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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 2, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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speaker john boehner's spokesman already issued a statement which did not bring much hope. we're pleased that the president finally recognizes that his refusal to negotiate is indefensible and unclear why he would be having this meeting if it's not meant to be a start to sear yis talks between the two parties. minutes ago white house press secretary jay carney repeated, president obama will not negotiate. >> no, the president is not going to sit down and start asking for puts and takes and he's not going to engage in that kind of negotiation because he does not want to hold our have held the openness of the government and functioning of the government or the world and american economy hostage to a series of demands. >> meanwhile, republican
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infighting over the shutdown continued today. >> we have people in our party, the ted cruz wing of the party, i don't know if they are willing to make any concession other than defunding obama care. we want to see the government on shutdown and other is the republican leadership in the house that we don't go the way of the 30 or 40 people, they are going to disrupt what's going on. >> as this staredown continues, real people all across the country are feeling the effects of shutdown, in idaho, the family of a missing hiker issued an urgent plea for volunteers to continue the search after staff at craters of the moon national monument were furloughed. a local tour company is losing $50,000 a day because of the shutdown of the uss arizona memorial in pearl harbor. while hundreds and thousands of furloughed workers wonder how
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they'll make ends meet. >> right now, i'm terrified. i'm terrified. they had to live on what most of us work at and live on, they couldn't make it. >> it means that we have to make a groceries extend for two or three weeks instead of the one week we have. it means we have to maybe make the gas in the car last that much longer. >> we're already down to the bare minimum. >> nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us live. we know harry reid and john boehner apparently spoke by phone a short time ago. what can you tell us? >> reporter: senator harry reid did call and followed up with a letter and put into writing an offer that he's willing to make if house republicans will vote to reopen the government, reid says he would infact put together negotiators to work with house negotiators to talk about a larger set of fiscal
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issues. he has been saying this before and now tieing it to the reopening of the government. he has at other times said no negotiating or piecemeal approach to reopening parts of the government. so this is not a big new development but it is a point here that we're marking today where reid is reaching out to the house speaker and putting it in writing and saying, they want to talk. now the condition there was the government needs to reopen and that has already been something they have hashed out in the last day or two and the position from the house speaker and gop leadership is that the only way they will consider government funding is with changes to the health care law. no movement there. instead what they are doing, taking this piece by piece approach where again today they will look at passing five critical areas of government, popular programs and things where there isn't disagreement from national parks and memorials to the national institutes of health to funding
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paychecks for the national guard and reserve, where the house is prepared to try to pass that and put pressure on the senate to do the same. leader reid says he does not want to go step by step. other democrats are saying despite liking the programs they too do not want to go step by step. where we are is a flurry of new activity without much new result. i expect that could go on for a period longer. there isn't anyone in either party giving me any indication of an imminent breakthrough. there will be these events, including going to the white house later today wherethy meet with the president. will that move anything? unclear at this point. it is an opportunity to look like they are doing so and at the same time under the surface not much is happening. >> that is something not something -- kelly o'donnell, thank you. we want to bring in chuck todd, who is also, of course, host of msnbc's "daily rundown."
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all eyes on that meeting between the president and congressional leaders set for 5:30 eastern. the president has already said he's not open to negotiating over the health care law and not going to negotiate over the debt ceiling. how much hope is there that something is going to come out of this meeting? >> i'll be surprised because if you look at the history of these bipartisan meetings at the white house, they are usually more about photoops than anything else. if this were the president boehner and reid and mcconnell and pelosi weren't involved, i would be more optimistic it was a sitdown and get something done meeting. this doesn't have that feel. we'll see. a couple of tips in watching the meeting. if the meeting is lasting more than an hour, that might be a sign things are happening. if it is more prefunkry and like they have it at 5:30, say their
