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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 26, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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resorts. new calls for a montana judge to lose his job as the man he sentenced to just 30 days in jail for raping a 14-year-old student goes free. plus, secretary of state john kerry about to hold a rare meeting with iran just hours after iran's new president said, quote, no nation should possess nuclear weapons. but first, the news nation is following what it's all going to cost you. we have new details from president obama himself today on how much you'll have to pay for coverage under his new health care law. that's coverage you'll be able to buy on online exchanges beginning next tuesday. the president spoke several hours ago at a community college in maryland. >> here in maryland, average 25-year-old making $25,000 a year could end up getting covered for as little as $80 a month. here in maryland, a family of four making $60,000 a year could
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get covered for as little as $164 a month. in texas, average 27-year-old making $25,000 could get covered for as little as $83 a month. in florida, a family of four making $50,000 could get covered for as little as $104 a month. >> the cost of coverage will depend on where you live, of course, and which level you buy. four levels of coverage will be offered. bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. each will have varying deductibles and co-pays. more specifics now from nbc's tom costello. >> on the silver plan, a single 27-year-old earning $25,000 a year could expect to pay $145 a month after tax credits. a family of four earning $50,000 could pay $282 a month after tax credits. but the older you are and the more you earn, the more you'd pay. no tax credits for individuals making more than $46,000 a year. the total charge would depend on the insurance competition in
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your state. a 60-year-old woman in dallas earning $50,000 a year could pay $575 a month for silver coverage. that same person living in indianapolis would pay about $725 a month. >> meantime, a new glitch today in the health care law rollout. politico headlining another obama care delay and reporting the obama administration is postponing online enrollment in some of the small business exchanges scheduled to open october 1st. however, small businesses will be able to submit paper applications. joining me live now, democratic congresswoman of california karen baths. a strong supporter of president obama's law. i want to start off with there was an expectation if there was a glitch or a problem that critics of obama care would certainly be vocal. we have new comments from darrell issa in your home state of california, a republican, of
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course. he says while president obama was busy telling americans that an increasingly unpopular law was here to stay, sources of his administration were telling reporters there would be yet another delay. he goes on to talk about the expense and the confusion related to obama care. your reaction to this glitch and again your republican colleague in the house and others pouncing on this. >> well, first of all, i would definitely want to verify that. one of the things i think has been so tragic over these past few months and especially now is the extreme effort that the republicans have gone to, to create absolute confusion. confusion and distortions. one of the things that i always look to as a former health care provider is things like pre-existing conditions and caps on health care coverage. those two provisions alone are absolutely going to save lives. i know that for a fact having worked in an emergency room. >> you said you wanted to verify. are you referring to this delay? it's been confirmed. it's a one-month delay for
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online enrollment for small businesses. >> i see, i see. you know, let me just say something. any time you have a massive change like this, there are going to be issues. there are a lot of difficulties with the law. unfortunately, the republicans have a position of repeal and nothi nothing less. if they were cooperative and accepted this is law the supreme court has validated, we could move forward and repair the things that need to be fixed. speaker boehner, the day after the election, was the first one to say, this is law, we need to accept it and move forward. >> in moving forward, we know the most important step as it relates to october 1st is helping people understand what they are signing up for, what their options will be. i know that a recent report showed, for example, 80% of african-american voters were in favor of the law. two-thirds of latino voters.
