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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  August 1, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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father. or a mother. >> it's the most wonderful thing. >> it's the hardest job you can have and it's the best job. i learn when i say to people we have seven children, they look at me as if i just said i have six heads. >> i learned something different. i learned something from joe i never heard him say before which is we need more leadership from the white house. can you believe it? >> i will say the white house, it is hampered because there aren't earmarks anymore. so they don't have the ability to sort of go without. >> i learned it is time to wrap it up and we're over again because somebody goes on for a long time, talks a lot. if it's way too early, what time is it? >> time for "morning joe." right now, right now, it's time for chuck todd. chuck here? >> he's here, he's back. >> take it away. >> oh, chuck. >> so much earlier. i love you, chuck.
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a monster speaks. we expect to hear this morning from ariel castro himself inside the cleveland courtroom that will deliver his sentence for the decade-long kidnapping and abuse of three women. we're going to go live to the courthouse in just a few minutes. meantime, edward snowden is on the move. the intelligence leaker is no longer stuck inside an airport. he now has russian refugee status for one year. we'll find out what that means. with the latest from moscow. back at hopme, detroit's mayor said no thanks to a second term. top contenders are hoping that a runoff after tuesday's primary will get them on their way to city hall. >> good morning from don berwick for governor headquarters.
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now, here's chuck todd. >> thank you to the massachusetts gubernatorial cabinet don berwick and his campaign volunteers. keep it coming, folks. republican, democrat alike. go to, find out how. ariel castro will be sentenced today. he's already pleaded guilty to more than 900 charges in the kidnapping and systemic abuse of three women over the course of a decade. at times, however, it may feel more like a criminal trial. both sides do plan to present evidence and we will hear from some witnesses. what's more, we're going to hear from castro himself and possibly one of the female victims. castro has admitted to kidnapping gina dehay sus, amanda berry and michelle knight. among the charges are two counts of aggravated murder. after castro forced one of the women to miscarry. we're going to go live to
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cleveland in a few minutes as things get under way there. right now, i'll go to my first reads of the morning, particularly here in politics. as everyone in washington does their best to position themselves for these fall budget fights. their words say one thing but actions tell us another story. that tension played out in the house yesterday. a basic domestic agency funding bill landed with a thud. there's a reason we're using that word, t-hud, if you will. the president reassured them he will not be rolled by republicans when it comes to the negotiations over the debt ceiling. if they demand concessions, he won't back down, he says. >> he made it very clear that he was not going to negotiate over the debt ceiling. we have got to stop lurching from crisis to crisis, in his words and in our words. >> the president made it very clear that while he was prepared to work with our republican
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colleagues, he was not prepared to put at risk the credit worthiness of the united states of america and i think all of our caucus on that clapped. >> republicans say that line in the sand is a nonstarter. paul ryan spoke last night on fox about it. >> we're not going to give the president an empty -- a blank credit card. we're going to insist on real debt reduction and economic growth policies as we get to these physicfirsscal issues. we're not going to call, what we call a naked limit debt increase he's asking for. >> abruptly yanked the so-called t-hud bill. yes, it has the word "thud" in it. transportation program. when it became clear they did not have the republican votes to pass it. essentially waving a big white flag and showing it's still not
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united on a budget strategy. the pulled the appropriation, bill after democrats and some modern republicans made it clear they would vote against it because they thought it cut spending too much. several dozen conservatives thought it didn't cut it enough. and they were going to vote against it. so wanting to avoid an embarrassing sequel to the high profile defeat of the farm bill on the floor earlier this summer, republican leaders cried uncle. appropriations chairman hal rogers issued a furious statement. quote, with this action the house has declined to proceed on the implementation of the very budget it adopted just three months ago. ill conceived discretionary cuts must be brought to an end. republican from kentucky hal rogers saying that. majority whip denied the claim republican s didn't have the vote.
