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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  September 30, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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verge of shutting down an rhetoric is heating up. >> give me liberty or give me debt. we're live with the real world implications of a shutdown and debt ceiling debacle. >> this whole fight is centered on obama care. one way or the other the president still promises it's happening tomorrow. >> all of that plus the story that would have been grabbing all the headlines today if not nor the shutdown. ♪ >> the bangles indeed are right, we're on a manic monday heading towards the first government shutdown in 17 years. right now the senate is back in action or back to inaction just nine hours, less than nine hours before the shutdown. once again, they have punted the ball back to the house. wall street is bracing for
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impact and even a one-week shutdown will cut a tenth of a percent off the economy. they are more concerned about the october 17th debt ceiling deadline that is fast coming and president obama met with senior staff this weekend to discuss the potential shutdown, but unlike past shutdown showdowns, aides say this time there's no back room talks happening between the president and capitol hill. the president says he expects to hear from congressional leaders later today. there's still time on the clock to keep the lights on in washington. what could the plan look like? we have special shutdown coverage set for today starting with peter alexander at the white house and mr. luke russert on capitol hill. peter, democrats have said that the president is looking at this as time to punch the bully in the nose. is that the vibe you're getting? >> reporter: well, the vibe that they are communicating to u. jay carney finishing up his press briefing, they say this is not about politics. it's about people not getting
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hurt, even though the white house and press secretary putting out a statement over the weekend that used the word republican six times. obviously politics plays a significant role in this. in the conversations with advisers here at the white house, what they would probably tell you in the leanings today sort of indicate this growing willingness to negotiate over something more long term, that the priority is not to allow for as described this governing by crisis. here's what the president said about his openness to the idea of sort of a long-term budget negotiation. >> the only way to do that is for everybody is sit down in good faith without threatening to harm women and veterans and children with a government shutdown. there's a pretty straight forward solution to this. if you set aside the short term politics and you look at the long term here, what it simply
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requires is everybody to act responsibly and do what's right for the american people. >> that president, president obama there speaking a short time ago at the end of this conversation with netanyahu of israel who is also here today. tour'e, the president said he is not all redesigned to the fact there will be a government shutdown. her holding out hope in some way. there have no back channel conversations as you noted. the white house and president specifically indicating though there will be conversations between him and congressional leaders today and as jay carney said in the days ahead as well. >> thanks, peter. luke, i'm glad to hear optimistic words but the actions don't seem to convince any optimism. game out the next nine or 8:57. what is going to happen to prevent a government shutdown? >> reporter: to
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tour'e, i just came from a conference and they, aides and members have said they are going to move forward on a plan tonight that would fund the government, however, it would also call for a one year delay of the individual mandate of the health care law as well as cut subsidies to congressional staffers health care benefits and those who work in the presidential administration health care benefits. harry reid said if these type of riders as they are known on capitol hill will go nowhere, so what you'll see happen in the next few hours is the house is going to pass something which will be just like saturday and exercise a futility, purely symbolic, trying to get democrats on the record as not supporting delay of the individual mandate, not supporting cutting the health care benefits of staffers on capitol hill that would be affected by the healthcare law and we march closer to a government shutdown at midnight. it's a fast set of developments and shows you to which agree the folks on the conservative gop conference are running this
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show. i spoke to some members going in today, charlie dent from pennsylvania says a clean, republican, a clean government funding bill would pass tonight if it went on the floor as did peter king of new york. there's an idea floated around here to keep in mind this is all fluid, that mitch mcconnell is perhaps putting forward a one-week government funding bill extension to come out of the senate. there's hesitancy about from senate republicans we hear on that by putting the house colleagues on the record for that type of vote. dave camp, chairman of the house ways and means committee told me that's something that they could possibly take a look at. from where we stand right now, tour'e, you'll have a repeat of saturday night from the house republican conference. they are going to put forward this bill they know will be shut down by harry reid. then it goes back to the house and then john boehner has a decision to make. does he shut down the government or put a bill that could get democratic support, which is the clean one and move forward, or is there some miracle hue deanny, something out of the
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mitch mcconnell hat, we've seen this in the fiscal cliff negotiations in 2010 that could avert the government shutdown at least for a week and we negotiate this further? that's what's happening here. nobody knows what exactly the path is going to be. i will tell you, tour'e, the fact they'll send the bill over to the senate again the way the place works with parliamentary procedure, it's difficult to see now how we can avert a government shutdown with the amount of time it's going to take to debate. things could change. someone -- the angels could sing and someone might be awakened and decide they don't want to go down this road anymore. things are not looking good for the government to operate at 100% tomorrow morning. >> i love the excitement in you, luke, peter, thank you very much. it's going to be a long night for both of you. >> msnbc, possibly on until 2:00 a.m., get the popcorn ready. >> lawrence o'donnell live at 1:00 a.m. tonight.
