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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  September 12, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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talk to a pnc investments financial advisor today. ♪ i'm chris janesing and just when you thought the situation in syria couldn't get more complicate order surprising it does. this afternoon secretary of state john kerry who only days ago was called a liar by president putin is meeting with his russian counterpart in geneva to see if they can hammer out a deal to round out syria's chemical weapons. next hour president obama will meet with his cabinet, and then the shocker this morning. russian president putin writing an op-ed for "the new york times kwrt ". hard to remember anything quite like this. he appeals directly to the american people asking them not to support a strike on syria and claims it was probably the rebels who used chemical weapons to provoke u.s. intervention and he couldn't miss the chance to take a shot or two or three at
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the president who made reference to american exceptionalism in his speech tuesday night, quoting putin, it is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional whatever the the motivation. there are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. let's bring in our company, david sanger, chief washington correspondent for "the new york times," and joe conisson. good morning. i was listening to "morning joe." he said putin is gloating about this, david, in your paper the head of the you'eurasia group s he is -- >> he's havinga i good time. he is on the outside of this being a excused by president obama for many months as being obstructionist and now all of a sudden he's come in with the
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proposal that the united states was only fwlaglancingly interes in a week ago and today views as a potential lifeline to get them around the fact that congress was not about to approve the military strike. i think that the white house sees an opportunity in this because they can now say to mr. putin, okay, if you like this idea of disarming the chemical weapons arsenal and separating it from assad, it's russia's responsibility to now go implement this and i think that's going to be where the meeting between mr. lavrov and secretary kerry will get interesting because the russians, as putin made clear in that op-ed piece you referred to are not going to support any threat of military force to keep assad from reneging on the deal. the u.s. is going to say that only with that threat is the deal liable. >> how did vladimir putin, joe, get to this position? i mean, he kind of throws a
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lifeline to syria and he gets the u.s. to delay a vote indefinitely, apparently, it looks like he's the peacemaker here and how can or does the white house turn this to their advantage? >> it's clear that this would not have happened had the president not threatened to send cruise missiles into syria. the rugs were not interested in doing anything about syria's chemical weapons which, by the way, syria up until yesterday was claiming they didn't have. now all of a sodden the russians and syrians admit that the chemical weapons are there and they need to be controlled. i think that makes the president look like he got something done here, not russia. >> in the meantime it's unclear what congress is doing about having a resolution to back this up and in fact, it's unclear how long the administration is willing to wait to see if anything comes of this, let me play for you what leon panetta had to say this morning. >> do you believe that we have to set some time limits here and that we can't let this drag on.
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>> you'd give a deadline for diplomacy? >> i don't know if a deadline, but internally we have to make clear that this cannot just drag on. >> panetta says if it drags on it it hurts u.s. credibility. >> i think he's right about that. you set an internal deadline. you don't need to set a public deadline. at some point you tell the russians, enough is enough. either you deliver on the deal or you're not. the froms has been given a chance that he badly needed to build a case for action if he ends up needing to take action because as everybody knows he was going to lose the vote in congress. his speech the other night was just the beginning in the effort to do that, really. >> so it seems to me that this becomes an important day, david, what needs to be accomplished? you have john kerry meeting with the russian foreign minister and the president meeting with his cabinet. as i said, there seems to be a senate group working on a resolution just in case although there doesn't seem anything
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coming out of that at this point and where are we with all of this? >> first, we have to see where these talks which out. and there are sort of two different tracks and there's secretary kerry and both lavrov and kerry have brought chemical wep withons experts and i reported in this morning's "times" that under ideal conditions the u.s. military believes it would take 200 to 300 days to both secure and make inert most of these 1400 tons of chemical weapons. a small disagreement with my friend joe there on the question of how you why set these deadlines. if you do them internally, i'm not sure that either assad or the russians feel much pressure, so my guess is that at some point there's going to have to be some kind of public deadline. >> well -- >> the difficulty it poses for the president is if the deadline comes and goes he has another red line he sort of let slip
