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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 14, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> there's been some progress on the senate side with republicans recognizing it's not tenable and not smart and not good for the american people to let america default. there's been some progress in recognizing that we're not going to be able to completely bridge the differences between the parties all at once and so it doesn't make sense in the meantime to try to use a shutdown for the threat of default as leverage in negotiations. so that's progress. >> just an hour from now, the president and vice president biden will meet with congressional leaders from both parties at the white house. right now, senator reid, harry reid is in mitch mcconnell's office. the majority leader said a short time ago he hopes there will be a deal before that 3:00 meeting. there's a whole heck of a lot happening right now. let's get straight to nbc white
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house correspondent peter alexander and news capitol hill correspondent luke russert. pete, let's start with you. what are you hearing from 1600 pennsylvania avenue? does the president fully expect these congressional leaders will show up at 3:00 with a deal in their hands? >> reporter: well, craig, he's hoping that is the case obviously during his visit a short time ago to a local food pantry where he visited with the volunteers there. among them federal government employees that have been furloughed, trying to reemphasize the impact that the shutdown is having on real merpz americans. if the republicans don't come to some sort of compromise, there's real serious potential for the u.s. to default. there's a lot of countdowns going on. and then another countdown to wednesday at midnight before we head into the october 17th deadline. obviously so crucial because that's when the u.s. government according to the treasury
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secretary jack lew only has $30 billion in cash on hand in addition to whatever revenues he takes in. that means he can't bore reanymore. it's because of that urgency he made the trip earlier today and same urgency experienced by all players inside the oval office. >> on left side of our screens we're showing our viewers the upper chamber is officially back in session, 2:00, the senators have reconvened. luke, let me bring you in here. harry reid sounded a bit more optimistic optimistic. any idea what the impetus for the optimism may have been? >> certainly craig as we get closer to thursday, there's a fierce urgency and now sense to act amongst the two senior leaders reid and mcconnell.
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from conversations on capitol hill, there does seem to be perimeters of a possible deal. what they are haggling about -- >> we want to listen to senator reid on floor. >> the wood nomination expected to be confirmed in another way. mr. president, constructive good faith negotiations continue between public leader and we will reach an agreement that's reasonable in nature. pay the nation's bills and begin long term negotiations to put our country on sound fiscal footing. i deeply appreciate my friend, the minority leader for his diligent efforts. the republican leader and i will keep members informed as negotiations continue. >> mr. president, republican leader, let me just echo the remarks of the majority leader. we've had an opportunity over the last couple of days to have
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very constructive exchanges views about how to move forward. those discussions continue and i share his optimism that will be acceptable to both sides. >> on the previous order, the leadership time is reserved. >> there you have it, senate majority leader harry reid and mitch mcconnell, both addressing their colleagues of the upper chamber here. harry reid saying good faith negotiations will continue. he said also there that he is very optimistic, seemed to emphasize the word very, very optimistic that they are going to be able to reach an agreement to reopen the government and pay the nation's bills. luke, let me bring you back in. we're hearing from senate leadership. the question that a lot of folks are asking if a deal gets done in the senate, what are the chances that the deal passes the
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house? >> reporter: well, that's the million dollar question, craig. i have to say in light of what the leaders said on the senate floor it has to be very encouraging for the global financial markets ifener closer to a deal. we don't know what a deal is going to look like. we know it's going to be an extension of the debt limit. democrats want a long debt limit extension and short government funding. republicans want the inverse, they like the sequester levels and shorter extension of debt limit. presumably reid and mcconnell will figure out some sort of agreement there and perhaps with that optimism could talk about in the white house and whose in the room at 3:00 p.m., john boehner the speaker of the house. whatever comes out of the senate, the house gop conference is not going to like. why? because they've been cut out of the deal, number one. number two, it will extend the debt limit and presumably not
