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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 2, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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>> appreciate it very much. that is all for today. we'll be back happy labor day, everyone. right now on "first look" -- syria in waiting. use of sarin gas confirmed as more are briefed on the situation and senator john mccain heads to the white house to consult with the president over syria. 2013 was a huge summer at the movies. with ticket sales rocketing. plus, important in the u.s., which states spend the most time looking at pornography. and a flush of another kind in las vegas. very good morning to you. nice to see you this morning. lawmakers are gearing up for
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the biggest foreign policy vote since the iraq war. secretary of state john kerry making the case for military intervention in syria, appearing on a series of sunday morning shows. he said syria used is sarin gas on its own people. killing more than 1400. they're expressing sharply divided opinions on a draft resolution on whether to give the president the go-ahead. >> i think we have to be careful, you don't want to tie the president's hands. >> i know because the clarity of where all of this goes, that is still unclear to me. >> there are a loft risks here. the downsides are great. >> it's important for america and it's important for the world and the process we go will help strengthen our response. any indication that congress will returning early from their
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vacation. >> some have already have. lawmakers were part of a weekend briefing. more than 100 came back early to hear the administration's point of view on why they think we should move forward with that strike, john mccain and perhaps lindsay graham as well, two key republicans are going to be at the white house this afternoon to talk about this. the white house really making an all-out push this week to try to get key members of congress onboard with authorizing military action. the president decided over the weekend, he didn't want to go it alone and get the congressional approval first, that has brought some heat to president obama, both here and aboard for first announcing the red line and then announcing convincing evidence and we heard more of that from secretary of state kerry over the weekend and finally, he wanted to get congressional
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approval. apparently, it was the british vote that convinced president obama that he would be better off showing a united front as kerry put it over the weekend with the representatives of the american people onboard. veronica. and syria is reportedly taking precautions against possible military action and germany is joining a list of nations opting out. chancellor angela merkel and her challengers in the upcoming election saying they won't report. we're live in buy route with the latest. what is the latest where you are at, ayman? >> reporter: good morning, veronica. the reaction coming out of syria that is the victory for the country, a strategic victory, because of a as a result of their defiance, they have been able to force the united states to a historic retreat in the
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syrian media and some of its cloest allies, iran and h hezboll hezbollah. the president obama felt the uncertainty of is arian military action was too great of a risk. however, other countries in the region led by the arab league have come out with a statement and resolution, calling on the international community, to consider punitive measures against the government for using chemical weapons. the arab league has remain defiant and steadfast that it wants a resolution, for the international community to possible use force. veronica. >> ayman, thank you. more falsified statements in
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the naval sexual assault cases. all three men said they saw the woman at the party. they're charged with sexual assault. the hearing will determine if the three men will face a court-martial. today's the final day of the music festival was canceled after two people died. it has been held on labor day weekend since 2009. police say overdoses of the drug, mdma, known as molly, may be the cause. three suspected overdoses at a concert in boston over the weekend. firefighters gained a foothold over the two-week-old
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rim fire in owe semitooe. the fourth largest in california history, but firefighters believe the tide may be turning. with containment at 40% many are looking at the cause of the fire. so a bizarre arrest in egypt to tell you about, authorities detained a migratory bird suspected of working for a french agency. the bird raised suspicious of a bomb or spying equipment, after close examination, officials concluded the device was actually tracker used by french scientists to follow migration. some states are a bit more x-rated than others. a new study shows just how much
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time people spend looking at online pornography. on average people in the u.s. spend on average 11 minutes per visit. the state with the longest watch time with is the state with the longest name, mississippi. the least, rhode island. your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. rand pull of kentucky said that likely support the president's action against syria. but suggested that the vote may be close. >> if the congress votes this down we shouldn't get involved in the syrian war. ted cruz some positive words for president obama said he made the right decision on having congress take a vote. >> and i'm very, very glad that
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the president listened to bipartisan calls to come before congress and come before the american people and make the case. >> new nbc poll found in that in the last month president obama's approval rating dropped to 44%. and on foreign policy issues, only 41%. the number of suicides in the u.s. military is rising despite efforts to prevent them. the veteran administrations said last year about 8,000 veterans died by suicide each year. a spokesman for former president george h.w. bush for what he called a stupid mistake. famed interview david frost died at the age of 74. best known for interviewing
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richard nixon on watergate, seen on television. frost died of a heart attack. for the first time a supreme court justice has officiated at a same-sex wedding. ruth bader ginsburg did the honor. cheney versus cheney. mary says her sister liz is quote dead wrong on the issue of gay marriage. lynn cheney says she opposes gay marriage. and russian president vladimir put join visited some animals on sunday and fed some dolphins at an oceania. that does it for your morning dish of scrambled politics. heavy rain in taiwan triggered a dramatic landslide,
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you can see the earth pour over this white car pushing it across the road. as this huge boulder comes to a rest. the torrential rains caused by tropical rains, leave the possibility of more landslides. in las vegas, the flash flooding warning has ended, many roads still closed. many homes and vehicles were severely damaged in that storm leaving residents not only to have to clean up from this mess but to have to find new places to live, i guess and nbc's dylan deyer is here. >> the weather, for most areas, actually looks okay, there will be some issues at your barbecues. there will be scattered showers
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and storms at any point during the day. we're watching a cold front approaching the chicago area, it's 57 degrees, finally in minneapolis as they're enjoying a cooldown. 14 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. so, we're seeing some improvements but we're looking at this cold front to trigger more showers and storms especially on the east side of it where most of the east coast is and we'll see the possibility of heavier downpours. you can see they're scattered across the northeast stretched down to mid-atlantic. the rain has the potential to come down very heavily so we could see some minor flooding. over the course of the next 48 hours, we'll see pockets of heavier rain across new england. the tropics, an area of interest, near yucatan peninsula in mexico and the lesser
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good morning. welcome back. some stories in the news on this lay bar day holiday. united nations is asking for an investigation into an iraqi gee camp. a boat sank into washington, d.c.'s potomac river saturday. after a patrol boat couldn't maneuver a sharp turn. the unmanned boat went down.