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by -- >> let me bring in another idea here with congressman steve israel. always good to see you. good morning. >> thanks for having me on. >> what do you make of this? there will be apparently, in the short term, no announcement of any public deadline? does there need to be a deadline? does congress want a deadline? should it be internal or public? >> i don't think artificial deadlines ever work in the foreign policy. you have to have certain realities and i think we have two realities over the next week or so. benchmark number one is that secretary kerry and minister lavrov are meeting in geneva. that may take a couple of days and not just adopt the is and cross the ts, but see what are the is and what are the ts. that's assessment number one. the united nations chemical weapons inspectors will be producing their report some time next week. we should take a look at that and put those benchmarks together and then determine how
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you proceed. >> how do you take the op-ed by putin today? >> chris, you should be careful because now that putin is a contributor of "the new york times" i'm hearing he wants to anchor a show on msnbc. an op-ed doesn't matter and i'm not going to take -- from a guy who has troops in georgia and it is deed that matters and now mr. putin has obligated himself to produce a diplomatic proposal that is backed up with deed and not word. let's go from an op-ed to what is in this proposal and i'm hoping more than i've ever hoped on any public policy matter that this is a real deal and that there is meat on the bones and that we can degrade serious chemical weapons capability through diplomacy and verification. >> whatever happens, there are quite a few members of congress who have gone on the record with about this, and i think you've said that you don't think it's
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going to be an issue in 2014 in these congressional races, but there's already an ad out in georgia with the republican can at for senate hitting the democrat for his support of intervention. let me play a little clip of that. >> michelle nun said she would vote for direct military intervention even with no imminent threat to our national secretary, but president obama has failed to make the case. his foreign policy is a disaster. >> what about the political implications of this? >> there was a time in american policy, and american politics where partisanship stopped at the water's edge, and now the republicans have encroached on that with their relentless partisanship and extremism. the fact of the matter is this, 2014 will be a referendum on whether you want to elect leaders with reasonable common-sense solutions on jobs and the economy and infrastructure or whether you want to continue going down the path of extremism and obstructionism and not being
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able to pass budgets and not being able to pass a hurricane relief bill, that's what 2014 is going to be about. >> there was a piece in "the new york times" today, a rare public view of obama's pivots on syria confrontation and he's taken a lot of hits on both saturdaidese aisle. senator bob corker said mr. obama is uncomfortable being commander in chief particularly on foreignaffairs and i want to play what he said on "the daily rundown." this is a person who is contorted and has difficulty taking ownership and talking about what our national interests are. so, yeah, i'm disappointed. i think he has great difficult ney communicating to our citizens and also to the world as a strong commander in chief. >> you guys on capitol hill have a few things coming up from the budget immigration. has this weakened the president? >> first of all, i would remind senator corker that there was
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nothing uncomfortable in this president about killing osama bin laden with the heroic acts of our military. he didn't seem uncomfortable in deploying a surge in afghanistan in order to wind that war down which is happening and he certainly didn't seem uncomfortable getting us out of iraq after the reckless policies that got us into iraq. so that's just typical partisan hyperbole. in this issue, the issue of syria and chemical weapons used to gas 400 children should rise above that partisan hyperbole. >> congressman steve israel, always good to have you on the program. >> thank you, chris. david, we haven't talked about another front-page story today which is the that the u.s. weapons are finally reaching syrian rebels. it has confirmed giving the opposition small arms. there is a senior u.s. official quoting this is not going to tilt the balance, but how important a development is this? >> well, it goes into the department of things we expected