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saying we don't have enough time. the bill could crash and burn again in the senate. republicans are expected to mount a filibuster. aides in both parties privately say they do not expect it will get the 60 votes need to advance but we'll see how many republicans are there. this one funds it at levels higher than sequestration. they say it doesn't cut spending levels far enough. relies on a budget deal hammered out two years ago and doesn't account for the sequestered cut. we made this point before. hill republicans aren't on the same page on anything right now. whether it's the effort to defund health care or how deep budget cuts should be. it's a reality democrats who have their own problems can't get enough of. >> they're all over the lot. some people want to shut down the government for this reason. some people want to shut down the government for that reason. some people don't think they should shut the government down at all. >> so what do republicans do
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now? how do they channel the real energy on the right but use it to accomplish realistic goals? here's the irony in this entire discussion. with the previous cuts in spending, republicans have won the larger fiscal war. their problem, they haven't been able to figure out how to declare victory. what is the strategy for the white house and congressional democrats for the looming battle over the debt limit and the budget itself? joining me now, the assistance democratic leader of the house, south carolina congressman jim clyburn who was part of that hill meeting yesterday with the president. good morning, sir. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> let me start with what we saw yesterday in the house. obviously, there wasn't the support at the funding levels to deal with transportation. and hud, and there was folks upset, even some republicans, that they thought the spending levels weren't high enough. what's going on with the appropriations process? i know you're trying to read the minds of your colleagues on the
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other side. just walk me through what's going to happen here with the appropriation, process. >> i'm at a loss to figure out exactly what's going to happen. as you know, before yesterday's decision to pull t-hud, a decision was announced last week not to mock up labor hhs. before that, the decision was made to pull -- not to do a farm bill that makes sense. there seems to be a tremendous amount of disarray inside the republican conference. i agree with al rogers and the letter he's written. i've worked with him before. he's a very good guy to work with. he is always trying to find common ground. for some strange reason, the rug seems to have gotten pulled out from under him. i'm at a loss as to what is going on over there.
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i think there may have been people who seem not to want to get anything done. the american people are getting a good tutorial in what it's like when people don't want to use the word "compromise" and reach for common ground. >> i want to talk about a few other topics that cape up in the meeting you had with the president or at least topics we heard about in the press. number one, it has to do with larry summers and the possibility he could be the president's choice to become the next chairman of the federal reserve. take us behind, take us inside that meeting. we have heard that the president defended larry summers from critiques from other members of congress. first of all, where do you stand on this idea of janet yellen versus larry summers? what did you interpret the president's defense of larry summers to mean? >> i don't know that it's anything other than the president defending a longtime friend. that is not to say that he's made up his mind about who he's
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going to recommend. it's not a decision that must be made in the near future. i suspect that sometimes in the -- he'll make a decision. i think all the president was doing was saying he's a friend of mine and i do not wish to see him being made a whipping boy. and that's all that was to me. i don't put anything else into that except a gentleman defending a longtime friend. >> do you have a preference? >> well, i'm always looking to make history up here. and there's one appointment that would be history making. that is to break the glass ceiling for women in another category. >> so if president asks your advice, you would say you would like to see janet yellen, it sounds like. let me ask you about the issue of the voting rights act. did that topic fully come up in the meeting? did the president talk -- is it
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realistic to see that a congressional -- a new bill could get written as the supreme court essentially ordered congress to do? >> yes. it's very conceivable. i feel real good about those possibilities. jim sensenbrenner with whom i've worked over the last 20 years on these kinds of issues, i think he did a great job. the last time was before -- >> jim sensenbrenner, the republican, he was a republican from wisconsin, part of the judiciary committee. go ahead, sir. i just wanted to get that in for folks. >> thank you very much. he was chair at the time. he's still a member of the committee. he's still committed to this. he knows the value of this voting rights act. and what that did to bring people together in this country. to create the opportunities. it's why i'm here in the congress. it's why more than half of the congressional black caucus are here.