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you've held town halls. we also know that it's significant in that young people will be needed for this to work effectively here. what is the primary question you're hearing now five days out from your constituents? >> how fast they can sign up. i mean, i'm fortune in california because our state is 100% behind it. people are anxious to sign up. they want to know how they can take advantage of it. >> so there are no worries about costs? you don't hear any -- go ahead. >> people, again, are waiting to see exactly what the cost is going to be, but most of the people that i'm talking to who are anxious to sign up right now have no choice because they have a pre-existing condition or they have no health insurance. so costs, of course people are concerned about that, but when they see that the cost in california came in a lot lower than expected, they're going to be very pleased. >> i imagine, and this is perhaps an obvious question, but from what it sounds like, you're quite confident in five days the
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administration is expecting it to take off slowly, but you're confident that people will get online and be able to understand and move forward with enrollment here. >> i will tell you that i'm confident in my state because my state is behind it. but i am concerned about states where the republicans are in control and they're doing everything they can to create misinformation and confusion. so that is a concern for me. but outside of that -- and i really think that my colleagues, their primary concern is especially getting into next year when people are taking full advantage of this that they're going to have a hard case to make on repeal because they'll be taking something away from people. that's not going to go over well. >> all right. congresswoman karen bass, thank you so much for your time today. we greatly appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> now let's talk more about this with sirius x m's michael smerconish and nia malika henderson. nia malika, i'll start off with
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you. "the washington post," i think, has a great article today where they address some of the concerns regarding every day people. the headline basically is individuals will define obama care's fate. the paper goes on to point out, having passed the test of its constitutionality before the supreme court, the law now faces an even more critical judgment. one that will be written in millions upon millions of individual stories. among the winners will be the uninsured, assuming the coverage they get proves to be affordable and adequate, businesses could be losers. some people who buy their own insurance may pay more while others pay less. if goes on to talk about it really is about the individuals who go online on tuesday and come out with their interpretations, not what people are saying in washington, d.c., but what they experience in signing up for obama care. >> that's right. i mean, we've had an entire debate that so far has been defined by democrats and republicans, obama, the biggest cheerleader for this law that still hasn't really gained the
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sort of popularity i think he anticipated when it was first signed into law. here, starting october 1st and up until march, we'll have millions and millions of people sign up for these benefits, and they look very different in each state. they cost very different amounts in different states and in a lot of these states, perry bacon jr. has a piece up on where he says the way to sell these plans in different states is to not mention obama because, you know, tying him to it only -- >> well, it's called obama care. >> but it's not called obama care in connecticut and georgia. it's called something very different. they have different names for it there. >> but isn't that a form of deception in a way? it's about the facts of it, not what you call it. >> i think the goal here for obama is to sign up as many healthy young people as they can. if you're in kentucky or
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georgia, you want to sign up people who might not want to sign on for anything that's labeled obama care. you very well want to call it something else. >> if you're a young person, you're less likely to be scared off by that name because young people voted for this president. that's how he got re-elected with obama care being the name. michael, i think that's a part of what i'm trying to get to the heart at and why perry's article, to nia malika's point, it kind of takes you out of what's happening in the beltway and the reality of individuals. i want to quickly read what's in "the chicago tribune." their editorial board met with state officials who were trying to explain obama care. five days before the launch of this massively ambitious redesign of national health care, the insurance policies to be offered in illinois are still a mystery. co-pays, deductibles, premiums still a mystery. will your doctor and hospital be included in the insurance networks? still a mystery. is it time for the president's back-up team, the people who are
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getting this message out, to stop discussing republicans. it is the law. do as much as possible to help those individuals and their stories understand what's going to happen to them on tuesday. >> yes, it is. not only for the president's team defined as members of the administration, but i'm curious to see come next week will rank and file elected democrats in the house and senate try and sell this with him. something i don't think they've done in the elections that we've had since obama care, the affordable care act was initially passed. so much of this debate has taken on no resemblance to the underlying substance of what this law actually entails. it's come to symbolize so many good things if you're a supporter of the president, so many bad things if you're not a supporter of the president. you cannot imagine on a day-to-day basis the things that i hear from people who are radio listeners, tamron, in terms of concerns that they have about the law that are illogical and don't bear any resemblance to what we think is coming.
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>> one thing that did come down today is this delay as it relates to small businesses. they'll still be able to enroll online -- excuse me, on paper but not online. i want to play what health and human services secretary said when asked about it on alex wagner's show. let's listen. >> what is happening with this shop exchange, the small business exchange where for the first time a lot of small business owners will be able to compare plans side by side, that will be available on october 1st as promised. people will be able to see what is in their marketplace, how to look at coverage, ask questions about whether or not this is a good deal for their employees, find out about the tax credit, and then beginning november 1st do the online enrollment. again, alex, these are plans that don't start until january 1st. >> in the meantime, nia malika, the white house is saying they expect enrollment to be slow in october and november. they expect an uptick in december because coverage
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doesn't start until january. they expect somewhere between 4 and 9 million people to sign up in the first year out of the 40 million who are without insurance. again, this glitch. the administration is said to have anticipated glitches and then a fight after each one here. >> that's right. and of course, the republicans are smelling blood with any of these glitches. they very much want to delay the implementation of this whole thing for a year. they're going to tie the debt ceiling talks to that most likely. i mean, one of my questions is, does obama need to in some way step out of the picture in terms of selling obama care? because he hasn't really made the case. he's been out there talking about obama care for many years now, and the polls just haven't changed. you do have a situation now where you have people like bill clinton stepping in and talking about obama care, some celebrities talking about it as well, reaching, i think, those young people that you mentioned voted for obama. in some ways, i think they have tuned out and might be harder to reach at this point.
