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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  July 24, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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for the 14th consecutive day, he has spilled his yogurt all over his tie. >> shackman? >> yeah, right here, here he is. >> i was ashamed to come on the show because my tie is stained. >> actually, i think you're intating joe. that's what it is. >> no, i have socks on. >> melody barnes. >> americans, many americans want to throw out every member of congress, including their own, and that you are dying to be a contestant on "deal with it." >> joe. >> all right, if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." but stick around for chuck todd and "the daily rundown." well, the campaign into the danger zone. anthony weiner's come up big. online outings that happened after he quit congress in shame. weiner's not the only star attraction. we're going to take a deep dive into it all this morning with
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eliot spitzer's opponent for city comptroller. he'll be here. president obama makes a pivot again to jobs. his midwest tour comes on the same day as a brand-new poll shows complete discut gust for washington. president obama and congress. find out what else the public has to say about ways going on there and the economy and even race relations. iowa conservative steve king's latest rift on immigration is called by some inexcusable. some going a step further, calling his language hateful. >> hi, ya'll. >> good morning. >> we're the teachers of government with the riley institute. >> for furman university. >> in greenville, south carolina. >> it's wednesday, july 24th. >> this is "the daily rundown." >> and here's chuck todd. >> teachers here in d.c. for the week. keep those greetings coming. go to to find out how to do it.
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it was an unbelievable press conference and yet it was not that shocking, was it? if you thought this year's new york city campaign season with the attempted comebacks of former congressman anthony weiner and former governor spitzer was going to be another boring election cycle, think again. another dramatic twist yesterday in what has become a string of wild and weerird chapters. new sexting messages. weiner who reportedly used the name carlos danger as his alias admitted to sending racy messages and pictures to an unidentified woman. and a classic new york tabloid-style. "the new york post" and "new york daily news" jumped on the story with these covers that can only make you shake your head and laugh and realize jay leno and david letterman don't have
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to work very hard tonight. immediately going viral, hitting late tuesday morning. by early morning, weiner was holding a press conference. sheepishly admitting to scandals at a press conference with their wives silently by their side when she decided to speak. >> our marriage, like many others, has had its ups and its downs. it took a lot of work. and a whole lot of therapy. to get to a place where i could forgive anthony. it was not an easy choice. in any way. but i made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage. that was the decision i made for me, for our son, and for our family. >> well, we've seen the silent
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wife routine before. they even have a whole tv series called "the good wife" about it. this press conference, she sat there silently. spitzer's press conference, again silence. huma took a page from other folks who both spoke up for their spouses at their moment of truth. >> like all marriages, ours is not perfect. none of us are. but we choose to work together as a family. when david and i dealt with this privately years ago, i forgave david. >> i think the important thing now is to stand as firmly as i can and say that, you know, the president has denied these allegations on all counts unequivocally. and we'll see how this plays out. >> both hillary clinton and wendy vitter's husband would successfully go on with their political careers. the big question is whether voters in new york city will say to themselves in the spouse can
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forgive then, then why can't i. anthony weiner will get through this latest scandal or maybe not. the latest poll before all this showed hip at just 25%. you have to ask yourself if her had a shot at 50. "the new york times" is calling on weiner to get out of the race. i'll talk to one of the victims of all this, of this circus here in new york city. it's other candidates running for office. manhattan borough president is running. finding out what life is like in the big apple circus. the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, it's a doozy it it's one you got to sit down and read it as washington continues to fight. the public is clearly saying enough is enough. the overall pessimism about d.c.'s political leaders and the country is at or near all-time highs for the obama presidency. things haven't been this bad since the fallout over the 2011 debt ceiling. as one of our pollsters said,
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borrowing a line from shakespeare, now is the summer of our discontent. the numbers are grim. just 29% of americans now saying the country is heading in the right direction. 61% believe it's on the wrong track. the president's approval rating has fallen. it's his second lowest level of his presidency. only the months after the debt ceiling debacle were they worse for him. it's hard to bleep congreelieve could get less popular. 83% of americans now disapprove. that's the highest level ever for our poll over 20 years. just 12% approve of its performance. i guess that's friends and family. only 32% believe their own member of congress should be re-elected. 57% say it's time to give a new person a chance. that ties an all-time high we recorded. it was in june of 2010, before the republican win. and in april 1992, when scores of incumbents on both sides of the aisle lost their seats.