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piece and layout their conditions and walkout 6:15, 6:30, it tells you it might have been search about optics for both sides. when you're in a standoff, you do at a minimum want to at least give the illusion to everybody that you're talking. at a minimum, that's why both sides jumped at this opportunity because it's an opportunity to at least make the appearance of talking even if they are not negotiating. >> speaking of experiences, you just talked about them and kelly o'donnell alluded to optics as well. we're watching live congressional democrats walking down the steps of the capital preparing the news conference as well. that's all -- again, all of this going on. there do not appear to be any sort of serious conversations being had on the hill right now. is that your understanding as well, chuck? >> no, there's not. you know, we're in a position
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now where it's hard to imagine how it ends. that's going to be part of today's conversation too. you would assume that where they are each going to layout their talking points negotiating issues on the debt ceiling and how that gets resolved. i would say the good news is there's been exchanges of pleasantries. in all honesty, that's -- baby step is a baby step. it's something, look at boehner's response to the meeting. i thought it was interesting, mitch mcconnell put out a statement about the white house meeting and was very dismissive of it, seeming well, i don't know what this is going to accomplish, maybe he's changing his mind. boehner's was more optimistic, that tells you a little something. >> really quickly. vice president biden will be at the table. we understand he was quite instrumental in the fiscal cliff negotiations at the ends of last
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year. what's his rule going to be in all of this today? >> i think it's more of a -- i wouldn't be surprised if he was the historian in the room, the veteran who has been here a while. i think this doesn't -- that the ultimate resolution is going to lie somewhere in the senate and going to lie somewhere with senate republicans. when do they publicly decide they privately are telling everybody that will listen how much they disagree with the strategy of the house here. the question will be, does that become public? all eyes on 1600 pennsylvania avenue and according to chuck, what we need and want is for a very lengthy meeting this evening. thank you, sir. right now, joined by democratic senator chris murphy of connecticut who serves on the house, senate joint economic committee. let's pick up where we lift off there with chuck todd. how optimistic should we be that anything comes out of this 5:30 meeting. the message is pretty simple, republicans have to first decide
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to open the government before we can have negotiations. it's pretty simple. if john boehner put a clean continuing resolution with no political riders attached to it on the floor of the house today, pretty clear it would pass, mainly with democrats but with a handful of republicans like peter king at the top of the hour who don't agree with this strate strategy. we can't allow it to continue to happen, where we have political guns put to our head to keep the government up and running. i have a lot of things i want to that the american public support. for instance, i think we should have background checks on gun purchases but i'm not threatening to shut the government down until i get what i want. if we allow this to essentially become the way of business in washington by allowing republicans to get away with it right now, then essentially we're going to -- >> the dialogue here, the lack thereof, what is this going to
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mean two or three weeks from now when we have to start talking about the debt limit? >> well, ultimately, we also can't negotiate over the debt limit either. i think it makes sense to have both sides sitting down to talk about aim broader deficit reduction package but that again can't be tied to paying our bills. once you set a budget, you essentially say in that document, that you are going to borrow enough to pay your bills on a weekly basis. and right now, the republicans are willing to hold this hostage over everything from a continuing resolution to a debt ceiling. i don't think we should be negotiating over that either. >> there are those who have said we would not be in this position had you guys been able to pass an actual budget at some juncture within the past few years. >> the irony is the democrats in the senate passed a bugtd this year. the republicans in the house passed a budget. when we tried to go a conference committee, it was ted cruz and
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at the party republicans who wouldn't let the two sides negotiate a final budget. there's no -- there's no question as to where the blame lies here, either it's with the tea party republicans in the senate who won't allow a budget to be written or it's with the tea party republicans in the house shutting down the government until they get their way. >> democratic senator chris murphy, thank you. still ahead, nearly 5 million hits and counting, the white house now xrablinging to keep up with traffic and how day two of obama care is going after some opening day hiccups. also, just within the last hour, the suspect charged in a bomb scare that forced evacuations and flight disruptions at jacksonville airport made his first court appearance. we'll go there live. and best selling author tom clancy dead at the age of 66. how the writer of the "hunt for red october" and "patriot games" is being remembered today. you can find us at newsnation. ♪ forever young
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after a rocky start, the health exchanges are still seeing technical glitches in the second day online. they are working to fix the issues that millions encountered yesterday but the administration argues that the glitches are because demand is so high. the "washington post" they are working to add more service to handle the online traffic. nearly 5 million people visited more than 80,000 people called in to federal help centers and 60,000 requested live chats with people to help with enrollment. some of those callers got busy signals and others had trouble with the live chats.