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our special shutdown preview continues with the grio's perry bacon. happy birthday, brother. >> thank you. >> looks like washington loves you because their gift to you is a shutdown. >> washington does not love me it seems like. i'm going to be 2:00 a.m. for the coverage. yeah, washington does not love me on my birthday. there you are. >> perry, we have climate deniers, we have birth certificate deniers, birthers and now we have shutdown deniers, folks in d.c. on republican side of the aisle saying this is not going to be a big deal. it's fine, we can shut down for a couple of days or weeks, won't blame us, won't harm the country that much, it will be fine. perhaps this is because only a third of the senate was in washington in '95 and '96 and only a fifth of the house was. just because they don't actually remember or because they choose to not remember or because they were somewhat delusional. >> let's go with the they don't remember and they don't know. you know ted cruz was not in
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congress obviously for the last shutdown nor the house republican caucus. that's the key difference here. john boehner is aware the last government shutdown was not helpful to republicans because he was in the house leadership at that point. but he's pretty much alone. eric cantor and rand paul, ted cruz, you see a lot of members. also, you remember, most house republicans and most senators are in areas that are very heavily republican. the blow back will happen to the party overall but not to these individual members of congress. >> perry, there's an argument being tossed around by comment ators that a government shutdown may actually be a good thing for the debt ceiling longer term and may knock some sense into conservatives, force them to realize they are out of moves at this point, allowing boehner to raise the debt ceiling a few weeks later with little drama. and molly ball wrote, i asked a
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staffer who works for a house republican whether a government shutdown would be enough to change these members minds. he replied, no we like to suffer we like to beat ourselves and go back to the base and they give us another task to beat ourselves on and we forget how to beat ourselves the last time. perry, i'm ooshlly an optimist, it's hard to believe even a government shutdown will change the do dynamic on the hill? >> i agree with you. i do think down the line there are 85 republicans voted for the fiscal cliff agreement. 87 of them voted to reauthorize the violence against women act. take those two votes. there's a core group of republicans, i call them the governing caucus. if you put the cr to the floor, you would be 250 to 300 votes to pass this bill. there is majority support in the house. i do think at some point john boehner will consider putting the bill on the floor, letting it pass. the important thing you have to remember, i saw dick durbin and harry reid piling on john boehner. i understand that. but john boehner is the elected
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leader of the house republicans. he can't each day of the week decide to violate their wishes. he has to try to get them to move toward a governing method. they can't continue to say the debt ceiling will never be raised unless huge bills like obama care are repealed. he has to get them there and that's the hope of the process. >> right, he's moved pay lot already in response, obviously to what his base is doing. take a listen to him here in march. >> our goal here is to cut spending. it's not to shut down the government. i believe that trying to put obama care on this vehicle, risks shutting down the government. that's not what our goal is. >> there you have it. everyone saying should there be more phone calls, should the president call boehner more? maybe john boehner for march should call john boehner this week an remind him this is a terrible idea, that he literally recently said was a terrible idea. if we know that is what he
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believes, if we don't think he was lying then, what will it take to get him to bring it to the floor? a lot of analysts believe if you do get a shutdown the way out will be to use your words, perry, will be some bipartisan vote with the governing caucus a few days after the disaster. >> let's go back ari. in november, john boehner said, i quote, obama care is the law of the land. and we're going to stop trying to have bills to fight it. he's had to move so far to the right, to the right, to the right. now you're at a place where i know the white house view this as they stand strong. if you notice the white house keeps saying they are not negotiating. usually in politics you don't say i'm not going to negotiate. it makes you seem unreasonable. but their view is that you cannot keep rewarding bad behavior. they view the republicans are exhibiting bad behavior. i think we may need a longer shutdown. all of the polls show that the
