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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  October 3, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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but one man in washington has the cat bird seat, has prime real estate to tell congress every day -- to their faces -- exactly how he feels about what they're doing to the country for what they cannot get over about themselves. and they have to listen to it. they cannot talk back. the fact that he is a man of god, rear admiral with 27 years in the navy adds some heft off to it. sure. without that. these increasingly hard hitting daily prayers, are doing a pretty good job of laying down the shame. every single day. god bless him. and now it is time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >> shots ring out on capitol hill. forcing a government shutdown to go into lockdown. >> they have no strategy. awe o >> he will not negotiate. >> -- had led us to this shutdown. >> speaker boehner is speaker in name only.
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>> president obama knows that. >> john boehner won't let the bill get a yes/no vote. >> these limited options that speaker boehner has the. >> the gop find itself more and more in a bind. >> who is leading whom here? >> the happiest i have seen members. >> completely diddly unaware. >> we are starting to win. >> tell that to john boehner. >> has no strategy. >> republican position hardening. >> it's clear the shutdown will go on. >> day three. >> no deal to get the government up and running. >> of this government shutdown. >> meanwhile. >> shots fired near the capital. they have confirmed shots were fired. some offices, are said to be on lockdown. we are told we must stay in our offices under lockdown. pennsylvaniach avenue has been closed down. >> started at the white house. >> this vehicle crashed into a barricade. >> the driver of the car, the woman shot and killed. >> we're told this is over. >> a tense time. >> it is in terms of the danger
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over. >> i'm alex wagner in for lawrence o'donnell. terror in the midst of the shutdown. this afternoon a female driver with a child in the back seat tried to crash through a white house barrier. setting off a police chase down pennsylvaniach anew and -- pennsylvaniach anew up to the capitol. the suspect was killed. one u.s. capital police officer protecting the nation's law makers without pay during the shutdown was injured. we will have the latest details coming up later in the show. >> but as day three of the shutdown draws to a close, president obama is refusing to bend to the increasingly confused and desperate demand of house republicans. quite the opposite. in a fiery speech earlier today at a construction company in maryland, the president said he believes republicans are now looking for an exit strategy. >> just the other day, one tea party republican, called the idea of a shutdown wonderful.
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another said, that a shutdown is exactly what we wanted. well they got exactly what they wanted. now they're trying to figure out how to get out of it. >> senate majority leader, harry reid agreed. >> i feel positive that john boehner who is basically a nice guy cannot let this go on. he can't let this go on. >> both the president and democratic leadership maintain there is only one way out for speaker john boehner. >> i want everybody to understand this. there are enough republicans and democrats in the house of representatives today that if the speaker of the house john boehner simply let the bill get on the floor, for an up or down vote, every congressman could vote their conscience, shutdown would end to day. speaker john boehner won't even let the bill get a yes or no
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vote. because he doesn't want to anger the extremists in his party. that's -- that's all. that's what this whole thing is about. >> multiple reports indicate john boehner knows the end is in sight and is preparing his conference for surrender. at least on the debt ceiling. the "the new york times" first reported speaker john boehner has told colleagues that he its the deter min edmin -- determin prevent default and will pass the measure through republicans a democrat votes. mr. boehner who held two meetings wednesday with groups of house moderates would do whatever is necessary to country did not default on its debt. hours ago "the washington post" reported. house speaker john boehner, sharing obama administration alarm over a possible debt default. told colleagues he will act to raise the federal debt limit if he has to rely on house
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democrats. a spokesperson, issued a statement asserting boehner's position has not changed. a clean bill cannot pass the republican-led house. as president obama pointed out. republicans having lost the ted cruz led fight to defund the affordable care act. don't really know what exactly it is they're fighting for, and how to stop fighting for whatever it is that may be. >> one house republican said we are not going to be disrespected. we have to get something out of this. i don't know what that even is. that was a quote. we're not going to be disrespected. we got to get something out of this. and, i don't know -- what that even is. what you get its our intelligence professionals being back on the job. what you get is our medical researchers back on the job. what you get are little kids