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so watch out, congress. in another all-time high, nearly 6 in 10 voters say throw the bums out. if they had the opportunity to vote and defeat and replace every single member of congress, including their own, they would do it. 57% of them say it. so wahat's to blame? top four responses were partisanship and the inability of congress to get things done. number one thing that bugs them. the needs of the middle class being ignored. that was number two it policies and leadership of the obama administration was three. overreach of government was four. here's where it gets tricky. the problem, although everyone's unhappy with waushgs the reason they're not seeing action to change that stalemate is because they hate d.c. for different reasons. democrats and independents both agree with the public overall. partisanship, congressional gridlock. republicans, though, say the blame is the president and government overreach. if everyone acts in their own political self-interest, guess what, the dysfunction will
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continue. it's a good time to bring in our pollsters. you know, a tour de force of a poll this month. the amaze thing, and i think peter hart, your partner, longtime mentor, said what was more amazing about this unified dissatisfaction with washington is that there was no outside event. the economy is actually stable. maybe it's uneven the way people feel about it. there isn't this big event that triggered this sourness. it is an erosion over time. >> well, it's sort of the drip by drip by drip. maybe this poll, you know, presents the tipping point. like you said at your intro, i think there's so many interesting important results from this poll. you went through a lot of them. i thought the graph you had before about what's to blame, why are you most unhappy. it is true it's democrats and independents most of all. not so much with republicans. but when you peel back the data,
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it's really interesting. there's a divide between tea party identified republicans and nontea party identified republicans. and really the nontea party identified republicans believe like democrats and independents that it's congress' fault. >> it's interesting here, you work with republican politicians, your firm does. you look at these poll numbers. i'll read you two about our political leaders emphasizing a unifies approach to the country or a partisan approach. president obama, that's split 45-48. republican party, 22/67. two-thirds think they're emphasizing a partisan approach. in the next question about how are republicans in congress dealing with president obama, the large majority say he's too inflexible. what do you say if you have a republican client? how do they respond to these numbers? >> well, the first thing we say about this poll is taking it back to the job approvapproval.
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that the president is at the -- almost near the lowest point of his presidency. and guess what, this is -- we're going into a midterm election. that is a clear and present danger. for every democrat on the ballot in 2014. when you see the president's job approval start dropping this early and get to a point that we were at just before the 2010 wave election, that is a serious indication that, you know, they're going to have some problems. poll after poll and history of polling has always shown when the president's job approval drops, so do the incumbent wins in house districts and in the senate wins and in state legislative offices as well. so the incumbent party empowers the president. the job approval really does -- this number has great effect. >> fred, this is the box i think -- >> that's what i would say. >> this is the box that the president's in. he's made this diagnosis. he says the republicans are too
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inflexible. majority of the country agrees with pim. but they're not rallying to his side. as far as believing his -- you know, that they're -- okay, they don't like -- they say he's right about his diagnosis but they don't necessarily seem to be rallying behind him. >> look, first of all, all of us, all in washington, you know, will share the responsibility. some of this is catching up to the president. it's great that he used yesterday and hopefully -- to put the focus back on where people wanted, which is jobs. to talk about mika's issue about the president's approval, yes it is 45%, but when we do our deep dive, chuck, it's not independents, it's not republicans. some of the sloughing off is with the republican's base. as you've teased in your intro, part of this is the zimmerman trial. look the president's numbers are
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lower. lower with african-americans. you've got to think if there's one group that backs the president, it will be african-americans. the other thing i say about the congress, 57% want to replace either member of congress in a republican controlled congress. that number in october 2010 with the democratic controlled congress was 45%. >> you brought up the zimmerman trial. i want to bring up three questions we asked about this. using the legal system after the zimmerman trial overall, did it increase your confidence in the legal system? 32% overall said it decreased confidence. look at this number among african-americans. 71% said it decreased confidence. on race relations, are they fairly good or very good in this country? 52% of whites overall believe it. that's down from 2009 when obama was inaugurated. hispanics, down a little bit, but not as dramatically. mika, clearly, we saw all
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throughout our poll, african-americans down on the direction of the country, lowest it's been during the obama presidency. passionate responses here on the zimmerman trial. it's clear, some sort of impact here in the way african-americans feel about their country now. >> yeah, absolutely. we are polling right into this very difficult and challenging story for the nation and especially as the data reflects for the african-american community. we have to remember this is a snapshot in type. that that's what polling does. the previous data going back to after the o.j. simpson trial, throughout the gains that were made, as we elected our first frern american president. these things do fluctuate. they do bounce back. this is a group that has been resilient in the past. we can only hope that happens again. >> we have to pull this again when there is some separation
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because you do know events can have an impact. later in the show, we've got more coming tomorrow. fascinating results about where the debate on abortion is today. thank you both. with all the growing distrust in washington, president obama is clearly reading the poll numbers. he's getting out of d.c. talk about jobs and the economy. will the message move lawmakers to take any action? a problem, the republican party worried about this, a history of courting controversy, under fire from both side, of the aisle. steve king makes some comments about immigrants that a bunch of republicans wish he would take back. first, a look ahead at today's politics planner. busy day here. president on the road.