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to happen a few months ago that are finally happening. it probably won't tip the balance in any significant way, but you have heard the rebels express considerable disappointment in recent times. first, they thought a strike was coming ten days ago. it didn't happen. they were complaining that the weapons which they were told in june would be flowing haven't yet arrived. it took a while to get that to happen, but i think the big question now for the rebel groups and there are two big questions and first, do these chemical weapons end up getting sequestered in some way and if that happens it takes one quill out of assad's arsenal and one that is particularly horrific and it also means that the rebels themselves won't get a hold of the chemical weapons if the assad government should fall. the second big question is how quickly does the united states want the rebels to prevail if
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the concern is that it could create a power vacuum into which some of the more jihadist members of the rebel groups which is about a quarter of the rebel groups end up taking power. >> and we've seen that play out before and it is a big concern and one we haven't had much of a chance to talk about, joe. >> well, that is a big concern. i think the president and his policy is attempting to create a balance here. i think it's true. they don't want to have rebel groups win that are hostile to the united states, and i think, look, what putin said in his op-ed, the one thing that i agreed with was that this process needs to lead to a negotiated resolution of the syria crisis. that should be the the aim, and i think that is really the aim as secretary kerry said the other day of u.s. policy here, not necessarily to depose assad with a vacuum of power and have rebels rush in who might or might not be animacal to our
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interests or ends up with assad leaving power peacefully or some kind of moderate group coming in to restore syria. >> we are completely out of time, but i can't let you go without saying, you've met vladimir putin, does he strike you as a peace negotiator? >> i cannot comment on that. that wasn't what we were talking about. >> at the time. >> joe coneson, david sanger. thank you very much. >> on to another developing story. check this out. eight inches of rain sparking flash flooding. these are live pictures. two people now dead in colorado. our meteorologist bill cairns calls this a one in a hundred-year flash flood for the boulder area. there's a dam that's broking standing residents and police say they're not in any imminent danger. the university of colorado has closed its campus today and it is still raining there. police are warning residents not to drive, at least through tomorrow.
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it's been a pretty great week for investors. the dow has seen three straight days of triple-digit gains and it's near an all-time high, a stark contrast to five years ago when the economy started to crumble after years of wild risk taking on wall street. panic alarms went off after the banking collapse of lehman brothers. >> we begin with breaking financial news, in what's being called the biggest reshaping of the financial industry since great depression. >> the sixth biggest point drop in history. >> this is one of the ugliest days i have ever seen in my career. the dow jones industrial average sank over 500 point, triggering reaction from wall street to main street, to the white house. . i know americans are concerned about the adjustments that are taking place in our financial markets. >> as a result of the financial meltdown, the consumer financial
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protection bureau was created and right now on capitol hill, director richard cadrine testifying before the financial committee and they run the cover story in the latest issue of "time" how wall street won five years after the crash. it can happen again. >> always good to see you. good morning. >> those were scary times five years ago and you had the collapse of lehman brothers and you had the takeover of mortgage giant, fannie mae and freddie mac. the bailout of insurance giant aig and this happened, it's hard to remember, within two weeks and you say, it could happen again? >> it could happen again. what's amazing is that five years on, we have written 40% of the dodd frank financial regulatory rules. only 40%. there are a lot of loopholes still in our system. let's just start with the amount of leverage. the amount of debt that banks are using to do their daily
7:19 am
business. you know, a lot of the financial institutions are complaining about new rules which would require them to use only 5% of their own capital in deals. the rest of corporate america wouldn't dream of borrowing 50%, let alone 5% to conduct their daily business and there's a lot that hasn't gotten fixed. the volcker rule with small businesses and people. >> you say the number one thing that needs to be fix side fix the too big to fail problem. >> simpler banks are safer banks and there are still a lot of things we can do like the volcker rule, like closing the derivatives loopholes and i will say that jerry gensler who has been doing a lot of great things around reform has gone a long way to get rid of the weapons of mass destruction as warren buffett called them that blew up our financial system and there are ways that banks can trade in foreign markets and because foreign markets are still
7:20 am
