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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 10, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. the news nation is following breaking news out of washington. the white house says president obama is, quote, happy congressional republicans are offering a short-term six-week extension to the nation's debt limit in exchange for negotiations on a broad range of fiscal issues. now, the plan would not, however, put an end to the government shutdown now in its tenth day. speaker john boehner laid out the offer today after meeting with gop congressional caucus. >> what we want to do is offer to the president today the ability to move, a temporary increase in the debt ceiling in agreement to go to conference on the budget, for his willingness to sit down to discuss with us a way forward to reopen the
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government and to start to deal with america's pressing problems. >> in the past hour, white house press secretary jay carney called the developments, quote, encouraging. >> the president is happy that cooler heads at least seem to be prevailing in the house, that there at least seems to be a recognition that default is not an option. we'll see what the house republicans propose. we'll see what they're able to pass and consider it then. >> and it is not clear whether a short six-week negotiating window will yield any results, leaving open the possibility that the two sides will be back in this same place during the holiday season. the republican proposal came just hours before 18 top congressional leaders are scheduled to meet with the president at the white house. now, that meeting is scheduled for 4:30 eastern time. president obama originally invited all 232 house
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republicans to come to the white house, but speaker boehner rejected that request. right now at the white house, president obama and vice president joe biden are meeting with harry reid and the senate democratic caucus. meanwhile, take a look at this. wall street taking the news pretty well that a possible debt ceiling deal is on the horizon. stocks soaring. the dow jumping more than 200 points. so we begin our coverage today with kristen welker at the white house. kristen, as i pointed out, even if there's this extension here, we could be back in this same place around new year's, before the holidays here. why, then, would the president be happy or encouraged by this news? >> well, it is a step in the right direction because these two sides were completely deadlocked when they woke up this morning. and of course, defaulting on our nation's debts, according to this administration and of course economists as well, would be a far larger economic catastrophe than shutting down
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the government, which by all accounts has already had an impact on the economy. i think that's the way the white house is looking at it. but tamron, it's not clear how senate democrats are going to respond to this. white house press secretary jay carney, as you indicated, has said, look, the president will sign off on a short-term deal as long as there is nothing attached to that. so the white house still not being completely clear about where the president stands because they want to see exactly what's going to be put on the table. as you mentioned, house republicans are going to be here later this afternoon. a lot of these meetings have really yielded little, if no results. it is possible this meeting this afternoon could be significant. it could be another step in the right direction in the sense that president obama, house speaker john boehner could sign off on this proposal that house republicans are putting forth today. i can tell you i've been speaking with some lawmakers on the hill. they say they are incredibly frustrated by the fact that this
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deal does not include a plan to reopen the government. i'm told by people who were in that house meeting earlier today that a lot of republicans expressed frustration that they didn't have a plan to reopen the government and there are more and more voices coming forward saying this is not the rating way to handle this. again, the republican party remains divided. in terms of looking at this, it is one potential step. >> one potential step. you mentioned some who are not pleased at this deal or this offer that doesn't include any conversation about the government shutdown. what did carney say specific to that as it relates to the president here? >> well, they've reiterated that they're disappointed by the fact that, of course, the government has not reopened and that there's no clear path forward. now, with this shutdown in its tenth day. but again, having said that, if the debt ceiling f getting this out of the way is a way to move forward in terms of reopening the government, i think the h d
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conservatives, would be the toughest sell. don't expect them to go along with this easily. there might be broader support because we're now into day ten. it feels even longer than that on capitol hill because there was so much buildup before the shutdown took effect. i think today is the first day where we can honestly say there feels like genuine progress. we're this deep into it, and that's the first time we can tell you that. so the numbers will unfold. we'll find out what the vote count ultimately is. there will be enormous pressure brought to bear on republican members to get together on this and in essence keep their leverage going by agreeing to do the debt ceiling piece, assuming president goes along with that, and having this broader conversation about other issues. what we definitely saw today was a de-emphasis of anything to do with the health care law and now much more focus on larger budget issues. that's taking us in a new direction. it's not the kind of thing where there's a big sign post coming