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white house aides privately lament they think the president doesn't get much credit from the public for what is a more stable economy than when he came into office five years ago. today, the president will try to get on the right side of the public view of the economy in washington and what it's done and make a more populous pitch for plans for job creation and the economy. including some talk of new federal spending on infrastructure, early childhood education. it begins in knox college in galesburg, illinois. then he travels to missouri to speak at the university of central missouri. we want to talk with a missouri senator on this, roy blount. he joins me now. senator blount, good morning to
6:19 am
you. >> good morning. >> the president wanted to get out of washington, understandable, when you consider what the public views all of you guys these days, from both sides of pennsylvania avenue. but on this issue of the economy, why do you think the president doesn't get more credit for what clearly is a better situation today than it was five years ago? >> well, because the recovery's been so slow and because i think the president has over and over again done things that have slowed the recovery down instead of focusing on jobs with a laser-like focus. he goes back to this. i think this is about his 11th or 12th reset. it's like that stop clock metaphor. even the stopped clock is right twice a day. the president's right when he's talking about jobs. in between, chuck, he talks about higher utility bills, higher energy costs, higher taxes. health care system that if you look at this polling that's out now, democrats and some of his most loyal supporters have turned against, along with people who have always been
6:20 am
concerned about it. all those things slow the economy down. the president ought to stop talking about them and stay on private sector jobs till we see some. and full-time jobs, by the way, instead just part-time jobs. >> one of the president's laments is he doesn't seem to get any corporation from congress. the public seem, tos to agree. who's governing via partisan approach. it's a very even split on that question among president obama, 45/48. when you ask about the republican party, your party, sir, it is 67%, two-thirds of the country believe republicans are governing with a partisan aprop, not an attempt to unite the country. how do you react? >> the president's numbers should be a lot better than ours. he is the president. he has the best place to lead from -- >> wait a minute, your numbers are terrible. two-thirds of the country.
