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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  October 12, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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yo, yo, yo. aflac. wow. [ under his breath ] that was horrible. pays you cash when you're sick or hurt? [ japanese accent ] aflac. love it. [ under his breath ] hate it. helps you focus on getting back to normal? [ as a southern belle ] aflac. [ as a cowboy ] aflac. [ sassily ] aflac. uh huh. [ under his breath ] i am so fired. you're on in 5, duck. [ male announcer ] when you're sick or hurt, aflac pays you cash. find out more at sitting protesters doused with pepper spray >> i was shocked and angry about how they handled that. a slithering snake on a windshield. >> that was totally unexpected. and two old timers battling it out for old time's sake. >> that was not a fun day. videos that make you want to do a double take. >> we weren't expecting that at all. stories so shocking --
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>> oh, my god. i thought she literally lost her mind. >> -- so unique, so original -- >> i dreamed up the whole proposal. >> -- it will have you saying -- >> can't believe that just happened. >> that really happened. >> is this really happening? caught on camera, did that just happen? >> shame on you! >> protect yourselves! >> while i was there, it seemed like an eternity. looking back, it's really just a couple seconds of a short video clip. >> "time" magazine proclaims 2011 the year of the protester as the occupy wall street similar protests nationwide. from major cities to college
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campuses, americans rally by the thousands to make their voices heard. and at the university of california at davis, just outside of sacramento, students stage an occupy movement of their own against a proposed tuition hike. set them free! set them free! steven mccone is a sophomore at the university and an aspiring video grapher. >> i would say the general reaction is sort of pretty upset that tuition is still going up and people are, you know, of course, angered by that. >> what begins as a week-long peaceful exchange during the third week of november, 2011, escalates into a global spectacle. on thursday, november 17th, a few dozen students pitch tents "occupy wall street" on the campus squad.
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the following morning campus police repeatedly warn them to break down their encampments. >> you have been given several alternatives to voluntarily cease your positions. >> that afternoon, campus cops decide to take action. >> around 3:00 p.m. we are all up there sort of waiting in anticipation for how they're going to handle this and the word sort of spreads around, there's 50 or so riot police that are -- they were told that they had to leave and then started to advance. >> how does it feel? >> those who don't comply with the police order are arrested and detained on the spot. ten people in all.
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>> they were met these people who just went limp and no one was sort of resisting arrest or doing anything to fight them except just going on the ground. >> you're supposed to to be protecting us. >> the crowd was sort of chanting to let them go and to try to get them to release them. >> set them free! set them free! >> as the protesters chant, they march towards the police and the arrested individuals who lie face down on the ground, eventually surrounding the police, making demands of their own. >> if you let them go -- >> we will let you leave. >> we will let you leave. >> looking around, you couldn't tell who was really part of the protest and who was really just there to see the spectacle. >> the police then give the sitting protesters a warning about what will happen if the students continue to block their way. >> don pike, the lieutenant who gives the order later actually warns each student and says, you know, if you don't move, you're going to be pepper sprayed.
