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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 2, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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have on relations in russia. the end of drone strikes in pakistan. the secretary of state and the white house's response to that news. also, you thought debate got heated in washington. why taiwanese lawmakers are getting violent in parliament and how this brawl compares to some of the best we've ever seen. this is whey too otherly. "way too early." we have all that and the millennials who are saying there's no place like home as well as this incredible comeback that happened in boston. good morning, everybody. i'm thomas roberts in for brian shackman. it is friday, august 2nd. we begin with pakistan and america's uneasy ally calling for an end to drone strikes on its soil. pakistan and the u.s. are opening the dialogue. this relationship has been strainve t u.s. drone program and what the u.s. believes is pakistan's half
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hearted approaching to cracking down in their borders. secretary of state john kerry is suggesting the program could be winding down adding most of the threat has been eliminated. kerry also said that he believes president obama has a real time line for ending the striem. remarks the state department walked back. u.s. drone strikes killed 8 suspected militants in pakistan. we know it's been a while since we've seen edward snowden. we've gotten a picture of edward snowden. he's a legal resident of russia. he's been granted temporary asylum by moscow. that will allow him to remain in that country for at least a year. yesterday snowden was seen leaving the moscow airport where he was stranded for more than a month. the website wikileaks says he remains with legal advisor sarah harrison and is currently in a secure, confidential location. the u.s. is demanding that
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snowden be returned home for leaking classified documents although now that seems highly unlikely. >> mr. snowden is not a whistle-blower, he is accused of leaking classified information. this move by the russian government long-standing record of law enforcement cooperation, cooperation that has recently been on the upswing since the boston marathon bombing. we see this as an unfortunate development and we are extremely disappointed by it. >> obviously this highlights the issues with russia. this decision really complicating relations with the u.s. president obama was expected to meet with president putin next month to discuss the ongoing civil war in syria. now those plans are believed to be in doubt. the white house saying they are, quote, evaluating the utility of the president's trip to moscow. the state department has issued an emergency warning shutting down dozens of u.s. embassies and consulates, most of which are located in the middle east and asia. most of the concerns come from
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an al qaeda threat on or around sunday august 4th. that includes diplomatic posts in baghdad, kabul, cairo and tel aviv. for now the warning only impacts low cases that are normally open on sunday. however, the state department says it is possible to shut down and it will be extended should that threat persist. the unspecified threat was not directed at locations within the united states. cruelty was met head on by strength yesterday as one of ariel castro's survivors confronted her abuser in an ohio courtroom. castro pleaded guilty to more than 700 charges. now he's been sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years without parole. nbc's kate snow reports from cleveland. >> reporter: just writing the words michelle knight said had given her strength. >> i cried every night. >> reporter: the strength to fight back tears and describe 11 horrific years. >> days never got shorter.
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days turned into nights. nights turned into days. the years turned into eternity. i knew nobody cared about me. he had told me that my family didn't care. >> reporter: the strength to confront ariel castro for the first time since she escaped his prison. >> ariel castro, you took 11 years of my life away and i have got it back. i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning. >> reporter: witnesses described how michelle knight was abducted in 2002. castro promised a puppy for her young son if she'd come inside his home and for the first time we saw what that inside looked like, bedrooms with toys and musical instruments, but with 99 feet of heavy iron chain strung through the walls to hold the women in place. windows nailed shut and a crude alarm system on the doors. their only bathrooms, plastic
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toilets rarely emptied. they were fed just one meal a day. >> they were deprived of a mother, of family, of home, of ten years in which they went from a young woman to being a woman. >> reporter: then came may 6th of this year. the 6-year-old daughter was running up and down the stairs shouting daddy left and went to grandma's house. amanda berry saw her chance to escape. one of the first officers on scene described discovering michelle knight still inside hiding behind a curtain. >> she literally launched herself and feet, legs, arms just choking him and she just kepted us, you saved us. >> reporter: when it was ariel castro's opportunity to speak, he rambled for 16:13.
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>> for the record, i am not a monster. i did not prey on these women. i just acted on sexual instinct. >> reporter: he blamed everyone but himself, even his victims, and referred to harmony in the home. the judge was incredulous. >> realize there is harmony in a happy household. i'm not sure there's anybody else in america that will agree with you. >> reporter: then the sentencing began. >> counts 598 through 653. >> reporter: life without parole for 1,000 years. >> you will be confined for the remainder of your days. >> reporter: judge michael russo says he hopes the sentence gave the victims some peace. >> after 11 years i am finally being heard and it's liberating. >> that was nbc's stacy snow reporting for us. this weekend we will get the first real look on how the senate race is shaping up in kentucky. mitch mcconnell and his democratic opponent, allyson
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lund der gren grooims will speak in kentucky. in a public polling, theacreadi. according to a new ppp pole, lundergan grimes has a 1% lead. both polls are within the margin of error and were conducted before lun der began grimes declared her can did i za si. now we turn to endorsement that may get anthony weiner back into favor. mcmillan is backing weiner. he's also running for mayor under the rent is too damn high party. ♪ ♪ i say the rent is too damn hi ♪ ♪ i'm jimmy mcmillen, 2013.
