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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  August 2, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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roadblock to greater job creation. they're the ones holding up full-blown recovery. that's what i think. that's that what i'm going to keep on saying. the jobless rate is down, but not enough. we need to go at this with both fists, private and public, and do it soon. soon enough to get this recovery zooming. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "politicsnation" with al sharpton starts right now. thanks, chris, and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, the national disgrace that is today's gop. a party with an agenda that is immoral, unjust, and unamerican. today house republicans held their 40th vote to roll back president obama's health care law. every single gop lawmaker voted for it. voting to hurt health care and to take it away from millions of americans. >> this was a do nothing congress, and now it has gone to something worse.
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it's a make matters worse congress. we should not leave until we address the challenges that we face. >> that's right. this makes matters worse, congress. it is celebrating by going on vacation for the entire month of august. and when they get back, some of these republicans may actually try to shut down the government in order to kill obama care. today we also got some shocking news about the republican plan for food stamps. they were already calling for a $20 billion cut, which would kick about five million people off food stamps. now they want to double those cuts to $40 billion. it's stunning. these republicans aren't taking away money from big oil or big banks. they're literally taking food away from the poorest among us,
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the least fortunate. don't john boehner, eric cantor and these other republicans have any shame at all? these cuts would be a massive human tragedy. this isn't about politics, this is about morality. it's about doing what is right. it's what president obama is fighting them every step of the way for. joining me now is congressman jim mcdermott, democrat from washington. and melissa harris-perry, host of the melissa harris-perry show here on msnbc. first, thank you both for joining me. >> yes, thanks. >> good to be here. >> congressman, i'm up in arms about this. you went to medical school. how do you diagnosis this obama care obsession among republicans? >> well, it reflects a moral implosion. there is nothing left of their morality. they want to take away benefits which are already in place from obama care, which have been going on, putting your kids on until age 26.
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no more -- guaranteed issue. no more keeping people off because they have some preexisting condition. all of those things, they want to take away from people. they want to make it worse. and then they turn around, and they're talking now about this whole business of repealing it totally with absolutely no alternative. they've been here 16 years out of the last 18 years. we have never seen or taken a vote on a republican alternative. they are bankrupt. >> never took a vote on an alternative republican plan. and on top of that, melissa, senator marco rubio was threatening to shut the government down in order to defund obama care. but check this out. he tried to turn that around this week on fox. >> well, the one who is threatening to shut down the government is the president and his democratic allies. what they're basically saying, unless the budget funds obama care, they won't support it. they're basically saying that unless we fund obama care, they are willing to shut down the
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government. it's their insistence on continuing to pour money into this broken and failed experiment that is threatening a government shutdown, not us. >> now, you're the academician, i'm the preacher. so explain this to me. if you fund what has already been passed as law, that's natural. if you move to defund it and you don't defund it, they're trying to shut it down? how are they defunding -- i mean how are they shutting down government by doing something that is already passed in law and upheld by the supreme court? >> it is empirically false to say it is a failed experiment. so obama care has not fully been implemented yet. we are moving into that implementation right now. and as the congressman is assaying, the parts that have been implemented, the parts that have begun to take effect have been wildly successful and popular. so the notion that this is a failed experiment is simply false. and so when they say oh, pouring money into it, what we have been pouring money into for about 40
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years in this country is a failed system of health care. >> right. >> that provides cadillac coverage for people at the very top. very little or anything for folks at the bottom leaves these huge disparities. and basically, undermines who we are as a nation. >> you know, congressman mcdermott, though, i think that what melissa referred to in terms of the program going into effect, that is really what has caused this fever with them. october 1 is coming, and the program starts going into effect. circumstances they are in a panic, al. they are absolutely in a panic that it's going to go into effect. and then the people are going to find out what they've been told by republicans is not true. most of the propaganda that they've been putting out about how bad it is and failed experiment and all that stuff is simply not true. and they know when the people figure that out, they're never going to vote for a republican again. they are going to meet their
