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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  September 25, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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are tired of answering questions about sodomy, a time savor, you have off to put it on your website. virginia is an amazing campaign. elections in odd number years turns out to be the oddest thing what ted cruz pretended to do on the senate floor for 21 hours was fight the good fight to defund obama care. but what he was really doing as everyone in the senate knows what he was really doing in his prearranged deal with harry reid who allowed him to speak, what ted cruz was really doing was offering his complete and total surrender.
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>> most americans could not give a flying flip. >> can't stop, won't stop. >> who cares? >> ted cruz needs to stop. >> senator ted cruz all for nothing talk-a-thon. >> i guess it is all over but the shouting. >> green eggs and ham was my favorite book as a boy. >> deep spite the 21-plus hours. >> a losing battle. >> the senate voted in the past hour to move forward. >> the speech will do absolutely nothing. >> it will not defund the nation's health care law. >> this is just phony. >> a little like the world wrestling federation. >> this is just pretend. >> the world's longest presidential stump speech. >> i hope one day to be granted the letter. >> cruz has been getting backups. >> i can become a pirate as a longed to be as a child. >> you were the worst child i ever heard of. >> i hope one day to be a pirate on the high seas. >> you have heard of him. >> you are invited to join me. >> cruz's speech, referenced everything from nazis to star wars.
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>> nazi germany. duck dynasty. green eggs and ham. this is life and death. mike lee, i am your father. >> i don't think we learned anything. >> i think he thinks he is starring in a movie. >> has any one on capitol hill learned anything. >> absolutely not. what you saw ted cruz do on the senate floor yesterday last night and this morning is surrender. it was total surrender. but having very foolishly painted himself into a corner by pretending it is possible to defund obama care he helped to find a way of surrendering that didn't look or sound like surrendering to the childish members of the house of representatives who foolishly thought he knew what he was doing when we told them he would fight obamacare in the senate. experienced house republicans, who know just a little bit about
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the senate, knew that cruz was lying, all the senate republicans with the possible exception of cruz groupie meek lee knew that cruz was lying. surrender in the senate is normally a quicker and quieter affair. than cruz's meaningless long talk which was most certainly not a filibuster as everyone knows. ted cruz's 21-hour stunt was a nonstop admission he has no tactic, no strategy, no way of winning, what he is pretending to fight for. and as soon as he ended his ridiculous stunt at precisely the minute, the minute that he promised harry reid the day before that he would end his ridiculous stunt, republican senator john mccain was granted time by the democratic majority leader to speak. >> the affordable care act was
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on the floor for 25 straight days including weekends. between thanksgiving and christmas of 2009. we fought as hard as we could in a fair, honest manner. and weep lost. and weep lost one of the reasons is because -- we were in the minority. and -- in democracies -- almost always -- the majority governs and passes legislation. >> i would remind my colleagues that -- in the 2012 election -- obama care as it is called. and i will be more polite, the -- the aca, was a subject of that was a major issue in the campaign. i campaigned all over america for two months. everywhere i could. and in every single campaign rally i said and we have to repeal and replace obama care.