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i'm running for mayor, come run with me ♪ good campaign ad. mcmillen told weiner not to quit. we're all freaky. he just exposed his freakyism in the wrong way. meanwhile, weiner briefly spoke about his online synonym carlos danger saying it was a joke in my personal life between me and one person. he did not elaborate beyond that. troubles continue for italy's embattled prisoner, silvio berlusconi. now a separate trial in which he is accused of having sex with a minor as one of his notorious hunga bunga parties. yesterday it cast it in doubt. italy's political parties are on the verge of collapse as politicians re-evaluate their allegiances. berlusconi took to one of his
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networks to denounce that ruling claiming the prison sentence was absolutely groundless. okay. so back here at home, more and more millennials, they're moving home. a knew pew study showing a record number of 18 to 31 yeerlds, 22 million of them, are living withrom 2007. younger adult men are more likely than women to be staying with their parents. employment has fallen a among millennia millennials. 63% have jobs compared to 70% six years ago. millennials without jobs are much more likely to be back at home than those who steady wo the study students who live in college dorms are also considered to be living with their parents. so this study made us all wonder around here, what's the worst part about living with your parents or having your adult kids come home and live with you? use #waytoocramped. to business, they hope the jobs number will wrap up the
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week on a positive note. yesterday stocks soared to a positive number. let's check in with cnbc's steve sedgwick live in london. the jobs numbers, what do we anticipate? >> we're looking for a headline rate of 7.5% on the u.s. unemployment rate. that will match the figure we saw in april and that will go back to the best levels we've seen in 2008. in terms of jobs created should be in the region o184,000 if the analysts have it right. take a look ion rate which is a c lows on ip bit of a fly in the. there is a disconnect between the hiring and the border economy. elsewhere, a manhattan federal jury has found tourey, a former goldman sachs trader guilty on six out of seven counts going back to selling mortgage products to clients in
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2007 as the s.e.c. gets a major victory. the judge will take a look and decide whether he has to pay penalties in this civil case. elsewhere, very good news for toyota. the estimates of profits for 2013, 2014 to just shy of 20 billion u.s. dollars. they've had some terrific car sales, up 8% in the january to july period. in that period they have sold 1.3 million vehicles. they're doing well there. the avalon grand as well. back to you. >> thanks, steve. much appreciated. still ahead onn boston. down five ninth inning but did they get a win last night versus seattle? barnacle has the answers. jimmy fallon's rendition for robin thicke. you know, i think he's alan thicke's son from "growing pains." you think so? that story and a check on your
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time now for sports. it's starting to look like alex rodriguez may not cave to major league baseball. the talks between rodriguez and mlb, they've stalled with a rod resisting the length of that suspension and the fact that it may cost him the portion of the $100 million that's still left on his contract. a rod came to the negotiating
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table after mlb said it was considering a lifetime ban. he said he had no connection to the biogenesis plan. he's expected to return to the field for a rehab game for the trenton thunder. highlights, red sox coming off a 15 inning walk off win. last night they were down by five runs going into the ninth against the mariners. impossible? not in boston. sox would load the bases for shane victorino. look at that. he punches through the second baseline. two runs later, jonny gomes will tie the game with a base hit up the middle. bases loaded, still one out, daniel nava had a chance to win it. >> nava hits it in the air to center field. deep and far and that ball's going to win and be the red sox have an amazing come-from-behind victory in what turns out to be a magical night for fenway. >> the red sox have a major league leading 11 walk off win.
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that wasn't the only good news for boston. pitcher alfredo aceves welcomed in a baby. according to peter gammons, the kid is named apollo i aceves. okay. rangers and diamondbacks. yu daf vedaf vish is having an incredible year. puig homered again last night. dodgers have won eight of their last ten. blue jays, they're having a tough year. they were picked by many to win in the a.l. east. this sure won't help. melky cabrera tracks down the base hit to left. in classic fashion he loses the ball on his throw. this highlight could use some "benny hill" music here. they lose to the angels, 8-2.