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the federal government is handling enrollment in 36 states aechb the administration attributed the high online traffic to the early issues with six months of open enrollment, the traffic will likely not be a factor down the line. while some americans are worried about having a tough time signing up, others say it's worth it. >> we wanted to know the price and options and suddenly we couldn't get in. we were disappointed. >> i'm going to -- i'm going to feel safe. i'm going to feel much better and feel healthier. >> wen dal potter, for the center for public integrity and author of "deadly spin" in which he wrote after leaving the corporations with cigna. i want to read part of what you wrote for "huffington post." most of the attention this week will be focused on the glitches that will inhe have itably occur
11:17 am
when the switch is flipped and the snafus will be resolved and people will realize it will provide better protection and less after the tax credits and subsidies are factored in. how long before people realize how much it's going to cost or save them? >> i think we're talking about a matter of days, keep in mind, this is the beginning of a complete restructuring of the het insurance marketplace that will be in place from now on. it makes a lot of sense and it also brings to an end some of the most pernicious practices. i do believe it's been primarily because of the great pent up demand. people will go back online over the next few months and be able to shop and make a purchase for the insurance they need start being january 1st. >> latest poll at the beginning
11:18 am
of the week, 51% were worried about obama care, 49% were confused about bobama care. what do you think can be done to clear up the negative perception that folks have, especially given that the headline right now continues to be these glitches. >> i think it's just because what it will take is what is happening -- will be happening over the next few days, the reality of this act take being effect. what we've been able -- what has been happening over the last several years, ats least since the law was passed in 2010 the opponents have been able to spend many millions in dollars to mislead people about it and criticize the law and it has been far, far less than that to explain it. that has been -- that negative advertising has been based on something that never has happened. it's just fueling people's anxiety. that will end now that this has taken place. >> a number of states, including florida, including texas,
11:19 am
continue to refuse to expand their medicaid programs and also not running their own exchanges. what is this -- what are those two things specifically going to mean for the successor failure of obama care? >> i'm glad you asked because a lot of people mixed get the two mixed up. they think if their state is not expanding medicaid programs that they are not going to get an exchange. that's not true. every state will have an exchange either operated by the state or federal government. i think the states not expanding medicaid program, this year or at least 2014 will look at that again and see the other states taking advantage of the flal dollars and how much that is benefitting those states and how much their states will be disadvantaged. i think 2014 will be a year of transition but those other states will come around pretty soon. >> wendell, thank you. >> thank you, craig.
11:20 am
♪ >> today on capitol hill, protesters outraged over the shutdown's effect on head start programs specifically. as many as 19,000 children in 11 states lost access to head start today because the programs in those states did not get the annual grant they were scheduled to receive today. coming up i'll talk to michael about what history will likely say about obama care and the government shutdown. also -- >> i have think most people are being surprised. even folks that show up every day for work at the vatican. >> pope francis has been making headlines, this time for candid remarks on the church. now those words could lead to real action as he meets with church leaders to revise the vatican constitution. it's a big deal sean also our "news nation" gut check.
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moments ago a court hearing wrapped up for a man who caused a five-hour interruption of jacksonville, accused of making a false report about a bomb. that threat sparked an evacuation and caused flights to be canceled and diverted. residual flight problems spilled into today but otherwise operations seem to be back to normal right now. kerry sanders is live for us in jacksonville. kerry, what do we know about the suspect? what do we know about those alleged weapons? >> reporter: well, it's interesting, we're still learning more about him. he lives here in jacksonville. as you said, he has had his first appearance in court. we see the video of him here in court. he'll be arraigned on charges later this month. but he's going to be charged with and being held on charges of not only possessing a fake bomb but also reporting a fake bomb here at the airport. he's being held on $1 million bonds.
11:25 am
we went to his neighborhood and those in his neighborhood say that they were surprised. they say it doesn't sound like the man they know. >> she told me that he was acting kind of psychotic. and that he had took her phone and left and she didn't know, what he was going to do but she was fearful. i didn't never thought he would do something like this. so it's just -- we are just still shocked. it's not the same person that i knew for ten years, not the same person. >> reporter: apparently he had been having some marital problems according to neighbors. meantime, he came to the airport here according to police. when he got into line at the tsa line, he reported he had a bomb but they said it's not really a bomb. at the same time, that that was going on and the police moved in at the report of a bomb, somebody else in line, rivera, decided to for whatever reason
11:26 am
run off. they thought they were working in concert. they were not. manuel rivera who you see in this video, he will be arraigned on charges later this month. according to his public defender they are not sure there was probable cause to hold him. he ran back to the parking garage where the police confronted him and took him into custody saying that he resisted arrest. and so just acting suspiciously enough was enough for the police to take him into custody. there was one other person, craig, who was also questioned briefly and that is a passenger who was on board a flight here, a u.s. airways flight on the runway that came back to the tarmac on taxi way and all of the passengers were taken off. and the captain on that flight said there's somebody on my flight who looks like he's a little suspicious. he was questioned and released. but all of the pieces were being put together. in this case the puzzle pieces did not fit together. they were separate sort of reactions from different people.