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not to mention the -- the hispanic caucus and other minorities. just because you've made progress doesn't mean you take away the latter. we are not at the top of the ladder by any means. to snatch the rungs of the ladder out from under us i think is a critical mistake. it would be okay if he did not ask history to rely upon. i do not know why the supreme court would not look back on some other early decisions of the united states and how we retrogress when those decisions came into being. and there is the possibility of retrogression if this decision did not have congressional response. >> what's the time frame of see something put together? what's realistic? is it by the end of this year? or is this something that may
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take, may go into 2014? >> i would love to see us do this before we go home this fall. a lot depends on the chair of the judiciary committee in the house. i would hope that john conyers, who has a long time experience in all of this, can work with the republicans on the committee. john lewis is working in tandem with eric cantor and trying to reach common ground. i've had discussions with the congressman from ohio. so there's a lot of discussions. we have a task force in the congressional black caucus to get bobby scott of virginia, they're working with their republican friends, trying to find common ground. and i feel good about our chances. >> jim clyburn, the number three member of the house democratic leadership, and of course a longtime democrat from south carolina, thanks for you views this morning.
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>> thank you so much for having me. >> coming up, we're going to go live to moscow. edward snowden is now free as a russian refugee. we'll have much more of my first reads of the morning. including how snowden's latest leak is playing on capitol hill. we're going to go live to cleveland where the confessed kidnapper could speak any minute now as the sentencing hearing is about to get under way. as we're learning more disturbing details about what actually happened inside castro's house, thanks to diaries that were kept by the women while they were held captive. first, a look ahead to today's politics planner. speaking snowden, president is going to be discussing fisa court with a bipartisan group of members of congress today. and we've got oprah hosting a fund-raiser for corey booker. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. [ whispe] shhh. it's only a dream. and we have home insurance. but if we made a claim, our rate would go up... [ whispering ] shhh. you did it right. you have allstate claim rate guard
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today, we're expecting to hear from ariel castro. the man accused of kidnapping three women in cleveland and sub subjecting them to years of physical and sexual abuse. he's pleaded guilty to 957 different counts. during today's sentencing hearing castro is expected to address the court. nbc's kate snow has been following the story for us. she joins me now from cleveland. also with me, kendall coffey, kate, i want to start with you. much of the things we're learning come from things the prosecution put out. it's from diaries that were kept by the three women that were held captive here. diary entries that speak of the forced sexual conduct, being locked in a dark room,
6:19 am
anticipating the next session of abuse, being chained to a wall, like a prisoner of war. emotional abuse. threats to kill. being treated like an animal. those were some of the notes in it the d the diaries that were kept. just extraordinary, what we're hearing, some of the ugliest things. >> yeah, it's horrifying details. that comes from -- last night the prosecution released to the media a sentencing memorandum that they submitted to the court. it's basically an outline of everything they're going to present to the court today. this may sound a little counterintuitive because he already pled guilty. he already knows he's going to spend the rest of his life in prison with no option of parole. plus 1,000 years. so this guy is going away. but today this is the formal sentencing in which the prosecution finally gets a chance to lay out the case that they would have made if they'd gone to trial. that's what they outlined in that doupt. they talked about those diaries.
