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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 4, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PST

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. good monday morning. right now on "first look," a collision but everyone survives. new details on the l.a.x. shooter. and first john fox, now gary kubiac, major health concerns among nfl coaches. plus this high flying mascot passes out high above the rafter. snltackles diversity head on. and soccer fans take violence to a whole new level. we begin with a fiery collision 12,000 feet in the air and skydivers leaping to their safety. remarkably everyone survived. it happened in wisconsin late
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saturday. one single engine plane was following another. the four skydivers were ready to leap but things took a heart stopping turn. the trailing plane collided with theirs. >> you hear this tremendous loud bang. you see wing come off, you see it on fire. it's five feet from you. >> skydivers, we live for the excitement, but tonight was a little bit over the top. >> one plane ultimately plummeted to the ground in flames, but all survived. one pilot had minor injuries. an investigation is under way to figure out what went wrong. this morning at los angeles international airport, a much quieter scene. a gunman opened fire three days ago. now new details on the alleged gunman and a possible motive. >> reporter: new photos of the terror at l.a.x. friday morning showed passengers huddled together inside an airport
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bathroom. an early deserted security check point and heavily armed law enforcement officials. as airport operations returned to normal on sunday, flowers left inside terminal three served as a solemn reminder of the deadly shooting. according to a federal criminal complaint, 23-year-old paul ciancia came prepared with apassault rifle, high capacity magazines, a bag of am new mission and manifesto. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> reporter: as me his way through the terminal, ciancia reportedly asked some people if they were with tsa. he moved on when they responded no. but at the security check point, he opened fire. tsa officer, hernandez, about to celebrate his 40th birthday, was killed. two other agents were wounded. as was this high school teacher.
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ciancia made it about 100 yards into the terminal before police shot him multiple times and took him into custody. officials are waiting to interview him and gain more insight into his motives. now to the nfl. gary kubiac is recovering after he collapsed on the field during last night's game. as he walked off at halftime, he stopped and squatted down. the general manager said kubiac was lightheaded and dizzy, he was removed on a stretcher and taken to a local hospital, but did not have a heart attack. meanwhile john fox felt dizzy playing golf on saturday. after testing, fox will have surgery to replace his aortic heart valve and is expected to be out a few weeks. a bomb threat prompt as two hour evacuation at a major southern airport. an employee at birmingham international airport found a threatening note in the bathroom
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sunday. squads at the present time fidi. this morning everything is back in order, but officials say the threat was enough to evacuate the terminal. voters in a handful of states head to the polls tomorrow in a series of high profile match-up. in virginia, a nasty race for governor finally comes to an end. terry mcauliffe is facing off against ken cuccinelli. the gop has built the race as a referendum on obama care. bill de blasio is slated to become the first gm to lead new york city since 1989. polls have given him huge leads. and in new jersey, governor chris christie is hoping for a second term. barbara would ypaints him as so who wants to be president, not governor. and now to the latest on obama care and the fight to fix it. if you tried logging on this morning, you probably noticed it
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was off line. operators temp operators temporarily shut down the sight to make updates. >> perhaps the most important lesson the president failed to learn was you have to tell the american people the truth. and when he told the american people that you could keep your health insurance if you wanted to keep that plan, period, he said that time and again, he wasn't telling the truth. >> but governor, on that point -- >> i think that fundamental dishonesty has really put in peril the whole foundation of his second term. >> romney also responded to the reports can dumped governor christie for health reasons. he said the governor provided health will records and there were no concerns. time for the latest in sports from my good trend richard lui. good monday morning. >> good monday morning to you. we'll start with some sunday night football. as you mentioned, the texans played without their head coach who left the game after collapsing. that weighed heavy on houston in the second half. but i'll take you to the first half, the colts struggling.
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that kick blocked. then in the fourth, the colts andrew luck connects taking the lead 27-24. texans miss a last second attempt to tie. the colts take that one. you got your money's worth this weekend with two overtime thrillers. the seahawks had the biggest comeback in franchise history, down 21-0 to the winless bucs. they tie it less than two minutes left. and kick a field goal in overtime. then in washington, a chargers touchdown pass forces overtime. washington runs it in for six and the win, 30-24. vikings at cowboys, in a last second squeaker, cowboys trail by three. tony romo getting six. cowboys win. and then steelers at patriots, it was a 600 plus yard offensive barn storm. to tom brady's arm on fire. the steelers give up a franchise
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record 55 points in that loss. kansas city chiefs, still perfect. a pick six interception by sean smith goes end zone to end zone and they win 23-13. and eagles, nick foles had seven touchdowns against the raiders, o only six other qbs have done that in nfl history. new york city marathon, more than 50,000 runners. emotional for many after last year's cancellation due to super storm sandy. a pair of kenyans take the men's and women's titles. and they get a $100,000 prize to boot. what do you do when you're losing to your bitter rival? well, evidently what they do here is they set fire to their stadium during the game with flares in serbia. and then they taunt them by dancing around the inferno. that game was only delayed ten minutes. >> that's it?
