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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 4, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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weapon. how did you read up on it? twitter, of course. they want to be the news wire of the world. it's going public. how much money it's worth and should you be paying attention to it? thursday night football. buffalo/cleveland. it was a nightmare for both quarterbacks. this is "way too early." we are finally here. it is a friday. good morning, everybody. october the 4th. filibuster wendy davis gearing up for a run in texas. her popularity doesn't make her a lock in the lone star state. we are monitoring tropical storm karen which has parts of the gulf coast under a warning. bill karins has more on that. we want to start in washington. a day of high political tension
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in d.c., a scare where a woman tried to run down a white house barricade, shot and killed on the streets near the senate. it began with reports of shots fired near the heart senate building on constitution avenue. legislatures and their staff were told that take shelter. a woman, miriam carey tried to ram her car through a barricade and took off at speed that is approached 80 miles per hour. her car came to a stop. police surrounded her. then she backed up, took off and hit an officer. she was later killed in a hail of gunfire. she was unarmed despite earlier reports she might have had a gun. police found an 18-month-old girl found to be her daughter. the girl was unharmed. here is what we know. she was a dental hygienist
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living in connecticut, but recently let go by her former employer, a dentist who says she suffered a fall in january, 2012. when she came back, she was pregnant and was never the same. she was fired last august after complaints from patients she was being too rough. police searched her home in stanford, connecticut. as of now, it's not clear what she was doing in washington, d.c. today, of course, first responders being called heroes, many of them are not being paid because of the government shutdown. just impressive work. joining us from the capitol, luke russert. you were there when it came down. give us your impression of the degree and tension and other experiences you had down there. >> reporter: it was a harrowing experience. i was in my office where the inaugurations happen. heard three or four loud bangs or pops that caused me to stand-up.
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i looked out the window, i saw capitol police with their arms drawn telling tourists to get down on their stomachs and telling them to run and go to independence avenue on the house side and get out of the line of fire. i was able to see part of the car chase, which we have seen the unbelievable video of. they stopped this woman. there's been back and forth, why was she shot? in this case, when they are trying to secure the perimeter, they have no idea what is in the car, whether it's a bomb, how it went to the white house, why it's at the capitol. they did everything they could to make sure the vehicle does not become a weapon that can endanger not only the tourists, but the building itself. it caused a lot of tension on the hill. the navy yard, the shutdown, then this incident. this has been quite a harrowing month politically and in terms of gun violence here on this
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complex within the immediate area. it's in the psyche of tension on capitol hill. >> it's very well put, luke. if they knew it was a woman with an 18-month-old and was unarmed, it might have been a different response. you hit it. you don't know. luke, stay with us for a moment. we want you to weigh in on the next story as well. we want to talk about the funding fight in washington as well. each day congress is unable to find a way to fund the federal government, the final compromise will delve into the debt ceiling. house speaker john boehner said he will not allow the government to default. boehner risks backlash from the right. he's breaking the rule meaning he would be bringing up a bill for a vote without majority support from his own party. it's something he's done a number of times with this congress, passing legislation on the fiscal cliff, hurricane sandy relief and violence
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against women. luke, i want to bring it to you. what do we expect when it comes to negotiations against the only leverage boehner has, he's giving up. >> it's one of the reasons why they didn't want the government funding fight. they wanted their attention on the debt ceiling. there would be a way to extract concessions from the white house. what you see is a speaker who has been weakened by the strategy. his closest allies tell you that privately. what you could end up seeing is government funding meshed into raising the debt limit. what would they get back? would it be they repeal the medical device? is the president truthful when he says he will not negotiate the debt limit? it's hard to see john boehner getting spending cuts to the cost of $2 trillion which he got in 2011. it might be something less. one thing democrats usually they
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cave. they have caved in the budget fights. so far, whether it's because the president is because of his re-election or harry reid is tired of dealing with the house republicans, they have held their line firm. i don't see how much they can get in exchange. not $2 trillion like in 2011. >> there are people inside the white house saying obama is adamant about negotiations as he was about the health care in the first place. luke russert, thanks for getting up early with us. texas state senator, wendy davis finally made it official. she's running for governor in 2014. of course, she gained instant fame for her nearly 11-hour filibuster against abortion rules. yesterday, that was not her focus. >> texans do not want to sit back and watch austin turned into washington, d.c. state leaders that are currently