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touch the president's health care law in a way they view is enough for what their conservative members want. john boehner will have to make a decision, does he amend this possible deal that comes from the senate and send it back or does he put it on the floor without something else or does the house do their own thing. and craig, if the house does their own thing, or they send it back, there's not a lot of time before thursday. what does that mean for those financial markets? >> what you could see from conversations i've had is boehner do something that he's done before, which is they will have their own solution, a more conservative bill to extend the debt limit for six weeks and do something to the president's health care. they could put that on the floor and also put this bill on the floor. in a sense, give their more conservative members cover by saying this is what we want to support but it couldn't get through the united states senate and then boehner could let the 50 or 60 republicans who would support the senate deal go forward. so in this is in fact true, this optimism that reid and mcconnell
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have, they have a way forward on a deal, it then is in john boehner's hands once again. i've watched this play out. the immediate reaction from house gop conference is going to be one of anger and start kicking and screaming and say, no, no and then more likely than not be forced to pass something because of the deadline on thursday. >> luke, thank you so much. i want to bring in chris van hollen now. congressman van hollen, let's start with what we heard from harry reid and mitch mcconnell. are you hearing any details about what a senate deal might include and what that deal might not include? >> craig, no, we don't know all of the details right now, other than the perimeters of the discussion, which luke outlined very well, in terms of getting the government up and running immediately and having a debate and discussion as to what the appropriate levels of funding will be for the remainder of the fiscal year as we go forward and
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then making sure that we pay our bills on time for the longest period possible. so those are perimeters of the discussion. but the ultimate question is the one you just raised. when this agreement gets over to the house side, will speaker boehner finally stand up to the reckless tea party rightness caucus and allow the house to work its will or will he continue to do what he's doing right now, refusing to have a vote on the bill that's in the house that would open the government today if he allowed republicans and democrats to come together to vote? >> let me talk to you a little bit about something that republican senator bob corker of tennessee said yesterday. i want to play something he said on one of the sunday shows and talk about it on the other side. here it is. >> there's no question that house republicans for a long time overreached regarding the health care bill. and for about, you know, 48
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hours now the democrats have overreached by wanting to spend more unbelievably -- >> senator corker from the "today" show. the idea that democrats want to take an axe to the sequester as well, that they may now be overreaching as well. what say you to that? >> well, it's not overreaching to insist on opening the government right now and it's certainly not overreaching to insist we pay our bills on time. in fact, as you know, we compromised on the bill that's in front of the house right now. we accepted the lower sequester funding levels for a short period of time through november 15th as part of the effort to get the government up and running again. and that is the bill that speaker boehner has been blocking. in other words, he's been blocking the bill at the lower republican requested funding levels. all we're saying here, craig, when we reopen the government,
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if it's at these lower funding levels, we want to have a debate and a negotiation over ending the sequester because the sequester is eating away at important investments in our country -- >> but having that conversation -- having that conversation outside of this negotiation, correct? >> that's right. what we've said -- the reason senator collins proposal is problematic, she wanted to keep the lower spending levels in place, not just through november, but until next year. we've always said that because the congressional budget office, an independent agency has said the sequester will result in 800,000 fewer jobs in this country by this time next year, that we should not have that self-inflicted wound on the economy. we would prefer to replace it sooner rather than later with the same amount of deficit reduction but without the drag on the economy. >> congressman, i want to play something -- this is video of you actually on the house floor
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saturday. this has gotten more than 700,000 views on youtube. we're going to play a snippet and it's filled with a lot of parliamentary gobbly guk, i'm going to have you explain precisely what it is you're talking about. here's the clip. >> h res 368, change the standing rules of the house to take away from any member of the house the privilege of calling up the senate bill to immediately reopen the government. is that right? >> it did change the operation of the standing rule. >> walk us through precisely what it is that we just saw there. >> craig, this is really important because i think most americans by now know the house republicans shut down the government in the effort to shut down obama care. what people don't know yet, they changed and rigged the standing rules of the house in order to keep the government shutdown.
