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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  September 15, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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welcome to "caught on camera" kbieb an adrenaline junky with a sports enthusiast and what do you have? an extreme a athlete that take risks and push boundaries breaking the records and breaking the rules and a few bones along the way and danger?
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it's all part of the game. remember how your mother would say -- if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you? darrell freeman may have said, yes, but only if you could do it on a skateboard. in our first danger zone video he does exactly that. >> i've done a lot of stupid things but i guess that's the first one that i actually caught on camera with a lot of different angles. i would consider myself an adrenaline junky. i think i'm addicted to it. if i was supposed to work i want to go skate it pretty much consumes my thoughts at all times. >> darrell's specialty is downhill skateboarding which he says takes a special skillset. >> you got to not be afraid of blood, pain. you have to want to go faster. i think there's a lot of friends i used to skate with and they would get hurt a few times and this was enough. if youen. the pain and the challenge of trying to make it to the bottom of the hill and survivor
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without falling, and once you do that then you want to make it to the bottom of the hill faster than the last time so it's just, i guess you got to want the thrill. >> and like the rest of the risk takers you'll meet in the show, it's all about pushing limits. we want to warn you. anything you see here, don't try at home. >> just like any challenge like mountain climbs or a video game, trying to get to the finish or make the next one the best one, and do it as fast or as good as you can. >> it's a friend's spontaneous suggestion that plants the seeds for the jump. >> i friend of mine came over and said, darrell, let's jump off the bridge. so we ran over and just leaped off. and ever since that night, it was kind of something we were just joke about like one day we got a skateboard off the bridge and in the back of my mind i was somewhat serious about it. you're always looking for new obstacles and new things to, i guess, make the artsy side of
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skateboarding better. >> he puts the plan into motion choosing the mission bay bridge in san diego. >> we have a lifeguard and a boat, so we have somebody in the water. we had a lot of friends. we ended up doing the stunt in the time the truck or the rarp was on the bridge to off the bridge it was 4:30, i believe, so it was pretty quick. and we're just hoping no policeman will drive by in that time. >> since what they're doing falls somewhat outside general safety traffic resumes they move quickly. >> come on. >> but, of course, the unforeseen obstacles are the ones that complicate things. in this case, it's something called, speed wobbles. >> speed wobbles are when your board is not adjusted properly. maybe your settings are a little too loose and you're not prepared for speed or your weight is distributed unevenly. in this case the rope pulled me forward and off of my axis and
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somewhat off balance so when i hit the ramp i was still get rid of the speed wobble mode rather than fly off the bridge mode so i was pretty much out of control when i hit the ramp so there was to chance that i would have done what i expected to do. >> the flip he does as he launches off the bridge, not grandstanding, he says. >> the flip was not part of the plan. i wanted to launch off the plan and have aa nice view and hang out with the birds and do a nice big arrow to the water and get rid of my board at the last second. because of speed wobbles i was leaning too far back when i hit the ramp and probably still going too fast. and i just got ejected and rag dolled and as i was flying that you if air, i was thinking, safe landing and hit the water safely. >> it's not exactly the graceful landing he's hoping for. >> when i hit the water, it was painful. i was stunned. the water was freezing cold.
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i don't like cold water. i couldn't breathe. i was thinking that my boat looked really far away and it was coming to me really slowly and my skateboard was ♪ ing to i just started swimming towards my board to stay afloat and i couldn't remember what to signal the lifeguard to tell him i needed his help. but i was okay. i was able to stay afloat. i wasn't sure if i was going to pass out but i was afraid that it is possible. >> he stays conscious and catches his breath and makes it safely to the lifeboat and says while this stunt crossed into the danger zone, today it's less about the danger and more about the speed. >> my future plans, i think, for right now, racing in the downhill circuit would be exciting enough for me. i don't have to launch myself off bridges and get my, kicks. danger is not my middle name but i guess i've always had injuries from doing stupid things so there's always been something wrong with me. >> speed is fun.