interconnected that can come home and bite us. >> remember the $700 billion bank bailout by hank paulson who was on the "today" show and he said this about the state of the financial system five years later. >> banks made mistakes. they've come a long way. the banks are better capitalized, better regulated and they have much, much better risk control, but the root cause of every crisis lies in flawed government policies. >> is he right? >> lies in flawed government policies. i would agree that we need tougher regulation, but at the end of the day right now we're depending on banks to do the right thing and set the right boundaries. that didn't work so well last time and i think that there is a larger point here which means that the financialization of our economy has come so far. finance is a larger percentage of the economy than it ever has been. those big banks are bigger and more powerful now and more
7:21 am
integral to the economy before the crisis. >> do you think part of the problem is at least there is this perception that the economy is getting stronger. it's more stable when you look at some of the key indicator, they definitely are better including housing and the unemployment rate although they'll say it's happening too slowly. does that make it tougher for these new kinds of regulations that you think are needed? is there a leave well enough alone mentality? >> i think past and present members are using the fact that we are in a recovery to say the hard work is done and we can move on now, but if we look at the numbers, as finance grows, the number of new businesses starting flattens out and actually falls. we are not -- which is lend to the real economy and we need to have that fixed and have finance moored in the real economy. >> rhonda fruhard good to see you. >> police say george zimmerman admits he destroyed the ipad
7:22 am
that may have held clues to what happened in the nasty domestic incident. his wife says she was recording video of the confrontation when he smashed it. george alleges that she attacked him with the tablet. because police don't have video evidence of exactly what happened no charges will be filed against either of them. shellie zimmerman held the news conferen conference, although she didn't say much, letting her attorney do the talking. >> all that shellie wants out of the ending of this relationship is for this to end with a whimper and not a bang. that's what she wants. she does not want there to be this kind of drama. she doesn't want to be here. she doesn't look happy, she's not happy. >> whimper and not a bang, maybe not the best use of words given that shellie zimmerman initially said george threatened her with a gun and later admitted she didn't actually see it and police say he didn't have a gun on him and they didn't have probable cause to search his car for one. ready to run your lines?
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to politics now where president obama canceled the congressional picnic because the white house thought it would be dealing with a resolution with syria last week. republican congressman took a dig at the president tweeting, quote, congress cancels his war, he cancels our barbecue. >> check out this picture, republican senator david vitter with a bunch of dead alligators piled up. he put this on his facebook page and went gator hunting this week with the super pac called the fund for louisiana's future. get ready for the first tv ads for new jersey governor chris christie's re-election. he's spending $1.5 million even though he's up 20 points on challenger barbara bono and senator rand paul taking shots at corey booker. he questions the existence of t-bone, a new york drug lord booker claims to have befriended
7:27 am
calling booker a politician with, quote, an imaginary friend with imaginary problems. paul just happens to be heading to new jersey to stump for the republican challenger for u.s. senate. finally, as it turns out anthony weiner did actually come in first place in something. he spent the most money per vote in the new york city democratic primary, $148. christine quinn spent $40 a vote. bill thompson, $32 and the primary bill de blasio, $20 per vote. and if you read only one thing this morning, this one is in the truth is stranger than fiction files. real-life mistakes people have made with their resumes. how about writing it in crayon to show your creativity or in the interest of honesty including the fact that you had served jail time for assaulting a past boss. try having that job. frommed and let me know your favorites. it's up on our facebook page at
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>> the british foreign secretary says that president obama's threat of military strike in syria led russia to change its stance on its longtime ally. john kerry now meeting with his russian counterpart in geneva to meet with the assad government to give up chemical weapons. joining me now is the ranking member of the arms services committee. senator, good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> as you know, the russian plan for assad to forfeit chemical wep on knows s iweapons is out there. >> the fact he didn't have the vote is what delayed the senate vote and i think it's a lousy solution. i can just hear reagan -- the fact that we are in a position that we are relying on russia to
7:32 am
bail our president out of the situation is one that is not going work for this reason, this is just my opinion. i don't trust putin. obama didn't trust putin until last tuesday. keep in mind that put sint one that supplied the armaments and everything, all of the assets to syria and now we're going to depend on them and their word without any way of determining if they're doing it to get rid of weapons -- chemical weapons in i don't think so. i don't think we can trust him to do it. >> do you think we should have made a military strike already? >> no. in fact, i was the first one who came out of the chute not wanting to do a strike and let me tell you why and it's something that nobody talks about, chris, but it's a reality is and that is that in the last four and a half years the president has so degraded the military and his budget. that first year, you remember that, that was when he did away with the fifth-generation fighter and did away with the c-17, and future combat system
