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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 21, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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in generdefinite jeopardy. president obama takes responsibility for the fiasco as we find how many finished an application for new health care coverage. the two convicted murders who forged those prison release paper, well, they were caught in a motel saturday night. this morning we now know more about how they pulled it off. this is "way too early." good morning, everybody. brian shactman here monday, october 21st. also this morning while you were sleeping new jersey performing its first gay marriages and also we have some details on a new ipad being introduced this week. i'll have that for you later in business. but we do want to begin with the rollout of the affordable care ago. today in a rose garden speech president obama will call the glitchy rollout of unacceptable.
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the administration acknowledged it hasn't lived up to expectations. now officials made a series of minor fix, mostly cosmetic intended to help people get information about signing up but not to remove the glitches. at the top the list, a clear message to people telling them they can sign up by phone. the administration has promised a, quote, tech surge using its best and brightest to tackle the problems. it's not clear how many personnel that will involve or when it's going to happen. arizona senator john mccain, well, he had his own ideas on how to fix it. >> look, it's been a fiasco. send air force out to silicon valley, load it up with some smart people, bring them back to washington and fix this problem. it's ridiculous and everybody knows that. >> experts told "the new york times" that as many as 5 million lines of software code may need to be rewritten and problems with registering or quote masking problems that will happen later. the administration touted public interest in the program
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saying 19 million people have visited the site. the associated press reports 476,000 people have filled out applications, but the government declined to say how many people have actually inc. rolled. without those numbers there's no way of knowing whether it's on track to sign up the 7 million people they projected would take part in the program during the first six months. meanwhile, pressure mounts on health and human services" lean sebelius to talk about the launch. the department says it's too short notice although republicans point out she has plans to attend a gala in the city of boston. even top democratic senator dick durbin says she will likely have to appear on capitol hill. this as even the president's top lieutenants have admitted it's been less than flawless. >> i think there's no one more frustrated than the president. hhs has plans to fix it and has to fix it. >> the fact is that, yes, what has happened is unacceptable in
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terms of the glitches. they were overwhelmed to begin with. there's much that needs to be done to correct the situation. this is gash has to be fixed but what doesn't have to fixed is the fact that tens of millions of more people will have access to affordable health care. he might not be the most liked man but got a hero's well until in his home state. senator ted cruz received an eight-minute standing ovation from supporters at a gathering in san antonio. he spoke about being back in the lone star state and about his fight to defund obama care. >> having spent the past month up in d.c. it is really great to be back in america. [ laughter ] imagine if when the house had passed a bill funding the federal government and defunding obama care, if senate republicans had simply said we're going to stand together, united with house republicans
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and the american people and stand against the train wreck that is obama care. the house republicans marched into battle courageously. and the senate republicans should have come in like the cavalry to support them. unfortunately a significant chunk of senate republicans instead came like the air force and began bombing the house republicans, our own troops. >> not everyone in the republican party is on board with cruz's strategy to defeat the affordable care ago. jeb bush offered the freshman senator a little bit of advice. >> have a little bit of self-restraint. it might actually be a politically better approach to creed the massive disfunction but we don't hear about that because we've stepped on that message and i think republicans need to take a step back and allow -- show a little self-restraint and let this happen on eye little organically. >> let's turn to one of the higher profile elections.
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in virginia, hillary clinton made her first political appearance since stepping down as secretary of state back in february endorsing democrat and longtime family friend terry mcauliffe for governor. >> recently in washington, unfortunately, we have seen examples of the wrong kind of leadership. when politicians choose scorchedered over common ground. when they operate in what i call the evidence-free zone, that is not the kind of leadership we need in virginia and america today. supporting and voting for terry mcauliffe will make you proud of yourselves, of this commonwealth and, yes, of our country. >> this week hillary's husband former president bill clinton will join terry for they days on the campaign trail. unendorsement they won't get is from "the richmond types
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dispatch." they announced they're endorsing nobody. both mcauliffe and ken kut cucinelli. the latest revelation from edward snowden is this. they spied on the permanent e-mail of mexico's president. "der spiegel kvitova said they tapped into diplomat excommuic communications from philippe calderon. the mexican foreign minister called the practice uncentralable and illegitimate and against international law. meanwhile, the french foreign men very summoned the u.s. ambassador over a separate report about nsa spying on french citizens. this dramatic new video of the moment police captured two killers. you can see heavily armed u.s.