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speed is my middle name. coming up, a motorcycle jump leaves its rider dazed and confuse. >> i don't have any memory of the jump that night sfwhoo and a midair collision 3u89s a skydiver on the ground and a skier tries to outrun an avalanche. >> when i saw the video, that's when i came to terms with how incredibly monstrous this thing was. >> when "caught on camera:the danger zone" continues. [ male announcer ] when it comes to doing what you love,
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how fast is fast enough? our next sports maverick risks his life trying to find out. french sportsman eric barrone is a multiworld record holder from mountain bike speed achievements. in may of 2002, he attempts to beat his own land speed record
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of nearly 81 miles an hour. in is an active volcano in nicaragua. it's to be the last ride of his professional career. known as "the red baron" he prepares for the run with a specially-designed mountain bike prototype. he makes the trek up and gets ready to go. he mounts the bike and hits the slope. he flying down the vine at a d dizzying speed. and suddenly the bicycle seemings to desent greissent gre tumbles down the slope for nearly 110 yards. when he finally comes to a stop he's still conscious but barely.
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[ speaking in french ] >> he's rushed to the nearest hospital a hour and a half away. eric said the high speed was too much for the prototype bike, causing it to collapse. the good news, before the accident, he reached more than 106 miles an hour. breaking his previous record. the bad news? eric suffers massive injuries including six broken ribs, a broken leg and a head injury. his right hand is near live torn off by the fall and he under goes three shoulder operations. it's nearly two years before he's fully recovered. the man known as "the red baron" today only has partial memory of the accident. but he says he has no regrets. he intended it to be the last run of his career and, indeed,
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it is. we now go from the volcanos of nicaragua to the sunny skies of australia. where a mid-air collision leaves a skydiver without a parachute. >> sky diving is -- there's no other experience like it. >> jumping out of planes nothing new to jerome. he's logged more than 400 jumps since falling in love with the sport in 1993. >> one friday night i got home from work after a particularly bad week and thought, well, i'm going to jump out of an airplane. since i climbed out of the plane, i feel the wind rushing past, as you leave the aircraft i get spectacular visuals of the aircraft as you fall away. >> reporter: jerome is hooked, jumping out of planes becomes his passion so much so he forms a competitive jumping team. >> i was part of a four-way intermediate team of the australian national championships. >> reporter: jerome is so
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dedicate he had shaves the name of the team into the back of his head. >> they rub the magic head for luck. >> but luck is not on their side one december day in australia. on the last day of the national parachuting championships, jerome's team gets ready to jump. all week long, the team jumps have gone smoothly and safely. >> we'd finish the competition two days before and we were just here doing some fun jumps. >> on this last jump a teammate's helmet camera records the action. and an excited jerome gives a thumb's up. 13,000 feet in the air, jerome leaps from the plane and begins his 120 mile-an-hour plunge to earth. >> the deployment of the parachute, there's no real jump. generally the parachute is opened and running smooth land it's quite comfortable. i had my canopy and --
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>> moments later, something goes wrong. >> when i felt a thump, i was stunned. at that point i knew i had been involved in a collision with another parachuter. >> another jumper that just released his parachute crash into jerome. >> i looked and i had purple around my face. my parachute is black and white so i knew it wasn't my parachute. >> a bystander catches the terrifying episode on amateur video moments after the two men collide they are 1500 feet above the ground. and jerome is trapped in a tangled web of course from the other jumper's parachute. he's unable to move, unable to see. and unable to free himself. >> i could feel myself spinning rather quickly. the force. i was aware of the weight of the other aparachute below me. i don't know what i was waiting for. i just -- spinning. >> together, the two weigh more