6:21 am
these are not good. >> it's not good when half of the country thinks the president's too excessively partisan. washington is not working right now. and there's no question about that. the last two years, the first two years i spent in the senate, my most frustrating time in washington. clearly, people aren't willing to do what's necessary to get done what can be done. that includes the president. the president has to not just have an idea, he has to have an idea that he advances that will work. and if you don't have somebody looking for the idea that will work, you're not going to begin to move forward. and i think everybody has to be better at this. but everybody is surely not where they want to be, democrats, republicans, or the president. >> let's talk about an event last night. one of your colleagues, mike lee, utah senator, organized an event with some tea party activists that essentially had the idea that no debt -- essentially government shut down if obama care, if the health care plan is -- somehow includes
6:22 am
funding it. they won't vote for a raise in the debt limit. is this a viable way to govern and legislate and run washington? your colleagues in the senate? do you support this idea of basically no debt limit raise if it includes funding of health care? >> no, i don't support that. i don't support the health care plan. i think it's destined to fail. i believe the president keeps postponing it partly because he knows -- >> you're not going to hold the debt ceiling hostage over this? >> no, i'm not. every time we've increased the debt ceiling with a couple of exceptions, something has been given in return that heads us toward at least a slightly better way. i don't -- i think there's an imperfect tool but it is a tool. this idea that we won't continue to fund the government if there's any money in health and human services to implement any of obama care. there's nothing in their now i don't think that specifically
6:23 am
inplimts obama care but the secretary has money that she's been able to find to do implementation. we've got to come up with solutions here that are reasonable. you've got to realize this is a divided government. >> you believe mike lee's proposal is unreasonable? >> i think holding the debt limit hostage to any specific thing is probably not the best negotiating place. where we ought to be now is -- we need more spending cuts. they need to be at probably on the mandatory side rather than the discretionary side. i think that's the formula that obviously allows us to move forward most easily here. let's find spending cuts where the money are. let's get the progaps we rely on. you and i both know, that's where the money is is that's where you have to go ultimately to solve our financial problems. >> very quickly, i want to get your reaction to what iowa congressman steve king said yesterday in an interview.
6:24 am
let me play a clip of it and get you to respond on the other side. >> they aren't all valedictorians. they weren't all brought in by their parents. for every one who is a val dick tore yab, there's another one out there, they weigh 130 pounds and theep got size the pound of can canty lops because they're hauling it across the desert. >> is this where the immigration discussion should be going? >> no, particularly if it's kids who spent most or -- many cases, came when they were 6 months old, 6 years old. this is the country they grew up in. we need to figure out a solution here that makes sense. i do agree that that solution is easier to arrive at once people believe the government's done its job of getting the problem under control and i think that has to happen. but language -- these are people that we go to church with. these are people our kids go to school with. and frankly we ought to wake up and realize that.
6:25 am
we also ought to realize there's a problem here. the government has a responsibility to control before we solve it. >> john boehner called that rhetoric hateful. you agree with that description? >> you know, the only thing i heard about this is what i just heard right now, so i don't know the context. i do know if they're talking about -- if steve king's talking about kids would grew up here, that's not a path we should be going down. >> all right. roy blunt, republican senator from missouri, the president's coming to your home state today. we thought we'd have you on. always good to talk to you, sir. >> i must have missed my invitation to fly out there. >> i'm sure. thanks very much. i want to show pictures. as you know, the pope has some interesting vehicles. he's in the popemobile now. he's arriving in el perisia, brazil. to hold mass. it's the same place where earlier this week authorities did find a crude home made pipe
6:26 am
boem. 200,000 people are expected to greet the pope at the basilica. it's the first official event of world youth day. up next, are the hard fought gains in iraq disappearing? those two words, civil war are back. daily violence, a staple of daily life there. our man who has been on the ground there more than anybody in this network, nbc's richard engel actually here in studio with me. who was the most recent manhattan borough president to be elected mayor of new york city right? the first person to tweet the correct answer to @chucktodd and @dailyrundown gets the on air shutout. wait a sec! i found our colors. we've made a decision.
