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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 26, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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his most interesting and most consequential one yet. that does it for us, now, it is time for "the last word" with t consequential one yet. up next, "first look." good friday morning. anthony weiner's mayoral campaign appears to be unraveling faster than you can hit send on a phone. life without parole. a plea deal in the works for ariel castro. and prince harry speaks out about prince george. good morning. anthony weiner's bomb shell admissions keep coming.
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he now says that he saexed up three women after similar behavior forced him to resign from congress in 2011. >> it is not dozens or dozens. it's six to ten. i can't tell you absolutely what somebody else is going to consider inappropriate. >> was it sexual? >> i don't believe that i had any more than three. >> this new admission comes on the heels of tuesday's press conference. when anthony and his wife by his side sexted woman as of last year. a new poll falls that anthony weiner has fallen behind christine quinn, quinn leads weiner 27% to 22%.
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the new poll also finds a dramatic shift of democrats. 55% now have a negative impression of him. a spike of 19% since june. 30% still see him favorably. now to another shocking admission, this one from the second juror to speak publicly in the wake of george zimmerman's acquittal. >> george zimmerman got away with murder. but you can't get away from god. and attend of the day, he's going to have a lot of questions and answers that he has to deal with. the law could improve it, but, you know, you know the world goes in circles. >> maddie was the only minority juror on the panel of six women. she told abc that she fought to the end but ultimately realized there wasn't enough proof to convict zimmerman of a crime. she believes that she owes
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trayvon martin's mother an apology. sybrina fulton said in a statement -- a ruling related to the 2010 bp oil spill, halliburton has pleaded guilty and will pay a fine in that disaster. it killed 11 workers and dozens of oil spilled into the gulf. the company will pay the maximum fine of $200 thousand and halliburton will be on probation for three years. federal authorities are calling it the biggest data breech in our nation's history. including big-name stores.
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tracy potts is live in washington, d.c., with details. do we know who's behind this alleged scheme? >> we know that five people have been indicted. four russians and an ukranian. not clear where all of them are right now. but authorities say this was huge. it resulted in $300 million in losses. this involved some of the biggest stores in this country. take a look. wall street was hit. jet blue, the dow. a number of businesses out there, including harlan, one of the biggest processing firms. they took one of the biggest hits. how did it happen? they hacked the computers, got the numbers and stored them not only all over the country but all over the world but resold these numbers to other criminals for as little as $10. now the question is, where are
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all of these suspects? one is due in court next week. one believed to be in europe. the rest, not clear this morning, mara. >> all right, the latest on that investigation. speed is at the center of the probe into a deadly train derailment in spain, by all accounts, the train was going way too fast when it turned the curve as you'll see here in this bracelet taiking video, it derailed in an instant. sending cars off the track, killing 80 people and injuring dozens others late tuesday. the tragedy hits home. nbc news has learned that a virginia woman, is among the dead and at least five americans were injured. this morning, cruse are still working to remove the debris. the accident is spain's worst in four decades. a life-saving plea deal could be in the works of accused killer, rainest ariel castro.
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prosecutors will scrape the death penalty for life in prison without parole. plus 1,000 years. that would avoid a lengthy trial. that plea deal could be annou e announced today. prince harry attended a photo exhibition on thursday and he was inevitably asked about his new nephew. he's a uncle for a whopg four days. he gave his thoughts on prince george. and what he has plans for the prince's first 20 years. >> it's nice to have a new addition to the family. make sure he has fun. the rest i leave to his parents. >> since prince george prince harry has been bumped to fourth
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in line to the throne. time for a "first look" of yo this morning's scrambled politics. more than a half of you has gone too far and 7 in 10 want regulations in place. from one woman scorned to another jenny sanford speaking out about the anthony weiner scandal. on weiner's wife huma, jenny sanford told the washington post, quote, as a person and a woman and as a wife, i've been through the painful reality of marriage with a troubled individual and having knit the press. my heart goes out to her. seven women have publicly identified themselves as targets of the democrat in san diego.