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than 300 pounds and they're held by only half a parachute. for 40 seconds, the two fall help leslie out of control. >> breaktime, i thought that i was going to die. i think i was almost surprised when i hit the ground. >> another pilot who was on the ground rushes toward where they land. >> the girl ran pass med and said you better dial for an ring for an ambulance. two parachutes in a wreck and they've jut hit the ground. and i said, how bad? and she said, got to be the worst. >> they hit the ground at about 25 miles an hour. jerome lands on his side and amazingly, he's conscious. >> after i hit the ground, i opened my eyes and saw the grass, which i was very happy about. and then i sat up and had a look at the other parachutist and saw that he was more seriously injured than i was so i started calling for help and started check my extremities and wiggles
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my toes and my feet, fingers, wrists, my elbows and shoulders pap few people were surprised what i was talking, speaking to a lot of people afterwards that witnessed it, they said they expected a double fatality from watching it go down. >> his injuries are relatively minor compared to the other jumper, jeff divco who lands on his head. >> one, two, three, go. >> jeff suffers a fractured skull, a collapsed lung, broken ribs and spinal injuries. >> very lucky boy he was. he and jeffrey apparently, jeffrey was covering and jerome is lucky to be standing there. very lucky. >> coming up, one extreme athlete knowingly tempts fate. >> when the avalanche started we just pointed and outrun the avalanche. and that was, i mean, definitely reckless. >> while another wonders if he has tempted fate once too often.
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a brave jumper of legendary motorcycle and a record-breaking attempt all collide in a horrific crash that leaves a crowd stunned and the fate of the rider uncertain. when you meet bubba blackwell, you're immediately bowled over by his southern charm. >> hi, i'm bubba blackwell, harley davidson motorcycle world record jumper. i make a living riding a motorcycle because the mensa club kicked me out in alabama. >> bubba has been riding bikes for as long as he can remember. and he's the first to admit jumping motorcycles for a living is a pretty cool gig. >> you know when you're going through your routine in the dressing room and putting on the gear and putting on the leathers and boots and zipping them up part of it kind of feels like, dad gum, this is the coolest job in the world. >> he'd like you to think he's
3:22 pm
just a good old boy from alabama but all joking a side what but u does takes talent, skill, planning and a lot of guts. >> when i dead a big jump, anything can happen. >> on july 4th, 2001, the worst happens. >> the last thing i remember is putting the bike in gear and putting the clutch out. >> he attempts to jump 22 cars at the time del mar fair in california and he performed a crowd-pleasing show in 1999. >> we drew a record crowd and i jumped over 14 school buses. cool jump. it went great. flawless. and i said, we got to do it again and i was thinking, oh, yeah, i got the perfect plan. my idea was to jump over 22 cars on a harley davidson motorcycle off a seven-foot high rarn. >> ever the showman, but u intends to give the audience their money's worth. >> so they day started off good and they paid old bubba to be there so i wanted to make sure i did my job so i hired a laser
3:23 pm
light show company and we rocked it. all the cars were white. we wanted them to look really uniform. and we spent most of our concentration on making sure that we put on a fantastic show for everybody. and if i had that to do over again i think i would spent more time on making sure i got to the other ramp. >> in front of 35,000 spectators and a backdrop befitting a like star, bubba appears. >> i get out there and doing the show and we got the lasers going on the pyro going and everything was working really good but i'm making all these passes back and forth. wheelies and it's going really good. i made all these passes and a chewed up the watered-down surface. it's now a bunch of -- like running in the sand. i'm in fourth gear. i'm going to the rmp. the engine is -- i'm, you know, sounds good. i'm at a high rpm and the bike
3:24 pm
is not fish tailing i must be good. i lift my visor up and put the bike in neutral and bow made head and say a quick little prayer. >> he puts the bike back in gear and that's all he remembers. the jump and it horrifying result are caught on camera. >> i don't remember getting closer to the ramp or shifting the motorcycle. i don't remember getting closer and closer and positioning myself for the jump. i don't remember any of that stuff. and i certainly don't remember the helicopter ride that, you know, sent me to scripps memorial hospital which is where i woke up a day or two later. >> bubba breaks a lot of bones, not to mention a state-of-the-art helmet. >> that is a $1,000 indy car