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>> you're shooting us for sitting here? >> true to his word, lieutenant pike sprays the sidewalk blocking students for roughly 15 seconds. as onlookers shriek and scream out for the officer to stop. >> you don't really expect that after a peaceful crowd forms that they'll be met with that kind of force or that kind of action. i was really shocked and, you know, pretty angry, really, about sort of how they handled that. >> steven is not alone in his feelings. >> the use of force by the police was unwanted given that this was a nonviolent, peaceful protest. >> these are not the rights that can just be trampled on, especially by people who are supposed to be protecting you. >> definitely a feeling in the air that has turned their anger
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more towards the police, i think. that's pretty angry at what's just happened. >> according to the university of california's police policies and administrative procedures, chemical agents are used to minimize the potential for injury to officers, offenders or to other persons. they should only be used in situations where such force reasonably appears justified and necessary. nine students doused in the spray are treated at the scene. two more are taken to a nearby hospital and later released. but before the dust even settles, the footage is already out on the web. >> at the time, we just figured that, you know, maybe more people on campus would be watching this and maybe people locally in sacramento, but, no idea that people around the world would be viewing this within the next few days. >> an ugly incident on the campus of the university of california davis is drawing outrage nationwide. >> the next day, university chancellor linda expresses her own personal remorse over the
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incident. >> i'm here to apologize. >> lieutenant pike and another police officer involved in the spraying are placed on paid administrative leave. 19 students and alumni involved in the spraying filed a lawsuit against uc davis claiming the university used excessive force to break up the demonstration. in april 2012 an independent task force concludes that the pepper spraying incident could and should have been prevented. the police chief has since resigned. >> i think the pepper spray incident will definitely have an effect on how police interact with students and how they deal with similar issues in the future. coming up, two old timers from the gridiron attempt to settle an old score. and an unbelievable sight when two whales from this surfer. >> in 20, 30 years, they've never seen anything like it. asional have constipation,
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two old-time football rivals stun the crowd when they turn a reception into a rumble. >> i'm a fun guy. unfortunately, that day was not a fun day. >> to tell the story of this bizarre, "caught on camera" incident, we must turn back the clock. as a young man in the 1950s, anglo mosco was a big, tough guy playing college football at notre dame. >> the game was tailor made for me. i was a very physical player and at that time the head slappers then, i did all this physical stuff, which was right down my alley. >> when it's time to turn pro, instead of signing with the
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national football league, mosco decides to take his talents north. >> at the time, the canadian football league was paying bigger money than the nfl and i said, i don't know what the cfl is all about, but i know one thing. i'm going here and i was a very bad boy, i was the bad boy of this league. >> in 1963, he is playing for the hamilton tiger cats and his bad boy reputation is about to go from famous to infamous. it's nearing half-time at the cfl championship game, the gray cup. his tiger cats are playing the british columbia lions. the lions number 15, willie fleming has the ball and is on his way down to the ground, when number 68 comes flying in to seal the deal. >> and it was one of those bang-bang plays where i went over the top and caught the back of his head and there was no penalty called on the play.
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>> fleming takes the pitch up and gets away and knabbs the elusive willie. >> fleming leaves the game with an injury. >> fleming appears injured. >> and maska's team goes on to win the game. >> i played the game the way it was designed to be played and it was just one of those unfortunate plays. just because i did it, just so happened i had a stigma attached to it that it was a dirty play. >> the bc lions exact revenge beating hamilton in the gray cup the following season, which would seemed to have settled the score, but did it? fast forward 48 years. it's november 2011 at the cfl alumni luncheon to raise
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awareness of the dire needs fund for cfl players with personal, physical and financial woes. the 74-year-old is seated at the same table as willie fleming's former teammate, joe capp, also in his 70s. >> i didn't even know he was going to be there. this was all news to me. >> capp who later went on to play in the nfl declined our request for an on-camera interview. however, they accuse one another of mumbling desparaging remarks while seats at the table. they just finished viewing the clip of the questionable play when they're asked to take the stage together. then in an act of half-hearted sentiment, capp appears to extend the olive branch to masca. >> when he stuck the flower in my face, i said, maybe you should stick it some place else. >> the crowd roars with approval, thinking it's all an act in good fun.
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but, after a second attempt by capp, he snaps. >> i don't know what his intentions really were because he didn't realize i was going to retaliate the way i did. i'm not going to change just for joe capp. >> joe reacts to the cane swap with a few rights of his own, sending him to the ground. a scene right out of professional wrestling, which, coincidently what he did when he retired from football. >> i wrestled in 40 different countries. my wrestling name was king kong. >> so, then, could this 70-something smackdown be a premeditated gimmick? >> first of all, if i did it as a wrestler, i would have been on top of joe, not on the bottom. i haven't lost too many matches.
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it's an incident i wish it never happened, really. >> moments after the brief brawl, capp addresses the crowd. >> sportsmanship! >> the crowd shouts back for capp to move on. >> i'm trying to let it go. >> and then the emcee steps on stage, attempting to defuse the awkward moment. with that, masca speaks. >> i still don't believe this happened to me, but if that's the way he feels, that's fine. i've never carried this grudge. he's carried a grudge for 48 years. >> ironically, the mayhem these two hall of famers create overshadows their original intent to draw attention to the dire needs fund. >> i just wanted to get something going and see what we could do and help guys who are not as fortunate as i am.
