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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 28, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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good morning and welcome back. some stories making news right now. chris brown is behind bars right
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now. he was arrested on felony assault charges in washington d.c. after a fight near a hotel. brown is still on probation for his 2009 assault of then girlfriend rhiana. >> authorities in pennsylvania are warning people it is illegal to touch a pregnant woman's belly without permission. if someone annoys the woman with the prodding charges can be filed under the state harassment law. key west, florida, more than 1,000 people turned out to watch the super hero parade. it was lead by diana nyad that swam from cuba to key west a few months ago. >> and a goolish experience for halloween. spooky decorations and flashing
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lights and masked workers are part of the experience along with the wash and wax options. very nice. coming up, former massachusetts senator scott brown tests the waters in the granite state. that and the best political buzz of the morning. that is straight ahead. but first, your first look at business. good morning. >> good morning, that's right. apple slated to report it's earnings after today's closing bell. analysts expecting companies to beat estimates as a result of record breaking sales this quarter. in other news, rick snyder expected to testify in detroit's bankruptcy eligible trial today. the governor orchestrated it. twitter hits the mid-atlantic today with a meeting in baltimore as twitter executives do their west with investors around the company. just ahead, he weighs in on the nsa listening in on world
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senator a liar. his elder daughter is challenging him in the primary sunday. he took a swipe at the incumbent for saying the two are friends. >> most of the republican senators are supporting the incumbent. he said he felt blind sided by your whole family. said he thought you were his friend. >> well, mike also said he and i are fishing buddies which is not true. never happened. washington is not going to elect the next senator from wyoming. the people of wyoming will. >> jesse jackson jr. dumping his d.c. home to help pay federal finds. he will sell his house. he owed $750,000 after violating campaign finances laws. >> the new york times endorsed bill de blasio for mayor. and the final televised debate
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between him and joe lota has been postponed. the candidates requested it be put off out of respect for the victims. >> and governor chris christie scored a big endorsement over the weekend, literally. shaq calls the governor a break man. that will do it for your morning dish of scrambled politics. joining me now is washington post reporter. good morning to you. >> hi, veronica. >> let's talk about the nsa listening in on heads of state. how do you feel these revelations have effeaffected t united states and what damage has been done. >> it's too early to tell how much lasting damage but it's a bit of a public relations problem for the white house. you have a close ally in angela
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merkel who the president has tried to develop a working relationship on issues like terrorism, the global economy and now she is very upset and probably rightly so about the revelations that the u.s. has been tapping her cell phone now as far back as 2002 in the bush administration and the question is whether the president was ever briefed about this. if not, why not? why didn't he end it earlier? but the white house saying the president didn't know about it until recently and they stopped it. they're going to send a delegation here to get to the bottom of it. >> let's talk about what's happening here in washington. not everyone is angry about this. we have republican sasing these countries should be thankful. we heard from peter king earlier on meet the press saying the president should stop apologizing for these wiretaps. >> that's interesting. usually it goes along partisan lines. democrats say this does not fit the obama brand and what obama promised but republicans are saying this is part of national
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security. and the white house struck an interesting tone too. the president said we're going to try to roll these back and look at best practices and scale these back but he also said every country does this and wants to do this but we scoop up a lot more information so we get criticized. that's not a great rational that other countries look at and take to heart. the president has to strike a better tone. >> it's safe to say david, because this is nothing new, would you say that other countries probably have similar communication tools in place to find out what's happening here in the u.s.? that probably is the case? >> possibly but i'm not sure that it's as sophisticated. we may take better precautions but i'm sure that other countries are trying to do it. absolutely. the other question is as the president says our techniques and practices may be at a higher level. again, i'm not sure that's going to go over well in a place like europe. this is a place in jered magerme
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the president has spoke twice now talking about good relationships and there needs to be better communication between our spy agencies and so on about terrorism and money laundering and so on. the president not only has to tell them but also the american public because folks on his left and big supporters of the president have concerns as well. >> good to see you this morning, david. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks. >> coming up, we're joined next for first buzz and we'll talk about halloween costumes, the good, the bad and the ugly. but first, which fellow rock super star coprodo you understanded lou reed's transformer? the answer when first look returns. new depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn.
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before the break we asked which fellow rock superstar co-produced lou reed's transformer. thinking caps on. >> all possible. >> i'm going d. >> i would say him too but the answer is daid bowie. so we're all wrong and bowie said he was a master and, yes, he was. >> what a talent. >> seriously, right. >> it's time for first buzz and as you know halloween is right around the corner. >> it is? >> i would never know. >> well, you know, you have the orange on. >> i do. i'm wearing orange for halloween. if you don't have a costume yet, look to the stars and check out these costumes. take a look. let's start with this one.
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this is hughhefner and his girlfriend. >> that's paris hilton. this is josh duhmel and his wife fergie. >> that's great. >> we have nominees. these sexy costumes, they're all over the place now, it's the rage. >> she looks sexy in that one. >> but i want to show you the worst sexy costume. >> was it that one? >> no. these are the nominees for the three worst sexy costumes. medussah. this one is bad, smurf. >> yes, not a good one and sexy hulk hogan. >> oh my goodness. >> i love the bad halloween fashion. this is good. i love it. >> it's an excuse to look at all the other sexy costumes. >> that's true. i want to take you
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internationally to take demonstrations, get together, dancers of thrillers. 150 getting together in a shopping mall at instan bubul. they also did it in the philippines and mexico in the spirit of michael jackson. >> love those. >> way too early starts right now. check on it and they pick him off. >> two nights in a row world series game ends with something that's never happened in the history of baseball. this time it works out for the red sox as the world series is guaranteed to go at least six games. jailbreak in oklahoma. what in oklahoma went down in classic hollywood fashion. details on how four men busted out. >> and rip lou reed. from velvet underground to the wild side he was a rock and roll icon.
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the life of a legend, dead at the age of 71. this is "way too early." good morning, everybody. monday, october 28th. what would a mcdonald's hamburger taste like without heinz ketchup? you'll soon find out. and we'll see how snl is treating over the weekend it underwent an overhaul. there's a so-called navigator to make it easier for consumers to purchase health care. however, they couldn't make it to monday morning without another issue. the system went down late sunday because of an outage to one of its data centers. >> meanwhile, bill clinton defending the program and it's roll out while


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