3:25 pm
helmet. very lightweight and space age technology material. you're not supposed to break those things. that motorcycle helmet was broke none three different places. but it saved my life. >> saves his life, but barely. >> i had a major head injury. bleeding on the brain. i crushed my right shoulder. broke the collarbone in my shoulder blade in the back. i broke all of my ribs. i punctured both lungs, ruptured spleen. i shatter made pelvis and i broke six vertebrae in my back and one in my neck. other than that, i was all right. >> but have but has no memory of the jump. but ever the perfectionist, he critiques his performance from his hospital bed. >> i'm thinking, man, that is so obvious that i don't have enough speed and it got me to thinking, did something happen? did i black out? what went wrong? and then as i started watching the video and analyzing it quite a bit more, you can see me in midair working the bike and trying to move it around a little bit so obviously i was totally there but the only thing
3:26 pm
i can fathom is the simple fact as i'm going to the ramp the bike is spinning and there's just enough speed being robbed because of the traction issue that i simply didn't make the landing ramp. i wasn't even close. >> the accident may have broken his body but certainly, not his spirit. or his trade mark self-deprecating sense of humor. >> now that i'm fortunate enough to have all the world records, i'll do this a little harder, that's one of the things you usually get a pass on because your name is bubba from alabama but we're having so much fun now you learn from your mistakes. what i've always enjoyed about doing what i do is the excitement and for the longest time that's what i focused on is how exciting can i make it for everybody? >> bubba is still jumping motorcycles, but he's also a father now. something he says, has slowed him down. well, somewhat. >> before, i used to always
3:27 pm
think that, hey, that didn't work out, they're going to get quite a show and i would laugh it off because i'm a good time charlie and i like to have fun. i'm a daddy now and i have a 3-year-old little girl and now my excitement for what i do has kind of changed gears a little bit because i want to make sure that i'm going to be safe. >> but for now, but u still loving the ride and he insists that he's living his boyhood dream. >> the terrible thing is i'm starting to get a little bit old and it's like, all right, hot shot, you've done it all now. what are you going to do next? coming up, a cowboy finds out when you mess with a bull, you really might get the horns. >> you play with fire sort of thing and if you burned you get burned. and it said astronauts see it from space. can a skateboarder jump over it? >> it was so out of the box for somebody to jump that wall on a skateboard. so many things that motivate med to want to do it.
3:28 pm
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here's what's happening. as more rain makes the situation worse in colorado, president obama called the governor to get an update on the historic flooding. five people are confirmed dead right now and some rivers are reportedly rising at a rate of one inch per hour. to make matters worse, today's bad weather has grounded rescue helicopters and officials say more than a thousand people are waiting to be evacuated from the flood zone and hundreds more are unaccounted for. back to "caught on camera." welcome back to "caught on camera." no matter the sport, extreme athletes thrive on pushing boundaries. they test the limits of their bodies. of their equipment. and in some cases, even of gravity, but our next video shows what happens when one man tests the limits of mother nature. 90% of all people caught in
3:32 pm
avalanches, trigger them by their own actions. watch, as one skier literally skis for his life when the massive snow wall along the side of a mountain, appears to crumble. for professional skier, will burkes, danger is part of the job description. >> i've definitely been close to danger, like, a number of tiernls and probably, a lot of times i don't even know it. but the one that sticks out the most is the avalanche that i was in microcreek. >> on the fateful day in british columbia, they find a location and begin so ski, occasionally, trigger, small avalanches in the pristine snow. >> when the avalanche started we just pointed and outrun the avalanche. and that was, i mean, definitely reckless in a sense but we also, you know, had the ability and the skills to kind of outrun it.
