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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  October 9, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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and i stand very, very, happily corrected. and mr. king, congratulations on a fight well fought. now you have to be a good city counselor. we'll all be watching. that does for it tonight. now time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. who can lead the republicans out of the mess they created for themselves in washington? kid this possibility it is going to sound a little wild. but maybe -- just maybe -- the koch brothers. >> day nine of the government shutdown. >> day nine of the government shutdown. >> that is why we are here in general. >> this government shutdown. >> shutdown. >> shutdown. >> shutdown. >> shutdown. >> the government shutdown. >> the shutdown is bleeding into the debt ceiling. >> this isn't about me and frankly not about republicans. >> we can't raise the debt ceiling. >> for even the shortest deal.
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>> the gop is considering defaulting. >> on the full faith and credit of the united states. >> did you [ bleep ] hear that? >> you cannot do this. >> it would disrupt markets. >> the nation freaks out. >> there is nothing fiscally responsible. >> defaulting on the death is like -- >> the dramatics are ramping up in washington. >> "the wall street journal." >> paul ryan. >> paul ryan emerged from hiding. >> for a pitch for a debt deal. >> these, use have been talked about before. >> some of the things democrats have already put on the table. >> whether ryan and boehner can sell the idea. >> this is about the republican party. >> to their own conference. >> this is what it is about. >> the fight for the republican party continues. ♪ the reckless and irresponsible standoff over the
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debt ceiling created by frighteningly ignorant and childish republicans is already harming the country and causing increased government spending. that's right. during the days of the government shutdown, while the buffoons who shut it down think they're saving the government money, they have actually managed to increase government spending already. all of the money that is temporarily not being spent in the government shutdown on federal salaries things like that, all of that, the republicans have already promised they will pay in full when the government shutdown is over. and so the government shutdown itself is saving the government exactly nothing. but the republicans economically suicidal threat to not increase the debt ceiling next week has already increased government spending in a way that those republicans do not understand. they do not realize -- that the sixth largest category of federal government spending is interest on the federal debt. just as interest on a home mortgage can be one of if not
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the single biggest expenses a family faces. paying interest is real spending. feels like real spending when you pay the interest on your mortgage. it is also mandatory spending. there is absolutely no way for the government to suddenly decide to cut its interest payments. the treasury is still authorized to conduct normal borrowing through the sale of treasury bills, but yesterday, yesterday, buyers of short term government t-bills as they're called became so reluctant to buy them under this threat that the treasury had to double in one day, double, the interest it was willing to pay on those short term treasury bills. and that interest, that cost of borrowing, for the federal treasury is now at the highest level it has been since 2008. now this did not have to happen.
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this increased government spending on interest is happening exclusively because of the republican threat of default. "the new york times" reported to day, the political impasse over the debt ceiling royaled a closely watched corner of the bond market on tuesday pushing up the price the government paid to borrow money. investors who lend the government money are demanding higher rates because they are increasingly worried that it will not be able to make good on its debt after october 17. major players in the market are frantically now maneuvering to reduce the impact of the economic disaster that will strike them if the debt ceiling is not increased. fidelity investments, the nation's largest money market mutual fund manager, some of you out there watching this have money infidelity, fidelity sold all of its short term u.s. government debt. the latest sign that investors are increasingly nervous about possibility of a government default. the republicans who are doing this to the country, the republicans who are increasing federal spending obviously have
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no idea that they're doing that. >> why you don't think we should raise the debt limit that would actually be good for the country? >> you need to convince me why we need to raise the debt limit? if raising the debt limit is going to cure our ills and our -- the situation we have now -- we have raised it 14 times since 2001. we're not going to go into default. and so -- raising, hitting the debt ceiling doesn't equal, raising, defaulting. >> the congressman, his real name, has no idea that his
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simply saying those things for the last come of weeks has actually increased government spending through increased interest payments. and the congressmen in washington are not listening to a word that the president says about this. >> traditionally the republicans claim they're the party of business. and if you listen to -- to business leaders like warren buffett they call this a nuclear weapon that you can't even think about using. you know, the united states government is the most powerful country on earth. but part of our strength comes from the fact that we have great credit ratings. great credit worthiness. people think that we are a great investment. so that's why interest rates are relatively low. because people are willing to invest in the united states and not ask for a big return. and we have never not paid our bills. and just like if an individual doesn't pay their bills, suddenly, their credit scores go down.
