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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  October 2, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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would reject any piecemeal deals. so the showdown over the shutdown continues. >> my goodness, they won't even sit down and have a discussion about this. >> we have a situation where we have a good day of anarchists. >> one faction of one party in one house of congress in one branch of government shut down major parts of the government, all because they didn't like one law. >> now that faction fueling the standoff is a group of about 80 house members from the most conservative districts. giving them the political cover to refuse to budge. >> you guys are not going to be for any compromise that doesn't include something with health care? >> at a minimum members of congress should not have a gold plated health care system just for themselves. >> these are our battle grounds. this is our hope, to represent the american people in a way to make this lawless onerous.
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>> the impact goes well beyond the 800,000 federal workers who have been furloughed. federal programs that affect millions of americans are also shut down, including wic nutrition benefits for nine million pregnant women and new mothers. >> if i didn't have wic i would basically have to drop out of school and go to work in order to be able to supply formula, food for my child. >> headstart services have stopped for about 19,000 low income children, and millions of college football fans may not get to see this weekend's air force/navy game and the army/boston college game which will be postponed unless the government reopens. senator john mccain, a naval academy graduate, quipped, the apocalypse is upon us. let's bring in dafna linzer and joe conason. good morning. day two of the shutdown. dafna, is pressure building on
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republicans or are we in for a long haul. >> i think both. i think pressure is building and we could be in for a long haul. i'm amazed that senator mccain thinks it's the football that's got him going instead of the headstart. but they're all experiencing it in their own ways. i think absolutely. i don't see enough pressure, frankly, on boehner to make a move and they seem to be digging in, even as people are becoming more and more unhappy. >> he did write an op-ed forusa today." washington democrats have slammed the door on reopening the government by refusing to engage in bipartisan talks. this is part of a larger pattern. the president's scorched earth policy of refusing to negotiate in a bipartisan way on his health care law, current government funding or the debt limit. joe, polls clearly show that voters reject the republican shutdown strategy by a 3-1 margin. but if this goes on for a while, as the increasing sort of public opinion seems to be that it
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will, is it going to hurt the democrats as well? >> it doesn't look that way right now. what the president ought to be doing and the democrats ought to be doing is saying, as they have said already, this is about a law that was passed that originated in the times when republicans actually had a positive policy agenda. republicans. this is from the heritage foundation years ago. this is what mandated coverage is all about, that's where it came from. then it was put into practice by a republican governor, who became their presidential nominee last year. he lost by running against it, against this president who wanted to implement it. so, you know, that has to be the message here from the democrats. this is a law that was passed, it's not a bill, it's a law. they're trying to implement it. and for the republicans to close down the government and endanger not just the u.s. but the world economy over this is stunning. >> well, the democrats have been staying on message. they're united, they're staying on message. part of that message was voiced
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this morning by kristen gillibrand this morning. >> this is a fight right now between republicans. it's between common sense republicans who want to do their jobs and those who just want to say no, it's my way or the highway. it's not how government works. it's not how our constitution as designed. >> thomas friedman wrote today that what's at stake is nothing less than the principle america was founded on, majority rule. so i guess the question is how does the majority get the rule back? is it just waiting it out? >> yeah, that's a really, really good question. i think gillibrand is bright, there's fighting between one party. that's the delay. the pressure has to be in that spot. that is what's going to change everything here. i think, you know, for boehner to come at this and show photos of republican men sitting in a board room saying nobody is here to negotiate with us while the democrats surround themselves with people who are receiving health care benefits, with
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furloughed workers, i think that shows a very, very different game that each party is playing. >> there's another part of -- and i wouldn't call it a game, but it's going to be part of the messaging that comes out of this. for example, another example of what's happening as a result of the shutdown is that nih, the national institute of health, a maryland hospital is going to have to turn away about 200 cancer patients, including 30 children who are in an experimental treatment after everything else has failed. as stories like this start to come out, the "wall street journal" suggested most americans won't feel it. as these stories come out, does it change the equation? >> i think it does. i think what happens -- and the bigger story again is how many people die every year from not having health insurance coverage. why is it that the republicans are willing to stake the government and the full faith and credit of the united states on this principle that they want to stop more people from having health insurance coverage and saving money and bringing us into a 20th century economy
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where all of our competitors have had their people covered, because it's cheaper and better for the country, for 60 years or more. why are we so far behind and why is this what they want to stake our country on? i think people are not going to understand why that's the thing that they want to do. >> let me bring in congressman john larson, a democrat from connecticut. congressman, good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> you've generated a few headlines. you made an impassioned plea on the house floor early yesterday morning to end this stalemate. let me just play that for people who missed it. >> stand up for your country! stand up for america! stand with us this evening and keep this government going, in the name of fairness. >> that was your assessment more than 24 hours ago. we're now in day two. what's your assessment of where we stand right now, congressman? >> well, i still have the same assessment.