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i wasn't there for the physical part of the whole thing. whatever joe was there for, he was there for the wrong reasons. >> capp apologizes for holding on to the past. >> all i can do is apologize. i hold a grudge for a long time, but i came here today, i had a flower in my hand and i tried to give it to this fellow. >> before capp leaves the stage, he tells one story too many about fleming's dog. apparently named after masca. >> fleming said, i named my dog angelo. my dog is angelo and i kicked the [ bleep ] out of that dog every day. >> one of the most discussed fights ever proves one thing that holding on to the gray cup can last but a moment, but holding on to the gray cup grudge can last a lifetime.
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♪ ♪
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what would you do if you suddenly found yourself just feet away from the largest living creature on earth? captain ahab watch out. rick and susie have been together for more than a decade and share a mutual passion for kayaking through the southern california bite of the pacific
3:22 pm
ocean. >> i used to row for a year at long beach state. >> over the past few years they have gone on countless kayaked a adventures. >> i always say a pray for god watch over us. >> we kayaked around the channel islands and just beautiful being on the water. the thing i like the most about kayaking is being out in nature and seeing all the wildlife. one day we were surrounded by thousands of dolphins and the other day sea lions. so i dove in and swam with them. it was remarkable. every time you're in the water, something unusual and remarkable. just enjoy being out there. >> but whenever rick and susie are out in deep waters, several miles from shore, they can't help but to one day get lucky and get an up-close view of the
3:23 pm
giant blue whale. >> some days are hit and miss. you would get incredibly lucky to have one come near you. >> they are kind of off in the distance and you yearn to be closer to them because it's just an amazing encounter. >> it's early october, 2011. they paddle out six miles into the pacific when rick gets an unexpected greeting. >> all of a sudden i hear -- wait, was that me or did i just hear a whale? i turned around and, sure enough, a whale surfaced not too far behind me. came in at lunge speed right next to the kayak. that was the most exciting moment i had with a whale. when i was on top of the water and you had the whale surfacing near, that was exciting. >> rick does what few would dare to do. he attempts to get even closer by climbing out of his kayak into the ocean with a mini cam strapped to his forehead, all to get an underwater shot of this
3:24 pm
mammal that is roughly as long as three school buses. >> really peaceful, it was a peaceful, magical moment. >> rick finds himself face-to-face with old big blue, a rare occurrence for even the most faithful whale watchers. >> you try to look at conditions before you go out. so many factors need to come together when you're on your kayak because the whale needs to be approaching you. that's a long shot. seemed like a million to one shot and you make your own luck. i had my snorkel around my neck and camera running. >> rick gets the shot he wants, but according to the national marine fishery service, vessels should not get closer than 100 yards of the whales nor should they interrupt swim behaviors. >> the whale's the most important thing. >> after celebrating with exuberance, rick posts his video online, but immediately afterward he's informed by someone at the national
3:25 pm
oceananic administration that his once in a lifetime experience will remain exactly that. a one-time deal. >> and he asked for safety reasons to refrain from swimming with the whales, again and requested that i post a disclaimer on my website, which i did. i put on there that i don't recommend doing this and i posted a link to the noaa guidelines. i wouldn't encourage anyone to cross the line into anything that would be considered harassment. >> it receives more than a million hits and, in some ways, rick and susie feel that they've fulfilled a life-long dream. >> how many people get to see the world's largest animal on the planet, bigger than dinosaurs? and to have that moment with them, you know. you just want -- i get emotional because you just want to connect with them. >> it was really exciting and then a few minutes later, it set in. again, did that really just happen? >> unbelievably, it happens, again.