11:27 am
it's really a reflection of how people react and how the authorities handle situations when it appears there's an imminent threat. >> kerry sanders in jacksonville. thank you. >> just a few moments ago, we showed you live pictures of house democrats who had taken to the capitol hill steps. now republicans have also taken to the steps. another part of the capitol, gop members holding a rally and news conference again talking about the government shutdown. just a few moments ago, eric cantor from virginia spent time pointing out various parts of the federal government that have been shut down. again, at 5:30, house leaders and senate leaders will be meeting with president obama and vice president joe biden at the white house. big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do.
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shutdown, a showdown over the debt limit just around the corner, our first read team notes both democrats and republicans are looking for each other's weak links on the democratic side there are red state congressmen up for re-election but the gop seems to be more to worry about, including house members who want a clean cr, continuing resolution and republican governors as well. mark murray joins us now to tell us how this could play out. let's start with the democrats. they seem to be more unified over this showdown. at what point, though, do those vulnerable red state democratic senators who are up for re-election next year, at what point do they start getting nervous. >> that is the hope of republicans that snou the democratic party that has been so unified from this, from a month ago to yesterday, that they somehow start to fray. if this goes on for another week or two.
11:32 am
craig, there's been vote after vote. those red state democrats up for re-election next year, people like mary landrieu and mark pryor are holding firm. that's a big difference from where we have seen signs of disunity. >> what role could republican governors play in all of this? >> the one thing they can be able to do, look what's going on in washington. anti-washington, anti-congress message is also very popular. after all, congress's approval rating is 10% according to most polls. any governor, be it a republican or democrat can say look at the mess happening in washington, d.c. shame on them and they should get the house in order. the problem for republicans is that's not a good message for their party to have, particularly as more folks point the finger at republicans than democrats at this. in the virginia governor's race of 2013, neither candidate,
11:33 am
wants anything to do with what's going on with the government shutdown. >> let's talk about the house rpz quickly. a number of them voiced support for clean cr. at last check it was 15. is that a number that's likely to grow? >> it has grown. so my colleague frank thorpe had 15 earlier in the day. other news outlets say it's gone up to 16 or 17. it will be interesting to see where it is throughout the end of the day. all of the signs are slowly but surely some republicans are saying, look, we need a clean cr, you haven't seen the democrats break ranks. and the one group we haven't talked about, are senate republicans, they've been keeping their mouths quiet for the last day or two but haven't been happy about how the house colleagues played their hand so far. if will be interesting to see if more senate republicans start voicing their concerns. >> mark, thank you.
11:34 am
i want to bring in assistant democratic leader of the house, jim clyburn. >> thank you. >> we saw that news conference that just wrapped up on the hill of the steps there. what more can you tell us about what's happening behind the scenes? any sort of behind the scenes negotiations taking place? >> i think it's pretty well known that there will be a meeting later this evening, i think the president has invited the leadership of both sides of the aisle in both bodies and i think there will be some discussions about a way forward. but i think it's very, very clear over 70% of the american people have made it clear they do not wish to see the speaker of the house pulling a vote on keeping government open hostage to the president's lands mark
11:35 am
program that started yesterday. people have signed up, i understand over 8 million people have visited this website already on the very first day. it's going to be open now for the next six weeks -- i'm sorry, next six months. we all know, that the president has taken that initiative for the american people last november. he received over 5 million votes than his republican opponent did. we ought not talk about that. let's talk about this budget and the fact we on the democratic side wanted the budget -- the republicans said they wanted no more than 986 billion. so we compromised and accepted their number. and we're now asking to keep the government open. we've already accepted your number, what is there for you to say no about? congressman. >> i want to play something that
11:36 am
republican congressman of kansas said about people in his district and the shutdown. >> most americans -- it has no impact, they got the mail, will get the social security check. >> without pressure from constituents, congressman, what motivation is there to end this? >> well, you know, i don't know about his district. but i think that craig, you're very familiar with my district in your home state. and you know fully well that there's much more to collect in the mail. the last time i checked, the post office was not a federal employee. i mean, these people -- if we're going to talk about the people who work out at fort jackson, the people who work here on this hill, the people in these
11:37 am
communities where head start is being closed down, you talk about nih, where people receiving cancer treatments, being shut out. you're talking about veterans whose benefits are being jeopardized. so it's much more than getting your mail on time as my colleague said. this is about people's lives, whether or not they are furloughed or whether or not they can go to work every day and pay the bills they incur trying to feed their families and educate their children and pay off mortgages and for their automobiles. >> congressman jim clyburn, thank you for your time. i want to bring in michael tomaski who writes the birth of universal health care and republican efforts to stop it will go down in history. the republican party has long since stopped bothering to
11:38 am