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needless to say, i was very passionate because i felt that with something directly in front of us, something that was completely avoidable that we should have acted in the best interests of the country. it's not about being democrat or republican, but it's about doing what's in the best interests of the country. joe has got it exactly right here. i want to go a step further. not only is this a heritage foundation idea that was piloted by a republican governor and a democratic controlled assembly in massachusetts, but this also was passed into law and, therefore, is the law of the land, upheld by the supreme court. beyond that, and this is the most stunning thing, this holds the key to us dealing with the national debt. paul ryan and i and everybody else would agree that 18% of gdp, which is what is the core cause of our national debt, is the most inefficient, economic system in the world. all we have to do is work together to drive down those
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costs within the affordable care act, taking the best of the private sector and the best of the public health system and then using everything in science, technology and innovation to drive out those inefficiencies. here is something where we should be sitting down together on behalf of the american people in order to make this happen. chris, that's what's so frustrating about this, when we know today they could come to the floor and do this on behalf of the people. go to conference and start talking about practical solutions to this instead of clinging to this ideology that's so wrong headed. >> what they're doing is to try to push three bills that will finance veterans programs, national parks, museums and federally financed services in washington. this is the reaction from representative steve skcoliese.
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he said house democrats have now chosen to turn their backs on america's veterans. if the gop strategy is to make democrats look heartless, could it work? >> listen, i think the public sees through this. which three parts of government do you pick today? that's not what running government is about. we have a responsibility for the entire nation. you don't get to selectively choose what you're going to pick to fund for the day. do your job for the american people. do what you're sent here to do under the constitution. that's what's so infuriating about all of this is that quite the contrary. they continue to say we're going to do government piecemeal now. this is absurd to the american people and i think onlookers are going to continue to say, come on, be grownups about this. pass this law, put the country back to work. it's there right in front of
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you. i might also add at the number that they suggested that they could live in within the budget. so the only thing that's holding them back is their own ideology. and that's only driven, as was pointed out on your show, by about 30 people within their conference. >> so what happens next, congressman? what's the end game in all of this? >> i think the end game here is that the republican -- the rational republicans, the moderate republicans, what we knew former low as northeast republicans, and i commend peter king and rodney free linghouser and others who are standing up and saying, hey, come on, guys, this is crazy. when kids are being denied at nih cancer treatments, come on, have a heart here and do the right thing on behalf of the entire nation. >> congressman larson, always good to see you. thanks for coming on. >> thanks, chris. so here's the issue. just a few weeks ago when they were talking about the possibility that we would
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actually be in this position where the government would shut down, although at that point not everybody was convinced it was going to happen, it was sort of being played as, well, this is going to set up the debt ceiling fight. now the question is, dafna, is it going to run into the debt ceiling fight? >> that's a legitimate question. it may. if we extend to that place we're in a whole new situation. but for now what the shutdown really does is it allows the democrats, the president to really focus more on obama care. it's amazing. he has suddenly a larger megaphone than he would have had for the week that obama care is rolling out. in fact all the democrats, you know, from the white house on down are all talking about the great benefits of obama care every single day. while the republicans talk about shutdown. and i think that is really where things are resonating. i think the nih argument and some other arguments that really show how families, kids, moms are experiencing this and how great health care would be for them i think is back firing terribly on the republicans.