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so on october 1st, they changed the rule that normally governs the house, which would allow any member, republican or democrat, to have called up and demanded a vote on the senate bill to immediately reopen the entire federal government. the standing rules of the house would have allowed any of us to do that and we know that a vote in the house would have passed and opened the government. so they changed the rule to take that right away from any member and give that right exclusively to the republican leader, eric cantor or his december ig knee. they changed it so only the speaker of the house or eric cantor or republican member can call up the vote to open the government. if they had not changed that rule, the government would be open right now because i, for example, could have under the normal rules of the house, demanded to have a vote on that senate bill and we would have had had the government open already. not only did they shut down the government but rigged the rules
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to keep it shut down. >> whatever your politics, for geekz who enjoy parliamentary procedure, it's certainly worth a view on youtube. congressman, thank you for your time and keep us posted on a deal. word of progress to a deal has prompted a reversal of fortunes of wall street after being down more than 100 points at one point earlier, right now as you can see the dow up just over 50 points, s&p almost up five. nasdaq up almost 17. joining me now tyler mathison, the dow up more than 100 points on optimism that a deal was going to come through. at this point, the markets appear to be pretty optimistic, no? >> they absolutely do, craig. you nailed it there, thursday and friday when word began to come out that maybe there was some progress towards a deal, you had the best gain in point
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terms for the dow all year. then this morning investors came in and saw there had been no deem over the weekend, some of the talk seemed to be a little bit more log jam than maybe folks had hoped for so the markets opened way lower and when senator reid said he was at first hopeful and in the last couple of minutes on the senate floor, he and mr. mcconnell said they were still working and were hopeful. and of course they meet with the president in about 45 minutes. that was when the market turned positive. right now though the stock market is off its highs for the day, they still are showing a pretty nice gains there, up about 50 points on the dow and half dozen points or so, 4.5 points on the s&p 500. of course, worth noting, craig, today is that the bond market is closed for the national columbus day holiday. that would give us another window and the bond market maybe even more central and critical to this whole debate because it's all about u.s. treasury
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borrowings this debate basic which is all about that. we have another window if bonds were open today but they are not. >> tyler mathisen, thank you. we're following developing news in arizona, protesters frustrated with the record number of deportations and threatening a repeat of friday, when activists chained themselves to buses to stop undocumented immigrants from being deported. as we await the meeting between the president and vice president and congressional leaders over the latest fiscal standoff, i'm going to talk to senator whitehouse and a a historian who wrote a book about the shutdown 17 years ago. you can join the conversation on twi twitter, at newsnation, one word. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
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we are following developing news in arizona. protesters are marching in phoenix urging the obama administration to stop deporting so many undocumented immigrants, families, undocumented adults and children, organizers all over the country are set to march to the immigration and customs enforcement office there, this follows friday's protest in tucson where activists formed a human chain to block buses carrying detained immigrants. organizers want president obama to use executive action to expand his dream act, nondeportation policy to all undocumented immigrants. msnbc contributor raul reyes joins me today. let me get your generally reaction to word now that lawmakers on the hill are finally, finally close to
11:20 am
getting some sort of deal that would open the government and avoid breaking the debt ceiling. >> i'm hopeful. i mean, marharry reid, heoptimi. the longer this debate over the debt ceiling and government shutdown goes on, the less time we have for other things like immigration reform and other issues. >> let's talk about immigration reform here. i want to show viewers at home a map that is quite telling. deportations in this country have increased dramatically since 2001. that's when a little more than a 100,000 immigrants. here's the map. 100,000 immigrants in 2001 deported. in 2012, more than 400,000 immigrants, undocumented immigrants were deported with immigration reform as you put it as a virtual stand still in congress. how real is the possibility that
11:21 am
the longer this goes on, president obama loses the sway that he has right now with this vital constituency for democrats. >> it's absolutely a very real risk for him because the fact is no matter what he has done on behalf of the immigrant community and latino voters, he still holds the record for number of deportations going on in our communities. that is something that the proreform supporters are very concerned about. every one of these numbers, that represents families and children and co-workers and the latest polling from lat no decision shows 67% of latino voters know someone who is undocumented. we've seen it resonates deeply with our community. >> what is the risk politically for president obama it he did ask consider expanding the dream act, would that not potentially hurt chances for any sort of bipartisan compromise, some sort of bipartisan reform effort? >> possibly.
