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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 26, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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state will be asking as set forth page 9. for the court to dismiss a significant number of counts and those that deal with a legal issue of merger so they are going to ask me to dismiss those ultimately today after you've entered a plea. are you aware that have? >> yes. yes, i am. >> all right. so 40 counts will be dismissed and they anticipate you'll plead guilty to the remaining 937, is that clear? >> i don't necessarily agree on 937. >> well, dp --
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>> but i understand. >> i tell you that is somewhat common in a criminal case or even a civil case, usually neither side is perfectly happy, okay? but you're reaching this agreement of your own free will, is that correct? >> yes, your honor. >> and honor -- and in conjunction with the advice of counsel? >> yes. >> so you'll be pleading to the 937 counts. you're agreeing also to execute all necessary documents and to perform all acts necessary to transfer right, title, and interest in your real property at 2207 seymour avenue in cleveland and that will be transferred, i believe, to the county to go to the land bank, is that correct? >> it is, your honor. >> so you're agreeing to sign documents to turn your house over to the county land bank. is that understood? >> i understand, yes. >> you're also agreeing to abide by the terms of a stipulated
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protective order. is that understood? >> yes. >> and you're agreeing not to seek profit from the commission of these offenses and that was in compliance with this agreement and as disclosed for any items under the proffer agreement? in other words, you will not be permitted to profit from any aspect of this case. is that clear? >> yes. >> you understand that as part of the plea agreement, you also will be forfeiting items of personal or real property and such to the state and they are set forth in this agreement. >> ined.
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>> in particular, there is 22,268.83 of u.s. currency that will be forfeited. again, the right, title, and interest you have in your real property. your family will receive back on your behalf family photo albums and clothing. is that understood what you're getting something back from this? >> yes, but currency does not sound right. i know there was something else. >> i don't understand what the inventory was. that is the amount -- >> it was more more than than $22,000. >> mr. mckinney, i'm sure you'll follow up on that? >> judge, we will tear down the house and look closely at everything. >> all right. >> in fact, there will be a demolition of the house? >> that's correct. >> mr. castro, you understand
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that this is a recommended sentence of the court. if i were to determine to accept it, then it will be imposed after your sentencing hearing. if i were to determine not to accept it, then the parties would be back at their original position which would be this matter is set for trial on august 5th. is that clear? >> yes it is, your honor. >> and you're agreeing as part of this settlement agreement that if the court does accept the recommendation that you are going to receive the sentence that is set forth in this plea agreement? is that clear? >> yes, it is. >> life without parole plus a minimum of 1,000 years. is that clear? >> yes, it is. >> you understand that by entering into this agreement with the state that you're withdrawing and waiving any potential constitutional challenges about the gathering
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of evidence and you're waiving any right to further testing of dna evidence? is that clear? >> yes, it is clear. >> and, again, the basis, as stated a few paragraphs before, this was that the state is giving up their right to seek the death penalty. is that clear? what they are giving up in order to reach this bargain with you and you're having to give up things too. >> that's correct. >> you understand you're also waiving any potential claims on appeal or post-conviction motions? and you're agreeing that, to your knowledge, your attorneys have done everything that you have requested them to do and that you're not making any claim that the state is engaged in prosecutorial misconduct. is that understood? >> yes, it's understood. >> you understand that in
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addition to all that, again, you'll be labeled as a sexual predator. there are certain reporting requirements and we will go over that prior to your sentencing hearing and there will ab form and you will sign it and you'll have it to take with you. is that clear? >> yes. >> is there anything about the topics i've just discussed about you that is unclear? any questions you have for the court? >> no, but i would like to state that i was also a victim as a child and just -- >> those are issues -- that certainly is something you can bring up at your sentencing hearing because at your sentencing hearing, you have the opportunity to speak. your attorneys have the opportunity to speak on your behalf. other family members or persons could speak for you. and then the state has a right to speak and the victims will be notified about the sentencing and they have the right to speak if they wish, okay? so at that hearing, which i
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believe will go forward on august 1st, you do have an absolute right to talk about any information you feel is relevant to sentencing. okay? >> i talked to my lawyers about that. >> thank you. mr. castro, are you satisfied with the representation that you've received from your two attorneys? >> yes, i am. >> is there anything that they have failed to do that you've asked them to do? >> well, [ inaudible ] but they assured me that -- >> okay.
