to think this is a agreed issue i thought todd akin was not -- he carries on. >> and of course, and it is a pell could you yak thing that this -- egg and sperm ends in terms of the reverence for life. the minute you're out of the womb, you're on your law, and things like gun laws, we enkushlg you to rick your lives and the lives of -- but once it's a mixture, they very much in favor of making women bring all of those pregnancies to term.
1:57 pm
clearly i think he sees this as a good issue, at least for a primary, republican primary audience, because it is. nancy plodsi and others -- the economic agenda. i'd like to play something from that news conference. take a listen to this. >> when women earn equal pay, we know america's economy will prosper. when women can have fairness and balance between work and family, we know that american society will thrive. we know that access to health care helps women's economic circumstances. is not the inverse true, that if you deny women access, or anything is, that inevitably impacts on the economy. >> absolutely. it yookd to be a first world principle, that women having more liberty enhances a society's economy. we go around the world telling
1:58 pm
countries how to become modern and 21st century economies. one, you have to empower the women, give them control of reproduction. s in what we call the third world, but if the first world, we're rolling the sucker back. we'll just be taking over that for you, ladies. we look at roe v wade, and we think that's established law, but that's not the kay. it's rolled back every week. i like to say that i think liberals -- conservatives are and they're saying that those things that happen, whether it's social well fair has to be rolled back. we have to go back to the 19th
1:59 pm
century when men were firmly in charged. again, i'm sorry to labor the choice, but didn't last year prove that that isn't necessarily a good position when it comes to the presidential election? >> again, martin, you're forgetting they live in a terrarium, if you talk to the people on the far, far right or listen to what people are writing. they think the problem -- and if they could just inspire them -- >> but that doesn't work statistically, joy, because there aren't enough men. >> statistics have a liberal bias, martin. >> of course, they do, joy reid finishing the day with that. thank you so much for watching this afternoon on this thursday afternoon.
2:00 pm
guns and race in america. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm in francis. let me start tonight with this. there were things i didn't know about guns and race in this country until just now. if you are white in this country you have five times higher chance of shooting yourself. however, if you have black in this country you have five times as much a chance of getting shot by someone else. these and other statistics i could give you, but let's get started where there's no debate that the fact that street crime in this country exists, and people living in cities are taking the brunt of it. that's one reason why three out of five people living in urban areas support gun control, where only about a third of people in rurp areas


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