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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 30, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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[ bleep ] office of mayor. >> the assault on anthony weiner continues as the new york city mayoral candidate continues his campaign despite growing criticism and a man with a unique perspective on sex scandals, eliot spitzer, has a message for the former congressman. the pope goes where no pope has gone before him, his surprising statement on gays and the role of women in the church and a controversial call in the red sox/rays game and looks like the ump blew it but did the sox get redemption later in the game? this is "way too early." hey everybody, good morning i'm thomas roberts in for brian shackman. we start with seven people who are in the hospital after a propane plant exploded last night in florida. this fire began in the filling
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area at the blue rhino blaplant tavares near orlando. there were 15,000 propane cylinders like you use on your gas grill. the tanks caught fire one after the other. >> that's wild. >> it's amazing to watch. for hours, 15 employees were missing but they were eventually found, said to be doing okay. emergency responders say there's no longer any danger. the flames burned late into the night. new this morning north carolina's governor signed a law with new requirements on abortions, the law requires doctors have admitting privileges at hospitals and be present when the procedure is performed and bans government health programs for paying for most abortions and lets state officials designate new safety standards for clinics. the bill presented a tough
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middle ground for republican governor pat mccrory. during a debate in october of 2012 mccrory was asked what further restrictions on abortion would he agree to sign his answer none. he says the government does not restrict action to abortions but critics say it will force many clinics to have to shut down. the impact of anthony weiner's sexting scandal seems to be taking a toll on his run for mayor of new york city. the former congressman is now in fourth place with just 16% support, that's down you may recall ten points from just last week. new york city council speaker christine quinn leads all candidates followed by bill de blasio. 50% of new yorkers say he should
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drop out of the race. another high profile new york politician who is no stranger to controversy says weiner won't be getting his vote. >> if a public official used their office equipment to engage in the pasttime anthony weiner has in the last few years? >> yes. >> if you had to vote for mayor who would you vote for? >> i would vote but -- >> answer the question. show you're different than politicians. you're not going to vote for anthony weiner. >> correct. 2016 speculation was running rampant yesterday as president obama and former secretary of state hillary clinton spent a little one on one time together at the white house and the white house released that photo right there of their lunch together which included grilled chicken,
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pasta jambalaya salad and of course friendship. the meal was said to be primarily social. got a laugh out of jen there. clinton is expected to have breakfast with joe biden later this morning. there's been a lot of speculation as to what president obama and hillary clinton chatted. tweet us your most creative one-liners using #waytoowitty and we'll read the best comments on the air. the competition is tough. pope francis is back in the vatican after his first foreign trip as pontiff. during an airborne news conference en route from brazil the pope spoke with reporters for over an hour delivering candid response to questions related toment so of the church's most polarizing poli policies. anne thompson has the story. >> reporter: from the mass attended by more than 3 million
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on copacabana beach to more special counters spectacular images mark pope francis' trip to brazil. one of the most dramatic moments came on the flight home a no holds barred press conference something no pope has done in years. animated, relaxed and funny, the 76-year-old pontiff took questions for an hour and 20 minutes. asked about the so-called gay lobby inside the vatican, the pope gave an answer no one expected. "if a person is gay and seeks the lord and has goodwill, who am i to judge that person?" >> is t sends a strong message from the head of the catholic church that gay people should not be marginalized, should not be discriminated against. should be -- he wants to be inclusive and welcoming to them. >> reporter: francis said no on women priests, explaining the church had spoken on that. as for his predecessor and neighbor at the vatican, pope
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benedict, francis likened him to a wise grandfather. he says he doesn't live in the papal apartments because they're just too big. he cannot live alone for psychological reasons. francis likes to have people around him. that's why he likes having less security around him so he can meet people. he knows there could be a crazy person in the crowd but says there's also the lure. asked what's in his black briefcase the pope joked "it's not the keys to the atomic bomb, just a razor and some books." the pope with a common touch showing compassion with actions and words. >> that was nbc news's anne thompson reporting. it is judgment day for bradley manning the army private being accused of the biggest leak of classified documents in history. he still faces 21 criminal counts the most serious of which aiding the enemy, it carries a
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life sentence. in march manning pleaded guilty for sharing 700,000 documents with wikileaks. still ahead on "way too early" major league aibl's new a-rod strategy. how the league plans to suspend the slugger and oprah on safari in tanzania, a face-to-face moment she had with a herd of elephants and her priceless reaction. yeah, they got close. look at that. that's good looking stuff there. james hoffa is missing. the family of the former teamster's union president and ex-convict reported hoffa missing earlier today. his car was found outside a restaurant in bloomfield
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. welcome back, everybody. now on to business where wall street is likely tepid until the fed concludes its two-day meeting which begins later today. all three indices posted losses yesterday. the s&p remains on target for its best monthly gain since 2011. for more on this and the rest of today's business headlines we check in with cnbc's jeff cutmoor live in london. what's going on? >> fascinating mix of stories for you. time warner putting the blackout on cbs. it was a spat over retransmission fees and time warner said that's it, we're going to pull the chain on some of your programming until we get this sorted out. well, as it turns out, very, very brief story. right now they are transmitting cbs products so we remain
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watching this story just to see if they'll get an agreement over the retransmission snafu the whole issue they're arguing over. another interesting story for you, they've surveyed economists, you were talking about that fed meeting, 700 economists surveyed, turns out the doves win out over the hawks, they had a better economic policy recipe for the u.s. economy, that may just buttress janet yellin when it comes to replacing ben bernanke. she seems to have the better forecasting record according to the survey results. we'll watch the fed story with interest. zbloft fi >> what's changing in the dynamic of the measurement of the economy? >> two things that really aren't in the numbers at the moment that are r&d spend and spending on books and movies that are likely to lead to long-term revenue streams.