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waterloo. >> well, they can find out every night watching "politicsnation." but melissa, some right-wingers, some on the republican party rather has pushed back against this far right notion of shutting down government. tom cole, the congressman says it's suicidal. bob corker says it's silly. krauthammer says it's nuts. richard burr, the senator says the dumbest idea i've ever heard of. so there is even some division among republicans with these far right advocates have shut the government down. >> in fact, i think the divisions among the republicans is the key political question here. so look at the fact that mitch mcconnell is going to be primary. look at the fact that lindsey graham is going to be primary. tough primaries. for folks who are leadership in this party. at the same time we saw a recent pew poll telling us that a little over 50% of republicans who were polled think that this party should move farther to the
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right, believe that this party is insufficiently conservative. so i think exactly what you are seeing. in the gerrymander thanksgiving did in 2010, they have painted themselves into corners of basically ridiculousness, right, the inability to governor because they're so worried about the primary challenges from the right. >> now talking about painting themselves in a corner of ridiculousness, congressman mcdermott, at a hearing on poverty this week. >> yeah. >> a gop lawmaker actually seemed to blame religious groups for not making the difference up. >> yeah. >> between republican cuts and food stamps. watch this. >> what is the church doing wrong that they have to come to the government to get so much help? >> justice comes before charity. and that everyone has a right to eat. and therefore there is in our position a government responsibility to ensure
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everyone's capacity to eat. >> i mean, was he suggesting that the church ought to be doing -- filling in the gap rather than government in taking care of citizens? and doesn't he understand the church gets its money from citizens that need the help? >> well, you know, somebody pointed out in that hearing that every church and every synagogue would have to come up with $50,000 every year to replace what the government is presently doing. and they simply would be taking it from their poor parishioners and doing it rather than doing it in a way that would be for everybody in the whole country. >> i think it's even more insidious than that. on the one hand, yes, there is a government responsibility there is a social contract that we're part of. but the only reason that the government's responsibility is so large right now is because the people who really have a requirement of caring for others right now, private corporations paying a living and fair wage to their employees, they're the
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ones who have failed. so what we see in this expansion of food stamps, for example, is these low wage jobs at places like walmart, mcdonald's and others. >> which caused the workers this week. >> that's right. so the workers have to take food stamps have, to take section 8, have to take government assistance to fill the gap. so we're not so much subsidizing poor households. we are subsidizing multimillion-dollar corporations. they are paying their workers as little as possible. the government is coming in and putting that floor underneath them. and they're doing so in a way that then allows those folks at the top of the corporations to have huge profits. >> and not only, congressman, subsidizing them, but in some ways bail them out, held them up, protect them with regulations, and protect them with a tax structure. that's fine. but to help poor americans that have built the country and doing well, that becomes something that the church ought to do more for. why doesn't the church bail out the banks next time?
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>> you know, al, when you start to talk about it and try and be serious, it's very hard, because they make no sense whatsoever. the government exists because we need someone to deal with the common good and make sure that everybody is taking care of. health care, food, education, and the private sector simply isn't doing it. the government didn't jump in with food stamps because the church was doing such a good job. they jumped in because nobody was doing the job. >> right. >> and we had people hungry. >> now, when you look at rush limbaugh this week, melissa, he summed up the offensive views that some of these republican lawmakers have about the poor. watch this. because this is how a lot of them feel. >> everybody out of work is eating, and a big screen tv, probably have a car, probably have a cell phone that they're using. and they got a place to live.
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being out of work is not poverty. it is true that the unemployed are eating. for 99-plus weeks and they're watching a big screen tv or some kind of tv. >> the unemployed are eating. 99 weeks, and they have big screen tvs. talk about stereotypes. >> again, just saying things that simply aren't true, which typically we would call lies, right? it's simply a lie. and the truth is so much uglier. it's not just that the unemployed are living in poverty. it's not the children, but it's that the people who work full-time in this country are food insecure. >> every day. >> cannot feed their kids. and not because they're not working. but because we're not paying fair and livable wages in this country, largely because of the attack on labor unions that have now depressed everyone's salaries. >> congressman jim mcdermott and melissa harris-perry, thank you both for your time tonight. and be sure to catch melissa
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harris-perry on saturdays and sundays at 10:00 a.m. eastern time right here on msnbc. coming up, anthony weiner's staying in the race, and he is speaking out about hillary clinton. >> i have no reason to believe that she is annoyed. >> so what are the clintons saying about his campaign? plus, roaring back into the spotlight, sarah palin is making noise again and raising all kinds of money. but wait until you see what she is spending it on. and more ugly talk at a town hall meeting. >> what you can do to stop these communist tyrannical executive orders laid down by this foreign-born american-hating communist despot. >> why didn't the republican lawmaker push back? you'll see why in "what's on your mind." got a question or comment about jobs, voting rights, palin, anything? well, e-mail me.