11:22 am
right now there's that house caucus that is so against what they call aamnesty. the president has already said he would not extend that type of action on behalf of a larger class, which legally i'm not sure he can. when you talk about administrative action to extend the deferred action program, it has to be for a discreet group of people. you cannot do it for millions and not for a larger bstacles t. the clock is ticking, we're hearing so much about we're getting closer to the shutdown. just consider we are 109 days since the gang of eight passed their bill and now we're seeing a rise of civil disobedience, people are getting more em boldened in try to push members of congress to act. >> we're keeping our eye on what's happening in arizona right now. we appreciate your time. new york's transit authority
11:23 am
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more than 100 police officers are scouring new york city subways and tunnels as the desperate search continues for a missing 14-year-old boy with autism who is unable to speak. avonte oquendo has been missing for ten days. the chief of detectives says they are still optimistic about finding him. fs last seen running from a score on october 4th. police have gotten more than 80 tips, all of those tips that have come up short.
11:27 am
much of the search has been concentrated along the subway lines because avonte was quite fascinated with trains. over the weekend metropolitan transit authority took the unprecedented step of suspending all track work, suspended all track work for more than 200 workers searched the tunnels. flyers bearing avonte's face have been plastered all over new york city. mark joins me live now and liz fell, president of autism speaks is here in the studio. mark, let me start with you. what does it say that new york city, the largest city in the country is taking such unprecedented maneuvers in their search, including the sheer number of officers and suspending the track work? >> i think ever since he disappeared last week, there's been this both outpouring of public support and the law enforcement community is really gotten behind this search. the thing we need to keep remembering here, avonte is nonverbal. he has a form of autism, he
11:28 am
doesn't speak. when he left the school and encountered anyone, he likely hasn't said anything to them. that is complicating a difficult search. >> i want to pick up where he left off. anyone who does come across avonte on the streets, given that he's not able to communicate verbally. what should they do? >> they should call the police right away. with people who are autistic they can be very challenged, verbal or nonverbal. he could be scared. and the most important things, don't approach him or touch him or reach out to him. call the police and stay with him. stay as close as you can until the police get there. >> this entire situation has shed light on -- not just on autism in this country but also shed light on as aspect of autism that i didn't know existed. i want to throw this up on the screen so viewers can look at this, according to a study by the ip ter active autism
11:29 am
network. half of all children with autism spectrum disorders have attempted to wander at least once after the age of 4. of those who did, 53% of them went missing long enough to cause concern. how commonplace is what we're seeing right now? how common place is this within the autism community? >> it's way too common. that was our study. we did that. one of the problems we autistic individuals, they don't understand danger. they'll wander because they are curious or distracted. we see these cases playing out more and more now across the country. just this week, autistic individuals found in hospitals. we have got to he had indicate the teacher population, first responders, community, neighbors of people living with a child or adult who is autistic so they understand that this is possible and quite common. >> mark -- go ahead, mark.
11:30 am
>> avonte wandered off once before, not for this long a period of time but he was found on a train and that's why the search is concentrating. in the past that's where he went to. but then again, it wasn't for this extended period of time. >> last week police thought they found him but his family got to the hospital and realized at that point that it was not him. your reporting now that the family has filed a claim against the city, is that correct? >> they have. it's a first step to a lawsuit. their concern is from the moment the last time he's seen in the videotape, an hour transpires before his family is contacted and an hour as well until the police are contacted. the school he's at -- and someone else might be better qualified to comment on this, it's meant to mainstream autistic children with the regular population. so when he goes out of that school, the people who might have seen him leaving might not have known he was a special needs student even though he was in special needs classes with a
11:31 am
lot of adult supervision. >> mark and liz, thank you. >> thank you for doing this. >> more on the breaking news on the fiscal standoff in d.c., president obama set to meet with congressional leaders of both parties. set to happen in about 30 minutes. does it mean we are closer to a deal? if so, what does the deal look like. senator sheldon whitehouse on other side of the break. we know the donald has toyed with the idea of running for president. now there's a report that he's recruited for another top job in plik politics. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate to give you a more reliable way to ship. now with tracking up to eleven scans, specified delivery dates, and free insurance up to $50 all for the same low rate. [ woman ] we are the united states postal service. [ man ] we are the united states postal service. [ male announcer ] and our priority is you.