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you wonder about the ambassadors they'll sort of try to enlist to sell obama care because so far obama and his administration haven't done a good job. >> michael, quickly, what do you make of this, taking obama out of -- i am befuddled by that. nevertheless, what do you think? >> i think he's got to bring those skills that he's had on the campaign trail but has not fully been able to implement while he's in office to sell this. he hasn't really been supported by members of his own party in that regard. to nia malika's point, stuff's going to happen on tuesday. you can rest assure his opponents are going to exacerbate every glitch that comes down the road. i hope his team is ready to highlight those individuals by way of example who weren't able to get insurance previously because of a pre-existing condition and tell all those stories every time there is a glitch in the road. >> well, this has been never ending but truly the beginning starts now as we count down to october 1st. thank you so much for your time, nia malika and michael
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smerconish. well, today interpol is looking for samantha lewthwaite. she's wanted for charges dating back to a 2011 bomb plot at a resort. it did not connect her to the nairobi mall attack. meanwhile in kenya, smoke rose from the westgate mall today. crews detonated a series of explosions as investigators continue to clear the building. forensic experts from around the world carried out fingerprints, dna, and ballistic analysis today. joining me now, nbc news terrorism analyst and former white house counterterrorism official roger cressy. thank you for your time. first, on this interpol issue on the white widow. she's not confirmed to be a part of the mall attack. obviously, the timing here is curious that this notice goes
11:15 am
out for her arrest. >> right. no coincidence, tamron. she's been a person of interest for some time now. and there are multiple conflicting reports. that's what we need to keep in mind right now about who is behind the westgate mall attack. we're not going to know for some time who actually was identified as being part of the attack. clearly, they want this woman for a variety of reasons. whether or not the interpol red notice will lead to her capture, we'll just have to wait and see. but she's a high priority person of interest right now. >> what can you tell me about this new state department warning that's just come out? >> well, i mean, what the state department is doing is looking at what happened in kenya and updating a number of their alerts that they've had published for some time. in the case of kenya alone, they had updated their travel warning in july, a warning about the potential for soft targets as being areas where groups like al shabaab might target. what they're doing, really, this is in that abundance of caution category, is issuing an update
11:16 am
to their global warning so people are aware that in a post-westgate mall attack, there's always the concern for copy cats or individuals who might undertake operations as a result of what happened in kenya because of the significance of the attack and international publicity around it. >> all right. roger cressey, we great lly appreciate you joining us today. up ahead, all signs the government is not shutting down next week, but republicans are looking to tie an increase in the debt ceiling to an obama care delay. >> the president says i'm not going to negotiate. well, i'm sorry, but it just doesn't work that way. plus, the outrage continues. 30 days for rape. many protests as a teacher convicted of raping a 14-year-old student walks out of jail today. the outrage and the new efforts to get the judge who sentenced him to that short stint be thrown off the bench.