3:33 pm
we were pushing the limits for sure. and after a couple of hours we'd set off, basically, like three or four little avalanches and we decided that you know, it just wasn't worth it. >> the group moves to a new location. will watches as another skier makes a clean run nearby. >> when nothing happened, there was no instability and no avalanches or sluffing, or anything like that, i decided, okay, well, this is probably good to go. i took off and i made like three, just, beautiful turns. great snow. and irremember i think it was a left-hand turn, and just above me, like eight or nine feet there's a big fracture line. everything started to moves and the first thing you want to do is turn your skis downhill and get on it and, like, try to power out of it. i see a rock down below me coming at me. and i remember it's going right past it, super fast and i was
3:34 pm
like, whoa. and from there, it was like this out-of-control tumble and i remember tumbling over the cliffs and this huge, like, six foot wall, solid wall of snow, just like mowed me over, super slow motion style but it probably wasn't slow motion but everything slows down when you're in the moment like that. and it came over my head. >> when it's over, will finds his arm and his are buried in the densely-packed snow. >> it was like concrete. i was like, wow, i am stuck here. i didn't have to -- dig myself out. but they came down and dug me out. and, yeah, it was hectic, hectic day. >> that was the biggest thing that i've ever been through in my life. and gave me chills like it's doing right now. yeah. >> amazingly, will is unharmed. >> when the avalanche happened, it was scary being in it and then it was like a relief to be out of it.
3:35 pm
this might not sound really thrilling but a half hour later, i skied another line. that night, we went -- we were at the lodge and we watched the video of it and when i saw the video, that's when i really came to terms with, like, how incredibly monstrous this thing was. >> will says these days, he's less likely to put himself in avalanche country. >> normally, you just don't do it, period. and now that i have kids, it's like a definite not going to happen. we now go from man against nature to man against beast. or in this case, bull. michael floyd's been riding bulls for more than seven years. >> no greater adrenaline rush. i've raced cars and motor bikes and supercross and they're all a buzz. >> but nothing, he says, compares to riding a bull.
3:36 pm
>> it's the ultimate sort of man against beast. he outweighs you at least, sort of 10 or 15-1. more often than not. usual lip they're close to two tons and they just want you harm. they don't mean harm. >> the saying gos if you mess with a bull you get the horns. and michael gets to learn that lesson more literally than he ever expects. >> a little bucking here. >> at a rodeo in australia, michael gets ready for a ride. >> i was fourth out, i was supposed to be fourth out and all the nicer bulls had been taken already and i ended up with this bloke. >> the bloke he's referring so is actually a 1500-pound bull named vieking. >> they call hick viking because of the viking helmets. the own irof the bull said to me, if you -- this is the money bull. make the ride on him and you've got the money tonight and it took me about seven or eight minutes to actually get on his back in the chute. he kept rearing off and tried to get me off a couple of times in the chute.
3:37 pm
>> the ride starts and viking keeps trying to shake his rider and us doesn't take him long. >> it seems like as soon as i could get the left leg down my right one came unsettled and i think about the third jump, the first spin that he did into the left, i just couldn't get the coverage down quick enough and he got me off on the wrong side. >> 2.8 seconds after the gate opens michael is thrown to the ground, breaking a rib but things quickly go from bad to worse. >> i saw him coming, rolled over. got up to try to get some air and ended up getting more air than i bargained for. >> not content with just getting ris rider off his back, viking throws michael into the air. >> the throw in the air didn't hurt at all. he hooked me between my legs o'and other side of my ribs. he just gave me a ride. >> the australian cowboy flies 12 feet up and 20 feet away. >> my first thought in the air was looking at the numbers on
3:38 pm
the top of the chute and thought some words i can't recite and thinking this is really going to hurt and he hit me again when i was in the air. i didn't realize he had another swipe until i saw the footage myself and he hit me. >> the whole thing is over with in five seconds. and apart from the broken rib he suffers when he first falls off viking, michael is somehow, uninjured. >> you're playing with fire. if you get burned you get burned but it's something i love doing and my family knows if anything happens, i'm at least doing something i like rather than just sort of being a road statistic or something like that. >> michael is still riding bulls and holds no ill will toward viking and says it's all part of the sport. >> i don't think he intended to hurt me. he was doing what comes naturally and having a play. if you go through life too scared you want to give a go to, you might as well wrap yourself and caught the wul. the saying, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