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well the people spoke. much to my dismay. and they spoke. they re-elected the president of the united states. >> for reasons that make sense only to ted cruz, ted cruz then lined up to vote to proceed to the bill that he had just spent 21 hours trying to block. and then -- he jumped on the phone with his biggest supporter. >> the single biggest surprise in arriving to the senate is the defeatist attitude here. we don't talk about how to win a fight. there is no discussion. we talk let's get a show bet we can tell our constituents we are doing something. but it, i promise you, rush, if you had to sit through one senate lunch, you would be in therapy for a month. i don't know that you could -- as bad as you might think it is -- and listen, these are good men and women, i don't -- i
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respect them. i like them. many of these are my friends. but they half been here a long time. they're beaten down. they don't believe we than quinn. the answer on every issue is we can't do it. we can't do it. washington, look in both parties. you have entrenched politician whose have barely veiled contempt for the american people. they think their voters are gullible rubes. >> no, it's much harder to get rush limbaugh into therapy than ted cruz thinks. rush wouldn't go into therapy for his drug addiction. joining me now, steve schmidt, a former mccain 2008, adviser, and david axelrod, sam stein, political reporter for "the huffington post" all three are msnbc analysts. steve, republican senators on the floor are not normally granted time to speak by the democratic side. it but it was harry reid who
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reserved time for john mccain to deliver the lesson to ted cruz today. people are saying now that the -- the bad blood between cruz and mccain is, is unfix bum at this point. what's your sense of it? >> well i think the bad blood between ted cruz and ape great many of his colleagues is unfixable. we have never seen an instance in recent history at least, at least i can remember. some one arrived in the united states. and performed in the way that he has the. the demagoguery, the stunts. the showboating. what you see, he talks to rush limbaugh. he talks about the rubes out there the i would argue a case of projection. this is a giant con that ted cruz, rush limbaugh, the conservative talk radio hosts are all in on. trying to fire up the base of the party. with regard to something that is unachievable. look, david and i would disagree profoundly on obama care and affordable care act.
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i think it will be a disaster. over the years ahead. but the only way it will be repealed is if we elect the republican president, we have a republican congress, and that's how you repeal it. the stunt that he is doing has nothing to do with repealing anything, has everything to do with positioning him for the 2016 presidential race. >> david axelrod as soon as i heard yesterday ted cruz had taken the floor, in, in this prearranged deal with harry reid, i knew that what we were looking at was surrender. i knew heave couldn't go out there the way a lot of senators have in the past when they're on certain crusades. and admit as you come down to the vote that well, you know i don't hatch the votes. i'm going to try to bring this back up the next session. a lot will go out in a gentlemanly way. it was clear he needed to go out with the big, bad exercise only rush limbaugh would fall for.
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>> lawrence. last week he ran afoul of his own movement in the house republicans by suggesting that the votes weren't in there in the senate to -- to defund obama care. so i think this was a bit of him seeking redemption from his base. and i wouldn't underestimate, i don't think it is just rush who probably was enthused about his performance a. i think we, we are, we are all a little bit smug because we read, read it for what it is. we have seen this, this thing unfold over the last 24 hours. but my sense is that -- among this base, among the people he is trying to appeal to this played. and i think ted cruz was well satisfied with his 21 hours. it is hilarious to hear him complain to rush that all people in washington want to do is showboat after what he pulled off. but nonetheless, i think he, he was appealing to a base. it is a base that is real in the republican party. and he is going to try and -- and go after that, that base in
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2016. and the big, the big challenge for the republican party is -- will that base pull the party over the -- over the cliff as it has in the past few cycles. >> let's listen to senior senator from texas who has frequently been kind of intimidated by the junior senator ted cruz into agreeing with him. he didn't agree with him on this one. let's listen. to vote against it on the very bill we are for that came from the house that would defund obama care is a little hard to explain. it may well prompt the government shutdown which i think benefits no one. and it could possibly damage our economy which as i said earlier is fragile indeed. here is the ultimate irony, if we are to shut down the government, because we refused to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government operating -- obama care still gets funded.
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that's because -- it has mandatory spending. in other words, automatic spending that even if the government shut down, obama care still by and large gets funded. there is john cornyn, read a few too many articles saying he is afraid of ted cruz going out there and dismantling every aspect of ted cruz's argument. >> yes. factually he is right. a congressional research service report, requested by another senator, that showed clearly obama care is based on mandatory spending. mandatory spending does not shut down if you lose government funding. if they were to take it to the logical degree that ted cruz promised them to it wouldn't have done what he was pledging to do. let me add one thing to john mccain. to jump on david's point. steve's point. and slapped down cruz for what
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he did. almost helped cruz in a way. see conservatives almost get gleeful. they don't respect tom mccain. don't think he was a true conservative. when admonishing, comparing opponents to nazi sympathizers. they were angry with john mccain and not ted cruz. i agree with david and steve. this benefits him in the long run. >> eight republican senators went out there on the floor to in any way associate themselves with ted cruz. rand paul was one of them. rand paul asked him some difficult questions. not all the softball stuff the others were doing. rand paul opposed the ted cruz strategy in private meetings. let's grant every one of those. say all eight senators are with ted cruz. so, so the cruz wing of the senate is 8% of the united states senate.