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majority of the public will blame the republicans. the shutdown hasn't happened yet. we'll soon have real data showing a, the exchanges have started and they can't stop obama care. they will accept the obvious that the president is not going to sign the defunding of a law called obama care. i think that is one reality that's going to be clear to house republicans. ted cruz can convince a lot of republicans that this bill defunding will happen. you'll have one real fact, the exchanges are starting and the president is not going to defund his own bill. >> i hope you're right about that. perry, as you're pointing out, this isn't the first time we've gone up to the edge with one of these crises, up until today the markets have shrugged their shoultders assuming we'll also avert this one and staring down the barrel of another debt ceiling crisis. are we going to see the business community putting more pressure on republicans, the folks writing them campaign checks?
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they haven't fully engaged yet. >> they haven't yet. i know the white house -- i talked with one of the advisers there, their big push is they need the business community to stop being falsely equivalent. they need them to stop saying, washington is broken and start saying the republicans are not doing the right thing. i don't think we're seeing a lot of signs of that yet. the business is usually more focused on the debt ceiling than the shutdown. if we have a shutdown in the next few days, what are the big analysts and independent newspapers say, i don't think republicans -- i don't care what john mccain thinks, i think that's right. they are not looking for other senators for guidance, some mainstream republicans for guidance. they may look towards the donor community because they usually have a big role in the republican party's actions if big banks on wall street say we're not going to give the party money anymore if it keeps doing these things, that could change.
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but that's not going to happen tomorrow. that's going to be a while. a lot of business leaders pride themselves on being bipartisan and not partisan. >> washington is broken but it's because the tea party broke it. >> thanks perry and ari. we have an asymmetrical problem, up next, what the shutdown could mean for you? remember on the friday, about the phone call with iran's president. it's been overshadowed but israel netanyahu and the secretary of state together again, that story coming later as we roll on. it's the last day of september. ♪
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are you essential? we all think we're essential at work. tour'e i'm looking at you. that's the question, 2 million government workers are asking themselves right now with a shutdown looming, 800,000 nonessential government workers will be furloughed. national security, fbi and mail delivery and faa and may delivery will continue. among the nonessential are the 400 national parks. alex witt is in lower manhattan near one of the busiest national parks, the statue of liberty. >> reporter: krystal, it comes to minds as this boat came in from the statue of liberty and liberty island, it is the national park service boat. it shuttles the employees, a bunch of them got off today and i was thinking to myself, if you're scheduled to work tomorrow, unless you're a
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firefighter or involved in some sort of security for lady liberty's island, you're not getting on the boat again tomorrow if the government shuts down and getting it across the harbor to work. this is also something that is affecting the tourism dollars here. we have tourists coming from all over the world. this is one of the crown jewels of 368 national parks in the country. certainly the top destination for tourism here in new york city. we talked to many families, one of whom was an australian family. they said, getting to see lady liberty takes a lot of planning. >> the timing isn't great. and we have traveled a long way. it has cost us a lot of money and what do you do? there's nothing we can do about it. we're not impressed but what do you do? >> reporter: what do you do? you hope you're here on this beautiful gorgeous day. we have seen all of these cruises packed taking people over. i talked to so many of them today and most of them said they were grateful to be here and
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annoyed to have their plans -- they are lucky today, tomorrow maybe not so much. >> all right, alex witt, thanks so much for that report. i want to throw the shutdown into the spin cycle. i was looking over the list of things that would be shut down. you have fda inspections lessening and you have the wic program for mothers and children, nutritional supplements, no irs audits or osh sha inspections and what occurred to me a lot of these things would have a very damaging long-term impact. but how upset is the republican base going to be over no osha inspections. i'm looking at this list, there's been a lot of talk about how once the government shuts down there's going to be this overwhelming pressure on the house republicans and their base to finally come to the negotiating table. i'm not sure that that's true.