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from the republican conference to say we're giving up on the health care piece, but that's a really significant part of what's happening today. i can also tell you talking to a number of senators that mitch mcconnell, who's been notably quiet on this issue, has begun having some substantive meetings with members of the republican team in the senate to also look for ways. i'm told conversations have opened up with harry reid about how do they find an end game here. that, too, is an important breakthrough because that hadn't been going on. those conversations really weren't taking place. so now there's some sign and perhaps you could take an outsider's view and say, is it the new polling, is it the public's frustration that's finally having an impact? perhaps. is it time passing and clear the end game needs to be found? so we're seeing movement. it took a rainy thursday afternoon when we're in double digits on the shutdown to make some of these steps. >> to your point about the polling, there's a new gallup
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poll out showing the gop's favorability rating has sunk to an all-time low, 28%, while democrats are at 43%. kelly, if you can, take us to how this debt ceiling conversation, if this is a positive move in the right direction, pivoting back to the government shutdown, connect the dots how we resolve that. >> that's still a real question. >> right. >> and i don't think we see the end game for the government shutdown piece. that's significant. so we've been talking about the positives with respect to the debt limit because people have said for weeks now that has the greater sort of catastrophic potential impact, but not to dismiss the importance of reopening government. we don't see an end game on that yet. those polling numbers are key. there's no one who has been elected to federal office serving in congress that doesn't follow polls. perhaps that will influence some of their thinking. and the shutdown question is the harder piece because it does keep some of the pressure on. it does keep some of the
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leverage. we've been asking members, how do you get out of that piece, and i've not seen any consensus. obviously, democrats want to say open the government, turn the lights on, let's end this. we're not seeing cooperation on that front yet from republicans. >> all right, kelly. thank you. joining me now, sirius xm's michael smerconish. i think kelly has hit on something. if you look at social media and what people are saying, if this debt ceiling deal or proposal is a positive sign, it's for wault. the dow is up some 229 points. once again, wall street is happy with the news while main street, the people who are affected by this government shutdown and not just federal workers, all of the businesses and all of the other issues that have come up from the death benefits that were supposed to be given to families that now has been resolved with this house vote, to other issues that will pop up when your government is the shut down. >> well, the optics of this, i think, have been terrible for the gop. i'm glad you brought up that gallup survey.
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that's the lowest number since gallup has polled on this issue. the 28% who view the gop favorably. i happen to think that the president runs a risk. he's won this skirmish to date politically. frankly, i think everybody has lost, but as compared to the gop, he's been the victor. but if he doesn't give them the escape hatch that they're now looking for, i think that he'll suffer in the view of the public. i think the consensus is that the republicans overplayed their hand. you noticed speaker boehner in that clip you ran did not even reference, quote, obama care. that's what brought this all on, but the president needs to be gracious now in letting them off the ledge. that's my view. >> you know, paul ryan in his op-ed in "the wall street journal" did not mention the continued battle for obama care as well. i get the notion of compromise and certainly being gracious, if that is the right word here, but no one's been gracious to those workers who are right now at home, many of them did not receive a paycheck, no one was gracious to those families who
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had to fly in to meet the bodies of their loved ones without consideration from law mamakerso wanted to hold up the system. kelly o'donnell points out there's still nothing on the horizon to end this government shutdown. so graciousness aside, and it's always very nice to use beautiful words. we know this is ugly. >> hey, i'm being gracious with you. i'm just trying to explain. >> i'm just keeping it real. i mean, listen. >> there's no give that i believe was necessary from the president up until now. how and why should he negotiate over a law. we know the sound bite. passed by the house and senate, he signed it, supreme court upheld it. when you get to the budget, that's a different circumstance. that's all i was trying to say. there should be legitimate negotiation about the budget. >> all right. michael smerconish, always gracious and wonderful. thank you. >> thank you, tamron. >> coming up, was it an accident or murder? a georgia family demanding the
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truth after their teenage son's body was found rolled up in a wrestling mat. officials ruled the death an accident, but his parents say they have proof their son was murdered. his parents will join me live. plus, a controversial new abortion law in california expands who can perform the procedure, including some nurses. but those fighting the law say it's dangerous for women. this is our "news nation" gut check today. you can join our conversation on any of the topics. you can find me @tamronhall and my team @newsnation. i'm angela, and i didn't think i could quit smoking
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two hard broken parents are now demanding answers physical lowing their son's bizarre death at school. the body of 17-year-old kendrick johnson was found rolled up