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friend or foe, i want to know. "reply al" is coming up. i think farmers care more about the land than probably anyone else. we've had this farm for 30 years. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's how we make our living and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us.
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the republican congresswoman who wins our political gutless award of the week. that's next. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event to experience the precision handling of the lexus performance vehicles, including the gs and all-new is. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪
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far right, burst into public view. check out how republican congresswoman responded to an offensive, outrageous question about our president at a town hall this week. >> what i need from you is to know what you can do, you and your fellow noncommunist colleagues in the lower house, what you can do to stop these communist tyrannical executive orders laid down by this foreign-born american-hating communist despot. what can you do for me? we need to know. >> so thank you for your question. he said it loud enough that you all heard it. look, i can't emphasize the oversight part of my job enough. >> republican congresswoman martha roby smiled and laughed at a voter describing the
3:18 pm
president as a, quote, foreign-born america-hating communist. where is the political courage? she laughed. actually, i don't find that funny. strange thing, though. maybe her father does. immediate judge joel dubini. he is the congresswoman's father. and two years ago, he ruled the president's health care law was undurable. i guess you can say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. the supreme court, of course, reversed that ruling. it's all part of the twisted right-wing mentality, the same far-right fringe we've seen in the halls of congress. >> i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not. i don't know. but i do know this, that in his heart he's not an american. he's just not an american. >> all i can tell you is that
3:19 pm
the general consensus is that he has produced a birth certificate. the question is it legitimate? >> i mean, if someone asks to me my birth certificate, it's in doubt, here it is. >> he wasn't born here. he is a communist. those are members of congress. and that's why they refused to work with him, even on the most basic issues that we face, like creating jobs. look at this before the president came into office. unemployment was skyrocketing in the bush recession. under president obama, a steady decline in the jobless rate. and today the jobless rate fell once again to 7.4%, the lowest of the obama presidency. these are facts. not fiction. republicans need to put their birther fantasies beside and behind them and focus on what is right for the american people.
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joining me now is jared bernstein, former chief economist for vice president and is with us tonight. thanks for coming on the show, jared. >> my pleasure, reverend. >> let me start with this, jared, the jobs chart. when president george w. bush, whose father nominated this judge to the federal court by the way, who made the ruling against health care, george bush left office, junior. the private sector was shedding jobs month after month. after president obama, we now have had 41 straight months of private sector job growth. and all that progress happened despite gop obstruction and derangement. is that right? >> yeah, that certainly is true. and by the way, if you drew a line in that graph where the recovery act took place, you'd actually see that it was an inflection point that some of those numbers started to turn
3:21 pm
right around that point. in other words, not only has the economy improved as the recession recedes in the rear view mirror, but back when the president took office, he was able to get some compromise out of members of congress. he had more democrats to work with back then as well. and to apply policies that actually helped. now, just this past week, the president went to republicans and said i've got a deal for you. i'm going to give you a big cut on the corporate tax rate, something they've been asking for forever, in exchange for a relatively small paid for so, it doesn't increase the deficit jobs program. and they basically said since you offered it to us, we'll say no thanks. >> now, when you look at the fact that the president is on a public campaign, jared, calling out their gop budget cuts as harming the economy, watch this. >> we've got folks who have insisted on leaving in place a meat cleaver called the sequester that has cost jobs. it's harmed growth. it's hurt our military.
