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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 13, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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look at what's happened and what is to come. and twitter makes news with a tweet of its own. it's going public. we'll take a look at what it's learned from the facebook ipo debacle. that's right, i used the word debacle on a friday. this is "way too early". by the way did you pick up friday the 13th? i just picked it up. yeah. it's friday the 13th. i hope it's a good one for you. also this morning, if you missed the pay the the yot patriots/je two highlights that last 30 seconds. and you won't believe how much money anne hathaway wants for her closet. we'll have that for you in the kee cooler. but another american consulate coming under attack. two suicide bombs exploded in we were afghanistan. the state department says the
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attackers pulled up to the front gate, started exchanging gunfire with security forces, a truck and suv exploded. taliban quickly claiming responsibility. we are told the consulate staff members are okay, but two members of the afghan security force are dead and at least seven at takitackers also kille. severe flooding in colorado. the city of boulder ordering thousands more to evacuate. creek levels right now dangerously high. and the state is bracing for an even more rain today after what's being called biblical rainfall amounts. colleen ferreira joining us with the latest. that is a stream or river, what is that behind you? >> reporter: this is called boulder creek. and you're right, thousands more people have been evacuated in colorado since thursday evening. i'm standing right here in boulder where the rain just doesn't want to stop. and it's these rushing
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floodwaters that are really -- it's taken three live so is far in colorado. we have seen bridges taken out, roads taken out. we've also seen a lot of roads in colorado closed making it very difficult to travel from denver to boulder. we've also seen some major rescue efforts taking place, firefighters rescued a baby from rushing floodwaters yesterday in aurora, colorado. the worst part is we have a whole 'nother day ahead of us. this isn't over just yet. p. >> we've lost roads, we've lost bridge, home, cars. and we are just now beginning to try to assess the scope of the damage. >> reporter: now, to give you some perspective of the boulder creek and how fast it's running, yesterdayed boulder police chief tells us that this creek was running at 500 cubic feet per second. right now he tells us it's running at 3400 cubic feet per second.
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but as you can see, floodwaters like there are just deadly. i'm colleen ferreira in boulder. back to you. >> so i'm assuming it's usually flowing quite calmly and nicely. we appreciate it. stay safe. as if the jersey shore needed more comeback challenges, a r raining fire destroyed a large portion of the boardwalk. the fire began at a frozen custard stand and quickly spread to neighboring businesses because of what was really a windy day. at least 80% of the board walk believed to be destroyed including 50 local businesses. the fire comes after months of a massive rebuilding effort to restore jersey shore of course after hurricane sandy. chris christie was on the scene and spoke about the fire. >> when i got my first full briefing before i left trenton to come here, i said i feel like i want to throw up. and that's me.
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after all the effort and time and resources that we've put into help the folks in seaside park and seaside heights rebuild, to see this going on as i said is unthinkable. we'll get back to work. >> joining us for more, kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: yeah, just to give you some idea of what's going on right now, the governor said it well when he said it's up thinkable. take a look behind me, you can see they are still spraying it down.ake a look behind me, you see they are still spraying it down. they are still working trying to put out any hot spots. the fire is controlled, but this was burning so hot at its peak, ten alarms, that they're still concerned that it could be smoldering, so they are still working as they have been for so many hours now.
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you have to look at these pictures and keep in mind this is an area that just reopened after super storm sandy. the boardwalk, the pier here suffered devastating damage. they reopened memorial day weekend, the governor himself cut the ribbon. and they went through the summer thinking that sandy was the worst that could happen to them and now we're here and so many people including officials saying this damage is likely worse than hurricane sandy. so really just a tough blow for people here. this they do, though, say they have done it before and they position they can rebuild again. >> thanks. of course that's right where bill kaerrins and i were when w went down there, they were working round the clock to rebuild that board walk. tough situation, but we know they will rebuild and be ready for next summer. john kerry agains a second day today of talks with the russians as the two sides try to reach an agreement on chemical
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weapons. yesterday assad formally applied to join the treaty. that would require the syrian government to reveal all of it chemical weapons and its locations within 60 days. but kerry says that process is too close and that assad's words are not enough. >> this is not a game. it has to be real. it has to be comprehensive. it has to be verifiable. it has to be credible. it has to be timely. and implemented in a timely fashion. president obama has made clear that shoulddy pl diplomacy fail force might be necessary. >> and this is where it's getting more new answer oiged. today the "wall street journal" reporting a top secret unit is moving it chemical weapons to as many as 50 locations. why? to make it more difficult to
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tag. such a move could make an air strike less effective. and while debate appears to be on hold, the one thing everyone in washington agree on is a common distaste to putin's op-ed. >> he's a kgb colonel who has never really abandoned the russian ambitions for apempire. >> i was insulted. >> i think he is looking for apexecution to show off his super bowl ring. >> it sickens me that we would have to sit there and read that. >> he says we're all god's children. i think that's great. i hope it applies to gays and lesbians in russia, as well. >> what makes somebody a journalist? some people think there are loose definitions of it, but even looser according to the senate judiciary committee. they defined it as someone
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considered any employee, contractor or agent of a group that distributes news. student journalists would also be covered. the news could be distributed by a variety of means including television, newspaper, news website, news apps or books. but the definition does not apply to posts on twitter, blogs and other social media websites from nonjournalists. that's a pretty wide net for people who could call themselves journalists. california lawmakers have approved legislation that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses. the bill would make california the tenth state to allow up documented immigrants the right to obtain a driver's license. california governor jerry brown needily issued a statement indicating he'll sign the law, quote, this bill will enable millions of people to get to work safely and legally. hopefully we'll send a message to washington that immigration reform is long past due.