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>> that's all it took the fire trucks to get in there. soccer is a little different in knows places. >> just a little. thanks. and now for a look at the weather, here is bill karins. dylan dreyer. so this weekend i got out my winter coat finally. >> it's time. we've been in the transition period where it's what coat do you wear. either too warm or too cold, and now it's officially twerp coat season. but, yeah, the coldest air working into the northeast today and it will actually be below freeze to go start off the day in boston where it's 31 degrees right now. 35 in new york city. and we have the warmest areas down through the plains and into the south where a strong southwest wind out ahead of a cold front is warming to help things up. you can see where the cold fronts are located. we have one moving through the plains and one further to the north and west that will reinforce colder air, but we also have a tropical storm across the west coast of mexico help help to go fuel some of the showers and storms that we're seeing in texas. so it will be wet down that way, as well.
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snowy weather moving in to the denver area. we will see perhaps a couple inches, but watch what happens as it moves eastward as we head into tonight and tomorrow. we will see about 3 to 5 inches in parts of south dakota and into central and northern nebraska. and eventually even a wintry mix. the first winter weather advisory in minneapolis, but it will turnover to rain before it gets to chicago. so it is unsettled. we are starting to see more snowflakes showing up in the forecast. but again, in the plain states, they're used to going from snow one day to it all melt away when it's 60 the next day. >> all right. and it's november. >> of course. coming up next, a student gets trapped between two buildings for hours. a major recall for honda owners. plus 20,000 people are evacuated when an nen exploded 4,000 poun bomb is found. [ tires screech ]
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welcome back. some of the stories making news this morning, a 1-year-old nyu student was rescued after getting trapped in a narrow
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space between two buildings. student was reportedly stuck for more than a day. its it's not clear how he got into the predicament. and police confirmed they have a video that supposedly shows him smoking a crack pot. the mayor did not reference the video, but does want it released to the public. >> and chief, i'm asking you to release this video now. whatever this video shows, toronto residents deserve to see it and people need to judge for themselves what they see on this video. >> ford says he has for plans to resign. honda is voluntarily recalling over 340,0002007, 2008 odyssey minivans to fix a braking problem. over 20,000 were evacuated in germany after authorities discovered a 4,000 pound bomb left over from world war ii.
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it was safely diffused without complications. and something seems very wrong with the denver nuggets team mascot as he was lowered on to the court for pregame intros. he was apparently unconscious the whole way down and collapsed once he hit the floor. thankfully he is said to be doing just fine. thank goodness. and now for your first look at business, we turn to bertha coombs. >> good morning. twitter's ipo is happening this week. a new poll finds the public is skeptical about the social networking company. some 47% say buying twitter stock would be a bad investment was a good investment. and ebay may start accepting more forms of digital currency. the company ceo tells the financial times the initial focus will be out incorporating
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retailer reward programs to pay pal. and lululemon is fielding new complaints about the quality of its yoga pants. earlier they recalled pants because they were too sheer. shall consum some consumers say they're still too sheer and fall apart after just a few months of wear. that won't make you comfortable in downward facing dog. straight ahead, rand paul continues to fight back against charges of plagiarism and wishes he could fight his accusers in a dual. and rachel maddow is fantastic on the simpsons. [ laughter ]
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that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. now here is your first look at this morning's distinguish oig of scrambled politics. today the senate is scheduled to vote on the employment nondiscrimination act, the bill would make it illegal for work discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. it has unanimous democratic backing, but just four republicans have said publicly that they will support the bill. senator rand paul's website has been quietly updated to include footnotes after rachel maddow and other outlots accused him ofplamgerrizing speeches. >> if dueling were legal, it will be a dual challenge, but i can't do that. >> senator chuck schumer is giving mccain a full throated endorsement for 2016. during a speech in iowa, the new yorker became the highest
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ranking senator urging her to run. mrs. clinton said she's flattered but still hasn't made up her mind. stuff talk from nancy pelosi, she's lashing out at the gchl op for the so-called hastert rule. >> this is an odd group, but we just can't wait around for the hastert rule which isn't a rule. it isn't a rule. it's an excuse. >> chris christie was on the campaign trail over the weekend at a stop on the rutgers campus, he told the story of an 82-year-old woman who said she was constantly praying for him. >> that night when i went to bed, i said lord, please give our governor strength. because i don't know how much more [ bleep ] this boy can take. these are my people, man. these are my people. >> and our open rachel maddow made a cameo appearance on the simpsons last night. here is a little recap.