3:26 pm
another rare encounter, with not just one whale, but two. this time up north along the california coast in santa cruz. >> in 20, 30 years, they've never seen anything like it. >> it's late october, 2011 and friends barbara retker and adam lacy spot several humpback whales in the monterey bay practicing bubble neck feeding. they create a food ball. >> that food ball moves around like a lava lamp would move around. so, the whale will then come from up underneath and come up underneath the ring of bubbles with the mouth open. >> like many whale watchers in the area, barb and adam rent a kayak and paddle around the bay, having no luck spotting any humpbacks, they began pedaling back to shore. >> i saw these birds. i said, let's just go out over
3:27 pm
there, and low and behold, there was a whale. we got maybe three spouts or something and we were so ecstatic. >> i was watching where they had been previously and then all of a sudden they came up. we weren't expecting that at all. >> the next thing you know, they are coming right next to me. >> barb decides to focus in on a woman wearing a bikini and lying on a surf board. >> the reason i was filming her, she wasn't wearing a wet suit and the water is freezing here. it's like ice water year round. i was like, look at her without a wet suit. i had my camera on her and, boom, out of the water come these humpbacks lunge feeding. >> her steady hand help her capture a stunning moment rarely seen. her video brings perspective to the enormity of this marine
3:28 pm
mammal. >> having that woman and the kayakers in the background gives you some perspective of how huge they are. they're 80,000 pounds are coming up out of the water and next to human, you realize, wow, they are a huge, magnificent animal. >> but barb's next thought is not far behind. >> i could see they were coming straight up and they were going straight down and i realized, you know what, this is a little too close for comfort. it's time to get out of here. >> barb and adam paddle back safely, having been up close and personal with these 40 ton buhemoths. when barb posts the video online, it immediately goes viral, garnering more than 7 million hits with lots of surprising viewer input. >> we got all kind of comments from wow, oh, my god to, oh, my god, this is fake. where is the wake from the whale and it got out of control and i just finally took it down.
3:29 pm
just let the footage speak for itself. >> barb is in disbelief about the close encounter, yet after her experience, she's still torn about the relationship she and other whale watchers have with these marine mammals. >> it was really a tug of war of wanting to be close to them and, at the same time, knowing, hey, we're in their space. coming up -- you might have heard about snakes on a plane, but a snake on a windshield? >> we were like, is this really happening right now? who needs novocain when a mini motorcycle will do? ♪
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melissa rehberger. there has been an arrest in new york city in a child nicknamed baby hope.
3:33 pm
her 52-year-old cousin admitted to sexually assaulting and killing the child. this comes a week after a new dna test revealed her mother. still no deal wu boehner and mitch mcconnell are trying to come up with a deal to end the shut downand avoid the default. now, back to "caught on camera." imagine the reaction you'd have if while driving down the freeway you saw a snake slithering across your windshield. >> this is a water moccasin, a huge water moccasin. >> that was completely bizarre to me and totally unexpected. >> it's a typical summer afternoon for the fisher family of memphis, tennessee. parents rachel and tony are in their car with their three small children having just left rachel's parents home. tony's in the passenger seat and
3:34 pm
rachel is behind the wheel. >> we had been driving for about 15 minutes and all of a sudden tony tells me, there's a snake head. >> i looked up out of the corner of my eye and i was like, it's a snake head and i looked back down and started studying, again, and i did a double take and thought, what in the world? >> i look over for a minute and he does a double take, too, and gets out his phone. >> being a daddy of now three, you just anytime anything happens your phone is ready to start videoing. >> and we watch this snake come out from in front of him on the passenger side and start sliding across our windshield wipers and then over to my side. >> before they know it. a 4 1/2 foot rat snake turns their regular routine into a terrifying adventure. >> but i know nothing about snakes, so, i'm just thinking it's a poisonous snake and at that point i'm freaking out. >> the fisher's next scary thought is that it must have
3:35 pm
crawled up from the car's engine and was there a chance that it could slither its way inside the car. >> we don't know how cars are put together and we thought could it slither in through the vents. we are going 60 miles per hour down the interstate. >> for now the snake is hanging on. >> it stays on for over two minutes. we didn't see how it was going to fall off and how we were going to make it off. how are we going to park and get out of the car and get the kids out of the car. at this point, we still think it's poisonous. >> it's not poisonous, but, of course, the fishers don't know that and it doesn't make their experience any less creepy. >> when it started to crawl down my door, that's -- it just gave me the willies. i didn't think about doing anything other than continuing to drive. >> you're not thinking about slamming the brakes at 60 miles per hour and pulling off to the side of the road and get it off on the median so it can live.