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end quote. of the nine other state, six are were enacted just this year. let's get to business now where three major indices in the u.s. in negative territory. they hope to finish the week on a decent note. steve sedgwick live for us in london. good morning. >> yeah, very good day to you. market too a bit of a breather. gold on the way down. materials sector down 1%. in other news, though, it could be the most anticipated ipo since facebook. facebook was a bit of a nightmare for investors. this time, though, facebook could be coming to market valued around 10 billion. and making money on the back of revenues of $10 billion. they promote data, as well and that's how they make their money. elsewhere, technology is the
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play for the day. when the sec is asking the major exchanges to look at their security systems, look at their technology and introduce more back stops because we've had a lot of problems, goldman sachs, big problems. talking about kill switches which will stop a lot of the problems, but wouldn't have stopped the most recent nasdaq issue. >> when i see free airline tickets, i think it's cool. on so tell me it's good enough to be true. >> united airlines had a glitch in their pricing system which meant prices were actually filed to zero, which meant you were paying $5, $10 for your flights. but unfortunately, it was taken down. the phone sensors stopped taking calls and they got themselves back up again. but i thought i'd have a crack and get a flight over to -- i found a round trip, i'll get on the 1205 from hero, i'll be be
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at newark at 3:45. you can take me out for supper. returning via dulles on sunday. unfortunately, $989. i'll put it on your credit card. >> if you show up at 4:00 in newark, i will pick you up. >> i have to get to heathrow now. i'll be there. >> all right. bring your family with you. we have to show this for the caption contest. take a look at this photo. upper left corn he, you see a dot. do you know what that is? if you look really close. you can go on twitter and check it out. it's a frog. in the middle of a space launch. and it's not a fake. they basically caught it with their still photography system that captures the launch. so we want a caption for this, folks. your best and most creative ones. use the #way too witty. nasa said they do not know the
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fate of that frog. so i assume it was not a good ending for mr. frog. . still ahead, a from us freighting night for tom brady. the pats put up 13 points. the question is was it enough to hold off the jets. not exactly like the scene fr, pretty close. north carolina man's unbelievable plan to cross the atlantic ocean. it was nothing short of breath taking. two veteran warriors of middle east battlefields joining a young american president in a first step of peace. a handshake between two men who have been bitter enemies for deca decades. wisest kid in the whole world?
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i'm really glad i didn't stay up late for that game last night. i got the result that i wanted and country have i didn't have time. >> you missed brady's temper tantrum. >> he admitted his body language wasn't exactly good. >> a little negative. >> let's take a look at the jets and patriots. late first quarter, dobson 39 yard touchdown. that is pretty much the only good play of the entire game. he continued to find open guys. and he had more catches than anybody. they dropped just about everything. wasn't pretty for the jets either. by the way, gieno smith picked off three times. jets had a chance to win, but he came up short in the end.
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he's a rookie, i understand. jets lose it ugly. 13-10. to baseball now. red sox/rays tied in the eighth. will myers a double to right scores the go ahead run from second base. rays hang on to avoid the sweep 4-3. now to baltimore, the yanks and orioles, wild card race. eighth inning, deep to left. could it, would it? no. soriano is probably the best deadline deal in a long time. jim johnson, bad pitch. go ahead run scores. rivera closes it out and they yankees take the win. rays pick up a half game on texas. yanks remain a game behind the rays. the indian, they are 1 of this back. this is a great race.