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right now there's new hope the possible government shutdown loomi looming in just five days would be avoid. but there are signs of new trouble on the horizon. house republicans would agree to increase the debt ceiling in exchange for a broad gop wish list, including delaying the president's health care law for a full year, kick starting tax reform, and permitting keystone excel oil pipeline. also, the proposed package reportedly contained a handful of economic growth provisions. >> on the debt limit, we're going to introduce a plan that
11:21 am
ties important spending cuts and pro-growth reforms to a debt limit increase. now, the president says i'm not going to negotiate. well, i'm sorry, but it just doesn't work that way. >> nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us. kelly, in the last hour the white house says it would not agree to keystone xl pipeline measure as part of the debt limit. we also know it's a big no on delaying health care for a full year. before we get ahead of ourselves, i want to get more intel from you regarding the avoidance of a government shutdown, at least on the first. >> boy, tamron, we really need a viewer's guide to help with all of these different issues that are kind of floati ining simultaneously. they don't all fit in the same column. so the discussion of debt limit and debt ceiling is really an october issue. the immediate crisis is, of course, the end of the government's fiscal year, october 1st. so by monday, it's a make or
11:22 am
break moment. so how can we go forward and have a resolution to this? well, senate democrats today brought out their own countdown clock to a government shutdown, trying to put more pressure on the house republicans because the senate democrats will be able to pass what they will call a clean cr. so glossary time for everybody. continuing resolution to fund the government. so an extension of keeping the lights on and everything operating and clean because it wouldn't have any of those sort of christmas tree add-ons of other issues. that's what senate democrats want. that's the simplest solution, but it's not necessarily going to play on the house side where house speaker john boehner is saying, no, they won't take that up. they won't deal with that. they want to use any of these pressure points as an opportunity to negotiate things that they believe are important to the country in terms of how much the government is spending, other issues that they think haven't gotten enough attention. so can it be done? there's a feeling of optimism that everybody knows the stakes of a government shutdown are so
11:23 am
grave, so unpopular, and in fact costly to have a shutdown and then restart that nobody wants to go that path. but exactly how it plays out over the next few days, you and i will have plenty to talk about. >> but the upshot is there appears to be a number of options to avoid the october 1st shutdown, which brings us to why today the debt ceiling debate is the countering story on the ongoing battles in that town. >> one of the things that the house wants to do is because republicans control that part, they can sort of get the ball rolling. they think it opens the conversation by talking about extending the debt ceiling, giving the government more borrowing authority, and having a variety of things attached to it, they believe there is support, even among some democrats, although democratic leadership is saying, no, no, no, they won't go on those individual items. you mentioned a couple of them. all of that could change as the hour grows later. it's a negotiation, and it's a public one at this point.
11:24 am
so these are ideas being floated, some of them have some traction, some of them do not. but they give us sort of a glimpse of what the story is going to be as it unfolds in days to come. so john boehner is not talking specific shutdown strategy now because he wants the senate to actually pass the bill, and they're talking about it today as we've talked about the rules. they are debating it on the floor. there's been speech after speech. no ted cruz marathons but lots of senators are talking about their thoughts about the government shutdown, how to avoid it, what should happen. so we expect a vote could come as early as friday, maybe on saturday, and so we're making plans for that. >> all right, kelly. you get the prize for the first ted cruz reference today. >> i'm glad you're keeping score. >> thank you very much, kelly o'donnell. greatly appreciate it. still ahead, attorney general eric holder and u.s. mayors taking on the nation's crime epidemic amid a federal crackdown on gangs in chicago. we'll talk to it the mayor of
11:25 am
new orleans about his nationwide campaign to combat violence. what does he suggest should happen? plus, developing news out just now. the woman sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing off a warning shot at her boyfriend who had been accused of domestic violence, this story very much talked about around the time george zimmerman's trial happened. well, new word she is getting a new trial. we'll have the latest developments in this much talked about case. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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11:29 am
communities, two mayors working to reduce crime rates in their own cities are joining forces today to do just that. within the last hour, in fact, philadelphia mayor michael nutter and new orleans mayor mitch landrieu delivered a joint address. the mayors discussed the work they've done in their own cities to lower the homicide rates. still, there's much to be done. new orleans, in fact, saw a drop in crime for the first half of the year. that period was still capped by a shooting at a parade on mother's day that made national headlines with at least 19 people injured. and last month residents were outraged after a 1-year-old girl was shot and killed while walking home from a park with her babysitter. joining me now, mayor mitchell landrieu. thank you for your time. >> thank you, tamron. >> you know, there have been a number of events to discuss this gun violence, particularly in urban communities. i think that we wanted to talk to you for a number of reasons. you represent new orleans, but
11:30 am