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sir, do you understand by entering guilty pleas here to the numerous counts that are set forth in this written plea agreement, that you're waiving or giving up certain constitutional rights? >> i'm aware of that. >> i'm going to talk to you about your specific rights. mr. castro, do you understand that you have the right to trial by jury or to a judge in this case? >> will you please ask that again? >> yes. sir, do you understand that you have the right to trial by jury or to a judge in this case? >> yes. >> do you understand that you're giving up that right by entering a plea, you will not have a trial? >> i do understand. >> do you understand that you have the right to an attorney, somebody you pay, or if you can't afford one, that the court will appoint an attorney to represent you at no cost to you? >> ined. >> do you understand that you have the right to summon or subpoena witnesses to appear at the trial and to testify on your behalf under oath?
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>> i understand. >> in other words, your attorneys could cause court orders to go out and people would be required to come in, they would have to take the witness stand and testify under oath. is that clear? >> yes, it is. >> do you understand you're giving up that right by interesting a plea? that that process lieutenant go forward? >> i do understand. >> do you understand that you have the right to confront and cross-examine witnesses at trial through your respective attorneys? >> yes, i do. >> again, when witnesses came in, they would have the chance to question them, to challenge them, as to their accuracy, their bias, their memory, all types of things. but you're giving up that right by entering a plea. is that clear? >> yes, it is clear, your honor. >> sir, do you understand that you have the right to require the state to prove your guilt by evidence beyond a reasonable doubt? >> will you refras? >> do you understand you have the right for the --
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>> in other words, at a trial they would have to prove each count by evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, each and every element of each count and each count would be considered by a trier of fact separately and they have to meet that burden of proof on each and every count of the indictment and each and every element and each and every specification. do you understand you're relieving them of that burden by entering a guilty plea? >> yes, i do, your honor. >> finally, do you understand that you have the right to remain silent and not testify and no one could comment on the fact that you did not testify at trial? >> will you repeat that? >> sir, do you understand you have the right to remain silent and not testify and no one could comment upon the fact that you did not testify at trial? >> i understand. >> all right. you don't have to do anything. the burden is all upon the state of ohio. do you understand that? >> yes, i do. >> you don't have to testify. you don't have to do anything during the trial, is that clear? >> yes. >> do you understand you could
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testify in the trial if you wished, but there is no obligation that you testify? is that understood? >> understood. >> i want to talk with you now about the various offenses and the potential penalties. mr. castro, you said that you have reviewed all of the 977 counts of this indictment, is that correct? >> yes. >> all right. you actually have the book in front of you with all of the charges. there are 576 pages. is that your understanding? >> yes. >> and you've gone through and read them? >> i'm mara schiavocampo in for thomas roberts. we are watching court proceedings in the case of aerial castro. he has pleaded guilty as part of a deal to avoid the death penalty. in exchange, he will serve a life sentence in prison, plus 1,000 years. he faced almost 1,000 charges for the kidnapping and rape of three women over the course of a decade. i'm joined now by msnbc legal
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analyst lisa bloom to discuss these proceedings. lisa, i want to get your read on what has happened here today. do you think justice has been served with this deal? >> well, i do. i'm sure there are many people who would like to see him get the death penalty but life without parole in ohio means that, life without parole. he will spend the rest of his life behind bars and never get out except in death. in exchange these three women can move on with their lives and don't have to come in and face cross-examination at trial and relive those horrific days that they enendured. we have already seen them on youtube videos moving forward and healing and having lovely and positive attitudes and this allows them to move on wir that lichlts . >> if you can stand by. we will talk about a shocking administration from juror b-29 in the george zimmerman murder trial. >> what would you like to say to trayvon's parents? >> i would like to apologize because i feel like i let them
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down. >> she says she believes zimmerman got away with murder. the woman known only as maddie gave an interview to abc news and explained why she and her fellow jurors found zimmerman not guilty in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. maddie said she initially wanted to convict zimmerman but her hands were tied because of the law. >> as the law was read to me, if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, you can't find -- you can't say he's guilty. >> did you want to step out at all? >> i was the juror that was going to give them the hung jury. >> juror b-29 also said she stands by her decision because of the law but in her heart she believes zimmerman is guilty and have to eventually face god. trayvon martin's mother sybrina martin released this statement.