12:21 pm
i don't see where the pressure is going to come from, especially when you have people like john culberson, he said, like 9/11, let's roll. they are not reluctantly going into this. they are gleeful about it. >> tour'e was talking about an assem met tri at whose at fault. you're talking about what the different parties here want government to look like. >> right. >> that's why the negotiating didn't work and the president took a long time i think by some people's estimation to get there. but he's there now. that's why they don't need to be on the phone all day. it's like if you want to send your kids to bedtime and you say, you don't go to bed on time you can stay up all night. if that's a consequence, it doesn't work. you know, you have kids. >> no, it doesn't work. >> there was one cosby show where they led rudy stay up all night -- >> she was tired. >> she was tired.
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>> she learned something. >> rudy huxtabl was always ahead of the tea party because they are not tired and learning. what they want in the grover -- a government so small enough you can put it down the bath tub. the important point i don't want to lose here, that is wrong on policy grounds because it is expensive to shut down the government in this way. the studies are out there it would be over a billion dollars a week as a cost. the thing you're doing that you hit government with makes government even more expensive. >> that's absolutely right. there's no pressure coming from their constituents because they hate obama care and government. that's the tea party these sis. >> they are confused obama care is going to be negativively impacted which it won't be. >> i don't want to get bogged down on shutdown because the point is an attack on obama care. they are rooting for it to fail. bill clinton said something interesting about that this
12:23 pm
weekend. >> can you remember a time in your lifetime when a major political party was just sitting around begging for america to fail? >> and it seems it's been that way since 2008, they have wanted america to fail. for the good of their own political desires, which doesn't make any sense. if you think obama care is bad, okay, that's a reasonable discussion. but this tantrum makes everything worse. i have to say, i feel like they are not talking about real principles, you're talking about grandstanding on fake principles. >> the pressure will come from the america people and that's what president clinton pointed out. politics is about risk and reward. you think it makes sense to go with a risk with the idea there's some reward at the end of the tunnel. that's not the case in this situation. there is no rational pathway to defund obama care. it's not going to happen. you have a number of republicans saying this not worth this. if anything it's damaging our career. what republicans should care about, who's going to get the blame if we're not caring about
12:24 pm
how this affects the american people? >> i want to say -- >> their folks think they are not to blame, which they don't, then where are we? >> to your point, there is a better way. i want to play one other thing that was said during the fight just this weekend. take a listen. >> after we won the majority and won the presidency, we didn't go back to try to undo it. we actually worked to fix it a little bit. we got rid of the doughnut hole and embraced it and moved forward. there seems to be a problem on the other side. they don't seem to want to come to grips with the fact that the game is over. that the teams have left the field and that this question about the affordable health care bill is settled law. >> well, what we're going to see when this shutdown happens, if it happens, recent surveys have shown republicans are going to get the blame more than president obama. i think that's something republicans should care about. republicans have not won the popular vote since 1988 other
12:25 pm
than one time and this is something -- >> do you think republicans will blame republicans for this? >> no, no. >> i don't think you can put every republican in the same camp today. that's very fair to say. >> and this is the problem essentially a certain segment is responding to the base, the only person really who could solve this at this point is john boehner and so far he doesn't look like he wants to. >> what do our viewers think? >> we asked facebook fans it the current folys in washington make you more or less willing to vote in the elections, overwhelmingly you said yes, the only way to change politics in washington, vote for those that don't vote in every election and complain about what is going on. shut up. i agree with you very much on voting part. like us on facebook and weigh in whether you voted or not. we're eight and a half hours now until shutdown. up next, instead of fighting something that is already law, how about we help people understand what obama care can do for them? we'll break it down with the