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or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings -- all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product. it's now america's new forgotten conflict. it's been more than 19 months since the last u.s. troops left iraq. more than 200 people have been killed over the past ten days in car bombs and gunfights and that is leaving some u.s. officials
6:30 am
concerned that iraq is simply slipping back into that rekcivi war. just this weekend, up to 500 militants freed in a jailbreak from, of all places, abu ghraib. joining me now, nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel. >> good to be with you in studio. i don't think we've been together since jerusalem when the president was visiting. >> that's right. i frankly was just floored yesterday by your report. on civil war, right. this was such a highly charged -- >> it's a big word. >> phrase. when we were calling it a civil war, nbc news was calling it -- because we had -- it wasn't just us deciding it was a civil war, as people forget. at the time, there was a lot of -- they didn't like that language. and now you say u.s. officials are regularly using it. is it a full-fledged civil war iraq? >> i think it's heading in that direction. i think we can say we've entered back into the civil war. as you were just saying. when u.s. troops were on the ground, there was a lot of
6:31 am
pressure from the white house, from people involved in the war, not to call it a civil war. because it could imply we were involved in something that was messy, that was dangerous, that had its own momentum regardless of what u.s. troops could do. i think u.s. forces managed to stop the civil war, that they weren't calling a civil war at the time. and now that they're gone, we're seeing the same symptoms. >> it was simply a pause. >> well, i think -- it was definitely a pause. we're seeing on the ground in baghdad and other cities these flash checkpoints set up that aren't by the government. either by sunni or shiite militias. you're seeing the morgues filling u again. you're seeing anonymous killings based on your ethnicity, you're seeing people moving out of the country once again, car bombings. the same kinds of signs that we saw in the past. >> obviously, there's been an attempt for iraq to have somewhat of a secular unity government of some form. >> i don't think there's been an attempt at all frankly. >> is this a democracy or an
6:32 am
authoritarian? >> it is becoming a sectarian authoritarian state. you have a shiite-dominated government that is imposing, according to many people, especially the sunnis, a shiite agenda. that is backing the government, the shiite government, which is backing syria, politically and logistically. it is isolating its sunni communities. and you're seeing the sunni communities there, who ultimately lost the war and were driven from power by us, by the united states, feeling disenfran diesed, feeling vengeful, feeling angry, and now taking to the streets and the markets and the car bombings again. >> what's the united states supposed to do? we know the hesitant by the president and the public to get involved in any more conflict here. we broke, you could argue, we broke iraq, in some form or another. do we have a role here?
6:33 am
>> i don't know if the pottery barn rules are going to be respected. i think we broke it but i don't think we're putting it in the shopping cart and buying it. there's a tendency, i'm sure you see it where you live in washington, to just dismiss the entire region. an arc of instability from morocco -- >> this is another generation coming so -- >> let the sunnis and shiites kill each other and they'll contain each other and they'll fall down into their own quagmire and we can frack and robotics and high tech our way to a glorious future. i think it sounds great. the problem is is when you look at the entire middle east, which is in a period of transition and is in danger right now. >> arguably turmoil. >> it has $500 billion people in it, creates the world's oil, key waterways. i don't think you can ignore it. we have to stay involved. that doesn't mean we have to be sending u.s. marines back in there. but i think staying on top of these issues is really important. >> very fast because i have to go to break, is iraq and --
6:34 am
which civil war is worst, iraq or syria? >> it's one. that's the way to think of it. don't think of it as -- >> one country here, one country there. >> and include lebanon in that list. >> richard engel, would will be heading back to the region in a few days. stay safe. when we come back, a deep dive into this big apple circus. that's really why richard's here, because he can't believe what's going on in new york city. we'll talk to someone running for office in new york city who, to the best of our knowledge, is not involved in a sex scandal. which makes it hard to get headlines these days. we thought there's such thing as actually fair treatment of all candidates running for office. you're watching "the daily rundown." only on msnbc. aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods?
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the entry of anthony weiner and eliot spitzer has turned new york city into a spectacle. as one person tweeted, should be
6:38 am
charging a two-drink minimum for this. because of the high-profile nature of the office, it's been difficult for his opponent in the race. spitzer was sought after for comment. >> look, i'm running my own campaign and have been since the day i got into this, so i have no comment about that other than i'm going to be talking to the voters about what i have done, what my plans are. >> that was this morning. asked about the latest weiner stuff. he made a name for himself as new york's attorney general. that fame took him to the governor's mansion. we know what happened then. spitzer addressed head on many timeses in o s iin his tv ad. >> look, i failed. big time. i hurt a lot of people. when you dig yourself a hole, you can either lie in it the rest of your life or do something positive. >> let's look at his opponent. over the course of three