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she went on to say this new information challenges our nation once again to do everything we can to make sure that this never happens to another child. in addition to msnbc legal analyst lisa bloom, goldie taylor, msnbc contributor and managing editor of the goldie taylor project, joins me now to discuss all of this. we should note that msnbc has reached out to zimmerman's attorney for comment on this but we have not heard back. thank you both for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> lisa, i'd like to start with the legal issues here. maddie had a lot to say about why she voted to acquit after first wanting to find zimmerman guilty of second-degree murder so let's listen to a little bit more of that interview. >> how did you go from nine hours feeling he was guilty of second-degree murder to not guilty? >> it was hard. a lot of us wanted to find something bad, something that we could connect to the law because all six of us -- well, let's not speak for all six of us, but for
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myself, he's guilty, because the evidence shows he's guilty. >> he's guilty of? >> killing trayvon martin, but we couldn't prove that intentionally he killed him and that's the way that the law was read to me. >> lisa, it's shocking to hear a juror say the evidence said he was guilty but she still voted to acquit him. what does that tell you about the legal issues in this case where the prosecution failed and the defense succeeded? >> i've said many times the prosecution bungled this case and failed to connect the jury instructions the law she is talking about with the evidence. in my opinion, the evidence was there. but the prosecution essentially asked questions in closing argument having a arguing reasonable doubt like the defense. of course this woman and probably many other jurors as well who is so conflicted and knows in her heart that something is wrong here that an injustice was done but that she was sworn to follow the law as it was given her. they were given 27 pages of confusing jury instructions.
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they had a prosecutor who didn't connect the dots and didn't give them the evidence to connect it to the jury instructions the way prosecutors do in every other murder case in america every day so this is how it came out. now not only is the martin family, of course, devastated, we heard that on yet another very gracious statement from sybrina fulton, but now the jurors are left feeling guilty and feeling terrible about the outcome of this case. >> now, goldie, this juror said race was not an issue at the trial or even in the jury room during deliberations. does that surprise you given that she was the only minority on the panel? >> no. actually it doesn't surprise me. i have to agree with lisa's take on this. my feeling is that this juror probably is more disturbing than the last juror that came out with their story. i think the idea that these jury instructions were so confusing and she did not seem to understand the law certainly that manslaughter doesn't require an intentional act. i mean, those kind of things, i
8:17 am
just wonder why this is being done now. is this to counteract the first juror or is this to dissuade guilt from herself. i'm not sure why we are seeing these jurors here and now. >> lisa, this woman says she believes this man is guilty and voted to acquit. does that mark a success of the justice system in that people are really obeying the letter of the law when they are considering these cases in deliberations or is this a failure of the justice system that someone can believe an individual is guilty and yet feel to let them go free. >> requiring proof beyond a reasonable doubt is not one of them. goldie is right. an intentional killing wasn't really the issue here because the fact that george zimmerman said in all of his statements he intentionally pulled his gun out and pointed at trayvon martin and pulled the trigger. no question he did that intentionally. the only question whether it was self-defense or not and the prosecution failed that would be
8:18 am
physically impossible how the lies would have been connected to him lying about self-defense. that is the big failure here. ultimately i think even the jurors are coming out now to say we feel that the justice system failed us. i think the subtext of what they are saying is we didn't really like being a part of this. we don't feel good about our verdict. we did what we swore we would do but we don't like it. we feel an injustice was done and we hope god rectifies him. >> that was something you heard from both jurors they do not like having to do what they did. thank you both for your time. this is something we could talk so much more before but unfortunately we are out of time. i should note that george zimmerman has sued nbc universal for dep deaf medication. the company has strongly denied his allegation. the big question. we want your reaction after hearing b-29 juror's interview. tell us what you think. from newtown to aurora to the streets of chicago, gun violence has become a tragic reality in this country. while congress looks for consensus how to tackle the
8:19 am
problem, illinois congressman bobby rush and davis and robin kelly called an emergency summit to combat violence especially in chicago. so far this year, at least 226 were murdered. last year, over 500. tramaine lee is here bus. i want to start with more statistics about this. on average, according to the cdc, more than 30 firearm murders in the united states each day. in chicago where you are are 74 people shot and 12 fatally over july fourth weekend alone. what is being done to help this massive problem? >> behind me the seats are empty but organizers hope around 1:00 the folks will fill in from all over the country and law enforcement and clergy and members of the community and hope to glean any strategies that have worked in the past and cobble them together. you know the violence is so
8:20 am