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put some glue on to your fingers. patriots tight end aaron hernandez is writing his fans from jail. in a letter obtained by tmz, he claims that the courts will find him not guilty and that god put him in this situation for a reason. the letter ends with his signature and ends can't wait to sign this when i'm playing again and prove all the haters wrong. he's facing murder charges of semipro player odin lloyd. time to shift gears and check on our weather. nbc meteorologist bill karins joins us. what are we going to see for the weekend? >> weekend is more of the same. much improved for new england and the southeast. wet weather yesterday. ugly day. a lot of airport delays. exiting the rain. leaving the boston area, up to portsmouth, bangor and eventually will clear out of all of new england today. the other rainy spot is in
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eastern kansas. wichita, emporia, kansas city. here's how the weekend shapes up. still very hot. we're talking easily 100 to 105 in much of texas all the way through much of the midwest. cool through the great lakes. temperatures will be in the 70s at most during the day and at night could be dropping off into the 50s. that's like good fall camping weather. as far as thunderstorms go, saturday we'll see a few of them along the mid-atlantic but not a lot on sunday. here's the wrapup for the weekend forecast. pick your area out. showers and storms, missouri up to florida. saturday, not a washout. storms from kansas city all the way back to jersey. finally looks like a really nice sunday on the eastern seaboard. new england, the humidity level will come down. overall, the weekend, not too many people have washouts. >> bill, thanks so much, buddy. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe,"
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obama/putin relationship. how russia granting asylum to edward snowden could complicate a tough relationship. coming up, we have seen tough parliamentary battles in the past. how does this one from taiwan stack up? we'll make the comparison. this is ann. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity to see how lexus effortlessly connects you to where you're going. ♪ come to the golden opportunity sales event and experience the connectivity of lexus enform, available on all lexus models, including the es and rx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪ a quarter million tweeters musicare tweeting.eamed. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's good. last summer i think they did that with carly rae jep son. they called that the summer anthem. now we have robin thicke. it's time for the cooler. we start with a jimmy kimmel faithful. this is on censorship with a close look. take a peek. >> we'll also have the reports on the pope's statement today when he said who am i to [ bleep ] gay people.
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>> weiner's [ bleep ] getting smaller. hard ball. >> very gritty movie. you want to take a nice hot [ bleep ] after watching parts of this. >> with weiner you look at it and say what is this guy doing other than [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ] i was never against [ bleep ] i was just against doing the [ bleep ] without offsetting it with [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> you agree to what you can along the way. by that [ bleep ]. >> we may be in business. >> i'm sure we both can [ bleep ]. >> who needs a seven second delay, you know? who needs it? >> you. >> me? that's right. where's my theme song. politics can get nasty in washington, but it's a whole different animal in taiwan. that's where a voluntary debate turned into an all out brawl over a vote to construct a power plant. punches were thrown, water was
2:55 am
tossed. no one was worse for the wear after this, just a little wet. this smackdown compares to some of the best parliament brawls. in korea, these women not only used their fists but their outside voices to get their message across. but the ukraine takes the cake when it comes to parliament try battles. look at this one. lawmakers were not afraid to get their full body, throw their whole body as well as throw rotten eggs. luckily umbrellas were on hand. yeah, hands down, ukraine, you take the cake. most active parliament. mika, what do we have on "morning joe"? we'll keep it constrained. >> we have so much going on this friday. talk about ramming up the week. coming up on "morning joe," fallout from the asylum of edward snowden. president obama may boycott an upcoming meeting with vladimir putin. we'll askic relationship.
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the fight o over the next fed chair. president obama finds himself at odds with progressive as paul brender bias in the media against one of the front-runners. a new poll out of kentucky shows big trouble for mitch mcconnell. he's facing a tough challenger in allyson lund der began grimes and we'll talk about what it all means. mike, are you awake? >> sure. >> yes, david gregory, lee gally ger and mike barnacle. >> it's going to be really fun to see what happens this weekend. the event, fancy farm. >> i know. >> great. we'll talk about it. still ahead on "way too early," what's the worst part of living with your parents, or on the flip side, having your adult children living with you. "morning joe" just moments away. ♪
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>> rick says mom barging in on your latest conquest asking what thbreakfast. taar john says, that's thing. try living with a very bengal. >> who lives with a bengal hom? >> i do. >> your mom has tweeted us, she stole your sister's phone. >> she did. >> what did she say? >> they go to work but they spend your money. >> moms, look out there, look at what natalie is on. she's shopping. she has your credit card. mike g., put your hand out on camera because you live at home. he says he's saving for a house. right? >> yes. >> that was your excuse. >> yeah. >> saving for a house. all right. everybody, "morning joe" starts right now, for a friday. ♪ >> russia has stabbed us in the back and each day that