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>> we're going to start see more of, more people being brought out by the democrats to talk about how they didn't have health care, how they had pre-existing conditions, how their child is sick. >> i think dafna is absolutely right about that. this is a way to showcase and make the explanations that the president had not really made up until now. his appearance with president clinton the other day, they have started to roll this out. that was one of the best explanations i've seen him give. but they needed to do that a lot more before and now they have another opportunity. this is like another chance. and i think they will take vo g advantage of this. >> we'll talk more about this with robert gibbs coming up. there's another casualty of the shutdown. president obama's visits to malaysia and the philippines next week. those were on the back end of his planned trip to asia and the shutdown prevented personnel from getting in place. the white house staff is still evaluating the front leg of the president's trip which would take him to indonesia. covery?
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there's good news and bad news about the affordable care act. after day one for uninsured americans to sign up for health insurance, the response was better than expected. nearly three million americans flooded the federal website alone, causing that site and some state sites to crash or run frustratingly slowly. and that made it impossible for some people to register. >> we wanted to know the price, the options and suddenly we couldn't get in so we were disappointed. >> definitely worried about it because i have a few health issues going on with me and we need health coverage. >> joining us from washington, former white house press secretary robert gibbs. good to see you. good morning. >> good morning, chris. how are you? >> i'm great. you know, we've been hearing for months frankly that these exchanges would be ready. this morning it's not clear, it
7:17 am
seems, whether these problems are systemic, technical or just the result of heavy usage yesterday. "the new york times" described it as a lot of users having a mixture of both hope and frustration. what do you think is the fair morning-after assessment? >> i think you hit it right on -- the nail on the head in the opening. there's good news and there's bad news. the bad news obviously is -- or are the technical glitches that i think many had warned we would likely see. the good news is my sense is they're technological either on a server end with capacity or a portal end in trying to get through a program, technological stuff can be fixed i think fairly easily. i think you'll see the smoothness of this as it goes on pick up. the good news is that there is tremendous enthusiasm. as the president said yesterday, i think five times as many people on has
7:18 am
have ever been on which gives you a sense of the enthusiasm. the technological i think can be fixed. enthusiasm would have been hard to fix so it's good news that there are people that are searching for their options not just on but state exchanges as well. >> but does the frustration part of it hurt? >> well, i think it will if it continues. if people go on today and tomorrow and the next day and continue to get error messages, there is that possibility that they will stop. the good news is, this is a six-month enrollment period. this does not end until the last day in march, so there's six months to enroll on the front end of this during open season. and again, i have no doubt that the technological problems can get fixed in all this. >> you know, we had anticipated and i think a lot of people talked about this. there is always going to be glitches when something starts but a number of republican senators have talked about what their reaction is to the first
7:19 am
day of obama care. let me play just a quick bite. >> from reports around the country, it seems that obama care is off to a very rocky start. >> that was john borasso. own oe orrin hatch said there were problems. california had i think five million hits. the president has talked about the need for a long time. should this kind of response have been anticipated? >> again, i think largely based on the enthusiasm. look, i don't think you would have seen those republican senators had things gone well saying, well, we were totally wrong about health care. so, look, i think the technological glitches are important to get worked out. i have a lot of faith in the fact that they will get worked out. look, we've seen this before when government has rolled out different things. when prescription drugs under medicare were first rolled out,
7:20 am
people went to pharmacies, wondering if this is where they got their benefits. it wasn't always clear how they got signed up. just so people know right now, 90% of medicare beneficiaries are happy with medicare part d. so this is -- this, i believe, will work itself out in the short term. again, i think the biggest story out of this was clearly enthusiasm toward the new benefits and an interest in gaining knowledge and access to affordable health care. >> to that point gaining knowledge, i don't know if you saw it, but jimmy kimmel did a bit on obama care that's getting a lot of buzz. let me play it. >> do you agree with the affordable care act or obama care? >> the affordable. >> and why do you prefer the affordable care act over obama care? >> i just don't agree with the whole obama care policy thing that's going on. i just don't agree with it. >> what plan do you support, obama care or the affordable
7:21 am
care act. >> the affordable care act. >> obviously it's meant to be funny, but was there a messaging problem or have the republicans outmessaged your side? >> no, look, i think this is a case of -- i think the more people understand about what's in it, and also the more people understand, for instance, there aren't death panels, they're not going to be kicked off, all of the bad predictions that you've seen. when those don't come to fruition, i think that will also bolster and help the law. look, there are stories about people who have gone to state fairs, say, in kentucky and kentucky connect is the name of the local health exchange in kentucky. and people signing up saying, wow, this is way better than obama care. well, kentucky connect is the kentucky version, the kentucky exchange of obama care. so look, there are always going to be -- there's always going to be some connotation attached to