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inside a wrestling mat in his high school gym in their small town in southern georgia. this happened back in january. local sheriffs office has ruled it an accident, saying johnson climbed into the rolled mat to retrieve a lost shoe, got stuck, and suffocated. his parents never accepted that claim and pushed for a second autopsy, which has yielded shocking new details. they say the doctor who performed the second autopsy revealed the teenager actually died from a blow to the neck. kendrick's parents join me now along with their attorney. thank you, all, for joining me today. ms. johnson, let me start with you here. you've not rested. you've not been silent since this happened in january. what convinced you this was not an accident as authorities had deemed it? >> we know how kendrick is. we know he never would have crawled up in no mat trying to retrieve no shoe. >> the details, ma'am, didn't
11:16 am
make sense to you? >> no. >> mr. johnson, when you first got the information from authorities of what they believed happened there, again, why did you not accept their explanation? why did that not rest with you, sir? >> because it was disrespectful, and it didn't make any sense. >> when you were contacted about kendrick's death, what did you -- what was the first information school officials or authorities gave you? how did they explain it to you, sir? >> we hadn't had any contact with the school. i had contact with the authorities. the theory they come up with, it just didn't make any sense at all. >> we have some images of the crime scene, and i want to brace our audience for this because there was actually -- cb, let me bring you in. there were streaks of blood in the nearby hallway. investigators say the blood was not kendrick's.
11:17 am
one thing you're trying to get right now, you're urging them to release surveillance footage taken from inside the school. what are you looking for in that surveillance video? >> well, as a result of visiting the gymnasium on at least two occasions, we know that there are at least four video cameras, one of which is aimed directly in the area where the mat is that his body was located. the idea that we have requested to see the video repeatedly and have been denied certainly has us stumped in terms of, well, what does this video show? we can't help but believe that it would certainly be the clearest proof of whether or not the sheriff's theory is correct. it would show him getting into the mat, or if it doesn't show that, certainly it would show how his body wound up in the gym
11:18 am
the following morning. >> c.b., in september the justice department says it would not open a civil rights investigation but federal prosecutors in south georgia reportedly reviewing the case. what can you tell me about that? >> well, i've spoken to the u.s. attorney for this area, and he, of course, has assured me that he's in the process of both examining the file as well as looking at the video. i don't know just how far along he's gotten in the process, but we certainly are hoping that given the amount of time that the file has been in his possession that he should be near completion. >> ms. johnson, we know that no parent should have to deal with, experience the loss of their child. no parent also should have to live with not knowing what happened. what have these months and weeks been like for you, ma'am, knowing that in your heart you're not getting what you believe is the truth here?
11:19 am
>> it's been heartbreaking. >> mr. johnson, what has it been like for you knowing your son, he's seen by all accounts to be this great kid. we don't know what happened, at least according to the independent autopsy that you had conducted. he had hemorrhaging on the right side of his neck. to know your son was in that gym either alone or there with someone and something happened and not have that answer, sir, what is it like for you? >> it's very hard, you know. we as parents have to go through this type of ordeal, and we wish this doesn't happen again. that's why we are fighting for the truth. because we don't want no other family to go through what we had to go through. >> i don't want you to tell me rumors or things. i know you're from a small town and people can speculate, but do
11:20 am
you believe that someone -- or do you have any information that police need to know regarding why, if this was a murder, why someone would do this to your son? >> i have to let my attorney answer that question. >> c.b.? >> well, certainly we've gotten the names of people who we would consider to be persons of interest. we've passed along that information to the u.s. attorneys office as well as to the department of justice in d.c. we certainly would hope that they would follow up on that information to establish whether or not it's credible. we happen to believe that it is. we're certainly hoping that a formal investigation will be initiated or reinitiated in the very near future. >> well, again, the local sheriffs department has ruled this an accident. we also reached out to the school as well. they've not commented on this
11:21 am
case. we thank you for your time, mr. and mrs. johnson. our thoughts are with you and your family as you continue to look for what you believe it the truth in this case. thank you both for your time in the middle of your grief. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. we will continue to follow the moves in washington right now. senate democrats are meeting with president obama right now, likely discussing of course this new offer that we heard about for the first time from speaker boehner in the last few hours regard ing the debt ceiling fix. but what does it do about the government shutdown? plus a woman arrested for drunk driving now suing an illinois police department for what's seen in this surveillance video. an officer shoving that woman into the cell, sending her head first into a cement bench. we'll have more on this investigation. ♪ [ male announcer ] may your lights always be green. [ tires screech ] ♪
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but it's good to be prepared... just in case they don't. if we want to improve our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this. more on the negotiations happening in washington regarding the debt ceiling and