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back in the head start. what you get are national parks and monuments open again. what you get is the economy not stalling but continuing to grow. what you get are workers continuing to be hired. that's what you get! that's what you should be asking for! take a vote, stop this farce, and end the shutdown right now. if you are working here and ended up that you stopped and said, you know what i want to get something, but i don't know -- i don't know exactly what i am going to get. i am going to stop working until i get something. i'm going to shuttle down the whole plant until i get something. >> you'd get fired! >> you'd get fired! >> joining me now, david ax
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axelrod, and dave schmidt, both are msnbc political analysts. thank you for joining us. a similar question for both of you. what advice, steve, would you give to speaker boehner at this moment in time? >> look, i think what speaker boehner today did is very, very important. this was an important signal. the first time that he has gone out and been reported that he said we will not default with, with certainty. to republican house members. and we need that certainty around this issue, because the results are so catastrophic. so this has been a terrible blunder. a few weeks ago, the president was on defense over syria. we're at a time right now where we could as a party be talking about all the problems, implementing obama care. instead what you see is the president utterly on offense. the polls are totally clear about the damage being done to the republican party, to the republican brand. and so it is important now, i
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would say, to speaker boehner, as the the leader, as our speaker, to stand up, finally, and, let's end this. and let's triy to begin an era whereas republicans we capture the spirit of problem solving conservatism and move away from this very, very, very, very bad and dangerous path that ted cruz has taken us down and that so many of our elected officials have foolishly followed to the edge of the cliff with the country in the cab behind it. >> david, i want to ask you following on stieve's stom wste optimistic analysis that this may be coming to the end, according to the "washington post" and "the new york times," steve is, very much on the offense, what is critical for him in the next coming days? >> well, obviously the principle that he is upholding is critical which its that this is no way to
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govern. we can't hold the government hostage. can't hoemd old our economy hos. to ideological fetishes. he need to hold fast on the principle. he also, i think need. he said, that he needs to -- be -- available for discussion, negotiation on issues for the regular budget process. and that's what they need to get back to. you know, the, the interesting thing, alex about this whole story is that republicans had actually, at least a temporary victory. both the senate and house democrat as grs agreed to a tem spending level at the levels the republicans had set i would have been shrewd to claim victory and pull out of this fight. but instead, they set a gel toa that was never going to be achieved that was the gutting of the health care act of obama care. and now they're in the fix that
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they're in. stow wh so what the president need to do is hang tough here. see this through, but then be willing, to -- to help make the process, the process work. and i, i know that he is eager to do that. >> steve, to david's point that the republicans sort of had what ultimately they're going to, i mean, the concessions, quote, unquote, that they will be getting from the democarcara de democrats. it was part of the bill passed in the senate. that may be the thing that ends up getting republicans to the table on a deal. three things mentioned if there is a compromise between democrats and republicans on this is, six months cr, $986 billion. repeople of the medical deep vils tax and affordable care act, $t 2.3% excise tax. and offset of the $30 billion the medical destris tax wou-- d
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tax would have brought in. boehner, ted cruz and all prom igsed promised a steak dinner and this seems like a bunch of donut holes. >> at the end of the day there will be an effort to cling to anything. as you go out and try to the base why the fool's errand has come to an end and you hatch political necessity to try how to claim some sliver of victory. no matter how, how, detached from your reality it its at the end of the day. you know, look -- when, when this, when this moves forward over the next two weeks. as you approach this, this line of default, everybody knows now, that we can't cross that line. the speaker is signalled it. it is an important moment. so what this will now do is play out over the next couple of weeks. but the american people, the polls are very clear on this, are not taking the republican side of the argument, the