6:20 am
they say actually the entries in the diaries is what made it easy to come up with 977 counts against this man. they were actually to go through the diaries and say on this day, he beat this woman. on this day, he did this. that's where the criminal charges came from. >> kendall, why are we going through this today? he pleaded guilty to just about all of it. why do we even bother with this if it's already pretty clear he's getting life plus 1,000 years? >> well, we know roughly what happened. the diaries give the details. we know what the sentence is going to be. there's still very important questions for the public to think about in terms of why and how. for example, i think in hearing from ariel castro who is apparently going to speak, prance there will be some insight into the history and psychology that will be of benefit to those who profile the criminal mind for future cases. i think there's also a
6:21 am
fascination with how was he able to get away with this for so long. and i think all of us are very much interested in knowing, understanding the horrible treatment, the unspeakable abuse these victims endured, how did they cope, how did they get through, how did they survive? >> there is some limits into what ariel castro can talk about. explain that. >> we, ll, he certainly can't discuss issues of guilt. i think what he'll talk about is his remorse. he will attempt to give some explanations for how he became the horrifying person he was. inply that he's going to make some case that he's not a monster. if there's elements in his psychology that future criminologists can identify and understand maybe what kind of person this is, how do we identify him in the future, is there any way to prevent this, that is of great interest to law
6:22 am
enforcement. >> kate, while it's still unclear if we will hear from any of the victims at the hearing today, there's a handwritten note that michelle knight sent to the cleveland police department. tell me about it. >> yes, she sent it to the commander and to the staff of the police department here. she writes in her own writing, she writes, thank you, she writes, you don't know how much i appreciate all your time and work collecting cards and gifts from people for me and the other girls. i am overwhelmed by the amount of thoughts, love and prayers expressed by complete strangers. it is comforting. life is tough, but i'm tougher, she writes. and then, just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly. thanks and god bless you, is how she ends. it's striking that these women are so strong, chuck, and strong enough to be writing personal handwritten thank you notes. we started to see some of them in public. amanda berry was out at a concert just the other day. we do expect that michelle knight will be here this morning in court. whether she'll speak or not, we're not sure.
6:23 am
she may. the other two will have family members here to say something on their behalf. this could be therapeutic for these women to be able to confront this man. chuck. >> all right. right now, we got a live picture. thank you very much, there. kendall. right now, here's a live picture of aeriiriel castro entering th courtroom. where he will speak for the last time before going to prison for the rest of his life. when he speaks, he wiwe will br that to you. up next, why mitch mcconnell is in pranerhaps the biggest bi of his political life. now there's a new trio taking on the gop establishment. first, today's trivia question, who was the last republican mayor of detroit? deep dive on that later in the show. first person to tweet the
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as we told you right before the break, ariel castro is in that cleveland courtroom right now. he is being asked specific questions from the judge that are typical at the start of the sentencing hearings. when he does read his statement, we of course will bring that to you live. if one of the victims, michelle right, we expect in the courtroom as well, if she has something to say. whatever statements are read on behalf of the victims, we will bring that to you as well. time for more first read. senators rand paul, ted cruz, mike lee, they're not exactly known as the shrinking violets but the trio was especially unplugged aggressively taking on what they
6:28 am
call the republican party's old guard at a conference of libertarian-leaning college students sponsored by a group linked to rand paul. >> they're presiding over a dying party. they're presiding over an all white dying, everybody's in a tie, everybody belongs in the chamber of commerce. i don't have anything against business. i love business. the thing is, i tell people, we need white people, we need brown peep, we need black people, people with ponytails, people with tattoos, people without tattoos. >> we did notice that -- anyway, railing against nsa surveillance, he spoke out against lindsey graham with some help from the crowd. >> one of the senators, and we won't name any names, who's republican, from a state just south of north carolina -- he said that he didn't care if we
6:29 am
censored all of the mail. that's scary. that's pretty scary. >> well, it's not just graham who's watching his back from this part of the party. today on capitol hill, conservative groups including the tea party patriots, the club for growth, heritage action and citizens united are holding an event demanding for a vote to defund obama care. called a litmus test for all republicans. >> those of us who are republican, those of us who claim to be against obama care, who happen to vote to fund it, will have a lot to pay, will have a lot to answer for, with our constituents. >> another group that will be at today's capitol hill event, for america. they're up with a video that singles out republican leader mitch mcconnell, calling him a chicken for not joining those republican forces. >> senator mcconnell, conservatives don't need a chicken when it comes to obama care. leaders lead. but if you fund it, you own it.