7:22 am
this. there's always going to be some knowledge that we're going to have to make sure people understand about how they get signed up and about what their benefits are. but i have no doubt that that is now beginning to crest at a point in which people can go sign up and i think that's the best way to do it. >> former white house press secretary robert gibbs. great to have you on the program. thank you. >> thanks for having me. and this morning another sign iran's new president has the support of the establishment there for attempts to build relations with the u.s. iran's parliament strongly endorsed hassan rouhani's diplomatic efforts at the u.n. last week but benjamin netanyahu is dismissing a diplomatic break-through and he took aim at the iranian president in a speech to the u.n. yesterday. >> i wish i could believe rouhani, but i don't. because facts are stubborn things. and the facts are that iran's
7:23 am
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so what will it take to get the government up and running again? well, in raw numbers, 17 house republicans would have to side with the democrats. by one count in the huffington post, 13 have already said they'd pass a bill to fund the government, no strings attached. >> to continue to hurt our economy and our men and women in uniform, to advance those two goals, we'll fight another day. but i do think we ought to stop where we are now and go ahead and fund the government and get us back on track. >> now, many of these republicans face difficult paths to re-election in 2014 and could be hurt if voters turn even more strongly against the republican strategy. let's bring in a democratic strategist and former edwards communications director, john feary is "of quinn-gillespie communications. john, do you have a good sense of this? how many republicans do you
7:32 am
think are ready to vote for a clean, continuing resolution? >> i think it's more than the 13 that you have there. but i do think most of those moderates have great affection for speaker boehner and are buying into his strategy of trying to keep the conference united. this doesn't have much to do with the government shutdown but has more to do with the debt limit. i think the speaker is trying to engage the president in a negotiation on the bigger budget issues facing the country and trying to get through this whole big debt limit thing which is a real problem that has to be faced. if we don't do something with the debt limit, the country will be in trouble. >> do you think too, chris, there are that many? during the last shutdown, 79 republicans represented districts that president clinton won. today just 17 republicans represent districts that were carried by president obama. so if you look at those numbers, every single one of them would have to vote with the democrats. >> i mean i think the numbers would be there on the republican
7:33 am
side, assuming speaker boehner would put it on the floor. he's not going to do that. he's not going to do to that for his own selfish political reasons. the reason is he knows there would be an insurrection against him. every day this shutdown happens, every day we get closer to the debt ceiling -- listen, john and other republicans are no doubt going to start talking about the debt ceiling, the debt ceiling. here's the problem. now you're starting to play a really dangerous economic and political game. and the consequences are far greater than political. and so you hope for reason, but i don't see any reason in the republican party. >> well, if john boehner isn't going to move, is there anybody else that could help move them? i want to play what michael grimm, another member of that coalition ready to deal, said
7:34 am
this morning. >> my goal is to work with members like peter king and others to put a coalition together, you know, charlie dent has been at the forefront of this as well, to work with members like that to get enough members to go to leadership and say, listen, this is where we think we should go and this is our strategy. but all we can do is try. >> john, could members actually sway john boehner, a small, relatively small group of moderate members like that? >> the speaker has these guys on the left side of the caucus, you have the guys on the far right, he's got to balance somewhere in between and he's trying to listen to all the members. once again i'm trying to tell chris, the speaker is trying to come up with a strategy that gets us through all of these crises. if he doesn't have a unified conference, we're not going to get anything done. i don't think that -- i think that the moderates are going to listen to the speaker for the
7:35 am
time beaing. the speaker is not going to bring up anything that he can't pass and i think that for him is his biggest problem. how do you get something passed that you know fiez his conference. that's what he's trying to find common sglound joground. >> john, the speaker could put a clean cr on the floor and it would pass. he's choosing not to do that for political reasons, his own political reasons, republican political reasons. that would be fine if this was some abstract exercise in government. it's not. it's having real consequences. when we get closer to that debt seal, and my guess is this shutdown will last a while because they're playing a game of brinksmanship and they think they can box the president and democrats in to negotiating with a gun to their head. that is stupid. >> chris, i think at the end of the day the president has to step up. he's got to be president. he's got to try to find a way -- >> please. >> chris, listen to me. he's got to find a way to get something that the house of representatives dominated by the republicans that they can agree with.