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perhaps the government shutdown. joining me now, congressman chris van hollen. sir, thank you for your time. >> good to be with you. >> as we know, in the last couple hours, speaker boehner and republican leaders say they are putting together a proposal that would be a short-term six-week extension to the nation's debt limit. they plan to discuss this with the president at 4:35 eastern time when that meeting begins. jay carney says they're encouraged, the white house is, by this. what's your reaction? >> well, tamron, we haven't seen anything in writing yet. as you know around here, things seem to change by the second. so we really need to look at this proposal. but three things. number one, there's no excuse for keeping government shut down for one more day. the speaker has it in his power to call a vote in the house of representatives. we have the votes, democrats and republicans together, to open the government. so we should do that today. number two, we believe we should make a commitment to pay our country's bills on time for at least a year. six weeks will create continuing
11:26 am
uncertainty in the market, and it's bad for the economy. number three, we are really glad to hear that our house republican colleagues finally want to negotiate on the budget. we've been trying to go to a budget negotiation since march, and the speaker of the house has three times, four times, actually, blocked the appointment of budget negotiators. that's a positive development. let's open the government. let's pay our bills on time. by all means, let's get to the budget negotiating table. >> okay. to your point, there's nothing in writing here. let's go on what was communicated verbally in this news conference. under what you've just said, the six-week extension is not good enough. we know that would only fall along the holiday timeline. there was no discussion, sir, regarding putting a vote to the house floor regarding a clean cr that we know would continue the government and end this shutdown. so i'm left to conclude you're not impressed with what you've heard. >> not at all. there's really no reason not to
11:27 am
open the government. i think republicans have even forgotten why they shut down the government to begin with. republican, it was republican senator richard burr from north carolina who said it was the dumbest idea he ever heard of. senator mccain called it irrational. yet, we have no indication that they're prepared to finally open the government. so we should do that now. the votes are there. we haven't heard anything about their plans. so, yes, we've been trying to negotiate on the budget, as i said, since march. they actually blocked it four times here, 20 times in the united states senate. if they want to finally talk about the budgets, that's great. but they've got to reopen the government. we need to do that. when it comes to the debt ceiling, six weeks of more chronic instability uncertainty is not the solution to the problem, which is why we've been saying we should make sure we pay our bills on time at least another year.
11:28 am
frankly, it should be longer. >> so for those who see this meeting coming up between the president and gop members of at least 17, who see this as a critical meeting, is it that we're just people in a desert and we're so happy there might be a drop of water? from everything you are saying here, this does not look happy or optimistic in any way. >> well, tamron, look, the only little glimmer of hope here is the recognition that at least on a temporary basis it's a good idea not to default on our obligations. on a temporary basis, we should pay our bills on time. the question we have is, if it's a good idea to pay our bills on time for six weeks, why wouldn't we commit to making sure we pay our bills on time for the entire year? because otherwise you're going to have the markets and people in continued uncertainty. frankly, as we know, if you don't pay your bills on time, that also hits people on social security, hits people on
11:29 am
medicare. so we don't understand why if it's a good thing, you know, to pay our bills on time for six weeks we don't do something longer. >> which is pretty much what treasury secretary lew said earlier in this hearing. the bottom line, what do you need to hear from speaker boehner at this point? what is the necessary component? and when they talk about a broadened conversation on budgets, to your point, that's always existed. some of the things noted in "the wall street journal" op-ed from paul ryan are things that democrats and the president have discussed with republicans in the past. >> well, you're exactly right, tamron. you see, what the republicans wanted to do was have a conversation where they agree to do what every member of congress should do anyway, which is pay our bills on time. after all, these are bills that have been run up by the congress. what paul ryan was saying in that op-ed piece was in exchange for them doing their jobs, we should give them their whole budget approach. what we've said is, we should all pay our bills on time, and we want to sit down and discuss the republican budget compared
11:30 am
to the democratic budget. so we have important priorities in our budgets. the republican budget actually squeezes individuals on medicare to get savings. it provides big tax breaks for very high-income people. our budget creates much more immediate investment in job growth, and we have a balanced approach to long-term deficit reduction. we absolutely have to do long-term deficit reduction. but we have to have a negotiation on the best way to do it. not just say, we're going to do it the republican way or they're going to default on our debt obligations. >> all right. thank you very much, congressman. we'll see what happens in this meeting coming up. thank you, sir. >> thank you. we're now learning how a team of u.s. special ops forces died this weekend in afghanistan. officials say the four american soldiers whose bodies were returned to dover air force base yesterday died from a devastating series of ied explosions. the troops were attempting to capture a high-value target in southern afghanistan on saturday. the victims are among the 26 military families who are not
11:31 am