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we continue to follow breaking news about the ongoing negotiations over the fiscal standoff. in a half hour the president and vice president will be meeting with congressional leaders from both parties at the white house. with time running out before the thursday deadline for raising the debt ceiling. our first read team asks the
11:35 am
question, can the senate save the day? nbc news senior political editor mark murray is standing by in washington. mark, let's layout where we are right now ahead of this white house meeting at 3:00 and what you think are the most likely outcomes this week? >> well, craig, it seems like we're closer to a deal than when this day started out. you played a few minutes ago sound from harry reid and mitch mcconnell both men sounding very cordial, sounded more like folks closer to a deal than breaking one apart. and what the situation seems to be coming down to is kind of like the broad contours of what susan collins had proposed after compromises and back and forth, it essentially it seems to be, reopening the government through january, and extending and raising the debt ceiling through january as well. maybe having a delay of the
11:36 am
medical device tax, although democrats it's been reported say they want something in return for a concession like that. but a lot of haggling comes down to, how long do you shut down the government or extend the debt ceiling for. those are details to be ironed but things look better than when the day began. >> let's talk about this medical device tax. it has gotten a fair amount of attention and i'm not sure everyone watching and listening understands precisely what it is and the role it plays inside obama care. walk us through it. what is it? >> it's bun of the mechanisms that raises money that pays for the health care law. the president, his team democrats always wanted the health care law to be revenue neutral, that any of the things that would actually cost the government money you need to have revenues and taxes to pay for it. this is one of the small things, these medical device taxes because the medical device
11:37 am
industry will be making a tremendous amount of money so you would send up taxing them. if this thing is repealed or delayed, you have to make up the money elsewhere. this has a lot of bipartisan support. some democrats are for it and republicans are for it. you add the stuff up together and the white house says this isn't integral to us like the mandate, this is something we could give away. one of the things you're hearing from democrats, if we give away this concession on the medical device tax, we would like something in return for this, something that we want, raising the debt ceiling and opening the government isn't a concession democrats would argue. >> mark, thank you. >> let's bring in the democratic senator from rohode island, sheldon whitehouse. let's talk about this potential deal. what are you hearing in terms of what this thing could look like? what could be in a deal that gets through the senate?
11:38 am
>> well, we're hearing that the general parts of it are that you'd lift the debt limit and we hope for a longer rather than shorter period and you'd reopen the government and have the continuing resolution, we'd hope be a shorter rather than a longer period, so that you can get to the third major part of the deal, which is budget negotiations. and the sooner you can get through the cr, the sooner you're negotiating a budget and sooner the appropriators can take advantage of the work they have done in the different committees and the sooner we can come to a resolution what we have to spend and move forward with other issues. >> senator, here's the thing, if you guys vote to raise the debt limit through january and then another cr through march or something like that, aren't we right back where we are just a few months from now? >> procedurally, we're right
11:39 am
back where we are. the difference is that i think the republicans and particularly the tea party republicans really burn their hands on this hot stove. and the idea that in january they are going to want to grab it again and burn themselves all over again, doesn't seem very likely. i think they learned a lesson from the damage that they did to our country with this latest stunt. >> i want to play some sound here from south carolina senator lindsay graham. this is what he had to say yesterday about the talks themselves over the past few days. take a listen. >> democratic friends keep moving the goal post in the senate thinking they are winning. >> that's a view that's been echoed by many republicans, the democrats are the ones guilty of overreach. are democrats getting greedy in tern terms of their attempt to end this crisis? >> i don't think so. what we want to do is what the regular order of ninthings is.