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they want him out. the so-called dreamer protest steve king's comments against young immigrants delivered some cantaloupes that's in response that many have calfs the size of cantaloupes. they may have been the best informed comments of the entire united states senate. the dreamers do not agree. >> i think he definitely needs to apologize. unfortunately, i don't think he's understanding how hateful he is, i think he's really afraid of this country changing. how about stephen colbert's take on representative king. >> yes, when he was comparing immigrants to dog which he does not do, he was complimeplemenpl
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them. the same way i'm complimenting steve king when i call him a tool. and now for a look at our weekend weather forecast. here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. let's talk about the weather. well, good morning, everyone. we have some bad weather out there to deal with. an update with the new frorecas on dorian. it's weakened. it's struggling. the hope is that will actually dissipate over the next several days. in case it doesn't the general path is toward the west. the good news is that this storm is struggling and there are no signs that it would become a big enough storm to cause a problem. in new england, yesterday was not a pretty beach day from new jersey all of the way up to maine and once again this morning it is rainy, it is cold and it's going to be that way for much of your friday
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unfortunately. the weekend will improve. in oklahoma, big thunderstorms near oklahoma city. storms in the middle of the country. adds we go through the weekend, kind of rainy on and off on the east. marry for minneapolis to chicago, high temperatures in the 60s to low 70s. >> it's the end of july. >> it's sweater weather. people are turning their heat on in the northern plains. straight ahead -- spirit air jumps on the anthony weiner bandwagon. and barbara and george bush speak out on a cause close to their hearts. [ whispering ] uh! i had a nightmare!
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some stories making news this morning, on thursday, the ntsb reported that the southwest airlines plane that crashed landed at new york's laguardia airport actually hit the tarmac with the nose gear first and not the mainlanding gear the report went on to say that the plane
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slid for 19 seconds before coming to a rest. lawmakers in north carolina have approved legislation that requires voters to provide i.d.s at the polls. this as attorney general eric holder said thursday the u.s. justice department would take action against the new voter i.d. law in texas. and george h.w. bush sat down with granddaughter jenna to talk about that striking photograph of him with that little boy with leukemia. >> you wanted to see that little boy smile? >> that's right. and all of the agents had done it. wanted to show solidarity with them. >> you can see the full interview this morning on the
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"today" show. now for your first look at business, we turn to marry thomas. good morning to you. futures are flat this morning. the nasdaq actually had its best day in two weeks thanks to facebook's strong earnings report. they'll get news on consumer sentiment. toyota holds on to his global sales crown. they outpaced general motors and vo volkswagen. just a day after announcing a promotion giving three free months of netflix, google is pulling the plug on the offer due to overwhelming demand. the chromecast sells for $35. back to you. >> thanks so much, marry. spirit airlines is poking fun at new york mayoral candidate anthony weiner and his
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pseudonym carlos danger. the airline is offering $34 vacation packages to cabo san lucas. a brewing controversy over whether monopoly is getting rid of jail to speed up the game. they told the wall street journal is no longer a jail for players, but hasbro publicity manager told that atlantic wire that monopoly is gnot getting rd of jail after all. the deal is believed to be worth up to $19 million a year, team owner jerry jones said that he wants this building to be more familiar than the white house. straight ahead -- all of your sports highlights. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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jane fonda the actress formally jane hanoy. fonda said quote i happen to know that he's not unhappy that i'm playing her. here's a look at fonda's turn as mrs. reagan. >> i would like to invite you to the state dinner next week. not as a butler, cecil, i'm inviting you as a guest. >> highly anticipated film. not nearly anticipated as our
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sports report. one player sleeping well last night to tell you about here, mara, washington's bryce harper, after this game-winning homer, he breaks the nats' six-game losing streak. another first to talk about, not the wild pitch from the rockies' relief pitcher, but with that the marlins are the first-ever to keep colorado at hit-friendly coors field to just two earned runs or below in a series. can talk a-rod? alphonso soriano could be coming back. 99% done. they're hoping the 37-year-old brings back some pop. the yankees, no play for you.