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republicans entered into this, without a strategy, how to get out of it. and when you enter into things, without a strategy to get out. you usually get out in a messy way. that's what is going to happen to republicans in this. >> speaking of that, getting out in a messy way. you talk a lot about political kabuki theater. that amy what is happening on the national stage right now. part of that would seem to be, giving republican is a way to save face through all of this. the medical device tax may be a legislative way of saving face. given how aggressive and on offense the president has been to the delight of many of the members of the base, does he at some point need to taylor that message and how does he do that in a way where republicans don't feel like they have lost entirely. that would seem to beep so sort peg of this that remains fuzzy? >> that is a real challenge. because, yes, he has been very strong, on this prince pull. and the prince pull its, no negotiations at the point of a
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gun. so he can't, can't relinquish that position. on the other hand, he, i'm sure recognizes that the speaker and those who may want to resoclve this. and in a difficult position to move forward. you have to offer something. can't be within the context of the current standoff. i think the position that we are willing to talk about all these things, once the -- once the standoff ends and the gun is put away, the bombs are put away, and we return to a normal negotiating stance is the best that he can do. i don't, i think it is very tough for him to say we are not negotiating and then. >> give anything up. >> then negotiate. let me say one other thing, alex. steve really are t articulated powerfully a position a lot of republicans hold. what this whole controversy has uncovered is what is effectively a civil war within the republican party.
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the republican party has a choice to make whether they want to be a national party, that can win, win, national elections, and take the white house, and, and, or do they want to be a, a regional factional ideological party. you know, how this ends may begin to shape that debate. it is probably going to rage right into the 2016 president sthal rapresidential race. you'll see the cruz, battling it out. off awe in closing, are you confident. peter talked moderates waiting in the wings prepared to make a maneuver to save the american economy. held hostage by members of their own party do. you think they triumph in the ♪ do you think we are seeing end of the tea party having a stranglehold on the gop? >> look, there is a big fight yet to come. what's important to remember though, is that no matter how
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well the republican brand goes, the members driving this are insulated from public opinion. moderates decide to control of the house are not. so they'll decide whether there is a democratic majority, or a republican majority. and people who want to purge them out of the house should remember that control of the speakership resides with them. >> david axelrod, steve schmidt, thank you both for joining me. >> good to beep with you. >> coming up a microphone catches mitch mcconnell and rand paul going over the strategy for the government shutdown. chris hayes will join me to talk about the epic failure of republican branding, pom s policymaking and messaging. latest details on a car chase that ended in a deadly shooting on capitol hill. less than 24 hours after wendy davis officially announced her run for governor of texas today, pro-life conservatives are out with an attack ad against her. planned parent hood's cecile richards joins me.
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>> stop trying to photo-op your way out of responsibility for this catastrophe. [ bleep ]. >> all of us here sitting at a table waiting for the senate democrats to join us so we can begin the resolve our differences. >> look at these guys, a focus group for a high-fiber breakfast cereal. you're kidding. actually that group looks like the republican congressional committee for women's health issues. >> remember the rnc plan to bring in more women and minorities. yeah, that plan, what happened to it? chris and steve join me coming up next.
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i want peacocks. peacocks? walking the grounds. in tuscany. [ man ] her parents didn't expect her dreams to be so ambitious. italy? oh, that's not good. [ man ] by exploring their options, they learned that instead of going to italy, they could use a home equity loan to renovate their yard and have a beautiful wedding right here while possibly increasing the value of their home. you and roger could get married in our backyard. it's robert, dad. [ female announcer ] come in to find the right credit options for your needs. because when people talk, great things happen. >> what once was old is new again. the republican party pre2012 is back.