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marshals storm a motor inn in florida where though caught one joseph jenkins and charles walker. just seconds later the marshals busted them. they were unarmed and received a tip from one of the convict's close associates. jenkins on the left side of your screen and walker both appeared in court yesterday where they were denied bond. they used bogus court documents to get out of prison even though they were serving life sentences. police say the investigation far from over. >> i can tell you that there will be fmore arrests and backtracking those who carried it out the fraud and long way we will look closely at anyone who may have helped harbor thus fugitives. >> both due back in court on friday. the first of new jersey's same-sex marriage ceremonies got under way in the early hours this morning. last week a state court cleared the way over appeals from governor chris christie.
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after midnight, mayors in town as cross the state welcomed newlyweds into city hall. you see booker who fought back tears and presided over the rights of seven straight and gay couples. he never officiated a marriage before over protest over the state's law. wall street begins its first full week since the government shutdown and later today we get a look at some numbers from the housing market and earnings reports from mcdonald's and netflix. you see the dow, s&p up on friday. to geoff cutmore in london. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you. will, there are a number of other interesting stories out there that the markets are chewing over. jpmorgan may have escaped the full heat of the financial crisis, but getting caught up in the backdrop, brian, what we have here is a much talked of $13 billion deal now with the u.s. justice department which would help go some way to settle some of the selling of illegal
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mortgage products, so that very much in view for the market at the moment and whether jamie dimon continues to survive as the head of this business with this going on. and what we know from the talk of the settlement so far, this will not also relieve jpmorgan of potential criminal litigation related to the story so let's move you on. you may have noticed if you're looking around you, some billboard ads for walmart hiring software engineers. this bricks and more tar retailer is now getting into the dot-com dollar game here. and they're taking it to amazon, if you like. amazon is going down the road of building warehouses and point of sale pickup depos and now looks like full scrap here for both the bricks and more tar s aes dot-com dollar. >> walmart has a long way to
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catch up in the shipping department. that's for sure. listen, had a new iphone a couple of weeks ago, get a new ipad this week. any details we know or what is a inside it? >> yeah, well, there are a couple of things being floated here. one is the special retina display, something we've already seen rolled out on the iphone which is apple's biggest revenue generator. the ipad, the second biggest revenue generator so we'll get that and might get some thin film instead of glass on the screen. so a couple of interesting high-tech features to keep an eye on. >> ipad mini will get that. geoff cutmore, appreciate it. have a great day. still ahead on "way too early" a shootout in indy, andrew luck takes center stage in the house that peyton built. see if the man who replaced manning could spoil the homecoming. what would you pay to look like justin bieber? i'd say nothing. i would want to get paid to do that. one musician dropped his life
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the cadillac srx, awarded best interior design of any luxury brand. take advantage of this exceptional offer on the 2013 cadillac srx, with premium care maintenance included. time for sports starting with the late game. peyton manning. an emotional return to indy. he was choked up. the fans warm welcome and game on. first quarter, manning, eric decker, end zone, good touchdown from him. broncos strike first. andrew luck, hayward-bey into the end zone. they were up 19.
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peyton will crawl back, two touchdowns in the fourth but the colts' defense comes up big with this interception and the broncos their first loss of the season, after the game, colts quarterback vontae davis explaining the key to the colts' success against peyton manning. >> how did this defense, what did they have in in their minds to face this juggernaut? >> we had a good week of practice. we prepared really hard for tom brady so i think it just carried over from practice until the game. >> i got to steal this live from the producer. the best way to beat peyton manning is to prepare for tom braid i. that's how you win. let's see how brady himself d rex ryan and the jets at home taking on bill belichick and the patriots, pats jump out to an 11-point lead but in the third mr. brady gets picked off. >> you may have a quarterback controversial. >> come on.
2:46 am
he struggled. if you watch that he missed quite -- >> all year. >> that gave the jets new life. geno smith. he's going to do it with his legs but got some merchandise throws. not a huge fan of his but he played really well. patriots would tie the gay marriage forcing the o.t., that 56-yarder was a miss. nick fold but there's a flag on the play. hard to see. it's unsportsman like conduct. you can't push your teammate into the line of scrimmage. didn't move the ball. didn't matter. second chance, he kicks it, they win it, 30-27. the jets 4-3. pats, 5-2. our twitter question. i think that's the worst call. >> it's a rule. what are you going to do? >> they gave him the win. >> in the first quarter they would have called it too. >> i'm getting twitter hatred. the rule is a new rule and refs followed it. i want to now on twitter the
2:47 am
worst call notice sports history. #waytoobrutal. i didn't know about this. i forgot about the cardinals off first base. >> what play. >> cardinals -- >> the world series. >> i, don -- >> yeah, exactly. >> i didn't even -- i remember that. >> don't wake barnicle up too early. >> he's grumpy today. >> the broncos loss, that leaves only one team undefeated. the k.c. chiefs at home against pretty banged up houston texans. final score, 17-16 and win it. 7-0. 4-0 at home and don't win pretty but they win. must see play of the week courtesy of megatron. >> over to right tackle for hilliard. there's stafford who took a hit, firing for the end zone, it is caught. touchdown, calvin johnson.