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a big move by the top lawyer against north carolina controversial new voting law. eric holder announced a lawsuit this morning claiming racial discrimination and arguing the law disproportionately exclude gs minority voters by requiring identification. >> they took steps to curtail the voting rights of african-americans, this is an intentional step to break a system that was working. it defies common sense. i and my colleagues at every
12:30 pm
level of the justice department will never hesitate, never hesitate to do all we must do to protect the constitutional guaranteed civil rights of all americans. >> the 2013 major league baseball playoffs start this week and so does a-rod's suspension appeal. he was benched for 211 games for violating the league's drug program. an arbitrator is facing two big questions, did a-rod break rules by taking performance enhancing drugs and is the punishment appropriate? it is expected to last five days with a final ruling by the end of next month. 10 million tuned in for the riveting finale of "breaking bad." the episode tied up a lot of loose ends. no more spoilers for us, we'll let you watch it for yourselves and dvr it. fans have largely praised the finale for doing it right and nailing it and not leaving us with big questions like "the
12:31 pm
sopranos" did. >> now back to the shutdown. keep in mind this would not be happening if not for the president's health care law. there's no irony loss so the shutdown could take effect on the same day enrollment begins in health care exchanges. a new nbc poll out today shows half of americans are confused about the law and worry about how much it will cost them. nearly a third are angry and the smallest percentage in the poll are enthusiastic. so is it all about the messaging? >> i already have a complaint about obama care. my iphone 5s broken i took it to the genius bar and they would not fix it. what the hell is that? >> i believe you're confusing obama care with apple care. >> it happened on your watch, either way. >> i have this friend and he got sick, like cancer sick. but because there was -- there
12:32 pm
wasn't obama care, he couldn't afford the treatments so he was like backed into a corner, you know what i mean? >> and keep in mind, this man was a teacher with a family. >> he was. he was. so he did what any of us would have done. he started cooking meth. >> okay -- >> professor, first of all, it's great to have you here. this is an incredibly important week in terms of where this country is heading with health care reform. we're hearing a lot from the political class as the drama plays out on the hill. what are we not hearing in the debate today that citizens should know about the early steps in health care reform? help us cut through the red tape here. where are we in this discussion? >> well, most people do want universal coverage, which is what obama care is all about. and it would be a great boom for this country because if people
12:33 pm
were assured of coverage, the uninsured would get the health care they need and people who are employed who stay in boring, unproductive jobs just because their employer offers health insurance, they would be cut loose and they could go and get jobs in the small businesses that are the engine of growth in the u.s. economy. the problem with obama care is it doesn't control costs and people are worried about that. and then they are worried about all of the 2,000 pages much fine print. is it going to be restrict their access to the doctors and hospitals and other great providers they want. i think that's what the debate should be about and not this kindergarten play about defunding, postponing, whine, whine, whine, with no substance
12:34 pm
about obama care. >> one professor, we tend to cover this like we have no idea what it's going to happen when it's implemented but we have an example in massachusetts of a very similar law that is in effect. and that respondents of a recent poll said they liked pretty well, 84% of residents in massachusetts said they were satisfied with the care they are receiving. so is the massachusetts example representative of what we can expect to see in the country as a whole? >> well, massachusetts is not like the u.s. we're a very rich state and highly insured to begin with. so the marginal improvement was small but don't get me wrong, if you don't have insurance, it's great to have the massachusetts version of the exchange, which is called the connector, health insurance supermarket, kind of safeway or whole foods of health
12:35 pm
insurance. you go on that exchange and you have a choice of insurance policies. if you're poor, you're subsidized, if you're not poor you still have a great choice. it's great. the problem is massachusetts has among the world's highest cost health care system and the law has done nothing to control that. as rich as we are, we can't afford the high cost of health care we have in massachusetts. and we're not so rich in the u.s. since we are in massachusetts and that's a real big problem. >> professor, a lot of republicans are saying that this is going to be accompanied by massive job losses and corporations are going to be slashing workers' hours. do you think that's true? >> well, i -- i think in this debate both sides are being kind of childish.