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how easily members of the grand old party have forgotten the lessons they learned not one year ago today. here is rnc chair, just 6 1/2 months ago. >> the perception that we're the party of the rich, unfortunately, continues to grow. the report minces no word. and telling us that we have to be more inclusive. i didn't need the report to tell me that we have to do, we have to do a lot better job and do a lot more to make up ground in minority communities with women and young voters. it's not just what you say, it's how we say it. >> indeed it is not just what you say, but how you say it. and yesterday this is how the republican party chose the to deliver its message. what is the gop's message. in the months following the 2012 election and the news conference held, republicans have stalled immigration reform in the house
7:21 pm
of representatives. they have held up and just barely passed the violence against women act. they have cut $40 billion from food stamp programs. they have passed a bill banning abortions at 20 weeks. and float aid propos proposal a groups against marriage policy. no plank more important to republicans and foundational to their governing agenda than the appeal of the act. now that their's efforts have failed could it be it is time for republicans to take some advice from senator lielizabeth warren. >> in a democracy, hostage tactics are the last resort for those who can't win their fights through elections, can't win their fights in congress, can't win their fights for the presidency, and can't wane thin fights in the court. for the right-wing minority hostage taking is all they have left. a last gasp of those who cannot
7:22 pm
cope with the realities of our democracy. the time has come for those legislators who cannot cope with the reality of our dem kraeocra get out uof the way. >> joining me is chris hayes, and host of up, gentlemen, thank you for joining me this evening. >> sure. >> at the outset, i believe in a two party system. three party system. having more than one party. that said, chris, what do you make of elizabeth warren's contention this is a party in its last dying breaths and that some of these legislators if not many or most of them should step aside. >> look, i do think that the, the trends, the trend both demographically and politically are bad for the republican party. democracy core put out the document. they did focus groups, tea party, base republicans. one of the thing that came through, their sense of embattlement, peril and they're
7:23 pm
increasingly isolated in a world, in a country that is more and more dominated by the obama coalition. a multiracial, younger coalition. that is part of what plays into the politics you see from the republican party which are increasingly minoritarian, the approach of a group of people that views themselves as a small bull work against the masses opposed to a party. >> steve, what happens after this shutdown and the debt limit fight are over? and obama care is still the law of the land. exchanges are up and running. repeal, repeal, repeal. has been the man tra of the gop to the detriment of any other real tangible policy prescriptions. where do they go from here? >> i am going to organize one of the office betting pools like for the super bowl. pick the date the republicans will hold their final vote in congress in history and repeal. in the people.
7:24 pm
but, no, i think the point is. when you listen to previously, from seven months ago what that was diagnosing big picture, the problem with the republican party, in the big picture what the way out is. every single elect owed official in the republican party on capitol hill right now. basically lives in a world where they can't afford to think of the big picture. they're haunted by it. if you have to reduce it to one thing. what you say, september 2010 in delaware. christine o'donnell. a political gadfly. >> not a witch. >> and beat the man who had been the governor of the state of delaware, sole congressman. beft h she beat him. not an office holder that doesn't remember that and primaries lake that the last three years and say if i cast one wrong vote that's me. >> we saw, quickly, we saw this on the vote before the shutdown. in which there was all this, rumor, peter king, 24, 25 moderates. want a vote on a clean cr. bill comes up. think it got six votes.
7:25 pm
two moderates. four were people who thought not conservative enough. that sort of tells you everything you need to know about where the party is going. >> it's not just. the primary challenge is real. and o'donnell represents a line in the sand. there was a fascinating interview, a well sourced conservative, writes for conservative media. ezra asks robert, how did the republican party get to this place? robert says outside groups for example, heritage, club for growth don't move directly they create an atmosphere of fear among members. so many live in the conservative world of talk radio. tea party conventions, fox news invitations. conservative strategy of the moment no matter how unreamistic it may be catches fire. members begin to believe they can achieve things in dip strided government that most objective observers would believe is impossible. >> best example. want to look. the parties are the same. or, compare the fight now to the fight on capitol hill in 2007 when nancy pelosi became speaker
7:26 pm
of the house after a huge mandate to end the iraq war. 2006. democrats come in. win on the iraq war. first thing that happens. george bush says we will surge. more troops in there. the base goes nuts. they say you have to defund the war. at that point there were two parallel tracks. the supplemental and budgeting process. she could have held the regular budgeting process hostage to the supplemental. the base want herd to do it more than anything. justifiably so, i think. they wouldn't do it. that is the relationship the democratic party has the to the base. embodied. we're seeing the exact reverse. >>en fact, you and ezra mind melded on that. in terms, he asked robert, is it because the liberals are more responsible to the american democratic project. robert says in response, these conservatives don't face consequences for taking hard lane positions. they're able to redraw their districts. so they have many more conservative voters. members get heat from the press. they do not get heat back home.