receiving death benefits from the government because of the shutdown. nbc chief pentagon correspondent joins us live. mick, it was in this hour yesterday that the house voted unanimously to do something about this issue regarding benefits. where does the process stand now? >> i'm sorry. tamron, i'm having trouble with the ifp. what? >> where does the process stand now? within this hour yesterday, the house unanimously voted to extend those death benefits to the families. where does it stand now, the process? >> well, apparently the senate is now working on it after they refused to take up the issue yesterday. it's sort of moot at this point because that charitable organization that is going to actually provide the funds for the death benefits. that actually also provides free housing for those families of service members who are suffering long-term injuries or
11:32 am
have to go through long-term special care. so that money is going to be made tomorrow. those checks have been cut and will be mailed as early as tomorrow to those families. now, a reminder that once this is lifted, the shut down is lifted, then all that money will be reimbursed not only to the charitable organization but any families that have not yet been paid will be paid that money. by the way, those loans to the u.s. government are tax free. >> all right. thank you very much. greatly appreciate the update on that information. so much interest in this part of the story as it relates to the government shutdown and those families. thank you. and coming up, cory booker and his republican opponent started last night's senate debate with a handshake, but it did not take long for the gloves to come off. >> you may not be able to swim in that river, but it's probably, i think, because of all the bodies floating around from shooting victims in your city. >> oh, my god.
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[ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life. personalized home security and automation. with limited availability in select markets. ♪ more now on our breaking news. in a couple hour, house republican leaders will meet with president obama and pitch a six-week debt ceiling increase while keeping the government shut down. the white house is said to be encouraged by this proposal. joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. mark, i of course have my first read handy on me. in it is looking at some of the options the gop has. certainly that was something that was explored today. now it looks like it's a reality as far as a proposal. >> this is some certain progress, tamron. you know, just a day ago it looked like both sides were in their corners. there wasn't any kind of movement. in fact, we chronicled all the different asks and demands from house republicans, conservatives, the grassroots. they seemed to be all over the
11:37 am
place. at least for house republicans to say, look, we want to raise the debt ceiling for six weeks, and we want to do it in a clean manner and come to some type of budget negotiations, that is progress. on the other hand, the government shutdown has not been addressed at all. tamron, i know you were just recently playing up that gallup poll, which shows the republican party's favorability is at an all-time low. that's come as the government has been shutdown. this shutdown has take an toll on the republican party. it's an open question on does that actually continue as you go for this for days and days, if not all the way up to november 22nd, which would be the day in which the republicans want to raise the debt ceiling. >> and mark, back to the notion that this is seen as progress. as you and the team point out, though, we would be back at this point, if this extension takes place, right around the holiday. we know this happened -- as you like to say, groundhog day
11:38 am
again. if the american public has a disdain for congress and those new numbers put republicans at 28%, imagine what that number will be around the holidays after, you know, enduring this government shutdown and being back at this point again. >> there are two schools of thought here, tamron. on one hand, people are saying absolutely right. you're just delaying the inevitable. we'll have another debt ceiling showdown come november 22nd, the thanksgiving holiday. on the other hand, this could be some time to have a cooling off period that somehow the argument might go -- people aren't acting rationally. it's time to take a breather, for everyone to relax and to somehow come to a sensible conclusion here. i'm not sure what school of thought i'm actually on right now, but i will say that all of the sudden if we're having this fight again come thanksgiving and christmas time, that's not good news for american
11:39 am
taxpayers, the consumers, and people who are not getting paychecks. >> listen, chris van hollen was on, the congressman. he was saying we would need a year here. he's not particularly impressed with a six-week extension. how risky is it for the president if he boosts this proposal? you have people creating the story line that, yes, this helps wall street. meanwhile, main street, as a result of the government shutdown, yet again getting the short end of the stick. >> well, i think that the president is happy to take any type of situation where he can -- he and republicans can come together and where the president either temporarily or long term removes what he said is that ransom note, whether it's the debt ceiling or the government shutdown. i wouldn't be surprised if we see the president press republicans on this government shutdown. at some point, i'm not sure it can be sustainable. remember, not only are there a tremendous amount of federal
11:40 am
workers who have been furloughed or who aren't working, but there are also a lot of congressional staffers, both democrat and republican, who might not be getting paychecks very soon. i think that could have a big effect, particularly on their bosses. >> all right, mark. thank you very much. we'll see what happens with this meeting coming up very soon. we want to know how the shutdown is impacting you. weigh in on twitter using #don'tshutmedown. now to california politics where opponents are reportedly weighing a legal challenge to the state's new law increasing access to abortionins. governor jerry brown signed the law yesterday. it permits certain medical personnel who are not doctors to perform the procedure. trained nurse practitioners, certified midwives and physician assistants will be permitted to perform some first trimester abortions. planned parenthood sponsored the early access to abortion bill and hopes by expanding access to the procedure, fewer women will desperately turn to unsafe