3:39 pm
coming up, a kayaker goes over a 127 foot waterfall. >> i'm scanning the pool at the base of the fall and waiting to see some sign of pedro. i don't see anything. >> when "caught on camera:the danger zone" continues. ♪ ♪ we go, go, we don't have to go solo ♪ ♪ fire, fire, you can take me higher ♪ ♪ take me to the mountains, start a revolution ♪ ♪ hold my hand, we can make, we can make a contribution ♪ ♪ brand-new season, keep it in motion ♪ ♪ 'cause the rhyme is the reason ♪
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his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. it's not a barrel over niagra falls but our next taker zone video comes close. a kayaker not only sails over a giant waterfall in nothing more than an 8 foot boat, he appears to land head-first. ben stooksber riff has always been drawn to extremes. >> it's in my dna. from a very young age i enjoyed pushing myself, whether it was
3:43 pm
long distance running or skiing. roller blading. mountain biking and then, the sport that i've been doing for the last decade which is kayaking or extreme kayaking as we call it. >> and make no mistake, extreme kayaking is no day at the beach? >> what we're doing is really, on the far end of the sport. it's the most advanced. the most dangerous and arguably, the most rewarding as well. what we're doing out there is really a different sport altogether. it is extreme and it is dangerous. >> today, the professional kayaker has turned his eye toward the camera. and shoots footage of his co-extremists. >> we go out all over the world and find some of the toughest, most dangerous and difficult rivers to access all over the world and then we film the process of getting to those rivers and running those rivers. it's pretty exciting stuff, really. >> in 2009, they plan one run that will break records. the kayaker making the
3:44 pm
death-defying ride is brazilian, pedro olivia. >> he was competing for the brazilian national team and i was filming for a company that produces kayaks here in the united states and he was tell meg about these amazing rivers and waterfalls? brazil. >> a year after meeting, the two planned a ride that would push them close to the danger zone. >> our hope is to establish a new world record for the tallest waterfall run in kayak. >> the previous record is for 108 feet and to beat this, they look for the perfect falls and come upon this fall in central brazil. >> we looked hat does defense of waterfalls that were potential candidates. from the time that pedro first saw the falls, he says that it was the perfect falls. he knew in his mind right then that he was going the run the falls. he felt that this was one of the most beautiful places he'd ever seen. he felt like this was a heaven
3:45 pm
on earth. a paradise. salto bella means beautiful waterfall and that's exactly what it was. >> pedro is going to make the run and ben is going to catch the whole thing on camera. >> waterfall kayaking is sort of a not-to-be-tried at home exercise. we're professionals and we have years of experience under our belt. we know exactly what's at stake. but in terms of just going over a waterfall in your kayak or getting your kayak on the river, it's something that everybody should try. for anyone that tries it, it will be probably, the most exciting thing to ever do in their life. >> but the excitement of kayaking over a waterfall, doesn't come without some careful planning. >> going into this drop, we had no illusions about what could go wrong. we knew that pedro could get seriously injured. we also knew that there was a possibility that he might drowned. the impact might be so severe it
3:46 pm
could knock him out and we might not be able to get to him in time. we would literally have, at most, a couple of minutes to get pedro out of the water so we needed to be ready for him to be unconscious and to be able to get him out of the river, if he were unconscious. >> contingency plans are in place. pedro is ready to go and ben has his camera in hand. >> pedro is extremely confident right before the run and he got a feeling that everything was going to go extremely to plan. as we were waiting for pedro to come around the corner and come out of the trees paddling, i was nervous. yeah. i was anxious. i was excited. i was worried. definite high anticipation and high anxiety for me. it was all i could do to stay focused on the task at hand which was capturing pedro's dissent on tape. >> and he does just that. the camera catches pedro as he approaches the falls. goes over and disappears. >> i did a fairly steady
3:47 pm
hand-held shot all the way down to the base of the falls and then just hold and wait and wait and wait. and wait. and so been for probably 20 seconds i'm scanning the pool at the base of the falls and waiting to see some sign of pedro, a paddle, a boat. just some color in the pool. i don't see anything. >> no? >> i get ready to put the camera down and repel to the base of the falls to help look for pedro. and at that point, another guide, another of the locals signals him that he sees pedro walking out from behind the falls. at that point he says -- which means, here he comes. he's coming out from behind the falls. at that point everyone erupt into screaming and you know, kind of laughter. >> yeah! yeah! >> ben says that when pedro emerges from the falls he's