you're in louisiana. there's such a gap between how people in urban communities as opposed to rural communities, particularly in the south, look at gun laws and what need to be done to protect citizens. >> well, i think that's true, but i think that mayor nutter and i along with mayor manuel and other mayors are saying, listen, there's a culture of violence that's developed on the streets of america. and it is about guns, but it's not just about guns. it's about poverty, but it's not just about poverty. when you think about the number of people that have been killed on the streets of america since 1980, it's staggering. 626,000 people have been killed. that's more people than have been killed in all the wars combined. what's happening on the streets are young african-american men are being killed at catastrophic rates. because they're being killed at different times, it doesn't really rise to it the level of being a national problem. i think that what mayor nutter and those of us are now saying is, listen, this is a catastrophic consequence on the
11:31 am
streets. it's catastrophic for the people killed. it's catastrophic for the community. this isn't just a federal problem. it's a national problem in the sense the entire nation has to be called into purpose on this issue, but we all have to focus on it and find a way to make the streets of america safe. >> i don't want to appear cynical, but i'll tell you -- listen, i was a teenager in the '80s. the gang violence and, you know, ak-47s became a popular reference in just about every rap song, and gangs were spreading from california coast to coast. the issue of it being a national crisis, particularly for african-american boys, is not new, but it is an ongoing crisis. in new orleans, 2012, 193 people murdered, 427 shot. i know your favorability in your state is very high because of the work that you are doing both in the african-american community and new orleans as a whole, but this conversation, it seems for some people, is an ongoing conversation and they feel the results aren't there, especially when we see a child like we saw in new orleans killed with her babysitter. >> well, tamron, you must be
11:32 am
very young and must not remember, but truly, before 1980 in america, we did not have this level of warfare. since 1980, a culture of violence has developed, and in most urban areas, we're not talking about ak-47s. we're talking about illegal guns in the hands of criminals, young men, 88% of whom know each other. there's this culture, this pathology. it's a public health threat. it deals with schools. it deals with a lot of stuff. what we know -- this is what we believe. since it has not always been, we think that we can fix it. it's a recent historic phenomena between 1980 and today. what we're telling the nation is, you really got to focus on this. when 1-year-old london samuels gets taken or you have innocents being struck or just a number of african-american men being taken, which is a huge number, 14,000 american citizens taken every year, this rises to the level of a national concern that we should focus our attention on. >> you say illegal guns.
11:33 am
what should be done? we've seen the effort in chicago, for example. the mayor there and the head of the police department says it is the guns that are the problem. what do you see is the solution, particularly in louisiana and new orleans? >> let me say this. it is about guns, but it's not just about guns. it gets stuck in the gun debate. it's not just about that. it's about a lot more than that. everybody's got to take responsibility for this. they're doing this in -- >> can we zero in on the guns? >> let's zero in on the problem. the problem is young men who know each other using guns to kill each other because they don't know how to resolve differences. that's a much bigger issue than just guns. you cannot, nor can anyone else, boil it down to one thing. then you get stuck. then it just gets to be about one thing. it's really about a lot of stuff. that doesn't mean you can't find the answer. multiagency gang units that we have are working with law enforcement to target the most violent criminals. giving u.s. prosecutors the direct authority to go after
11:34 am
people who have illegal guns is important. they don't have that right now. getting into schools very early, mental health, early childhood education, better neighborhoods, stopping babies from having babies. all of those things are part of the molotov cocktail that is created this culture of violence on the street. one thing we have to do is avoid the need and desire to jump into just making this a one-dimensional issue. it's not. it's multidimensional. it's complex. it involves a lot of taboos nobody wants to talk about. everybody's got to be all in. >> and i agree with that. i think most people certainly -- you did not mention, for example, the epic unemployment rate for young african-american boys, which is a part of the component. what i'm asking is, if you have a gang unit, for example, and you have an angry gang member without an illegal gun, how can he mow down people, as we saw, with mother's day event. this individual without a gun is not the same danger, right? >> i completely agree with you.
11:35 am
but what you just said was taking an illegal gun from a person that wasn't supposed to have it. that's not the same debate, for example, that they had in colorado. it's really not the same debate as the ak-47. what mayors want to do is go to where the specific problem is. this is illegal guns in the hands of criminals that are doing the wrong things with people that they know. now, that is a very specific targeted issue that has responses that if we work on we can do better. one thing we did in this nation in the late '90s was we had a cops program that was funded in part by the federal government where we had more police officers, community policing throughout the community. now, it occurs to me that the nra wants to have more police officers in schools, and president obama and congress want more police officers on streets. that seems to me to be common ground. seems to me the nra and the folks on the other side want to get illegal guns out of the hands of criminals. those are two places where they have common ground. i think the mayors are saying, if we have common ground, why don't we fix those problems first instead of arguing about the things we're never going to come to agreement on?
11:36 am
>> mayor mitch landrieu, pleasure to have you on. >> thank you. i'll be back. in just over an hour from now, secretary of state john kerry is expected to meet with his iranian counterpart just hours after iran's president declared no nation should possess nuclear weapons. plus, the former nfl player's home who was trashed by teenagers having a party. they've been given three weeks to come forward and take responsibility. now he wants justice. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more sinus symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is.