3:36 pm
that's not what you're thinking about. you're thinking about your family's safety. >> the snake falls off the driver's side road and falls on the road and tony shows the video to a few amazed friends and then posts it online. within days, the video is everywhere. >> creepy stowaway made a memphis family's skin crawl. >> all of a sudden the "today" show was calling and we were like, is this really happening right now? >> i don't know how they were driving straight. >> that would really get your attention. >> it's creepy. >> seeing the video like on the front page of bbc news on their website, that was pretty crazy. >> i mean, it's a cool thing. if somebody had shown it to me on their phone, that is pretty crazy, that's amazing to see. i would not have expected it to go viral. >> however, with more than a million hits, many viewers criticized tony and rachel for how they handled the situation. >> from the youtube community we heard just some hateful comments and that was probably the most
3:37 pm
surprising thing of the whole experience of the snake on the hood video. we were just driving and that's what happened to us. >> their three small children seated in the back missed the entire ordeal, but some day tony and rachel hope to share their unusual serpentine encounter with them. >> ready, jump. >> as the kids get older i think it will be fun to show them the video. it will be a neat little family story. >> for now, things are back to normal for the fisher family, with one small exception -- >> all right, we're good. >> okay, i got it. what do you get when you mix the children of a risk-taking parent, a loose tooth and a mini motorcycle. a recipe for some of the oddest family dentistry ever caught on camera. >> you know, i have all these cameras laying around. i was like, might as well put them to use. dave england of california has two children. 10-year-old ruby and 7-year-old
3:38 pm
rowan who have been at it since dave can remember. >> your classic siblings, always bickering over something and always up to some little mischief and they're good kids, though. >> if you think dave's face may look familiar. >> what we do on "jack ass" isn't for little kids. having two little kids i don't let them watch it in their entirety. but the editor put together little clips that are safe enough for them to see. >> one clip grabs the kids' attention and never lets go. >> you stoked? >> this one stunt where they pull aaron's tooth out with like a hot rod or something and i thought it would be real funny if we did a motorcycle video.
3:39 pm
>> and as fate has it, rowan happens to be at an age where loose teeth are at abundance. >> when his front tooth became loose ruby wanted to do it, i pulled it out with a string and imagined what that would be like to be pulled out by a motorcycle, it didn't seem that bad. came out pretty easily and gets the motion going in the right direction. >> i saw the video of my dad pulling it out like that and made a crazy noise and i was like, we should pull his tooth out with a motorcycle. >> of course. who wouldn't think of that? >> it's a huge space now. >> my dad was sitting right there and i was like, dad, we should do it. >> when the next tooth over became loose, i was like, you got it. >> ruby hatches her scheme with dad's approval, but what about rowan, he is the guinea pig after all. >> i wanted to do it, but when we were, i felt a little scared. you don't want to think about it too much.
3:40 pm
>> with three cameras rolling, ruby ties a string around her brother's loose baby tooth, but not without rowan getting in a verbal jab or two. >> you don't know how to tie. >> your hands taste disgusting. >> open up, i can't see. lean backwards. >> your breath stinks. >> move backwards. >> your breath stinks. >> lean backwards, i'll hold my breath. >> rowan reels in anticipation. ruby revs up the engine and lets her rip. >> that hurt just a little bit. >> the pint-size stunt is executed to perfection, except for one minor detail -- >> well, it got lost in the gravel. >> the loose tooth flies from
3:41 pm
rowan's mouth landing, well, no one is sure where it lands. >> we weren't sure if it was on the driveway or flew to the side, but it was probably in front by the gravel. so, i thought, i thought that i was probably going to find it, but i didn't. >> there's a little lack of foresight there where the tooth would be left and all the gravel, i didn't think that one through. i thought where is a good place for her to take off on the motorcycle and we could not find the tooth and that is kind of unfortunate. >> as far as rowan is concerned, he has some explaining to do to a certain dental pixy. >> dear tooth fairy, i am sorry i lost my tooth from a motorcycle. >> well, to make up for that, i just wrote a note to the tooth fairy so i would still get the money, probably. i still did.