7:33 am
and ground-based interceptor in poland. that was just the first budget and since then he's taken $487 billion out of the military. >> aren't these two separate issues. one issue may be whether or not you agree with the way the defense budget is handled and there's another question about whether or not the u.s. military is capable of making the kinds of strikes that you had talked about. do you doubt that the u.s. military is ready, willing and able for that? >> no. that's a great question. we can send in cruise missiles and that's not a problem. if that precipitates an act of war which they said it would be in the middle east and we have to follow up with the crisis and that's what we can't do. we're not in a position and this isn't just me talking. you've heard me quote general dempsey who is the head, the head of the joint chiefs of staff. he said we're putting our military in the path where the force is so degraded and so unready that it would be immoral
7:34 am
to use force. that's my point. if you thought you can get by with sending in a few cruise missiles and washing our hands and going home and that is what happened. i think putin made it clear that there would be consequences if you did that. >> your colleague senator bob menendez said that that comment by president putin made him want to vomit. what was your reaction? >> it sickened me that we would have to sit there and read that, but let's look at it through putin's eyes. he now knows that we had to come to him to get out of a hole. so i think he's enjoying a lot more than menendez and i are enjoying it. >> a lot of people who were supporters of the people's strategy and now we heard it from the british foreign secretary, they believe that the threat of force is what prompted this all along, that this never would have happened if the u.s. had not threatened force. >> well, i just don't agree with that. >> i know that that's what president obama wants us to
7:35 am
believe because he got himself in a situation, chris and no matter how much you support him, he was in a situation that he had to get out of and so it's a natural thing to try to say, it's the threat of force that did it. first of all, you have to keep in mind, you're talking about russia and syria, and russia who has been the supplier of all of the armaments to syria. so why should we trust them to do this? so i think, you know, i don't agree with that statement. >> senator inhofe, thank you for coming on the program. >> thank you, chris. checking the news feed. pictures from space that indicates north korea may be starting a plutonium reactor. the cite light image shows the reactor may be turowed come online after being shut down in 2007 as part of the disarmament agreement. the concern, it could bell on stert stockpile of plutonium for weapons. controversial florida pastor terry jones facing felony charges today caught carrying 3,000 corrance soaked in
7:36 am
kerosene. deputies say he planned to burn them, one for every victim of the 9/11 attacks. trader joe's will apparently turn to the obama care exchanges for part-time workers. in a leaked memo the ceo tells employees the company will give each of them $500 to offset out of pocket costs for health care. trader joe's was one of grocery chains to offer vision, dental and benefits to part-time employees. >> the fast and the furious, papal style. a priest in northern italy gave pope francis a 1984 renault 4, four-door papal white, manual transmission and 190,000 miles on it. the donor was shocked to get a thank you phone call. the pope plans to drive the car himself around vatican city. bon jovi's tour is on hold after tico torres' emergency appendectomy. tico wants everyone to know it
7:37 am
was his desire to perform. ee even promised doctors he would come back for the surgery right after the show, but doctors prevailed. the band will return to the road in about a week. >> so tattoos are probably not the first thing you'd think of when watching miss america, but miss kansas showed off hers during the swimsuit competition, a first. sergeant teresa veil in the army national guard said she wants to help women break barriers. the 22-year-old's tattoos include the serenity prayer. apple trying to recover this morning after a big drop following the unveiling of its new iphone. mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. shares fell 5% yesterday and the nasdaq took a hit with it. apparently investors are not so crazy about this announcement. >> i think a lot of the problems that people are focusing on are their emerging market strategy. remember yesterday there was a lot of disappointment because they didn't announce the china mobile deal that people were
7:38 am
hoping for and now there are worries about the so-called cheaper model. $99 might seem cheap to us for an iphone with the two-year contract, chris, but the new iphone 5c is still too expensive to appeal in emerging markets and if you consider that it costs $549, without a contract that is definitely too pricy to get mass appeal in some cases like china and other emerging markets. we're using the pre-paid phones like the old style candy bar nokias and various other models. they've had a lot of traction in emerging markets and they're often the norm. even samsung makes cheaper smartphones and they've done very well and they've got a real jump on the markets and you have a popular smartphone from vivo under $200. >> maybe next apple can come up with a sensitivity chip and some companies can use it because there are, let's say there are