11:41 am
providers.'s national reporter joins us now. are there members of the medical community who are pushing back at this, or is this mostly conservatives and republicans who see this as a danger to women? >> tamron, they conducted a study over several years with medical professionals from public health researchers to sociologists training people in these procedures, trying to see, would it be just as safe for women if physicians assistants, nurse midwives and nurse practitioners performed first trimester abortions? it's a very simple procedure. what they found is that in both cases, in both groups, the complication rates were less than 2%. in countries where abortion is illegal, women get them anyway. they just get ones that are less safe. if we can expand access, the idea is we'll keep women safer. >> as i pointed out, opponents point out it subjects women to a lower level of medical care.
11:42 am
the director of the national right to life western office told the united states this. he says, it will massively expand the number of abortions at the same time reduce safety. for those who say they care about women's health, they're doing the opposite, reducing the medical standards for abortion. also, according to "the l.a. times," the executive director of the pro life council said they were challenging the measure here. what kind of support do they have for the challenge? >> these are the same people trying to shut down women's health clinics that perform abortions and other vital services like contraception and counseling all over the country be it in texas, virginia, ohio. they're trying to limit women's options. they want no one to get an abortion. they also want women not to be able to receive comprehensive care. >> in your piece you suggest that this law would prevent more gosnells, referring to the doctor, from performing
11:43 am
horrendous crimes. >> right. well, what we know is when you talk to women who have abortions, they say often they wish they would have had the abortion earlier, but it was very hard for them to find a provider, it was hard to make an appointment and so on. most legislation in other states that are less progressive to california are trying to make that even more difficult, which rationally is going to lead to more later abortions, more women ordering abortion pills over the internet, hurting themselves to end their pregnancies. if we want to see less of that, we have to make them have access to more and safer care. >> all right. erin, your piece up online now. certainly something that people should read. states are looking for stricter laws, where california has made this expansion. thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. >> thanks. still ahead, a new development in the baby veronica case as her biological father reveals whether he will keep fighting to get his daughter back. >> you'll always be my little girl, my princess, and i will
11:44 am
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welcome back. sources in libya tell nbc news the kidnapping of that country's prime minister today may be retaliation for a u.s. terror raid last weekend. this morning a massive crowd surrounded the prime minister as he entered his office moments after being released by the kidnappers. in the early morning hours, 15 cars and around 100 men surrounded the hotel where he's been living. witnesses say the gunmen came in saying they had an arrest warrant for the prime minister. nbc's ayman mohyeldin joins us with more. >> you know, the prime minister is coming under a lot of criticism, allegations after corruption and fraud in his government. what really tipped the scales in the eyes of some libyans was the fact that last week or when this
11:48 am
raid took place, the libyan government did not come out and condemn it forcefully. there was some speculation the libyan government may have known about the raid and agreed to it before hand. despite this u.s. raid, which they felt was a violation of libyan sovereignty, the prime minister did not condemn it strong enough >> richard engel reported this group of men are actually a pro-government militia. >> after the libyan revolution, there was no official standing army. a lot of these militias and revolutionary groups that fought within these groups essentially became the new de facto security forces. they are part of a quasi government security establishment, but at the same time, they have considerable amount of power. they can kind of go rogue and do what they want. there's no command and control. that's been a major problem for the central government. >> john kerry saying in a statement there's no place for this kind of violence in the new libya. he says, all of libya's friends and allies help bolster its
11:49 am
capacity as well as the white house condemning this kidnapping here. as we talk so much about syria, yes talk about somalia lately, many people have in some ways put libya on the back burner, and it's still volatile. >> extremely volatile. it's a large, transient point for arms going into egypt, making it a dangerous area. and there's the element of extremism that is constantly growing. a lot of groups affiliated with al qaeda. it's a bit of a wild, wild west show. the fact the government doesn't have a strong security establishment makes it a ripe situation for a lot of instability. >> all right. ayman, thank you very much. good to have you in studio with us. thank you. >> thank you. an alleged case of excessive force caught on camera tops our look at stories around the news nation today. look at this graphic surveillance video. shows an officer in suburban chicago throwing that woman into a jail cell after a dui arrest. the 47-year-old landed face first into a cement bench. the woman says several bones were shattered.