3:42 pm
>> after viewing the video, one can't help but notice that, at least in this instance, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. still, dave insists that the bumps and bruises he's taken have had a reverse effect on ruby and rowan. >> they're more cautious than the average kid because they see me coming home beat up all the time and they don't want to end up like that. >> well, hold on to that thought, dave, because according to your kids, they're not through yet. >> we're trying to make a kids' tv show, and it's like safe stunts but like pulling pranks on people and we really want to start that show, but we haven't been able to yet. coming up -- a couple's love story makes its way to the silver screen. >> it was just an unreal moment. but, first, it's this couple that makes quite a scene. >> i hate you so much. lyn 6s.
3:43 pm
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it's a train wreck of a different variety when a vicious personal attack plays out in a very public setting. >> oh, my god. >> i had no intention that she was going to hit him, spit on him, kick him. all that stuff. >> oh, wow. >> for millions of commuters, riding the rails is a time to sit, kick back and enjoy the peace and quiet. but on november 29th, 2011, a new jersey transit river line train all comes to a screeching halt. it's late afternoon and college student and restaurant employee casandra of new jersey is on the train platform on her way to work. she notices a young couple at
3:47 pm
odds and instinctively pulls out her camera phone. >> started recording on the platform because i thought he was going to like eventually snap before we get on the train. i thought he was going to hit her and everything. but he just kept walking away from her. >> the train arrives and laws and the arguing couple board the same car. by now, the young woman is causing a scene. >> oh, wow. >> everybody on the train sat down and they were just watching her act out on this boy that, clearly, didn't do anything, didn't call her any names. >> the young man just sits there. >> it's not okay to mistreat girls! >> after seeing the young woman spit, kick and nearly push the man off the seat, at least one passenger has had enough and speaks up. >> both of you sit down and shut up! >> the passenger reports the
3:48 pm
couple to the conductor, who stops the train and contacts authorities. >> nobody sitting here, right? they're going to call the cops on y'all for acting up. that's why we sit. get y'all off the train. >> i thought they would have stopped after she said that, but she, obviously, didn't care. she heard the announcement saying that the train is delayed and the cops are on their way and everything. >> we will be delayed, the police are on their way. >> the police are on their way, but the angry woman doesn't seem to care. she continues to assault her boyfriend, beating him relentlessly, but, why? commuters are about to find out. >> i thought it was something a little bit more, you know, like more of a deal. she said that he cheated on her and we were just like, i don't know, she was like the comic relief. i was just like, really?
3:49 pm
two [ bleep ] years i gave you, two years and you're going to cheat on me? >> all for cheating? that's all. >> transit police arrive on the scene and escort the trouble twosome off the train. >> she was really cool when they came. she acted like she didn't do anything wrong and they looked like they would arrest the wrong girl and that's when she started resisting arrest. >> that's right. this petite pugilist still has some venom left and continues her throwdown this time with police. >> i thought she really lost her mind. i couldn't explain how shocked i was. >> the assailant of westville, new jersey, is arrested for domestic violence assault, resisting arrest, arrest on a police officer and disorderly conduct and the case is still pending. the scene is over, but the question remains, why didn't anyone come to the abused boyfriend's defense? >> if we got involved, wouldn't we be facing some charges
3:50 pm
ourselves for be in altercation for public transportation. >> laws posts the video online and initially admits she didn't take the incident seriously. but after having seen the video several times, she has second thoughts. >> it's still abuse no matter who does it, man or female. if it was her in that situation, a lot of people would have come to her honor. he sat there and ate all those punches and everything. >> she spends four weeks in jail. on the advice of her attorney, she denied our request to be interviewed. she may or may not learn from this experience, but she'll definitely have to learn to live with the fact that, once it's caught on camera, it lives forever. >> oh, wow. coming up -- you've seen what could happen when love goes wrong, but romance done right, one couple's fairy tale ending.