3:48 pm
momentarily confuse. >> he came up in a place where he had never imagined he would be. he was in this misty, windy, torrential cavern with the sun beaming through the curtain affidavit faof the falls and for a second he wondered if he wasn't in heaven. >> then pedro seeing something jarring and ironically, his only injury of the day. >> he sees the green form of a snake to his left and he stumbles back like, whoa and he sees another snake to his right and slips down and cuts his leg. >> he narrowly survives one of the most dangerous stunts only to walk straight into a cluster of bow whahat constrictors. he said he had to catch his bearings like, you're okay. get up. you got to walk out of here. you just survived the falless. don't let this be the end. he was able to get up after
3:49 pm
that. calm himself down a little bit and avoid a couple more snakes which ended up being lazy boa 'constrictors, digesting a meal. but three or four foot snakes, enough to scare any one of us and ended up walking out from behind the falls and telling us quite a tale. it was an experience that i'll remember for the rest of my life. being a part of a world record-breaking dissent was something that's still with me. and it still makes me smile and makes me take pause from time to time. >> that said, ben and pedro are not resting on their laurels. >> there are already plans in the works to continue our search for bigger, more beautiful falls. the game is on. the game is on. coming up, a skateboarding legend attempts a jump over a famous site. but a fall threatens everything.
3:50 pm
>> most devastating moment ever, day before this was supposed to happen i'm laying at the bottom of the ramp going no, way, this is over. ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ it's as much as you like, any way you like. try new soy wasabi grilled shrimp and more. only $15.99, offer ends soon.
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legend has it, it can be seen from outer space. but can it be jumped on a skateboard? one world champion attempts the seemingly impossible, and falls. what happens after, may surprise you. >> i just fell in love the with the skateboard at 3 years old. >> 30 years later he's not only in love with his skateboard he made it his profession. >> what i do for a living is i have a lot of fun and take a lot of physical abuse. at the same time i skateboard professionally and i've been doing it for 20 years. i love the fact that the skateboard has such a endless
3:54 pm
amount of potential for creativity. >> and so is the potential for injury. >> it's not as glamorous as it looks. i do get hurt a lot. that's a big part of what i do. but on my left knee alone, ankle, elbow, shoulder. i have like an unstable vertebrae now and i have residual damage from a serious neck injury. paralysis in my arms. >> along with injuries, danny wracked up multiple records and firsts in skateboarding. >> the world record jumps i've achieved have been records i've set have been not so much been about the record itself versus the opportunity to push skateboarding to a certain point. my whole deal is trying to one-up the things i've done in the past. >> and in 2005, he plans a jump unlike anything he's ever attempted before. >> i flew to china on some business and i was looking at the magazine and i saw a picture of the great wall of china and i was looking at it and we
3:55 pm
happened to fly over it at the same time and i was like, wow, that would be pretty intriguing to jump the great wall. >> the great wall of china, which goes back to the 5th century bc stretch morse than 4,000 miles and stands about 25 feet high and 30 feet wide. >> it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. it was so out of the box for somebody to go jump the great wall on a skateboard. there's so many things that motivate med to want to do it. biggest challenge could i get permission to do it. >> danny manages to get permission and then starts building the ramp he will need to make the jump. >> we had to import a lot of materials that they didn't typically have and we make skateboard ramps out of. not only that, but having to bring my u.s. -- you know, my crux crew down there to help work with the chinese to make sure that this thing was sound and dimensions were translating correctly from, you know, standard to metric and when i
3:56 pm
actually got there and saw this thing getting constructed i feel like i already accomplished my goal. to have a western come to china, an american kid from california, and jumping the great wall. and in a country like china. i just never thought in a million years that would happen. >> but big projects sometimes mean big problems. >> some of the things did come out a little wrong like the design of the ramp was not perfect. and there was a couple of flaws in it which i found out the hard way. >> the day before the big jump, danny checks out the setup. >> i went up there and looked at it and everything looked pretty good to go. >> it may look good to go, but when he makes a test run, danny realizes, something is wrong. >> i knew right away i was going to come up short, like i c catapulted off the end of the ramp and broke my ankle. i was like, this just didn't happen. my ankle is fine. in is surreal. i couldn't accept i broke my ankle. it was the most devastating moment ever.