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>> yeah, what was interesting. by the way -- rand paul went on fox tonight i think. and -- and, kind of renounced the -- the strategy. he did it gently. carefully. but did it pretty artfully. you know, what he definitely was separating himself from cruz. but here is -- here is the disturbing reality. if you are worried. look at all the primary candidates running in 2014. all most to a person candidates endorsed what cruz was doing. and i think they did that for the same reason that i think that cruz was happy with his performance. there is an activist base in the republican party. they're overrepresented in republican primaries.
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off year elections. and, and they -- they buy this. they're the rush limbaugh republicans. they're willing to follow this stuff, right over the cliff. >> steve schmidt, quickly before we go. what do you make of ted cruz not being able this time to intimidate more republican senators into coming to his side during the show? i think it is long overdue. hopefully the moment was the bridge too far moment. you will see leaders in the party speak up against it. stop being with the talk radio hosts and take conservatism good name back. by any objective measure, john is a good conservative. an effective conservative. a serious man. and, that he is being attacked is betraying the conservative movement by the outside groups is completely ludicrous. so if you look at the reality. and five u.s. senate seats. over the last two cycles.
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nominating deeply flawed candidates imposed on the party by -- low turnout primary voters who are very much in the ted cruz wing of the -- of the party. we have paid a high political price for it. i think increasingly for people who want to win the next presidential election. limbaughism, cruzism is not the path to victory. unless and until our elected leaders stand up against this, we will have a difficult time. so i think you will increasingly see republicans say enough is enough with this stuff. >> next man up, steve is john boehner. the question is whether he is going to be that republican, whether he is going to be that leader. >> he is going to have to be. steve schmidt, david axelrod, sam stein. thank you for joining us this evening. >> thank you, lawrence. >> coming up, more greatest hits of the middle of the night filibuster. where all the great stuff happens. we have got it for you. we will have more on ted cruz's
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motivation for his pretend filibuster. hearing obama care attacked is scaring some of the people who love obama care. like the family whose daughter has had three heart surgeries. they'll join us. terrifying video from inside the navy yard massacre last week. a survivor who refused to leave his co-worker behind that will join me. man: sometimes it's like we're still in college. but with a mortgage. and the furniture's a lot nicer. and suddenly, the most important person in my life is someone i haven't even met yet. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. as you plan your next step, we'll help you get there. you work. and you want to get an mba.
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>> president obama has taken note of the biggest political star in new york city, dante de blazio, he met president obama last night at a democratic fund raiser where the president endorsed dante's dad, nominee for mayor, bill de blazio. obama said dante had the same hair-do i had in 1978. i have to confess my afro was never that good. it was a little imbalanced.
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everyone laughed of course. coming up -- the craziest and i mean craziest things said on the senate floor last night. i like filibusters so much that i even watched the fake ones. i want peacocks. peacocks? walking the grounds. in tuscany. [ man ] her parents didn't expect her dreams to be so ambitious. italy? oh, that's not good. [ man ] by exploring their options, they learned that instead of going to italy, they could use a home equity loan to renovate their yard and have a beautiful wedding right here while possibly increasing the value of their home. you and roger could get married in our backyard. it's robert, dad. [ female announcer ] come in to find the right credit options
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10:21 pm
stays funded avoid any risk, one of the approaches they do they try to make it all about people, make it all about personalities. >> daily beast columnist patricia murphy's newest piece, ted cruz's fake fight against obamacare is making millions. take is a looking at the money ted cruz is raking in for conservative super pacs like senate conservatives fund and the club for growth. both pacs spent millions to get ted cruz elected. $1.3 million from the senate conservative funds. and $5.5 million for the club for growth. now with cruz's help they're getting their targeting obama care. the senate conservatives fund is behind this tv ad which you have seen showing ted cruz. >> the constitution gives congress the power of the purse. and we need congress to stand up and defund obama care now.