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welcome back. we're following developing news out of tallahassee, florida. this woman has been granted a new trial. her case garnered a lot of headlines as of late. she was sentenced to 20 years in prison after firing a warning shot during an argument with her abusive husband. a florida judge has now granted her a new trial. no one was injured in that shooting, but she was sentenced
11:40 am
to florida's mandatory minimum guidelines, which required the judge to send her to prison for 20 years. her case got a lot of attention. as you see there, she's african-american. many civil rights organizations were concerned because the mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines put her for a situation where she would spend 20 years behind bars. again, this woman, marissa alexander, 32 years old, has now been granted a new trial in this highly talked about case revolving around stand your ground laws in the state of florida. well, in less than two hours, secretary of state john kerry will sit down with iran's foreign minister. it will be the highest level contact between the u.s. and eastern since president obama took office. the two will meet with leaders from britain, china, france, germany, and russia to discuss iran's nuclear ambitions. this morning at the united nations, iran's new president hassan rowhani called for the eradication of nuclear weapons from the world. then he put out a tweet saying
11:41 am
in part, no nation should possess nuclear weapons, as there are no right hands for these wrong weapons. more now on the rollout of the president's signature health care law. our first read team says the white house sees tuesday as the beginning, not the end, of their efforts to bring affordable health care to millions of uninsured americans. they write in part, the white house seeing this as a six-month period to see what works and what does not and how to fix it. but they also know politics are at play, and the pressure to get it right it intense. they write, opponents will try to grab every glitch and say, see, look how disastrous this rollout is. joining me now, nbc news deputy political editor domenico montanaro. >> you're going see a lot more of that. if you have 1.9990, you know,
11:42 am
million happy, satisfied customers, those 10,000 or that half of 1% is going to be fodder for opponents to say, see, this isn't working. and i think president obama and the white house have been trying to say, signal there are going to be glitches. there are going to be state-based exchanges that don't work. there are going to be sometimes the person who's on hold for longer than they feel like they should be on these exchanges, but that is a step in the right direction to get affordable coverage to people who didn't have a chance to get it before, something that might be cheaper than cobra, let's say, if you lose your job. but there's no question about it that the politics on this are tricky they've been tricky. the opposition is ramped up and is going to continue to be until something changes. the white house thinks that one aspect of that -- and you heard a little bit of this with president obama's speech and it's something white house officials have been telling us for a little bit now. look, they don't believe anybody.
11:43 am
when they look at -- when people look at focus groups, they say they don't believe the white house. they say they don't believe politicians. they say they don't believe us in the news media. so what president obama and the white house are telling people is go to the website, see for yourself if it works for you and your family, then make a decision. >> quickly here, west virginia senator joe mansion said he would vote for a government funding bill that delays obama care's individual mandate for a year if that came up in the senate. this is getting some traction right now, domenico. >> well, he's from west virginia. i mean, you know, all politics is local. he was the first democrat to call the health care law obama care, which now president obama has embraced. that's, you know -- that just tells you where he's from. this is the same guy who shot a bullet through the cap and trade bill. his politics himself are very tricky, especially after his support for a compromise on the gun law. so any chance he can be opposed to some of this and appear to look like he wants to govern, i
11:44 am
think that tells you more about why he's doing that rather than party identification. >> domenico montanaro, thank you so much. >> sure thing. still ahead, california the first state to commit to raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour. just one of the things we thought you should know. plus, more protests as a montana teacher sentenced to 30 days for raping a 14-year-old student, well, he walked out of jail today. reaction from the victim's mother. plus, the latest efforts to remove the judge who sentenced him. we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners.
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♪ unh ♪ [ male announcer ] you can choose to blend in. ♪ or you can choose to blend out. the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move. a couple of hours ago a former montana teacher walked right out of jail after serving just 30 days for raping a 14-year-old student. he must register as a sex offender. he will remain on probation as prosecutors appeal the case. but the victim's mother says he
11:48 am
is still avoiding justice. the victim committed suicide in 2010 before he went to trial. the case gained national attention not only for his short sentence but also the judge's controversial comments. judge todd baugh originally blamed the girl. he described her as, quote, older than her chronological age and was probably in control of the situation as much as the teacher. the judge later apologized. as you can imagine, that was not enough. joini ing your reaction to the fact that he's out of jail, 30 days. >> i think the sentence was outrageous, but i think there's a bigger issue here than him being out of jail. i think my initial reaction is that the department of corrections and the probation and parole department will keep a close eye on him. he has a number of restrictions.