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so what they're saying is they're going to readjust these gdp figures and going to put those two components inside. if you like, it's the difference and this is the way it's been described in some of the write-ups, it's the difference between "seinfeld" and "the kardashians." kardashians is a one-off series and "seinfeld" syndicate for many years to come. the argument you put that in the gdp stats because that will generate a long-term income stream pretty much like "way too early." >> there are so many kardashians that are profitable, and they keep reproducing you know? >> they are an addition to the economic balance sheet, that's for sure. >> they certainly are, jeff, thank you, sir, appreciate it. we shift gears and talk about some sports for you and there are some new developments in the murder case against former patriots tight end aaron hernandez.
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investigators are looking into a lake, authorities may be looking for the .45 caliber glock which has yet to be found and recently the judge allowed photos to be released from hernandez's home security system which show him holding what appears to be a gun on the night of the murder. it doesn't stop there. according to nbc connecticut reporter george colley, hernandez is being investigated for more than one shooting in florida dating back to his freshman year as a florida gator and he could be facing more charges. to baseball and the ongoing drama surrounding a-rod the associated press reporting major league baseball may now try to suspend rodriguez under the players collective bargaining agreement instead of using its drug rules, this would eliminate a-rod to appeal effectively ending his season. his lawyer says the slugger will fight any mlb punishment and his focus is about returning to the field. milwaukee brewers are trying
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to hang onto their fans. the spub offering a $10 voucher to people who show up at any of the august home games usable for food, beverages and merchandise. ten bucks. mika, hi. i'm doing great. surprise visit from mika. all right, we're going to go to the highlights from last night's red sox and rays. she wanted to see me do sports. controversial call bottom of the eighth. >> he'll move over and makes the catch, coming plateward, the throw will be in time, they got him! >> get your eyes rechecked. in a va can't believe it. boston manager john farrell comes out to argue, he would get ejected. we take another look he appeared to beat the tag.
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rays go on to win 2-1 and taking a half game lead over the red sox in the a.l. east. the world war continues on twitter, rays taunted the red sox scoreboard operator, the red sox sponresponded don't worry, , we look forward to seeing you at our home games. exciting finish at the indian games, white sox, it's not 1999, that is jason giambi, he comes in to pinch-hit in the ninth, promptly sends one deep over the center field wall, solo walk yourself home run at 42 years young he becomes the oldest player to hit a walkoff homer surpassing hank aaron. the indians are having some fun, check out how dustin masterson's teammates treated him during an interview. >> as far as having a solid pitching staff it's one of those if we would do what we hope we would do we're excited what
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might take place and going back to what we were talking about if you put together what we've done since the all-star break this isn't a fluke what have the guys could do. >> i made the comment you look like a thoroughbred who could fell the finish line. >> is it raining for you guys? it might be raining down here. >> wearing seeds? >> it's unflappable, nothing will break character. that interview went on for about ten minutes. cleveland is only two and a half games behind the tigers in a.l. central. get a check of our weather, nbc meteorologist bill karins is here. you liked that, right? >> that was probably the highlights of a ten-minute long interview, way too long. >> the great thing is they were probably to go on to see if he would break and recognize they were throwing crap at him but no. >> i've never had anything thrown at me. >> at least in commercial breaks. >> no, during live. last night we saw some heavy rain, some water rescues took place, the worst builder in the country from wichita to oklahoma city and now around springfield, missouri, about two inches fell
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in the last 12 hours. some of the rain is tapering off. by the time you get out on the roads hopefully things will clear up. in hightropical storm flossie was a weak event over the big island of high, now it's only a tropical depression. rain in waikiki and we'll see improving weather throughout the day today and the afternoon. cool through new england and the great lakes and a beautiful afternoon, perfect summer weather for the most part. still chilly around chicago. the only hot spot on the map around dallas, they'll be around 100 for the next week straight. if you want to find weather go to texas or the dellsers. >> i like this cooler weather in new york. >> you like the break? >> yes it's nice to come back to after a little vacation. coming up at the top of the hour "morning joe" anthony weiner's scandals are hurting his poll numbers. how long will this guy stay in the race for new york city mayor and the new op-ed that takes aim at his wife. when we come back marky mark
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♪ so the top of the show we
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talked about the trial of bradley manning where a verdict is expected sometime today. if you want to sound smart today you can tell your friends since 2010 wikileaks released over 20 million documents ranging from e-mails to classified military information and u.s. embassy cables, most recently wikileaks published 2.4 million e-mails from various syrian politicians. let's start with jimmy kimmel who is back from his honeymoon. he has an eye for finding local tv talent that needs a national audience. ♪ >> thanks for joining us here on wnn this evening. i'm karina kling. here's to the's top story. he was saying that. there is he. my friend, jennifer, who used to work here, she was at another station where we covered the capitol together and we used to do a dance to that song in the car.