10:22 pm
joining me now, a teleprompter that is flying by. go to the guest. the prompter is out of control. a lot of word in there. we lost them all. joining me daily beast columnist, patricia murphy and columnist, msnbc contributor. this gives you much more time to talk. i think what we stuck in the prompter, i was going to cheat and steal stuff from your peace. >> you got my name, i'm impressed. >> patricia, there is rush limbaugh asking is this a stunt? what is your analysis about what is behind this -- this -- scene on the senate floor last night. which clearly had absolutely no impact on the business of the senate. >> well, my first analysis is that ted cruz had no choice but to mount this filibuster. he alienated the house republican caucus by saying we don't have the votes in the senate. why don't you stay strong. he got so much blow back from conservatives. he needed to do something. so that was the immediate situation for him.
10:23 pm
but also he has spent the last month, month and a half, spending an enormous amount of time cutting ads for the conservative fund, robo calls, starring in mailers, he put enormous time into the effort. the groups were instrumental in his election. millions of dollars plowed into his race. he was absolutely an underdog. he had millions of super pac money come into the texas race. the groups that helped him get elected now are helping him push this movement forward. he is doing it from the inside of the senate. they're doing it on the outside of the senate. they are not only raising money for themselves, crucially they're building a list of potential donors. $1.5 million people have signed the petition that cruz was pushing. basically a war chest in waiting. whenever they want to flip that switch, 2014, for any presidential race in 2016. they will flip that switch. they have the names. they have the energy from the very upset activists. their passion is genuine.
10:24 pm
cruz and republicans have told me this, they believe cruz is doing that to basically profit off the outrage. >> haley barber doesn't like the way some of the -- organizations operate because they don't just try to elect republicans they attack republicans. let's listen to what haley barber said about this. >> the house republicans voted to repeal obama care in one form or another about 40 times. since it went into effect. yet some of the groups like the senate conservative fund, club for growth, attack the same republicans that voted against obama care. but they attack them over tactics. they should have gone at it this way. the legislative strategy. there is no excuse for making people think a conservative congressman who has a 98% conservative voting record is a bad person because you disagree with him on his tactics. >> the democratic party has to be grateful for some of the
10:25 pm
choices that the groups are making? >> oh, absolutely. i just want to say by the way, isn't ted cruz the best thing that happened to political cable since sarah palin? >> e.j., i actually, i actually fell asleep last night watching c-span 2 in the middle of the night. here pacific time. i am watching until what was 5:00 a.m. eastern time. some of the greatest stuff c-span has ever had. we'll show greatest hits later in the show. >> we don't talk about work a day legislators. you know, jeff murkle, and lamar alexander. patricia's good piece makes a good point. what we have created is an ideological revolving fund where groups raise money, they elect candidates on the right fringes. those candidates create issues. if members of congress don't go along. then they raise money off the issues.