pretend to have any health care ideas of its own. they have zero ideas how to insure the uninsured, that's because they don't give a fig if the uninsured become insured. they've got theirs and want to be left alone. michael joins us live. in the same column you compare the fight in washington over obama care with past showdowns over social security and civil rights as well. but you contend that there's something different this time around. what is it? >> well, the happy accident -- happy in some ways and unhappy in others, the accident in history, they happened on the same day that obama care started and exchanges opened up and people cosign up for health care coverage was exactly the day that the republicans shut down the federal government sending hundreds and thousands homes with the consequences that the congressman just described simply because they don't want those people to have health insurance. so as i sat down to write last
11:39 am
night, craig, i thought, well, one historical contrast this makes and if 20 years from now, 50 years from now, when people are trying to instruct the students and others about what this time of ours was like, i think this day, that day, yesterday, provides some kind of contrast. >> you know what, you also mentioned something or alluded to something that has gotten lost in this debate to a certain extent. the fact that a lot of what we have seen play out over the last week or so, even longer is the direct result of gerrymandering in this country and direct result of districts that have been carved out by both parties over the past 20 years but these districts that have been carved out to create very, very safe seats for incumbents. what role -- what role has gerrymandering played in all of this? why does that seem to have gotten lost in the debate?
11:40 am
>> it's gotten lost to some extent because there's -- it's about fourth on the list of things that most people talk about. but it probably should be higher. and it plays a very, very significant role. so tim is talking to chuck todd and saying his constituents -- i assume he's saying his constituents are supporting him in the shutdown. the kind of people he hears from and call his office and live in his district, yes, they are supportive because that's the kind of districts that people like tim has drawn for himselves and the kind of districts they represent. this is a big, big problem in this situation because john boehner and republican leaders and national republican figures know that nationally their party is getting a huge black eye from this. but if you look at certain individual members of congress from the republican side and their just pulling their district and not worrying so
11:41 am
much about national numbers because all they care is getting reee leked. they are saying, this is playing pretty well. >> always appreciate the insight, thank you. >> thank you. >> still ahead, the sec hands out the largest ever award for a whistle blow. we'll talk about that also with the government shutdown, a new report could be the only glimpse that we get into how many jobs the u.s. economy added last month. we'll have those numbers. and u.n. inspectors starting their work to get rid of syria's chemical weapons. we'll get a live report. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment.
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endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. international inspectors just wrapped up the first day of work, their mission calls for finding and dismabtling assad's arsenal. new violence broke out in syria's deadly civil war. more than 100,000 have died so
11:45 am
far. live for us in neighboring beirut, lebanon. all of this is what led to the united states backing off military action in that country. what is it going to take to find and destroy all of these chemical weapons? >>. >> reporter: it's a very difficult question to answer. some of the experts on the ground and trying to determine first the scope of the arsenal that the syrian government possesses, not only do they have to identify these stock piles but also they have to deal with a very volatile security situation. the advanced team that arrived in the capital, they are setting up the logistical operation and trying to assess the scope of stockpiles and pave the groundwork for securing these facilities so that in the future the team tasked with dismantling them and destroying them can do so. they have to do all of this by the middle of next year, by the middle of 2014. by the expert's own assessment, this is going to be one of the
11:46 am
largest operations they have ever had to endure in such a volatile war zone and more importantly in such a short span of time. there already is a lot of pressure for inspectors working on the ground. >> when the next time comes in to destroy the weapons, are we talking about blowing up warheads? are we talking about guys literally with sledge hammers in labs? what is that process going to look like or do we know? >> well, we know from some of these inspectors that we've been speaking to anecdotally and they say it takes all measures, sometimes it's going to be simply taking the military shells or munitions used to deliver these chemical weapons and to destroy them physically, maybe perhaps by detonating them in a controlled fashion. but at the same time, they actually have to remove the chemical agents and that's going to be more sensitive. they are going to be cautious when they are dealing with chemical agents that are the
11:47 am
source of this concern among inspectors, that's going to be the most difficult part. some of it includes destroying the machines and perhaps even letting these machines that process the chemical agents to run without lubery kant so they can break down and going to vofl destroying some of the facilities in which the stockpiles can be produced in large quantity. it's going to be a whole host of different methods and some of it very primitive and sophisticated and extremely dangerous. >> be safe, buddy, thank you. the death of a best selling author tops our look at look around the news nation today. tom clancy died yesterday, he was 66. cause of death at this point unknown. clancy wrote more than 25 books, including "the hunt for red october", his final book "command authority" scheduled to be released in december. general colin powell said he lost a dear friend and had a
11:48 am
special connection with near and present danger because he based it off their conversations. being held on bail after a violent road rage incident which ended with the driver of a suv beaten on a new york city highway. a judge called christopher cruz. prosecutors say cruz slowed down in front of the suv, stopping it on the highway, sparking the whole incident. and u.s. employers added 166,000 private sector jobs last month. the numbers come from payroll company adp. experts say the modest gains suggest hiring is improving at the sluggish pace. there are reports in the labor department will delay friday's release of the monthly jobs report amid the government shutdown. still ahead, a sign of the times, one state's new law to prevent jilted lovers from posting nude pictures of their exs online. we'll explain.