rampant and so stubborn and nothing seems to curb it today. >> in terms of kind of related issues, congressman bobby rush pointed out in an op-ed piece yesterday the relationship between employment and the prevalence of gun violence. according to the department of labor statistics the unemployment of teens is three times of that among teens and unemployment in the black community is double that of whites. what do you think the relationship is between gun violence and jobs and are there relationships between gun violence and other socioeconomic factors? >> when you think about gun violence in city of chicago and other urban areas they are concentrated in few unstabled communities. communities that have high unemployment rates and lack of education and destabilized communities. unemployment rate upwards of 90% for black youth you create twofold issue. on one hand you have youth that are hopeless and willing to use whatever means is necessary to
8:21 am
get material and get money. then about just the depression in growing up in these households without food when you're not sure your water is turned on or off and lights turned on or off. when the kids are faced with these issues in the communities and streets, it's a perfect storm for bad things to happen. >> now, ahead of today's summit, congresswoman robin kelly is disappointed in the action what she calls minimassacres happening every day in chicago. what common sense measures do you think can be taken on a legislative level that will have a real impact in urban areas? >> members of congress will tell you that the first thing is for the universal background checks up ward of 90% of americans support to get fewer guns into the hands of people who don't deserve to have them and not illegal allowed to have them. in chicago where it's hard to get a gun, no gun shops and illegal to buy a gun within the city limits. but gun shops outside of these communities that most of the gun crimes that end up on the streets of chicago are from
8:22 am
these outside communities. and so some folks will say you need tougher gun trafficking laws and laws that would make it tough for people to buy a gun and sell it to someone illegal. those are two steps and particularly in a community like chicago where it's virtually impossible to get a gun. >> we will take a break. we will be right back. ♪ i'm a hard, hard worker every day. ♪ ♪ i'm a hard, hard worker and i'm working every day. ♪
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battle over voting rights is about to boil over in north carolina. late last night, a party line vote advanced a measure in the state's republican-backed house that would make sweeping changes to when and how voters in north carolina can cast a ballot. both houses of that state's general assembly are under republican control for the first time in more than a century. last month the ink was barely dry on supreme court's decision to strike down a key provision of the voting rights act when
8:26 am
texas began moving forward with plans to implement its voter i.d. laws. in philadelphia yesterday attorney general eric holder announced the justice department is taking action. >> and, today, i am announcing that the justice department will ask a federal court in texas to subject the state of texas to a preclearance regime similar to the one acquired by section 5 of the voting rights act. we believe that the state of texas should be required to go through a preclearance process whetherever it changes its voting laws and practices. >> according to a poll out today, majority of adults, 53%, think discrimination in voting still exists. joining with me is kathy. thanks for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> let's start with these voter i.d. laws. they are almost exclusively being pushed and implemented by
8:27 am
republican-controlled state legislators who claim they want to combat voter fraud but study after study have shown voter fraud is virtually nonexist and voet i.d. frauds would target laws that are more fraud. what do you think this is all about? >> there is zero instances of in-person voter fraud in the states that are doing this. north carolina, texas, pennsylvania, and mississippi. so what they are really about is finding ways to restrict voting rights for women, for people of color, for low income people, and for the elderly who no longer drive, don't have a driver's license. and so it's politicians minute la -- so i for one am very glad the justice department is tag action. it's a good sign for american democracy and they need i don't the tools that are available to continue to protect voting rights that we are experiencing here and now in our country
8:28 am
particularly in the south and southwest. >> supporters much these restrictions say voting is one of more important rights and something that needs to be protected fiercely and that it's no big deal. you need an i.d. to get on an airplane so why shouldn't you need it to vote? how do you think these measures will impact voter turnout in relate? >> we know for a fact that they can restrict voter turnout because we know from the facts in the case in texas, for example, almost 800,000 people don't have the very strict form of i.d. that the texas voter i.d. law would require. so college i.d.s aren't allowed, expired military i.d.s are not allowed. state i.d.s that cost time and money are allowed. it kicks out about 800,000 voters with an impact on latinos and african-americans and elderly and women and poor. that is the impact of voter i.d. laws. in texas similarly in north carolina, about 31% of the
8:29 am
people who don't have the kind of i.d. that the legislature would require are african-american. 25% are senior citizens. and so, you know, these are -- these are definitely ways that would decrease participation of the most deserving people and, again, here in america, the ballot box is where we are all supposed to be equal. we are supposed to have equal access to the rights to vote no matter what our income or our race. >> turning quickly to holder's announcement that the department of justice will nven in a texas redistricting case what other tools, other steps do you expect the d.o.j. will take with these issues? >> i hope they do similar inventions or bring other litigations in these state used to cover under section five of the voting rights act. the tool that they used is section 3c of the voting rights act and litigation needs to be brought to bring the worst offenders under the program of preclearance that attorney general holder described so well.