11:40 am
we want to lift the debt limit, which should be off the table anyway. we want to reopen the government, that's pretty baseline stuff, the united states should have a government that operates and is open. the third thing is we want to have negotiations. what they've wanted all along is to have conditions on that, a gun to somebody's head, host somebody hostage. >> what about sequester cuts? >> that's what the budget negotiations are all about. you pick a number between what the senate budget was and what the house budget was and you negotiate it out. remember all of the times how we had to have a budget and regular order. now we have these two budgets and we want regular order. we're not asking for anything exceptional when we want those things. that should be a baseline. that should be just the order way we behave. >> senator sheldon whitehouse, keep us posted. >> for historical perspective, let's bring in steve gillam from the university of oklahoma and scholar in residents at the
11:41 am
history channel. good to see you and thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> we heard from john mccain who thinks that the president should be playing quote, a more active role in these negotiations, like bill clinton did back in 1995. this is something that you've written a lot about. we pulled an excerpt from your book "the pact." there it is right there. you talk about the dynamics between clinton and newt gingrich then. what are the similarities and what the differences between then and now? >> i think this situation today is far more dangerous than the situation was in 1995. for one thing, the '95 shutdown came back because newt gingrich wanted to change the world. his caucus was tired and didn't really want to bring about a shutdown but he felt it was the time to do it. today that caucus of sort of hard line right wing idealogical conservatives are bigger and they convinced a reluctant
11:42 am
speaker to go into a shutdown. at the same time the president has much less wiggle room than clinton had. back in 1995, the republicans said to clinton, we want you to balance the budget in five years. that was really a goal that clinton want that opposed to. he compromised and said ten years and setd seven years -- compromised at seven years and protect some programs. they presented do away with your signature achievement as president. he had no wiggle room. yes, i'm going to compromise away this important piece of legislation. the divide was so great there was little for obama to negotiate about. >> the "washington post" wrote an op-ed she says president obama right now has an opening essentially to stand against this republican fixation on budget cutting and small government, writing, obama can't slip back into the style of deficit wrangling that weakened
11:43 am
him in 2011. the american majority has said it wants a government that cares more about making things better than making itself smaller. do you agree this is an opportunity for president obama to move his agenda forward or is there a risk that much have asserted of overplaying your hand? >> i think president obama has said he wants too teach the republicans a lesson and wants to end this time when republicans believe they can use the shutdowns and use the deficit ceiling as a way of negotiating for positions. we live in an age of divided government. i think this is symbolic of the deep and profound political divisions and even when this ends, and i believe it will end before thursday -- >> you do? >> i think it's going to same way it did in '95. early '96, bob dole a. a senior leader said i'm tired of this, it's over. we don't have adults in the republican party now.
11:44 am
we don't have those people -- >> do we have them but they've been -- >> they don't have the same power within the party. what we're witnessing is a civil war within the republican party. i think we're going to have to continue to deal with gridlock and these partisan battles for times to come. >> all right, as you were talking, we just got word that 3:00 white house meeting between congressional leaders and president obama and vice president joe biden has now been postponed. we're trying to find out precisely what happened. we're going to take a quick break and we'llup date you on that breaking news. the 3:00 meeting, not going to happen. this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar. help the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happened
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11:48 am
postponed. luke russert is standing by on capitol hill. luke, does this mean the white house is simply given senate leaders more time to come up with the contours of a deal or is it not that at all? >> reporter: no, it actually is a positive sign from where we stand because by the doing this they allowing them to tie up loose ends they have in the supposed disagreement which details are starting to leak out shortly. casey hunt just reported that the deal in place in theory would fund the government through january 15th and extend the debt limit through february 15th. so the government would be funded for january 15th and debt limit would be funded -- extended to february 15th. and within the confines of that extensions for both, you would then sort of see large scale negotiations between the house and senate to figure out a longer term budget. presumably there would be something in there health care
11:49 am
related. there's been a lot of talk about this repeal of the medical device tax for two years. look for that to possibly be in here. these details are going to trickle out slowly and probably change three or four times before the actual meeting happens. but that's where we see -- from where we're standing we see a way out, again, this temporary extension on both fronts. we kick the can down the road but presumably within this deal they would have this idea they would have to have these negotiations. once again, we need to say, what does john boehner do with this? we do not know. we expect a lot of anger from the house gop. they don't like this and the fact their not getting enough in return for debt limit and not enough is going on with the health care law. there's still a long way to go on this before we avert economic catastrophe. >> any idea how long it has been pushed back? we just don't know? >> reporter: we just don't know but i would presume they want to have it by the end of the
11:50 am
afternoon. the more time they have the better on this. the way the senate works, one senator can hold up something and that would be pretty bad considering thursday is a drop dead deadline on this. >> luke russert, thank you so much. we'll be right back. about the nissan altima. ♪ and we have to admit, that it's all true. but don't just take their word for it, check it out for yourself. the award-winning nissan altima. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $179 per month lease on a 2013 nissan altima. ♪ now get a $179 per month lease on a 2013 nissan altima. want to cover and corrtry this:? cc creams from covergirl + olay. covers spots and lines instantly as you correct skin tone over time. goodbye, spots, hello, beautiful. cc creams from covergirl + olay. get 'em on the spot.