3:51 pm
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it's a love story with a hollywood ending. one that forged its way on to one big screen and millions of little screens worldwide. >> i just thinking back on it, i can't even believe that it happened. >> matt still and jenny joiner of locus grove, georgia, start dating in the fall of 2010. by their second date, matt already knows that jenny is the one for him. >> we were having dinner. >> he did the whole thing, the candles, the rose petals and had his roommate dress up in a three-piece suit and act like our waiter. >> she fell out of her chair and she said, i feel like i'm in a
3:55 pm
movie. i said, no, we're going to make the movies jealous. >> a spontaneous thought that takes route in matt's head. >> that night i had a dream that i was going to marry this girl and it just stuck from that day. >> his dream, to surprise ginny with a marriage proposal by way of a movie trailer. an ambitious idea, one that matt knows he can't pull off by himself. so, he contacts friend and local video whiz, michael mular, to help make his dream a reality. >> i'm thinking just some bullet points that i'd like to do this. but it was a script. like you had to sign a disclosure form to read this. i was like, okay, he definitely knows how exactly he wants it done. >> for nearly a month they collaborate writing, shooting and editing a marriage video proposal titled for the ages,
3:56 pm
titled what else -- >> making the movies jealous. making a love story so true, it couldn't have been written. >> she asks her dad for her hand in marriage. >> may i have your daughter's hand in marriage? >> then sets off to get his gal. >> i would love to have you as a son-in-law. >> like where me and her dad are talking that's a church camp that she grew up at. >> their video is full of twists, turns and even cinematic nuances. >> wouldn't it be funny, all this anticipation, big build up, she knows at this time that he's coming to the theater and stops for popcorn and it had romance, suspense, comedy and everything wrapped up into seven minutes. >> however, creating the video is only half the job. the other half, keeping ginny in the dark. >> she never does this. she is never like, where are you? what are you doing?
3:57 pm
i don't know if she had a sixth sense of something going on. >> many nights, i'm just going to forget it and do it because that is what was important. >> but matt stays true to his vision and able to convince ginny's brother to take her to the movies and make sure she is seated in a specific seat designated to catch her reaction on camera as it's happening. >> thank goodness her brother got her right to where she needed to be and the camera was hidden. >> from there, it's lights, camera, reaction. >> i just want you to know that i love her, too, and i am by no means trying to steal her away from you. >> all these thoughts going through my head and i knew that was matt's voice. >> i want to spend the rest of my life with her, she is my heart. >> that was my daddy's hands. i was in belief and disbelief the whole time. >> when he said, what are you waiting for? and then started running, that's when i was like, oh, gosh, he's
3:58 pm
coming here to ask me. >> matt enters the theater just at the right moment and drops to one knee. >> would you give me the honor -- would you marry me? >> then matt reveals the final surprise. an audience stacked with her family and friends, all seated in the back so ginny wouldn't notice them in the dark theater. >> and he turned me around and my family and friends are all up in the stands and it was just an unreal moment and, like i said, i just thinking back on it, i can't even believe that it happened. >> ginny says yes and the mission is accomplished flawlessly. matt and michael post the video on the internet, complete with ginny's reactions. >> the only reason we posted online is because there were some people that were supposed to be in the theater that day that weren't able to come and everybody was like, we have to see it. >> they saw it all right. so did more than 20 million others.
3:59 pm
matt and ginny become overnight youtube sensations scoring rave reviews from countless viewers. >> i think it's good for people to see a true love story. >> the best e-mails that i've received is from people that have been married for years and say, you know, i was really in a slump with my marriage and me and my wife, we watched your video and it renewed our love for each other. >> people's girlfriends see that and they're like, why didn't you do the matt stelee proposal. how do you beat that? >> there's a new video that the couple is watching over and over again these days. their wedding day. which took place on thanksgiving weekend, 2011 and, so, their love story continues. >> what matt does for me makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. >> i'm still living a dream because i get to marry the most incredible woman i've ever met.
4:00 pm
"caught on camera: terror at sea." cruise ships run aground. >> it was an actual scene out of the "titanic" movie. >> vacationers fight for their lives. >> rocking the boat. please, don't rock this. >> when a barge mows down a boat full of sightseers. >> my poor little daughter didn't have any idea what to do. >> a tourist is blasted by a rogue wave. and a day trip turns disastrous. these unsuspecting victims all struggle to keep their heads above water.


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