7:39 am
ill-advised actions yesterday relating to 9/11. >> right. there are some companies are apologizing after ill-advised tweets that were tied to 9/11. you have, for example, at&t taking a lot of flack for its tweet using its smartphone to show the world trade center light tribute. it had the caption, never forget. at&t later took the picture down and issued this statement. we apologize to anyone who felt our post was in poor taste. it was solely meant to pay tribute to the 9/11 tragedy. in remembrance of those we lost on 9/11, the hotel will provide complimentary coffee and mini muffins from 8:45 to 9:15 a.m. in a statement, marriott later said you know what? we apologize. we understand some people may have misunderstood the intent of the offer and we use discretion when remembering events like 9/11. and the l.a. lakers took heat
7:40 am
for posts this picture of kobe bryant with the hash tag, never forget and finally, this one might take the cake. a wisconsin golf course thought it would be a good idea to offer a 9/11 discount, nine holes with cart for only $9.11 or get 18 holes with cart for only $19.11. as you can imagine, the company quickly canceled the promotion after getting lots of angry responses and they also apologized. >> cnbc's mandy drury, thanks. hopefully they'll learn something for next year. so if you're headed for a pro football game next season, here's something you need to know, they're out with the most expensive beer prices at the stadiums. the steelers in pittsburgh, are third. a pint will cost you $8.48 at the dallas cowboys game. the most expensive, ford field in detroit $10.72 for a pint. the league average is $7 and
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7:45 am
growing dangerously high. joining me now, is john fury of quinn gillespie communicationses and goldie taylor and managing editor of the goldie taylor project. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> this rift in the party became very clear yesterday when party conservatives balkhed at the leadership spending plan because it didn't cut obama care funding. very simply, does speaker boehner have control of the republican party? >> i think this process is, as we say, growing the vote. a lot of these numbers came back from an august recess where the number one message back home was let's get rid of obama care and as you see, obama care is becoming increasingly unpopular with labor unions and small businesses and this is becoming a big deal back home. i think eventually the republicans will have a choice to make and that is are you going to spend more money or less money in this continuing resolution?
7:46 am
i think even tally they'll pass the cesr and that will take convincing of these members. >> geldie, this is politically fraught on both sides. do you think president obama will follow through on vetoing any spending bill that cuts health care funds even if it has government shutdown? >> i think he would veto it and i think even at the risk of a government shutdown. the last thing this gop needs is a government shutdown and history tells us that they will take the blame for that. you know, tea party republicans really have been bamboozled. they believe that their leadership would carry the water for them even if it meant a government shut down. they would carry the water for them in terms of defunding obama care. they believe that wrongly. on the other side of this thing, the gop establishment believes they were realistic about this thick that they would understand the capitalist behind it when they just don't. >> i think we need to point out, john, this is getting tied up because of a law that was signed three years ago. three years ago, john.
7:47 am
>> yeah, i know. this is the problem. i think eventually you have to repeal the law and to do that you need to convince a majority of the senate, two-thirds of the senate, actually and you need to get the president to sign it and we're not there yet. >> i think the problem you have is you're not going to shut the government down to repeal the law. >> and after 40 votes, you're not going get there. >> the bigger picture of president obama's second term and in his legacy because this is a signature accomplishment of this administration, what can he accomplish in the next three years when he's confronted with the shutdown and continuing debt ceiling fights and they're just not letting up on obama care. >> you know, the next several years just as the last few will be fraught with political challenges for this white house and for any new congress that is elected in 2014. at the end of the day, if you believe this president is going to allow his signature piece of legislation, the affordable care act or obama care as people like to call it, if you believe this
7:48 am