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>> hello, kent. >> well, well, well. rachel maddow. >> i'm going to tell you the most important mistake you ever made. after this break. so, kent, that mistake you marks that fundamental life changing error, that cosmic fail. >> just tell me already. >> after this break. >> that is so rachel. good stuff. that will do it for your morning did dish of scrambled politics. turning to washington, a post reporter -- did you see that david? >> not until you played the clip. maybe after the break. >> absolutely. we'll have to start with election day because we're 24 hours away now. closely watching three marquee races before governor of new jersey and virginia, and new york city mayoral race. i want to get your thoughts on the winners, losers and also the national implications. >> well, in virginia, which is closest here to d.c., you have terry mcauliffe long time clinton ally, he's certainly favored.
2:21 am
this has come as a hard shock to the republicans who were hoping that ken cuccinelli would take the race. but his hard line positions have come under scrutiny and virginia voters seem to be rejecting them. so that combined with you have a very liberal candidate in new york, bill de blasio, will win the mayor's race there. and in new jersey you have a moderate republican who has made a point to reject some of the hard line republican positions that are sort of taking place in the national debate. i think when you look at all of that, it's probably good news for democrats and moderate republicans. but that certainly will sort of lay a marker for next year. and so i think what you'll look at at that point is how much sort of the backlash from the tea party and that sort of movement and what is going on with congress right now plays against what will happen in this election. i think it will be interesting to see. >> let's move on to this new book that is out, called double down, this washington tell-all and it claims the obama administration toyed with the idea of swapping out joe biden
2:22 am
with hillary clinton for vice president. what have you heard, is there any truth to this? what has the reaction been from the white house? >> during the election last year, this was certainly rumored. maybe more among pundits than it was from the campaign staff. but i think when you looked at how the president was, if you recall, there were moments where he certainly seemed to have lost some of the momentum of 2008, there was talk about how can we revive the excitement around his campaign. so it may have been discussed it. looks like the higher level folks are disagreeing over how seriously it was discussed. david plouffe was saying this is not something that we took to the president at all. bill daley certainly said it was tested. i think they were probably looking at all options, but probably was not that serious. they certainly stuck with joe biden and seemed to work fine. >> david, have a great monday. and coming up, can dylan dreyer and richard lui will be here for first buzz, talking about an inspiring victory and a
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♪ ♪ what does my girl say >> i don't want to go there. >> you can. i don't mind. >> we're going to go to "first buzz," though. how far would you go to get out
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of paying for a check at a restaurant? >> get out of paying? >> i would just pay it. >> i would feel too guilty. >> i would, too. but a 46-year-old doesn't think this way. this guy from baltimore and apparently he is the great type and dasher. he basically fakes seizures when the bill comes. this guy has a rap sheet 90 charges long. he's done it eight times alone this year. and they can't really do much because all of the theft charges are under $100 each. the last time he did it, $25 was his bill. >> he's not in high school anymore. >> the boy who cries wolf. what if he really is it have a s seizure one day. >> something else that is amazing, solar eclipse.dis it h seizure one day. >> something else that is amazing, solar eclipse.oeis it a seizure one day. >> something else that is amazing, solar eclipse.sis it he a seizure one day. >> something else that is amazing, solar eclipse.s it hav
2:28 am
a seizure one day. >> something else that is amazing, solar eclipse. it havea seizure one day. >> something else that is amazing, solar have seizure one day. >> something else that is amazing, solar eclipse.t have a seizure one day. >> something else that is amazing, solar eclipse. have a seizure one day. >> something else that is amazing, solar eclipse. so hard to see. it was too cloudy in new york city, but this was a rare event. for half the country that was able to see it or half the earth, it was anular, meaning it creates the ripping of fire. p but the other part of the earth only saw the partial eclipse. next time it will happen is august 21st, 2017.only saw the . next time it will happen is august 21st, 2017. >> put it down now. and an inspirational victory. >> yeah. tatiana mcfadden, the first ever in history to win the grand slam of paralympic -- rather wheelchair marathon and she did it in the new york city marathon in 1:59, which is nine minutes faster than what the men's winner had done it in. she won in chicago, london, boston and new york again making history with that record of
2:29 am
under two hours. tatiana tatiana, way to go. >> that's great. stay tuned because "way too early" starts right now. from the nsa spying scandal, several heads of state such as angela merkel calling the tapping of mobile phone as severe breach of trust. here to comment is angela merkel. so tell us your thoughts when you found out that u.s. intel against was targeting your cell phone. >> being chancellor is a lonely job. and one is the loneliest number. it was during this lonely time i
2:30 am
sent many images. i sent one to an ex-boyfriend and pretended it was an september. sorry, wrong frederick, but how are you doing? >> edward snowden's nsa revelations reaching new heights, getting spoofed on snl. but now the leaker is seeking ce clemens city. and toronto's embattled mayor says he will stay in office. and the sbepgs intentional that was the youtube music awards. that's a real thing? it is? okay. this is "way too early". good morning. i'm bill karins in for brian shactman. it's monday, november 4th. we'll also show and you scary moment


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