8:30 am
and that program of preclearance under section 3c needs to be implemented through litigation. and so groups like ours, the advancement project and many voting rights lawyers and the department of justice are looking at doing these types of actions in other states and i hope the d.o.j. takes a closer look at other states that have ongoing discrimination through voter i.d. laws and similar forms of modern day poll taxes and literacy tests. >> this is a battle has is just beginning. kathy gonzalez, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. it's not dozens and dozens. it is -- it is six to ten, i suppose. >> boy, that was anthony weiner guesstimating the number of women he tesexitted with on lin and now the woman who is in the center of this investigation is talking to cameras. you should cr workshops... push your color boundaries
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the military are called for protesters after morsi was removed from his position but morsi supporters are also taking to the streets. 24 people have been injured in protests throughout egypt. this happening the same day a judge ordered morsi held for 15 days on accusations of conspiring with hamas. he was make is these campaign promises that he had totally changed and he was a better man now and he had learned from his mistakes and i am proof that that is not true. >> completely switching gears. that is cindy ledgers, the 23-year-old indiana woman at the center of the latest sexting scandal involving anthony gher. she is speaking out for the first time since weiner admitted earlier this week that he continued sexual explicit online relationships with women after resigning from his congressional seat in 2011 for the same thing. during a press conference yesterday, we learned just how many more women were involved. >> it's not dozens and dozens.
8:35 am
it is -- it is six to ten, i suppose, but i can't tell you absolutely what someone else is going to consider inappropriate or not. >> were they sexual? how many conversations did you have with women after he resigned that were sexual in nature? >> i don't believe i had any more than three. >> the revelation came the same day an nbc poll showed weiner's support is plummeting and he trails chris ftine quinn by nin points. joining me is amy davis of "the new yorker." weiner's story is the cover story next week. that is coming up. amy, where do we begin with all of this? >> where do we begin? >> when weiner started this come back with the magazine profiles and all that he claimed he was a changed man. now he is saying publicly he can't remember the number of women he has tesexted with.
8:36 am
why didnoesn't he keep his mout shut? >> he said he really couldn't say what other people thought would think was inappropriate. >> which is bizarre in and of itself. >> and also might get to the root of the problem. he doesn't have judgment about that and we have learned that. we thought as new yorkers we were taking part of this that he had messed up, maybe it was the pressure, but he had learned his wife was forgiven him. he was working. he kept saying every day i'm thinking about new york, thinking about being a better husband, thinking what i could do as mayor of new york. and, in fact, that wasn't true. he said that there are at least three women after the period when he said that he was a changed man and it's hard for voters to feel that they have been lied to and it's also hard to wonder, well, if this is what carlos danger, there are two other names that we're going to
8:37 am
learn for our mayoral candidate, other sort of identities and other sets of women and stories? >> speaking of the way that new yorkers view him, new numbers out on his favorability. the new poll shows the following. the issue people have about this isn't about the sexting which by today's standards is pretty tame. it's nor what it reveals about anthony weiner the man. what does this tell him as a person? >> first of all, it shows he was untruthful. however he parses it, he clearly sent the message it was over and it wasn't over. second, it says a lot about his judgment and his recklessness. he puts his political career in the hands of strangers he met online. you don't really know -- you don't know when you vote for a politician exactly how he is going to deal with the crisis so you look for clues like does he have judgment? does he take risks in a certain way? the other thing, female rankly
8:38 am
shows how he deals with women in politics. his whole m.o. these women would come to him and say i love your health care speech and he would say say tell me more and send me pictures. she said in her interview it went really quickly from one to another. i think that matters. as mayor of new york -- >> clearly someone who likes the attention. we will see how this continues to unfold. thanks so much for your perspective on this. ever increasingly bizarre story. appreciate it. more fallout for congressman steve king and his controversial comments on immigration. he is getting blasted by members of his own party but is he really a fringe voice in the gop? our agenda panel will weigh in. ♪
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8:42 am
point is that the southern border is poorest. that is today's topic for our agenda panel. benji is with a political reporter for amanda is a senior political report for the huffington post and bill share is a senior writer at campaign for america's future. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> ben, start with you. you wrote about this recently. here is whart of what you had to say. quote, when it comes to the undocumented youth an argument that king is a de facto policy leader. you're arguing he is not really a fringe voice but do you that is the case here? >> i think it's absolutely fair to say he is not just a fringe voice. a lot of party leaders in particular disagree with his rhetoric but not distancing themselves from his policy really. he had an amendment just last month that he proposed in champion that was condemned universally by advocacy groups