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in power are forcing people to opposite corners to prepare for a fight instead of coming together to get things done. i'm asking you to dream of all that we can accomplish together. i'm asking you to believe that the best of texas is yet to come. >> a recent poll shows davis trailing the republican nominee, texas attorney general greg abbott by eightpoints. we continue to follow the road rage caught on camera in new york city. sources confirmed that police located the man that pulled him out of his suv after the high speed chase and viciously assaulted him. police were negotiating his sur ronder late last night. leon's family broke their silence saying they are sorry a biker was seriously injured but there was simply no other choice. his wife said in a statement, our sympathies go out to the
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injured motorcycle and his family. we were faced with a life threatening situation and my husband was forced to take the actions he did to protect the lives of our entire family. we know in hur hearts we could not have done anything differently. anyone faced with that danger would have taken the same course of action to protect their family, end quote. some other news outside the u.s. to talk about. tragedy off the coast of italy. a small ship packed with 500 african migrants capsized killing at least 114 people. rescuers managed to save 150 most of whom were from somali. there were more than 100 people unaccounted for. the boat's motor stopped working. the vessel began to take on water. survivors burned a sheet to attract attention of rescuers but it ignited fuel on the
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vessel. the boat capsized and then we have the tragedy that we are viewing the aftermath of. italy requesting assistance from the eu to combat what's going on in terms of migrants trying to get into that country. john kerry and secretary gates are in tokyo. starting next year, the u.s. military will deploy long range surveillance drones from japan. the mission of the drones is to enhance the spying capabilities on north korea and monitor the disputed islands in the east china sea. let's turn our attention to business and the shutdown and the car chase in washington. the car chase rattled markets. downside 136 points on the dow means we are below the 15,000 mark yet again. steve is live for us. steve, good morning. >> yeah, brian, people keep telling us it's really, really bad for markets.
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the markets take note. the dow down. very difficult to see what will happen in today's session. as we said previously, there's another casualty of the shutdown. now have you have the imf and big bosses and the president saying in a cnbc interview it would be bad for markets. angie's list cutting prices in san francisco, washington, new york to the online review service. they are getting a subscription for ten bucks from $40. shares are down to $70.31 but they are up from the original ipo. amazon is planning to scream internet services against the likes of apple and roku as well. they made their money from services as they do on kindles. >> we all want to know about
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twitter. give me nuggets and info on their potential ipo. >> they have told us more details about how much money they are making. they tripled their revenue last year. they had a big increase in revenues. they are still losing money. $69.3 million was the last reported loss. per customer, they are making less than facebook. 64 cents per customer as opposed to facebook who made $1.60 per customer. the motto is based on advertising. 87% is based on advertising. 65% is mobile advertising. it's got wall street very, very excited about this one. mobile as the big growth driver. >> promoted ads i find less intrusive than facebooks. have a great weekend. appreciate it. of course, i learned about the twitter ipo on twitter. kind of cool, i guess. we want to hear your best and
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worst twitter discoveries. one of my greatest memories in life is when mike barnicle was live tweeting. it was riveting, unbelievable. >> good times. >> are you going to do the same at 3:07 for the red sox? >> i'll be tweeting. >> your best and most creative at waytoometa. supposed to be a pitchers dual. only one showed up. highlights from the baseball postseason. is the debate on capitol hill getting you down? we have a moment that sums it up perfectly. a lot of weather out there when we come back. janice joplin, the pop singer who took three years to get to the top was found dead
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time for sports. a little playoff bachblt pirates and cardinals scoreless until the third inning. >> here's the 2-1. a fly ball hit down the right field line. goes to the foul pole and this ball is gone. it's a home run. >> i don't know who is better, young or beltran. a three-run shot. seven-run third inning. a.j. did not show up. they take game one from the pirates, 9-1. dodgers up two-zip in the third. gonzalez. >> what team did he play for before this? >> boston red sox. >> was that the tieing home run?
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>> i believe so. he's a go ahead guy. he's not a clutch guy. i'm glad he's gone. >> clayton kershaw, they take game one. he doesn't do well in a big media city. he likes to be lost in l.a., which is not that small. by the way, the match ups, pirates/cardinals -- >> a little sunburns of l.a. >> that little tiny town. i was supposed to do the baseball games coming up today. everybody is playing, you know that. thursday night football. >> it's 2:00 a.m. in l.a., you are all right. >> all right, bill's browns. browns trailing by seven in the first. cleveland qb under pressure. former patriot. he tweaks his knee. he leaves the game. they say it's a sprained knee. a lot of people fear it is much, much worse.
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let's go to the third quarter, game time. manning is running for his life. he also goes -- that is a bruise opposed to a ligament. a bruise heals better than a ligament. he was a starter to start the year. he came in and they won the game. they won three in a row now. they are 3-2 on the season. 37-24, the final. l.a. ate up our weather report. >> that's all right. l.a. is going to have bad weather, too. we have a tropical storm making land fall, tornadoes possible this afternoon to evening, we have a blizzard in wyoming and we have in l.a. and california, they are worried about fires. very hot and dangerous. let's talk about karen. it gets the headlines, the storm in the gulf of mexico. it weakened overnight. it's sheered apart by upper level winds.