6:39 am
decades, stringer has climbed up the political ladder. to manhattan's borough president. he received the endorsement from three powerful women's groups. partly because of his work on women's rights and partly because of his opponent's past. he also has the backing of senator gillibrand who broke her custom of not picking sides in a democratic primary. polls have shown that it may be tough for stringer. the primary just a month and a half away. stinger supposedly down by double digits. will inherit a budget now nearly $70 billion. with union contracts that have expired. in fairness, with spitzer on tv all the type, we thought, why shouldn't people meet the other person running for this office. so he joins us, mr. stringer, nice to meet you. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> you've been running for this position -- i think you've been
6:40 am
laying your groundwork probably for a year. p spitzer gets in. did you know this was coming? when did the rumors come in? >> we thought one of them would run. weiner was polling the comptroller's race. >> you had an idea you would be dealing with one of these characters. >> we were not surprised. we went out and started building a progressive coalition. labor, people in the communities who care about city government. great members of congress. gillibrand, jeffries. building this broad coalition that will serve us well in the final weeks of the campaign. >> you believe some of these polls aren't really capturing what the electorate will look like. you expect a very low turnout. >> it's unfortunate we have a two-ring circus now. the reality is, these elections are not about personal redemption. they're not about the candidate's mind-set. this is about working people, struggling new yorkers, who want to know what a candidate's plan is on education. how the controller's going to watch out for middle class
6:41 am
people. when we make that case, we get voters. i'm traveling around the city and they're not buying the spitzer thing. >> does spitzer qualify for this office? would you say he's qualified? you would argue on the financial sector this has been something of a -- forget the past, you call him qualified for office? >> this job is about having two d distinct skill sets. you have a $2 billion pension fund. so you have to build relationships. that's something spitzer knows nothing about. look at his failed governorship. the whole thing collapsed. why? because it was all about eliot spitzer. now, he used to champion campaign reform. he hasn't released five years of taxes as i have. >> did you support him when he ran for governor though? >> i did. like many, we were disappointed and obviously shocked at how it
6:42 am
all sort of came apart. >> one question on the issues of questions. we know this is a huge issue. how does new york city avoid the fate of detroit when it comes to pensions? >> this is a warning sign for us, detroit, what's happening in syracuse. we have to create a pension system that is bull let proof. >> what does that mean? some people take some haircuts? not everybody will get pensions? >> certainly the next mayor's going to have to work with labor and come up with greeagreements. about what the city can afford and what the city can't afford. bringing in a professional staff to look at some of these critical issues. new york city has risen from fiscal disarray in the 1970s. we're not going back to that. >> if spitzer cares so much about these issues but he applies for a job in the office,
6:43 am
would you hire him? >> my blue ribbon transition committee will take all resumes. >> available to work with mayor weiner? >> i think the two-ring circus will seque to the issues that matter. when you compare my record to his role as governor, i think we can make the case we need real change in the city. >> you think weiner would be bad for the city if elected mayor? >> i think both these candidates are not making the case, why they should be elected. >> scott stringer, candidate for new york city comptroller, manhattan borough president, thank you. we've got much more with our gaggle. first, white house soup of the day, after the nbc/"wall street journal" poll number, maybe this is a good soup, chicken noodle. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking...
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6:47 am
he still has no intentions of dropping out of the race. let's bring in our gaggle. visiting professor at nyu, harold ford jr. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. and host of weekend political junky morning show, steve. it's surprising, and yet not. >> exactly. we already knew he was into this difficult to talk about stuff online. what is so surprising is the timing. that he made the decision to get back into public life. to try to go for his ultimate dream job. already knowing this would likely company out. really, for people who looked to the magazine spread last summer and thought, okay, they're moving forward. to find out it was still going on after that is troubling. he is defiant today. >> how are voters going to react to this? it's interesting to me, if you
6:48 am
want to look at trends. it's tough to make a trend out of three women who stand by their personally flawed husbands. but the ones who speak out, hillary clinton, it saved bill clinton. wendy vitter spoke out and it saved david vitter arguably. ones who don't speak out -- it's interesting, but i wonder if huma helped him yesterday in a way that maybe none of us can understand. >> it was an unusual spectacle. i think the fundamental question for voters and that's how you open it about anthony is can you trust hip. and when you ask him to exercise judgment, particularly when you've gotten him a second chance, is he able to do that. he didn't assure us yesterday there are not others out there. there was not a tyime line give. i hope, i wish him the very best. the question is how much does new york have to put up, with all the issues we're confronting in the city. >> you spent a lot of time