8:43 am
that called for the deportation of the immigrants he was talking to them about marijuana smugg r smugglers and virtually the entire party voed for it in the house including eric cantor who is most critical of his comments. until they can have a policy view rather than supporting these kids not a policy wise and they seem to be afraid to go against king on policy. >> bill, i want you to piggyback on that thought. some house republicans review undocument children as a special protected class because they hold the view by providing some kind of pathway to citizenship for them they can court generations of latino voters. do you think king is screwing that up for that faction of the gop that wants to try to work on these group of the children of immigrants who are brought here as children? >> king might be accelerating the move toward the center of immigration for the republican party because they are so horrified the rool le he is plag
8:44 am
right now. now react to the king comments but benji is right. the final proof is in the votes. if the republican party doesn't want steve king to be the face of the republican party to the latino community the votes have to change. >> steve king is criticized by some members of his own party. speaker boehner speak out publicly more than once about what he had to say. he is from a conservative district in iowa. will he pay any political price for these incendiary comments? >> the risk is more to the larger republican party. look. the 2014 elections are getting close. republicans are more cognizant how they are going to be perceived by voters and what they don't want is a repeat of 2012 where congressman todd aiken who was running for senate in missouri became the face of
8:45 am
the republican party on rights after he said that women can o biologically stop from getting pregnant after a legitimate rape. he was denounced widely by republicans but many republicans agreed to him wem wwomen who ar of rape. the republicans are not trying to repeat what happened in 2012 and don't want steve king the face of immigration as they are trying to reach out to hispanic voters. >> what i'm hearing from all of recall is there a difference between the message and policy. so what do you think the gop needs to do if, in fact, they do agree with some of the policies that king is talking about, for example, shoring up the issue. but how do they deliver that message in a way that does not cost them latino voters for generations to come? >> that's a big debate within the party right now. there is a lot of people who think to some degree it's not really worth it to change on
8:46 am
policy to court latino when you can bring in more white voters or speaking a little more sensitively. but when the rnc, republican national committee, relieved a report what went wrong in 2012, the only policy recommendation they had was immigration reform. they have to show in some way that they actually care about the situation and there is 11 million undocumented who aren't going were anywhere and they ha some kind of solution. if they look like they are trying to say sabotage immigration reform rather than come up with good faith solution. >> thank you all for your time this morning. you can find more from our panel on our website follow the link to thomas roberts. there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions.
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8:49 am
san diego democrats calling their mayor to resign after more
8:50 am
women come forward. it's time for the sidebar. a total of seven women are now accusing san diego mayor and former congressman bob filner of sexual harassment. he has denied the allegations. one of his accuser says naer fi. >> all the guys left. i was the last one in the room. and bob stepped between me and the doorway and he stopped me and he got very close to me and he ran his finger up my cheek like this and he whispered to me -- do you have a man in your life? i jumped back. i was very, very startled. and i said, yes, i have a man in my life. >> carlos danger may have been anthony weiner's online alias, but it turns out there's a real carlos danger. he is a doctor in florida. that's dr. danger to all of us. so far dr. danger has decline all media interviews and a t-shirt maker is looking to make a mint with that now-infamous name. can you buy one of these ts
8:51 am
online. the lincoln memorial is closed until further notice after an act of vandalism. someone splashed green paint at the base of lincoln's statue overnight. president george h.w. bush is talking about shaving his head for a good cause. the reason for his new look -- the 2-year-old son of one of his secret service agents who's battling leukemia. the bushes lost their own daughter robin to leukemia at the age of 4 some 60 years ago. he talked to his granddaughter jenna earlier on today. >> does it surprise you that people still are so attracted to the way that everything you do -- i mean i am but i'm biased. >> well, yeah, it does come as a surprise. i think of myself as kind of over the hill. and speaking of the bushes, if hillary clinton and jeb bush end up running for president, 2016 could shape up to be a battle of american political dine stiz. we're already seeing candidates with political name recognition throw their names into the 2014
8:52 am