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there's new hope in the search for 6-year-old madeleine mccain. they have new clues related to her disappearance and includes newly released images of a man they are hoping to track down in connection to the case. police also say they have a more detailed reconstruction of the circumstances surrounding the night she went missing. meanwhile, her parents are set to speak out in a new interview airing tonight. >> not the ones that's done something wrong here. it's a person that's gone into that apartment and taken a little girl away from her family. >> keir simmons joins me now
11:54 am
with more on what police are now learning. >> good afternoon. that broadcast here in the uk will be on network television. it will include the interview and include a reconstruction outlining what happened on the night madeleine disappeared. i as a reporter arrived in this portuguese village the day after she disappeared. it appeared then there were real problems with the investigation into her disappearance. as you say she was just 3 years old and almost 4. she was in this vacation apartment on her own with her twin brother and sister, her parents just down the road having dinner and is he simply disappeared and vanished. no one knows what happened. what detectives here in the uk have now been allowed to investigate the case and reopen the case are suggesting is that she may have been carried off by an abductor, there is a family that saw a mancariing a child of
11:55 am
around the same age. this is how this has been constructed. they also reconstructed the time line of what happened that night, suggesting that they know now more specifically when she disappeared and looking through cell phone records. so a lot to investigate but still, really desperate mystery for these parents. >> time now for our "news nation" gut check. people in 47 states are celebrating columbus day. there are parades in many places, including here in new york, but not parades in alaska and hawaii and south dakota because they do not recognize the holiday and there's a movement in foot in california to do the same thing. chief among the reasons, by the time columbus discovered america, native americans had already been here for several hundred years. also, many take issue with precisely how columbus treated native americans once he arrived. according to historians he
11:56 am
ordered a brutal crackdown in which many were tortured and raped and killed. california wants to join south dakota and call the holiday native american day. should columbus day continue to be recognized as a holiday? go to to vote and you'll also find a link to my opinion about all of this. that's going to do it for this edition of "news nation." "the cycle" is up next. or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling. everybody look out! ahhhhh...ugh. little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody?
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11:59 am
♪ time is on my side ♪ yes it is ♪ time is on my side ♪ yes it is >> i love that rolling stones song but time is not on our side. we're three days away from an
12:00 pm
unprecedented historical debt default 14 days into the ted cruz shutdown. washington is a mess. the president is meeting with congressional leaders at the white house. it's been delayed. we've been hearing all day they wanted to walk into it with a deal in hand. this development suggests they are not there yet. the markets have been a mess, stocks are climbing on word of a deal steve cornacki is not impressed with all of this. nbc's peter alexander at the white house and luke russert on the hill. >> french? >> we expect reaction to come soon. tell us what's going on, peter. >> reporter: there's no indication according to white house aids that this meeting will take place later today. it may not happen until tomorrow. but that was indicated to us by white house aides as being an indication of good signs of progress taking place right now. the president had