10:26 pm
and then they threaten more members just like haley barber talked about with primaries. and it just keeps going like this. there is going to be an ipo for these ideological revolving fund. i do think in the long run it is damaging for the republican party, a, because a lot of primaries aren't helpful, but b they end up with candidates like richard mourdock and other kind of people who lose elections. patricia is right. the people who give money to the groups feel very passionately and this machine just keeps that passion alive. >> patricia -- on the buzz feed -- makes this point about cruz compared to other republicans. as of june 30th, the cruz pac earned $313,323 with $183,000 cash on hand. that its a far cry from the
10:27 pm
$1.348 rubio's pac has raised. and patricia it seems to me that your point is these other organizations send millions of dollars into the cruz campaign. so, you can't really judge cruz's political wealth by the dollars he is personally putting into his own pac? >> leadership pacs there is a limit to how much they can spend. $5,000 at a time to candidates. with the super pac like the senate conservative action, that is unlimited donations. and unlimited donations. they could give him $5.5 million. actually spent it on the race. can't give it directly to a candidate. spent $5.5 million in his race alone. so, you could spend a lot of time raising $5,000 increments for groups. or you could dump $5.5 million into race. you get a lot more bang for your buck. what republicans told me this
10:28 pm
week that just has been so infuriating. cruz is raising money for the group that its running ad against their fellow republicans. why don't you run it against democrats, run it against obama. he is raising money against his own colleagues that. 's what has republicans so upset. >> patricia murphy, great article. learned a lot. and thank you both for joining me to night. >> good to be with you. >> coming up -- as i promised. the comedy gold from ted cruz and his sidekick mike lee who actually said and i believe meant it "that he wanted to be a pirate" that's in the "rewrite." the american dream is of a better future,
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>> as the obama administration prepares for the health care exchanges to open for enrollment next week, the administration announced to day that premiums, health care premiums will be lower than anticipated in exchange as cording to the report from the department of health and human services. premiums before tax credits and subsidies will be more than 16% lower than projected over the last 24 hours. we have heard many things on the senate floor. about obama care. not many true. but what about the people who have benefited from obama care. take for example 3-year-old zoe lynn suffers from a congenital
10:33 pm
heart defect. remember her mom stacy spoke a year ago how without obamacare, zoe's life would be in jeopardy. >> zoe's third open heart surgery will happen either next year or the year after. if mitt romney becomes president, and obama care is repealed. there is a good chance she will hit her lifetime cap. there is no way we can afford to pay for all of the care she need to survive. when you have a sick child it is always in the back of your mind, and sometimes in the front of your mind. >> joining me now are stacy, caleb, emerson and zoe lynn. stacy, of course, president was re-elected. obama care not repealed. and zoe just had the third operation you were talking about? >> she did. just had her third open heart
10:34 pm
surgery august 13. as you can see she is sick weeks post-op and doing fabulous. aren't you, zoe. >> caleb, what would you look to say to senators like ted cruz who can go out there for hours talking about what they believe is so un-american and just, he actually talks about obama care as being morally wrong. >> well, i would take the converse position that his -- partisan -- relationship that, you know, targeted toward threatening and ultimately -- and repealing obama care. and wrong. and care for a condition that you, are born with through no fault of your own. having those rights take any way from you. to me that is morally wrong. i think that, obamacare serves a purpose. and it is important. and have him stand up there and spend his time on that.
10:35 pm
>> stacy -- how is -- how is zoe feeling and could you ask her to tell us herself how she is feeling these days? >> hey, zoe, how are you feeling? are you feeling good? >> uh-huh. >> what did you have done a couple weeks ago? do you remember? where did we go in philadelphia? >> why did you go to philadelphia? >> are you feeling good? >> because i got my heart fixed. >> you got your heart fixed? are you feeling better. >> she is feeling great. >> yeah, i, you know, i mean there is -- a 3-year-old who got her heart fixed. we didn't hear stacy, we didn't hear in, in over 20 hours on the senate floor, we dent hear a single republican try to tell a story look that. >> right. no, you certainly didn't hear about zoe.
10:36 pm
you didn't hear about all the benefits that she is gaining from the affordable care act. and we are just -- we are so pleased to have that benefit. and have that security and protection that obamacare provide for zoe. for the rest of her life. >> caleb, i noticed when dick durbin want out there and asked questions of ted cruz about does he really want to get rid of -- the pre-existing conditions benefit in the -- and cruz would say no. he would say i would look to do that another way to virtually every good thing that dick durbin raised. ted cruz and republicans will say, no, we think we can fix that a different way. have you ever heard from the republican side something that sound like it might work for you. >> no, not at all. in fact i heard a lot of talk for a long time, for many months. repeal and replace. never got into the replace part.