7:27 pm
you have to wonder, steve, we are seeing tea partiers getting cheered. for the government shutdown. off awe wh what chris is saying is true, the picture trend. the country moving in the direction of what the obama coalition and what it represents. i don't want to overstate that. there are 217 republicans right now. who come from districts last year. the house of representatives. you need 218, majority. they have 217, mitt romney last year. in all of the demographic and cultural changes talking big picture across the country they're not happening in the district. talk about fox news, talk radio, the last throes of the conservative resistance. they're the dominant voices, they set the terms of debate. they set, the cultural terms t. in 217 of the 218 congressional districts that republicans need for a majority in the house now. >> do you have ach belt on what year the republicans start proposing feasible policy changes. >> 2029.
7:28 pm
>> 2029. big year. lot of stuff will happen. >> 2013. feasible policy change is austerity. they pro pose in 2011. they have gotten it. austerity they have gotten, they have achieved. not, people talking about n nihilism. awe and unthe r under the rader. chris and scott -- thank you for your time. t >> her filibuster put a stop to an extreme abortion bill in texas now wenty dady davis is rg for governor. cecile richards joins me to discuss the lone star state. ♪ that's real love. and so is giving him real tasty food. introducing new woof delights from iams. some wet food has gluten and artificial flavors. iams has real meat and eggs
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>> at the outset i know i joined the majority leader in expressing our gratitude to the capitol police. [ applause ] >> mr. speaker, i want to thank the gentleman for yielding and concur with his thanks to the capitol police. >> around 2. 20. p.m. eastern this afternoon. capitol hill went on lockdown after the sound of gunshots rang out. lawmakers were ordered to shelter in place and tourists outside the capitol were instructed to lie on the ground. we now know this incident began at the white house when a woman in a black car with connecticut plates tried to ram a barricade at the 15th and e street
7:33 pm
entrance. no shots were fired at the white house according to the secret service. the woman was pursued by secret service and capitol hill police. and in a video obtained by nbc news, you can see the car surrounded by police office herbs have their guns drawn. and shots are fired as the suspect speeds away. [ gunshots ] >> one capitol hill police officer was hurt in a crash during the chase. d.c. firefighters had to use rescue tools to free the 23 veteran officer from the mangled wreckage of his car. capitol police chief says he spoke to the officer and he is doing fine. the suspect was shot and killed by capitol hill police. joining me now is nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. pete, we know who the suspect its. >> right. that's right. law enforcement officials and congressional authorities tell us that they -- the woman in the car has been i didn'tifidentifi
7:34 pm
dental hygienist from stanford, connecticut. tonight local police and federal law enforcement officials are searching her home in stanford. they sent a bomb squad, they have also searched her car. they're now talking to people who knew her. the big question here, what was her motive? why did sunny come ---- -- why ride off, head for the one place in washington where there are more police on the street than anywhere in town. around the u.s. capitol. it why did she not stop her car when repeatedly told by the police and secret service to stop. when they fired at her car at one point, when she got up near the capitol, all of this is a mystery. and of course, all of, very troubling. but officials say that, she did not have a gun. all of the shots that were fired in this incident were fired by,
7:35 pm
the u.s. capitol police and secret service. >> speaking of the secret service, pete, we are learning that a secret service agent sustained injuries? >> well that's right. when this all began at 2:15. this car driven by the woman hit a security barrier at one of the check points that ring the white house. now the white house its not near that checkpoint. this is one of the outer perimeter check points. for reasons that aren't clear, she drove off at a very high speed, pursued by uniform secret service officers. the secret service says that she actually struck one of the officers with her car. they were trying to get her to stop. and they put these little portable barriers around her car. according to witness she's just gunned the engine, flattened that barrier, the agent was actually flipped up on to the hood of her car, rolled off. as she then took off, up pennsylvania avenue, blasting through red lights, going about 80 miles hand hour. and heading for some reason, as i say, towards the capitol so heavily secured. >> nbc's pete williams.