6:30 am
>> and that's the message these guys are trying to send to all republicans on this issue. mcconnell of course in a huge political bind because he's well aware republicans don't have the votes to pursue the strategy. a month ago, mcconnell had a strong command over his senate gop conference. he had no general election challenger. he had no republican primary foe. now everything's fallen apart for the gop leader. the one thing his team had been trying to avoid has become a reality and that reality is turning into a leadership nightmare for him. he has a republican conference that now regularly breaks with him. only energizing skeptics that have been trying to go after mcconnell for years. we're guessing there's no one that might be looking less forward to the august recess and the coming fall budget battle than mcconnell. one more thing. the epic gimme gimme gimme showdown between senator rand paul and new jersey governor christie took an interesting turn yesterday. with the kentucky senator offering a beer summit. but apparently don't count on
6:31 am
the two meeting over pints. >> we're going to have to patch things up. if we can sit down. i'm inviting him for a beer. any time he'd like to sit down. >> i'm running for the senate for new jersey, i don't have time at the moment. i don't suspect i'll be there any time soon. i've got work to do here. >> okay, he said he'd look him up. will republicans be able to bridge this ideological gap? let's bring in perry bacon jr. from "the washington post," jackie kucinich. and the managing editor. the co-host -- oh, teasing. wow. anyway. look, either day, chris alisa, it is easy to write this, oh, my
6:32 am
god, republicans are in disarray story, and you've got everybody just feeding this. i know it's driving some republicans crazy. but it's just sitting out there. becoming a governor problem. >> it's a goving problem. it's a i think precursor to what we'll see for the nomination fight in 2016. this battle for how much lib terrorism do republicans want in their party. when rand paul and mike lee and ted cruise all got elected, we knew that they were going to sort of not go along to get along. i will say for myself, i didn't think it would get to this point. >> they were going to -- all of them -- you had so many republican senators, includinin mitch mcconnell, whispering, they're going to be loud mouths but they're not going to have much of an impact. >> i think you've seen that. it's been interesting to see their different approaches. with rand paul, he's supporting mcconnell. he is still kind of warm to the establishment in some areas.
6:33 am
in some areas, he's not. like the foreign aid discussions. whereas ted cruz has been more openly critical. you've seen him going after people by name. and the -- he's been much more aggressive. you're seeing a varying attitude toward these things as well, approach. >> that is interesting. she brings up a good point, perry. i think what's interesting is you do have chris christie, in his own way, was also signaling a rift with rand paul, that he deserves to be treated with respect. i don't get the sense that's how some in the establishment view ted cruz. >> whether they agree or disagree, respected what he did, john mccain aside where there's real tension there. if you're christie, you don't want to irritate this wing too much as well because if he's running for president, he will need some of this vote. >> and vice versa.
6:34 am
>> you see that national security voters, christian security -- true libertarian either. >> i want to go to mcconnell. i'm watching this every day. obviously a bad month. look, i think mitch mcconnell will win his primary. but how does he -- i don't know how he leads the senate republican conference right now this fall. how he does it. >> i think what we're looking at, chuck, is what we know about john boehner at this point, which is he's sort of a speaker in name only. that yes, he's -- >> mcdonnell -- >> i think, you know, the people who say mcconnell is doing this at the last minute. mitch mcconnell will not do that with a primary challenge sitting there. >> is there anybody else that takes over? >> mccain -- already doing that -- >> mccain! >> mitch mcconnell --
6:35 am
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(announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine. developinging news out of moscow this morning. nbc news has confirmed the former nsa contractor edward snowden has left the airport where he spent more than a month in diplomatic no-man's-land. he's been granted temporary asylum inside russia. nbc's jim maceda has been following this. this one-year refugee status is not political asylum, okay, technically, but, you know, there's not a lot of distinction here, is there? >> no, there's not a lot of distinction. everybody was waiting for him to get that permit, that kind of
6:39 am
"get out of jail" card that would give him the space to wait it out outside the airport for a three to six month process of getting temporary asylum. he was fast tracked in the end. it took only a couple of weeks for him to get a refugee passport. this is the temporary asylum he's been waiting for and hoping to get within months. he got it within days. perhaps that's vladimir putin's answer to eric holder as well. it is renewable every year. good for a year. renewable indefinitely. after five years, he can apply for russian citizenship. so, again, this could be the way russian officials are telling the obama administration how they're going to deal with this. the big question now, how does it affect that key summit coming up in the beginning of september here in moscow between presidents obama and putin. >> that moscow trip is looking less and less likely. the trip to st. petersburg for