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and it's difficult for them to get credit. everything becomes more expensive. same thing is true for the united states of america. >> republicans used to listen to warren buffett. everybody did. but now -- the billionaires republicans follow most closely are the koch brothers of koch industries, sent a letter to united states senators today to publicly distance themselves from the ted cruz tea party strategy of defunding obama care above all else. koch has the not taken a position on the legislative tactic of tying the continuing resolution to defunding obama care nor have we lobbied on legislative provisions defunding obama care. the letter went on to say, we also believe that congress should work to rein in rampant government spending so that it becomes no longer necessary to raise the debt ceiling.
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so there are the koch brothers saying that it is now necessary to raise the debt ceiling. they are saying what everyone in washington has always known, which is that if -- if the debt is not increasing, it is not necessary to raise the debt ceiling. but only if the debt is not increasing. that's why we didn't have to raise the debt ceiling from 1997 to 2002. we have period like that. this isn't one of them. joining me now ezra klein and richard wolf. ezra, you "washington post" guys are very, very, very wealthy. i understand that. so i know. >> incredible. >> you are all fearing what the debt ceiling is going to do to your personal wealth. because even wizard of high finance like you cannot figure out a way to protect all of your wealth from what will happen if they don't raise the debt ceiling, right? >> that's why i bought a skrooge mcduck -- >> if you can't figure a we to
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hide from the impact of the crash that will happen itch the debt ceiling isn't raised, the koch brothers can't figure out a way either. they have too much money out there in the world. for me, my hope resides in the koch brothers. the koch brothers are going to say to these guys, do you have any idea how many billions we could lose next week if you clowns keep this up? >> this is a remarkable thing, about this stage. a stage of the republican civil war. you have finally and sharply split the tea party, and the business out of the republican party. not just the koch brothers. chamber of commerce which back in the day was by far the most powerful republican lobbying group they have been on team clean funding of the government, clean raising the debt ceiling. and they had begun talking about potentially coming into primaries and protecting mainstream republican players. head of the business roundtable,
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former republican governor from michigan complained. the republican party, tea party are not listening to him any more. the koch brothers are an interesting group. they exist at the intersection of big business and tea party. big business funders. >> the tea party billion airs. their only billionaires. >> their only billionaires. shadowy hedge fund i am not sure about. what you are about to see is a war between this side of the republican party, the business side and the tea party. i wouldn't be shocked to see, that the way it is resolved is that the republican party says not to -- default on the debt. but to keep the government closed down for a highly extended period of time. something that they have begun talking about. that protects their money and hurts the people that depend on the government. >> richard wolf, i specifically picked the koch brothers because of the wall street thing. used to be. talked about this week and others. wall street could call the republicans in washington if
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they're ever misbehaving -- out like this and say, hey, hey, hey, stop that right now. they would stop it right now. the boehner kind of republican would listen to wall street. clearly the tea party doesn't care about wall street. doesn't listen to wall street. but the koch brothers are in tight with the tea party. have been with them on all their crazy stuff except of course this debt ceiling. >> the problem is if you invite the crazies into your house, you cannot say then where did all these crazy people come from? >> you can try to. you have their phone numbers and you know them. >> it ties late for the republican party now. >> trying to do an optimistic show here based on the koch brothers ownership of these people. >> astonishing we are even having this conversation. you want to put your head in a bowl of cold water and think it is a dream. rational people are talking defaulting on debt. then the people who bankrolled them say what do you mean, tank the world economy. you may hurt my interests. well i am sorry if you blt up
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-- you built up this formidable opposition and unleashed it. you have to live with the consequences. sadly we have to live with the consequences. i would love to see the grownup standing up and saying this is too far. actually you know very well, john mccain, cannot become a nominee of this party right now. nor could george w. bush. look at mitt romney. frankly, chris christie couldn't either. they are killing themselves not just in 14, in 16, sadly also going to take down the world economy if they carry on like this. >> i want to go to something the president talked about today. this notion how you could prioritize what you pay if you get into the crazy debt ceiling territory. let's listen to this. >> when i hear republican congressmen or senators suggesting that -- somehow this is okay. that it wouldn't cause a big problem. that we could pay the chinese government, who hold our debt, or just pay some saudi sovereign wealth fund for their debts.
