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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 18, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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he had so many mental problems. and we have an incredible rescue from a good old samaritan. we'll take a closer look at how the miley cyrus lee am helms worth breakup was reported. i probably would have done the same exact thing. this is way too early. good morning. brian shactman here. we have a few bizarre tidbits for you in sports. you won't believe how many houston fans are watching astro games from home. you can start the over/under on that one. also, who called the mets game last night? i'll give you a hint. he likes breakfast serial and super man. but we want to start with the
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scope of the damage continuing to emerge this morning in flood ravaged colorado. good you news, it's not raining. about 600 people still missing, but thousands are tell out of their homes. we're taking a look at video and graphics of the aaron alexis story, but we're starting with i believe we want to start with colorado if we could do that. the situation there in terms of the rain stopping and what we're doing there. guy, if you could catch up to me, i've already been there. so let's move forward to the video and any sound or do you want to go straight to aaron ala alex alexis? okay. let's go with aaron alexis. i apologize. despite a series of outbursts and mental health stints, the incidents never tripped alarm bells. and the man accused of killing 12 people in the navy yard had
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security clear answer. just last month, he called police from a hotel in new port, rhode island to complain that people were following him and that he was hearing voices. alexis also claimed he couldn't sleep because those same people were using microwave technology to send vibrations through the walls. the "new york times" reporting he south mental health treatment from a veterans affairs hospital and he also gained mid level secret clearance in 2008 maintaining his credentials did despite shooting accidents in seattle and ft. worth texas, but he was never convicted. and background checks by his most recent employer did not raise red flags. his friends from around the country paint a picture about of a man in conflict who may have had problems with the government. >> oh, my gosh, i'm so tired of dealing with our american government because they are not -- they're giving me the runaround. >> i didn't know him as a
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monster. i choose to rather remember him as being a jokester, the honorable young man, not the one that flipped out and just went off on everybody. >> alexis also knew his way around guns. co-workers in texas says when he lived there, he kept a 45 calib caliber handgun tucked in his belt as he made deliveries for a restaurant he worked for. he bought a shot gun saturday and shells from a gun store in virginia. original reports suggested he used an assault rifle in the shooting, but now law enforce the girls sif i reca the physicians say he only had a handgun. president obama and defense secretary chuck hagel are calling for separate reviews of
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security standards at government and military facilities worldwide. now let's go to colorado. the scope of the damage this morning obviously still really difficult situation. as i said, the rain has stopped and the number of people that they're still looking for is down to about 600, but a lot of areas remain under water and some residents returning home to find that there is no home left. many others are waiting for the green light to just go back. linda tarr's home was just rebuilt after a forest fire. she was forced to evacuate when the torrential rains started. >> washed out the road all the way down. and i was six miles up that canyon. so how long can it take, you know, to repair that road. >> there's been story after story after story of people that just struggled to get here and then just almost that collapse of that i'm safe. that it's going to be okay and
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it won't wash away. >> a third of jamestown, colorado completely washed away. just imagine your hometown, a third of it gone. roads are impassable and it could be weeks before help arrives. the town's mayor was one of 40 people who stayed behind. >> it's the same. from the beginning of the town to the he said of town, just devastated. it's up rea's unreal. you see it happening in other communities and you don't ever think it will happen to yours. >> officials say it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars to recover from this particular disaster. thanks but no thanks. brazilian president has canceled her state visit to the united states over allegations the nsa spied on her government. it was planned for next month. she's demanding an apology from president obama and says the trip can be rescheduled once her concerns are addressed. white house press second jay carney says the president understands and regrets brazil's
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concerns, but they are commit committed to moving beyond the issue. in washington, we're getting closer to a showdown over the federal deficit. democrats standing by their vow not to negotiate over the debt ceiling as republicans are making obamacare again their primary target. the national review's robert costa reports john boehner and eric cantor will announce the house will vote to fund the federal government and simultaneously defund obamacare. a recent nbc news/wall street journal poll found just 31% of americans believe obamacare is a good idea. just 23% think it will have a positive impact on the country's health care system. but with less than two weeks to go before state based exchanges begin to offer insurance, president obama says he is unfazed by the polling data. >> the latest poll shows americans oppose it, believe it will produce damaging results.