president is going to let that be repealed then you simply don't know this president and he will stand on it. jim demint was famous for saying this is his waterloo, this was going to bring him down. that hasn't happened. that's not going to happen, but in terms of the rest of the legislative agenda, that remains to be seen as to who comes back to congress in 2014. >> at some point, don't you, john, have to prioritize, what are we going do here and is avoiding a government shutdown? is dealing with the debt ceiling and is dealing with the budget and is dealing with immigration and should they take priority over continuing a fight over a fight that was signed three years ago where they've had no success in spite of 40 votes in the house. >> i think you have two things here, chris. you have a law that's becoming increasingly unpopular and you have to find a way to delay it, adjust it and then you have all of the things that are governing. you have to keep the government
7:49 am
open and you have to pay our debts and you have to move on and things like fixing the immigration system. the president is not going to want to repeal his own law, but i do think that eventually if we can adjust it or make it better or get rid of the stupid things in it then that would be a real accomplishment. >> john, goldie, good to see you both. today's tweet of the day comes from president obama's campaign manager david bluff, and house gop defund obama care fairytale on par with those waiting for unicorns, looking for loch ness and who thought world was over in 12/211212. [ ma ann ouer ] comes to doi wha t u ve
7:50 am
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i ha . i just want to let you know we just saw congresswoman nancy pelosi with the congressional
7:53 am
leaders and they're talking about the budget, and no word on when she said. we'll keep you posted on on details on that. tonight prin prince william is quitting the army after seven years to move into kensington palace with his family. i want to bring in nbc news royal contributor robert jobson who is the author of "diana, closely guarded secret." how are you? >> very well, chris. very well. >> always great to see you. let's start about prince william leaving the army. we knew it was coming. what's next for him? >> it's called a transitional year. he doesn't want to commit himself to royal duties because he wants to know what prince william will be about. we know prince charles is about and he's taken 50 years to get there with green issues and what sort of engagements he wants to carry out and where he wants to
7:54 am
brand himself, i suppose. so they're not saying he's thrown himself into full duty, but i'm sure he'll do a lot more. >> as i understand, tonight is the first public appearance, official public engagement of the couple since they became parents at the awards? >> they've been seen a couple of times both privately and this is the first time they're going to be out together as a couple and official engagement, big engagement, really, but it also gives us an indication, the type of thing that prince william will want to be doing which is to do with conservation and we have a couple of big visits that will happen next year and australia and new zealand and that will probably happen and i would have thought a trip to africa at some stage is in the cards. >> we got word and it was buzzing here so i'm sure that the tabloids there were all over it. kate was actually spotted at mcdonald's yesterday. was it yesterday? i'm wondering about her
7:55 am
post-birth diet because she looks phenomenal. >> well, she's a very sporty lady, and she's been working out to get back to fitness. it's a quite remarkable transition, i think. but yeah, i don't think she's been stuffing too many mcdonald's burgers, but she was spotted there. we didn't see what burger she had in her hand and maybe she was passing the photographer got her. >> maybe a dollar menu, a pound menu? >> i don't think they've got to worry about that, but they still like to present themselves with being thrifty, chris, but hey, we never saw her eating a big mac and maybe she should have thought, maybe they're diet big macs. >> robert jobson, always good to see you. thanks for coming on. >> cheers, chris. >> that will wrap up this hour of "jansing & company." i'm chris jansing. thomas roberts is coming up. >> now i'm really hungry.
7:56 am
>> i know. i'm going to go get some fries. >> no. >> please, i beg of you! >> hi, everybody. good morning, the agenda next hour, vladimir putin's op-ed stunner proclaiming in growing trust with the president and chastising him in another for promoting american exceptionalism in the address. can putin be trusted for the turnover and destruction of syrian chemical weapons. zimmerman versus zimmerman. george zimmerman and his estranged wife after shellie zimmerman calls the cops. bears has encouraged gays and li lesbians to cross state lines and get hitched in minnesota.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
exceptionalism this after president obamaset sens his secretary of state to the meet with his counterpart. the devil is in the details and that's why john kerry arrived in geneva to discuss syria giving up chemical weapons. vladimir putin penned this in the op-ed and he didn't mince words. the chemical weapons were not used by the syrian government, but instead the syrian opposition and that any u.s. strikes would increase violence and kick off a new wave of terrorism. >> i think it is pretty clear that the whole purpose of that was to try to weaken our resolve and to try to make sure that we would not fulfill our pledge to conduct military action if we have to. >> the white house response to this, putin is putting his credibility on the line. jay carney saying something similar at the white house yesterday. >> demonstrates that, you know, russia


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