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the fact that people on social security are veterans payments, or small business whose provided services of the government, not getting paid. and that somehow is okay. i don't know where they're getting that analysis. there isn't a business person or, or -- financial expert or economist who agrees. they think this would be a devastating blow that would have long lasting effects. we shouldn't even be considering something like that. >> people are consider things like that. including orin hatch. >> he may be secretly serious. but publicly. >> here is a way to think of this idea. in 2011 we did not reach a debt ceiling at all not for a moment, day, 15 minutes. it cost us $19 billion. >> because we. that close. you go over. the way to imagine it. i am going to burn down the house. you are not giving me what you
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want. that's terrible. it is your house. don't worry i will run in while it is burning down and get everything of value out of it. that is not a safe place. and we have computer systems built to pay bills on time. only thing the computer systems do. their argument is when we do this, go over the limit we rewrite the computer systems, redo the programming and get them to choose who to pay and not to pay. if we miss one all the actual consequences fall on our head. even if we don't. we go to do something the market never thought we could do. do 75% t 50% of the freaking out the market. they're looking into the future. you have now told them you are not dependable anymore. you have done something you would never consider doing. the idea that we will escape without consequence is lunacy. >> the president is like an airplane pilot, running out of fuel, top of the mountains are right there. i don't see there is any way to
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make it over the mountain. he his to talk calmly into the microphone. in the clip he sounded calm, steady about something that is -- frightening. >> look. they're in a bind, right? they cannot negotiate on something, this outrageous. because there is no negotiating. but you have to look and sound reasonable. let's reverse this a minute. because i hear in the department of false equivalence all the time. democrats hated bush, they loelt -- they loathed the war in iraq. they didn't shut down the government because they hated the war in iraq. didn't defund the troops. by the way if they had taken any extreme measures how do you think president bush would have reacted now. would he have sounded calm and reasonable. i am willing to negotiate not just about this. he would say this is unamerican. this is undermining this country which is what republicans say about the president all the time. he is weakening us in the world, well who is weakening us in the
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world economy right now? >> thank you both for joining me tonight. >> thank you. >> coming up, chris christie walked right into this budget storm in washington today. and miley cyrus makes her last word debut, she is going to be in tonight's rewrite. as you should know by now, at this very hour, this very minute, on friday night you will be watching alec baldwin's new show right here on msnbc. alec baldwin is here tonight to tell us all about it. it's coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] may your lights always be green. [ tires screech ] ♪ [ beeping ] ♪ may you never be stuck behind a stinky truck. [ beeping ] ♪ may things always go your way.
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>> democrat cory booker and tea party challenger had their final debate tonight before the special election in new jersey for united states senate. the moderator asked him which senator he admires most. >> name a sitting senator that
10:19 pm
you admire and tell us why? >> i admire mike lee. i admire ted cruz. i admire rand paul. i admire marco rubio. i also, i admire -- well a number of them actually. >> why? >> those who hold the line. those who get up and advocate for liberty. >> the list of people he named are far right extremists of the senate. the tea party people. and so if you want to send another tea party person who is responsible right now for shutting down our american government, if you want to send another extremist to washington who believes playing roulette with our full fifth and credit. >> republicans trying to find their way out of the chaos. chris christie went to washington, walked straight into the chaos today. sam stein and nicole wallace will join me next.
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acso 45 states and then district of columbia have voluntarily decided to raise the bar with consistent educational standards. now, students in those states will have a better chance to succeed in college and careers and to compete in the global economy.
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which means a better future for our students and our nation. join exxonmobil in supporting the common core state standards. let's solve this. >> a "wall street journal" op-ed, paul ryan seemed to back away from his party's demand to defund or delay the affordable care act. paul ryan who may have 2016 presidential hopes did not mention the affordable care act once in that op-ed. instead he discussed the debt and offered suggestions to end the stalemate. here are just a few ideas. we could ask the better off to pay higher premiums for medicare. we could reform medigap plans to encourage efficiency and reduce costs and ask employees to contribute more to their retirement, the backlash from affordable care act haters was instantaneous.