11:49 am
also, two television networks scrapping their plans for projects on hillary clinton but is hollywood now stepping up to the plate? it's just one of the things we thought you should know. and be sure to like "news nation" on facebook. huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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today is the second day of a ground breaking meeting between pope francis and cardinals and could lead to a series of major changes for the catholic church. it's the latest move signaling the pope's desire to make the church more meaningful and comes on another kand did interview the pope gave. nbc's michelle kosinski has more on the big meeting. >> reporter: this isn't any vatican meeting. for three days pope francis and
11:53 am
eight cardinals, including an american, are talking real change here. >> this is all a big deal, isn't it? >> it is, what the pope is saying basically, the vatican is here to serve the universal church. >> they will look at rewriting the vatican's constitution how the administration works. the pope has already spoken out incredibly candidly, one of them with an atheist tackling head on a number of topics the church doesn't address. criticizing the vatican saes structure itself, heads of the church have often been nacissists thrilled by their courtiers. >> he's thrown the rule book at, not the catechism or bible but how they usually do things. >> reporter: taking it back to basics francis says the church should act like a poor missionary, not so easy when they are a multibillionaire. the vatican bank release an
11:54 am
annual report thanks to his insistence on transparency reveal being profits that quadrupled to $117 million. he's even formed a special position to examine the bank and reform it when necessary and has spoken for those that feel excluded. if a homosexual person is of good will and in search of god, i am no one to judge. also, saying it is necessary to explore bigger roles for women. >> do we realistically expect to see change? >> there should be some organizational changes right away and could be women technically running many of the commissions here in the vatican. >> that was shell kosinski reporting. the pope's new attempt to reform the church, what does your gut tell you? do you think the pope is going to be able to overhaul the vatican? go to nation to cast your vote. there's other stuff going on and here are a few things we thought you should know.
11:55 am
jerry brown has signed the bill outlawing so-called revenge porn, an internet trend involving people posting nude photos and videos of exs after bad break-ups it would levee six months in jail and $1,000 fine. federal regulators are awardsing $14 million to a whistle blower they say helped recover substantial investor funds. it is the largest ever given to a whistleblower and plans for two separate movie products by cnn and nbc about hillary clinton have been scrapped but there's now word that a hollywood version is gaining steam "the new york times" reports the movevy titled rodham will feature on her years as a young lawyer during the watergator ra. a new poll finds that clinton has a strong lead over potential gop candidates chris christie,
11:56 am
49%, 36% over rand paul. 53% to 36%, with clinton with the lead there. those are a few of the things we thought you should know. this will do it for this edition of "news nation." "the cycle" is up next. if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for over ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms.
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his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. ♪ yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away ♪ ♪ now it seems as though they are here to stay ♪ ♪ oh, i believe >> ever give nostalgic for the washington of yesterday, i don't mean tuesday when the shutdown started but the washington of years past when lawmakers worked through difference for the good the country? let's turn and talk about today for a minute. president obama summoned speaker boehner to the white house this evening. we are in the second day of the
12:00 pm
shutdown and lawmakers no cleescleese closer to a deal than day one. they will pressure leaders on both of the issues tonight. we'll begin with kristin welker at the white house and luke r s russe russe russert. >> reporter: what the meeting won't be is a negotiating session. carney just wrapped up his daily briefing telling us the president will reiterate his position and dig in his heels telling republicans he's not going to negotiate on his health care law over issues of a continuing resolution and increasing the debt limit to help him make his point, treasury secretary jack lew will be there to map up the economic impact. if this shutdown continues and if the nation defaults on its loans. so both sides continue to dig in at this hour. what's incin