11:49 am
one could only hope he doesn't follow them and ends up back in jail. >> for you the bigger issue has been this judge. i know that you've submitted a petition. you want him to lose his position, his job. he apologized august 28th, 2003, said it was a stupid and dumb mistake to blame the victim in this, a young girl who eventually took her own life here. but you want him oreggone. he's still hanging on to his job here. >> he is hanging on to his job. we do want him gone. his apology doesn't really mean anything. you know as well as i do normally people say what they mean the first time. the apology doesn't really count. how can we blame a young girl who was not of legal age to give consent? it is just not okay. you know, and if we don't win with our complaint, in 2014, this judge is up for re-election.
11:50 am
if he decides to run, i could almost guarantee -- in fact, i can guarantee he will not be re-elected. so he'll be gone one way or another. >> as i understand it, there were protests yesterday and today. you are confident this will not die down. either through an election or other means, this judge, it's your goal he not keep his judgeship. >> absolutely. you know, this will not die down. we're a community up in arms. not only do we have a community here in billings, but throughout the state and throughout the nation who want to start a national conversation about what is happening in our judicial system. >> all right. we appreciate your time and appreciate the follow up to this story today. we'll see what happens next here. thank you very much, marion bradley with montana now. >> thank you. divers have found human remains inside the costa concordia cruise ship. dozens of divers have been searching for the remains of a passenger and a waiter who have been missing and believed dead
11:51 am
since the cruise ship capsized. divers spotted the remains near the central part of the ship where survivors said the two were last seen alive. once the bodies are recovered, dna testing will be done to confirm the identities. and former nfl lineman brian holloway is pressing charges against the teenagers who trashed his vacant house at a labor day weekend party. holloway says the hundreds of partiers caused at least $20,000 in damage to his vacation home in upstate new york. some parents threatening to sue the former patriot after he posted the names of some of the teens on social media. we'll be right back. constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. coffee should come in one size: mug.
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11:54 am
now for the "news nation" gut check. one high school football coach in utah is receiving both criticisms and compliments after he benched his entire team because of behavioral problems with a handle of of players. nbc's joe fryer has more on this
11:55 am
tough love lesson. >> reporter: the union high school cougars are wearing the black and gold again. >> we've cleaned up our act. >> reporter: this week players move from the gridiron to gardening and window washing. part of their new playbook to get back in the game after 50 players were benched. their coaches were fed up with the performance of some off the field. poor grades, poor attendance, and last week coaches learned some players may have been involved in cyber bullying. >> we felt like the respect level for our students and to the teachers and things weren't where we wanted that to be. >> reporter: players were told to turn over their jerseys, and they did, some with tears in their eyes. >> i was definitely sad because i love playing. >> reporter: they were given a letter signed by the entire coaching staff with a list of requirements they needed to finish if they wanted to play again. keep their grades up, complete a character education class, and do community service. during a team meeting wednesday night, most of the players got
11:56 am
their jerseys back, but ten did not because they failed to meet the requirements. tough love that even parents say was welcome. >> you're held to a higher standard, and your behavior better be up to snuff. >> it really brought us back down to earth. i think it got people to do what they needed to do. >> so what does your gut tell you? did you agree with the coach's decision to suspend his entire football team? go to to cast that big vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." thanks for hanging with us. i'm tamron hall. see you friday. "the cycle" is up next. you like to keep your family healthy and fit.
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12:00 pm
aren't tired. when you don't score and you're losing, that word comes up a lot. to me, it's an excuse. you got to find a way. that's your job. >> the truth from joe girardi. of course, he was talking about the new york yan kekees. it also applies to congress. you have to find a way. that's your job. trying to live up to that, though, the senate's powering through with the house stopgap bill to keep the government running. but today they stripped the portion that defunds obama care, which means after friday's final vote, it's back to it the house, and if it fails, which is likely, there's talk of a possible one-week cr. yes, the washington gridlock is that dysfunctional. the fiscal year ends monday, and we hit the debt ceiling 17 days later. this is where both sides are really digging in their heels. so get your life vest ready as washington tries to stay afloat. while you're at it, grab a snorkel for president obama because he's under water as well. at least according to the new cbs "new york times" poll. his overall job approva


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