3:22 pm
it's gutted investments in education and science and medical research. >> and jared, this week some republicans are starting to agree with the president. john mccain now says his vote for the sequester was the worst he's cast in many years. and gop congressman hal rogers said the kuester must be brought to an end. so there is some slight breakthroughs here. >> true. and by the way, hal rogers, who has been saying important things about this is the chief republican on the appropriations committee. so the fact that the guy who is actually trying to take their budget and squeeze it into these appropriations bills is saying it doesn't work. i think that's a very significant thing. look, what you hear there is the president stating really a set of facts that have been established independently. just last week, the
3:23 pm
congressional budget office -- and they're nonpartisan. they really do shoot right down the middle. they said if the sequester were to be ended by the third quarter of next year, we would add another 900,000 jobs. they also said if you didn't replace wit back-loaded spending cuts and tax increases of the type the president has put forth, that would be problematic for the deficit in the outer years. but right now near term, to help boost those jobs that you've seen be created, that's the kind of policies we need to pursue. >> all right, jared bernstein, thank you for your time tonight. have a great weekend. >> you're welcome. you too. coming up, anthony weiner is staying in the race, and he is talking about hillary clinton today. and what is sarah palin's pac spending its money on? you'll want to see this. for pain and swelling?
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school's out for one of the rising stars in the gop. congressman tom cotton is expected to run for senate next year. he's the guy who tried to earn some right-wing cred when he made this ridiculous attack on president obama's record on terror. >> in over seven years
3:28 pm
after 9/11 under george w. bush, how many terrorists reached their target in the united states? zero. we need to ask why is the obama failing in its mission to stop terrorism before it reaches its targets in the united states. >> right. except for 9/11, no attacks. quite a record for bush. now congressman cotton is making headlines again, this time for his hypocrisy. he voted against a bill to make student loans more affordable, despite the fact that he took out student loans himself to help pay for harvard law school. it's amazing. student loans were great for cotton when he needed to pay for his schooling, but students today don't deserve the same help. it doesn't take a harvard degree to point out that kind of hypocrisy. congressman, did you think we would give you a passing grade
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to say it's been another eventful week for anthony weiner is an understatement. he faced a fresh round of tabloid puns and has been pressured to quit. but today the candidate for new york city mayor is starting to say enough is enough. >> when i got back in the race and you asked me questions, i answered them. i answered them, you know, as honestly as i could. and i was trying to put this thing behind me. now i'm asking you a question. is there any question about this scandal that you think hasn't been asked? at what point do you think maybe this conversation should be something different? >> another conversation weiner wants to avoid is this one that was asked today. >> a lot of people wouldn't want to annoy their wife's boss. but your wife's boss is hillary clinton. does that add something extra to
3:33 pm
the equation? and have you heard directly either from hillary or bill? >> no, not recently. and i don't -- i have no reason to believe that she is annoyed. >> but earlier this week, politico reported the clinton camp was, quote, done with him. weiner's wife huma abedin has worked for hello since she was 19 and is said to be like a daughter to the clintons. "the new york times" reports abedin talked to mrs. clinton's personal spokesman before she publicly stood by her husband last week, and the clinton camp reportedly advised abedin to stay out of weiner's latest campaign ad. the mayor's race was already crowded in new york, but it seems like there are at least two other huge names in this race. joining me now is errol lewis,
3:34 pm
host of new york 1's road to city hall, and annie carney, political reporter for the new york daily news. thank you both for being here. >> good to see you, rev. >> thank you very much. >> errol, how closely do you think the clintons are watching this mayor's race? >> i think they've got to be watching it closely, in part because they are political animals. this is the most important city in the country. they live, you know, just a few miles north of here, and they've got some skin in the game. they've got somebody who is very close to them, both politically and personally who is in this limelight. so i think they're certainly watching it. ironically, i think if anthony weiner were doing better in the polls, they might be a little bit more concerned than they have reason to believe now. >> but is it also possible that they're watching it because mrs. clinton's aide, who is weiner's wife is clearly there if mrs. clinton runs for president, is the fear that this will bring back things that they want to
3:35 pm
leave not discussed in terms of the clintons? >> no, i don't think so. i mean, look, anybody who wants to dredge up stuff from the 1990s about bill clinton, they have all of the archival footage they would ever want to use. i don't think they would need any kind of reminder the people want to try and sort dove that with what is rapidly going to be 20-year-old information. i think anthony weiner has to contend, though, not with the clintons themselves, but with their enormous entourage of followers and friends. and those people look out for the clintons' political interests probably in some ways more seriously than they do themselves. and i think we have seen reported quite a lot of blowback from those folks. >> now, annie, you've been following weiner on the campaign trail. i want to play one of the tough questions he has gotten from a voter this week. watch this. >> i would like to know how can i trust you with my family and my community when you can't be trusted in your own family?