10:22 pm
eric eriksson retweeted multiple messages critical of the op-ed and failure to mention the affordable care act. the political action committee, senate conservatives tweeted this. at pryan. obama care is the number one job killer. it will bankrupt our country. your plan does nothing to stop it. one reporter wrote this. it seems like paul ryan has successfully can i say this -- pissed off the right and paul ryan appeared on bill bennett's radio show and recommitted to ending that affordable care act? >> are you putting obama care to the side? >> i don't know that within the next two weeks we have a viable strategy for revealing obama care every piece of it. we are going to keep going after obama care. i am totally committed to the, dismantling this law. >> so while congressional leaders like paul ryan are trying to fleet ways to get out of the fiscal mess they have put
10:23 pm
themselves in, another presidential republican hopeful, new jersey governor, chris christie dodged questions about the current political strategy in washington today. >> you think congressional republicans are helping or hurting the republican party? with their handling of this? >> i got a race in 27 days, guys. that is completely my focus at this point. >> joining me. political analyst sam stein of the huffington post and nicole wallace former communications director for george w. bush and advise irfor -- adviser for the campaign. nicole, you have chris christie in new jersey where he has a re-election campaign. the republicans have created this horrible disastrous mess for themselves. and chris christie decides to go down there and stand in the middle of the republican madness in washington and associate himself with that. who should he fire on his staff
10:24 pm
for allowing him to do that? >> listen, he should, he has got the best folks in the world around him. >> not today he doesn't. what is he doing down there? >> he stands in washington and stands on an island literally as a republican who understands not just the political reality in his state -- making a contrast to the congressional republican is helpful to him. but understands the reality for most people in this country. that even while republicans and this isn't an issue as a policy matter. my party is very united in objection to obama care. chris christie can stay out of that approximately see debate -- that policy debate while he is there. our party is split apart, people who are devoted to a tactic that from the beginning was -- >> you warned them from the beginning. >> i don't want to break it to you. i don't think they're watching this network. chris christie sort of is on an
10:25 pm
island as some one that not only understands the reality but is totally unafraid of speaking truth to people in his own party, who are in denial of the reality. >> sam, it put christie in the position of being asked. do you thing what the guys are doing in washington, republicans are doing in washington, a good idea. shutting down the government. he had to dodge those things. he couldn't say, as you would expect, he would, you would want to if you are coming to washington to meet with the troops. yeah, they're doing great. i'm behind them on everything they're pushing here. >> yeah, i don't know why he wanted to cozy up to the stench of this. >> exactly. >> doesn't make sense on a political matter. and you know -- christie already is having trouble with the dynamic obviously. dating back to the election in which he was accused and criticized i thought wrongly at the time for cozying up to obama with respect to hurricane sandy recovery. he should have known this would dog him again. not sure why he came here. obviously entertained questions on it.
10:26 pm
but the broader problems, affecting the republican party are much greater than that. what we have right now is a complete division, between the pragmatists, and the idea logs. nicole was right. a bankrupt strategy. what they could do tactically. right now they're searching for a way out. maybe chris christie can provide guidance. he is not going to do it by dodging questions like that. >> let's listen to the way he handled a round of question tuesday. was asked, would breaching the debt ceiling hurt the economy. which nicole that is a simple yes, no question. let's watch this answer. >> so the key point there is he wouldn't say if it would hurt the economy. he does say, i don't think it is a good idea to keep the government closes.