3:57 pm
the day this was supposed to happen i'm at the bottom of the ramp saying, no way this can be over. >> danny goes back to the hotel determined that the next day he'll make the jump. >> i would never have thrown the towel in on it but i didn't know if i was physically going to be able to accomplish it. eventually i was there and 'ready to do whatever it took to get over the wall but i didn't know if my ankle would give out or not. i was like ready to go but is this thing going to last? i don't know. >> the next day, danny and his broken ankle make us to the top of the ramp, determined to go three with the jump. >> it was such a hot day, really hot day and humid. so all the gear i have on and ten flights of stairs and stressing about my ankle and hurting every step i take, as much as i wanted to enjoy the moment i wanted to be on the other side of the challenge and finish and taking my gear off. thank god it's over with and able to relax and not feel that pressure.
3:58 pm
or the pain. >> he gets ready to make the. >> that was a leap of faith, pretty much. definitely a leap of faith. >> a leap of faith, maybe. a dangerous jump? definitely. he flies down the ramp and millses the landing. but danny takes the old saying to heart. if at first you don't succeed. try, try again, no matter what. >> soy went back up there and it's ten stories to get to the top of the thing, fractured ankle in the hot humidity, it was -- the construction all the way to the top of the thing so i had to hike that thing. >> he gets into position to make another attempt. and lands successfully. >> i made a perfect landing. and i went back and i did it like five times in a row. thank god, i don't know how it worked out but it did. it was like i made it over the wall and my ankle was broken and
3:59 pm
each time i went up there, it was like, please, god, make this happen. and get me out of here in one piece. i don't want to end up in a hospital in china. i want to get home. please, get me home safely. i prayed every time i went up there. >> eventually he stops jumping the wall giving hills boo did a much-needed rest. >> i think it was one of the top, as far as all the dangerous things i've done by a longshot. >> the great wall of china jump put danny squarely in the danger zone but for him it's all for the greater good of the sport. >> i've always had so much of a respect for skateboarding and what it's done for my life that i've always contributed and wanted to give the community of skateboarding something they can be proud of, too. >> so there you go. eight extreme athletes with whose death-defies feats put them squarely in the danger zone. amazingly, they all live to tell the tale. if you have a video you'd like to send to using will on to our website, caught on
4:00 pm i'm contessa brewer. that's this edition of "caught on camera." >> from the startling. >> if i did that i would be arrested or shot and then arrested. >> to the silly. >> you're like, wow, my kid's got to get up. >> to the sublime. their viral videos, short moments, caught on camera that we can't stop watching. and like a virus, pass it along. >> first thank you do is send it to ten of your friends. >> people flood the internet with videos hoping they will go viral. >> everybody is making videos now. >> i can put my kid on there and get a million views and be on david letterman? >> you're competing with a guy that


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