11:50 am
she is now filing a lawsuit against the department. local police are not commenting. the four-year long custody battle over baby veronica is over. her biological father dustin brown and the cherokee nation agree to drop all pending litigation. brown has been trying to regain custody from veronica's adoptive parents citing a law intended to keep native american children with their parents. the u.s. supreme court ruled the law did not apply in this case. today brown broke down as he gave a message to his daughter. >> my home will always be your home and always welcome in it. you'll always be my little girl, my princess, and i will always love you until the day i die. we will be right back with today's gut check. consider this: when the storms are this powerful, the batteries had better be powerful, too. introducing duracell quantum. only duracell quantum has a hi-density core.
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there is a lot going on today. here are some things we thought you should know.
11:54 am
former detroit mayor has been sentenced to 28 years behind bars. he was convicted earlier this year on two dozen charges, including racketeering, conspiracy, bribery, and extortion. his sentence was the maximum being sought by prosecutors. you'll recall he left office in 2008 after nearly seven years in office amid a separate sexual misconduct scandal. with less than a week to go, cory booker traded jabs in a heated debate last night. one of the more intense moments came over the issue of samt-sex manner. >> are you saying same-sex couple should not be allowed to have children. >> that would be a biological phenomenon. >> there is adoption. >> adoption, well -- >> there is artificial insemination. >> i understand. i have a question about how healthy that will be in the long run for those children, and i have mixed feelings about that. >> this is the problem.
11:55 am
he says liberty, but you can't be free to marry who you want. >> that's one of the moments there. by the way, sarah palin coming to new jersey to campaign for steve. those are the things we thought you should know. time for "news nation" gut check. earlier we told you about california's new law increasing access to abortions. the law allows trained nurse practitioners, midwives and physicians assistants to perform first trimester abortions. supporters claim the law would prevent women from turning to unsafe clinics. those fighting the law, including republican california assemblyman bryant jones, called it dangerous saying, quote, truly disheartening that governor brown created a law to lower the standard of care for women under the guise of creating access. what did oes your gut tell you? go to to cast your vote.
11:56 am
i'll see you tomorrow, which is friday. we'll see you tomorrow. "the cycle" is up next. [ male announcer ] when you have sinus pressure and pain, you feel...congested. beat down. crushed. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. powerful sinus relief. sudafed. open up.
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80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate okay, republicans. tell us what you want. or at least tell the president. house gop leaders will have that opportunity when they meet with him at the white house in the next hour. and it's about time, as the government shutdown drags into day ten and the debt ceiling looms just one week away. news broke this morning that speaker boehner will present the president in their meeting today a six-week no strings attached plan to raise the debt ceiling. >> it's time for these negotiations and this conversation to begin. i would hope that the president would look at this as an opportunity and a good faith effort on our part to move
12:00 pm
halfway to what he's demanded in order to have these conversations begin. >> that leadership would save us, albeit temporarily, from defaulting and it would satisfy the president's condition of not negotiating under such a risk. of course, it remains to be seen whether the speaker's idea will satisfy the rest of his party because, let's face it, there have been a lot of mixed messages, especially when it comes to ending the