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>> looking down on the boat i could see that the port side of to boat was actually cracked in half almost and it was sinking fast. >> the police boat was reportedly responding to a distress call on the other part of the water. > in the daily mail, taking the office stairs and getting off the bus early the fast track weight loss tricks scientists claim are more effective than long gym workouts. business news now. stock markets are closed on this labor day holiday. ford recallinging cars for potential steering issues. there have not been any incidents or injuries reported.
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sharing his bonus the ceo of lenovo taking his $3.25 million bonus and sharing it with his employees for the second straight year, they'll get a check this month for helping exceed sales. $4.71 billion was shelled out at movies. revenue for north america from first weekend of may through labor day. vodafone may sell its stake in verizon to virzon. internet addiction. it's real. and one hospital in pennsylvania has created a $14,000 program, it begins with a digital detox of 72 internet-free hours when patients are evaluated.
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so father, health insurance does not cover this treatment. a time to look ahead and look back. millions of americans head home after the weekend. on this day in 1945 japan surrender in tokyo bay. happy birthday to actress salma heyek who's 47. a great weekend in sports and we've got your highlights next. plus, which labor day blockbuster took first place at the box office? we'll tell you when "first look" returns. [ whispering ] uh! i had a nightmare!
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in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. happy labor day. some interesting facts to tell you about labor day. it was first celebrated in new york city in 1882 by the central labor union to honor the contributions of workers and then june 28th, 1894, congress made labor day a federal holiday. and it's always held on the first monday of september with many americans seeing it as the symbolic end of the summer. the beginning of football season labor day. two of the events that bring to mind one of america's greatest foods, the wing, the national wing festival in buffalo, new
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york, brings together thousands of wing lovers. this year's event even included a vegetarian alternative of the favorite football appetizer. ohio and louisville. all eyes on louisville quarterback teddy bridgewater, the touchdown to damian copeland. bridgewater continued to impress, racking up five touchdown passes. the cardinals dominate ohio, 49-7. georgia football. celebration takes a nasty turn after todd gurley's incredible touchdown run. the junior wide receiver mitchell jumps in to celebrate with his teammates and tore his acl. over the u.s. open, serena williams managed to fight back against the sloane stephens.
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williams takes it. andy murray and florian mayer, murray wins overall. baseball now. mr. rocky gets his 2500th hit. todd helton, the tech player in major league baseball history with 2500 hits. not to mention a batting average over.130. over to the pga, sergio garcia sitting pretty before the final round. he ended with a 65. meanwhile, rory mcilroy shot his best round of the year, 64. still 11 shots behind garcia. and now to usain bolt, a time of 9.90, american justin gatlin round out the top three
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with 9.96. so close. drama to tell you in the final lap in the truck series. dillon gets bumped out of the lead by chase elliott. elliott goes on to be the youngest winner. both crews had to be separated by officials. that didn't stop him from giving elliott a piece of his mind before his victory lane. and more drama. they exchanged words during the cooldown lap. check this out. after a post-race interview, papis was slapped in the face by his girlfriend. she dislocated his jar. the box office's race on summer's last holiday weekend. one direction's documentary is
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in first place. kathleen jackson revealed the deep struggles of michael jackson's children. kurt russell's past performance in death proof could make him the perfect fit for the action sequel. diane keaton is posting images of heart throb actors have made their hot list. no need to turn back time, not for cher, at the age of 67, cher is still turning heads with her new album cover. it was a ten-year class reunion like no other when jack black reunited with the cast of "school of rock."
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kanye west was reportedly paid $3 million to perform at the reception for the kazahnstan president's grandson. ♪ and finally, jennifer aniston and the cast of the we're the mirls had a good laugh at her expense when they surprised with hthe tune of a famous show. >> i watch more seinfeld reruns. all right, dylan, what about the holiday forecast? >> the holiday forecast is going to be much more comfortable especially in parts of minnesota where it's back down into the 50s. it will drop out in the 07s in minneapolis and chicago today. up and down the east coast, we'll see scattered showers and storms. tuesday, more unsettled weather.
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tomorrow, it should be mostly in the morning. eventually it will start to clear out in the afternoon. it will move back into the plains states and back into the upper midwest. >> all right, and some rain, i guess, just a little, right? thank you very much. dylan dreyer. happy labor day. this is "first look" on msnbc. ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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happy labor day right now on "first look." syria in waiting. confirmation of sarin gas and senator john mccain heads to the white house on how to handle syria. deadly drug overdoses believed to be caused by molly. plus, important in the u.s. a new study on which states spend the most time looking at pornography. a wicked whack to the face from a girlfriend of a rival driver at the finish line. and a flush of another kind in las vegas. v


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