12:36 pm
but certainly corporations have a great incentive to switch their employees to part-time work where the coverage requirements are not as strict. clearly we don't want that. we don't want from an economic perspective and from the welfare of human beings who wants to be two part-time jobs instead of one full-time job so that's a problem. >> professor, thanks for putting it in proper perspective, we appreciate it. up next, remember the big republican 2012 autopsy report? one of the big takeaways from the elections was that the party needed to be more inclusive to win back hispanics. how quickly some forget. more "cycle" to come. katy perry is coming to town. can we get tickets, please???
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you're joking right? have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on we're less than 24 hours from the opening of the health care exchanges and one of the
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groups that could benefit the most is the same group that helped swing the election in president obama's favor, latino, americans, nearly one third of latinos are uninsured and a group the gop has already alienated with the steps on immigration and trying to now defund the obama care act. the approval is twice as high as it is among white americans. joining us now to talk about the effect the health care debate has had, around immigration as well raul reyes, why in general, i hate to have you speak for all latinos, why are they so much more in favor of obama care than most americans? >> certainly because of the statistics you mentioned. they are in favor as we stand now. let me give you a real quick
12:41 pm
snapshot of the lat no community and health. they disproportionately affected by aids, hiv, asthma, heart disease, diabetes. our community could certainly benefit from the type of coverage that the affordable care act provides. i want to also emphasize something else, not only would latinos benefit from the affordable care act, but the affordable care act would benefit from latinos because these conditions are largely preventible with care. latinos do tend to be on average younger and healthier than most americans so the more latino that come into the program, actually is a benefit for many of the older people who most likely will also enroll. >> you know, given that how much -- how beneficial all of that is for latinos and for americans, three of the folks loudest against obama care, ted cruz and marco rubio, also of cuban descent. >> are we profiling? >> why is it we have so many
12:42 pm
folks in d.c. that are of lat month descent going against the community wide trend? >> it's unfortunate. i think these people are trul not representative of our community at large. latinos were very excited by the prospect of health care reform but there is still a great deal of lack of information and confusion, which partly was -- has been brought on by all of this republican attempts to defunds and delay obama care. but the most recent polling shows something like 89% of latinos, which is overwhelming, want to know more about the affordable care act. we have this sort of disconnect between the very prominent latino republicans and community at large. it's an insustainable position. once the affordable care act is implemented and more people are engaged and aware of the benefits, how can these latino leaders keep saying to a community under served by health care that no, you cannot have it. i think there's going to be a showdown on this issue.