10:27 pm
which is what his guys are doing in washington. >> yeah, i think joe scarborough has a column, divide in the republican party, washington republicans, republicans out running states. which is where republicans have gone to find their presidential nominees. and i sure hope -- that the party -- i think there will be a temptation. you will see people like ted cruz shoot to the top of the list of candidates and, in the early primary states. and i sure hope we take a long look at the governors, who don't have the luxury of shutting down their states. they have to balance their budgets every month. and governor jeb bush. they couldn't do this. it is, it is against the law in the states to shut down governments. >> there is another thing going on. when the federal government stops some of the functions it does such as wic payments, the state ends up having to fill the void that is there. for chris christie and republican governors, jan brewer, who ever. this is costing them money. not fun for them either. there is the whole element of
10:28 pm
running a state. the budgets you have to deal with. and nicole wallace, sam stein, who is almost mystified by the republican as we are. >> i have nothing but love for them. nothing but love. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> coming up -- alec baldwin and miley cyrus together again. well, actually, they'll been separate segments, and only -- only one of them will be here live. no matter what city you're playing tomorrow. [ coughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] you can't let a cold keep you up tonight. vicks nyquil -- powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪
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>> both side seem to be saying forget that constitutional responsibility to pass laws to fund the government. let's just take a pass on it this time. >> both sides? really? in the spotlight tonight, false equivalence. in a case like the fiscal crisis false equivalence matters. if this is just one more case of those knucklehead in washington digging in their heels, playing the blame game and so on. it normalizes the situation for the news audience. it send the tacit message it is entirely ordinary, every so often to have a forced debt crisis that reasonable people resolve through "compromise." by renegotiating major pieces of u.s. law. and james fallows, contributor to the atlantic writes as a matter of journalism, any story that presents the disagreements as a standoff, a showdown, a
10:33 pm
failure of leadership, a soon of partisan gridlock, or any of the other usual terms for political disagreement, represents a failure of journalism and then inability to see or describe what is going on. here to tell us what is going on is one of the senior statesmen, carl bernstein formerly "washington post" best-selling author and contributor to the daily beast. carl, there come stories, you were on them, in watergate and in the past. there is a right/wrong, a truth to a story, and there is a false story, trying to be advanced on the same track at the same time. and that is always a challenge for journalism. this story is about the republican party. saying it on the air. got a lot of headlines. what i said about it. it is in line, what others have said. this is a story about the
10:34 pm
republicans and the fight within their own party and the tea party wing of their party, the tail that is wagging the republican dog, this is not about equivalence. more over -- that the tail that is wagging the dog -- is a kind of mccarthyite, demagoguic element, led by eric cantur. and they're kind of like those who appeased mccarthy. in they're letting this happen to their party. now they're starting to back off. but all along, this has been a story about republicans and it is very, very difficult to get the american press and the washington press corps off this notion that we split everything 50/50 down the middle. what we are supposed to do, best obtainable version of the truth. a fact based contextual repertoiral, we haven't seen it.
10:35 pm
we are starting to now. look around television. print press, the last few days. we now see because republicans, moderate quote republicans or those who claim to be moderate republicans are saying wait a minute. we are looking at the poll numbers. we are going to hell. what are the people doing to us in our own party. so, narrative is starting to change now. but it was very late -- you know, originally, fallows, myself, a few others, let's cover this like real news. >> in your experience in "the washington post." talk about the kind of challenge there is in a newspaper like that. where except on the op-ed page in the news pages it is uncomfortable for them to be on a story where they see or suspect or believe let's call it in this case that let any just simplify this for the moment.
10:36 pm
to the, what the democrats are saying is right. what the republicans are saying is wrong. it's really hard for a mainstream newspaper to present a story that way. there is so much in the trade of saying, well, on the one hand, than on the other. not sure it that's hard. "the new york times" had a different story. "the washington post." i think there is a bigger problem. i think sitting here is part of the problem. watching fox is part of the problem. that is that we have huge numbers of viewers who are not looking for the best obtain bum version of the truth. they're coming here, coming to fox. what they're looking for is reinforcement of what they all ready believe. stow when we report the truth, when "the new york times" has the the story. when "the washington post" has the the story. people are saying to hell with that. we want to hear what we want to hear. we want to reinforce what we already believe. so we got to look, this is a great cultural moment. this story.
10:37 pm
this is a huge story because it represents one of the two political parties -- going to a place where it has never been. really since the mccarthy era. i keep going back to mccarthy. it's demagoguery. it is not fact based what we are talking about here. they are, look, it is very hard. here we have equivalence. it is hard to have a fact-based argument in washington on both sides. this happens to be one where the fact based argument is pretty clear, what it is. usually, a little more muddled. this one jumps out at you and says, it is acknowledging. this is about republicans. the democrats didn't shut down the government. if you look at the statements early on. look we, have got the republican priorities in the budget that we wanted before we went into this. they showed that earlier this week. they showed the quote. wait a minute. everybody in america.