race. within the last two weeks, liz cheney, daughter of former vice president dick cheney, announced her candidacy for the u.s. senate seat in wyoming. and michelle nunn, daughter of long-time democratic senator from georgia, sam nunn, is running for the seat he once held. joining me now for more on all of this, zeke miller, a reporter for "time" magazine. his latest article, "political dynasties return" is in the latest issue of "time" magazine. zeke, thanks for being here. let's take a quick listen to what former first lady barbara bush told matt lauer in april, the wyoming she doesn't think her son, jeb, should run for president. >> i think it is a great country. there are a lot of great families and it's not just four families or whatever. there are just other people out there that are very qualified an we've had enough bushes. >> now what did your research show about the kind of leverage that families like the bushes or the clintons have when they do run for office? >> well, the most important
8:53 am
factor is name recognition. these families, by and large, are dynasties because they are trusted by the public. somebody like anthony weiner is going to have a lot of difficulty creating a political dynasty because of the controversy surrounding him, but by and large, the original patriarchs or matriarchs of these dynasties, well respected politicians and they passed that well regard and that name recognition on to their children or their nieces and nephews or some other family member. so that's the biggest factor. all along comes with that money access to donor networks and media attention because so much of politics now. we cover politicians' families so they get a boost also in addition when their parents or other relatives do as well. >> but isn't there somewhat of a risk to name recognition because it is not always a good thing. if someone has bad memories of the bush-cheney years they may attach that to liz cheney, however fairly or unfairly as she is running as her own person. >> exactly.
8:54 am
and she says she doesn't want her father to stump for her on her trail. she wants to run in her own right and hopefully win in her own right. at the same time there is a huge benefit that comes with the name but there is that downside. potentially there is a higher burden to prove you are qualified for the office and it isn't some sort of nepotism move that you aren't running off your parents or other family members' legacies. there is a higher bar on that end but by and large that's outweighed by the name recognition because so much politics really is about getting your name out there and people go for the familiar names. >> in your article you know that power begets power. but at the same time, isn't there another side of it? are there people who grow up around politic and then they decide that they want nothing to do with it, that it turns them off completely? >> it really is one or the other. i spoke to a wyoming political consultant about the race there and he said he had been dragged to parades, fourth of july parades, since the age of 4.
8:55 am
he said he's a political consultant now. his brother no longer involved with politics, really can't stand it. i think it really is sort of binary, you either love it or hate it, particularly when you grow with it from a very, very young age. >> zeke miller, thanks for your time this morning. that wraps things up for me. "now" with alex wagner is coming up next. alex, what you got going on? >> hello, mara. happy friday. today we have hostage takers, bounty hunters and self-styled jedis. house republicans are starting to resemble characters from the "star wars" bar scene. we will discuss the gop's new government shutdown threat with sam stein, michael crowley, melissa harris perry and josh barrow. we'll also look at new senate bffs, john mccain and chuck schumer. and the far right's war on the right. plus, steve schmidt and the aclu's anthony ramiro tell us about their effort to help republicans evolve on gay marriage. and, he's down in the polls,
8:56 am
he doesn't know how many women he sent lewd messages to, but anthony weiner is still running for mayor. all that when "now" starts right after this. uh-oh! guess what da? guess what day it is! huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!! yay!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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yes, virginia, there is a republican jedi council. it's friday, july 26th, and this is "now." another day, another looming government shutdown as congress gears up for its august recess, a growing group of republicans in both chambers are threatening a shutdown when they return in september -- unless democrats agree to defund obama care. but while the ultimate goal for republicans is to choke the nation's health care law, the most damage they seem to have inflicted is within their own party. a rift separating the adults from the children. at the kids' table -- marco
9:00 am
rubio, rand paul, mike lee, ted cruz and a handful of other senators who sent a letter to harry reid this week saying, "we will not support any continuing resolution or appropriations legislation that funds further implementation or enforcement of obama care." also at the children's table, 69 house republicans. more than one-quarter of the conference who have signed a similar letter to speaker boehner. at the grown-up's table, majority whip john cornyn who dropped his support for the strategy after having "second thoughts." senator tom coburn who called the tactic a failed strategy. senator john mccain who said most americans are really tired of these kinds of shenanigans. congressman tom cole who called it the political equivalent of throwing a temper tantrum. senators ron johnson and roy blunt who each came out against the plan this week, and at the head of the adult's table, senator richard burr. >> i think it is the dumbest idea i've ever heard of