12:43 pm
and by the way given that the gop is so -- almost estranged from the latino community, around the issue of immigration, why would they want to put themselves on the wrong side of another issue important to lati latinos. doesn't make sense. >> we're almost out of time but i wanted to ask about the politics of this. a lot of the talk has been about how this plays for republicans with the shutdown, who gets blamed? we're staying only in the mindset of the shutdown. if you go back a couple of months, one of biggest items of all domestic policy on the table was trying to get somewhere towards comprehensive immigration reform and it seems like all of the emphasis and oxygen taken up by this budget shutdown debate which is only a six-week proposal anyway is crowding out immigration. my question is if that's the case, do the politics of that hurt the republican party or people to your mind not really keep track of why immigration went by the wayside? >> no, ar i, i assure you this
12:44 pm
is an issue that the latino community has coalesced around. we're talking about a short window of time, not just around the shutdown tomorrow but on october 17th, the deadline for the debt ceiling. so we're looking at a couple weeks window where we can get immigration reform back on the front burner. even though the situation may not look so good -- >> hold on one second, we have john boehner coming on right now. >> we've spent the last hour and a half meeting with our members. that's pretty clear what our members want is fairness for the american people. the president provided a one-year delay of the employer mandate and provided exceptions for unions and others, there's even an exception for members of congress. we believe that everyone should be treated favirly. we're going to move in the next several hours to take the senate bill add to it a one-year delay of the individual mandate on the american people and get rid of
12:45 pm
the exemption for members of congress. it's a matter of fairness for all americans. >> the house is going to take a position today reflecting one very fundamental principle that our country stands for, no special treatment for anyone. as speaker indicated, this administration, this president has provided special treatment and carve-outs and exceptions under obama care for big business, for special interest, and yes, it has provided a carve-out for members of congress. our position is very clear. no special treatment for anyone. we all live under the laws equally applied. >> very short and simple, we'll pass a bill that funds government. the question will rest with harry reid, two questions, will we treat individual americans the same as he wants to treat big business? secondly, does he want special
12:46 pm
treatment? we say no, we have to live within the law. >> ari, we see there a trio of republicans there continuing to talk now but we're going to spin on this for a moment. you saw cantor say no special treatment for anyone and it seems to be more of the sort of up is down and left is right rhetoric we get from them. we're trying to create an american even the working poor have access to health insurance, so no special treatment because everybody can get health care and yet they seem to be fighting tooth and nail from extending health insurance to everyone. >> the clock is ticking, there isn't much time left for a house vote. what we're hearing in the news from speaker boehner and leadership, they are not going to put a clean bill out yet, that's one takeaway. number two, they are going to shift to focusing on what they consider -- what they argue is a
12:47 pm
perfecting amendment to the affordable care act. they want to take out the special treatment or interest se incentives in there for certain members of government staff. we know that is dead on arrival in the senate because the democrats have said, whatever we do that, whatever we do around perfecting the aca, we're not going to do it under a hostage scenario. we've discussed our disagreements with that but the big news they are not much closer to putting an up or down vote on the floor. >> they said their position is very clear. there's no indication there's going to be anything other than a government shutdown come midnight. >> and in addition to the takeaways that you pointed out there, ari, really the purpose of this press conference is sort of last minute, desperate attempt to say it's their fault, the democrats are the ones being unreasonable. we just want to make sure there's no special treatment, which i think feels fairly desperate at this point. >> to eric cantor's point, it's hard to pivot from we hate obama
12:48 pm
care no matter what to here's the one change we need to make. >> the president hanging with netanyahu after days of talking with rouhani. straight ahead. s. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour three. zyrtec®. love the air. there's a lot i had to do... ... watch my diet. stay active. start insulin... today, i learned there's something i don't have to do anymore. my doctor said that with novolog® flexpen, i don't have to use a syringe and a vial... or carry a cooler. flexpen® comes prefilled with fast-acting insulin
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vo: not paying for scheduled maintenance feels pretty good. no-charge scheduled maintenance now on every new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering and now we turn to a presidential meeting that on any other day would be grabbing all the headlines. president obama huddling with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house. >> we had an opportunity to discuss the situation in syria.
12:52 pm
chemical weapons inside syria, obviously, have threatened syrian civilians. but over the long-term also pose a threat to israel. and we had an opportunity, obviously, to discuss iran. both the prime minister and i agreed, since i came into office, that it is imperative that iran not possess a nuclear weapon. >> iran is israeli's destruction. so for israeli, the ultimate test of a future agreement with iran is whether or not iran dismantles its military nuclear program. >> today's sit-down comes on the heels of friday's phone conversation between president obama and iran's president rouhani, the first diplomatic engagement between the u.s. and iran in years. paul dan aharr is the author of "the new middle east, the world after the spring". thank you for being here.