10:37 pm
all been repeal, repeal. repeal. i don't think they have been able to. or will be able to articulate, an operable solution that is an alternative to obamacare. that's just it. they -- you know, they realized there is good parts to it and they will help people like zoe and our family and they want to sort of brush those to the side and cherry pick, one or two things they think can be perceived as negative and focus on those. use that to -- to, you know sort of -- carry on the -- the misinformation campaign. >> stacy, i want to point out to america you and the kids are in arizona right now. and so you are in that western time zone. you are not keeping them up too much past their bedtime. >> right. >> stacy, caleb, emerson, zoe, thank you all for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you, lawrence. >> say bye. >> bye. >> bye. >> coming up. new video from inside the
10:38 pm
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>> former president bush supports marriage equality for one couple. the former president and first lady were official witnesses at the wedding of bonnie clement and helen thortleson. they took a picture as the former president signed their marriage license. the same-sex marriage legal in maine since december. a spokesman for the former president said the bushes were private citizens attending a private ceremony for two friend. >> the penn and teller of the united states senate, comedy team of ted cruz and mike lee is next in "the rewrite." ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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>> i'm told climatologists can prove there is impact by the butterflies in south america on with patterns in north america. i don't know how. you would have to get to a lot, make a lot of inferences before you got there. >> there were a whole lot of inferences flying around the senate floor last night. but not a lot of senators helping ted cruz with his fake filibuster. en in a real filibuster, senators yield for questions the only way the filibustering senator can maintain control of the senate floor. that's what ted cruz did last night in his pretend filibuster. the questions in filibusters are almost always offered by friend who are there to help the filibustering senator rest his voice by asking very, very long-winded questions that don't sound like questions at almost
10:46 pm
of the time. >> regardless of how long i might serve in the united states senate, i hope one day to be granted a letter of mark and reprisal so i can become a pirate. >> there were eight senators who wanted to be associated with ted cruz's fake filibuster. one of the senators, rand paul reportedly tried to talk cruz out of doing this meaningless stunt. so cruz was able to attract something resembling support from about eight percent of the united states senate. all the rest of the republican senators shunned him. throughout his pretend filibuster. that left him on his own for long stretches, and ted cruz demonstrated that he doesn't know enough about obama care to get him through the night. >> there are person whose have no money. you turn to the law. but the law its not a breast
10:47 pm
that fills itself with milk, near are the veins of the law supplied with milk from a source outside the society. you look right now at one of the most popular television shows in the united states. "duck dynasty" a show about a god-fearing family. a successful entrepreneurs. who love guns. who love to hunt. and who believe in the american dream. i'm a big fan of eating white castle burgers. >> of course he its. no senator was more helpful to ted cruz than his groupie mike lee who once they crossed the 3:00 a.m. mark, started asking questions that were actually questions. >> senator cruz, i would like to ask you --
10:48 pm
do you know how long the 100 years war lasted? can you tell me, senator cruz, where do chinese gooseberries come from? do you know what color the black box is? can you tell me what part of the world the panama hat comes from? the device known as -- a camel's hairbrush -- do you know what it is made of? >> imagine, imagine how hard this was for ted cruz? who said, he would not study with any one who had not graduated from harvard college, yale or princeton. unfortunately, mike lee went to brigham young for college and law school. off awe mike lee, i am your father. >> but lest you think mike lee's ridiculous questions proved ted cruz's point about why he never wanted to study with any one who
10:49 pm
went to brigham young. consider ted cruz's answers none of which were even like a 1/2 inch above mike lee's intellectual level. >> what color is a purple finch? >> again i will yield for purpose of that question. to note a purple finch, listen, like -- most husbands, i have a color pallet of six colors. my wife asked me with regard to a tile that well were redoing our bathroom. it was a white tile. she was long distance. she said, what shade of white? i will note a question i was utterly incapable of responding to. i wasn't aware there were shades of white. my vocabulary does not cover such things. i dropped it in a fed-ex envelope i sent it. it is a white tile. i know nothing beyond that. your question, what color is a purple finch? i would tend to think it would be purple.
10:50 pm
i would think wrong if that were the case. a purple finch is crimson red? >> is it any wonder that more republican senators didn't want ape piece of that action? >> chinese gooseberries from new zealand. in my mind i heard the music from "the shining" not the shining, "psycho." >> for the sound track of ted cruz's speeches please consider the music from "psycho."