10:38 pm
every journalistic institution should be taking the quote and putting it up on the air and just like you do. don't run over that. that's the story. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. the simple fact that it never used to be in dispute in washington or in economics or isn't in economics that if you were not to raise the debt ceiling. chaos would reign. everybody understood that. we don't have to vote for it. we have guys walking the halls of congress, it would be good for the economy not to raise the debt ceiling. here is the story. part of the story is that finally, incidentally, there is great reason why the tea party has such attractiveness to people out there in the country. because of what the likes of the congress of the united states is on both sides. but whatever the case here -- we have a story. where we have people so irresponsible that the obvious
10:39 pm
effects, this is not about the national interest. this is about ideology over national interest. one of the problems we have on both sides. ideology over national interest. the most egregious case of it we have seen. this is, this is open and shut. there is, there is no redeeming feature about what this is. and it is built on animus to the president of the united states. let's go look at eric cantor a moment. look what happened inauguration eve in washington. when nine republican leaders and senior members of the house and senate got together for a dinner and said. it has been reported widely and accurately what they did. that we are going to oppose every and ruin this presidency, absolutely obstruct everything we can, economically, too, because our job is to destroy this presidency.
10:40 pm
this is in the midst of a depression. this is in the worst economic moment since the great depression. and the republican leaders including cantor sat done and said that on inauguration day. that's part of this story. all of this now is about follow the money, connect the dots, that's what this is about. that's what ought to be reported. and so then we get into the demagogic aspects of it now. we understand why mcconnell and others are starting to run. i talked last night to one of george w. bush's department heads. and, everybody knows who he is. i can't say who he is. he said, look, this is about the whack jobs in our party. that's what this person said. and this element of our party is bringing us down. >> carl bernstein, thank you for connecting the dots tonight for us as only you can. really appreciate it. coming up, a first for miley cyrus. she is in the "rewrite" right
10:41 pm
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♪ it's our party we can say what we want we can vote how we want defund what we want ♪ >> miley cyrus as michele bachmann, in "saturday night live's" latest brilliant viral video. if there was an emmy for best political impression of the year i would vote for him right now for his ingenious rendition of an astonishingly live john boehner. no word from boehner on his reaction to seeing such a balletic version of himself on snl. yesterday, michele bachmann offered this reaction on a tea party conference call with her worshippers. >> you know i have, i have a good sense of humor. i never take that personally. i probably have been lampooned, six or seven times on "saturday night live." all done in good fun.
10:48 pm
>> she is such a good sport. she wasn't finished. he also said this. >> what was kind of funny monday after "saturday night live" aired, we had a lot of calls in the office. and people thought that actually was me in the skit. >> so we are to belief that monday michele bachmann's worshippers were calling her office to congratulate her on what a great job she did writhing around on "saturday night live" doing stuff like this. >> i will tell you, in the 57-year-old woman it's been a long time since i have been confused for a 20-year-old. >> we have a choice for michele bachmann. are her worshippers completely insane or lying about her worshippers to. help you decide that question we are going to show you just a little more of miley cyrus
10:49 pm
pretend to be michele bachmann you. decide just how many michele bachmann worshippers you think were fooled by miley cyrus. ♪ republican party gop doing whatever we want ♪ ♪ this is our house this is our rules ♪ ♪ and we did stop ♪ shut that down ♪ can't you see it's me >> and so, america, it is for you to decide was michele bachmann lying when she said her worshippers were calling her office monday staying they really thought that was her on "saturday night live"? or are her worshippers really that insane? if you need to see more of the video to help you make up your mind, go to and even if you have made up
10:50 pm
your mind, i promise you, the video will bring you joy no matter how many times you watch it. every time. i have watched it, a new ingenious detail comes into view on that tea party conference call, congressman bachmann was asked one more question about the video. >> i'm guessing you don't do a lot of twerking. >> no, no, i have never done twerking and i don't intend to take it up. >> i have never, ever felt more sorry for marcus bachmann. 35 years of marriage to that beautiful woman. and not a single twerk, not one -- that kind of deprivation could drive any husband to -- distraction. up next, the star who has hosted
10:51 pm
"saturday night live" more than any one elsen human history and now on his way to msnbc stardom, as if he needed it. mr. alec baldwin is here. mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q and a for fiona. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee, affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of tires? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. get up to $140 in mail-in rebates when you buy four select tires with the ford service credit card. where'd you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. [ dad ] tide and downy together.