3:36 pm
>> it's a fair question. i mean i don't -- it's a fair question. look -- you, sir, know some embarrassing things about me in my personal life. that's part of the cost of being an elected official, i guess. people look into those things. i'm embarrassed by it. i've dishonored by wife. but sir, i didn't do anything to you. >> is that a typical question he gets on the trail that you've been covering? >> yeah. i think everywhere he goes, at least one person brings it up. but as you could hear in that clip, that guy got booed asking him that. and that happens a lot. >> it does. >> that clip was in the rockaways which is his old district. it was him going back. and he had a lot of support there. the guy who asked the question got booed. people there, the sentiment was we'd rather have a scandal-scarred candidate than someone who is never going to come back here. and they at least in that community think that he would come back. >> he seemed to have support. because watch this.
3:37 pm
>> when you're mayor, you've got to is people getting in your grill, asking you tough questions. you know, i didn't consider for a second cancelling this event for me. i wouldn't think of after that in a second there hasn't been a single one that i have. [ applause ] because if you want to be mayor of the city of new york, you've got to be able to stand the sheet. -- heat. >> now, he got applause there. >> he did. >> what do you hear from people that applaud him at these kind of gatherings? >> they're reacting to his scrappy shtick that he is playing right now. at that same event he called it nirvana when he is out at a subway stop and someone is heckling him and another heckler is heckling the heckler. he loves it. so i guess there are some people out there who are responding to that. i think that he is definitely having a better response from them than from the media, and more willing to answer the questions from constituents than from reporters at this point.
3:38 pm
>> now, errol, this is a national growing, developing political phenomenon because we have it in south carolina. we have it here. now the mayor of san diego. are americans becoming more tolerant, or at least raising the bar on scandals than they might have done years ago? >> you know, it's an interesting question, rev. and the question about whether the bar is being lowered is an important one. i think that is why a lot of people get up in these forums and say listen, we don't want to see this in our elected leaders. and let's keep in mind. there is the personal embarrassment that anthony weiner often talks about. but he did do a lot of things publicly, including lying to lots of people in the media. my channel, your channel, and everybody else. that is real there are a lot of people who don't want to see that either. maybe they think that if an elected official lies, we should be done with him forever. to the extent that standard may
3:39 pm
be changing, i think people are really concerned. i don't think we will know until the next candidate comes forward who has sext organize so forth in his past or her past, and we'll see whether or not the bar has been permanently lowered, or, you know, this is uncharted territory. well don't know how anthony weaner is going to fare on september 10. that's to be one of the things a lot of people are looking for. >> annie, "the new york times" says hillary clinton's personal spokesman reacted when he heard about the latest scandal. he was on a conference call with mr. weiner, and quote, i'm quoting the times, he was enraged and proceeded to berate mr. weiner, saying he would reach through this phone and pull out his throat, adding an expletive. reading that is hard to believe the clintons aren't at least annoyed. >> that was a great quote. it's unbelievable that kind of reaction behind the scenes. i think that from what i've heard they don't -- there is no gain to them from being involved in this, even if like what errol
3:40 pm
said, they're not worried about the comparison. why get involved? they can just say nothing. the donors that are giving to anthony's campaign who are clinton friends for a long time can pull back. but there is just zero gain for the clintons from saying anything or getting involved in this mess. >> errol, you are on top of things more than anyone i know in local new york city politics, as well as you have national antenna. so just between us, what are you hearing about the clintons' feelings on this? >> my sense of it is, again, it's going to be their bodyguards who do all -- if there is any dirty work, their fingerprints will not be on it at all. my sense also, frankly, rev, that if the big dog, if bill clinton had placed a phone call to anthony weiner, and believe me, they know how to reach him. if he had called and said look, this is over, don't do this, i think it probably would have made a difference, because anthony weaner is going forward, i don't know he would sort of openly challenge a direct
3:41 pm
request from the clintons. so i'm going to assume until i hear otherwise and unless i hear otherwise that he has not been directly asked to get out of the race. which in any event is frankly not going all that well for him right now, and it's all going to be over in about 40 days. >> and when you said the big dog, he was talking about hillary. he's got to get used to the new big dog. errol louis and annie karni, thank you for your time. >> thank you. ahead, sarah palin is firing up her base again. but they might want to know where those donations are going. and here is something she might like. we're out of hibernation in the "politicsnation" summer break. that's next. hey mom, is there a dressing room around here? no. mom, check it out! energy drinks. no. hey mom! dare me to do a back-flip?