10:51 pm
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>> the fbi released video showing the navy yard mass murderer moving through the building. one of the people who escaped will join me. ♪
10:53 pm
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ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. listening, planning, working one on one. to help you retire your way... with confidence. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. ameriprise financial. more within reach. >> alexis was prepared to die during the attack and accepted death as the inevitable consequence of his actions. >> today the fbi released new details and disturbing detail of the navy yard massacre gunman moments before he went on a shooting rampage. in the 30-second video we see the gunman arriving at the navy yard, driving his rental car into a parking garage. he then walks through the front
10:55 pm
glass door of building 197 carrying a bag on his left shoulder. we then see the gunman walking down a hallway carrying his sawed-off shotgun looking into an office door and continuing down the hallway. in the last 11 seconds of the video the gunman goes through another set of doors and peers around a corner of a wall before heading down another hallway. over the next hour the gunman shot and killed 12 people, wounded four others with this remington 870 shotgun. the shotgun had purple duct tape wrapped around it and messages etched into it including "end to the torment,". "not what y'all say" and "belter off this way" and "my elf weapon." the fbi explained this way. >> at this point, i can confirm there are multiple indicators that alexis held a delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency or elf, electromagnetic waves.
10:56 pm
in addition, a document retrieved from the electronic media stated, quote, ultralow frequency attack is what i have been subject to for the last three months. and to be perfectly honest, that its what has driven me to this. >> joining me now is omar grant, a washington navy yard contractor. he was in building 197 when the shooting started but was able to escape and help a blind employee do the same. mr. grant, what is it like for you to seep this video now of him moving through the building and -- coming very closer to where you were? >> the first time i saw the video earlier today i got to admit it was anger. anger, i don't know the time line of this video. but it was, either he had already shot people that i know, or was getting ready to shoot people that i know. and i have known for years. just watching him walk through
10:57 pm
the same halls that i have walked through, and, and, and doing what he is getting ready to do or has already done, it was a -- a lot of anger. >> you helped, you didn't just escape yourself. but you helped a blind employee escape with you. and, did you -- idea off have any encounters with this man before he went on that rampage in the course of working there? >> no. i didn't have any encounters with him. i am sure i had seen him around. i am in i.t. i get around the whole building. three people that work in the code that i support were killed by this gunman and others wounded. you know -- it's strange that not only of all the buildings at the navy yard for him to shoot, start shooting in my building. on the floor that, that i support. and kill people that i know it's -- it's every time i see the video of him, walking around
10:58 pm
like he did, like high said right now. i still have some anger toward him. and -- >> do you have any sense of why if his movements were being monitored on video that, that it seems no one was actually monitoring that video as the it was -- coming in live? >> that would be a question best answered by the security force there. within the building. i had no access to anything -- you know, monitoring equipment like that. although that particular shot right there, looks like, it's, looks like the same hallway in that door is like the one that i left out of. but i when i exited the building. >> wow. the, the -- your sense of safety in general -- when you would enter the navy yard complex.
10:59 pm
i assume you had hey high level of safety going there? >> yes, i had been going there for many years. just like many bases there is a since of feeling of, a feeling of safety. going to an establishment such as that. just the fact that it is a military installation. and plus there are armed guards, around, and -- and the other types of security that was on the base. yeah, you do feel safe. >> how long did it take you to realize what was actually happening. how was it communicated to you? >> after i heard the first two shots i was in atrium near the cafeteria. i didn't want to believe that it was shots. and other people who sit near the -- near the atrium area were leaning over and asking me from a second, third, floor, what was that is not? you don't want to think it is gunshots. you know, we heard three more gunshots. and then the alarm went off within the building. then we all knew, exactly what it was.
11:00 pm
>> omar grant, very sorry for your experience that day. thank you very, very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you very much. you think fidel castro gave long speeches. let's play "hardball." ♪ good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. everyone who watch this is program knows of my devotion to winston churchill, the courageous british leader who stood against the nazis, knowing that if britain were to lose the war, he and everyone else in the british government would be killed. i look up to him. all that's good in political leadership.