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52% believe the law will raise their health care costs. is even wrorybody wrochng? >> yes. there is no evidence at all that this is somehow making health care more expensive. there is a lot of evidence that it's helping to make it cheaper. we expect that once it's fully implemented, a year from now, two years from now, five years from now, people will look back and asking what was the argument about. why is everybody fighting this so much. >> spending on health care and social security is projected to double compared to the size of the economy over the next 25 years. one man is really lucky to be alive this morning after an incredible rescue. a construction worker was hanging outside a window of a new york city apartment. something sparked a fast moving fire when he was working by himself. you'll see a worker from the
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building is perching himself right by the window and obviously there wasn't a whole lot of time to figure out what to do. so what did he do? he basically risks his own life, goes across a ladder right out of a circus routine four stories above the ground. gets him down and they walk back to safety. and we're told both are okay. just amazing with technology we can witness something good like that. now to business. ben bernanke will speak later today, expected to announce the central bank will begin cutting back its $85 billion a month bond buying stimulus program. meanwhile all three indices finished in positive territory yesterday. and we're basically in 13 year highs for the nasdaq which is the tech heavy index. and we're over 1700 which we haven't done that in a while in the s&p 500. that's a third day of gains for the s&p. let's go toout to steve sedgwic
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in london. are we expecting the market to react muted? >> yes, exactly what we expect. the market will react obsessively about tapering regardless. you and i have been looking at this for a longer time. i came back from russia last week and emerging nations are obsessed by quantitative easing and the equal of that. so whether it's $10 billion or $15 billion in real terms makes very little difference to the u.s. economy, but it makes an enormous amount of difference to confidence. people want the tapering but they want it when they know the u.s. economy can sustain a growth trajectory without that easing. elsewhere, a key story which i know you have been following, as well, and this is friend finder networks has filed for chapter 11. they have debts of $522 million. who are friend finder networks? the owner of penthouse and sites such as hot apparently they have been under
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a lot of pressure because of free adult online entertainment. it is a tragic story for penthouse. >> tragic of course the easy joke is that maybe sex doesn't always sell. so hulu and bbc are partnering up. i get a little flack for being jin gchl oistic, but what do we want to watch that's on the bbc? >> like all channels, there is some stuff you want to avoid, but some fantastic stuff. they have a series called lupa which is too scary for most of your audience to watch. it is quite gory. but i will direct them to sherlock. he is excellent in the role of mr. holmes. i would directed their attention that way. >> we like the recommendation. steve, thank you very much and have a good day. we want to move on to our twet
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twitter question. there is word brat pit made brad pitt made an appearance at a wedding. if somebody famous crashed your wedding or anybody could, who would it be?if somebody famous wedding or anybody could, who would it be? tweet your tweets with the #way too fun. still ahead, the mets are obviously not in tpennant race, we have at least one famous fan p. and big announcement for the final season of mad men. you'll have to wait a little bit to see the series finale. that story and a check on weather. fbi says patty hearst was pecked up today in san francisco. she's been missing for 19 months. first kidnapped, then she announced she had joined ranks with her kidnappers.
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breakfast cerea time for sports. start with the nationals hosting a doubleheader with the braves. of course they canceled monday's game because of the tragic events at the washington navy yard. early in the first game, nats trailing by a run. this grounder goes through the legsmonssimmons. come runs come in. nats blank them in the neat game. a two game sweep. american league, battling for the wild card. first pitch, kinsler out of the park. >> nice crowd. >> yeah. how about that? they drew like recent than 40,000 in two games down there and they're in the pennant race. texas now tied with tampa.
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to boston, orioles and red sox. chris davis, 51st home run to center field. that breaks the single season club record. he had 18 the year before. 16 the year after. never hit more than 24. so he now no longer has the club record. by the way, they went on to win 3-2. boston's magic number still at three because tampa losing. toronto, yanks facing the jays. r.a. dicky allowing only four hits, struck out eight. he's had a nice second half of the year. yankees are 3 1/2 back in the wild card race. reds shut out the astros 10-0. houston's 100th loss of the season. get get this, they also drew an
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all-time low for viewer ship in the houston area. viewer than 1,000 households tuned into watch the game. >> could yyou could get 500 by accident. mets hosting the giants. last night in queens. notable for not the match-up, but for jerry seinfeld stopping by to help call the game. of course keith hernandez, they reminisced a little bit about the show. >> celebrating our 20th anniversary of appearing on tv together. >> that's this year. that's right. >> 20 years. >> '93. that's right. i got a phone call from my agent and said do you want to do this show and i said what's the show. seinfeld. what's that? >> right. and they told me we can get keith hernandez. i said who is that? let's not lose track of the game here.