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for fierce debate. and one guy has a new approach. he's hurling water bottles from the back row. amazing. keep a close eye on the water toss coming from the seats. this guy disagrees. he doesn't appreciate wasting all that precious h20. but taiwan -- from taiwan we can go to colorado, where a bear walked into a bar. no, really. a bear literally walked into a bar, but another bear in colorado says forget the drinks. she a looking for a late-night snack outside of a local restaurant. check her out. she is going right for the dumpster. sarah palin would be proud of these fearless creatures. and there is really no way to segue from that to this.
3:45 pm
but we will. who could forget him? >> i represent the rent is too damn high party. it all boils down to one thing, rent. it's too damn high. >> that's right, the rent is too damn high candidate is back, and he's endorsing anthony weiner for new york city mayor. so it's not all bad news for mr. weiner this week. and here is a summer break exclusive. he's also ready to endorse cubicle guy. and that's today's summer break. it's the little things in life that make me smile.
3:46 pm
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superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ sarah palin's claim to fame has always been that she is not a member of the political establishment. she's a maverick. mavericks don't need bigwig consultants. they don't need washington elite telling them what to do, right, sarah?
3:48 pm
>> now is the time to furlough the consultants and tune out the pollsters, send the focus groups home and toss the political scripts. because if we truly know what we believe, we don't need professionals to tell us. >> you heard her. it's about time we throw out the scripts, tuned out the pollsters, furloughed the consultants. oh, oh, well, that changes everything. now doesn't it? it turns out that sarah palin's superpac has been spending plenty on consultants. in the first six months of this year, palin's pac paid $217,000 to consultants. $124,000 on postage and mailings, and more than $48,000 on airfare and other travel expenses. and for all that talk about helping those grassroot tea
3:49 pm
partiers get elected, more than 97% of the money went to palin's inner circle, her only donation toward helping an outsider was a measly $5,000 to a missouri republican. this all sounds a little hypocritical, doesn't it? >> you betcha', yes, yes. >> joining me now are angela -- is angela rye. thank you for cosming on the show tonight. >> thank you, rev. >> angela, palin says she is the anti-establishment figure. but on paper, she seems anything but. what do you make of this? >> rev, several things. first of all, we know that sarah palin, like the rap song said, is blind to the fact. she has never been anything but a hypocrite. it's easy for someone who says, for example, you know, she can see russia from alaska, which may indeed be true, but the products commitment of alaska to russia makes her -- gives her
3:50 pm
creative advantage on foreign policy. so this is someone who does not really make any good sense, and as a result, the way in which they have spent the money with her pac, it's demonstrating the same type of thing there is no real synergy with her ideas and how she will live out or manage the funds. >> i'm joined now by karen finney. thank you, karen, for coming. >> absolutely. >> karen, i want to focus, though, on this whole notion of her paying all the dollars, all this pac money to consultants. when she enjoys this image on the far right as this grassroots authentic anti-establishment, unscript kind of leader. what does this say? >> well, i think it's fairly consistent with what we've seen from sarah palin before. remember, a few summers ago when she took that little family vacation in an rv, who was really paying for it? where was the money really going? where was the money coming from?