7:36 pm
thanks for the update. >> you bet. >> lot's bring in the skong r congresswoman. on the hill when the shooting occurred. congresswoman, thank you for joining us. if you could tell me where you were and what you saw and heard this afternoon? >> we had just finished voting during the first round of votes today on the house floor. i had gotten back to my office for a few minutes before getting ready to leave for a meeting when one of my staff members came in started shutting the doors and locking the windows and saying we had been placed on lockdown. we were told to shelter in place. at that time started hearing the loud speaker go off with the capitol police issuing instructions to everyone to take shelter in place and for any one who its outside near the capitol, to take cover. at that point weep started making phone calls, taking accountability which staff were in my office. those who were not there -- making sure that they were in a safe place and thankfully everyone was.
7:37 pm
>> you know in these situations there are always stories of heroism, bravery, the role of the capitol police and the secret service cannot be understated. that said, we are in the middle of a government shutdown. while those officers were not furloughed, they will not be getting paid until after the shutdown. tell me in the hams of congrekos is there indignation, anger about the fact that this is not the way things should be? >> first, i do want to say how much i appreciate, and how much today has highlighted the, selfless service and heroism of these capitol police officers, secret service agents, fbi, d.c. metro police, firefighters all the first responders who converged on the scene instantly. and made this incident into a very short event, keeping, keeping as many people safe as possible. they have done an outstanding job. and i think it does really highlight the service that all our federal employees provide. they are, they are public ser
7:38 pm
vanl -- servants and the role is essential. puts things into perspective. looking at situations where people are faced with the life and death situation. >> it is unfortunate that it is disaster or calamity that remind us of the role of the federal government and importance of civil service. i guess i would ask you, one of the things we heard about when we heard of the report of the shooting were that many congressional offices are understaffed. 75% of the, staff is gone. and as some one in congress standing in the halls of congress right nowen what areas are you feeling the shutdown? are you aware of how it has made life difficult? >> i think the capitol police have consolidated resources during this time. you've will see some times lines, lining up all the entrances to the office buildings are not open. like you said also, offices like mine have kept essential staff on board. we are done to a skeleton crew. which means we had constituents who flew all the way from hawaii, brought their family and
7:39 pm
brought their kids here to visit our nation's capitol. the places that they could visit were limited. capitol tours, canceled. and things that are very meaningful for a lot of people have been completely shut down and in a basic way. >> congresswoman, thank you for joining me to night. >> thank you very much. alow aloha. >> aloha. wendy davis is running for governor and conservatives are on the attack. i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
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your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. get up to $140 in mail-in rebates when you buy four select tires with the ford service credit card. where'd you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. >> almost 200,000 people have signed a move-on petition demanding that members of congress receive no pay as long as the stalemate in washington continues. you can find a link to it on the last word face book page. some members of congress are donating their salaries during the shutdown including senator al franken, who is donating his salary to second harvest heartland which comb battles hunger in minnesota. not north carolina tee party republican congresswoman, renee elmers, the congresswoman supported shutdown but is keeping her pay explaining to a north carolina tv station, i
7:43 pm
need my paycheck, that's the bottom line. >> meanwhile, some restaurants in washington, d.c. are offering deals to government workers. celebrity chef brian voltaggio from top chef, tweeted his restaurant range is offering government workers a free pizza. he tweeted forgot to mention, members of congress not eligible until you get your shiz together. >> up next, wendy davis is running for governor in texas. the lone star state's cecile richard joins me next. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions...