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that's what i'm here for. >> what's funny, i think back to that episode, they had a man crush on him. it was the first -- >> mustache going. it was great. >> first real use of bromance. >> i think hernandez has the better joke in there, too. >> i think he probably did it. spar as far as the weather goes, another cold morning in new england. but beautiful afternoons. sunshine and low 70s from vermont all the way down to philadelphia and d.c.. so enjoy, it should be a great afternoon. also a beautiful full moon tonight for much of the country, called the harvest moon. also this is something we need to watch. no threat right now, but if you're anywhere from florida through the gulf of mexico, i think this could be our first storm of concern in the lower 48. eventually it will go to the gulf of mexico, the water is plenty warm. i think this will develop into what will be tropical storm jerry and maybe then up to hurricane status sometime next
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week. but we don't know yet where it's going. it will move slow over the next five days and the water temperatures in the gulf can support a very strong storm. it's not where you want to see a storm. so i think in about four or five days, we'll be talk about someone having to possibly deal with it. could be mexico or anywhere in the gulf. so i'll try to pinpoint it in the days ahead, but right now, you have to have your hurricane preparations already done anyway, but if you're florida to texas, pay attention. coming up at the top of the hour, the president responds to critics who say he was tone death when he made a speech on the economy hours after a gun man opened fire at the washington navy yard. the round table will discuss if his explanation holds up. when we come back here, of course we huddle away the cooler. jimmy kimmel analyzes the needed i can't coverage of the miley cyrus/helmsworth break skrup. here is a hint. it's not really twerking out for them. run, go, go! did he just fumble?
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"i" formation! "i" formation! we have got to get the three-technique block! i'm not angry. i'm not yellin'. nobody's tackling anybody! we got absolutely... i don't think this was such a good idea. i'm on it. if we can't secure the quarterback center exchange... you're doing a great job, coach. well they're coming along better than i anticipated. very pleased.
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at the top of the show, we talked about the ongoing investigation into the shooting at the navy yard in washington, d.c.. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends of the 12 did deadliest shootings in u.s. history, six of them occurred
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between you 2007 and 2013. as far as specifically workplace home sid h homicide, last year alone, 463o. as far as specifically workplace homicide, last year alone, 463.. as far as specifically workplace homicide, last year alone, 463.. as far as specifically workplace homicide, last year alone, 463.. as far as specifically workplace homicide, last year alone, 463. fans of the show mad men will have to wait up 2015 for the season finale. no, there wouldn't be an additional season. instead amc will be splitting the final season into two installments. the first of seven shows will air next spring, the second group will be shown in 2015. they plan to shoot all the episodes in one production cycle. that means amc will be holding for an entire year. there will be one more episode than originally planned. stephen colbert is running is into 61 billionaires who didn't quite make the cut for this year's forbes 400.
2:54 am
>> even if you have $1 billion, that is not enough to make it on the forbes 400 list. forbes is out this morning with its 30 second annual list of the 400 wealthiest americans. and this year the rich are getting wretcher. >> first of all, you need to have $1.3 billion. so there were 61 buiillionaires that weren't rich enough. >> i don't know who to feel worst for, those poor billionaires or "forbes magazine" which just last 61 of its 461 subscribers. >> that's too good. sometimes a play on words is too easy to pass up. jimmy kimmel gave an in-depth analysis of how the media covered miley cyrus. >> she and her fiance lee am helms worth have called their engagement off. breakups are difficult and that's why this morning i was glad to see that our nation's
2:55 am
news media covered the story with sensitivity. >> miley cyrus and now we want to confirm she and liam, it didn't twerk out. >> it's over. >> was it twerking on someone else? >> it appears that it did not twerk out between miley and liam. >> it was not twerking out. >> she's no longer twerking on her relationship. >> maybe her twerking isn't working. >> i guess her twerking wasn't working. >> miley cyrus couldn't make her relationship work or twerk as she likes to refer to it. >> miley and liam won't be able to twerk things out. >> i don't think it's twerking out between you and i. you know what i mean? >> yeah, the image -- anyway, i will admit i might have said that if i had to do that story, i might have used that. nd i'm just grateful -- >> we do what we can to be
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witty. we're not late night hosts. >> we are not. although some in the newsroom are good enough to be. i want to fit this in. check out this ending from a high school football game in washington state. unbelievable. columbia river down one in the final seconds. the game winning field goal gets blocked. you think that they win the game. but the game's not over, the ball is behind the line of scrimmage. the other team picks the ball up and runs it in for a touchdown. they whin the game. ball was still live. the other team ran it in for a touchdown to win the game. pretty cool. still ahead, your best and most creative tweets. who would you like to see show up at your wedding? it starts with something little, like taking a first step. and then another. and another. and if you do it. and your friends do it. and their friends do it...
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brad pitt makes an appearance at a wedding in the uk. so we were wondering who would you like to show up at your wedding? natalie has shaome answers. >> drew says he wants bill murray as the greens keeper in
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caddie shack. and john seems to want you in a yankees hat and >> all right. it's 6:00, the top of the hour on the east coast. good morning, everyone, welcome to "morning joe." it's wednesday, september 18th. with us on set, we have msnbc contributor. hello, mike. >> what was that? >> almost as disturbing as what i'm about to tell you. >> oh my god. take a look at