7:36 am
if he refuses to negotiate, that's not a winning position for the president. most people want the president to negotiate. >> your response to that. >> it's not a question of negotiating. i've been critical of the president and the white house on certain things. this is not with goerabout nego >> sure it is. that's his job. >> we don't want obama care. what do you expect the president and democrats to say, okay? this is stupid. at some point the republicans will realize the damage they're doing not only to their party but to the country. and that's the part where i think we've had enough. people are fed enough. >> chris, john, great talking to both of you as always. thank you. >> thanks. >> thank you. checking the news feed this morning, no shortage of enthusiasm there, two arrests this morning in that bomb threat that grounded passengers in and out of jacksonville's airport. one of the suspects actually walked up to the security guard saying he had a bomb in his camouflage backpack. he told the guard, quote, it's supposed to be a bomb but it's not. well, inside investigators found a device, a cell phone and what the suspect described as a detonator. a joint terrorism task force is
7:37 am
investigating. new developments in that scary road rage incident in new york city. the district attorney now says he won't charge the motorcyclist who turned himself in overnight. police say while allen edwards is seen on the video punching the window of the suv, he may have actually tried to help the suv driver. they're still investigating. yesterday christopher cruz was charged with reckless endangerment. he was the one seen cutting off the suv driver. and the biker who was run over by the suv as the driver tried to get away is in a medically induced coma with two broken legs, internal injuries and may be paralyzed. there was an emotional tribute last night to the colorado family killed in a colorado rock slide. a mom, dad, daughter and two cousins. hundreds gathered at a local high school where the parents both coached sports teams. their other daughter, 13-year-old gracie johnson, was the only survivor. shielded from the falling rocks by her father. check out this simply
7:38 am
stunning video of the northern lights over central minnesota last night. officials say the extraordinarily bright is from the latest geomagnetic storm arriving earlier than expected and a solar flare that burst from the sun a few days ago. that doesn't even look real. hyundai is giving a break to furloughed government workers. mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. 800,000 government workers. at least some of them won't have to worry about their car payment. >> reporter: hyundai is offering to defer new car payments for those workers, which means, you know, the workers who buy or lease cars this month will not have to make any payments until january. if you already own a hyundai that's financed through the company, you won't have to make payments until you go back to work. but you know what, this isn't the first time hyundai has stepped up to the plate in this kind of situation. four years ago, it did offer u.s. customers who lost their jobs, remember back in the dark days of the financial crisis and the recession, and it offered
7:39 am
those u.s. customers who lost their jobs the chance to return their new cars for a refund and actually boosted sales at what was essential low a low point in the economic downturn. so hyundai once again is stepping up to the plate. >> we're also hearing that bars across the country have been offering drink specials for furloughed government employees. an interesting new report out on beer sales, which had been going down, they're on their way back up. >> reporter: yeah, beer sales finally picked up again last year primarily thanks to craft beers and other specialty brews that are out there. even then i want to put a caveat on this. while the momentum is continuing this year, it is slowing down a little bit. the problem here is that you've got these millennials and various other adults who apparently are increasingly favoring wine and spirits and not just normal beers. but these craft beers have come out and really hit the spot. in fact craft beer sales grew a
7:40 am
whopping 14.4% last year and now account for over 6% of the beer category in total and volume of total beer increased 1.2% last year to 2.8 billion cases. >> 2.8 billion cases. and we're just heading into the playoff season so there you go. >> reporter: another couple of billion, what's another couple of billion cases between friends. >> cnbc's mandy drury, thanks, mandy. >> reporter: thank you. those 800,000 federal workers affected by the shutdown are all across the country. "the washington post" has an interesting list of the top metro areas with both government and military workers. number five, el paso, texas. washington, d.c. surprisingly ranks fourth. 14.3% of its workers in the government. honolulu is third. number two, virginia beach in the north carolina region. and the top metro area for government and military workers, colorado springs. a link to the full list is up at