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he stays in the minors for another rehab game. when asked do you trust your team? he said, you know, i'd rather not get into that. o.j. simpson pled with the nevada parole board, he wants out early. he'll have to serve time for other charges. team usa basketball camp, new orleans's anthony davis steals a pass there. he goes coast to coast for the score. this is the showstopper. nathan mills, a windmill slam. what is he wearing there, mara? >> fatigues and combat took place. >> he said, you should see what i can do without fatigues. our top political stories, joining me is kevin thanks for
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being here. >> happy friday, mara. it's friday, let's go all sex scandal, why don't we? anthony weiner admitted to sexting with about three women. he is vowing to stay in the race. is he going to take this thing all of the way to september? will he see the light and drop out? >> i think he's going to continue to stay in the race. he vowed when he first got into this thing he was going to do that. he wants to put this all behind him. for him, you know, how much worse can it get? >> the wife is seen as a sympathetic figure, but now she's facing backlash? >> first, she's the top aide to hillary clinton. i think that, at that press
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conference, which was really kind of awkward to say the least, you know, i think people are wondering why they gave all of these public interviews a couple of months ago, saying that he was a changed man, and there were still things that were going on. >> all right. >> to say the least. >> kevin, thank you so much for your perspective. have a great weekend. coming up bill karins and richard lui are back with first buzz. stories we're talking about this morning. i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. do you toss and turn? wake up with back pain? if so, call us now. you'll learn how the sleep number bed helps relieve back pain by allowing you to adjust the firmness and support to conform to your body for a more proper spinal alignment.
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time now for "first buzz." all of the stories we're talking a this morning. a story that undoubtedly that will be a big talker today, a second juror from the george
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zimmerman trial has come forward. she gave a interview to abc news. she believed that george zimmerman got away with murder. she said that the evidence simply wasn't there. clearly according to this woman they didn't make their case. >> i remember the first legal experts on all of the programs when it first happened because the way the law is written it's going to be tough for the prosecution to prove their case. >> it's interesting, it's comforting on one hand that jurors follow the law and on the other hand she can't sleep at night. >> and those instructions were very long. they got it done. bill, you have some revelations about sleep. >> earlier this week you struggled to sleep a little bit. crazies come out during the full
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moon. a study just out says that the full moon does affect your sleep. on a full moon, take five minutes to fall asleep and 20 minutes to sleep less. >> the moon controls the tides of the ocean. our body is made up of water, 75% 75%. >> i think i'm always sleeping under a full moon. mercedes is making a comeback -- >> silliness. theyed a a contest. only concept golf cart. solar panels on top of it to power it. it's a two-seater. joystick to direct it. some of the feedback was, where do you put the clubs? l.e.d. headlights. it has its trademark, diamond
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grill. >> just turn the radio on. >> i prefer this one, though, the bubba cart. >> we got to go with that. "way too early" starts right now. carlos danger shouldn't have come as a surprise to us from anthony weiner. take a look at this. shouldn't have been a surprise. ♪ >> carlos danger. more drama. more women. and more credence to people who are cynical about american politics. also, that harrowing landing at new york's laguardia airport. it turns out the plane landed in
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a way that insure that what happened. this is "way too early." good morning, everybody. friday, july 26th, i believe, correct? yes, it is. stick around for sports. we have a radio show host who shut down an on-air marriage proposal. but we want to start with europe's deadliest train crash in decades. apparently the problem had everything to do with speed, aclose circuit camera caught the disaster as it happened. this is just striking video to watch. after the wreck, the train's operator reportedly called the emergency dispatcher said he was going to equivalent of


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