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yeah, we were pretty awesome. we just hung outside. good story. good story. >> speaking of bad tv talent, i stole your lead, louis. >> come on, thomas, you're here one day and stealing my lead? >> you got to come out dusting the rust off vacation because i don't know what i'm doing. >> no, it's okay. >> jet lagged. >> i'll forgive you. >> thank you. >> let's go to the other jimmy, fallon, a brian williams matchup of marky mark's "good vibrations." ♪ yo it's about that time to bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme ♪ ♪ i'm gonna get mine ♪ get yours i want to see sweat coming out your pours ♪ ♪ on the tip is how i'll swing it ♪ ♪ it's strictly hip-hop i am singing this, bringing this to the entire nation ♪ ♪ black, white, red, brown, feel the vibration ♪
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♪ good vibrations >> i think that's the best one yet. doesn't get much better. let's turn to oprah, on a safari in africa. she might be one of the world's most recognizable faces but it doesn't mean wildlife will be happy to see her. check out this encounter at serengeti national park in tanzan tanzania. >> keep rolling. >> i'm going to wet my pants. >> keep rolling, keep rolling. >> jesus. oh, my jesus. i think i just -- my heart just
2:55 am
dropped. >> i would not be happy in that situation. you might want to drive the vehicle out of the way. some say the show is criminal but looks like one of the stars of "the real housewives of new jersey" may be one. treeia giudice and her husband are facing federal fraud charges for exaggerating their income while applying for loans before their tv show debuted back in 2009 and accused of hiding assets in a bankruptcy filing after the first season aired. the couple each face up to 30 years in prison. teresa wasn't exactly happy when she got word of the indictment. >> prostitution whore? you [ bleep ] nasty! >> mika, what do you think about that? >> from bad tv talent to bad tv. thank you, louis, so much for all of that. coming up on "morning jo"
2:56 am
pope francis continues to surprise followers of the church telling reporters on the plane ride home "who is he to judge gay priests" we'll have reaction to his comments ahead. in politics hillary clinton drums up 2016 speculation after a white house lunch with president obama, we'll reveal who she is meeting today for breakfast, let's say it could get awkward. speaking of awkward, that's even the word to describe it. anthony weiner takes a new hit in the polls and aan op-ed in "the post" takes on his wife huma abedin. and "breaking bad" star anna dunn previews the final season, we'll try to get her to slip up and tell us how it ends. donny deutsch, dr. nancy snyderman and also, donny? >> yes. >> "pot meet kettle," it's a
2:57 am
good one. >> "the new york post" has ten writers on staff to write cover headlines. >> they don't need them. thomas, back to you. >> mika, thanks so much. still ahead on "way too early" your most creative captions, that lunch between secretary clinton and the. the. "morning joe" moments away. [ male announcer ] the biggest news in breakfast is actually tiny. new kellogg's raisin bran® with omega 3 from flax seeds. plus plump juicy raisins. flax seed? who are you? i still got it. [ male announcer ] invest in your heart health with kellogg's raisin bran® cereals.
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. so earlier in the show we asked you for you to caption this photo and producer eric schultz has some of the best responses. what do you got? >> hey, thomas. at jack cook in new york says if you had appointed carlos danger ambassador to tijuana, the party wouldn't be having this problem. and @brian west says if you thought texts from hillary were a ratings booster wait for the rodham vine. >> social media will be ablaze for this. carlos danger's day here, because maya wrote in saying, what would carlos danger do? that will be a new acronym. "morning joe" starts right now.