3:51 pm
so we've seen this pattern of behavior before from sarah palin. and obviously, the sort of mirage of what she puts on as her front is not exactly the same as what is really going on underneath the surface. >> now, angela, a new poll out this week shows palin would win alaska gop primary if she chose to run. but other major players in the gop are pushing out by the tea party that's embraced palin. the top republican in the senate mitch mcconnell is battling a tough tea party challenge. and senator lindsey graham has been in the senate for ten years, but now he is giving a serious tea party challenge. what does all of this mean? >> well, first, what it means for her trajectory is that it would be a very sad one. to go from the alaska governor to a vice presidential candidate, then back to the senate is very, very sad. but then in addition to that, what this poll tells us the folks who would support her in a
3:52 pm
gop primary, just like the folks who would oppose mitch mcconnell or lindsey graham, they're ideologues. they have a certain way in which they view the world that is not about moving this country forward. and it doesn't really tell us much more than that. we also see from the poll if she won in a general, she would handily lose to begich, senator begich. >> she wins the primary but loses the general in alaska. doesn't it show, karen, how far to the right the gop has been -- >> sure. >> -- pushed by the tea party? in fact, rush limbaugh this week, when he was asked about the gop member or lead they're he admires, listen to what he said. >> i admire any who are bold enough and brave enough to speak what they truly believe. ted cruz is one. sarah palin is another. any of them who are fearless and have the courage of their
3:53 pm
convictions and have no compunction about saying it. they're not embarrassed themselves. they are not insecure. they firmly believe what has to be done. they're willing to stand behind it. those interest people i admire. >> someone who is wildly insecure, i guess i can see why he would admire others -- not insecure. coming from rush, let's put that where it belongs. >> well, he is thes be of the party. >> see the boss of the party. but, look, i think there is two pieces of this. sarah palin has from a political context squandered any opportunity. she had a legitimate opportunity after the presidential race to try to raise funds, be a voice in her party, and actually move forward with an agenda. that's not really what she has done. she has raised funds to kind of go around and do trips and give speeches, but she really has never put forward any kind of substantive ideas. now, she has supported candidates, and she clearly is beloved by the far right of the party, the tea partiers. but that also represents again this major schism within the party, as we saw that pew poll
3:54 pm
earlier this week. that within the republican party you've got to nontea party republicans and you've got the tea party republicans. and those two factions do not agree. so she is really very much of a troublemaker for someone like a mitch mcconnell and others who are considered the establishment. >> yeah, but angela, whether she has content or not, she has been given a huge soapbox with a new fox news contract. just listen to some of the stuff she's said. >> well, first off, nancy pelosi is a dingbat. heck, sean, if we were real domestic terrorist, shoot, president obama would be wanting to pal around with us, wouldn't he? his theme last night in the state of the union was the wtf, winning the future. and i thought okay, that acronym spot on. there are a wtf moments throughout that speech. >> my buddy joe biden, besides his penchant for just making stuff up? >> so, angela, she does have a big platform, and she is out there slamming the president
3:55 pm
every day. does this have any effect on his agenda? >> i don't think it has an effect on the practical aspect of him being able to push his agenda. i do think when it comes to whether or not his agenda will be supported by a broader base than moderate republicans and by the democratic party, yeah, it creates more of the frustrating type of washington, type of inside the beltway we're used to at this point. they again voted 40 times now to repeal obama care and are back home to out the this mess in town halls. talking about dingbats, i would encourage her to listen to man in the mirror by michael jackson. >> karen finney and angela rye, i'm going to leave it on that one. thanks for your time. have a great weekend. >> thanks, rev. >> and watch disrupt with karen finney, weekends at 4:00 p.m. eastern, right here on msnbc. up next, friend or foe, i want to know. "reply al" is next. i'm tony siragusa and i'm training guys who leak a little,
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it's time for "reply al." remember, friend or foe, i want to know. my question is, even though gridlock exists in washington, what can we do as the president's supporters to help him advance his second term agenda? we can rally. we can e-mail. we can write. we can phone call. we can put pressure on our congress people, even if they're democrat, that they've got to fight and press and press and press. we must use whatever we had access to at whatever level to support the agenda. grant says could we actually be seeing the beginning of the demise of the republican party? i think you can actually say that is very possible. when they keep putting themselves beyond what is possible for winning a national
4:00 pm
election, when they have been pulled to the extremes or pushed to the extremes, whichever way you want to say it by the tea party, if that maintains through another national election cycle, you might begin to see the permanent demise of the republican party. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. have a great weekend. "hardball" starts right now. cruisin' for a bruisin'. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. remember what president obama said about the republicans about how their endless symbolic votes to kill obama care are now part of american law, by the way, don't constitute an economic plan? well, they didn't get the word. before the congress left for a five-week vacation today, they


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