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7:46 pm
tonight on the stage where sunny received her high school diploma, texas state senator wendy davis announce sthd she w run for governor of texas.
7:47 pm
>> 32 years ago i walked across this stage, the granddaughter of farmers from mule shoe, texas, who could only afford to rent the land that they farmed. i had no real idea what the future looked like. but today i see it pretty clearly. it's staring right at me. [ applause ] it's you, it's all of you. and all of you deserve to have your voices heard. because our future is brightest when it is lit by everyone's star. and that's why today i am proud to announce my candidacy to be the 48th governor of this great state.
7:48 pm
>> davis shot to democratic political rock star status after caring out a marathon fill buster against a bill restricting abortion rights in the state. a new poll find in a hypothetical match up between wendy davis and texas's attorney general, greg abbott, abbt leot leads davis. 50% of respondents are undecided. joining me is the president of planned parenthood and daughter of ann richard. cecelia, a thrill to see you. no person i would rather talk to about this than you. as daughter of ann richard. daughter of the lone star state and some one fighting for wom women's freedoms. earlier today you tweeted. 24 years ago, ann richards announced, for governor of texas with my daughter lily today. we cheer wendy davis. hash tag, team wendy. you know the state. what is it going to take for
7:49 pm
wenty dave s wen wendy davis? >> great to be with you. as a texan, i am proud today, of wendy, the state. and the thought that she can repeat history. she can and will. what we are seeing, ace race that looks incredibly close. what wendy haufrd today, obviously her personal biography is amazing, what she has done in elected office. wendy is offering up to open up government to all the people of texas much like mom did 24 years age i think there is going to be an outpouring of grassroots support. not only from women but folks across the state of texas who are really frankly ready for a change that. 's what sunny is promising. it is very, very exciting to think we can be part of the movement. i want to talk about what made wendy davis famous, the abortion restriction law, hb 2 which bans abortions after 20 weeks, and restrictions on medications,
7:50 pm
requires doctors to have admitting privileges and requires abortion clinics to have surgical center stations. i know portions of the go into effect, and planned parenthood in texas is suing the attorney jen ram for parts of the law. can you tell us a little bit more about that. >> certainly. we sued last week, planned parenthood with colleagues, because this is a bill we believe is clearly unconstitutional. the important thing about this, its as well, what happened this summer. you saw an outpouring of opposition. the polls show 80% of texans oppose what happened in the state legislature, supported by governor perry, greg abbott as well. taking away access to reproductive health care for millions of texas women. on the heels of course, of dozens of women's health centers that had to shut down over the last several years. all of this -- in a very sort of
7:51 pm
anti-woman environment in the state legislature, by governor perry. that's what was happening. women have had enough in texas. they're ready for change. i believe that's what is fueling a lot of the energy. again, not just women, but women are really ready for a change in the state of texas. >> almost as if nationally and in texas they have forgotten the suffrage movement and women hatch the right have the right to vote. this law would restrict 22,000 texas women from having the right to choose. you look at that. you look at the conscience clause, the republicans in washington are trying to insert into the debate over a clean bill of funding for the government. i have to ask you, cecile, a football we toss back and forth all the time. why is this still anner t eran ? >> i don't understand. it was incredible. this last weekend to see. in the midst of all the issues the government is dealing with. in fact the house of representatives would pass yet another time, a bill to restrict
7:52 pm
women's access to birth control. this is, extraordinary. but of the thing that is important about all this. for planned parenthood, speaking now on part of the planned parenthood action fund. this is bad for women's health. also bad politics. we saw the presidential election, the biggest gender gap ever. seeing how the virginia governors race where the issues are being, really, in the public discourse. we're seeing terry mccullough leading by 18 to 24 points. i think women hatch hve had enon the state of texas. >> i don't know. i hope we can have a conversation celebrating that republicans and conservatives have given up on what is not a winning strategy. but that day may be a few, a few months or years from now. cecile richard. thank you for joining us. >> great to see you, alex, thanks. >> some tea party republicans are being cheered back home for shutting down the government. further proof that all politics is low come. that -- is local.