6:40 am
the g-20 is still on the table. jim, thanks very much. a quick look at a few other headlines we've been watching today. brian todd jones confirmed wednesday as the new director of the atf. not before some last-minute drama on capitol hill. democrats were two votes shy of the 60 they needed to end the debate. they managed to convince lisa murkowski to switch her vote. then had to wait for heitkamp to fly in for her vote. the nra chose not to score the vote. and that is how they got democrats united on this. they found their gang of six there. same-sex marriage became legal in minnesota and rhode island. the first taking place just as the clock struck 12:00. they are the 12th and 13th states to legalize same-sex marriage. our deep dive is next. even with the motor city
6:41 am
stalled. a surprising number of people still want to take the wheel -- well, at least sit in the back seat while somebody else runs the city. is the new mayor really going to be able to do much with that title? first, the white house soup of the day. it's white chicken chili. don't have much commentary on it. other than the old debate, is chili a soup? we'll be right back. having a heart attack. the emts gave me bayer aspirin. it helped save my life. i was in shape, fit. i did not see it coming. my doctor recommends i take bayer aspirin to help prevent another heart attack. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i've lived through a massive heart attack. i don't take life for granted. see your doctor and get checked out. ♪
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some developing news in that courtroom. ariel castro just apologized publicly in that courtroom to the victims here. as soon as we are able to rack the tape, we will bring you the comments of what he said there. ariel castro, some back and forth with the judge. for the first time in a public forum issued an apology to the victims.
6:45 am
i think we can go into the courtroom. take a listen to what's going on there right now. some of the back and forth while we do that. >> i believe have their representatives speak as well, correct? >> that is correct. >> i'm assuming that what they're anticipating -- >> and with our statutory duty. your honor, i would note for the record that the court reserve the right to review and accept or reject the plea contract, the plea agreement between the parties. so it is not a done deal at this point. mr. castro's -- it's only appropriate we put before this community, this state and this country and the world what he did for over ten years. and we're going to be directing to the court, as i know you are
6:46 am
fully aware, the statutes of the state of ohio that are applicable. the purpose of a felony -- which i won't recite. crime and recidivism factor. we will be offering statements from investigators. photographs, exhibits. and other results of this investigation for the purpose of supporting the plea contract. you will fully agree that this situation, this series of crimes, these series of horrendous offenses, justify the recommended sentence agreed to by the parties. thank you. >> i also note that in sentencing hearings that we
6:47 am
have, victims are always entitled to speak but frequently we receive information from other than the victim. and there will not be testimony today, there will be information presented to the court. sentencing hearing is not bound by the rules of evidence. it's a little bit lighter to give information. the court will consider the relevant information in determining whether i will accept the sentencing recommendation of the parties. it is not unique to have someone other than our victim speak -- >> want to bring in kate snow who has been following these developments. kate, the first words that we heard from ariel castro today, he issued a short apology. it's my understanding he said he would wait till the end of the hearing to make his statement. what else can you tell me? >> yes, that was my understanding as well, he said i would like to apologize to the victims, he called them victims,
6:48 am
and said he would do that a little later in the day. perhaps he's waiting till the women and their families are there in the courtroom so he can address them. haven't seen a sign of them. we have been told that michelle knight is likely to be there. she is likely to speak. what you have just been hearing is the defense attorney saying, we don't want to play this out in front of the public. we don't want too much information to company out. and they were arguing it would be damaging to the victims. it would hurt their privacy. and then you heard attorneys for the victims, the prosecutors rather, saying we think we need to tell the world what happened inside that house. you can see in the courtroom there's a model of the house. we may hear from doctors today talking about what the impact was of all those years of captivity. >> we're showing video of it right now. one of the first responders who is one of the first people who entered in that house that was basically a prison for these
6:49 am
three women there. anyway, kate snow, i know you're standing by for us. we'll be coming back to you as we learn more throughout the day and we'll take you back into that courtroom as we hear more of what goes on there today at that sentencing hearing for ariel castro. life plus 1,000 years. when we come back, i'll have more with the gaggle and more with what happened over there with nsa and then some. we'll be right back. ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just a click away with our free mobile app.