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the ability to detect rhythm in music has an unexpected link. the brain's response to speech. scientists measured how well people keep a beat to a metronome and compared that to data from participants' brain waves as they listened to people speaking. those with better rhythm had a more consistent brain response to speech sounds. another big crowd came out to see pope francis today in st. peter's square where he delivered a pretty traditional message but the buzz is still about yesterday's bombshell interview where he promised big changes to how the vatican operates. he's already gathered eight
7:45 am
cardinals to rewrite its constitution. and in an unprecedented move, he's opened the books on the vatican bank. it's a new attitude that has tripled the size of papal audiences. >> what's cool about it is he seems very much to be a pope of the people. i like the fact that he's not riding around in a covered top, which is unusual in the post-9/11 world but he just seems like a genuine person. >> joining me now, father dave dwyer on sirius xm radio. good to see you. how significant is it for people who don't understand the inner workings of the vatican or may just read about it in novels, but when you talk about tearing up the apostolic constitution, you're saying the way been done isn't the way they're going to be done anymore. >> it would be tantamount to a president saying, no, i don't want all the security and handlers and people preparing things for me. i just want to pick up the phone and do things myself. >> which is what he did right away. he literally called this guy to
7:46 am
give him an interview. he's an atheist. he had written to him and he calls him and says, hey, what are you doing tuesday at 3:00. >> right. and the first thing this editor of an italian magazine says to him is my friends think you're going to try to convert me. the pope says that would be nontense to try to convert you. i need to listen to you. >> and the other thing he's talking about doing and this is where this gang of eight if you want to call it come in, these cardinals, including sean o'malley from boston, it was always considered top down, the vatican as an organization. now he's saying i want to give some more power back to the local bishops, back to the local churches. that's radical in church terms. >> it is. he even described his own leadership style in that interview that's now only a couple of weeks old that we're still unpacking with the jesuit magazines of the he said when i was in charge of the jesuits i realized i was leading auto
7:47 am
contractually and i appreciate the value of collegiality, listening. i need people around me to help me make better decisions. >> having said that, everything we hear from inside the walls of the vatican, and he told people to stop gossiping by the way. there were some people who were nervous. they have been there a long time. they're much more conservative an this pope seems to be. i asked dave gibson from the religious news service about how these conservatives are dealing. this is what he told me. >> 30 years now they have had it pretty good. there's a lot of dissention there about this pope, a lot of concern that he's undoing things that they have worked for. if he gets a real push back from the right, it could spell trouble for his papacy. >> how much of a risk is pope francis taking? and he's moving fast, by the way. >> he's moving very fast. i remember when he was elected, it was only a couple of hours before that you and i were talking looking over st. peter's square and he was 76 years old. so i think he's thinking this is
7:48 am
where god has put me and i'm going to use every bit of energy. he hasn't taken a vacation. he's moving fast. i would say just like a new ceo coming into a company, people might be concerned am i still going to have my same office or expense account but the mission i don't think they're too worried about. i don't think they're worried the pope will change the jesus, our savior. but they might be worried about if i have a job. >> and how much power they may have. >> maybe. >> father dave dwyer, thank you so much for coming in. great talking to you. today's tweet of the day comes from author and pastor perry novo who writes what? the government shut down? i wasn't aware it had been working.