2:49 am
it's not likely to be a hurricane at land fall. the hurricane center has it being somewhere around 70 miles per hour. right now, it's 350 miles away from the mouth of the mississippi. here is the forecast past. again, it's going to skirt the coast. one in southern louisiana, that's sunday about 2:00 a.m. an overnight land fall and the morning hours, near pensacola. the snowstorm is going to cause huge problems in the west. blizzard warnings are up. this is a huge storm. could see up to 20 inches of snow with gusty winds and windchills in the teens. who is ready for that? it's beginning of october. rapid city and casper are the two cities. the tornado threat, the biggest problem. look at the snow pictures. that's casper, wyoming. i can't picture that. there's leaves on the trees so there's going to be power outages and tornadoes in iowa. for the friends in l.a. and
2:50 am
california, the gusty santa ana winds. that means fire danger. we went two months with nothingness. >> now we have four. thank you. >> red sox forecast for barnacle, partly cloudy, a sprinkle or two. >> thank you. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," a 34-year-old woman tried to ram her way through barriers at the white house. that and the latest on negotiations over funding the government. when we come back here, a celebrity feud for the nation. this is amazing. o'connor and miley cyrus going at it. details coming up. meeting took forever. oh, my parents will be here any minute. ♪ canned soup? no way. ♪ mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft!
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at the top of the show, we talked about the debt ceiling an republican speaker of the house, john boehner breaking the rule in his vow to provent the government from defaulting. if you want to sound smart, since 1991, there have been 36 vote that is violated the rule. it's when the majority party refrains from bringing bills forward that don't have support from more than half of the party. let's have fun stuff. what do you have? >> thanks. happy friday. the government shutdown is stretching into the fourth day with no end in sight.
2:54 am
yesterday, congressman george holding summed up how many of us feel about the whole thing. >> it's about trying to do what's right for the whole country. and if your heart doesn't break when you read these stories and when you take the phone calls and if your heart doesn't break -- >> sometimes i feel like taking a nap, too. don't worry about it congressman. i'm always up for a good one. the latest one involved this photo of scarlett johansson falling down in december, 2012. it turned into her participating in olympic krurling, playing street music, laying down beats in the club. she's in the situation room in pakistan. she finally, and my favorite one of them all, twerking with robin thicke.
2:55 am
now, we go to sinead o'conner that writes a letter to miley cyrus. she would say no to prostituting herself to sell albums. before amanda bynes there was the mental breakdown on twitter last year. cyrus followed it up with a photo and her infamous "snl" moment. the show cyrus is going to host this weekend. miley, really, who the bleep is advising you. taking me on is more stupid and behaving like a prostitute and calling it feminism. those are fighting words, mika. i don't know how you feel about that feud, but it seems like it's a bit rough. >> thank you, lewis. thank you. i, nah, eugene do i -- >> don't go there. >> i won't. lewis, bye-bye. coming up on "morning joe," the latest details from the washington car chase that left one woman dead.
2:56 am
plus, a new twist in the fight over the government shutdown. speaker john boehner says he won't let the country default on the debt, even if he has to rely on democrats for support. a hot mic moment between mitch mcconnell and rand paul. we pulled back the curtain on their shutdown strategy and new video from the world war ii memorial in washington. a park ranger is confronted by a congressman who blames her for the park closing. john, eugene, harold, david ahead with us on "morning joe." brian, back to you. >> still ahead on way too early, your best and worst discoveries on twitter. #waytoometa. okay ladies, whenever you're ready. thank you. thank you. i got this. no, i'll get it! no, let me get this. seriously. hey, let me get it. ah, uh. i don't want you to pay for this. it's not happening, honey. let her get it. she got her safe driving bonus check from allstate last week.
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♪ [ male announcer ] build anything with the new toyota tundra. toyota. let's go places. twitter is going public. i read about it on twitter. we thought we would ask some of your best and worst discoveries. what do you have? >> this is definitely a worst discovery. kolby says i foupd out my
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girlfriend has a boyfriend that wasn't me via twitter. >> that must feel good to admit it. painful. talk about painful. people are talking about gerald. >> can't be unseen. >> all right, listen. have great weekend. "morning joe" starts right now. >> to some of us, doing the right thing in congress is not about helping a political party. it's about trying to help the people that will elected us. it's about trying to do what's right for the whole country. and if your heart doesn't break when you read these stories and when you take the phone