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a group of bipartisan lawmakers head to the white house today to discuss their concerns over the controversial nsa surveillance program with president obama. yesterday during a senate judiciary committee hearing committee chairman patrick leahy questioned if the nsa programs have helped thwart the terrorist attacks that the nsa claims they have. >> this program is not effective and i want has to end. the government is collecting information on millions of innocent americans based on an
6:53 am
interpretation on this statute that on its face does not authorize this bulk collection. what's it going to be next? when is enough enough? >> becoming clear that the president and congress need to propose some sort of reform because the whole thing is going to come undone if they are not but what are the chances of that happening. let's bring back our gaggle. perry, it is like i said it is clear, patrick leahy was responding to the nsa put out all this public information, look at all this terrorist that was thwarted. seriously? this smells like the white house trying to float what can they come up with. >> look at the guest list. richard supported everything barack obama has done until now where he's been very critical of the nsa program. i think you're seeing -- this issue the public kind of shrugged when this came about. congress is driving this issue and driving the administration
6:54 am
to change their position. >> it is a rare case and it is bipartisan. you looked at the list. let's put it back up here. durbin, feinstein, chambliss, udall. sensenbrenner. >> talk being about what happened in the house last week where john coners and justin mash sponsoring a bill together that would have scaled back the nsa programs. so it almost, boehner had to vote that's how close it was. the white house has to do something these lawmakers who have been opposed to this for a long time are getting closer. >> chris, what the compromise looks like, identify heard, when i had -- i think it was a gentleman from colorado, the colorado democrat on the house side, i'm drawing a blank, who said some sort of compromise
6:55 am
that might say okay for the telephone companies to keep the data, don't let the nsa have it. >> right. i think you are right. we have seen this happen on a variety of issues over the years. this is how things work in washington. it reaches this critical mass where the white house is going to have to do something. i think jackie's point about the vote last week in the house, it struck me, it took me by surprise and took people in the house by surprise that it got so close to passing, jim sensenbrenner who is one of the original sponsors of the patriot act voted for this bill that would restrict phone surveillance. we talked about rand paul, people dismiss rand paul, they do so at their own peril. there's a growing strain in this country that don't -- >> if they don't sign on to it they will have a problem signing it as a credible alternative. those two are key. if the president can't work with them.
6:56 am
>> i'll plug my home state. fancy farms a great event in kentucky. you can watch it on c-span. my friend chris will do. check it out. allison grimes will be there. >> one of the great political events you can find anywhere in the country. >> what can i possibly plug? in play yesterday on post tv. it's great. >> i can say it. >> i couldn't think of anything but jackie gave me a good idea "the washington post" in play. >> shameless. >> hilarious. >> thank you. that's it for this edition of the daily rundown. tomorrow on the show we'll have the breaking news of the july job numbers. later you can catch our deep dive that we'll do on detroit mayor. we may post it online and have it either this week or next week on the show. coming up next, chris jansing. bye-bye. new purina one true instinct has 30.
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good morning i'm chris jansing. developing now, three months after three young women were rescued from a decade-long nightmare of captivity and torture, inside an ohio home, one of those women could face her be a abductor in court. michele knight is considering talking today at the sentencing of ariel castro which is going on right now in a cleveland courtroom. castro plead guilty last week to 937 counts in a deal to avoid the death penalty. today he stands to get life in prison plus 1,000 years. at the same time we're learning several new details about the hell his three victims endured from the diaries they kept as they were held captive for so many years and castro himself spoke briefly in court just moments ago. >> i would like to apologize to the victims. >> then there's this. cleveland police released a letter sent to them by