7:49 am
if i have a job. i wasn't aware it had been
7:50 am
7:51 am
breaking news. one of the best-selling authors, thriller novelist tom clancy, has died. he died last night at a hospital in baltimore. no word yet on the cause, but he
7:52 am
is behind the wildly popular jack ryan series of novels, including "the hunt for red october," "patriot games." tom clancy dead at the age of 66. you may remember laura ling from her days when she was held captive in north korea in 2009 and her family's desperate fight to bring her home. well, now she's on her own mission to help others with a new show called "society x" that exposes some fascinating but dangerous trends in particular subcultures. tomorrow she looks at the underworld of designer drugs. >> chemicals, i mean they affect your brain really in a strange way compared to weed. >> do you consider yourself an addict? >> yeah. i am. i'm addicted. i'm not proudly addicted because at times i do want to quit. i do have symptoms of like congestion and maybe sometimes shortness of breath. yeah, i have no problem with it. you're going to die from
7:53 am
something. >> laura ling joins me now. good to see you. good morning. >> hi, chris, how are you. >> they continue to make headlines, these designer drugs, but i'm not sure a lot of people understand what they are or how prevalent they are. fill us in. >> well, these are chemicals that a lot of them you may have heard their names, molly, bath salts or synthetic marijuana also known as spice. but there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of these chemicals. some just known as numbers and letters. 2 cb, 2 cp, 25 i, and they are very popular. we spoke with students at a college campus who said that they can get these research chemicals easier than they can get alcohol. >> and what are some of the challenges then in regulating them, controlling them, especially when it comes to use by high school kids, college kids? >> well, it's a huge challenge because while there are laws against certain chemicals, the tricky part is that chemists can
7:54 am
just -- these rogue chemists can alter molecules to create entirely new chemicals with similar effects. now, they technically my still be considered illegal but it's hard to prosecute and new chemicals are being created i would say almost every day to try to get around these laws. so there's a lot of gray area there. >> what's behind the popularity? is it the effect they have? is it the price, the availability? what did you find out? >> it's all of it. when you talk about synthetic marijuana, you have a drug that this guy jay, who you saw in the clip, he can literally go into a convenience store and buy this stuff over the counter. it's cheaper than marijuana and he says more powerful. we spoke with kids. these students at a university, physics majors, biology majors, who are dealing this stuff. where do they get it? they get it on the internet. you can buy this stuff with the click of a mouse and it can arrive at your doorstep the next day. >> what's the bottom line? what do you want people to take away from this? >> you know, i think that people
7:55 am
should just be aware, one, how easily these chemicals are to obtain and, two, when young people or when anyone is taking a drug like molly, very often molly is perceived to be pure mdma and it's very popular, especially in the electronic music scene. oftentimes it isn't molly at all, you're taking an entirely different chemical. some of these chemicals are ten, 15 times more potent at lower doses so you really have to be careful. you really don't know what you're getting and this stuff is incredibly easy to get. >> the show is called "society x." laura ling, thanks for coming on the program. >> thank you. >> that's going to wrap up this hour of "jansing & co." i'm chris jansing. thomas roberts is up next. good morning, everybody. the agenda next hour. who will blink first. day two, no sign of compromise in sight. could this go on for several days, possibly even weeks? and what about those americans
7:56 am
caught in the middle with no pay, no access to critical services. and you know a flood of americans are signing up for obama care and that resulted in a rocky rollout as the president's signature health care law goes live. what's being done to work out the glitches. we'll head to the white house for answers on that. and a bomb hoax shutting down jacksonville international airport. two people under arrest. we'll get the latest on that developing story. much more ahead right here. stick with us. ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera. but zach's got it covered... with allstate renters insurance. [ female announcer ] protect your valuables for as low as $4 a month when you add renters insurance to your allstate auto policy. call 866-906-8500 now. what are you doing? we're switching car insurance. why?
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don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. republicans led by john boehner are the only thing standing between congress and compromise, and i would suggest he stop taking advice from bachmann and cruz. >> day two of the government shutdown. if day one gave us any indication about where we are, there is no solution in sight. hi, everybody, good morning, i'm thomas roberts. the gop has 99 problems but a glitch ain't one. obama care, that's still open. the government, it remains closed. yet we're 35 hours now logged on the shutdown clock, house republicans showing no sign of
8:00 am
backing off their stand. >> it's really a tantrum. it's a tea party tantrum. you either give me my way or we're going to shut down government. frankly the job of congress is to keep government working, to keep it functioning. >> president obama has shortened a planned trip to asia while his government is shuttered. yesterday he ripped the republican strategy, specifically the tea party, for holding uncle sam hostage while keeping obama care in its sight lines. >> one faction of one party in one house of congress in one branch of government shut down major parts of the government. all because they didn't like one law. >> it's like a double gun they're holding. one is to the government, the shutdown, and the other is to the republican leadership in the house. >> with speaker john boehner and his house gop digging in further and senator harry reid keeping on the pressure, is there any way out for the republicans who want this to end? >> this is


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