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10:55 pm
the kidney from? >> i have the liberal establishment at my disposal, the manipulation machine that got people to vote for obama and donate money after katrina. >> msnbc's newest star is the biggest star even before his show debuts. joining me now is alec baldwin, oscar nominee, two-time emmy award winner, a three-time golden globe winner and now the host of up late with alec baldwin on msnbc, 10:00 p.m. every nigh day night. as if you needed it. >> everybody knows in reality i only have a job because you don't work fridays. i'm only here because you take off on the weekend. >> irish laziness is being held up by -- >> irish sloth. >> one day a week guy. >> irish sloth. >> i am not the latest guy at msnbc, one day a week guy. i want to build the suspense for the show.
10:56 pm
and i want to watch the show. i am excited not knowing anything about it. yet we are going to talk for five minutes. we are going to be careful not to do any spoilers. >> uh-huh. >> for example, are you going to have a desk? >> no. >> have a side kick? >> no. >> we didn't have money for side kick. >> you know? i come cheap on fridays. >> i think this, i used this today. >> okay, you want to talk guests? do you have -- >> first show, this friday. bill came in today. mayoral candidate. >> huge front-runner. likely next mayor of new york. all been trying to get him on the show. >> he was generous. worried about him giving us a sliver of time. he gave us 40 minutes. cut into the whole show. very interesting. because i -- i did the pod cast for nyc.
10:57 pm
did i want to take it to television? agonizing. did i go to the network, some where else, phil griffin, head of msnbc. >> the word phil in this building is like lorne. you can say it all of america knows who it is. exactly the same currency. >> but, your podcast is a relaxed conversation, you don't hatch those pressures of commercials and things like that. so, you -- those conversations get to breathe in a way that it is kind of hard for us here in the nightly broadcast. >> the other thing is that the pod cast, was, more of a conversation in the sense that three out of five, or four out of five of the people were my friend or colleagues that i worked with. so i, was shooting the you know what with them, and it wasn't like i had to prep all day, for de blazio or a political figure. now here an nbc news employee. i have a staff grilling me. briefing me, facts, a different animal i think.
10:58 pm
>> i want to play a piece of the pod cast, hoping a sample you. talking about ronald reagan in an interesting way. i want to hear. let's listen to this. >> to me, reagan, because i have a very -- different view of va gain than you do. he was a failed actor who more importantly when you say reagan made people feel good about themselves. i accept where some people say that. what reagan said to our society was if it is a choice between you having a swimming pool and you worked really, really hard, and some poor person getting some public entitlement or going to school, you should have your swimming pool. the government is making that choice for you. and reagan seduced a whole generation of americans into believing you should have what you want more than they should have what you need don't feel guilty about it. >> what i love about that, a political discussion going on, an artist having a political discussion can see reagan what
10:59 pm
he was before he was a politician, actor's insight you have into him. i suspect that's what we are going to be getting on your show. multidimensional conversation. >> the clip alone, convinced our phil to give me, the friday. that show alone. my audition tape. that's how i got this job. >> and so, you got big bookings coming up? >> we have a lot of great people. arts, letters, political people, we have -- >> not all politicians. >> no, we want to do something, we are going to try to do something that you don't have on msnbc. >> some of your famous friend. true, you are going to make sure none of them are more famous than you. the rule of the show? >> at this point now that i am working here, all of them are more famous. >> now you beat steve martin as the number one host of snl. will you invite him on your show as an act of kindness. >> i would actually would love to have steve. >> like to see that. >> you are generous enough. >> okay. >> very much so. alec baldwin's friday night
11:00 pm
show, up late. premieres friday at 10:00 p.m. alec baldwin, thank you very much. fight on the right. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews out in los angeles. let me start with this. will they follow the money? the fat cats are finally calling halt. can the koch bros. divert the tea party types and birthers from driving the republican party and the country over a cliff? will money talk sense to those that logic hasn't? will budget chairman paul ryan divert the herd from the abyss? they're confronted with the old jack benny question. your m o