7:53 pm
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7:55 pm
>> montana's governor john walsh is running for the u.s. senate in 2014. walsh will run to replace democratic senator max baucus who is retiring. democrats have held the seat for decades. the seat could help control the senate. up next, why all politics is local. i want peacocks. peacocks? walking the grounds. in tuscany. [ man ] her parents didn't expect her dreams to be so ambitious. italy? oh, that's not good. [ man ] by exploring their options, they learned that instead of going to italy, they could use a home equity loan to renovate their yard and have a beautiful wedding right here while possibly increasing the value of their home. you and roger could get married in our backyard. it's robert, dad. [ female announcer ] come in to find the right credit options
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7:57 pm
local has an msnbc connection. made by tip o'neill. chris matthews wrote a box about the working relationship, tip and the gipper. last week lawrence sat down with chris to talk about the book. in part three of their historic interview they talk why tip o'neill was right, all politics is local. >> tip was the congressman from my, the congressional district, that my mother grew up in. north cambridge. everybody always says. north cambridge. they need to distinguish from the harvard section of town. right. >> you are a hybrid. st. john's. >> i find myself. >> did you have any nicknames like booger reid. all the nicknames. >> all the nicknames around tip any office. >> my room mate. phil downy, friend with crazy nicknames. >> yeah, yeah, i was a kid. don't think i was 10 years old. found myself at a table with, with tip o'neill.
7:58 pm
where we ordered the same thing. he said, what do you want? i ordered strawberry ice cream. he had the same thing. his lunch as far as i could tell >> i would have lunch. i would go eat a sandwich. come in. say want a sandwich. want somebody to have lunch with. get down to with the house members. i would get an ice cream. he would, get so, clever the way he would talk. don't you dine at noon? he was, out having dinner at italian restaurant. don't you drink? i said no. trying to get rid of it. can't you take the stuff. the irish thing. pushing. constantly pushing. >> produced my one tip story. one time i melt him. sitting there having ice cream. father sitting right there. tells my father this story. you know at the banquets in massachusetts. at the time tip has the the two biggest stars in the united states senate as his senators. edward brook, republican only black senator in the united states senator and this guy,
7:59 pm
teddy kennedy. at the ed end, a big line tryino get ed brooks, a longer line trying to get ted kennedy's autograph. after they do that every one come up to me to get a favor. >> good job. come to me for jobs or favors. they would say, i wouldn't think to ask the senator. the government building where they work. go to him for jobs. and stuff. go to the other guys for autographs. >> but he never. >> he didn't mind that. >> never confused by his position in this constellation? >> he likes favors. he liked the button. if you got to work and shovel snow. he accepted that. favors. looking out for people. he and reagan, different. reagan not a bad guy at all. did not have the personal experience of dealing with people with dribble, people didn't get social security, disability t. education, kids that couldn't go to good colleges, kids going to drop out of school.
8:00 pm
reagan didn't have the experience. he would have ended up like tip. that was the difference. >> for more of the interview. check out the last word's facebook page. i'm alex wagner in for lawrence o'donnell. catch my show "now" week days on we begin tonight with a terrifying, extraordinary scene at the capital today when shots were fired, the capitol hill went into lockdown and law enforcement, including capitol hill police, the secret service, and the fbi went into full response mode. this is just part of the scene, captured by arabic language tv channel alhurra. a female suspect traveling in her car with a child tried to breach a white house barrier and later was almost stopped near the capitol. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. whoa!