12:53 pm
first on syria. do the developments between the u.s. and syria and security council resolution, does that validate the criticism that netanyahu had been making of this president, as dithering and too focused on soft power or does it undermine it because now the u.s. is getting a step towards concessions that israel and other al wries never achieved with syria? >> syria is a big next for israel, because he doesn't know what's going to happen on its border. so sort of a mixed bag. in some ways, it's good, because it shows they can make military threats and that may be carried through if they don't actually get what they want. the other sidetive is, he didn't want to do it. and that's what worries israel. that obama got away with this time, but he really didn't want to go and carry out strikes. and that's what makes him nervous about iran. >> well, we saw what netanyahu said there, publicly, about the developments in the american relationship with iran. what do you think he's saying to president obama privately in. >> this is his worst nightmare. an iranian president the u.s. thinks it can do business with. he's been talking since 1994 about the need for america to
12:54 pm
take out the nuclear program in iran. now that has been completely overturned in a matter of weeks by hoe hanny. so i think they have -- said they have lied before, and one day we're going to wake up and they're going to have the bomb. >> interesting. do you think these talks represent potentially some progress on the arab/israeli peace front? i know john kerry has been dealing with the beginning stages of this and so far so good. but is there' possibility that this might end up moving in unimaginable ways? >> it's very unlikely. the reality is in israel nobody trusts anybody else. so it's been going on for many, many years now, the hope for the two-state solution really own only exists in washington. even the palestinians don't believe it's going to happen. it's pretty unlikely. maybe something been pulled out of the back by john kerry. but i don't think it will be make a big difference. it's about dealing with the
12:55 pm
concern of nuclear weapons. >> paul, is there a certain irony here to benjamin netanyahu who was an ambassador of the united states, who speaks perfect english, has addressed our congress to great accolades. is there an irony to him being the israeli prime minister who struggled the most with the u.s. relationship in a generation? >> he must be really frustrated, because he began the obama administration thinking that he was going to get what he wanted from this man. he believed that they would have a good relationship and it went all downhill after that cairo speech when obama tried to get tough on the settlement issue. and it's not got better. they had that meeting in jerusalem, tried to make friends, called each other bb and what not. they don't like each other. and the problem is, now obama thinks he can do a deal with iran, possibly. that puts netanyahu out in the cold. and he's left isolated in israel where the militaries think sanctions work. >> netanyahu is walking into the meeting with battle scars. trust is the biggest issue here.
12:56 pm
>> they don't trust each other. netanyahu doesn't trust obama on looking after israel. that's why they keep saying we reserve the right to carry out our own defense. the problem is, to really deal with iran, they can't do it on their own. they haven't got the weapons to do that. so they need america. america won't give them the weapons, and america at the moment is saying we can talk, we can resolve this. >> paul danaharr, thanks for breaking it down for us. that does it here on "the cycle." martin bashir is up next. you have the power of weight watchers. and helpful tools like the pizza cheat sheet so you can make the most of any situation. what can i get you? i'll have that one. [ female announcer ] even saturday nights. ♪ and the barcode scanner so weekend road trips don't mean losing your way. you can lose weight and still live big. ♪ join weight watchers online for free and get the app today.
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1:00 pm
reach boiling point. ♪ midnight madness, washington style. >> the american people are worried about their jobs. they're worried about their incomes rising. they're all under pressure. >> the ancient practice of sacrifice. >> i am psyched for obamacare! >> this law is not ready for prime time. >> free medicine, y'all! >> house speaker john boehner ready to do at the 11th hour. >> senate decided not to work yesterday. >> boehner has handed the gavel over to cruz. >> harry reid has essentially told house of representatives and american people, go jump in a lake. >> how can you hold the entire federal government hostage? >> i don't think you hear responsible republican leaders advocating a shutdown. >> begging for america to fail. >> we are the party willing to compromise. >> that's like saying instead of chopping off both your arms, we'll chop off only one arm. >> i am at only open to but


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