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>> who would you give to? >> farrell. >> a lot of good candidates out there. >> smoke and mirrors. >> how about mr. mattingly out in l.a.. dodgers and giants. tied at two in the tenth. gonzalez at the plate. winning run on second. the guy is a machine. good throw to the plate, but not in time. the walkoff win 3-2 l.a. in extra innings. this football game they are calling it the century, but they called it last year, as well. alabama visiting texas a and m. a lot of story lines for this one. alabama looking to avenge last year's upset lost. johnny manziel second from the right, probably his most high profile game since winning the heisman. and he had a pretty controversial offseason. and most recently nick saban and
2:49 am
alabama facing allegations one of their players took payments for an agent. gets started tomorrow 3:30 p.m. eastern time. >> a lot of people are rooting against manziel. >> skrjoe would give me flack, i'm not an alabama fan. >> neither is charles barkley, but he's rooting for alabama because he doesn't like johnny. >> a lot of weather out there. >> the colorado stuff is day after day. not as bad as yesterday morning, but still a lot of rivers that are cresting. we got hit hard in the northeast last night by the thunderstorms. this is fall moving in. the cold front is moving in as i speak. still showers out there moving through connecticut, massachusetts. we will not see the airport delays today like we did yesterday especially yesterday evening. and the fallish air will rush in during the afternoon hours. so you may drive to work with showers, the afternoon will be
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sunny and much cooler. humidity levels are dropping. look at buffalo today, 56 degrees your high temperature. 65 this chicagin chicago. the whole eastern half of the country is getting relief. even areas of the southeast that have been waiting for the relief will finally see the humidity level drop. >> thanks, bill. coming up on "morning joe," we will head back to seaside heights for a live update on the board walk fire. and when we come back here, we huddle around the cooler. anne hathaway selling her beautiful apartment in brooklyn, but you may not believe what she's been using it for. thank you orville and wilbur...
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at the top of the show we talked about the devastating fire in seaside heights, new jersey. if you want too sound smart, tell your friends tourism accounts for 65% of seaside heights revenue each year. most of the money of course soul your friends tourism accounts for 65% of seaside heights revenue each year. most of the money of course comes in summer. population fall goes from 2800 people to as many as 65,000. so we obviously wish them luck in rebuilding. let's hit the cooleder.
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ha hair harry potter, working on a movie series based on fantastic booets a s beasts and where to find them. the movie will be her first ever screen play, but she cautions this will not an prequel, sequel to harry potter. i'm a huge harry potter fan. i read all the book, saw all the movies. i know, brutal, but i hope they're good because we need some good stuff out there. have you ever wanted to live like a star? you can sort of now. anne hathaway just put her apartment this brooklyn up for sale. the asking price is $4.5 million. here is the kicker. she used it as a closet. she never even moved in, just used it as a storage space for her clothes and lived in another apartment. that makes it a pretty big closet. and if you know real estate in this area, you know 2600 square
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feet is pretty darn big. you remember the disney hit movie up where he set off on an epic adventure? we have a real life version of the movie kind of. take a look. hundreds of multicolored balloons used to launch a balloonist to go across the atlantic ocean. the difference, jonathan trap lifted up using more than helium filled balloons like those used in the movie. his goal, float across the ocean. it could take him three to six days. i just hope they don't pop or anything bad -- i'm sure he has a crew with him. it looks like he has a boat to sit in. i don't know how do you go to the bathroom up there. jon stewart setting his sights on putin's controversial op-ed about the united states. >> but now putin is taking aim at obama's claims that america is an exceptional nation.
2:56 am
>> oh, no, you did not. what part of butter elvis don't you understand? >> stating it is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. we are all different, but when we ask for the lord's blessing, we must not forget that god created us equal. >> [ bleep ] is that? when did putin start watching oprah? what the hell? >> still ahead, your most creative tweets for this picture. in the upper left, that would be a frog i think jumping to his demise. "morning joe" just moments away. before mike could see his banking and investing accounts on one page... before he could easily transfer funds between the two in real time...
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great to end the week on an amazing image from nasa. of course there is the spot shadow frog at the launch. natalie has your captions. >> bob had a good one. he said one small step -- forget
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it, one giant leap for frog kind. and then john, first launch. >> the one i like from scott goldberg, ground control to major frog. "morning joe" starts right now. >> after all the effort and time and resources that we put in to help the folks at seaside park and seaside heights rebuild to see this going on as i said at the top is unthinkable. i know how i feel. i can only imagine how the residents and business owners in this area are feeling. my heart goes out to them. that's why i'm here to make sure every resource is brought to bear to help with this problem. washington anchor for


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