2:48 am
>> beat three guise on that one, calvin johnson, the 50-yard hail mary but unfortunately the lyons lose. cincinnati 5-2, lyons 4 and 3. college football. bcs rankings are out, no surprise with alabama number 1. florida state -- >> freshman quarterback, i had never seen him before. >> might be the second freshman quarterback -- he could definitely win the heisman, oregon three, ohio state, number four and missouri really impressive rounding out the top five. but, objection, by the way over the wchd, the red sox beat the tigers -- >> baseball season is over. hockey started. no one cares about baseball anymore. >> go back to your low pressure area. >> im. good luck in the world series. i'll be rooting for you, yeah. as far as the cold goes this week, coming down from the north and as advertised we've already got a little snow in the
2:49 am
northern great lakes. may see snowflake in chicago and buffalo but it's not going to be any big huge storm, just chilly. get prepared. if you haven't got the warm clothes out, it will head down to tennessee si and kentucky. for the eastern seaboard. you have a nice day today. some clouds, rainy, cool weather and cold weather comes in wednesday and thursday. chicago, those are the high temperatures all week so this cold is here to stay. we're lucky this isn't like the middle of winter. brutally cold pattern. the air is coming straight from the north pole. the east coast, enjoy this today. >> thank you, bill. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe" the problems with the obama care website continue and now that secretary of health and human services appears to be avoiding a congressional hearing. we'll tell what you we need to hear from the president this morning as he takes stage to address the situation. when we come back we huddle around the cooler. "gravity" makes a run for three consecutive weeks but not
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the movies at the top of the list that garnered the headlines. it was one at the bottom that got the most attention. "way too early" will be right back. [ man ] adventure, it means taking chances.
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at the top of the show we talked about the capture of the two prisoners in florida who escaped from jail last week. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends at the end of the year in 2012 there
2:53 am
were nearly 1.6 million people incarcerated in the united states and get this, nearly 51% are in the state of california alone. last year in florida, 171 completed prison escape, 166 of the escapees were captured. that is let's put aside the news and welcome in louis at the cooler. >> she's a legend whose inintar race to stars like tina fey and amy poehler. [ laughter ] >> what brings you to tara? >> you, you vixen you. scarlet, i love you. that, that, gown is gorgeous.
2:54 am
>> thank you. i saw it in the window and i just couldn't resist it. >> now carol burnett is the latest recipient for the top honor for comedy and received it last night at the kennedy center. the 80-year-old star received two hours of trib burts from fey, poehler and tony bennett. congratulations to carol. "gravity" continues to soar at the box office. >> stop. >> the the 3d movie was the num one movie for the third week in a row. totals 170 million. tom hanks with "captain phillips" was second with 17 million. "cloudy with a chance of
2:55 am
meatballs 2" and "carrie" but the moved about julian assange was the bottom movie. now, you may remember that critical study that shows that oreos can be more addictive or as addictive as cocaine. david letterman looked at the least addictive. >> you think people are nuts. you do, right. not you. [ laughter ] but we all collectively believe other people are nuts. you're not going to believe this. look what science uncovered. take a look at this. >> the most addictive snack, oreo cookie, the least addictive snack -- >> i'm addicted to eating rubber tires. rubber tire pieces taste chemically amazing. >> happy snacking, america. >> i don't know about rubber tires.
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now, finally you know justin bieber has tons of beliebers but this next story is hard to believe. looking at right before pictures of 30-year-old tony sheldon over the last five years. he spent his entire life savings, $100,000 to be exact on numerous procedures to look like his 19-year-old idol, justin bieber that includes botox, chin reduction, eyelid surgery and hair transplants. >> he doesn't even look like him. >> if you wonder why, bieber has the perfect youthful look and brian, he's actually planning additional surgeries to keep the look. >> doesn't he have any friends or parents involved? >> listen -- i think whatever makes him happy, you know, good for him. he's doing it. he's living his dream like me on tv talking to you. >> someone turned down my ear of piece so i can't hear a single word you said. >> you're better off. still ahead the worst calls
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worst sports calls of all time. natalie? >> mary joe says the botched call at the end of the jo saysl at the end of the seahawks games last year. >> tons of nominations, perfect game taken away. i'm depressed about the patriots game. i want to see them fumble. i feel better today. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ countdown two on victorina. that's hit in the corner. it's gone! a grand slam! >> oh, my lord. >> unbelievable.