6:49 am
particularly in the northeast watching political trends. new york city, this has been a competency first job as far as the voters have been concerned when you look at juliany giuliani and bloomberg. the question is, what is new york city's appetite for drama? >> it was kind of amazing what he pulled off to this point. he was at or near the top of the field. that said a lot about the deficiencies of his opponents. also, the power of his personality. people could understand the basic redemption story. i don't think people can really -- have a hard type processing this, it kept happening for another year. >> you've made a great point on eliot spitzer here. you said, hey, look at how he started, 100% name i.d. and only 42% in that first poll. warning sign. anthony weiner has never topped
6:50 am
25%. >> when you look at the head to head in the runoff, he was basically tied. kristin kwquinn's the other maj front-runner. her negative as high as anthony weiner. i don't think so after this. >> demographics favor him in a lot of ways. >> he'll get into the runoff and he'll be the least controversial. at the end of the day -- >> how pressuring? >> no drama. no drama candidates? i don't know. >> the other quick thing about weiner is big chunk of his support is from the african-american community. kind of surprising. a lot thought would go to bill thompson. >> kelly, i think this stuff, the stains of a weiner, we had steve king, public totally distrusting of washington right now. i think this stuff has an impact on the public's belief that all of these politicians aren't just a bunch of idiot is. >> it reinforces the cynicism and expectation so low and getting lower for people in
6:51 am
public life and i think that is one of the sad parts about this. >> i hate that i can't look up -- public servants aren't looking like role models for my kids, harold. >> not only can you look up to them, they are not talking about the things that matter to the city most and matter to these kids' future the most. >> we will take a quick break. kelly has to run over across the aisle to the 7:00 a.m. west coast edition of the "today" show. the recent manhattan borough president to be mayor of new york city was david dinkins. congratulations to jim. we will be right back. ♪ even superheroes need superheroes, and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals. purina dog chow. help keep him strong. dog chow strong. your skin can grow more beautiful every time you wear it. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup.
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the triple choice sale, ends sunday at sleep train! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ let's bring back the gaggle. kelley had to run back to the "today" show. steve and harold are still here. we were joking with steve king making controversial comments about immigration reform and reminds us of dennis green the
6:55 am
form arizona cardinals coach after they blew a huge lead to the bears and he yelled, they are who we thought they were! steve king i guess is who we thought he was on some of this stuff. steve, he may have just done immigration reform the greatest service they could have asked for. >> a fee weeks you has that rare editorial. >> kill the bill? >> right. one of the points they were making we can feel good as republicans because how we treated this because we have resisted the rhetoric that maybe marked the opposition in 2006 and 2007 and here it is. >> they are covering in this a different way. this rhetoric is probably running on a loop. >> it would be smart for it to do. you think at the end of the race, chuck you said it a hundred times. you have to do better with women and minorities and younger people. i don't know what they have done to try to cure that. >> they don't see it as a 2014
6:56 am
issue. >> my wife, they had a big bonanza and hoping things go well. >> any excuse to be in miami. >> weiner new york politics great new york politics, check it out. >> i like that site. that is it. we have lots of poll stuff. i'll be on all day talking about that and more numbers coming out in the morning. coming up next is chris jansing. bye-bye. travel trouble today. a few storms around d.c. but great gorgeous low humidity air that is moving through the great lakes. perfect summer weather today throughout much of the great lakes region and ohio valley. that will arrive in washington, d.c. as we go into thursday and stay with us through the weekend.
6:57 am
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with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine. very good morning. i'm richard lui in no chris jansing. calls grow louder for anthony weiner to drop out of new york city's mayor's race. new york papers are all over this scandal. playing up both the fake name weiner used in his online chats and his wife's public statement of support. yesterday weiner admitted he sent sexual messages and pictures to more women even after he resigned from congress. >> some of them happened before
7:00 am
my resignation and some after. that was the time my wife and i were working through some things in our marriage. >> but unlike the press conference where he resigned from congress in 2011, this time, his wife, huma a close aide to hillary clinton stood next to him. for the first time she faced the cameras to defend her husband's imperfections and his run for mayor. >> anthony's made some horrible mistakes, both before he resigned from dong and after. but i do very stronel believe that that is between us and our marriage. we discussed all of this before anthony decided to run for mayor. so really what i want to say is i love him, i have forgiven him, i believe in him, and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> i want to bring in politico